The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 27, 1948
Page 3
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ra Forceful Support Of Peace Urged Communists Seek Funds to Defeat Anti-Red Measure Rx.y oouRncn WASHINGTON. May 27.| —(UP) —A former American Legion national commander charged today .that Communists are raising * $500,000 war chest to defeat the House-approved bill to curb Communism. P.iul Gri/fKli, the former legion Commander, told the Senate Judiciary Committee that this evidence lias been found by the legion's National Americanism Commission research staff. — _, ,. ..„„,„„ The Senate Committee is holding Arthur H. Vandenberg unanimous- hMri "B s on the bill — popularly ly approved a resolution aimed at knm ™ "s tllc Mundt-Nlxon bill. . strengthening the United Rations. I lc mcas " r e would impose tight Th* rMnliif,!n« r.mrwtie if>nt+aMn,,r. ' restrictions on the Communist Committ** Resolution To SfnngHtcN UN - . WAeHINGTCW. iiky .31.— (UP) — 4 *en»te committee today sought to -put-, this nation on record- i>s r»«dy to .light, »!one or 'with others, agminst eny armed threat to world petcc: The Foreign Relations Committo* headed by Senate President Promoted , m— ... i e, »•»«. M**»^ WIE UIIILCU ^Hviuila. Th« resolution proposes limitations on the big power veto in the ON Security Council and recommends U. & encouragement of mutuar'dc- jfcnse plan'ts. • Declaring in effect that insecurity among nations anywhere is a threat to security everywhere, tha committee members culled for use of. force -against aggression. 1 They urged that this nation make tt clear that it will undertake "by individual and collective self-defense" to quell "any armed attack effecting its national security." The committee emphasized, however, that the resolution would not of itself commit ihis country to shipment of arms to other nations. Nor would it call lor direct U. S. participation in foreign defeiue treaties. That would be up to Congress to decide Inter on. But the committee's report said this country shpuid favor regional fcnd other collective security pacts written within the framework of the UN. If such treaties were based on self-help, the United States then would ..consider supporting them. Five Concerns In Osceola Get State Charters Party and Communists, requiring their annual registration with .the Justice Department and making 'It mandatory for the party to sever all relations with Russia. Critics innintain the bill Is unconstitutional. But another witness before the committee today, Attorney Donald Riehberg, who was ;,n NfiA Administrator during the New Deal, said the bill was constitutional. Two senators—members of the Judiciary Committee—flatly opposed the bill, however. Griffith said minorities and some Ifibor groups, aim some well-meaning "but >io[ too sophisticated" liberals already have allowed themselves "to he panicked by the ROCK, Ark.. Mny 27,— (UP)— . Five .Mississippi. County COTTON VIEWS from Tt*t I.) milli which can use m«ch»nlcally- plclccd cotton. The number of mills using this cotton jtlll 1« limited. Mechanically-picked cotton IT- u '° * radM 'ow th»n ' ^ eXlalne<1 ' for the Agricultural Extension Service In Little Hock, presided ove- Ihe meeting Aubrey Gates, UUle Rock, associate director of the extension service, attended the conference, which was one of a series being conducted in the state. A. similar meelliig was held yesterday in Marlon and another was conducted today in Jonesboro. Other» representing the extension Major D»nlel p. McLean, son of Sf\, nll( ? Mrs ' D ' c - McLean of Blythovllle, has been namctl commanding officer or an air base recently established at Mot!, Japan by the Fifth Air Force. Major McLean, who has been stationed at Osoka for nearly two years, was the unanimous choice of a .Military Board for this position Communist scare tactic—'It's no't, i over a number of "nieii of''higher the Communists but you that they j rank. He was also given the privl- i .., _-,. ,j nB .. ... are nfter. Griffith contended the only question is simply whether "constitutional government can draw up effective legislation to protect itself ngninst a criminal conspiracy striving to overthrow all forms of constitutional government." Budget Requests To Be Studied by New State Agency of selecting the enlisted' personnel to serve under him in this nexv capacity, , Major McLean received his permanent commission a year ago and Is scheduled to return to the United States in December. Ills' wife, the former Miss Louis Angel, and three J'enr old son, Daniel Paul, are with him. Livestock ST. LOUIS Natl Slocxynrfls, II] . (un Budect requests totaling $179,617.201 The Universal Corp, named A J. Florida, Annie S. Ohlendorf of Osceola, and G. E. Davis of Market! Tree, as incorporators. Harold Ohlendorf and Co. namiM H. F. Ohlendorf and A. J. and G H. Florida, all of Osceola as incorporators. The Southern Corp. named yranoej Ohlendorf and \v. C. Mason, Jr. of Osceola; and A. L. Stephens of Memphis as Incdrpor- •tors. ' Allied Investment Co. listed J B. Btrickling, Lennie. W'. Florida and J. M. Speck, all of Osceola, as in- eorporators. Delta Securities Co. named A. J mnd G. H. Florida and Annie S. Ohiendorf, all of Osceola, as incorporators. . ^ pered with 8,000 yesterday. Uneven- barrows and gilts 2S-50c lower- sows mostly 15c lower, no-240 Ibs State comptroller Walter l^^ l^'^^m^'-^a^^ Hd the total „.» Mnan,^ -™i I *- 5 ' lta ™, B3 .S- a ',7 ™ 150 fb's ,. will be presented to the state legislative council at its meeting here tomorrow^ Jirms filed articles of incorporation with Secretary of State C. G. Hail yesterday. AU named Roy L.' Ware of Osceola as resident agent and i - jt ""- "-.umjiuumir waiter koxey J2425- listed'1,500 shares of no-par value I s "' 11 "'e total uas $43,805,050 more ] wa 1 •lock. / thnn the amount appropriated by 23 sn- ' TI,« Tr,-,i,™- r .,i ^~— , .. * the 1047 legislature for the current -'- ' blcmilum. Only the University of Arkan- isas failed to submit Its budget request for consideration by the ' council. Lokcy's figures revealed that the state departments were requesting $00.137,192 for the year 19-13-50 and $88.879,408 for the year 1950-51. McnnwhUe, Gov. Ben L,aney expressed the belief that the budgets «'ouid be trimmed within the state's estimated revenue of $10,000,000 annually for the next blennluni. The governor said the legislature could either stay within its revenue or raise more money, "I believe the General Assembly will be gun-shy on raising taxes," Limey declared. 21100-120 Ibs 18-20.50; "sows 450 Ibs down 18-18.50; a few 18.75- over 450 Ibs lC.15-n.75; slags 13-15] Cattle 3,200; salable 1,100; calves 1.300, all salable. Very few steers on sale. Market on these nnd butcher steers nnd heifers, steady. Afew good to low choice steers 31-33.50; good and choice heifers and mixed yearlings 30-34; some mixed yearlings, held higher. Medium to good heifers nnd mixed yearlings 26-29; cows, clow; some opening deals nbout steady; undertone lower. Canners and cutters 16-20. --. Automobile tires casings nnd tubes frequently become , vulcanized solidcly together during the high-speed driving In auto races. .-.—-----but suggested a reduction of the loan rate from 82.5 to cent. The law, unless ex. expires December 31 He expressed doubt that a new iong- • range agricultural bill would 'be fr.acled by Congress this year. He called attention to a 3,000,000-tale carryover Of cotton from the 1D47 crop but explained tliat the figure Is not high. He predicted that the domestic demand for cotton would be less this year than last but perhaps the export demand will be greater. Prices for textiles produced In the United States are declining, he said and added that In Europe for economic reasons of their own the trend Is to Importing raw cotton to be processed In the textile mills i n thos« countries. . First Mlssto Vi»lt In It Years Mr. White, who yesterday made his first visit to Mississippi County in 12 years after having had many earlier contacts while In agricultural extension work In Arkansiw, said that American growers todny are facing keen competition from growers In foreign lands and that competition could bring disaster unless a long-range program Is dei veloped a close study of the situation in other countries. He also snld that. The cotton growers in the South are facing competition from the producers of synthetic fibers. The situation doos not cause alarm for the casual observers in times when consumption is ahead of production, he said, but warned that there i s definite need now for wisdom in planning lor the future. , For the Immediate future, Mr. White predicted that cotton would have a dominant role in the American program for extending economic aid to Western Europe where nations - arc struggling to return to a sound economic footing whjch can do much to stabilize vrorid economy. "Congress, in approving a four- year program for the EGA, hus given the cotton growers here and throughout the South a four-year breathing spell," he said. "It is at the end of this period that the real competition will come. It could lower the American farmer-'s standard of living to levels which linve not been known since the war bs- tween the states. "We must use more machines in the South if we are to meet the low inboi- costs in other nations where cotton is grown and placed on th<: world markets," Mr. White said. Mr. Smith slimmed up the present economic situation in the Un.- terf States with ttiese words: "We all want to keep our high 1941 incomes, faxit at the same -time we want a rBtum to the 1932 grocery bills. Probably no one knows whai the final outcome will be." J. M. Thomason, district agent I 1 director of experiment stations; W ' H - Garmon of me Agronomy Department of the T?..-ver s »,y or TlfTTMTUY, »AY IT, !Mt agent* for North .and South Mississippi County, respectively »nct W. F. Wrlgli't. district director lor the Arkansas Farm Bureau. j NOW! I Bilbrey and D. V. Maloch farra ? ...... Everywhere! - , •-• — — •-» — •-.... Here's Clean Dependable CIL With the Exclusive New Florence Wickless-Type Bu rner ___ S»ch ..*.„„, And so en sy („ c.oan. SpaHdin, IM)ra ,ain, n a me l finish X vi fh a 8wlsh of J«a,, s expenencc. 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