The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 27, 1948
Page 7
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r WOT Tvr»LV» BLYTHEY1LLB (AMJ XEW1 ( Makers of Menus Welcome Apples Variety >f UM« DtM«v«r«4 by ; Culinary Exp«rt« own rosy-checked' apples JJ« o« the »arlKt now, and with WtMa oonw an opportunity (or B»«*i hew mtnu variety. *> the main oourM, apples add 1*t*4r crisp touch In many ways. L ifcnple lunch or supper might hir* »liew c* cold cooked meat from Sunday's pork or YM! roast, • P«rty apple aalad, and a hot T€«Ubl«, susgMt* Hebu SUggs, horn* economies axp«rl. Or, you Jnte*it mak* a meat-apple snlacl, bf dklng «h« cooked meat (any klndl and lidding It directly to th» 4 Mlad. *or it, a hot, vegetable «nd a Jre»h quick bread make tood accompaniments, ' ;Apple garnishes bring added good»**s to other meats besides the traditional pork. IJgtuty filed apple rings (slices) or apples ponrched in syrup of Jelly arc only a lev,' suggestions. Serve them with lamb, ywl, beef or hum, just as you prefer. ; Desserts featuring apples arc favorites with almost every one: piet, cobblers, tarts, and last bill riot least plump, tender apple dumplings served with creamy vanilla or custard sauce. A ji\r of homemads pastry or biscuit mix will help you make Uiess desserts io double-quick time, though you o»n also make them with single . pastry or biscuit recipes. , . Apple Dumplings • J cups sifted enriched flour *Vjteaspoons baking powdir ' 1 teaspoon stilt V to Ifcup Jard ' 1 cup milk I to 6 medium apples, ueelcd and sliced ; 1 teaspoon elnnnmon % cup sugar . 3tab!«.spoons Gutter -. i Sift together flour, bakine po\v- cVer and salt. Cut In Ihe lar.l un. til Ihe mixture has n fina oven crumb. Add' just eunupri milk til form a soft dough. Knead SO ico qnds. Roll to Si-inch Gut- Into 5-inch .squares. Combine »ppl*s with cinnamon and siif.i-.r. Fill centers ot biscuit squares with appl* mixture. Dot with butter. Draw up the corners of the cloufth to completely cover the apples. Turn over on greased cookie r.heel and prick the top surface of dumplings. Bake in a moderate oven (375 F,> for 35 to 40'minutes, Yield' • dumplings. Novel Desserts Tempt Palate On me tapioca C re« HT GAVN'OK MAUDOX SKA Staff Writer Here are two fruit desserts to ,nil tonic nutrition and ileli- cnte flavor Into your springtime menus: Orange Tapioca Oeum (Sfrvm 4-S) One egg while, 2 tablesnooiiB Kiir. 1 CSK yolk.2 cups milk, 3 tablespoons quick-cooking tapioca, ^ to 3 tablespoons suar, 'i tea- spcon sail, '.» teaspoon vanilla, '/; teaspoon Killed oianffi- rind sweetened orunifc sections, chilled. Deal egg while untlll foamy throughout. lAclcl 2 tablespoons suglir, 1 tablespoon at a ihiie. and continue brating with rotary egg beater until mixture will stand In very soft peaks, set aside. Mix egg yolk with '.« cup of milk In saucepan. Add tapioca, 2 tablespoons sugar, salt, and remaining' milk. Pluco over low or medium heat and cook until mixture comes to a boll, stirring constantly—this takes about 5 minutes, (The mixture will be thin, but do not overcook.) Remove from heat and, al once, stir gradually Into beaten t'Kg white. Add vanilla and orange rind Cool, stirrhiK once after 15 lo M minutes. Chill. Just bufc/te scrying, arrange OIBIIBC sections in parfnit glasses. Fill with tapioca cream and garnish witli additional orange sections. AmlirusU {Serivw *) . Six naval oranges. 1 cup canned cherries (drained}, ',i oup grated coconut. Peel and slice or dice the oranges. Put into glass serving bowl. Cover with cherries. Sprinkle with coconut. Sandwich Variety Gives Spice To Sunlmer Outings ;. Memorial Day is sort of a f-e»ther milestone. Though summer J» still officially several weeks •way, this holiday murks the real beginning of outdoor activities Balmy weather lures us outdoors and we begin to think about trips to the lake, backyard purtlcs. fnm- ily fishing trips and of course, picnics. ;' Sandwiches ate an old stnndtjv »ud almost a traditional "must" Jor food for all these activities V»ry the Olil Ones To vary the ham ide.i, try c|e- Tlled ham with pineapple preserves The sweetness- of the preserves is a tosty contrast to the tuugy deviled ham, Por a variation of tho cheese sandwich, its simple to concoct a line, sandwich with cream cheese and orange marmalade. If you're finishing the Sundny chicken or turkey at slipper out in the back Vard, serve it in sandwiches to make it go farther. Of course, nothing points up the fine flavor of fowl quite a.s nicely as a touch of jelly. Try a bit of currant Jelly with your chicken sandwiches or crabapple jelly with urkcy sandwiches. Back-yard Party Treats • Something a little more on the dainty side will be In order for a back-yard party. Open-face sandwiches should fill this bill perfectly. Nothing is prettier than triangular open-face sandwiches wm» 'R frill of cream cheese put through a pastry tube and a center of Jcwelbright jelly, for a very special treat, serve " open-face candwiches with cottage cheese and rich niiava jelly in the center. Another dainty morsel ran be ninth? with thin slices of whole wheat bread spread/ with orange mnrmnlntle aurf chopped waljiuts. A variation of this which %oes well ivilh tea is made by slicing while urcnd very thin, removing the crust nnd cutting the bread in oblong strips lor t.hrec-decker sandwich strip.5. put cheese and jelly on the bottou strip, spread the second strip niih plum jelly and chopped I nuts and lop with * third strip of 'bread. Hummingbirds have 200 wing revolutions per second to achieve a speed of only 20 miles per hour. The pelican flies as fast as the hummingbird with only one ami one-.sixlecnth wing revolutions each -second. Read Courier News Want Ads. ODIZED EXTRA REFINED WM«» OUT HIDDEN FLAVORS Plain or lodiztd lowest cost energy food 1 i Me* Gnwm c:«-*y. St«tt«,rt, ArUnsu May luncheon features Ham, Orange Salad I If, at hc:irl, you love io enter- iali), comider the posslWIUy of i May luncheon, eaten outdoors wher» .soft .spring brefxes play, says Heba Slnggs, food authority. Card tables set on the hack or .side lawn (ire Just as easily served, with a lit- lle thought, as tho.'>« Indoors. Plan UK theme .around flowers and good, simple food—a flower centerpiece for each table, or H nosegay for each guest will do much io set, the mood, As for the foVI, that which can he served from a iwrtable cart or wagon will prove most >uc«M*fiii, *un«*t« ' THURSDAY, MAT ZT, An uncuual ham, orange and sweet potato naiad Is * good choice for th« main dish. Us* ham, imolc- ed picnic shoulder, bonejest rolled ihoulder butt of pork or canned ham, With Uie salad go raisin spice biscuits, cut in diamond i shapes, and a hot, vegetable, such at very «lender green Hot , coffee, or iced tea, depending oil I the temperature of the day, makes j a good beverage, and for dessert ! a lemon-flavored refrigerator dM- { s«rt that can b« made ahead of I time In a good choice. j Have everything but tht hot foods ready outdoors, then, carry j those outside and serve the platM • alter the guests are seated, perhaps with the aid of one of your Siltttt Ham-Swwi Potato gala* *" 1'A cups diced cooked ham i'A cups cooked sweet potatoes I cup diced celery 1 cup diced apples 1 cup orange sections )i cup nut meats, if desired Mayonnaise to moisten Combine Ingredients. TOTS lightly with just enough to moisten. Chill and serve In lettuce cups. Eight large servings. Nature's huge variety of flavor! and chemicals Is based on only 5 chemical elements. Flavor chemicals generally contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen only, but some important ones also contain sulphur or nitrogen, or both. R*«d Courier Newi W»ot Ad». FIESH DAIIY IN OUR KITCHENS 'ROM COAST TO COAST TH£ 8£ST costs you/ess WITH OUR EVERYDAY SMOKED SHOULDER PLATES Assorted Flavors, S oz. Glass Cheese Spread - - - 23c Weiners or Franks - ib. 48c Pure Pork Sausage ib. 44c HOME DRESSED HENS AND FRYERS Nice, Meaty - Ib. 32c - ib.15c • - lb.40c Smoked Sausage - u>43c COMPLETE ASSORTED LUNCH MEATS Neck Bones Smoked Beef Tongue Long Link No. 2'/, can No. 2y, can No. 2 can 38 C 37 C 15 Texas, 46 O/. Can GRAPEFRUIT JUICE 15 Hart's, Taystee or Wonder BREAD 2for 25 Gcrher's S! rained BABY FOODS ,,.47- Food Master PEARS Siicianienton , FRUIT COCKTAIL White Cream Style CORN Kind's Home VIENNA SAUSAGE .. Cartiubell's, Hi Oz. Can PORK & BEANS 15 Franco American SPAGHETTI 2f . r2 9 Orange Cocoanut Chocolate Tender White CORN fi for II). cln. Ki-cl Ripe TOMATOES Young and Tender SPINACH lb 10 C (.'reeti Heads CABBAGE !b 4 C Green and Tender CUCUMBERS Ih 12i c !i;il)v VelloM- SQUASH !lte 25< LARD 4 Lb. Ctn. $1.05 Borden's MILK 3 Toll or 6 Small 420 UPTON'S TEA !/4 Lb. 33c ! Ib. 63c Heinz Oven Baked BEANS 16-oz. Can - ^^^™^^^""^^"""^^^""^M^B»«^^^^^^™™ Frozen Foods """•""•••""•••"•••••••IBIB Strawberries 630 Sfice</ Box - - Lima Beans Birds fye Box - - . 450 Box of ** 4 . 2 Dor. - - - i\t StuffedI Crabs 33c Franco American MACARONI Qf. Jar VINEGAR 12 Oz. Jar ' CHILI PEPPERS Dill or Sour PICKLES Marce, Qf. .J ar MUSTARD Welch's 16 Oz.Iar ; GRAPE JELLY Canova, 3 I,h. I'ail COFFEE No. 2 Can, Comstock SLICED APPLES Slrnnjjheart. DOG FOOD Large Size Kox SUPER SUDS Bath Size PALMOLIVE Large- Si/.e • CABSHMERE BOUQUET Regular Size PALMOLIVE Valentine Stringless BEANS 2 for Qf. jar 35 C 12 15' 19 £ 1G It 3 for . . 2 for . . 2 for <•!• S. i\d. j Rcrt Triumph POTATOES Jb 5 I.b. Bajf Winesap APPLES .. 10 Jbs Sun Kist LEMONS Urge, Seedless GRAPEFRUIT Golden Rine BANANAS . Jb •Ifor . . Ib 18 29 C 33' 27 C 23 C 19 C -^— » 15 C 55 C 49 C 15 C 19 s 14' Liberty Cash Grocery Low Prices Everyday

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