The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 27, 1948
Page 5
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THURSDAY, MAY 27, 1948 'States Rightists' ToPlanCampaign Memphis Selected -, As Site of Meeting f Sometime in June LITTLE ROCK, Art. Mav 27 mp)-Rebellious "stat,, .^^ 01 he Democratic Party's Soul hem faction yesterday selected Memphis I a the stte for the organization's fhst campaign committee nicotine Gov. Ben Laney, chairman of the group, said the session would be! held sometime in early June and' that the date would be definitely' set after membership of the commute* had been completed. , A resolution passed at I he Jackson, Miss., convention of the movement several weeks ago provided thai a committee should be appointed to direct i fight against President Truman and his civil rights program. The resolution authorized state' Democratic centrnl Committees to name two-member state committees, and Laney was given the authority to appoint, them when the Slate Central committees declined to act. Five State, Nam, Members _^ Five states, Laney said today. ^,av e named their own states rights committee members and another^ Experts Illustrate Tricks With Flowers 1'Otals rest in * »„„]] M ,,,. w „, ! under > p*M «nd curl melt r*(al wAter overnight In the Icebox. back jtntly over the torc-ringe}. io>es from Smith, FACE lfHCB Salvage lull-blown premature dlsouri. says , „ by nipping o(f the stems »t the base of ihp blnom and floating the blossoms In a shallow bowl of w»ter, T/Rhtly closed tulip buds should be opened loi decorative purposes —an arrangement lh«t mixes buds and open flowers Is juotllcr, s»y s the stylist, thnn an all-bud bouqurl. To open the bud, put your thumb Or. W. F. BREWER DKNTIST OFFICE 209 l l W. MAIN BT PHONE 2112 Blylheville, Ark. Curving the stems of ealla lilies nukes for > morr Xrarcl'iil arrangement, say HUM IT rxprrl* «h« styled (lie one left above, drill ly rubbm* stem with one's huiid produces the ari'h. Silver «rd- iti By NF.A Service NEW YOHK—iNEAI-A; • ..-•••—•.. i> Hint 'illume* | oiit,-o( - liie-oi'duiiiry i ricks has requested Ihat Laney perform • your garden-plucked flowers and Aiih," -n i. ' ."f" " ""'""""Place arrangement Alaaama will be represented by! into an impressive display. O. Emmerich'. McComb- and South I )J' ho Demonstrated what, they could Carolina bv Robert M Five ! ~, R "" '"'ernmional Flov,'»r Charleston, and w. P BasWn BI-i , ': Ex l lert -stylist, Irnw Smith shnpville. • ' explains how easy it is for you to Baskln l.i chairman of the Demo- i 8 . l ' ad> ' ale Irol " amateur to profc.s- cratic Executive Committee in j s '°" al wlth a few sil "Ple tricks. Uinj aimlvnsary di'rnnillim. rljhl. Is m.nlr <if liirrli Iwics hung with silver hi-lls ami canU-nias iviml in place. •» lie base, which k s ( '( In a silvvr teller rnvrrrii bowl, li tanked with Hcnvers.' „„ ......... ^ South Carolina. "" j Take, first, those Both Texas and Florida also have ! 'lowers— gladioli and calla lilies stiff-spined a es- named committee members. Laney I tt 'hich usually resist a woman's best said, but the names have not been j efforts to "arrange." These, says forwarded to him. West- Virginia i Miss asked Laney Monday to appoint j straight, Smith, needn't pokers stand as tall , vases. the states rights committee mem- They can be pvit in low bowfs: can ber.s of that state. be firmly anchored to pin type The Arkansas governor said he flower holders. ' had received'no answer from Dem-) To arch stems and make flowers ocratic leaders in North Carolina.; sway out gracefully from a low •- -• • «v-.«.->mii ui^umi Georgia. Tennessee and Louisiana.! bowl, rub the stalk gently. Allow I created by flower experts for The chief objective or the e«m-I the warmth and pull of your hand ' silver -----"• .ign committee, Laney sain, will; to soften up the juicy stem where another to establish an educat.innai nm- 1 you want if to bend. To keep these "centerpiece" beauties from obstructing the view of Kuests, cut lengths. Moreover, dinner stems In graduated know-how. Using Imvti UvJcs spraycil white and plai-i-il In nn ordinary dilnji Ijoiv). covered with silver paper, (lecornti- with silver belli and while Rnrdcnlas. Attach (op - heavy blossoms I by wlrini! to the iv, IRS at varying like these and others'lhat von stii'k i' K> ' e ' lls ' vl "lcls nnd more Kardoniai i., r> ,,_,., ...-.•• I may he banked ai the bane to hide the Mower holder. in flower holders won't topple over to bruise their heads and spill water ou furniture if you'll use a sinhiiiv,- IIIK trick which florists use. That's <a daub soft modeling clay over (he, As Miss Smith point* out. this arrangement could be duplicated us— ~ „ ...... u .,i .uuiinp other kinds of white flowers base and around (he edge of the j carnations, for example. Flowers flower holder, letting it serve as | cn " l»'er be unwiied and presented "stickum" that temporarily seals to 1|1B guests as eorxages she sug- gcsts. flower holder to the flattest plnte or shallowest bowl. Here's another trick explained by i » .»• «• JI-HKHU-II LUC me (> i Miss Smith for keeping heavy or [ cut flowers. An orchid bought for bulky flowers in their arrane\ll. a special occasion cnn he preserv»d place. Crumple up large-meshed \ for a second or third wearing, "if Mnrc lips irorn Miss Smith SU ways to lengthen the lile chicken wire, push it Into the vase and thread the posy stems through A special occasion decoration paign he to establish an educational'pro-j gram dealing with Mr. Truman's I ,, . ,, ., civil program, Marshall May. Refuse 'Red-Tinged' Award NEW YORK. May 27. (U.P.I—The New York World-Telegram said yesterday that Secretary of Stale George c. Marshall has refused the annual award of The .Churchman, unofficial Episcopal magazine wedding lesson inntver In professional 5» • Expenditures in Florida Speech JACKSONVILLE, Fla., M)»y 27. Prayer for Peace On Memorial Day Asked by Truman WASHINGTON, May 27. (UP1 — . _, ,..., n,,,^,,,,... President Truman, acting at the The World-Telegram identified' request of Congress, win proclaim the Rev. Guy Emery Shipler, editor lllis Decoration Day as « day of of the magazine, as a "communist nation-wide "prayers for permanent America's peace." conflicts A keynote prayer will be read during the annual meniorla you'll Inke the ribbon off. turn 'the blossom- upside i' nnd let the Remember Kotbrock's for PRESCRIPTIONS PHONE 4451 Galewood Grocery ip, , • > • State Line GAS GAS R*g., Ethyl, Gal. Phon. 975 20k 22k Whiskies Segram "7" Calvert Bonds Cagarets . . . l-2Pt. . 1.35 . 1.35 2.25 Pt. 5th 2.65 4.15 2.65 4.15 4.35 6.90 Ctn.—1.55 front backer and critic of it . Union." anoonsumi aB t (UP)—Sen. John L Mcglellan, D.[ . foreign policy where Ark. predicted yesterday that if with that of the Sovie ciaUMWatton™ 111 '*, P"? 1 *? 56 -" 1 "*?>' The " CWS acco »"*- »' a s written foreign aid hilK ?t «m "l ? T 5 >' Fierictil;k Woltman. staff writer Ion National Cemetery. Veterans' ivnt-ign aiu oius u. will lead to a who won a Pulitz* " — He added tnre would be an an- ! man siid Secretary "", a , n C |,' Cit ° r $20 ' 000 -0°O.MO. 'neither nltend lhe'i,,,,v,,-,,,,., „„„, »diff.r.t, ? nt ^. thal Con S ress '• annual dinner at the Waldorf-Aa- differentiate between proposed ex- . toria next Wednesdav nor accept Penditures that may be desirable, i the nward in absentia' and those in the class of absolute 1 The award was given last ycnr to sary for world security and protection of democracy. He disapproved of Mr. Truman's proposed legislation such as that for a National Health Program, expansion of social security and for a wide national housing program. He said they jrould be too costly. • t j Gen. Dwight D. BSsenhower, then lor ex- groups arc sponsoring the service. . Wok- Mr. Truman will lay the tracii- I would tional wrenth at Die tomb of the ninth unknown soldier. He will follow this with a brief country-wide broadcast, "We turn to thee, O God. to that in thy good lime peace be restored to all nations of men. iGets 78 Months Sentence ; races may be of thy will." 1 LITTLE ROCK, Ark., May (U.P.I—Federal Judge Harry Lemley yesterday sentenced 27. ' at while he was in jail his mother to waive indictment and . -itRke my punishment so I - I 1 ____ ,..;,,.,_ Mrn Piilr, «• — y""J- i^miey yesterday sentenced 42- ""^ "?, i'""""""eiH so i coma be Mcciellan wa s principal speaker year-old William Fletcher Chancy I k vnth her as socm ns Possible." a point, meetlllff Of thft AfLSiv*.ia(- - tm-mn* i ~. — l.^ >.__.._ . . • _'T ChailPV l.^ immnrrinH ^nrl 1,^» Southern Cypress Commissioner i'- i former Lonoke postmaster, to bexzleoient. Chaney pleaded guilty lo taking S5.218 and covering the shortage by making out false memoranda show- is unmarried and mother. »•»•__.. ^-..i-..^....^...^ ...^ 'TUt ff\f rtt^rC' ' I fit I O T SHOP 5 ing that the funds had been paid ' out for money orders. Chancy no statement in his I own defense. He did say, however,)' I NOW! «in l that ^flrm GUnrnor* ' or. blended with choicasl B'a.n ne ulra | ,p] ril! bu , - lmlfn<i of bei-B bottled Immedialely, | to matte i| sn, 0 olh«r t^..r_, Blondpd •I ^ ^^ J» I. hi kf i KC J "*> I'mui. iri^.sir^li; | {FOR ALL BABY NEEDS!, '""4"' 1 '?" ! ««'"""'•",,';,V;, r i\ !,! 110 S. Second Phone 2308 ! fi&f/'fl 1 /Mtf/ff/'/fo/j j! Closed Wednesday after- I ;$$"•«"•••."„...,.„., I ! noon I Unit Hock ..Uk;»i^5 I at FOUNTAINS; Every where! ' Harold Evaru, Philadelphia attorney and Quaker, has been desi-nat- ed Ijy the United Nations as Municipal Commissioner for Jciiisalcm His selection for the difficult ta« i* approved by both Arabs and Jews (NBA Tclcphoto). KEYS MADE For Anything LOCKS OPENED • and REPAIRED i For Service Calf or Come to i ! Bill Godwin's j | SPORTING GOODS i J Glcncoe fildg. [>hone .(.'!52 ', FOWLSTON SCHOOL OF MUSIC Offers SPECIAL SUMMER CLASSES In ICE-COLD WHOLE or SLICED Blytheville Curb Market 130 E. Main Phone 1 97i PIANO - ORGAN - VOICE Airs. Diillon C. 1-Wl.slon. H.A. am) .M S Al Oalton C. Kowlslon, M.S.M. Certificate Special I'rice for the 12-\Veek Term Is Offered Km- Information Call VII.YTHEVIU.K 2049 HERE'S SAFE STORAGE • For Furs • For Woolens • ' ^A\}\ f] \u- Nu-Wa Laundry 220 North Second Street Phone 4474-4475 STEEL BUILDINGS ADAPTABLE To Many Industrial, Commercial and Farm Uses TRUSS-CLEAR ... NO WASTED SPACE BUTLER^ BUILT A r,.Jv<J ./ lUIHt MFO. COMPANY » Low Cott p<f >q. n, • Coil liu to buy indmiiii. tun. k Convmitiit Si:e« — 40' *iJlh. Innlh in mulliplii ol 20'. Also »• md 20' wJlhi, le/igthj mmullipfei ol 12'. > Skonj Imsslesi conslnj(. lion, lull ui!ibl« ipici. • fucltd in diyi inslnd (H C. A. TANT CONST. CO. Authorized Dealer for Butler Steel Buildings General Contracting 896 Blyth.ville, Ark. Clinic 514 ivUln. Bljlherllle, Ark., rhoiw ZJJI STUDEBAKER ... Originated the "New Look" in Motor Can! • First In Style! • First In Vision! • First by far with a Post War Car! Guarpntwd Used Cars and Truckt See Chamblin Sale* Co. tor Complete S*rvim/ CHAMBLIN SALES CO. • . . Fr '" ndl Y S«"«/«bafc«r Dealer" R.R. & A.h Sft. p nont REFRESHING REDUCING ' INVIGORATING rse of 1() for $20. '' Violetta Morgan IHspltty mi (I Storiige .(.'uses Bench-In RefrlReralors Krecwrs • Self Service Display Cases • Bev«r»g« Coolers « iHitrket Cooler* Williams Refrigeration Co. J.illv SI. )tl.v(lieville, Ark. f** mi *t*cv*y sw/cf tutm Still & Young Motor Co. Linceln-Mtrcury Dealer Phone S47« Blytheville Ark. ill WDnot M. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 FOR SALE Get our prices nn fesfeil 12 inch to <)8 in^h concrete culverts. Also concrete ''uildtnjr, lilot'ks. CALL ON US DIAL 691 We Deliver and Sell for Less Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Phone 6!)1 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best I'rtces Kirby Drug StoreS Concrete Tile Sewer Til* Sli.ri 4. 6 and It Inch Culvert Tile tnit ^« Inch A. H. WEBB Bwj. fil »t Slate l,in« rhon» BlTlhevllle 7H .OUICH If you're hurrying—wo cnn rubnilr) your sliuc.s in short- time possible by RBAI. workmanship. Of close prices, best material. H-R LT€RS QUALITY SHOC SHOT 111 W M Q I N ST. J.ooa) & Long Distanct Hauling Moving a Specialty Anytime — Anyvvhere Any Place Buck Meharg 40? E. Main St. Phiines: Dav 918 Night 2986 Ogden Soy Beans ^'= pound bags. Cleaned and 90TS germination J4.50 bushel. Highway 61. 5'i miies North of Stcelc. Mo. Phone 9P12. J. R. Whistle GARDEN SEEDS COMPLETE STOCK BULK OR PACKAGE FRESH PLANTS DAILY BLYTHEYILLE CURB MARKET 130 EAST MAIN ST. Sec Us First EAST END AUTO SALES fW4 VALUES For That Car 50,'! K. Main Phone 1191 "Neuritis Has Kept Me In Torturing Pain" The letter says . . "Seems like the pain Just iront let go." For more than SO years doctors h.ii'e prescribed this natural mineral water that tends to neutralize pain-causing acids. Plfone or writ* t*J«y for free booklet. CROSSTOWN .WHISKEY SHOP Main ind Di-rMm Blytheville, Ark.

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