The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 27, 1948
Page 9
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THURSDAY, MAT fT, 1*41 OUT OUR WHAT? IF ANVBOOV EVEM PUT* A D6WIW THIS BEAUTIFUL GIFT THEY GOT ~ ME TO LICK. ooon/ l CAM'T SLEEPAWIK1K WITH A LAMP LIT- AW WHEN HE GETS ALL THAT BRASS POLISHED IT'LL. BE LIKE TRYIM' TO SLEEPOM HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD/ • BUT CAIN'T XX) PUT A SATe SOMEWHERE SO WE CAN GIT AROUND JK! Arkansas College Buys Bategyille Mojomc Home JjfrTESVILLE, Ark., May 27— (UP)—Buildiiifs and grounds of th« old Matonlc Home properly In BatesvilJ* have been purchased from the Masonic Grand Lodge of Arltansa* by Arkansas College. The property h»d been leased previously by the college for use is a boys' dormitory. It Is adjacent to the school's new campus. Members of the Board of Trustees also announced thai H T McDonough of H Dorado hid been named business manager of the school. l S You Are Cordially | Invited to Visit I The I Accessory Shop GOOD He AMENS / Tl-l 6 USUAL. HOTEL POSTCARD FROM 6BOTHER. SAKE.' — VE6, HE'SCOMiMG.' —•DRAT// 1 HOPE Kc DOESN'T DETRACT ME FROM COMPL6TIM& A\V MASTERPIECE/ THW CARD IS FROM A, .„ LEGITIMATE FA1MT aOB.THKT', . TUE COSTOMA.RV J FLEA-BA&/-*— HE MUST HA.XJE DIDN'T "too PUT MAMt IN WKS COMES AT THE By Morgorttfa Brucker tes , . ,NEA SfUVICC.lNC. Feminine Apparel Mabel Hogan Jessie Srlte ~. Hotel Noble H%. F Blytheville, Ark. Blyfheville Glass Co. J«« Hwj. So. Auto Glass Installed While You Wait Safely Glass Window Glass Structural Glass Store Front Metal Plate Glass Mirrors A Complete Glass Service Also Glass Blocks Furniture and Dtsk Tops We Also Do Caulkinjf! Phone 3142 f- A. Stanley, Owner *'. •"•'«• "Hk k»r k..l,.>d-> »<>tbF[ .nit .l.irr. l.uuj. wkJl, .kc J».ll. J..r •!,.„ Hl.k. ,,. „,„,. *«'i»e frov uvrrjirNH. 1'h^ «»ly fcrl«k, « vo , t , fc , r ,„„.,,.,..„ J ' * w 41 1. 1.4 k,r .l<ep;. .oulhr,. «wi« overrun wllh MuldfrrK frutn »c«*r(, ? - f; (IM| ,. (»n« of ihrtM^j .II. blond V.»k<. t _i,, ut ,. vow. <-..<-«. ,nn,, r c1 ., «„,. ,. t< . r , „ 1" '" T * **" k kl~. Hrr ,»r»K,4 f.lkrr Ikrr.K,.,.! ,„ , ur » krr .1.1. Wkt« 'I .in. told Jr.. I,-. ke would k.v, . Cew « >7 . IiirluuKk hrl,, r , fc»l»K NMppfrf .ivrr.rn. iind pltndrd ror An Immrrilnrc iMnrrlHK*-, .trm- *ttm <r,fni ikrniiKk ,rllk > knlr- l»-<kF.rnrnrr rrrrinnnT. N<-II dn; »k« VI JJEFORF. she reached the porch r.f the nW rose brick house, Jessica dropped her wedding ring into her purse. Within the house silence greeted her. Th« door to her father's study stood open but he was gone. She rushed upstairs. flung open her own door and threw herself down on the bed. ^'or an instant she iay quile still, inen and emotionless. Then she began to sob hopelessly and bitterly. How undo this wretched mistake' She did love Tom — yes, she loved Tor- dearly, if love meant the wild delirium they had shared together. But the price was too high. This was no longer her home. She had exchanged home .for uncertaint}-. The tears came in a fluod. She had promised to meet Tom, to go away with him. She must prepare to leave at once. As she wrapped herself in a robe, Annie, her personal maid, who had waited on her hand and foot since babyhood, tapped on the door. "Miss Jessie, you sick?** Annie came in carrying a breakfast tray and stood with her dark eyes bent anxiously upon the girl, "No, I'm not sick." She threw up her head belligerently. "I'm —i'm married," The small black woman slaved at her. "Whnl fool '.hing you sayin' now? You rnatriedl" "But I am married. To a soldier. His name ii Tom Blake. I'm Mrs. Tom Blake." She snatched up har purse and opened it, dug up the ring and jammed it on her ringer. She held up the hand for Annie to see. "Your father goin' to shoot that soldier sho' as you're born. Miss Jessica. Lucky he ain't home." "Where is he?" "Lexington." Jessica moved nervously back and (orth putting on her clothes. She said, "I'll fix a note and explain. Now help me pack." "Where you goin'2" "With my husband," said Jessica jauntily. "Please jet my bass and I'll tell you what to put in." She crossed the room and opened Ihe mirrored doors ot the wardrobe. She debated just what to select while Annie followed he. about her head mournfully and mumbling • « • jyF,lTHER heard the bedroom door open. Mary Belle Evans stuck her chestnut head into the room. "What's happened?" she demanded. "Annie acts as though ther^'d been i funeral." "Just a wedding." Jessica did not turn her head. Mary Belle said, "So he put it over?" "What do you mean?" 'II- declared he'd marry you. Everyone kidded Tom Blake for being a fool and dreaming that a girl like you—" "Please, don't say anything against Tom." "I suppose your father went off this morning before you returned?" Mary Belle asked bluntly. "I never get up until noon," Jessica said. "He wouldn't miss me." "You'll miss him now." Mary H«> sat down. "Incidentally what are your plans, Mrs. Blake?" ''Torn thinks he'll have n fu r - luush. I suppose we'll spcnii it on i honeymoon," said Jessica uncertainly. Mary Belle looked skeptical. "He'll lake you home to meet his folks." she observed. "Got any inor.ey? 1 ' "Not much, Why?" "You'll need money, won't you?" jyjONEY. The word meant noth- Ini! to her. There were charge accounts and bills her father always pniil and pocket money when she needed It. .Jessica opened her purse and counted out J3 and some change. "Tom -vill RJVJ me money," she said hopefully. "Any idea of a corporal's pay?" "No . . ," Mary Belle opened her own purse and brought up a roll of bills. "Here's my allowance," she insisted. "You must take It. I'll explain to Granddad and he'll let me have some more. You can't go oft like this, Jess. Suppose >oll don't like Tom?" "You're forgetting—I cnn't come back." Jessica brushed aside the tears am; remade her (ace and soon Annie announced that the things slie wished were packed and she would carry Ilicm downstairs. Mary Belle and Jessica followed. Tom was at the station, big and clean-shaven and coming forward quickly to take Jessica's arm possessively. "1 was a'-aid you'd stand me up." he said. Mary Belle stormed, "You should be shot for persuading Jessica ID go off like this." The train roared in and a few people who stood about the platform regarded them curiously as Tom hurried Jessica toward day coach. "Well, we're on our way," Tom said. Jessica forced herself to ask, "Where are we going?" "Akron." He toraed their bags in the rack overhead. "I'm taking you lo Akron and leaving you wild my folks until I'm discharged from the Army." (To Be Continued) M ** '»*« BY mA MUVKI. IMC, 1 "If you ju,1Bopped into say he || 0 , wh ,,„„., . That shouldn't t«k. you tin hour!" Asking for It ithe still haven't s/ightest V/fcff to feC you. idea You Kr me, Hazt ^Anything be Sivt ¥•% t'4f By AL VERMEER ^aooct! Then In jft f/xrs* I t-ultled curtains \f\# teen Hunting " for thf bee/mom. ill on By MICHAEL d'SULLEY and RALPH LANS CIO Urges Passage Of Anti-Poll Tax Bill WASHINGTON, May 27. (UP) — Tlie CIO said yest!».lay that Congress will suffer a "grievous loss of prestige" if It fails to pass the anti-poll tan bill at tills session Capitol Offices Close In Honor of McHaney _ . '• "««jr * I - V UT|-—• Offices in the state capltol building were closed at noon yesterday as a. ribute to the late Associate Jus, , - -~,,... v ,,. tice Edgar Lafayette McHan*-v nr In a letter to leading senator, the Arkansas Supreme Court The of both parue.,. the labor organl- | 72-year-old jurist dleri ^™, zation said "millions of Americans have indicated their belief that this bill must be passed fn order that the Democratic francise may be extended to those citizens now barred from the right to vole." The anti-poll tax- measure has won House approval and has been cleared for Senate debate by the Rules Committee. However, southern Senators have threatened a filibuster if it is brought up. | Second Baptist. Church here. Gov. Ben Laney ordered n pause j In state business after describing Rrvir »» „., Justice McHaney as a "distlngulshcri HOCK. May 27. (UP)_ and learned jurist." Flags at the capltol were flown at half-staff until after the funeral. hUghest-flylnj birds are probably the snow geese which have , services , ere ,n Political Announcements The Courier News has b Abject to i he COlfNTV TREASURER rrank Whitworth COUNTY COURT CLERK Elizabeth Blythe FOR CORONER & M. HOLT FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shlppen STATE REPRESENTATIVE Jimmle Edwards L- H. Autry H. B. "Bud" Fisher Leslie N. "Dukle" Speck For C*nntj Jidf* Poland Green Fielder Peery For Circuit court Clerk Harvey Morris CONST/ABLE (Chlskusawiba Townshtp) J. Robtrt Cro«skno Radio Service I at its Best! \ All New FM ,'! Ttst Equipment « j All Service Guaranteed Salts Co. | Felix Carney !' Phone 36t fi; : ••••• K. M. LARKIN AUTO PARTS Main * Lake St. Phone 523 We Install Window Glass Kor Any Make Automobile While You Wait I Window Channels Regulators PITTSBURGH PAINTS a Complete Line ot Auto Parts Don't Be a Spendthrift! Save That Hard-Earned Cash! You can save up to 50% on all your aulo body and fender repair a'. HOT'S BODY SHOP. PAINT JOHS-935 & up Complete upholstery service . . . Headlining* . Door Pancfs . . . Floor Mais . . . Complete Body Trim. Take advantage of our low overhead expense and have thai old car repaired now. Any model from 1<H<) lo 11119 HOT'S BODY SHOP 110S °- Lil| y Phone 3456 UPHOLSTERING -PHONE 4297 AUTO AND FURNITURE Seat Covers - Seat Covers $20 Front and rear wat.s tailored to fit. Covers made from pleasing durable straws and fabric, and Installed at no ratra cost Our Seat Covers will never rip. When in need of scat covers comi In und nssure Joursclf of these super values. Our convertible tops arc unexcelled and our head linings will be your delight. We are most pleased to offer you , furniture upholstering scrvic. thai will bring; a lasting pr( d e to your home. Come In and •«« our wide selection of beautiful, modestly priced materials, Cars Slightly Higher THOMAS J. LILLY & SON u 2 s. r.iiivst. Phone 4297 PKISCII.LA'S 1'OP While Silk Wails TOU'Rf IK MV CtNTHOOSf APARWfNT, Dial!. JUST TEH Mf WHO VCD AK( M10 WE'tt 5tE THAI YOU 6ft HOME CAll £ DOCTOR, MISS GAii.AHTREE I'll LOOK IN HER BAG TO SEt IF THfBE'S ANY VJf'O BE FIFTY AMIES FROM HERE BY NOW IP SnNORA >MON'r HAD THAI BRAIHSIORM ABOUT •> KE1URNIN6 ISPfHDER'S STAMP ANC WASH TUIIBS By LESLIE TURNED l« H«,S F1CULT CHARACTERS tlKE L * uo * s ITlsT0 «»E«e '. Mtp now we KMC KriMn STANCHMS IDLE WIWLC CROOW SULKS •HUMANA! IHMICfc BUNCH EKSV M«HT'l>e MIK WM LIlTtM TO REA5OW.BOT Wr DONTT KUOW WHERElOMCM MEANWHILE, ^^McKEE PAYS * STORM Will TO HIS PlMlr- Delermtned ftlen By FRED HARMAN DIGGING OD , LITTLE eE^s'£^ "TO FIN TMEV\'E.SVCEOPWS«r K'i^OS TO tN'^CH BUCK- , SOViETrilNQ'S HAPPEMEO, By V. T. HAMLiN ARE THEV tVNOT Of Out V,?ATHr I NEVER HEA»O Of SUCH <3*LL' U BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By EDGAR MARTIN

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