Rapid City Journal from Rapid City, South Dakota on March 12, 1969 · 3
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Rapid City Journal from Rapid City, South Dakota · 3

Rapid City, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 12, 1969
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Wnliu'Mlay, March 12. t! Rapid City Journal 3 Astronaut Receives Honorary Doctorate From Tech Col Frank Borman command tation of colors by the SDSMiTlies for the 10:30 event was Dr.i Frank Borman was born inreeeivcd pilot training at U-'l957-60 Borman was a member as an astronaut by the National ami cmimi, ami lor nis necuca-nilot of the moon-ormting Apollo ROTC Color Guard and an in-J. Paul Gries, dean of the grad-Gary, Ind. on March 14, 1928.liams Air Force Base, Calif.'of the faculty at the MilitarylAeronautics and Space Adminis-turn to the highest degree of u cnnc-hin ufl fonfcrred advocation bv the Rev Hewes uate division iAs a youth, he moved with his; From 1951 to 1956 he served; Academy as an Instructor and (ration in September of elticieuey m all things under- Kaii.iu A..lm tf ono nivonnoiPhl mc m Um 1112 LU1 DUI mail S ttU- lillllllY IU 1U19U1I. Ult.i lici E null uluui ouuuuiuua iin.aumii 4 1 i ill 1 lliu-, Ollll. V Wl.n time 11c nun mm ,1 uini'll, ""h1"1 degree by South Dakota School I Mayor Henry Baker presented dress, the Singing Engineers, un- he received his elementary and United States and in the Philip-j dynamics and Fluid Mechan-1 nimin.. .nH Tannin wh. ! ort inoe frnm th citv nf Rauid der the direction of Dr. Russeir secondary education. . pines and was an instructor at.ics. He subsequently attended i - - - Y T ..:i u..i t m hca n t mnm .Bt- RaniH Pitv Pitv Hnv Frank Farrar nave eckman and aecomnaniea DV in lyoo trans Borman re-me Air rurce nciiier capons . 1110 uimvu cumes wr rune er- r . . CT . . . . .1 11. . . . r w r nj fi ' U.w.U.lnii f Cn Aintn CiH 11 1 aHiinHitH thA ra litai Hich School Auditorium. Dr. Harvey R. Fraser, Tech president and personal friend, welcomed Borman and visiting dignitaries, following the presen- greetings from the State of Professor Edgar Swanson, pre-;ceived a Bachelor ol Science Scnooi. lie attended tne Lauiorn-ospace itesearcn mots &cnooi, South Dakota1 and Regent sented two selections, degree from the United Statesia Institute of Technology ingraduating In I960. He remained Charles Burke gave the regents THE FOLLOWING citation Military Academy at West! 1956-57 where he completed his with the school as an instructor message (Photo on Page 23) jwas read by Dr. Carl Lutz, Tech Point. Upon graduation, he Master of Science Degree in until 1962. Acting as master of ceremon-'dean of engineering: ' .chose an Air Force career and Aeronautical Engineering. Froml Frank Borman was selected Col. Frank Borman Is Fmm iy mwwmm. m f- i-,-iL yTsP V 3 . f I I t 1 - Li LcklA J (Jwrnd Photoi by Ken Norgtrd) Direct Thoughtful Modest Pensive Quizzical Cheerful key member of the United States immeasurable l ui.inbutuins to space team which has pushed science a:ui technology through the space frontier beyond the space exploration, Frank Bur-moon. v man, Colonel, United States Air On Doc. 4, 1965. Frank Bur- Force, and National Aeronautics man served as command pilot and Space Administration astro-for the Gomini 7 mission. The naut, ls rwommer.d.e,l, I'res:-flicht AstoA MO hours and 35 dent Eraser, tor the degree minutes and established a num- l)l), Ul1' ut' Eiigincenni;. ber of space "firsts" including Dl!. Ht VSl.K staled, (ollowing U) the longest manned space the citation, "Upon the recom-flight; t2) joining in orbit with mendation of the Fatuity and by Gemini 6 for the first rendez- action of the Board of Regents, vous of two maneuvcrable, man- I herehy confer upon ou, Col. ned spacecraft; (3) the longest Frank Borman, the decree Doc-multi-manned space flight; and tor of Engineering, with alt the l4i numerous technical and rights, privileges, and honors, medical experiments. as well as the responsibilities The Apollo 8 mission, com- thereto appertaining." manded by Frank Borman, was Following the morning cere-the first manned space flight niony, Borman attended a dinner to orbit the moon. The success wjtn Tech faculty and staff of this flight and the informa-inK.mhers at SurbVck Center and tion gathered by the crew have cn carjy jn the afternoon for opened new avenues in the ex- a speaking engagement in Hous-ploration of space. This epoch-! ton, Tex., that evening, making flight will be regarded. Special guests introduced by by historians as one of the most r)r. Eraser were: l.t. Gov. adventurous journeys in the an- jamos Abdnor; Maj. Gen Duane nals of mankind, l. Corning, South Dakota adju- Frank Borman has demon- t ant general; Kenneth L. Arth-strated a sincere interest in his ur, SDSM&T institutional rep-country and his fellow citizens rcsentative with the Board of through an untiring willingness Regents; Gary Shimp, president to inform and enlighten groups of the Tech Student Association; of all ages about space technol- Roy Darrow, Tech senior class ogy and through his personable president: Keith Jansen, junior and professional representat ion i class president; Knute Knudson, of our country and, its space i sophomore president, and Wil-program in visits to all lands, iliam R. Stevens, freshman prcs- Eor his dedication to mankind ident. Growth Of Boys Club Related For Optimists THURSDAY Composition of the 1,232 mem-jzations and dues. Sertoma, Pretty Pines, 7 a.m. , Kiwanis Club of West Rapid! City, Gill's Sun Inn, noon lunch-! eon Civitan International, Gill's Sun Inn, noon luncheon Rotarv Club. Alex Johnson, The $208,000 noon luncheon 'Astronaut Has Highest Praise " "SfJMiFor School Of Mines, Dr. Fraser CALENDAR Senate Passes Bill To Abolish Family Sad Dog 'Happy' 'We must come to the realiza- Zonta Club, Alex Johnson, noon luncheon Big Brothers of America, Gill's Sun Inn, noon luncheon National Association of Re- bers of the Rapid City Boys, building is free of debt. Club was explained to the Opti- In a program that was on-mist club Wednesday morning entcd toward the Boys Club, by Jerry Schmidt, club director. John Loucks and Rod Meador He said a fourth of the boys told of the Optimists club's ef-n n a nt irirhnr, riocxnnt a ihirH farts in snpMrhpad in? the initial flic Ui juuiau viv .jv.v ii i , h w.Mu - r o . , T-, , , mo frm famiiioc f wht nriiniprpst for a Bovs club in Raoid tired Civil Employes, First Na 11 Will lOUHUVJ VI Vik" vi 1 ,. . . . . , , . . n larger, a third come from brok- City. tional Bank of the Black Hdls, en homes and two-thirds are' A Boys Club charter was ob- 1 p m. aged 13 and under. jtained by George Hurst in 1958 Douglas School Board, Doug- Schmidt said the real cost of;for Rapid City, but the actual las schools, 6 p.m. ... ...... i - . f it u membership is not the 50 cents tormaiion oi a ciuo aiani gei veterans of Foreign Wars, uiiuciway uoui isuo. rust uuuic of the club was in the old North Western Railway depot at 6th and Omaha. The new building, or dollar dues, but the practice of fair play, honesty and friend ship required ot tne boys. A . K ... 1J I L TT .. J i r, V i T r " completed in August 1965, was LaRoche, was introduced as the.. ,f KiMin PIERRE (AP) The South A dog worth a million dollars Dakota Senate passed a House is missing in the Rapid City . u:n nr. j ui;u: i n( mnru tha onimM vc1 Mavbe more at home in a the view of the earth over the: :i: u 11. .i,, o inoHi sonhLsticated snace suit. Co imoona horizon without havinB tion that we are tiuly Drotn- IccloU allUIl al Ulc UUlu. uiu v aiuc uiiij iv a lu-vccu-vm 1 -r , ,, n . , , . . The bill amended on the floor i y, nd he lives in Garden Frank Borman swapped it for a deep philosophic moment, ers. Borman said he believed JfJS ril SfKLt'iCitv NY a cap and gown Wednesday for, Col. Borman said it was his the space cljort could faster Sr Drio to 2 davrSrea I But the problem is a touching the first time since his high "deep hope" that the people of that goal, "possibly by cooperaU gen raT or prtaary elec ion jone and the parent, have turned hool graduation to accept an'the earth will see each other ,ing in an international space The lo er wou?d eien a card the Journal as their last hope. I honorary doctorate from South "as Archibald MacLeish said - station. ine voter wouia De given a cara Dakota Schoo of M nes and as riders on the earth together." I .l : r VFW Club, 7:30 p.m. Rapid City Art Association, room 109, 7:30 p.m. Stage production of "Laura," The Group Theater to certify his registration. lel a Ie.ltcr Irom M.TS The amendment changed fromi""1' y 10 to 15 days before election ? Hiai ir y ' taLlht deadline f0r SUch reg- I have' a problem!! I've e tu c hausted all other means of as- ."r-r. . 5r.&lZ . distance so wiU write to your tt.w Vil WW in the hopes you may be teachers professional pract ice bto hel me 3 teachers as professionals. uaine, was miruuucea as uft t ew buildjng to con-! " Boys Gub '-Boy of the Year" structed in soUlh bDakola ,toDnve- 815 P m" rNihouseaBoysaub. . In Optimist club business, Vern Lecy, president, announced next week's meeting to be held in Belle Fourche with members of that opened in November 1963. La-Roche was the club's entrant in the Omaha and Minneapolis "Games-A-Rama" events for (kin in inCC AnI ln'7 una u-6i in i oi.u j prospective Schmidt explained that 43 per.city. cent of the club's annual oper- Don Tesch said that March 29 atme money comes from the . was the deadline tor entries in United Fund, with the rest from contributions from civic organi- (Briefs AnntVior Kill anni"ro4 rngtoe Phtlrphill' 1"tul,,v uu uwvu Uinttvj indecent exposure in public places a misdemeanor. The voter registration bill got down to a partisan discussion HOSPITALS VISITINO HOURS A couple of months ago it be came necessary for me to get rid of my 10-year-old son's little dog because of a move to a new house. We simply couldn't give her to the local dog pound for r ? " ".her to my cousin in Rapid City heard was from a man promi H ta; wh? would keep the dog at nent in General Motors. He said Maioritv Lea der Robert P6"" ra . near cemc , that while Mines is not as well twH . H.Trinn iH fhl h,, ' . Everything was arranged and known as MIT and Cal Tech 'we Technology. ,We should, he said, think of In accepting the doctor of en-, ourselves as eartnmen. gineering degree the first of; many offered the astronaut V II a Col. Borman said "This is a re- LOllGCllOIl 7lV6l1 I markable day. In one respect! any day with the Frasers" is,TA Mlicaum remarkable. I respect them as 10 illUwCUliI much as I do anyone in the! world. You are fortunate to have' The Sioux Indian Museum and them." iCrafts Center, administered by! " .... .... . '(!, a . r.fi dj siaie. iou are aiso lonunaie io i"c ' mia uuu numu have the School of Mines," con-1 tinued Borman. "The best can did expression of the school would eliminate "long lines at Sf. John's: .,!. the polls on election day." He the oratorical contest for boys m-,Pe,,',ric w,r' p m..i said you have a license to drive 16 years and younger. to 4 p. i mm fly Ka r -"V iL uf .It I edge that his dog would be better off in a place where she could run. The dog, named Hap- rr otfmA in firiA mnrlitinn in O T- i i r rxni VJ BMirvu in iui vuuuiviuil ill opposed the measure. He sZ.X it would only help the Republi- an'd taken'to home at 23(J 9n iy. Bennlt-CIrkloni to 1:10 p.m. tni ; a car, hunt and fish and the i card would be a license to vote. Eldonl the dog was sent air freight. My nrnhablv eet our best engineers son even adjusted to the knowl- from south Dakota School of Wimami ' ;;3 hIt V7h inalaKen.10 nome K.7i :k" , tone photographs of Indian sub-, by many all over the world. He IZZZ:::?- Awrew. piannea to; r: '"f. V .'"" ijecU was assembled by the don- is a citizen of the universe." down the percentage of eligible wp dog 'there1; day or ,ta nuu s w u.G Vvlv. ;tw0 util j,er son came in from wieip saw n wouiu neip ne te ranch to nick the doff u - r-.- - - o r majority party because the forced registration beforehand OPTIMIST GIFT Presentation of a check for $000 for operating expenses in the shop at the Boys Club is made by Vent Lecy, president nf the Rapid City Optimists. Jerry Schmidt (at left) Boyi Club director, accepts the check, with Howard LaRoche (right) Boys Club "Boy of the Year." (Journal Photo) Chamber Committee Endorses HB 893 The Rapid City Chamber of Commerce highway committee gent a wire to the State Legislature Wednesday morning endorsing House Bill 893 and urging the support of the Pennington County senate delegation. The bill, which passed the House 58-15 Tuesday, would return one-sixth of all gasoline tax collected to the townships and cities for use in building and maintaining roads and streets. ' Members of the committee voted in favor of endorsing the measure, but Joe Bottum questioned whether or not it would be constitutional. State law provides that gasoline tax monies can be used only for "high ways," but not for streets and alleys. The bill was due for consider ation by the State Senate Wed nesday. In other business, the com mitlee changed its meeting time to the fourth Wednesday of the month and discussed the access road to the new Stevens High School and the upcoming hear ing on the project to complete the interchange at Haines Ave nue and Interstate 90. mara Hospital: Paul Alexander, Spearfish; T. Brewer, Custer; George F. Dimick, Spearfish; Barbara Eg-gers, Custer; Amos J. Ewing, Sundance, Wyo.; Jana Lea Feller, Wall; Marguerite Ferguson, Cottonwood; Mrs. Bert Fortin, Sturgis; Mrs. Donald Guerue, St. rrancis; Mrs. James Lar sen, Sundance, Wyo.; Timothy K. Lyons, Buffalo; Clayton S. Pinnt, Chadron, Neb.; Roy J. Betzer, Mrs. Elmer Christoph-erson, Mrs. John Cooper, Agnes Conner, Mrs. Warren Davis, Bessie L. Griggs, Bernard M. Hines, William Langan, Mrs. Joseph Sollid, Florence Taylor, all of Rapid City. j Dismissed: Albert Burki. Kim ball; Terry J. Finck, Belle Fourche; Edwin T. Jones, Huron; Loyal B. Molcr, Wall; Mrs. EmilSieler Quinn; Hazel Smith, Sturgis; William B. Whitt, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Harold R. Ascherin, Susanne M. Bintliff, Joseph D. Brave Heart, George weir Malcolm, Thomas J. questioned whether any inheri-Rcams, Mrs. Mary T. Reiser, tance tax is justified because Paul Sleeping Bear, Brant K. estates are built with taxed ihundcr Shield, Ann Marie Two! money. They also said the Bulls, Richard K. Wright, alii brunt would be born by wid- Mines. They are very well educated and they work.' " Speaking with his usual charm and grace amidst the academic gram, Dr. Fraser told the convocation "I'd like you to imagine that maybe you are in the presence of Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus or Lindbergh. Col. Borman is a real space pioneer. ... I'd like to think I had some touch on him." ' Gov. Frank Farrar extended the official greetings of the The governor praised Borman as "one we look to lead- IIo is a real national . . We thank you for partment .of the.gJ'P; nnunces a eift of 3 1 lu jr ?are lndafarti-land your intmst in kwping ll facts Dreined,strong and free and for 'our un" erts of 2945 Greetings from the city were Tomahawk Dr. given by Mayor Henry J. Baker, in Rapid City. He recalled that a year ago he The collection, presented Col. Borman with a which includes plaque making him a citizen of S. S. Roberts such items asjRapid City. "So we claim him," bripTTmarks Sfd the blanket- Parflcche bas- and hta"' h citizenship will be claimed Driei remarKs saia me die ; u-,u mu, o,,k u.. n ., v, ,u u Happy was tied in the back yard. Well, I suppose she missed js mai wc novo vuaucugcu uui ,,fV, c c Tjrt best technological minds. We fVmv years was ene Teed as askedthe impossible and theyaorsS ala lu 'contractor. S. S. Robert was He said the average age of born and raised near Flandreau alumna (,.. (U rot4 ItlitVl1'' .'wt, wwKvv. .u.juvu o- -n- "IUUIU BUU MWU Ut'ai JTlOIlUlCau always lavors tne party wun my son as mucn as he mjssethe staff that charted his lunar and became acquainted with and ..... rUt,.w. Red Tape Cut FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - The Kentucky Economic Securi- Vir m TTonmr krnlra InncA on4 pynpriit inn's trainrtnrv within i. tj:. .:r..i. -t ran away. Mrs. Thorson has ' two - tenths of a second's ac-!an early age. He was marricd. ZF L Tt J, ..,ii,:.. u f i i,ni. ursc nr,Uf v t'uvmt ha . J - , , i cut red taDe when a family Inheritance Tax Increase Passes Sfafe House PIERRE (AP) - The House gave final passage just before the lunch recess Tuesday to a bill that would raise the state inheritance tax. The increase is expected to raise about $.")00,0U0. Debate on the issue was short, but pointed. Opponents tried everything in hopes of lo-' curacy was only 22. "What," hejto pansy pierce, whose fa-cating Happy but to no avail. I asked, "can we expect from ther was Superintendent of the She has contacted the dog i these men when they are 28, 35; Flandreau Indian School. times, j Minor Injury Reported In St. Joe Crash An apparently minor injury, $400 in property damage and a Fourche; Mrs. Timothy Bell, Bl-traffic violation citation figured !SOn; Dr. Claude Dulancy, Stur-m a two-car crash Tuesday eve-j giS; Eugene Henderson, Du- tiiutj via wi. uc in. ax 110 UllKL section with Main, at Halley Park. John Lewis Bultena, 59, 640 43rd Ct., told police he was waiting for a car ahead to make a turn and was struck from the rear by a car driven by Sherry Waldron, 20, 611 Riverside. Miss Waldron complained of bruises and was cited by the investigating police officer for not having a drivers license. She appeared in municipal court Wed nesday morning and received a fine of $25 plus $14.24 costs. of Rapid City Admitted to Bcnnett-Clarkson Hospital: Oren Artus, Belle Protect Patients I Visit Home, Not Hospital JOINES NAVAL RESERVE Price T. Shearn, son of Mrs. Lois Shcarn, 2130 Prairie Ave., and D, W. Shearn of Denver, Colo., was recently sworn Into the U. S. Naval Reserve by Lt. Jack Cokely, executive officer of NRSD 13-14(8), Miles City, Mont. Shearn and Cokely, also from Rapid City, travel the 230 miles to attend monthly drills with the Naval Reserve at Miles City. pree; Jack Smothers, Hot Springs; Joseph Spencer, Faith; Albert Wurnig, Newell; Ralph liauie, Mrs. Kirk Goodwin, Mrs. Leon Jorgensen, Mrs. Glendon Kirch, Clifton Newkirk, Mrs. Gi bert Trankle, all of Rapid City. Dismissed: Jesse Kanode. Sundance. Wvo. : Mrs. Fred Mil ler, Hemingford, Neb.; Charles Streetcr, Buffalo Gap; Mrs. George White, Spearfish; Mrs. Sanford Anderson, Mrs. Wayne Davey, David Goodbear, Mrs. William Swayze, ell of Rapid City. BIRTHS At Bcnnett-Clarkson Hospital: March 11 A eirl to Mrs. Timothy Bell, Bison. March 12 A boy to Mrs. Glendon Kirch, Rapid City. At Ellsworth AFB: March 11 A girl to Navy EM and Mrs. Lyle Fisher. ows and children. Final vote was 41-31. The House Taxation Committee earlier had tabled the bill, but brought it off the table Monday and put it on the calendar. The House also gave final passage to a Senate bill that would set up a $70,000 loan fund for medical, osteopathic, dental and veterinary students for whom courses of study were not available in the stale. If the student returned to South Dakota to practice, 20 per cent of the loan would be forgiven for each year of practice. A bill appropriating more than $100,000 for improving the state radio communica tions system was passed, and three bills authorizing nearly $3 million of improvements at state higher education institu tions. Those Include a new dormi tory and addition to the student union building at School of Mines and a new dormitory at General Beadle State College. A bill allowing county commissioners to enter into group heath and life Insurance pol icies for county employes also got tne nod. pound numerous schools, etc. Now I know Happy isn't a valuable dog in terms of money, but to my son she's worth a million. She's the first dog he ever had and the two were inseparable. We always spend our summers in Kapid City, so, of course, my son Tommy is anx iously awaiting his summer vacation so he can once aeain run and play with Happy. I just haven't the heart to tell him yet. I have thought perhaps Happy "adopted" some little boy in napia. u so, ni gladly pay a reward for his having kept her, Mrs. Durum wrote. She described Happy as 2 years old, soft brown color, half oeagie and naif plain mutt with a white spot on her chest. She is a spayed female, has had all shots and was wearing a leather collar with New York dog li cense 507313. Mrs. Thorson's phone in Rapid City is 343-7564. the or a burned out 40?" (Borman is 41.) But Borman said there was more than technology: "No one could have shared cut red tape when a family needs emergency public assistance quickly. Commissioner Eugene Goss said verification by a social worker that an emergency ex- The Sioux Indian Museum and Crafts Center plans to organize future museum exhibitions incorporating this newly added ists will be enough to start aid collection. jflowing immediately. Rapid City Man Fined, Put On Probation SIOUX FALLS (AP) - A Rapid City man was fined $300 and placed on three years' probation when he pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court Wednesday to charges of obtaining money under false pretenses. Clayton Arvid Berg admitted keening four bank accounts, three at Rapid City and one at the Mitchell National Bank. When Berg was arrested, offi cials said, the Mitchell bank had been defrauded of $29,500. Conditions of tre probation In clude Berg retraining from the use of alcoholic beverages. y vr, r J V , , v &Y-m' U ; Y 2 , ,". : , - , x.1 RADIO 'GOLDEN AGE' NOW CHICAGO - More radios have been sold during the past three years than during the so-called "golden age" of radio from 1922 to 194L SPECIAL MEMENTO Col. Frank Borman and Jean Fraser, wife of President Harvey Fraser of the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, view a special memento presented to the Apollo 8 astronaut Tuesday night. Adding to the red carpet treatment extended Borman by Rapid Cltians was a limited printing of the Rapid City Journal whose front page featured a photo taken on the astronaut's visit to the city last year. Borman was a houseguest of the Frasers while here f.r the awarding of an honorary degree by Tech on Wednesday. (Journal Pholo by Ken Norgard)

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