The Black Hills Weekly Journal from Rapid City, South Dakota on May 6, 1892 · 3
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The Black Hills Weekly Journal from Rapid City, South Dakota · 3

Rapid City, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, May 6, 1892
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THE JOURNAL. OFFICIAL. PROCEEDINGS Oflha Board of County Commissioners of Pennington County. Kapid Cjiy, S. L. April 12, 18U2. Board met tins 'J a. m. pursuant to adjournment, members ail present and the deputy county auditor. Minutes of the previous meeting read and on motion approved. The petition of F. Jayers, praying t;iat thrt property of the iSulUvan consolidated (ioriuau Mining company now aseswed to Hooper, Ayera and nine be assessed to the rightful own-t is to-wit; the Sullivan coueoiidated (iormau Mining Company was upon motion granted and the county auditor wan instructed to make such change on tax list year 1891. The petition of Charles F.Curtis et al. praying that the damages caused in road district So. 14, by the grading of trie Kapid City Missouri Kiver ana bt. 1'aul Railroad to the public highways he repaired was examined and up n motion the county auditor was in structed to notify r a 1 aupprvisor of eaid road district, to notify Al. Wi.'lsie, engineer, . r tiie superintendent of said railroad to repair said damages. The following bills were examined, and upon motion were allowed as follows and warrants ordered drawn un the proper funds for their respective amounts to-wi t: Annie U Talk-tit superintendent salary lor quarter en. ling March a l, ln:2, on county fund for f.toi (r W N Walker, dtpnty sherirl, constable reeg on county fuinl IrJ Van Kimkirk. medical attendance 3 70 arm meiiii irit quarter ending March :.l IH.'J, on county lunl for 3fl 00 A t, Wilson, board ami rare Kbler liahl : months vo April 1. Irtuj, on comity fun ' J Wm rmberg. supplies, county fund... ii K (Irm-ei Janitor, court house, February 1, to April ll, l2, on county fund 3.1 O) 6 I'd The bond of Kieiiard W. Honland, justice of the peace of Hill Citv preempt examined and approved. The petition of Howard Gillette, et a), lor annulling the Douglass voting precinct, and organizing a civil voting township, was upon motion rejected for the reason that t ie petition was nU in form t be acted upon. Keport of K. Vnoa, sheriir, for sale " I'ropfriy or j. vy . 1 1 at. K e. I , ac tented and ordered plated on fii. Petition VV. H. (fouid et al. fir division of Lone tree school township. No. 3, was upon motion granted, said district to he numbered bv county cup-r-intendent. Upon motion the report of viewer appointed on road petition i t Clover Sicklcr et al. wn receiver and accepted and said toad ordered opened according to law. Upon motion board adjourned to A pril !.;, lsoj, a' 'i tai . AttrMt: H. ('. SmitiI, Lahimek C. Fakih, ;ha:rm n. Countv Auditor. I'.y A 1. HTk.Ki.iMi, Deputy. iUiioCirv, S. I). April 13, IS'.r.'. Loard in it this i' a. m. pursuant to tik Riliilllintiioiil r,,ui, 1 . ,- .. i . m. , . - - - -- .......... . i . , v v. t. . , .4 .. i . i . . ' Minutes ol the previous meeting were read an.l upon motmn approved. The petition of 1 W . Speed ailtini; lor a retun 1 order r r amount of tax paid on an erroneous aessmeut tor thn sum of )trantel and county auditor ordered to issu; refund order for the aiooont Thj petition ol Piunket and Xynch et al. for opening road on section liae, wat upon motion granted and the said road ordered openel according to law. Balance of t ho lay was spent in receiving proposals for the lea-e of the Stitndhy i rrp. rty.and examining a proposed m i I and bridge site on same above the brewery for such purpose. Upon motion the board adjourn -d to April 11, 1!J2, at!ta. m. AtteH': II. C Smith, I. a i. i m Kit C. Fakis. Chairman. County Auditor, By A. 1'. Suckling, Dt-puty. I: a no i rrv, S. I)., April I J, Ho rd met tliis 1) a. tu. p'lrnuaot to a lj Mirn airiit, membe' s all present and tin i putv county auditor. M i it 's of previous meeting were rea l aod upon tiio)i)M approved 1 h petition of i.;. I.. .It n rr n et a!, praying ' r a road to be opened on section lint, 'i-tw.-en sections 33 sod 31, towr.i'i p J north, r.unr. 7 K. II ti. M , and Im ' ac n sections IS and 4, township 1 north, rang 7 eant, B. II. M. be-Ktoninit a: a point on public highway near the resilience ot Henry Leedy, wa-i upon motion irrantel, and said ra i ordered opened according to law. Sta ement of the clerk of circuit court of c.rtilicates issued for wit-ne!-et4, jurors, bailitls and stenoj? rapher for November adjourned term and March and March adjourned term for 1S!2, was examined and warrants ordered drawn in accordance therewith, as follows, to wit: C J rtwartout, bailor fee, circuit court allowod on roucty fund $ ft 00 JiBOK. CI HIT IT (Of'RT. 8 A Flower IS 10 Ja L I1,)ki( H Cl.ake k r Held F. L Mawver Jno E Hunt . O-cola Chase W W Ryan H II Toiincr ... MasorS ItiKersull Pan: Jolty.; Kami Marrow Chai Hammis . . A rnos litis Z P Taylor . C rrowbridae 4 0i 4 10 23 SO 2 u 5 20 10 lu 10 10 4'l 10 SO 50 70 10 W F Hall 2 PI Jofcfph Watterson 6 SO Chas F Khlcrs 9 50 L P (ion d 15 60 R W Rowland 10 00 Kami K Ovrt-us A ' Hoi and . . . K WfKtll M A loirkfy . . . T h" Younif . . F. G St. wart , . . W W Drlrer... H Ml 2 10 2 10 2 10 2 10 2 io 21 2 H ft Forsha. 4 10 Fat Ulllon ID Byron H Ktkusoii 21 00 Fhil lierney Geo V inch Fred J-ieluer Victor (3 Currier . . , I) Li vingtou Ham I Morrow Frank .Stanton . . . . Hhrrinan l unnluR lanl HrrMiks CO Roln-rla r. : Kyle V K .f?ni-n Win Leonard W m McG? TitllS J "-wolf ..... Henry Blair 10 0 17 21 40 2 20 rt 10 11 io M 10 2 10 12 10 II 10 l Ml 2 10 2 10 110 20 tfo 00 3 00 JoraeO I Bof. 21 1 I ho i rai Mtlwlm Cameron is 4" Wm Farrar 14 10 Thus K I trull 12 10 K N Erwln. ballllT 22 m. Huirh Lvtlo " 2 00 JfBOBS, CIRCUIT COflT, A Q Mcha e , liai W hitty ssmni-l 1 Barb-.-r I(.iry B-hrni eft . Brtchey Jaix-s Brand nam J M Whitney II Allum Milton r- rease l O firomauvs iso. K s- Henry Bvhreb loso Berwhcy Harrlaon Aliuui Joh'i Wliiirif'y Jahri Brandha.-ii J U Barber wits I set., cot'STV col'aT. Fra ria M Murphy Francis M Murjdiy Kd. runacr Fd. ritei Kr Plnmmer V Lavis Morris Apple Frank Frn Frank Kraii Geo. W hyau Fred Hole rnb John Hai klcy 'merest Kitf , Mrs Frank IKcliahoo Albert Haat.y Thomas Burku I. K Bariah Ed. Barthold eo. M uiart W G Brouffb F.rm st H euiith i B Woo ! lyoa Ishewood Fd Volmer 12 10 20 10 It lo 15 MJ lrt ri is : 15 1-0 17 Ol 13 K) 12 10 9 00 13 H) II 50 15 Mj 14 2 14 TO 12 10 1 SO 1 3 t0 8 f ' 2 20 1 lo 2 KI 1 KI 3 20 1 10 1 10 2 10 2 2 ) 8 10 4 60 5 On IS 20 6 tO IS 20 IS 20 IS 20 18 20 4 SO I, K Teatxidy 5 4 20 John Hsva J rX Bet I.umly J Joseph Krduisu e to Fd. Matthews . Charlea S re Klchard F. Fro. Kliha Wlisou . Kd r-tenner .... I V Lake 11 so S 20 4 20 t 10 s so 2 20 Wllber Wright IS 20 Stephen M Kessler 1 20 rrtd Gile 1 20 I'eter lnen t i J -rry Cranley , 7 0 tmrli-s llamui 4t Frank Lock nan 4 70 Thorns.. Buepheard , 110 W H Walker 8 00 Charles Hombly 8 W Honglas Casler l W Webster 12 2 Thomas V. Garlock - 12 20 Louis Huck 5W Wilson March ! Geo F. Schneider 1 1' A H Carpenter, stenographer lis 50 witnbsses, craceir cocet. fames Halley -., , .- 1 10 i 1) Lake IK M L Hammond 4 00 Berry Morris 1 Fritz Schlcuuiug 1 10 K M Murphy 1 o John Hackley i;io ii v Ky an z a Geo Ilert i hey 4 (jo Henry Ht'reM ; 1 10 Hriry Itebrens 2 io H I Cromer. stenofrraDhtr 30 OU j ewarvour, uaiiiu 14 w lvid Lvtle " 34 00 Hugh Lytle " 6 00 WITNESSED CIECCIT COURT Ed Stettger Chug x sspenecr M C Peck J no Ferguson Geo Ferguson , H A Chapman Chan M Griffith 3 50 1 1J 1 10 4 10 4 10 4 20 4 50 Ralph ileabody i 8 M Dauphenbaugh 4 20 R0 I'luramert: Davis. 4 20 Thus Douglass Upon motion board a. in., April 15, 1802. 8 20 to 9 adj urned Kapid City, S. D , April 15,1892. Ho ird met this 0 a.m., pursuant to adjournment. Members all present ami the deputy county auditor. The followinz couuty warrants were destroyed as directed by law to-wit; No 2,fh, l.Riiid to J P Sheuk, dated Mur-'h ', amount $ So l'.d- i!ied to add Sanford dated March 17, 1-wS, amount No 2115. tanned to Hcoit Turner, dated March 10. amount No 2113 issued to II K Stewart, dated March 19, 18-6, amount. No 1?K issued to Geo Mattheison, dated March 17,"1k-1. amount No l: -2. isiued to Geo uoff, dated March 17, H-fi, amount No 20K2 ismiffd to Kucrena Aiken, datad 2 00 1 00 2 00 2 00 2 10 2 10 March 1, lii6, amount 2 00 No lw, issnpfj to Jom iiayes, aatea Man b. 27. Pv. amount 1 00 No l.KA). issued to Florence Kane, dated March 17. 1hs6, amount 1 00 No Zliw. Issued to W illiam Knight, dated March 111, l-w. amount 2 00 No jl, issued to JI lluf, dated March r., amount z 'hp t otii iv The following Oiils were examined and upon mot i hi allowed t.nd warrants ordered drawn on the proper fumi therefor: (' nad n and i I i j jtipphs road fuii.l ('oil.'d Ii rtlld ilci! repairs j ill mid r : Hardwa.-e eoia: any rul diHlrtct ol cou ity y liardtvar.4 c-jiiipauy C. iTI llollS", l.i;illy fund if rcl Vohiu r. w-i i roml iliftriel 2.i nil load n i'lisfcii .j . 'l it..' iu:ni . I i ...i.l ii-r:ci -.tifi 111 o inter, I h c i i , t o.i canity ... . .li lG...i,.it-. at, H 1 ) .V. it ! i !! . II J i.rrt.:fM, !,i 1 Kinl i an; i.t l-an -i r.i l..r er , for iiiluvvtii o;: o ai i tiiiKty f.ind Wni Far -nr. Ini isr ri,; diior hou.a allowed on eou-ity Upon motion the sa iriiin LamO, r-i;i-;ter e to . on :uud court 1 to dry bailfls of Ly of lHeds. John Halley. deputy register of deeds. George 1". )arr, c.i.i jty treasurer and A. Z. Weiln, deputy tressurt-r for quarter en iin March 31, 1892, as paid by the county trea-'irer, upon the orders of tii county auditor, was approved. Upon motion it was moved that the following items in the Dill of Eliha Wilson, sheriff, and his deputies J. J. 8 wartout and David Lytle for the quarter ending March 31, 1892, for the sum of $(ii(J 00 and Bworn to by said Wilson, April 9, 1.892, and filed in the ofGce of the countv auditor, April 9, 1892, filing number 72 bn and hereby sre rejected, to-wit: In bill of C J. Swartout. Maurice 5Velh attendance at Justice court $2 00 William McBride, attendance at justice court 2 00 Wm Mano assistance at Justice court 2 ri w'm Mano attendance at justice court 2 no Heury Otto attendance at justice court 2 00 He.iry t'tto assistance at justice court 2 00 James Welsh attendance at justice court .. 2 00 MilesCurranatlendanceatjusticecourt t 00 Miles Curran assistanc at justice court 2 00 Ches Johnson attendance at justice court.. 2 00 Tony M ullaue attendance at justice court. . 2 00 John, Campbell attendance at justice court 2 00 John Campbell assistance at justice court 2 00 A Johnson at tendance at justice court 2 00 A Johnson, attendance at justice court 2 00 Wm Buck-tt, attendance at justice court.. . 2 00 Wm. Buckett, assistance at justice court. .. 2 00 Fat Welch, attendance at justice com-t 2 CO Wm. Cropp, attendance at justice court. . . 2 00 Bat Welch, attendance at justice court 2 00 Jerry Ryan, on bill of Dave Lytle, at tendance at justice court 2 00 Geo Buck, attendance at justice court 2 00 James Lavvrne, attendance at justice court 2 00 Mat. Breno, attendance at justice court... 2 00 Fat Smith, attendance at justice court 2 Ot) Geo. SI union, attendance at justice court.. 2 On Jack Rich, attendance justice court 2 00 Jack Hlch, assistance at justice court 2 to James Hunn, attendance at justice court.. 2 00 Thos Kehue, attendance justice court 2 00 Cbaa Bheridaa. attendance at justice court 2 00 B. ti linn, attendance at justice court 2 00 John Wiley, attendance at justice court. .. . 2 0o M Kelley, attendance at justice court 2 00 Jno Mitotell, attendance at insure court.. 2 00 Jno Mitchell, assistance atjustiee court... 2 00 Chas ciheridau, attendance at Justice court 2 00 Total amount rejected amounted to $74 leaving a balance of $572.00 which was on motion allowed on county fund. The following bills examined and upon motion allowed and warrants ordered drawn on county fund for amcint of bill. O. V. Brown, salary as state's attorney for quarter ending March 31, 1892. : 2o0. Upon motion it was ordered that the following items in the bill ot Elibu Wilson, sheriff and his deputy, E. B Matthews, for the quarter ending March 31, 1S92, for the sum of f 522 30 and sworn to tv said Wilson on the 9th diy of April, 1892, and riled in the office of the county auditor Apriiy, 1892, Situ No. 74 ne and hereby are rejected, to-wit: Fred Webb, attendance at justice court, two dollars. H. Knuth, attendance at justice court, two dollars. Robert Tobin, attendance at justice curt, two dollars, and the charpe of jailo r ninety one days at two dollars amotintiuK to ysz, was reduced to jj leaving 'he amount rejected in this e'larsze $1(32 making total amount re ject! in this bill th sum of $108 leav ing balance of ao which was on motion allowed on county fund and warrant ordered drawn for same $354.30. Faid Wilson being a'.lowM for eighteen days for jailor to-wit: From the first lay of January, 1S!2 to the eighteenth day f J anuary , 1H.2, both days incto-iv at the rate of $33.33 per month, or $ 100 per quarter as per former contract, as per resolution made on the 18th day of January, 1892, on page 88 of commissioners record, a copy of which was furnished said eherifl notifying said Wilson that from and after said 18th dav of January, said commissioners would allow no compensation for jailor, the sum of $162 was deducted. Hoard npoa motion adjourned to April 16. ISC, at 9 a. m. Attest: H. 0. Fmith, Larimer O. Faris, Chairman. County Auditor. Ry A. P. Hteri.ino, Deputy. lUrm City S. D., April 16, 1892. Hoard met pursuant to adjournment, members all present and .the deputy auditor. The minutes of previous meeting read and upon motion approved. The following bills were examined and 3pon motion a lowed, as follo8, aid warrants ordered drawn on proper funtia to-wit: EHhn Wilson, sheriff, sheriff fees for nuarter ending March 31, 18H2 on countv fund 5T5 02 M J ' Neil!. f"r surioi for ronnty for fVi allowed on county fund 4 40 Larimtr '. Faris. salary and postaie as auditor for quaiter ending March 81, 12, county fund 853 56 Nujrent k Brown, blanks for county on county fund Lyman Lamb, register, recording four deeds, on sinking fund.... G--ors;e T Carr, treasurer, amount paid ciir ii and freight bills on county, Inking fund L Morris & Co., supplies for county anil clothes for paupers fox 177 71 allowed on countr fund George T. Carr, treasurer, for postage allowed on sinking fund.. 4 45 8 t 32 46 74 71 20 00 The following re'nnded orders, or dered issued to treasurer for erroneous tax sale and erroneous assessment On erro eons tax tale for lota 11 and 12 block 71. Rapid City On erroneous assessment to J D Brown 8 C7 fpaid twice) 13 rV7 V VV Clift, supplies to county, on coaot fund I 75 W W Clift auDDliea road 13. on road dis trict 13 fnnd 85 Samuel J Morris, for work on road, al lowed on road district IS fund. 15 00 On petition of Oustave Biniaaae for refunded order for taxes 18-4 paid twice irran ted aud funded order ordered is- 4uadf , 22 29 Petition of W. W. Pike et al. for di viding school township No. 12, rejected for the reason that it did not appear the petition was signed by a majority or the legal voters ot Raid school town ship. lload petition of W, A. Brennan et al. riled April 5, 1892, rejected reason-no notice of petition having been posted as required by law. Petition of W. A. Brennan et al. (No. 2) rejected for the reason that no evidence oi petition naving Deen posted. Petition of L. Parkburst for loan of school money refused as land bad not been assessed and unable to give first mortgage. Petition of Samuel Scott for a fish, way on dam at Hcott's mill examined and county auditor instructed to notify the company's attorney to have fish-way constructed as required by law. The road petition of E. Howe et at. examined and Charles P. Tittle, A.J. Woo 1 and A. C. Colatd were appointed viewers for said road and required to meet at county auditor's office in Kapid City on the 7th day of May, 1892, and qualify.- The county jail was examined and found to be In a fair condition, i he commissioners also visited the poor house and fonnd everything in a satisfactory condition. Georgre W. Clark, having delivered a deed for the right of way for a public highway across his land. On motion a warrant was ordered drawn in favor of George W. Clark on county general fund for the sum of $200 as per agree ment made February 29. 1892, an raga 93 of commissioners record. The following bills examined and al lowed and warrants ordered drawn on county fund for the respective amounts j to wit: H C Smith for services March, and April j on rtosrd . i9 oo Ja Crockett for service March and A pril on board 70 80 William Hecht for service March and April on board 6j 20 A P sterling: deputy auditor for last Quar ter to ou The balance of the day spent in set tif-ment with the county treasurer tnd all accounts lonnd to be correc :d c;th deposited io First National (in!t of Jiap d City f jr balances ou ! 1 und. Upon motion the coonty treasurer as ornered to commence proceedings ft r nnd t rocore tax 1ee:1 f ir the Mano v and Continental nim-s and mill, iii'lsiie and flump, being pi mated in 1? ' liford mir.inz dlctnct. Up -n motion ihe coonty auditor was s rtictf f! to advertise f r the foil w-! iri'-n:o. f-Vid advertisement to be nM'sned in Thk Di ack Hiub Wiiilt ourvai , of linr-id C;itv. thf length of imp required by isw previon-to the 4b day of July. A. D., 1892: t or care and maintenance or county poor. For board of jurors and balifls. For medical attendance and medicines for conntv poor, said contract to take effect July 18, 1892, and bo for the period of nine months from and after thatday. For lining jail with steel or iion as per sr educations on file. Upou motion board adjourned sine die. Attest: H. C. Smith, Larimer C. Fabis, Chairman. County Auditor. Ry A. P. Eterlikg, Deputy. Land Office. The following business was trArfi-acfed al the United States land ofScf yesterday. Original homestead entries Elizabeth Goer, of Vale, John W. Crist, of fjpearfl ah, and Charles M. Arthur, of Sturgis. Perpetual Motion. The great mystery that has racked the brains of many men for years past, which was advertised to be exhibited in Kapid City yesterday and last evening, remains a mystery yet, eo far as the citizens of this city are concerned. Professor P. C. Mattox pitched his tent ou the vacant lot adjoining the bell to wer yesterlay morning and ex pected to give an exhibition of his per petual motion apparatus in the even ing, but the machine did not "perpet.' It was started in the evening, but was taken apart to show its workings and, when being put together again a lever broke thus interfering with a further exhibition for tbe time being. An Unfortunate Accident. Yesterday afternoon Mrs. Thomas Icgersol took her children to tbe top floor of the Gate City Flour Mills to wach the balloon ascension. By some mishap little Virgil, a four year old son, fell down the stair way of two Stories and sustained a compound dislocation of the left wrist. Dr. Van- bu&kirk, assisted by Dr. Mathiae, dressed the injured limb. Considering the distance the boy fell it is a wonder that he did not sustain more injury. Captured the Th ef. La3t evening Deputy Sheriff Swart out arrested James Young for stealing a saddle from Frank Joy about a month ago. Tbe thief had the saddle cached for some time, but a few days ago he put it up for board, and it was placed in a second-band store and from that place passed into the bands of a farmer living in Rapid vailey. They have a clear case against Yung and he will probably go over the road as be got 2l in board for the saddle. Democratic Primaries. The democrats held primaries last evening in the different wards in tbe city to select delegates to the county convention to be held here next Saturday for the purpose of choosing sixteen delegates to the state convention. The following are the delegates chosen from three wards of the city: First Ward-P. B. McCarthy, U. B. Hughes, John Keliher, V. 11. Tompkins, F. M. Brown. Second Ward James M. Woods, W, 0. Temple, Edmund Smith, Chauncey L. Wood. Third Ward Charles Fallon, John Nicholas, J. P. McElroy, James Boyd. James W. Fowler returned from a business trip to Sioux City yesier day morning. Francis II. Clarke and wife left for St. Paul last evening, where Mrs-Clarke will spend the summer. J. B. Cottle returned from- the Northern Hiiis. last evening. lie will remain inthe city over Saturday. Tenement houses are in great demand in Rapid City. Houses of faur or five ronrt are the kind want. d. Clerk of Courts Valletta yesterday issued a marriage license to Ferdinand Baash and Mrs. Augusta Jacoby. Cook and Spayde has a neat window display. It needs to be seen to be appreciated. ' They are still in the ting. Last Wednesday James W. Fowler, R. C. Lake and James M. Woods were registered at Hotel Garreisonin Sionz City. Rev. J. B. Cams left last evening for Omaha where he will attend tfe national conference of the M. E. I church. FINNY NUESLLNGa Progressiva Stages in the Development of Fiah. lAfa. Ta SporttTa Actions of tha Tounf Wry -Joa Their Eacapa from tha Shall a- A In tar tins Chapter tor Young Naturalists. In course of time ten or fifteen days In many common forms tbe little baby fish is fully formed -within the egg and soon is ready to emerg-e.Bays Longman's Magazine. If the weather be very cold the period of development may be prolonged, but the approach of the hatching stage is usually Intimated by the continued movements of the imprisoned embyro, impatient, apparently, to enter upon its free life in the external world of waters. All the changes undergone by the developing fish may be observed without difficulty with a powerful lens and if an appropriate specimen be secured the observer may las fortunate enough to behold the little ilsh burst its prison bonds. At the point c f the thin, transparent shell where the tail of the fish lies, a gaping opening usually appears, and through it that delicate member is pushed out like a long, glassy oar. After the tail the body, with a huge ball of yolk hanging from the under side, follows; and lastly the tiny blunt head protrudes, "like the head of a bulldog," as a fisherman once aptly described it. Sometimes the head with its enormous staring eyes ia pushed out first of all, while at other times the tail and body are free, but the large head remains inclosed. De-1 spite all the struggles of the young fish and they are often desperate enough during the hatching process the head may continue inclosed In its glassy helmet and the unfortunate baby tisn bravely swims about, as pathetic a spectacle as "the man in the iron mask." Should it be so fortunate as to become completely liberated its capers in the water are as rapturous as the gambols of a lamb. It has aspirations which cannot be checked- Ceaslessly it wriggles upward and then sinks quietly down again, only to renew time after time the ascending movement. There is no monotony in its actions, for now it may be seen plunging forward by a series of Jerks in a horizontal direction, now it spins round in spiral fashion, and oniy when tired of these varied evolutions dftes it lie extended and inactive, swaying about in the eddying water. If our little whiting or haddock auooeeds in reaching the surface it wriggles around in endless circles or wanders aimlessly from one spot to another. No Ariadne make her advent to help this wandering new-born Theseus. But though the sea be wide it cannot stray far from all companionship; countless millions of newly hatched brothers are swimming on every side and the surface of the water often appears to be quite alive with them. The young of most of our food fishes enter upon life very much in thi j way. They are alL moreover, shaped after a similar manner, and apparently intended for a mode of existence that ia practically identical. All alike are very rudimentary creatures during their early days. Even the trained eye can, as a rule, detect no mouth the mouth, like the eyes of the young! tten, being closed for some time and te little fish feeds by slowly absorbing b stock of food-yolk. The brains, gil) liver and other organs, so necessary to the adult fish, are either unformed or in a very immature condition; even the backbone is not a true backbone at this time, but appears merely as an elastic rod, called the notochord, the primitive representative of the bony vertebral column. BUSINESS AND MORALE Tby Hit No Connection Xow, Bat Some Dm y They May Hare. It Is a very common thing for people to lament that they did not get rid of this or that property before its value depreciated- Of course, what they are really sorry for is that they could not have contrived to saddle their loss on some one else. It is a sign of the imperfection of contemporary benevolence that good people should have such feelings and should regard them as matters of course. They are humorously un christian, says Scribner. The utmost the average contemporary moralist en joins is that a man shall not "unload" upon his friends. He cannot so much as imagine a scruple about selling out cadescent stocks in open market. It will not be so when the millennium comeipperty will continue then, as now, to uuctuate in value, but the prospect of a depression will no longer strike the owner as a good reason for selling out. His superior moral sense will then, as now, be profitable to bis estate, sines property doesn't always depreciate as much as is expected, and often in the end it recovers more than it lost. But the great advantage from a business point of view of the perfect ed altruism will be emancipation of the altruist from panie and all its consequences, since the man who is more ready to accept his loss than to pass it on la not to be scared into a foolish sacrifice by the shadow of it beforehand. Ctillty of the Sand Blast. The use of the Band blast Is now found to be a very convenient and ef fective method of cleaning buildings. A pump which forces a blast of air at a pressure of four ounces to the square bach through a system of flexible pipes removes the unclean surface of stone readily. One square foot of stone can thus be cleaned in ten minutes and the rapidity of the process can be increased by the use of a higher pressure. This method has been found to possess many advantages over the use of acid for this purpose. Another, though an older, application of the sand blast ia for the whitening of the outside of incandescent lamp bulbs, and decorative effects are often Introduced by fastening letters or ornaments upon the outside, such decorations being especially applicable to hotels and such places, where it is desirable that each lamp shall bear the name of the establishment. ALMOST DROWNED. Hew aa Englishman Felt When He Thought It Wu All Over With Him. F. II . Grundy, an Englishman, who afterward had plenty of adventures at home and abroad, tells a Boston paper how near he came to missing tliem all. He was a small boy, and with his brother and another mate was playing upon the seashore. They were on a sandbank, and knew that the incoming tide would fill the lower levels behir i them before the bank itself would be covered- We knew, but heeded tot. Y7e heard distant shouts, but did not turn- Between the ever rising water and the dam of sand the battle waged. Something startled us we looked around Jol a great sea shut us off from the land! A crowd upon the farther side was shouting at us. My two sisters stood at the water's edge, fast becoming desperate. A mounted man, fax away, galloped furiously toward us over the sanda. My brother, with that presence of mind in danger which makes each Englishman a hero, started off at once by himaeli, and was soon far ahead. Tom Barte, ml teoiar tar .ttunajrewM. SrUi the brave, hot head of a Welsh gentle man, dashed after him. I. with the sight of these gallant actions before me, cried and followed. 1 saw my brother, the water to his waist, cross safely. Tom Eoyle jumped in with a run and disappeared; he had fallen, but was out again directly. I passed him meanwhile, and was in the water. How far it looked to safety! The water rose to my neck I swayed to and fro but that I had hcIJ on to my spade, I must have gone over. . Surely I am in the middle now I ean- not stand much longer or any deeper. I am lost! Iso! I see my jacket button. The horseman dashes up to me and stoops to lift me; I wave him on, say ing: "I am safe; go to Tom!" Another step or two and I am out. The horseman brought Tom Itoyle over, but it was a close thing. DIVERTED SUCCESSIONS. FenoiM AVho Han Unexpectedly Suc ceed t to Title in reat itrttaia. The unexpected succession of Prince George, of Wales, to his brother's place as heir presumptive recalls the fact that there are many heirs to British peer ages who started life without any such expectation, says the iew York Re corder, it is little more than a year ago since iscount Cantelupe's yacht ing accident made his younger brother, then in trade, heir to the earldom of Delawarr. The earl of Dalkeith, who will succeed to the enormous posses sions and revenues of the dukedom of Buccleuch, owes his position to a rifle accident in a Scottish deer forest. Not many years ago his elder brother, while deer-stalking in Lochiel's wilderness In Glen Arkaig, stumbled over his weapon. which went off, and be died as he lay on the hillside, with no one but a High land gillie to witness his last agony. That slip of the foot diverted the suc cession to territories as large as some English counties and to revenues that a kintr would envy. Even more remark able is the case of the earl of Aberdeen, who had two brothers older than him- Belf in direct succession to the broad acres around Haddo house. What happened to the first of that ill-fated couple will never be known. When last heard of he was serving as a sailor before the mast and since then he has disappeared. leaving no trace behind him. The second brother was accidentally shot at Cambridge. Lord Leigh, of Stoneleigh abbey, lost his eldest son, and his second son came into direct succession to the family honors. It was during a big hunting expedition in the Rocky moun tains that Hon. Gilbert Leigh, who was M. P. for South Warwickshire, fell over a precipice on the Big Horn mountains and was killed. The earl of Ranfurely also owes his title to an accident which befell his elder brother while shooting In Abyssinia. SHE WAS CONSIDERATE. Hew a Girl by Displaying Little Tact, Made Friend . The tact that is born of true kind heartedness is a thing for which its possessor may well be admired and Imitated, says Youth's Companion. "I like your friend Grace Hunt a great deal better than I do Ellen Mago,"said fourteen-year-old Tom to his sister Fanny at the tea table, one evening. "Why?" asked Fanny in some surprise. "I'm sure Ellen is a good deal brighter than Grace, and prettier, too!" ' She may be," assented Tom, doubtfully, "but I don't call her very polite. I told Grace that funny story father read us out of Sir. Black's letter to-day, and she laughed and said it was a splendid story, and that she should remember it and tell it to somebody else. Hut when I tried to tell it to Ellen Mayo, she interrupted me before I'd got half-way through, saying: 'Oh yes! I remember all about that, now; your sister told me a week ago; it's about that man who' and she went on and finished the story herself." "It wasn't polite, of course," admitted Fanny, "but I suppose she didn't think how it would make yon feel. And, Tom, the fact is, I told the story to Grace, too, at the same time Ellen heard it!" "I don't care anything about that," said Tom, decidedly, "except I like her aH the better for it. She didn't make me feel uncomfortable, and as if I was an old newspaper, as Ellen did- I say she's a lady I" "And I agree with you, my son," said his father, "and I'll venture to predict that she's a girl who'll make few enemies and many friends, as long as she lives." Canning? of the Seajrall. An example of the cunning, of the gulls was observed at Tacoma when several alighted on a bunch of logs that had been ha the water for a long time, with the submerged Bide thick with barnacles. One was a big, gray fellow, who seemed to be the captain. He walked to a particular log, stood on one side of it close to the water and then V . , iT .v came ana percneci vix iue oamo ui I of W. which, under their combined weitrht. rolled over several inches. The I . f trulls, step by step, kept the logrolling j untd the barnacles showed above the 1 water. The birds picked eagerly at this food, and the log was not abandoned until every barnacle had been picked. FOGS ARE HEALTHFUL. They Are Impregnated with Sulphur, Which Blake Them Antiseptic John Aitken's theory of fogs is gaining credence, says an exchange, and it is certainly one that has much to recommend it. There can be no question that it covers the ground better than any other. Mr. Aitken attributes the production of mists, fogs and rain to the presence of particles of solid matter in the atmosphere. Prof. Tyndall was the first to demonstrate how the atmosphere could be filtered and to show it in a comparatively pure state. Sir. Aitken is of opinion that water vapor clings to and condenses on these particles, either bringing them down as rain or remaining suspended with them as mist or fog. Chloride of sodium derived from the sea is the most extensive fog producer, but sulphur is the common base of town fogs, and be suggests that it is well that it should be so because the sulphur has an antiseptic effect on the stagnant abend saves us from worse evils than fog. This is good news to sufferers from an annoyance which, if the theory broached be true, cannot be got rid of. There is no special cause of uneasiness as to the sulphur fogs, and on tbe whole they are blessings in thick disguise. All the same, if we strained our smoke a little so as to get rid of the dirty carbon it would be more cleanly and altogether better for us. TVs K&ysler.e M'ne. Major A., binimons, superintendent of the Keystone mine, returned to Rapid City yesterday afternoon. He stated ta a Jodbkal reporter that the main tunnel on the 400-foot level had reached a depth of a trifle over 300 feet and a second tunnel farther op the hill had been poshed in about sixty feet. There were a number of cross-eats on the ledge varying from eight to fifty feet. Work ia being pushed night and day and at the present time a force of eighteen men are at work. Tbe majcr is very cautious in talking of tbe mine tn Mwinaner reDortera aa he has been there himself. Be is not as enthusi- astic over tbe ore extracted from tbe mine as some parties who have visited the property of late but stated that as quite a 'number of specimen experts have visited the dump and passed the:r juJemsnt on the richness of the mine, he did not c tro to make a con flictiog report as to the value of the property, as it might be tbe means of detracting from tbe amount of free ad vertising the property had received of late in eastern newspapers. Tbe ore extracted is iron pyrites conveying enough gold to pay handsome profits in treatment. Tho company has am pie ground and water for the construe tioa of works at the mine. Things of Beauty A weii. sept iawn is certainly a thing of beauty, and it is gratifying to note that there are several such lawns in Kapid City, feople here are pajing more attention to such things than ever before, and the residence streets of tbe citv are being made handsome and attractive hy the improvements on abutting lots and grounds. Neat fences too are the rule in Rapid City on resi dent lots, aud ach year marcs a general improvement over the year pre ceding. Bound Over. Tester lay Jchn G- Little and Colonel E. George were up before United States (Commissi ner O'Connor on the charge of stealing seventy-to bend of cattle on the Rosebud Indian reeerva tion. United Starts District Attorney W. B. S'.erling, assisted hv O. J. Buell of this city, conducted the prosecution and W. H. Weetover of Rushvi le, Nebraska, defended. After taking the testimony of seven witnesses the de fense waived further examination of the case and bonds ia ach case were placed at $2,000 for their appearance at the Dead wood term of the United States court in July. Attorney West- over will enoeavor to procure bonds men for the prisoners at Valentine, Nebraska. The First of May. This is tbe first of May a month that is always gladly welcomed. It is always considered tbe first reliable month of penial sunshine and pleasant showers - hi e from bciin winds and suow. YegeUtion ie backward this season but with a few days of warm 6uu.-hioe trees will optn their bright preen leaves. May first is a notable day in several respects. It is a day of moving am ing those who live in rented houses, but in this iustance the day falis ou Sunday and for that rea son this ceremony wid be celebrated to morrow by this class cf residents. Generations ago the advent of the month of May was celebrated by singing and dancing about a May po'e. The Balloon Ascension. The balloon ascension and parachute leap by Professor I.noiuis yesterday -afternoon between four and hve o'clock was a decided success. The ascent was the best ever made in tbe Hills aud on being cut loose the halloon rose rap idly, passed over the Flortuann Mock and traveled southwest. Tbe descent was made in the southwest part of the city limits and a more favorable spot could not have been chosen than where Professor LoomiB rea hed terra firnia. While in mid-air the professor per formed on the trsptze bar. ihe height attained by the balloon was tbe greatest ever reached in the Black liille country. . Boy Drowned. About eleven, o'clock Friday fore noon while the four year old child of J. M. Pinkerton was playing on the banks of Rapid creek near the saw mill sixteen miles west of Rapid City, it is supposed tnat he veuiured out on some drift lod s above the bridge and fell in and was dro,vned. The body was recovered about half an hour after wards. The child was buried yester day forenoon. The family have the sympathy of the community in it? be reavment. County Commissioners. Th9 board of county commissioners were in. session yesterday for the pur pose of conferring with the county assessor, lueDoara recommenas me following as the basis of valuation the present year. Colts nnder one year to be listed at eight dollars per head; horses one year old and under three, $15; horses three years old and over, $30; staiiions from $75 to $200, accord ing to breeaing; calves nnaer two. eifrht jollerF; cows two years and over, , n QtUer , f20 WOfk Q $20: bulls from $15 up: sheep two dol- .. 1rf Pf!r Assessor lummerqunv 1 J . fc. . - . T .4 : at. ana aepuiy oegnis worn, iuuuuajr m mt western part of the county and expects to co jipiete their labors by the hrst ol IJ n iy . Weather Summary, During most of the month the weather was abnormally cool and cloudy with precipitation of2 19 incbes in excess of the normal The condi tion of the ground is such as to justify the general expectation of another grain year. The total precipitation for the monta wi s 4 04 inches against 2.74 inches for April, 1891; and 1.55 in IS'JO. Average temperature, forty d.-grees. maximum eixty-einhi on fifteenth; minimum nineteeq on eighth. Total tnoverut-Di of wind 6,574 roii-r-; prevailing direction, westward; maximum velocity, fifty two EiilfB per hour on the twenty seventh. Nnmber of days clor.dy, twslvf-; p-.rtiy t-io-idy, twelve; cioudtcsF, t-i. Precipitation on siiver.- teen days During the month -..plica! and electrics! 'phencmena eush as parhelia, auroras, etc., wt-re nriusually frequent and brilliant, culminating in the grand display of the tv-eiity-fifth and twenty six-.h. That the aurora! light is electrical is shoB bv its efleci upon conductors such Kg telegraph wi.-es, by. its producing a e park when passing from one conductor to another; by developing h. a:? hv t,rndncicz "ehocks;" bv de- veiopiug magne'isir; by producing chemical decomposition, by producing fluorescence, et-j., bat the source from wh:ch tbe energy is derived is a matter A large number of people were in the city jesVerday doing their week's trading. There are more strangers In Rapid City at present than there has been for months. Ingram and McEachron, of Hill City, have pot in a stock of goods at the new town located near the Keystone mine. Judge Lake yesterday had two plain every day drunks before him and ae it was not the first or second offense in each case he assigned them rooms with Sheriff Wilson where they will receive their mail for tbe next thirty days. Grand Master 11. A. Piper went to Hot Springs last week where he or ganiied a lodge of Daughters of Re becca ot 1. U. O. t. tie staid over tbe anniversary celebration of the Odd fellow order, and delivered the ora tion. He returned Thursday morning Alining rews. Sculptor Riordan has finished th statute of an Indian maiden, which he has been at work on for some weeks It was devised by Mrs. Gaston for tbe laides exhibit at the world's fair, and no doubt will be a most novel and at tractive feature. The image is carved from red stone, is about life size, and is a neatly executed piece of work. Times. Sheriff Wilson leaves this evening for Sioux Fails with Albert R. Bower who was sentenced to one year in the penitentiary fir obtaining money on der false pretenses. There is some talk on the streets over the latest news concerning the big boU 1 project, but the news does not seem to inspire any great amount of faith in muny of our citizens. They say these numerous brilliant reports given regarding this project are getting to be chestnuts. They wonid all like to hear lees talk and see more business connected with this matter. Dead wood Independent. Dead wood papers complain c-f muddy streets as a result of recent rains. It. P. Lewis returned yesterday morning from a business trip to Hoi SDrinss. r. is. McCarthy is in mil Uity on baeinees, but will return from there to-morrow. evening s uepuuucsn ap peared with a new beaa, an improve ment on the old one. The county commissioners of Cue ter county allowed Sherifl Woods $250 for the execution of Lehman. Samuel r-cott and B. W. Tone, of New York, returned yesterday from trip through the tin district. Around the court house yesterday matters were very quiet. The otlicers were engaged in routine work. Major A. J. Simmons came down from the Keystone mine yesterday. tie will return to tbe mine to-morrow Allen Morrow came in from Mai veru, xowa, ana goes up to ins mine in Silver City district to see how work is progressing. The amount taken in by the Kind's Daughters at their entertainment was very gratifying to the promoters. The amount was over s xty-five dollars. Ducks have appeared along the creeks io considerable numbers of late. Grouse, too, are said to be quite no merous once more iu the lower valley. The board of county commissioners of Meade county are advertising for plans of a court bouse. The building is uesired to be of sandstone, three tories in height, and containing vaults and jail. Tbe plans will be received until May 20. 1 be Pioneer has beeu scoring the Deadwood authorities about the un wholesome character 01 the water sup ply. And now the same paper an nounces that "strangers visiting the city for the first time are warned that hey must chew the water thoroughly before swallowing it."- Spearfish Bulletin. William Busbnell ha been com- tnif'Sioned etate statistical agent for bouth Dakota by the department of agriculture and William Norrington orretpoudent for Pennington county. A terrible etjrm is reported to have taken place in Manitoba. It was the worst blizzard known for years and fears are felt for the safety of vessels off Lake Superior. Si no Si no will have one less occupant after to-day. Ferdinand Ward takes leave of prison life, bis time having Deen considerably shorlenei on account of good behavior. Card of Thanks. To all kind friends, both in Rapid City and Silver City, who by their kindness, attention and sympathy during our recent affliction made the - burden less heavy to bear, we desire to return our sincere thanks. Mrs. Euxicc Clark, Gkorqb Lange, Ovre Lange. All women who are overworked, "rundown," or debilitated, need Juat one medicine end that is Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. It's a broad statement, but facts bear it out. These are tbe facta: If you'ra a weak and delicate woman, then the "Favorite Prescription " builds you up; if you suffer from any of tbe painful disorders and derangements peculiar to your sex, it relieves and curea. It invigorates the system, improves digestion, enriches the blood, disiiels aches and pains, brings refreshing sleep, and restore health and strength. All the chronic weaknesses, irregularities, and disturbances known as "female complaints " are completely and permanently cured by it These are act, and they're strong enough to warrant the makers in guaranteeing their remedy. If it fails to benefit or cure, you have your money back. No other medicine for women is sold on such terms. That proves that nothing else can be " just as good," Saws) j wiHi jret? If Ua4 tvUlttraBl (promiM fom my itentkm. I mn- drtk Bria4w Mstck saf feirly writ. a4 h Saftav faMrvetioa. kftooalT. fcow te Umrm TbrM Taua will week te- hauta Hollar m Itni ta tbmU br b... I Ml UM ek dinutct ar ;Mmtf. I aaaai- prwridM wnfa ira. pkoyaMBt a lanr auisrmrTlnwlMullMUntlf.Ka. an -. Full particular, AftT jo kaow all. U f am aoacisoa io ro bc nmaer. war, bo aarm w ia.. SC. C ALLS, Sox US, AafMta, PENSIONS. T I DISABILITY BILL IS A. LAW- Soloiers Disabled Since tbe War are Hntitled reTwndent widows ana norenta now dependent whose son died from effect of army ervlcea'l included, u yon wun your claim peeaxiy ana accessfull; prosecuted. Addreas. JAMES TANNER, Lata Commiaadoaar of Pewaaoam, Waashlngton. Da C 1 . i --V-r-K lit i.Tiii jji 1 1 1 n 1 z U , lfH l.miir vi I I I V . J W ft r-Mlr ! THE BLACK HILL 6 v ir v v v vr V u LTJ RER K R KKK K R K K rp.a F IR F KER KRR K R KRR K R K K r r Y T TT V -.'!! N J J N HR M KM ssss (Established la 1SS3. Located on Box Elder Valley five miles from Rapid City, offers to the people of the Black H 1 1 Acclimated Fruit, Shade, and Ornamental Trees. SHR UBS .'.AND .-. VINES. At prices much lower than are oflered by tor 1KB nunenea, vj dealing un THE BLACK HILLS NURSERY Ton receive the benefit of year of experience in growing nursery sum- id tau climate, and tho have- Assurances - of - Succesf In attempting to rrow fruit or ornament' trees or shrubbery. Orders and correspondence solicited. CHRIS THOMSON. Proprietors of the Black Bills K artery PViatoM aAiiiwaa. WaitlA Htw Notice Tor I'nbllcalion. Lad Office at Rirm Citv, 1 February H, 1:Z. J Notice U hereby elren tnat the foHowirur- named settler has filed notice of hit itiw-nuon to make final proof in eopport of hi claim, and tn at aia proof win be made before tne rcsivu-r and receiver at Rapid City, S. D., on April 7, 1n4. Tic ADD THOMPSON, Homestead entry S' for the ti or near re or t w qr and lots and . eoc lvt. tp I ti. r 1 e B H at . Ha same tbe following a im ! to iinrt bU wrili n no u a reiderjce upon and cultivation of said land. Tir: 'harlc Wheeler. Janice David. Christopher Hooker, W illiam Aidrich, All of Kapid City, r. I. J. f. I.lE. RrglS'.er. HARPER'S BAZAR. IXLCSTRATED. Habpfr BacB i a journal for the home. It civet the latest information with rerard lo the Fashions, and lis numerotia iiltmratiotia. Pari dei jrti aud pattern ah .-c-t uppiemeuta are like tudicpeiiaable to the borne areas-mater ut tbe professional mo.iiKte, No expense la spared to make iu artistic atiraetiveneKB ot lite highest order. Its tright stories, amtisina; comedies and thoueiitful e.svs satinfr all IhsU s. aud its last paee ia famous as a budiret of wit and humor. Iu its weekly issue eer y-titie; is included which is of interest to vniuro The serials forl-2 will be a ruun t.y Walter Besaot and William Black. M r. Uliphant will tteeome a contributor. Marion HaJlaud's Tttnrlr Talks, 'Day Id and lsy Out." are intended for matrons and Helen Marshall Xoilu will specially address frirls. T. W. lilpKinson, ia women sua Men. 1U t lease a cultivated audiaace. HARPER'S PERIODICALS. Per Year: HARPER'S BAZAR HARI KK'S MAGAZINE ft 00 00 00 HARPER'S WFKKLV HARFKK'H VOl'N PKOt'I K 9 OO l'ostaee Free to all subscribers in the Cultcd States, Canada, or Meiiuo. The Volume of the BsXaRberin with the first . Number tor J anuary of h year When no time is mentioned, subscriptions will beitin with the ftumoer current at time of receipt of order. jtoiina v oiiune ol Ha arm s Hats a, for three years back, in neat cloth binding, will be sent Ly mail postare raid, r by ei ureas, free of expense (providing the freight does tioteseeed one dollar per volume!, for tl oil per volume. cioitt leases ror eacn volume, suitable for ceiptof il 00 each. V. 1 r, . . o- will Ka a ri. . ... ; 1 .4 . ... . Remittences should be made r rost-Ofuoa Money Orderor Draft, to avoid chances of loss. Newspapers are not to copt this advertise ment without the express order of Hsamadt Brother. Address HARPER A BROTHERS. New York 1892. HARPER'S MAGAZINE. ILLUSTRATED. The Magazine will celebrat the fourth Cea- tenary of the Discovery of A merlca by its r e- dlscovery. through exiiosition tha has hith erto been made of the Recent Unprecedented leveloinnent of our nntry. and especially In the Great West. Particular attention will also be given to dramatic episodesof American Misiory. 1 he ield of tbe next Fnrrjpean W ar will t described in a Series of Papers on the Dannbcr From the Black Forrest to the Black ta." by Poultney Bigelow and F. D. Millet, illiittraicd by Mr. Millet and Alfred Parsons. Articles also will be given on the German. Austrian, and Italian armies, illustrated by T. d. Thnlslrui Mr. W. D. Howells will contribute a new novel A World oft hanee " cbaraclerit.tical v Amer ican. Especial prominence will I e given to f-hort Stories, which will be contributed by T. B. Aidrich. R. H. Davis A.Conan Doyle, Margaret Deiand, Miss Woolsun, and other popular writer. Among the literary fratnre will be rersonal RcniiiiisencesofNalhai.ini bis college clasa-mate and life-long friend. Horatio Bridge, and a personal memoir of Ihe brownings, by Anne 1 hackery Ritchie. HARPER'S PERIODICALS. Per Yean HARPER'S MAGAZINE U GO HARPER'S WEEKLY 4 on HARPER'S BAZA K 4 00 HARPER il YOUNG PEOPLE 2 00 Postage Free to all subscriber in the United State, tynada, or Mexico. The oiumes of tbe MAOariNs begin with th Numbers for Jnne and December of each year. When no time is speefied. subscription will begin with the Number current at lime of receipt of order. Bound Volume of Hum Maoaxike for three years back. In neat cloth bindins-. will be sent by mail, post-paid, on receipt of 13.00 per volume. Cloth Cases, for binding, 50 cents each by mail, post-paid. Remittance should be made by Post-office Money Orderor Draft, to avoid chance of loss. Kewcpaper are not to copy this .:. r.i-e- meni wnnotit tne ex t the expres order ol Harper A AEFIRA BKOTMii.Kil.New York. Address H E. E. BUR LIN GAME'S ASSAY OFFICE' CHEMICAL o LABORATORY F.t.Ml.hfd In fnlorado. lfi. Pamnln bv mall or express will receive prompt and cnreful atteuiloa. old A Sill er Bullion ":Zrf; IV V. AUtmi, 173E k 1733 Lsvre&et CL, Stsvtr, C-X 2 HARPER'S WEEKLY. ILLUSTRATED. Harper' Winn for the coming year will contain more attractive features, more and ner illustration, and a greater number of ar- clesof live, intense interest than will be fonnd in any other periodical. Among these latter will be a series of article on tbe twenty-five reatest cities of the world, including five bun-red illustrations. The Columbian Exposi tion, the Army and Navy, great public events. isaster on land and sea. and the doinrc of tbe celebrated people of the day will he Illustrated and uescrlDea in an attractive ana timely manner. The department of Amateur report will continue tinder tbe direction of Caspar W. Whitney. Tae best of modern writers wiil contribute short stories, and tbe most disttn-guished artists will make the illustration. The editorial articles of Mr. George William Ctirti will remain as an especial attraction. HARPER'S PERIODICALS Per Yean HARPER'S WEEKLY J4 00 HARPER'S MAGAZINE..... 4 00 HARPER'S BAZAR. 4 00 HARPER'S YOUNG PEOPLE 2 00 Postage Free to all subscriber In the United State, Canada, or Mexico. The Volume of the Vimr begin with the rat Number for January of each vear. When no time i mentioned, ubscriptiona will begin with the Number current at tune of receipt of order. Bound Volumes of Hi Erxm's Weekly. for three year back. In neat cloth binding, will be sent bv maiL totare raid, or by express, free of expense (provided the freight doe not exceed one dollar per volume), for $7 00 per volume. Jiotn case tor aacn volume, suiiaoie ror binding, will be sent by maiL postpaid, on re ceipt of 11 00 each. Remittance anonia ie maae 17 ruivuiuwi Money Order or Draft, to avoid chance or loss. Newsnaners are not to copy tan aaveruse- ment without the expres order of Jlaarca Y Bkotbeb. Addres HARPES & BROTHERS. New York TYLER DANK COUNTERS. IUOSTRaTED il COLORS; a perfect Work of Art; SO Pages; Bow ready. Books free, postage tsc. alas lSlap. oalalassar 1 at Trar avaa, Trs-wmav raalia aaaS taaaa, arv MM rm. l-artasr TtnilatlCT, aVT. LOUIS. U.S.A. 7C 00 TA OA 00 A MOITH can b $IJ,- 1 J O made working for na Agent preferred who can furnish a horse an give their whole time to the bnstnesa.- f pare, moment may be profitably employed also, a few vacancies In towns and cities. B. P. JOHN-BON A. CO.. 1009 Main Bl. Richmond. Va. N. B. Please state age and business ezperl- Never mind about aencung stamp tog UT

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