The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 23, 1954 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1954
Page 8
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BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) 1 COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1954 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION WILSON'S TT * RADIO SERVICE 114 S. FIRST (Ingr»m BWf.) «, ,.«* D., « »*. l»c J»c 1 tl»» »»c U»» • 1 turn »w H»« »« — .. I ttmn pr U»< pw *n * t ama rtr U« p«r <ay. £ C«*t fir. awaf. wor* «• Ik. H»«. «l ortire* f«t Ibree M id tlaui aaf •**«M4 btfare .ipiratic-n will W ckari- *tw I* »w»*«r «< «"« «»• •* VPMN4 Mil 0( till *»«• All «fcntn«<i wiitrtiiiw copy i«»j rilr* •«« •• •ceou»»led by calk. B«(M »*r kc vMfly cOMpat*4 !?•• tftw »k«T* table. AinrtMw orter»4 for lindllK »- •rrttoa tak« tht o« tlmt Ubli. H. mpoMltllltr will to take* for »*H tkaa one Ucorrcct iBttnlAR «f IMPRINTING NipklfM, ChrlBtmu carat, le*vh« •oodi, ate. TRI-STATM »CHOOL SDPPLT 1M B. Tint Ph. 3-M15 Blvttimik, Art. ll|« ck M All a«> arc reftrlett* to tkelt prop M rtanttleatto» Ityh «•« tj»«. »« C»«rhr Newt renrn tk« rtfht to rfll "A" euJuiel a<nrtlllM •"« •* <• kf I t.m. preeidlst lay of publication •Kept for Mondayi tliut all MUft be ta kttora •»« Ml latnr<ay. Apartment tor Rent 3 mi. rum. apt., private bath. down Main. »i: weekly. Ph. 3-34W or 3-06M. Wcely lum. «pt.. downiutn. utlll- Uei. lrtgld«lre, gu he«t. pvt. entrance ,«» W. K,. ,10 per ,« UBfum. 4 tm »pt«., clo« In. »«d«o- •nM. Modem, rb. 3-3308. lljll pk U|U Rabbit*, do*, buck. Do«i with litter And bred doea. Sftcrlftca. Call Jim Role- ton Ph. J-30M lli" <* « 1 two room Mm «pM.. prlTH* b«th. •M. rcuonftble Coup]* only. 1901 w AMI, Ph. 2»1>. H|> Hi 26 1 m unf. apt., pnvato bath Klc« . fh. 3-3315. 11|> Pk trg rum. apt. Ooupli ' 10111 ck U (Jablnt Mfl »p» Onim. n. J-HSi. '°l <* "I* 1 »•»» dMOraM* mod«ro unturn. • uprtatrt apt., bardwcxxl rloon. n>* bllnm. |aa beat. Kreen poreb Hodero Bpt. S roomi and bath N»wly fecontM. food tumltur., ,« «iulp- ••rt. Ph. J-U73. r. Simon 8]11 ck U Modtm I roooi rora «»t Fh. 3-4MS r 1->M. 3|l ck U 3-i». mft., tIDftim. H»«ur«l I«. hoi *>Mr h«tar. Tom Utlrt F««ll? Co.. M* w. IMn. ph 1-3311 >!> ek U 1 i». Wrn. «pn. tmtfi, pr». entrwice. ^. nrr h-iln, * ccokln. Ph. wjoo. imtum. apt.. Ph. ll|« ok 17m. mm. «pt. Ph. 1-K «pt., I rmi »n« lath. Ph. J reom Mrnlshed »pt-. P't. bath »nd •ntnn«, l« k«t. »11 W''" I-3»l. "I' 3 12 i 8 S room Turn, »pt. Ph. 3-B878. pk 1 S*rvic*s ••pile T»nk« Olwned. work su«r«n- UccAMd ind bonded plumbing, he»tlnf. C»n «T« you money on ap- ptUncn. Before you buy glT« me t ST. n. 3-6M9. Harry Meyers. 111IS MOVING AND STORAGE Don't c*ll in out of town moviny •omputt tmW you inspect our T*» •uric* MM* r»t«. Oil us for frw estl- mitw oa loc*l or long dlat»nc» mov- IOC. Br<-kh.m MorlnR »nd Storane. 000 K. Md SI. Ph. 3-893B. H|H Pt 1 D. C. Freeman Painting Contractor Painting, p*p«r banging. Inttrlor *«or»tor. Fully InBured. Ph. 3-8432 JX Its »uto bodr rep*lr »nd pointing you need. c»ll u»l Or get ft rrw e»tl- m*t«, K It c»n b« repaired, wo c»n do It. Our mechinlci »r* well trained mod eiperlenccd to rtpftlr »ny make or Biodtl automobile. We guarantee oal- l«tactlon. Come «> *«« UB 34 hour wrecker «r?lce. MEADOR BODY SHOP W€ X. nnt St.. BlytheTllle. Ark. Ik. PO-M5W deyj PO-3aM2 HIjhtB Truman Meador. Owner /. W. lUmbo. AMlatant Me;r. TELEVISION AND RADIO SERVICE S*rrte« guaranteed on model*. m»k<« BLYTHEVILLE SALES COMPANY lot 1. Main Pb. i361« Venetian Blinds Cleaned Machine proceM rape*, cordn ana •Ute flparkllng clean Let ufl repair your bllnaa atnt. OlaM. Wallpaper Phone a- »jt ek U NOTICE For a limited time only, we fiv* you free estimates on your gas installation for w»ll furnaces, floor furnaces, space heatero and central heating and cooling systems. NO DOWN PAYMENT and UP TO 36 MONTHS TO PAY. Your Coleman Dealer HALSELL 4 WHITE FURNITURE CO. Ph. 3-6096 Television Service Any Make BLAYLOCK'S RADIO * TV SERVICE ra—If oo antwcr call 3-4M6 •!» ek It TV * RADIO SERVICE ELECTRONIC LAB 3-Mli 111 W <v»loui . Mala Fk. 3-Mn 1|4 ck « R. D. T.ylor'. mti lltrlut Hid On. Ill I. rnnkltn at. "CM I Otft » Wnk" ^^ M* puio «owu •.».. I-*" «T- WEAVING Turt. Bunu. MothholM KUTH McCLAKAHAK 421 K. 67C»mOr« 111! pt 1 Me, M>M. practically noi un. n. 3-JUJ KtUonal c*ah 11110 ck tl S«« our TOTUANI>— Uw our lay- awty pltn now for «11 your Chrl8tm»s needl HUHBARD HARDWARE CO. 119 ck tl Old ruhlonrt upright plioo W6 dh ARKANSAS OAZ«TTi: 11.55 MO. PH 3-eooj. "15 pk n;i Ptwb arewed ' rrliht, ph 3-«J4. Mra Ken- 11|1 pk l|l Rlc. Cro«lel «l«e rann Ph 3-WM 11|2 pk '.3j: EKBI from producer to contutner do- 'tTered to your door. Call your ordci »t night Ph 3-4H3J Mr« H. L. Hlliell Promured L«nd •!« ck tf H>l»l>. 3-M32 <|4 ck tf Oood used FrlRldnlrr fflrctrlc Btove. Conuct J»m«i C. Perrj. »"P' of Bcbooln. Wllnon. Ark. ll|2J-ck 30 BIBLES Larg* itock to select from. N»«ies Imprinted. RellRlous «nd ln«plr»tlonal books Sunday School Commentaries. TRI-STATES 80HOOL OUPPLY 1« B. Mrst Ph. PO 3-M15 BlylheTill*, Ark. lt|17 ek n\\& 8pte« Me*ter«, Wardrobe Drawl OR V»W* J\mgl« Oyov, Misc. T»bl«, 21B E»»t D»YI. at. itjn pk ao BURY'S BARGAIN PALACE Corner Ash & Broadway Juat In from Chicago, plenty of Imr- gain* ID used clothing—orercoau, autti, drcMM, hundmdB of pairs of ahot» tot men, women and children. Blythavllle'*' loft complete UMd elothlr* center. orae look around. 11J17 pk Uja DON EDWARDS TYPEWRITER CO. III W WMnul Plenty of Parking Space Freih, genuine Holland (frown flow* er bulbs of ftU klndi. Brruna Hurrtwar* S**<r Btor*. ph 3-33». o;il ck tf ..'• Mil b»rb*ou« by th« pound to tmkt ham* Kmm K«*U Drire In. P>i. 3-8081. «U» ck tf For S«/t, ffMf tttiie FOR SALE Modern 6 room house ant bath at 1134 W. Ash St. 2 very spacious bedrooms. Pan- elled Den-attic fan-storage attic. Garage-fenced back yard. You will like this home. $3000 cash. Balance payable $62.12 per month. Modem 5 bedroom home-28 ft. living room- attached garage fenced back yard. Natural gas heat. Price $9,00042,000 Cash Balance payable $52.37 per month. This house is less than 4 years old and vacant, immediate possession. See or Call Johnny Marr Realtor Ph. 3-4111 R«s. 2-2596 Jack Pinnell Salesman Ph. 3-4111 Res. 3-3597 11|9 ck tf Modern 3-bedroom home, hardwood floon, large atoritge attic, Insulated, natural gas piped in. Only 11.200 cash buys this practically n«w home. Top condition Inside and out. Vacant. JOHNNY MARR. Realtor Ph. 3-4111 or 3-23M Hjlfl ck BETTER BARGAINS on Better Trucks and Cars! 1950 CMC Cub orer truck. A good buy for $498 1950 DODGE Vi ton pickup in excellent condition $495 1952 CHEVROLET Vi ton pickup. A bargain for only 1949 OLDSMOBILE 4-dr. sedan. A good clean car 1949 NASH 4-dr. sedan ONLY $427 1946 FORD Vi ton pick-up ONLY $50 1948 CHEVROLET 1 ton pick-up $395 1950 INTERNATIONAL "L-110" '/ 2 ton pick-up in excellent condition $700 1946 INTERNATIONAL "KB-1" pick-up. Good tires $ 225 1949 STUDEBAKER '/, ton pick-up. SPECIAL! $375 1952 INTERNATIONAL "R-110" '/, ton pick-up. New paint and in good condition $795 See Hukin Holmes At DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. "Service Holds Our Trade" 3125. 2nd Ph.3-6863 YOUR BEST BUY USED FERGUSON OR FORD TRACTORS Jack Robinson Implement Co. To»r Ferguson Dealer Allen Hardin, Mgr. Notice PHOTO CHRISTMAS CARDS Mad? from your negative. 20 cards with Envelopes tor only 1,50 postpaid , They're RBAI-.LY personal. Order today. W. NORTHERN Box 147-C, Lafce City. Ark. 11 22 pk 24 Do you worry. HFC you lonely, do you H«e)t exciu-menl? Then be sure to see "Front and Center," H three act com- etly. High School Auditorium. November 23. H|« ck 24 LAND MISSISSIPPI COUNTY 250 ACRES Good mixed loam, Located on paved »ute high-way. Good improvements. Wheat allotment. Assume excellent loan. This property IB worth your time In Kelnt. Price only 1200.00 per acre 120 ACRES Located gravel road near community. Good crop hlstorj anil haft nice hou*:. A good buy for pernon who •ant* to operate own farm. Price 1323.00 per Here. Call or Se« CHARLES B. ROBINSON Realtor Ph. 1059 Osceola, Arkansas Ujl2 etc tf Modern 4-room house, bath. 1 acre Umd. First road going west from first Alrbmie K»U, third houso on right. K P. WatU. H120 pk 12|20 Oood Tire room home with bath on rRfl lot. All In line condition. At, the amazingly low price of $3300.00, 92,000 in loan. lM new five room houae on pavement. Hunt wood floors, nlumlnum Hcreen*, central h»»l. OHrHRe ivud workshop. Pay $1450.00 cash, assurrin OI loan. More in, pay monthly which Is lfnn thrtn rent. A good four room home and bath it Ml South Clark Street, large corner lot ThU house la In good condition sound valun In $5000.00. In order to divide estate, aale price li 13800.00. n attractive four room hoiiM with bath. Hardwood finish. Large tilonets and Borage, Pay $1200.00 cash, BMume OI loan, pay 132.30 monthly. W. M. BUKNS, Realtor Phone 3-3361 H : ia qk 35 For So/* JKWELRT STORE -- Only jewelry More nnd watchniHker In fast KrowliiK NarthennLcrn Ark Annas town of 2.000 population. Modern fixtures, climn ntock, modern more Iront.. Idcnl situation for watchmaker nnd wife. Hmitll Amount will liBlullt. Write O-10. '", Courier News, niythevllle. 11 10 ck 27 Welding and blacfcomlth nhop at Kcl er Ph. 311 W, Osceola. lOpO pk U|30 Tor dynamite and nuppliea. See PRU) Dyrum Implement Co. Ph 3-4404 a|23 ck U Portable 8tMi Cleanern BTRU1I IUPLKMENT CO. Blrthovllle. Ark Ph. 3-4404 10,18 ck tr AMMONIUM NITRATE 33 Nitrogen Frrtlllier— Limited Supply Buy Now and Be Sure FARMERS SOYBEAN CORPORATION Ph. 3-6101 11117 ck H'-l TURKEY'S Smul! Size Fat DrtsKitct OTm Rpariy Ph. H-6602 B. X. HESS1K t remnle Oarmnn shepherd. 1 reRla- tcred boxer. MMcolm Qrecnwny Ph 3-9S03. ll|17 pk « Dinette net, A ohnlre. InrKe J.J811. ll o. Ph Pk 38 Driimmond's Qro.. ruling atntlon • na Meat Mirtrt. DM c. Mum. Ph. 3-8S7J. H;" pk ™ 42 acres four room bungalow, 3M mile north of City Limits 5110,000.00 will handle. Ph. 3-4150 or 2-2874 11J23 pk 30 Large 3 bed room-partially brick If you are looking for a roomy comfortable home located close in on paved street, see this one. Just completely remodeled inside and out. House is in perfect condition—better than new. Has brick about half way up on exterior walla, carport, large, screened back porch, attractive open, front porch with wrought iron columns. Very attractive exterior appearance. Has York central heating system Natural gas. Extra large rooms. Nice tile bath. Beautifully decorated interior. Vacant. Can see any time. Possession immediately F. H. A. appraisal value $14,000. Loan value $11,800. See it today. 2 Bedroom 100 percent G. I. Nice two bedroom home located one half block of bus line. Has gas floor furnace, attic fan, disappearing stairs with plenty of attic storage. Large attractive kitchen newly decorated. Can finance F.H.A. or 100 percent G. I. Price $7500. Corner lot on S. Hwy. 61 145 ft. on Hwy. by 267 deep. Excellent business location. Price $10,600. One of Blytheville'i best drug itores. Priced right. KEMP WHISENHUNT, Realtor 106 South 2nd. phont 2-4469 For Salt Cart & Trucks One dump bed with power lift. 1950 Ihevrolct 3 ton truck. Will pell scpa ate. Ph, J-382U. 11.23 pk 12|J For Rent Light hoiiHcKccplnn rmn. Ph 2-2&20. 11120 pk 11)27 Houae for rent furnished Modern 2 bedroom home, completely equipped Oarage, oil be*t. ph 2-2850. 1118 ck tl S rm. office Built located at 138 £ Main 81. formerly occupied by Or Milton Wflbb. Space li suitable for neveral olflces. Call T J Barnes 3-6801 10JJO ck tf OfflccB At 211 W Main Call 3-3370 8|12 rt tl Main street corner building Sept 1 Now occupied by City Drug Store. Call Mrs. Holllpeter Ph. 3-3255. fl]10 ck tf A buameas bldft on corner of Frank lln and-Walnut Paul Byrum. Ph. 34404. 1214 ck tl We rent floor landors, cflgera ana pollahflrs. HUBBABD HAHDWAHK CO Phone 2-2015. 3jO ck tf 5-room furn. house, bath, nil electric kitchen, RBN heat. 121 W Duvln, ph 2-J60fi. Leo Hill. U| |fi P* 30 Builncu bids. 133 W. Mnln ph 3-3341). H]l<3 CK tr Lout Boy Rroccry Btore. Nice living •uarteru, nowly decorated. Ph. 39051. ll|lfi ck If room furn. house, bnth electric kltchrn. 809 N. 5th. Ph. 2-2053. 11,23 pk 11|27 2 bcrlroom duplex unfurnished. 1315 \V. \Vnln\it. Ph. 3-«22. OnoiR* V(vtes 11113 ck tf Private Rooms Bedroom, convenient to bnth Sleftm heat, flll W Mnln. ph 3-3325. Bedroom In quiet home. Ph. 2-2414 1118 pk 126 Comfortable bortrot Call 2-2038 or 3-0071. Camfortuljlo sleeping room, conveniently located. JOB W. Duvlfi. 1T23 pk 12 Help Wanted Colored couple—woman to do housework. House furnished —her meals and weekly salary. Good hours. Ph. Sleele, Mo. '16. UJ.L7 pk 11124 Insurance CALL 3-4553 For Complete Insurant Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection GLENCOK HOTEL BUILDING m W Ash 6V Left A Found rODND-Onc night of satoty i\t the High School Auditorium, throe net piny. "Front and Center." November 23 AcimlMlon 30c. 1122 ck 24 LOST—Ladles white Bold Ootlmm wntch 28 diamond, m, finso. 17 Jewel White snftke clinln hivnd. Lurh'e reward, lost between P. O. and Orahcrr.. Ph. 5-8030. 11 23 pk 12 1 Loans Money To Lo»n On Jewelry. nhotRUns, lUKKaRe. cftmerfts rndloa. muslcivl Instruments Other articles nf talue East Main Loan Co. 306 W. U»ln PH. 3-aaso 3 ; 3o cfc tr FOR THE BEST IN FARM LAND — FARM LOANS See EARLS Form & Loan Co. 0 L Earls. 2-3418—.1. Marsh 2-27M BlytheTlllA Fh 3-4032 7 30 ck tl MONEY TO LOAN Small or large farms, quick action. GEO. M. LEE Realtor Telephone 3-6961 120 W. Main St. HiS ck tf Wonted WANTED TICKETS TO MISS. STATE,OLE MISS GAME. PH. 3-3106 attcr 5pm. 1L23 dh 11|27 Wtitttd *• Buy We buy tin cans BlytheTllle Iron *ncl Metal Co. Ph 3-8962 11,5 ck U WE BUY PECANS. Lewis Poultry 607 E. Main. Ph. 3-3317 11117 ck 11 24 50 Ibs. of paper shell pecans H. L. Reynolds, Ark.-Mo. Stateline. 11J22 pk 25 CUCUMBER FAMILY The cucumber is a member oi the botanical family called Cucur- bltaceae, which Includes muskmelons, pumpkins, squashes, Watermelons, and about 75 other relatives. Jock Webb, M. D. Announces the Removal of his offices from the Lynch Building to the new EYE CLINIC 520 W. Main Practice Limited to the Eye and E.N.T. Office Hours 9 to 5 Dally Except Thursday Afternoons and by Appointment HOT LOG/ DELICIOUSLY SEASONED WITH OUR CHILI AND CHOPPED ONIONS TAKE HOME SACK— 6 FOR $1 KREAM KASTLE DRIVE IN HOW FAR DO YOU LEAD A DUCK? It depends on how far and fast the duck is going, of course. Same with tailoring insurance to your needs. Every shot is a different problem. Stop in for a talk on your insurance needs. NOBLE GILL AGENCY GLENCOE BLDG. 3-6868 Be A Wise Owl And SHOP EARLY! While Stocks are Complete Use Our Convenient Christmas Lay-Away Plan Toys Tricycles GENERAL HARDWARE AND APPLIANCE CO. TOM A. LITTLE, Jr., 109 W. MAIN Manager PHONE 3-4585 FUEL OIL G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. u l Sell That Stuff" Phone 2-2089 Visit Conny'i Conoco S«rvic«, Ath It DivitioR Biggest Bargains You'll See '"'55 We're Selling Miles at Wholesale! 1953 CIIKVKOLET Deluxe 4-dr. sedan Kith seal cover heater, defroster. A beauty for 195Z CHEVROLET -l-dr. sedan with power slide tr; sion, while wall tires, seal rovers, radio, fresh air and defroster. A one owner car for 1851 MERCURY 4-dr. sedan with seat covers, radio, and defroster. A real nice »ne for 1951 PLYMOUTH 5 pass, coupe. Has seat covers, healer, and defroster. A steal at 1948 CHEVROLET Flcelline 4-dr. sedan with seal radio, heater, and defroster. EXTRA NICE 1949 CHEVROLET 4-dr. sedan with sun visor, radio, and defroster. A honey for 1942 CHEVROLET 2-dr. sedan. HICAI'V CHEAP!.... 1939 DeSOTO 4-dr. sedan. GOOD! .-•• ;, radio, S1395 insmis- heater, S1145; heater, 5 925 radio, .S 745 covers, S 495. healer, S 595 S 99 S 95 Many More to Choose From. Easy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan. Remember you can always make a good deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. "The Big Used Car Lot on Walnut Street" 301 W. Walnut Phone 3-4578 USED TRACTORS MOST ALL MAKES and MODELS We hare the tractor for you! Come in today and have a look. 61 IMPLEMENT CO. "The Farmer's Home of Satisfaction" N. Highway 61 Ph. 2-2-112 DR. J. F. BROWNSON Announces the removal of his offices from 1201 W. Ash Street To 111 NORTH FIRST STREET SO MUCH MORE FOR SO MUCH LESS PARTS @> SERVICE SNOWTRACTOR CO. 112 N. Franklin Phone 3-8951 NOW! The only New Seat Cover material in 10 years! Won't Shock, Burn or Fade! Never Cold or Hot! Custom Made For Your Car Gilbert's Auto Upholstery Highway 61 N. Ph. 3-67.12 HUBERT'S CLUB Now Is The Time to Plan A At Hubert's Club Ther« is never a dull moment and fun for all! Ask your friends about their birthday. They'll appreciate a birthday party at Hubert's Club. We'll Bake the Cake FREE OF CHARGE You can arrange for a Birthday Party any night during the week . . . also Saturday and Sunday afternoons. P.S. This also goes for weddings and anniversary parties, too! Photos on request. Utley's Drive-In Liquor Store —Open Regular Hours— CUT RATE On A " Brands Of DDI/^CC Liquors, Wines, PRICES Gins and Cordials All Popular Brand Cigarets I/O Per On. HUBERT UTLEY For Reservations Phone 3241 or 9411 Highw*y 61 Holland. Mo.

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