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The Rapid City Daily Journal Final Edition Price 7c "The Newspaper of Western' South Dakota' NUMBER 22329 ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE! RAPID CITY, S. TUESDAY, AUGUST 3. 1954 WEATHER: Tartly cloudy through Wednesday with thunders' wers late today, lonijrht; warmer today, cool-cr Wediu.iilay. High 05, low 58, high Wednesday 85. Reds Dulles Says Korea Gypsies Mourn Here As Queen Fatally Injured ruce reak V'-'V i f.

4 4 1 1 Fatal Injury of a gypsy queen in a three-vehicle accident near I yesterday poses problems vinmateh- JUQ GIT1CI Id New Protest Sent To China 37 Escape Death As Airliner Falls PIM-'STON. Conn. Lit A big four- i i V- fu in me is-ycai nisiuiy ui a jvapm Uprising Possible WASHINGTON -Secretary City mortuary. Dead is Mrs. Florence Mitchell, 44.

She succumbed at 8 p. m. Monday in a Rapid City hospital of injuries received five hours earlier east of Quinn on Highway 14-16. ate Dulles today sharply wccuhci enginrd Consteiiittion with 37 Opened By Grasshopper ist aboard fell with a deafening crash 1 th the Communist or violating Tin Korean armistice. Hut he said Ilia SAVANNAH.

Mo. il'i The from jikies today, hnui- niTATRMAT.A lPI r.nylpmala'e JSuKMl. Escaping with minor on balance the violations were nol in juries military junta ordered Pres- in- in flames on an isolated farm. State police reported that all nbourd, including two liahici, nur- v. serious enough to justify rcsunum the war.

weie me uuici in jiacnt Larlos Castillo Armas pri-car; the driver of a Belle army to disband and go home 4. nculously escaped death in the crasti irucK, nogcr uavis, ana a uos today, but the action generated fines tourist, Aaron tryani 11111. rising public resentment. An Amcr- In news conference, DuIIpi-I also disclosed that a new I Savannah postotlice forwarded a teller marked "Opened by Grasshopper." It seems a rural carrier picked up the letter Irom a box on his route and discovered a grasshopper had chewed around the top end sides ot the letter. He had to use tape to reseat the letter so made the notation on It.

Reporting on the accident, High-jcan Embassy spokesman said has been sent through Britain there was a possibility of a popular uprising in the capital 1 itself and the Mimes that burned furiously for two hours after the crackup. A dozen or so were hurt. Officials reported none apparently suffer critical injuries. The 29 passengers and eight Communist China over the loss 01 three American lives in the shoot ing down of a British airliner al The junta ordered the disbanding of Castillo Armas armed libera most two weeks ago off Hainan! tion army," which sparked the way Patrolman Jim Rumbolz said the gypsy car and the truck side-swiped, trie gypsy car went out of control and then collided with the Hill car near a narrow bridge. Queen Mitchell suffered head injuries and never regained consciousness as she was brought by ambulance to St.

John's Hospital here. Police Called Island. Protect Formosa overthrow of Communist-backed crewmen aboard me Air ranee President Jacobo Arbcnz Guzman, plane, flying from Paris to Mexico after regular army units and mili Dulles said, on another rail City via New York, were ordered tary academy cadets had battled Eastern question, that United to a Norwich hospital, six miles the 700 irregulars sporadically for States war ships and uirplanr In the gypsy caravan at the time 2 hours yesterday with mortars away, for precautionary checkups. A hospital spokesman said "three would protect Formosa against any and tanks enemy attack but that this govern-1 or lour survivors sintered noc Twelve persons were killed and meut has not made any decision to enter into a formal alliance with Italians Scale World's Second Highest Mount RAWALPINDI, Pakistan M-An Italian mountain climbing expedition messaged today that it has conquered K2 Ml. Godwin Austen the world's second highest peak and since the conquest of Everest the globe's highest unclimbed mountain.

the Chinese Nationalist govern 42 wounded in the battling around Roosevelt Hospital, where Castillo Armas' men were camped on the of the accident were some 2a or more men, women and children who followed the ambulance to the hospital. They occupied positions on the lawn and then sobbed through the hospital corridors on word the queen had died. The mourning became so violent Rapid City police were called to quell the disturbance in and around the hospital. ment there. outskirts of the capital.

The fighting, outgrowth of weeks of tension tures and could be described as seriously hurt. One witness reported that the ship, turned back at Icilewild Airport in New York by rain and low ceiling, "came down with a bang." Once it hit the rain-sodden field, the plane skidded about a half mile, bounced into the air and sheered off the tops of a row of As for Southeast Asian delense arrangements, Dulles said he hoped decisions would be made in a week or 10 clays on the time between the regular troops and the revolutionists, mushroomed from a dawn brawl between cadets and and place for holding a conference roiiee yni new nuiuujre tmu mombm of the president'S force, on conclusion of a defensive a I oiner omciais iinauy peisuaueu ALL THAT REMAINED of the Stanley Wellberg home at the entrance of Nameleu Cave ii teen imouldering (upper photo) alter an explonon in a ga even iti the house ablaze Monday morning. The iire alio gut-led a imall bunkhouie adjacent to the house. Mri. Wallberg vai preparing the noon meal and the explosion came at she put a match into the gas oven.

She and her husband strived desperately to extinguish the fire, but their eliorts were to no avail and they lost everything except the clothes on their backs. Below, Mr. and Mrs. Wallberg, both of whom were singed by the flames, inspect the charred remains of their sterling silver set which was salvaged from the ruins. The fire spread to the surrounding forest and crews from the Ellsworth Air Force Base spent all night at the site to keep the flames from starting up again.

George Kelly, assistant state forester, said the crews abandoned the scene at 9 a.m. today after their all-night vigil, but he will recheck the area this afternoon. The Wallbergs estimated their lost at approximately $10,000. (Journal Photos). One report said the trouble The message received here said lianee.

started in a house of prostitution the gypsies to leave the. hospital and grounds. Today Behrens Mortuary Once again, the plant skidded victory was scowl July 31 but to the ground, one of its wings justly not name the expedition mem- reached the Dulles tukl questioning reporters he could not go into detail on the A cease-fire finally took effect at 6:35 p.m. and the 700 liberation who ibrr or members army men surrendered their arms i top. wmnt: nin- ui 1115 twin i to regular army officers.

The rev Sebastian sons was latest U.S. protest over the shooting down of the British airliner. But he said the main U.S. argument is that Bed China is com muiinin MinnuY lower man playing on the porch. p.

Tl. 41, I olutionists were ordered to return to their homes throughout the Mill Ullll I'lUWll IIUUUK" a small barn. difficult climb because of the stee-ness of the final stages to the peak. The successful Italian team in country today. The junta ordered a curfew into Passengers, ordered to fasten their safety belts, screamed as the plane fell.

Witnesses reported, pletely wrong in arguing that because the aircraft was British the United States government does not have a claim to present on behalf of the damages suffered by cluded climbers and 8 scien effect at 9 p.m. and warned that tists. The group was chosen by the- however, that there was no panic! Italian Alpine Club early this year and the passengers and crewmen founded in 1879 was filled with gypsies as elaborate plans are being made for the queen's burial rites. Difficulty making the, arrangements has 'been encountered as the gypsy leaders continue making long distance telephone calls over the country. 700 Expected It is estimated at least 700 gypsies will converge on Rapid City for the services.

An unofficial report indicated the burial will be near the site of the fatal accident. The gypsy funeral rites call for a mourning period of three days and nights. Frank Mitchell, husband of the late queen was among the injured in the gypsy ear. It was not determined who was driving at the time and trained at the famous Italian Alpine climbing center at Monte Itnsa. quit the flaming ship quickly and military patrols would take "drastic measures" against any violators.

A spokesman for the American Embassy reported there still was "very great tension" late last its own citizens. Truce The Korean truce situation came in for discussion. It has been dra- Tarn I.eder Ardito Desio, leader of the expedition, held detailed matized in recent davs bv the visit night. The President's backers in an orderly fashion. Aaron Rosenstcin, New York clothing manufacturer, whs among the passengers who fled the flaming ship.

"The passengers were screaming consultations with Sir John Bunt, of South Korean President leader of the successful Everest Syngman Ithee who has demanded were disgruntled, the spokesman said, because the army had forced him to break up his insurgent Land Experts Offer Range Ma agement, Profit Suggestions army. "The American official said Com cxpeoiuon. io review nis pians dc-: an cnd U) lhc Neutral Nations-lore the ascent. I Supervisory Commission which has Desio aKso collected every photo- of Communist Phv llw l. 't governments in South Korea.

K2 by climbers who nad tried be-; -rK. C1 fore him. Once they reached a I The ITmtc-d ates Dulles said, height of about 21,000 feet, the Ita. would be sympathetic to seeing the ians relied entirely on the collected W'Pcd out. Its mrm- munists apparently played no part Commission Gets BHPL's Request To Buy Plants and then there was a terrible crash," he said.

"I saw many passengers leaving the wreckage." He himself escaped with a srratched hand although he said he was the last to leave the plane. The plane mowed down a row of in the violence. The Reds tried. however, to organize antigovern- ment demonstrations while the fighting was going on. Troops loyal to the junta smashed all the at descriptions, pictures and maps of paths followed by previous climb- trees on the farm of Valentine WASHINGTON iVP)-Blaek Hills: Sebastian.

It then plowed into uvis arc oweaeu, ann two Communist governments Poland and Czechoslovakia. Dulles said the nations which fought the Communists in Korea a er.i. tempts. Shutdown Threatens auto mo-1 demolishing an garage, Castillo, who rushed back to Guatemala from a visit to Chimal- 'The plane left Paris Monday Heads TfUCB Team tenango, was believed still firmly SYLVAN LAKE Release of a progress report on various phases of land and livestock highlighted the afternoon session of the Great Plains Council here yesterday. The report, made by the council's committee on land use adjustments and livestock feed balance made several recommendations on land use and production adjustments, feed reserves and balance and a program to alleviate the im have discussed the possibility of ending the commission because of iM it I UNITED NATIONS.

N.Y. iffi of the accident. Several children suffered minor injuries. It was understood the caravan was heading through the Black Hills from Fort 'Worth, Texas. There a gypsy reunion attracted hundreds of the tribe when a matriarch, Mrs.

Rosie Evans, 75, was injured in an auto accident. Joe Evans of Fort Worth was spokesman there. A Frank Evans is seemingly in charge of arrangements here. Meanwhile, Behrens Mortuary Js trying to maintain some semblance of order as members of the gypsy troupe file in and out of the funeral home and wait at the grounds. rv.ri in 1W Vm-i, at a 1 Secretary General Dag llain-l Air Lines the activities of the Communist in power.

He maintained a complete silence yesterday. The army announced the cease rain and low ceiling prevented it1 announced today the from landing. 7r" a 7 A I Dulles said the situation respect- Power and Light Rapid City, asked the Power Commission Monday for authority to purchase electric transmission facilities from Homestake Mining San Francisco, and Wyodak Coal Lead, at a cost of $916,000. Black Hills wants to buy from Homestake an steam power plant located near Lead, transmission lines and substations connecting the Homestake plant with Black Hills' Fluma power plant. To be acquired from Wyodak fire, was hurriedly negoti vrtlldUd as m-au oi me i armistice supervision is Rosenstcin said the plane cracked! tniee Ul ii ated by Roman Catholic Arch up at about 9 a.m..

minutes after in By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A large segment of the nation's air transportation industry faced the threat of a spreading shutdown today. A strike of some 1,200 American bishop Mariano Rossell Arellano with the help of U.S. Ambassador pact of droughts. It was compiled from reports from New Mexico, Texas, Okla John E. Peunfoy and others the passengers were ordered to fasten their safety belts.

The wreckage burned furiously for nearly two hours. One witness iPage 4, Column 7) He will succeed Danish Maj. Gen. ln tllc th 1 -ornmunisthtsh Vagn Bennike. who had served undcr tno armistice since June 1953.

Burns at present' trrrns' ls to let members is deputv minister of veterans the armistice commission-fairs in Canada. meaning the Swiss and Swedes who The government agreed to dis arm and disband the liberation army and promised that the mili Mmilrl Krt Ann Airlines pilots went into its fourth day and 20,000 ground crew workers authorized a walkout against six other major airlines. The new strike threat was directed against Capital, Eastern, National, Northwest, Trans World tary cadets would not be punished for their part in the fighting. The regular army in turn guaranteed to power plant located near Giiiette, Boyle On Reservation Sees cfie Weather By The Associated Press lines and ana transmission homa, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming and North and South Dakota and made available to more than 60 agriculture department officials and representatives of the Soil Conservation Service, Extension Service and Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Committee attending the session. Other recommendations were made to the council by individual place itself under complete gov-! ernment jurisdiction.

The agreement was signed for substations. The Wyodak facilities would cost about $472,000 and the Homestake properties about $444 000, Black Hills said. Black Hills said in its application the government hv Mai Knrinup and United. The National Mediation Board, moving swiftly to avert new walk SOUTH DAKOTA: Fair andioiiva. a member of the three-man are important to the U.N.

Commandsee what goes on at ports of entry designated in the agreement. However they have circumvented the armistice agreement by moving materials through routes which use other ports of entry into Korea and they deny the Swiss and Swedes opportunity to visit such points. Questioned about the effects of the bypassing of check points and whether the Communists had great-if'age 4, Column 8) warmer today with high 35-33. Part- junta; Col. Enrique Close, defense outs, called in representatives of Arnold Heerwagen, SCS Birth Rate Hurries Task Of Redmen By HAL BOYLE PINE RIDGE, S.

D. fPi The vanishing Redskin is no longer ishing. But lo, the poor Indian is still having a tough time. "Our population is increasing about three per cent a j.v ciuuuy luiiisui awn cim-ouc. minister ana 101.

uiuimici, oiiu wui. j. raic, uuuui- u- A jtt 1, mat it has acquired an option from representative from Denver, pre-i with scattered thundershowers in Machinists (IAM) and the six lines officers signed for the armv. to meet in Washington today. van- The Foreign Office denied rumors that the uprising had been sented three main points in a talk wyoaaK to buy a coal mining plant, on range management.

(equipment and surface rights located Better Sense ne" Cillettc- He urged the council to strive to! comPany asked establish a better sense of manage-; authority to issue four per cent on- smd instigated from the Mexican Embassy. Arbenz and more than 300 of the government's leftist and Communist opponents are cram west half early tonight, spreading to entire state on Wednesday. Somewhat warmer in extreme east part tonight with low 60-70. Cooler on Wednesday. EXTENDED FORECASTS for the Dakotas Aug.

4-8 inclusive: Temperatures Tuesday night through Sunday will average below normal except near normal southwestern ment on the part of cattlemen, "ulus lo nnance ine pur Ben Reifcl. superintendent of the Pine Ridge Reservation, the second most populous in America. But a rising birth rate has only accelerated the Indians task of surviving a while man's world. vplnnmpnt nf Yoiinr fvnnc nf livp. naSCS, An IAM spokesman said there would be no strike on the six lines while the mediation board tries for a settlement.

The IAM is seeking a uniform wage on all airlines, asking a 5 per cent increase over present top classifications. This would give a mechanic, now paid $2.27 an hour, a rate of $2.38. Meanwhile, Clarence N. Sayen, med into the Mexican compound. stock and the development of bet ter rane plants for the improve ment of forage.

Reifel, a former Army officer and Harvard graduate, of a full-blooded Sioux mother and a German-American is the son father. He jTrio Injured As R. H. Tucker, extension agronom feels the only possible solution of "the Indian problem' is education. Badlands Road Work Planned WASHINGTON fAP) Road improvements in Badlands National Monument are planned for the 1956 and 1957 fiscal years, Sen.

Francis Case (R-SD) reports. ist irom rt. Collins, review- Of ed the studies being made in Sf Ifl! South Dakota. Maximums C8 to 80 North Dakota and 72 to 88 South Dakota. Minimums 45 to 60.

Total precipitation averaging 25 to 50 Japs Put Ban On Tlying Saucer' TOKYO () Police have stopped president of the striking AFL Air 'There is no other answer," he said crisply. "The Indian simply must adjust." He estimates thai of the 30.000 Indians in South Dakota (there are 150.000 in the entire country) only 15,000 are integrated in the pattern of our civilization. Some 11,111 Oglala Sioux now crowd the reservation, and thev Line Pilots declined to com. the sale of Japan's newest toy in hundredths in North Dakota and 50 hundredths to one inch in South Dakota showers Tuesday night and Wednesday and again over ment on published reports that the pilots' strike may spread soon to vention a miniature flying sau cer. United.

conditions and Jack Phelan, SCS irrigation engineer from Lincoln, suggested more progress in irrigation practices to fit several types of land. Phelan warned the council the great plains farmer must resort to different types of irrigation to at weekend. Police had two objections to the Near Hermosa Three air policemen from Ellsworth Air Force Base were injured, and one escaped injury, when their car went out of control on Highway 79 near Hermosa late Monday night, skidded and rolled The strike against American is gadget: are selling off their acres to white ranchers at a rate that in 12 to 15 1 years will leave them completely landless. "There are 1,700 families on the reservation now. and it will support only 600 families." said Reifel.

"Only 200 families die gainfully employed full time. The rest have to be subsidized one way or another. "As the superintendent sees it, the biggest trouble in upgrading I 1. It makes an ear-splitting the by in- noise. designed to force an eight-hour limit to a pilot's continuous flying time on nonstop transcontinental schedules.

The Reynolds Metals beset by a strike of 2,500 workers and tain a balanced production. 2. it is liable to take off in The programmed work includes: For 1956, 5.4 miles of grading and base surfacing and 12.5 miles of final surfacing from the northeast entrance south and westerly by Cedar Pass to a point near Big Foot Pass at an estimated cost of For 1957, a large portion of 13.77 miles nf reconstruction and surfacing between Big Foot Pass and the Pinnacles entrance on the northwest, at an estimated cost of Forest fire danger in Black Hills as computed rangers late yesterday eludes; Central Hills Moderate Northern Hills Moderate Southern Hills High any directon. The "flying saucer" is round, In the committee's report it was pointed out the 1955 agriculture program will not make it possible to substitute another cash grain crop with four propellers, each two a threatened walkout of. possibly some 3.50 feet before stopping, the highway patrol reported, The injured airmen were taken to the Base Hospital by ambulance.

They were identified as David Fair, a basic trainee and driv inches long. It leaves a white more, resumed contract talks of smoke as it follows its unpredict- with the CIO United Steelworkers the Indian economically is his failure to put the same value on time an- thrift as his white neighbors do. "With the Sioux," he said, "right now is important, not tomorrow. Time has no economic concern In them, and they have no interest in saving, "This is because in the old days the buffalo provided them With everything food, shelter, clothing and bone utensils. They had no lo PP able course.

'in Washington. er or the car; A2c Eugene Dicus and A2c Leroy Cnnppel. Not injured in the accident wrs Joseph way cf storing food, and since they followed the buffalo they had no National Park Se'rvir anVi Lciigihy Investigation for reductions in wheat ie to acreage allotments. Cash income can be maintained, it said, only by selling hay or forage or by developing a livestock program, adding it probably will bo impossible for farmers to maintain recent income levels by growing alternate crops. Cut Expenses The committee suggested atten- Giroux, a basic trainee.

reason for building up material possessions. Case the overall plans for develop The Base Hospital today report ment in the Badlands included "They lived each day as it came, but they can never become assimilated in our cultures until they develop a consciousness of lime." (IE) I' McCarthy Seen ed all three in satisfactory condition. Fair and Discus received eight buildings for personnel and a museum to tell the story of evolu- back injuries, and Channel a rtnomcr aiiiicuny in upiiiung ine inuiaii sianaaras lies in me tion of modern mammals anH a hie WASHINGTON (0-A 75-12 vote night that he wants his senatorial shoulder injury, it was reported. ni-iftio rttif imrtH AnM At "C1U'C shoud be ven to ways and Highway Patrolman L. E.

of the Senate last night consigned to a special bipartisan committee a censure move aimed at Sen. McCarthy and evidently signaled fact that women of marriageable age far outnumber the men on the torical display of Indian life. reservation. I "This is tremendously important," said Reifel, who wishes the situation could be reversed." because ordinarily women raise the Mulai! fM6V6r moral level in any civilization." I. "scurrilous, false" charges.

Thicle, who investigated the accident, said the car skidded 237 feet If they do that, he said, thev attempt to maintain profit margins. (Page 4, Column 6) will "either indict themselves for perjury" or "prove what consum Because of the shortage of husbands, about five per cent of the LGSS HQmiCnV .03 .10 a lengthy new investigation of the Wisconsin Republican's conduct. Sen. Knowland of California, the GOP leader, predicted appointment by Vice President Nixon "within 48 hours" of a six-member inquiry after crossing the center line before leaving the highway. It then slid 36 ftet on the shoulder of the road before rolling off an eight-foot drop.

He blamed excessive speed for the accident. Damage to the car was listed at $1,500, children born on the reservation are illegitimate. No stigma is attached to them among the tribe, but the high rate of Illegitimacy adds to the problem of creating stable family patterns. t.i:..x n.irMi i i GREAT FALLS. Mont.

(.41 Unemployment has increased at the rate of 3.000 a day since the Magazines Win Trademark Case hi Rapid City f. 88 Airport S3 Thilip 92 Deadwood 83 Custer 82 Hot Springs i)2 Fort Meade 83 Chadron 94 Sheridan 94 Valentine 83 Bismarck HO Williston 79 Ticrre 36 Aberdeen 77 Watcrtown 76 Huron "9 Sioux Falls 76 Pickstown 31 Lcmmon 82 Mobridge 83 Sioux City 86 Duluth 7J Mpls-St, Paul 73 Rochester 77 Abilene, Texas 97 Chicago 38 Denver 90 Dcs Moines "3 Kansas City 19 Los Angeles 88 Miami U2 New Orleans 94 New York 79 Phoenix 101 58 57 61 53 44 53 59 66 5tJ 58 59 61 59 5r 52 D7 54 62 61 57 55 56 51 75 62 66 57 70 79 73 65 86 mate liars they are." The Senate's vote sent to the special committee a censure motion by Sen. Flanders (R-Vt) which Flanders punctuated by reading a list of 33 counts against WI111C IllObl illUld13 rifcl Willi Iltuui lllctt lUULauutl dliU dLCL'UV- I tr nee of the white man goals in life are the only way they can hope hVrrharnorn to lift themselves from abysmal poverty many feel the federal SSff erTa! hJ'tnLUf i.Jtold 600 Montana Democrats last MINNEAPOLIS Federal Judge Gunnar Nordbye Monday ordered the Life Television Corp. committee charged with sifting nearly 50 overlapping charges against McCarthy, the Senate's Raft Still Lost McCarthy plus six specific accu iUM Uliuie vuiuiuuLin 111 woa suaiui nipht tn etrtri nets rt iUa i fn controversial Red hunter sations against McCarthy by Sen. eagle." one elderly tribesman said.

"Life" and "Time" on sets theyL SAM FRANCISCO Lchl. In the face of a setback in his .06 ruiDngni seven some what similar charges by Sen The 1952 Democratic presidential candidate said Americans hae a new mood which he called "creeping And he said the test "But the white man envied the golden eagle hit freedom and coaxed him down from the clouds and trapped him. He told the Indian that a golden eagle was nice, but he would be better otf If he were great white eagle. efforts to force an immediate showdown on the censure issue, McCarthy called for "morning, af Morse (Ind-Ore) and proposals for .28 scj line ran mat started ior nawan The judge's order came after a CC 8nd recent hearing at which Life Pulled Time magazines tested use ATKTJ. u.

study of any charges in the Senate's of government today is in the gov- ternoon and evening sessions" of "The white man said he would help the Indian become a white Wnint investigating rules. Knowland said he expects 'the group to draft a speedy report. the those words as a trademark in- -board mngement. The judge neld that A spokesman for the expedition "All I want is a vote by the Senate," he declared in an me sales campaign oi the tele-'said yesterday that the search for eagle, and started pulling out his tail feathers and his wing "The prime purposes cf govern-but when he pulled out a golden feather he didn't replace it with 'ment today are our satiny and a while feather. happiness," he said.

"Are we anv "Now the white man has tired of his game and says, you are a safer and happier today than w'e white eagle why don't you fly? But the Indian is no longer an eagle. were 18 months ago? I think not. at all. He has no feathers left, and he can't get off the ground." I say we are less sate Senate Republican and Democratic Policy Committees to meet quickly to select the "fine, able men who have not become parti-tPage 4, Column 8) vision mm nau ocen launcnea the raft has been abandoned be- .70 McCarthy dramatically told the witn intent and purpose of simu- cause it is too far out to sea Senate just before it voted last lating the magazines' trademarks. pcrnap Hawaii-bound at last..

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