Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 17, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 17, 1895
Page 1
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TRANSPORT. INDIANA. SUNDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 17,. 1895 —. ._;:£> •BE IN TIME! BE IN TIME! BE IN TIME! ENGAGE YOUR TIME AT YOUR DRESSMAKER. • • And come to The Busy Bee Hive and view the many handsome effects they are showing for Spring In Silks! , In Wasn Goods' In While Goods! In Embroideries! In Novelty Dress Goods! We promise to show you the largest and most select line of goods ever brought to Logansport. The new prices we name on all dry goods will surprise you. They are very low Novelty Dress Silks for 37c; French Ging•hams for lie; Heavy Sheetings for 4 l-2c; Best Calicos for 5c; 34 inch Henriettas for I5c. Prices Considering Quality-The Lowest, Your Money Back If You Want It, Every Article Guaranteed. Busy Bee Hive, 409-411 Broadway, 306 Fourth St. Call and See! Fjeijirja 0\usie Boxes Play thousands ol Tunes by mean* ot Indestructible Metallic Disks. Purity 4 Volume ol Tone Unequalled- D. A HAOK, .The wonderful llegina Music Box. Will play tiny tune. I am agent for Logansport oC the genuine, also the now things in.Gold Belts, Collarettes, Buckles, Czarina Pins, Butterfly Hat Pins, Side Combs, Hair Pins, Watch Pockets, Ladies' Guard Chains, .Gold Bricabrac, Spectacles of all kinds fitted to the eyes. 30 years' experience in Engraving and all kinds of work done to order at T&e Jeweler and Optlciar;. 41O Broadway. Ground Hog Boots! ' Too late too Felt; buy Leather. It's a Ground Hog case now, and it will pay you to help you clean out our Winter Boots. WALKER 6c Rf\UGH 420 Broadway. The Specialists For Chriic and Private Diseases and ' Deformities. Disease* of Women treated by the new electrical method that has •ftr vapor treatment for all Chronic Long Troubles pets the remedies so the diseased spots and cures whe. everything else fails. Call ard investigate anyway. It costs you nothing for consultation. Drs. Christopher & Longenecker, AilThc Medical and suroicalllnstitute. 417 Market Si, - - Logansport. Ind. BITTER WORDS. Senator Wolcott Denounces the President's Gold Bond Deal. Characterizes It as "the Most Disastrous Occurrence of This Generation "—Work in the House. WASHINGTON. Feb. 10.— The session of the senate Saturday was opened with prayer by a Loutlun ulergy:naii— Rev. Dr. H, S. Lunn, general, editor of The Review of the Churches." The reverend gentleman was accompanied by the blind chaplain o£ the senate, Rev. .Mr. Mi!hum. by whom be was introduced to the vi.ce president and several senators. .Senator Dubois (rep.. Idaho) presented resolutions adopted at a meeting of republicans from different; sections of Arizona, declaring that the republicans of Arizona, are ••unequivocally in favor of the immediate admission of Arixona as a state.' 1 Senator Stewart (pop., Kev.) introduced a bill to restore bimetallism. Read a first time, its second reading' going over one day. llltfH JU'soliitlon oi> HiiiiMiillIimi. The concurrent resolution heretofore offered' by Senator Hill (clem., N. 1.), dcelaring"it to be the Sense of congress that the policy of the government requires that its efforts be steadily directed to the establishment of a safe system of bimetallism wherein gold and silver may be maintained at a parity, was laid before the senate. "stioriiiun Offers n SubHtltuto. Senator Sherman (rep., 0.) offered a substitute declaring 1 il to bo tne <3 stab - lished policy of tlu; United States to maintain gold and silver coin at a parity according- to their coinage ratio; and "that if, ut any' time, silver coin could not be at a parity with gold coin, the bonus of the United States now, or hereafter issued, which are, by their terms, payable in coin, shall be paid in gold coin. Hill SpullkH for HIH IlcKMlutlnii. The discussion was \>Dt, r un by Senator Hill, who 'ruH-ocLited His own resolution, mid snid thallio wiintuil toncre<s 10 s:i.v to Die world tliiit iliu valley or tliu United States win no', to nr.nitiilii the siiiKli; silvur stiimliird. nurthe sim-lu wold stiuiuiii'd. but tlio double Miii'uliml. and tl-.iit, if there should be iniy disparity betw.-cii llic two meinls. tiiu iihUK.uluns o( tliu ^oi-ui-nmeiit, would Uo n-ild in tun bust i-oni iiMisn. He Ijelitsvuil that Ills ••csulul'.vm I'lli-'lil. to ruccive t!iu upiirovul of UK- n-.L-iii!- ur ;MI,I. :in.! of Uis friends of silver, unil 11 k'iM-f.iii!.y .'ii!:!.t to reo.'ivo tilo :ip- .M-oviil of til.: fi-ii'iids of bimuuillism. '1 he KU-plliilounHt to be t:k!;.!i; wu.-, thu eiinccl.u- i/ivi ,.f tln:/rL'Uii;i;u'i;. I'.UL tliiit VMS n slop imi'iu-,-.l..,yiii Ui^.M-'-sion. -!>y reason of ilif- funjiifcs in Ilio siMi:itu. dilterenues 111 the oilier house :ind diilureaee- 01 both homes witli tlio pruMtU'iit. Senator iiiil spoke ' for more thai: halt an hour, and very earne.slly. He wask'i>lh>wei! by Senator \Vo!cott (rep.. Col.) wh.> .-.aill' that. Senator Hill had been "thrashing old straw." The house, he said, hail disposed Friday _so far as this session was concerned —ol' the success of the issue or indorse- ment of gold bonds. \V<>lu<>lc .MIiitikH tlio rrc-thlcut. ••The president's wanton :iu:ic',; on the credit of the United States," Senator V/olfOtc de- c'iiivd'passionately, "has boon the roost disastrous occurrence of tins teneratloE. Our lies; was befouled by the man who sbouid havo stooi! for our credit." Vain, Senator Wolcott said: "T!ie president ciitcrud into u secret negotiation with the Kothscliilds, at Europe, waoreby he should cive them IOUR boada nt, excessive rates, to thu discredit of our country and its ilniiuces." The -1 per cunt, bonds, which aad -list Di'ua sold to the syndicate, were now sellinir. lie said, in New York at 1U!W and would be sclllnir within sixty days at ISO. Ho believed that the sufleriUK-aud poverty which prevailed all over ike world would never ceusu until sliver as as well as sold was made thu standard of value. ",'K," Senator Wolcott said in conclusion ''there is anything that will arouse ike "\mcricau people to the belief that we can alone unduruiltn the a!:ia:i{recicrit of our il- irinces without the help of foreign bankers, it bus been that disgraceful and dishonorable dicker with the Kothschild.s." Senator Lodge (rep.. Mass.) advocated Senator Hill's resolution, the point of which, lie said, was that every obligation of the United States where coin was named in the bond is payable in the best money—in gold or silver—as demanded. As to the recent arrangement with tbe syndicate, he denounced it os "the blackest contract ever made by trie government of the Unitftd States." Hill Diffeudu the Frenldent. Senator Tlill replied to Senator Wol- cottand defended the president from the charges made by the senator from Colorado. Mr. Cleveland had his faults, Senator Hill said, but there was nothing to justify the statement that he ha"l paid a higher rate of interest in his bond contract than he was compelled to pay. At :> o'clock the agricultural bill was laid before the seriate, but Senator Teller, speaking ostensibly on the bill, proceeded to make a financial speech. House. \VASHIXGTOX, Feb. 10.—In the house house bill directing the secretary of the interior to offer for sale isolated and fractional tracus of public lands, less than a quarter section in extent, ?_'.50 an acre, or more, amended the senate so a* to reduce the at i bv minimum price to Sl-25 an acre, was taken 'up. After a little debute as to the expediency of retaining the minim-urn at S~-.50 in which Mr. McRae (dem.. Ark.), chairman of the committee on public lands, said that he saw no opportunity at this late date of iucreasinsr the minimum price of land. the amendment was agreed to. Mr. Ureckinridge (dem.. Ky.) reported the general deficiency bill for the year ending June 30. IS'Jo. and previous vears. and gave notice that he would call it up immediately after the naval appropriation bill wns out of the way. The house then, in committee of the whole, resumed consideration of the naval appropriation bill, under the rules governing general debate. Mr^Geissenhainer (dem., >'.,I.),chairman of the committee on naval affairs, spoke in favor of the bill. Mr. Washington (dem.. Tenn.) spoke against the bill with the battleship paragraph included. He was of the opinion'that the government now had plenty of rirst-ciass vessels in which naval officers could have a good lima cruising about among foreign countries at the expense of the tax payer. Jtcliu* Hi» >'•.«««• Mr. Adams (rep.. Pa.) favored the measure. He had listened to the gentleman who preceded him with ama/.e- roent. He hud not believed it possible that a man of the name of Washington could stand upon the lloor of the" house and utter such sentiments. In his farewell address the Father of Mis Country could find no better word of admonition and advice to those who should come after him in this republic than that in time of peace they were to prepare for war. Ho commended this warning to the gentleman from Tennessee. The construction of the battleships was further advocated by Mr. liartlett (dera., N. iY.) who spoke, he said, for the metropolis, of the country. The appropriation should be voted because it involved the honor and dignity of the country, the continuance and prosperity of great enterprises indorsed by leaders of both parties. Without disposing of the bill, the committee rose and the bill donating to the Iowa State Historical museum at DCS Moines two condemned cannon and one mortar was passed. Conferees on the part of the house on the post office appropriation bill were appointed. The house then listened to trilogies upon the life and services of the late Senator Colquitt, of (.ieorgia. and at thfeir conclusion, as a further marl; o! respect, adjourned until Monday lU noon. TRADE REVIEW. USED TOETUfiE. Hawaiian Officials Said to Have Eo- sorted to Inhuman Methods. HOME NEWS. SiiHiiilon ill HiisliH-ss Cii-i-h-s iis VltweU by I^tln inul ItnKlstrc-ct,. NKW VDI:K. Feb. 10.—U. G. Dnn & Co.'s weekly review of trade says: -The two i;bsuiclus which block tlio path just mow ni-n.^vxceedlt:!,' cheapness of farm products and lestrictcd operations ii: i.he Industries. Tlicre Has bouii no i;ain in prices ol farm products on Iho whole; corn Is nominally hair M cent hiirliur. but u-ltli an inslnmilcant movement, whllo wlie:it also, with a movement liuvdly bulf of. last year's, is a quarter of 11 cent lower for tin! week. Cotton, with coiillmiins Inrcu recoil)'..-!, i-emuins une'jansed. Kcw words tolls tliu oid story: The corn crop is Eiiiiuniiibly suovt, though probably a much larger supply llinr. iilUi-iiil reports indicate. Wheat and cotton supplies arc so far beyond tilt- world's demands that extreme low prices nre natural, and speculation for advance Is trrually handicapped. KesU'icted purchases by tile wer-t and south naturally result. "The money market shows a tendency tc strengthen and somewhat larcer offerings ol commercial paper appear, though not in proportion to tiiu reported activity of mills. Doubtless many are workin:; only short time, but any improvement is eiu-ouraKini;. A somewhat closer market is expecti-ii as a result of the bond transaction. Tliu volume of domestic business represented by cli.-arincs was &.3 per cent, larj-'er tli-jn last year, but 3-1.5 per cent, smaller than lu itw: 1 . "Tlie .'alluruii for Uio llrst-vcek of February show liabilities ,of only i-2.0ui).E90. or which J7SO..W were of manufacturing, and SI.3W.SIW n; irailin!.'concerns. The.ilnul report for .Ian. uarv shows an ak'o're^al'- o:' >I5,(!3 ( .'-';J~. against, liiO.K-IS'.OlS last yi-.ir: S;!.D9iaSM wcru of inimufucturins: concerns this year a^ilnst S'.l,J!W,7i5 last year, wbile i!l.S:!<UUf> ••"ere of tradlnK concerns against >l7.-'3-l.riS7 las'. year. Failures • for the week were -70 in the'united Slates apainst 3L'3 last year, and 51 in LMuailn auainstio last year. Brailstreet's says: "Milder and pleasauter weather, following the severe storms -and extremely low temperature have, with few .exceptions, .'ailed to stimulate orders for seasonable KOOds or the distribution movement (,'eneral- ly. Exceptions include a revival of demand la a few line.-i at. Boston anil New York, and lu druifs. leather and paper at Philadelphia and in general merchandise at Savannah and Jacksonville. At the west there are improved sales by Chicago jobbers In dry goods, clothing, furnishings, shoes and rubbers, and Kansas City announces a larger volume of spring buMncijSj. Demand for staples has increased at X!s^iB&' toe - as at St. Paul, pointing to small stocks held by country dealers. Elsewhere coaeral trade remains at a low ebb. Iron and steel industries lind the week not up to expectations." Shore S'I2,'OO"O. Mu-VCTK. Ind., Feb. 10.—E. C. Caleyer- ton former receiver of the White River Iron Jt Steel, works, flled his final report Saturday morning-. The court was not satisfied, investigated his books and found a shortage of S'Ji.OOO. Bond SymllcatB Depo.its S22,OOO,OOO. MEW YORK, Feb. 36.—J. Tierpont Mor"•an announces that at the close of business Saturday the bond syndicate had deposited in the sub-treasuries throughout the country and banks acting- as legal depositaries, Ki-.OOO.OOO- Some Have Talil Their Tax. \TASnrSGTOX. Feb. 16.—Collectors of internal revenue throughout the country have already, beg-un to receive returns under the income-tax law. and in a number of instances the cash has accompanied the returns. Ten Incne* of snow In Virginia. Ko O-OKE. Va., Feb. 16.—A snowstorm has been raging here since 2 o'clock Saturday morning. Ten inche* had fuJJen at noon. Davies Forced to Confess After Being Strung Up Hours by the Thumbs- Ice Bath Treatment. SA.V FKA.VCISCO. Feb. 10.—The follow- n£ story from Honolulu is printed in ail to •as the San Francisco Cull: ••The success of the irovernmcnt, of liawa in condui-tiiiK its ircaMjii cases was ,luo t tlio im-rimlnattiiK evidence nlvea by Cap William Davies of tbe steamer Waimanolo Tbe manner in wiih-b the sworn statement wa wrunjrlroni Uavics is interest!in; as sbowiiiK the jx.-culi.-ir process at present existing in tho Hawaiian islands. utivifs Kt-fii«i'» to I'vuch. ••Davies and his mate. Ivnudson. were arrested on till? morninii of January .i. Knudson made a i-onressioii. tcllin;: what little he know. Davii-s, who is an American citi/en. n-fused any Information, and while prou-stim: his innocence demanded an interview with tin' United State* uiinister. This was relused. Davies was then taken into ilic prison yards, where he was shown two ring- bolts ill the wall above his head. The uniformed inquisitors of the government then cave thecaptaiu to understand that if a complete con.'ossion was not fortheoniiiiK ho would be strunp: up by the taumbs. Strum." Up liv Hi-; TliuinbH. ••Uavies did not flinch, but snid ibat If tho American minister could not come the consul-Boncra! should be infgrnied that ho was an American citizen and wished 10 see him. His protest w;is in vain. His less were bound Below the knees and his thumbs were lashed with whipcord 10 the bolts. A cord was placed below him, so Hint the unfortunate man's toes •ust touched it. Davies was stripped to the waist, while Marshal Hitchcock. Attorney General Smith and Siir- neon Cooper, with a stenographer, awaited tbo statement which they believed would be forthcoming. Kodurea Uio Torture. -They were mistaken. Davies would not weaken. Sweat oo/ed from every pore. The stror.K man in his anony beKk'ed for water to slake the tnirst that consumed him. The ten- untiJ. yf tlif victim's limbs stood out like strands of rope; blood vessels knotted on his Lrnr, and Uvs, swcllini; as if ready to burst His tormentors vainly urjruJ him to implicate all known to be politically opposed to iheir methods. Uavies refused to surrender the secret he had sworn to protect. At last, when it was apparent by his respiration thai it would bo impossible to hold out longer, nature succumbed und Dav;e>. cursing; the liends who were torturing him, fiiirued. Torturotl liitu L 1 :if(jn>o;»m.-.iu.-ss. ••Dr. Cooper used salts o: ammonia to revive the captain. .vhn bail i>..ssed into the painless realms o( iincoiisclous- ness. As soon a.s he revived two nu'uro convicts suspended him nuaiu by the thumbs. TDi-; inliu'.naii opera- tiou was besua at noon, and it was (i o'clock in tlio (.•veniiipr boforo Davjcs. more dead than alive, made the sutemi-.it that respited him from the inhuman baruarity of his persecui-ors riac.-.l lu lc«-Coi<l Vi'iitnr. ••Another case of torture was brought to liuht 11! .the military, inquiry. A youn« native vho was kiuiwn to hu intimate with Carl YVidrermar. ivn.- handcuffed at the wrists. Tn.-n hi: was placed in a tank of icx-eoM w.-.ier and wan kept tliere until cir- c'll'ition of the blood in his extre.'nitic.s had •iliuost ceased, anil !Jr. Cooper, who appears in the uni-nvlabie Ii:;hi ol an arch-inquisitor, declared that action v'. the heart was almost suspended. Tbe chief of police. Marshal Hitchcock, had the yoiuiK Kanaka taken from tbe tank, and, alter belli;: restored from his co-Jdt- tion of si'ini-eoasi-iousncss, the torture wis •i.-iiiii admiiiirterod. Klesh and blood could sfand sticli .ialiiiinaniiy uo loutror. and the much-Hi.-' dcd confession was iTlven." Think Ueporis HxiiKSe'*"*:'-'''. AV ssui.Nirrox. Feb. UJ.—In official circles the telegraphic reports throujrh private cli:miiels th:it American citi- xi-iih nre being tortured by the Bole 13a.waiia.ii miliuiry despotism to force them to give evidence _ against suspects lire not given _serious credence. Tliuro nre iiiiiny things connected with this hi test butch of Honolulu news thill, htuiiip it ns nine parts fake to nne part truth, and where the fake ends and the truth begins is a perplexing question. There is ofliuial confirmation of. the statements that the Dole government is resorting to unnecessarily harsh measures in this emergency: but it is not believed that thu leaders of the sham republic would deliberately incite the disfavor of the American people by committing atrocities of Hie sort indicated. A. New I'urty LOCKI-ORT, N. Y.. Feb. 15.— J. McParlin. of this city, secretary of the na- •ional and state committees of the People's party, in an interview said near IMarch 4 he expected the birth of a new national party. -Mr. MeParlin SOTS during the last few weeks secret conferences have been held by members of congress and other influential men from ail parts of the country and are continuing. The platform of the new parly will be -bimetallism and protection." Survivor GR.OJD ISI..OTD. ^eb., Feb. 1G—Car) Hoffman, the Elbe survivor, returned alone to bis home which he left with wife and child about October ] to enjoy a pleasure trip to Europe. As Hoffman stepped from the platform there was a most affecting scene. His aged father-in-law met him. and the two clung to each other for a moment comrletelv; broken down. ^ Uou wet to unr. » r»e-vr Trial. ComifBt's, 0.. Feb. 10.—Elmore Waldren. a life prisoner in the Ohio peai tentiary from Vinto county, has been granted a new trial by the circuit court on the ground that the indictment failed to state in what county the crime had been committed. He hac a mad infatuation for his aunt- She returned his' love, and they conspired to get her husband out of the •svay \Valdren shot him. Mrs. Waldren has not vet been Telegraphlo Dispatches from Various Towns in Indiana. Trlrd to St*:ll » Klr« l>«'p»rt.nu>nt, JEFFEHSOSVIT.I.E, Ind., Feb. l(i.—Harry- Crane, a pipeman at No. 1 engine house n this city, has the distinction of be- ug the only person on record as having stolen a fire department. He appeared drunk and was deposed by Chief Huckleberry. Us ^'ft v.i'.vi-isr ven- eance, and returned v. r; .'• :• i-ntchet uid attacked Assistant v ;»ief .Johnson. Johnson finally disarmed him and left to find an otlieer. Hefore he returned Crane hitched up the two reel horses to the reel, climbed into the seat, and started out. lashing the horses into a run. He came near killing several Dedestriinis. drove ov.-r pavements and corner stones, and was finally caught :ibout'- miles from the engine house. Kloprrn Marrloil Twice. VJN-CI-..N.NKS. Ind.. Fob. if..—A grand wedding celebration and marriage cor- . i-inony took place under peculiar cir- ctimst.unees in Johnson township. Several monllis ago Lulu Autleitneri daughter of Louis Autleitner, eloped John Allen, her father's hired man, and they were married. Tho match had been bitterly opposed by the girl's father. Finally the paternal pardon was secured, the young couple relumed home and were remarried by u priest, as the girl's parent* did not recognize the authority of a justice of the peace who performed the iirst cere^. mony. Work on tiiu r.i*K»rL <E wc«t«ri>. Soimi ]>ESU, Ind.. Feb. 16,—The work of building the Elkhart & Western railroad will be resumed in a J«w weeks. The road is already into tho suburbs of South Hend, but work was abandoned on account-of the weather. The terminus will be here for the present. The road will be pushed on to • Chicago bv fall- City M'urhliiU Arrested. , hid., Feb. .10.—City Marshal O'lirien and .Deputy Colgau were ar- i-ested on the charge of grand larceny. Two yean-, ago the officers took up a .tray horse, and it finally got beyond reach »f the owner when he claimed it. They are now being held responsible. They gave bond. TiiUi'ii to I'rlMin. Muxcnc, Ind., Feb. 1C.— Frank Manor, of this city, has been taken to the Michigan City penitentiary, where he was sentenced for two years for forgery by Judge Koons. He leaves behind a wife of but a few days mid many respectable relatives and friends. JSurnod to Dontli. AMANV, Ind., Feb. 10.—Mrs. Edward Moore left her 2-year-old daughter Etta playing near the stove. When she returned the child was burned to death. She had stuck a newspaper in the stove and the blaze ignited her clothes. Pleaded Guilty. Ind.. Feb. 1C. — Jacob Shacft'er plead guilty to assault nnd battery with intent to commit murder • upon one Thomas Taylor at Thorntown last December, lie was given three years in fix: penitentiary. Novelty \VorkH iiuniod. >'oni.Ksviu.K. Ind.-. Feb. ](>.—Fire at ] o'clock Friday morning completely destroyed the "Novelty works owned by Leonard Hinkle. Loss. S20.000; no insurance. Twenty-five men are thrown on", of employment. Natural Gu» Kxplnrteu. WINCHESTER, Ind.. Feb. 10.—A natural gus explosion tore the^city electric light plant to pieces. Several men were slightly injured. Oliver Eiler, of MuDcie, who was superintendent, is believed to be fatally hurt. Fowrtor i» ^ Suivo. NEW RICHMOND, Ind., Feb. 1C.—Wil- liam Austin put powder in his saloon stove to blow out the flue, and destroyed the stove, setting the building on fire and causing a loss of SCOO. Xo insurance. Sick with Smallpox. . ROLLING PnAiiiiK. Ind.. Feb. 1C.—MLs« llatiield is sick here with smallpox. She has been working in a restaurant in Michigan City and brought the disease from there, it is supposed. S->jjtencn* AKcretfatc Ton Year*. • LIBERTY, Ind., Feb. 10.—John Donlin, Ed Welsh and Sherman Jester were sentenced to terms in the penitentiary aggregating tea years for holding up William Paddock some months ago. Dropped WftaO. VJNCENNES, Ind., Feb. 10.—While at work performing household duties, Mrs. Joseph Kupbens. of this city, suddenly dropped dead of heart disease. Jeff Powell'* Trill n«irn.n. LEBANON, Ind., Feb. 1C.—The trial oi Jeff Powell, charged with the burning- of Abe Fall's residence, August" began in the Uoone circuit court. >'ot Gulltj- COLUMBIA CITT. Ind., Feb. IG.-Adam White was acquitted hereof the charge of killing Ambrose Croxton December IS. ' Dynamite Wreck" » far-mem* Store. BUTTKUXCT. Wis.. Feb. 1C. — The Farmers" union store was blown up by dynamite and William Harms is under arrest on suspicion. The store was organized last summer by a cooperatiTt stock comp.any.

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