The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1948 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 27, 1948
Page 4
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TUX BLTTOEVILISt COURIER NEWS oo, • i «*' BMlMTlti*. Ark* , Oettv t, 1*1 1*11. a*n«d by Uu Onttad Fn«* •UB8CRTFTION RATM: r in tb* ctty ot BlTtBerlll* or up •Hburbau town where carrier ferric* to maintained. Ite per week, or Me per month. By mall, wtthla a radlui of SO milej. §4.00 per y*ar. 12.00 (or six month*, 11.00 (or tore* month*; by tnall outside 50 mile «ow, tlOjOO per rev payable to advance. / _ Meditation Who bath divided a watercourse for the eTer- fiMrinf ot water*, or a way (or the Hchtnlnc ol Uiuulcr. .. -Job »:25. A voice is In the wind I do not know; A meaning on the face of the high him Wriose utterance I cannot comprehend, A something U behind them: that Is Cod. Barbs A New York man holds 1000 patents—but we'll bet ictne of his faucet* leak. • • • Jhtrninr eaadle* at both ends l> no way to the outlook brlihter. Eectlon will brine on the usual number of "I" ipwiausta. • • • Ait eaiUrn woman U gohij to marry a man wiM broke her noee In an argument. Just give her Mm*—(hell get men] • • • Th* nation's hens lay approximately 1000 eggs per »econd, coming in seoond to radio comedians. Solons Fight 'Commies'; Let Foreign Fires Rage % CHairman Leo Allen of the Housa Rules Committee, who has kept the, military training bil] on ice for nearly ten months, isn't going to be hurried on a draft bill either. "It doesn't ' matter •whether the bill gets out this week or n«jrt," said tht man who decides what bills shall come before the House, and when. "We want to hear all th« witness- M." Thi eommitt«« usually finishes Jti hearing* in one lilting. But Chairman Allen doesn't like either UMT qr the draft, and makes no bones about it. So debate on 'the draft bill may not start before Congregg adjounu for the political conventions. An for UMT, ,jt may never get out of committee. But Chairman Allen put no hurdles in the way of the Mundt-Nixon Bill to expose and control communism in America. That one was rushed through the House at head-long speed, with no modi- tying amendments and, as important legislation goes, precious little debate. Now these three bills were inspired by th« same basic situation— the threat nsMch communism offers this nation's Mfety.- But the House, and its Rules Committee in particular, has taken them up m an order which betrays a dangerous near-sightedness. The Mundt-Nixon bill is excellent in intent. But it deals with a tricky subject made up of intangibles as well as tangibles. As it stands, there is a question of whether it could be interpreted to penalize thought as we u aa action And if merely sympathy for communism were to be declared illega], then we should indeed be embarking on a dangerous course. This piece o f legislation deserves calm, thorough, thoughtful debate. Instead it was considered in speed and anger. The two American Labor Party members, who are definitely helped » flamedrh flamed the ^ rs of nember , and laild ^'e to hate ramsm » it is practicef] ° " at * .Soviets ar,d their agents. But there 5, <*use for uneasiness w hen hatr«i t close at ' Soviet *w«rnment had not gobbled up it« n«lghbor§ and w«i now crouching: hungrily »t th« threshold of fr«« Europ*. Th« men** of «ommunla m in Amtr- ic* ennnot b« dismisMd u nonexistent. But it it not w important, while a mighty Red mrmy confront* an almost defen»el«M Europe, ». th« necessity of building up our military strength to a minimum of pcaceti emsafety. And that •trensrth will not be achieved simply by voting: funds for more airplanes and carriers. More equipmeht requires more trained men, and we don't have them in uniform today. But Chairman Allen (Joes not like the idea of using men as well as machines for national defense. So military training and military service are sidetracked while the Mundt-Nixon Express goes roaring by. (ARK.) COURIER NEW* A Forgotten Suggestion ' The Ford Motor Co. asked its workers to take a pay cut, and the workers' union countered with an offer to withdraw its wage demands if Ford would take the lead in.a national rollback of prices. All of which reminds us of the sensible and' apparently forgotten suggestion of AFL President Green, a few months ago, that labor give more work for more pay. Production still seems the best anti- inflation weapon, short of controls. A 44-hour work week would cause no hardship comparable to the hardships of continuing; high living costs. But Mr. Green seems to be a voice that cried once in the wilderness and, getting no response, has kept silent since. Road Tour for the Balcony Scene President Truman would like to see every American embassy in the world housed in a replica of the White House. That back-porch controversy gives promise of assuming global proportions. VIEWS OF OTHERS The Law and Mr. Lewis The »lart of negotiations for a new contract has given John L. Lewl§ «n opportunity lo resort to familiar maneuvers. H« walked out frorri the conference room on Wednesday with rumblings and gesture* which have pretty much lost the dramatic effect. Mr. Lewl«' complaint aealn.t th* aperators that they are not entitled to ie»t th* prejldent of the Southern Producer* Aisoclatlon, h based at best upon a narrow technicality, and would seem to be in clear contradiction of the Taft-Hartley Law. This makes it an unfair labor practice for a union to restrain or coerce an employer In the choice of representatives for collective bargaining. The miner*' contract expire* June 30. There i* still time, ai Mr. Lewi* hu insisted, to undertake constructive negotiations and arrive at acceptable terms. But at present the conference Is at a halt. According to Utr. Lewis, it will not be resumed while Joseph B. Moody participate, as 'head of the Southern Producers Association; to exclude Mr. Moody would be to acknowledge the power of the miners' chief to dldale who shall bargain for the operators. Escape from the deadlock may conceivably come through etlorls of the Federal Mediation and Conciliate Board. Beyond that lies a court order compelling the union to deal with all operator groups that wish to bargain. One Injunction is already In effect against a mine strike; another would certainly be invoked if the June 30 deadline being pawed, tl;e miners should refuse to work without a contract. If there i* an explanation for Mr. Lewis' conduct, apart from his usual thirst for domination, it would seem U) be a desire to call forth such a tangle of court orders as to confuse the public and perhaps discredit the laws. ii this ia his aim he can be sure of defeat. The public, which it anxious to see fair play and ready (o p*y the price of reasonable concessions to Ihe miners, Is not ready to endure a flagrant abuse of power It will stand back of every necessary move under-' take,, by the Government, and will make sure that Mr. Lewis, ilk, every other citizen, Is subject to the laws of the land NEW YORK HERALD-TRIBUNE. SO THEY SAY in «n election year—and especially with the Democrats in such desperate straits-one can ex- Pect just about anything from the panicky Democratic high command.—Sen. Styles Bridges (R) of New Hampshire. • • » The U. S. haa developed a weapon more potent than the atomic bomb ... it is the "radioactive, cloud." I'm in favor of using this cloud before becoming a slave to another nation.—Glenn L. Martin, aircraft builder. » • » When the merch»nts of America must all talk like government lawyers, life will be most complicated. Advertisements will look like The Federal Register and will be read about as frequently- Lowell Mason. feder»l trad. co'mmlMioner. Not a.Very Nice'Way to Welcome a Newcomer THURSDAY, MAY 27, 1941 Russians Pursue Obstruction and Propaganda In Sharp Contrast to U.S. Co-operation Pleas Br Peter Kdson . iemn or NEA Washington Correspondent arid thi WASHINGTON, <NEA>—The list mission of acts bv which .h, united statcs lo UlvesUg . Ue gn( j u . y with SovierRus"si;"ls l0 as CD "lon egra ' e "^ '° th ° Se tr ° Ub ' ed Commission for Korea '«s^^s^is-a- ha<? -™ ur — regard to stead promoting peace In Greece they have no desire to certed moves' '• ,' 5 even longer. i revolution ac isians continually use the United Nations to further their propaganda, instead of trying to promote the UN alms of achieving world peace »nd security. 8nd Bul «"'«- While the ° fflcials w!th the Balkan countries these officials were completely bypassed. sord lS? against Iran China ' While areat 3ting of E»stern I and Korea have » recovery of : treaties with Italy ant toreign °Min. . a area monanrt i The soviet has used the veto 23 redlctfon^marrfenls 1 ?, . 8 " limes in the Security Council. Ele- l c ?o ^ recwd ihe^ofv 'of th. Ttfe ven : of tho«* vetoes have been used ' Comml.«ion on conventional A™ " " " an« h. H • unr i SC ' 15ter Molotov »™J his deputies 1 8 " t'? nfr ° Ut the "Watfons, then M W "«"«"<>" for ' seven mn m mote vetoes nave been used to block admission of new members. Six vetoes h»ve been used to block UN action aimed to stop th* civil war In Greece. Four vetoes have . on onventonal A amcnt.s has been ai "a "t R nd,tll1 "or i ' Iliese « e s T e of th * two years, due to Russian obstruction After ......^ ... .. aul .,^ , Jt Llic ll!}£[LllgnEA of Russian actions, in response to friendly gestures extended by the United States. They began with the furnishing of military and technological information which was not reciprocated by the Russian. Bill Giving Home Rule to District Ci Columbia Again Sidestepped THf DOCTOK SAYS There is no one precription which will Invariably bring relief for all backaches. This is because there are many possible causes of *. backache. Arthritis, various anemias, and conditions within the abdomen rather that the back itself, may be responsible. A backache Is also a common symptom of some of the acute -fevers, particularly smallpox. It is common during pregnancy and frequently results from poor posture. Bone disease, luch tuberculosis or tumors of the bone, produce backache. Fractures In or near the backbone are sometimes By Harman W. Nichol* Pre«* Staff Correapoiuient WASHINGTON, May Z7. —(UP) —Congressmen art mighty busy fellows, they say. Too busy, according to some of them, to sit down and give )a-« tm . the District of Columbia. Thing* like Ihe District needing ne-.v manhole covers or street lamps or uniforms for garbage collectors. The hair-graying Job of leg!*- latlng was aired for the House floor when the boys were gathered as a committee of the whole to consider what is known it the District >f Columbia Charter Act. It's a bi f l that would in effect give Wash- ngion back to the people who live "ere but can't vote and haven't In 7* years. A shameful thing, .wm» say. The folks could vote under the BUI, which also would take admin- , utration of the District off the achin back of your overworked Congress. There was no vat- on lh« bill responsible. Kidney stones, „ .. ,„„ ,, u » ul - on ln , „,,, misplaced uterus or womb, in- then, thanks to the Democrats among many other possible causes. I gentlemen irom Dixie The South T v~ ? h ?*- UP Euentl » 1 e ™" s « re »8 ai nst horn* rule for To best determine the actual ~ : -' ••• cause, a careful history of llic , i symptoms must be obtained from made to. carry out j ~-v n thorough physical examination of the entire body. Laboratory tests, including blood and urine examinations, are important, If the difficulty is found to be a number of - are available Braces or specially designed cor- or supports are commonly Physical therapy, such as the application of heat, or electric treatments may be helpful. Massage or manipulation is valuable in some cases, but can be seriously harmful if the backache is due to tuberculosis ot the back Itself, possible treatments sets used. Ihe District. So they insisted on having all joe pages of the bill read, word for word, and tossed In a couple of quorum calls (or good measure. About midafternoon. the House gave up. The bill was'pul over ur>» | later, probably some time n week. More than half the 108 pa'-c, still have to read for amendments. One Congressman who spoke up for the measure was Fran Walter of Pennsylvania. He said he, for one. vi-as getting doggone tired of debating Irivial District matters. Mr. Walter said It seemed a little silly, to his wny of thinking, lo be arguing whether District drugstores ought to be required to Jacket soda straws with cellophane. Or whether a barber ought to be made to sterilize his clippers as well his comp and snippers to pratec; Ihe health o! the men of the'Dis- trict. And now about those poor folks who grow up to be big peopl» and can't vote? "Bosh," popped Cong. Sam Hobb* " "they knew they when they moved such diseases as the bone. Pain in the back Is one of the most difficult symptoms on which to base a correct diagnosis. The cause Is also, in many cases, difficult to cure. However, by careful diagonisls which, of course.ln- cludes an X-ray, and by properly selected treatment most patients with backache eventually can be relieved. Not*: Dr. Jordan !s unabl« to answer Individual questions from readers. However, each day h« will answer one of the^most frequently asked questions^ la his column. QUESTION: Mow long do scarlet fever germs live In bookj and m the district, clothing? j -Here," he boomed, "w* havrf a ANSWER: Th* Berms causing city with a population bigger than scarlet fevw Is a streptococcus. 1 any one of 13 state* I could nat Germs of this kind do not live j and only thret commissioner long in the absence of heat and; run things." Mr. Deane added that h§ reallied that the bill under consideration i* a little, complicated, but "that's because of the topsy-turvy which exist*." "Complicated 1* right." spoke up halt-bald Cong. John Jennings of Tennessee. Mr. J. said be wanted his colleagues to know, lor the record, that lad and man he has been a student of the law for 45 years. Since 1903, , of Alabama, couldn't vote her«e, didn't they?" Cong. Charlie Dean of North Carolina, said that when the so-called home rule business first camt up. h* wasn't exactly convinced it was a good idea. Then, he said, he^got to looking around ana discovered things were in a josh-awful mess moisture. Ordinarily, they would not Jive more than a few hours In books or clothing. H Yearn Age In James Terry, son o! Mr. and Mrs. At Yalta the Russians were given I E. M. Terry, will receive his Bache^ an attorn ey down there In Tennes- operate with other nation*. In his manner Soviet Delegate V. S. had only one. - ry majored in business admtnlstra- any »ay refused lo [ :tee set up to before the A _ possible revision o, t ,,o UN Charter to limit use of the veto. Not only has Russia boycotted this committee, but she has persuaded five of her satellite nations to boycott it. lycolt. Causes and Revolution has also boycotted the ,,au^>my uiiE. ry HiajoreQ in ousiiiess admlalstra- .- K-.^APBUI,,. in an Llle special- "" Yalta and PoUdam the^ Rus- [ tlon and has been an honor student ized agencies of the United Nations. sians were given territory In the i during the four years he attended The Soviet Union has Joined only, Kuriles. Sakhalin, Poland east of I school. three, it has refused to take part , the Curzon line and the northern Little Virginia Swearengen who :r I one of disinterest or outright ob- ! f m t, l, sUl ' ction - Until last April, the Rus- if the -flans did not participate in the UN Trusteeship Council. Actions Have Ha'mpered European Recovery :alin agreed at Yalta to assi ( Dalren and the Manchurian rail- Further concessions were given for the collection ot reparations by (Russia in Italy, Austria acd western Germany. In exchange for the German reparations, U. S., Bri- an reparaons, . S. Bri- libcratert countries in solving their tlsh and Trench zones were to re" IN HOLLYWOOD BT Ersklne Johnson NEA Staff Cbrrespondc 1 HOLLYWOOD —(NEAI —They, were shooting- a closeup off BUI Bendlx hitting hts 60ih home run as Babe Ruth in "The Babe! Ruth Story." The babe was stand-1 Ing on the sidelines. Bill took 301 in the script. swings at the ball before director Roy del Ruth decided he looked >••••••••••«* Thos* romatic rumors about John Payne and Joan Caulfteld are rediculous. There Is talk ahout John »nd Joan doing "Voice of the Turtle" in summer stock, but the only romatlc lines they'll be reading will b* MCKENNEY like he was hitting the ball hard Success Story: Ed "Archie" | By William E. McKenney America's Card Authority Written for NEA Service jKnovv When to Pass Bid One N.< T. lor of Selene* degree from the'uVii- , 5 "; . ,. .. , . . versify of Arkansas June 3 Mr Ter-' think there s « lawyer in ..... . 'these United states, including Philadelphia." he said, side-glancing at Ills fellow congressmen from Pennsylvania, "who can understand thi* bill.". "Look." h» bellowed, whipping through H. R. 6227. One hundred and BO pages. Over 45,000 words. And unconstitutional at that! "As we say In my part of the country, let's take a layin' down rest and think this thing over. Maybe we need home rule in our capital city. But the way It Is in this here bill now, it's like trying to hatch chickens out of scrambled eggs. It'* :ntlemsn from Tennesse* better. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ponder of Walnut Ridge are guesU for several days of Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Moss. sat down. suit, consideration to a pass rather than to making an artificial response of any kind. In today's hand South makes a normal bid of one spade. North has a five-card club suit but does not have a trick and a half. He has a count of seven, divided between two suits. Therefore, the proper response is one no trump. South has a very good hand with a six-card suit, but knowing that • correctly passes. A valuable oil may be extracted from the seeds or the common weed pennycress. Oil from the o! this weed t? similar to rape .. .T.-^-taiM ou.v, uul, K{IUWJtlg(*(. his partner does not have a good hand, he bids two spades. West opens the Jack ot diamonds, but Smith cannot be pre- ..v. .,.«„ vr,« j^n^ita. uiuiius, oui aouin cannot be pre- This gives North another oppor- vented from making two spade* tunity to bid. in case he has the type j He must either make a heart trick of hand on which he has to bid one or get a discsrd of a heart on the no trump regardless of greater • king ol clubs. Thus, he loses two strength; but in this case North' hearts, two diamonds and A club. V. h °™ run - l nl ™ at wtd Ruth, after the • New York June 11 " "Gosh," lon« MM o could have done It that way. j former there'."' No" very many ,,i ™ U u HoI1 - TM<><><J . J° u j ycnns atro Ed was getting his start let 29 other chances. \ n show business in a New York _,„ , * * WPA theater project. Bill is great as Nick, the bar-: Roz Wants To Be A Doc tender In Jimmy-and Bill Cag-1 Rosalind Russell wants to neys mm version of Saroyan's i do P. J. Wolfson's "The In- who>. TiT i°' 7°, >lr LUC -" The :<l«tructable Suzie" for her next whole cast, in fact, can take a j picture. Its the part of a fcinme bow-Jimmy, sister Jeanne Cag-! doctor who goes to Mexico to w; », es , Barton ' Pai " Draper, j stop an epidemic .. Wanda Wayne Morris and all the others. S Hendrhc is trying to convince Par- its comedy w-lth a heart. . i amount she should star In a re- Ah to be in En K i»nd! i make of "Seventh Heaven." rne James Masons are talking ... about buying the old Valentino: Mark Warnou- is out of (lie hos- SMI „ u 0n : s Lair ' for thei r,Pital following that heart attack. Hollywood headquarters. Mason i with orders to take it easy before and his wife are still being panned; returning to his "Sound Off" air b> the Hollywood mob for their, show . . "Hill of the Hawk" Gardner does a personal appear-! = (jC1 ' a ,'?, "' Na?ler ' J ' oun ^ Prornis- j «nce at the Strand Theater ill I B Publicity man in New York City, _ «JH«1IU lll*r.H.t.l 111 |p^..- +hor« *. ~ . -J.._, _, - Gerald S. Nagler, youii^. promis-! 'for the- big-| ys there i5 a srcal deal of «">- VKRfii 4.F109 A A9 I 3 South A A K J 6 •) I If Q72 « A 8 5 * 10 on Hand— Neither vul \\enH Xorlh E»si Pass 1 N. T. P,ijs Pass Pass Pass ninx— » .1 ^^ Radio Actress '" "* ^land-now Larry P B rks' first job siiicei 'firing" himself from his Field h i the minds of beginners fusion i orrect thing to do is pass. Ho *"« v ' cr . ' r - v »« have as much . the rounds of the studio., j however. Betty heard him telling than"ono °no trumvf 5 For"^r lln ' ld p B|n, c r y-wi' J8|B Mek W^ : uT^J tart ^^ i r^nina 1 ^ Powell and Humphrey Bogart. In Vou should not show a new suit ine private detective business The hunt for that fuse that just nl ll 'c two level unless you have a "Dia d ? ! CtS nrouild to ""awns i blew out is elimmatcd by one of | ' r 'ck and a hnlf. With a' ' •-• ' a story w,;, * .^, collalKl Yar d man," Barry when the fus« goes oilt, the lanip i partner. rit?«eraid. gocs on However, remember th»t even U you are void of your partner'* K...""= viticciive ousiness The hunt for that fuse that just « l l »c two level unless you have a ne gets around to making | bleu- out Is eliminated by one of | ' r 'ck and a hnlf. With approximately " hi" lhC '''ys*^." It's those simple twists or eleclricil j onc lrlck >'on may bid one of a suit: )ry about an Insurance in- science. A liny incandescent lamp i 10 r example, one diamond or one iator battling over a case has been added to-the fuse. No;v, I heart over a one club bid by your a Scotland Yard man.- Rarcv a.hfm tVi* tit**, 0^^,- ^,,1 n^« i 4n ,rt i nariner. HORIZONTA.L 1,8 Pictured radio actres* H Leasing ISOleic acid salt 16 Poker slake 17 Row 19 Cease 20 Manuscripts (ab.) 21 Earlier 23 German river 24 Symbol for tellurium 25 Preposition 27 Flower 30 Hinder 34 Caravansary 35 Expunge 36 Poplar 37Noslrils 38 Susan (ab.) 39 Symbol for thdllium 40 Diamond- cutter's cup 43 Lances 48 Mountain pass 51 East Indian woody vine 53 Was borne 54 New sl,-ir 55 Bullfighter .57 Changed 59 Mistakes 60 She performs in . plays VERTICAL • 1 Stuff 2 Camera's eye 3 Emmets Jndi»n 6 To the insid* 7 Exchange premium 8 Greater quantity 9 Oleum (ab.) 10 Legal point 11 Fence entranceway 12 Particle 13 fiber knots (pl.) 18 Half-em 21 Solemn 33 Affirmative 22 Rail 40 Love (o excess of] 24 Pairs of horses 41 Smell 52 Meadow"'""' 26 Wild 42 Young salmon 54 Seln. 27 Man',, nam « 44 Malaysian SS Right (ab.) 28 Selection canoe 58 sol, ( ab -> 45 Daybreak (ab.) 29 Malayan coin (comb, form) 31 Gibbon 46 First man 32 Peer Gynt'i 47 Depend Above

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