Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 5, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 5, 1896
Page 5
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S •, •' > ,'.•'' f Celebrated flats • Silk, Stifi and Soft. -Spring PE.W ENTER, The Hatter and Furnistter. itili Slaughtering »OTS AND SHOES. EVENSON & KLINS1CK. lust have the space ; *fore remodeling their lore room. Therefore the Prices of Shoes and Slip[ pers have been cut in two. We carry no Shoddy ioods, everything war- •ahted. (.03 Broadway. - i —••--• THE FIRSF NATIONAL BANK —OF — ftOGANSPORT. . . INDIANA. CAPITA!* $35O,OOO. -? X J. Murdock. Prei. W. W. Bon, Ca»h. \ J. F. Brookmejrer, A»it. C«»h, i'V: DIRECTORS: &8.BU*. W. H. BllngnUWt, :if i' jSntb^ 1 ' '• * Harwood, * • * ' w. T. wu»on. ai; It« Departments promptly and Stockholders Hi«rv« Fund DAILY JOURNAL Hammocki at yonr own price at Geo. H«rri«on'». Miss Besste Bear of the Westsidc lina Ber rlglrt baud bndJy Fourth-of-Jullecl, Dr. Albert Nigh was cnUed aad dressed the wotmtl. 'WMllam Gnrcan, an Jnuwte at Long Cliff, escaped July 2 while working In the garden; and has not, been heard of '«toce. His home ia at Elkhart. He Is 'a"-inl'ddle'agod man, an Intelligent observer and not at all dangerous. His resent whereabouts are unknown. Oapt. D. H. Moill was astir early yes; ; t«!Qay .morning wMh his small, hand candton, ^vlflg a daybreak salute In lionory tJit- day. He visited the rcsl- dences of a number of friends amd the roar of his gun brought Meir. to a reall- zotUm that tlio glorious Fourth was at • : -Mrs. .McBjcrson, who lives at Sp. 320 u ; High street, -was buncoed out of a [•Clothes wringer one day last week. A fertranger about.thirty-five years old, conip'lexloned,' black hair, smooth V7UWCU and black hair, wearing black Xdofhlng, called on, .her and was given ; %« wringer to repair. Since that time '••'''she has not heard nor seen anything of biro. • ... „ '' Awarded £ Htehest Honor*—World's Fair. -?,: : -DR; , ',-':. I*. PERSONAL. Mrs. Swallow is visiting at Elwood. Mr. W. C. Lorw is the gnestol' friends here. , Mrs. Thomas Courtney Is visiting at Marion. ' Mrs. X Slump Is the guest of ivlatlves ;lt Ric-lullO.Wl. Judge -Reynolds oC Mont:lcollo was In t.lie city yesterday. Arthur Willey is visit!us liis pavenw nt 2;uK*v.i.lle. Olito. •M. 1>. Funster, jr., lias returned from n visiit :it La.fay.i'Wc. Cyrus KnofC is visiting friend* ami rdntilves in tho city. Mrs. Gregg ruul d-augli-ter Eva spwil Mrs. Riifus Livingston iiud daughter a-ro visiting at'Chicago. Oai-a KesHug of Walton was Hie guest at friends here yestoaxlay. Charles Finch and tami-ly. spent tli« FourUi nt St. .Toe, Michigan. John A. Young nnd -family, of Rochester have removed to -Mils city. Ed Messiuser and wife of Delphi arc the guests of relaitives i'u. this city. Frank Donaldson. Is tlie guest of Us parents at Mouiticello over Sonday. M. E. FJtegeraM Is lu the city euroutfc to tho National Doniocrattc convention. Emma Faucet* of Delphi was tlie guest of friends here Friday ana yesterday. George Norton, and family o£ Peru visited Mrs. .T, C. Ward and family yesterday. Miss Lilllo Hart of Ottawa street spent tlie Fourth nt Lake Maxinkuckee. Fred Blnsslnglia.ni of Marlon spent yesterday lu the dry the truest of Ms relatives. - - ; . •' Mrs. Michaels of'West.Market street has returned if rom a visit w-ith relatives at Marion. ... Mrs. Gregory is entertaining her daughter, Mrs. .T. E. Ferguson of Columbus, Ind. George Ross who is spending tlie summer a,t Lake Maxtakucbee is visiting friends here. Mis. E. ciiappel of SMwy, Ohio,-is visit-tog her daughter, Mrs. Gibbard, oE East Broadway. Henry S. Long and daughter Fannie, of DeLotvg, are visiting Mrs. .T. J. Robinson of tlie Woatstde. . Master' Wilbur Wlaitars returned yes- •toixltiy from ai> extended visit with reUi- rives at Ha-mffltoiri, OMo. Mr. Wealfel of Morris, 111.,. Is the guest of Iris cousin,'Mr. Wenlfel of the Cotamibla BrowiuiK Co! Miss Marie Lawshee.and May Ivlim- bnU of Oomveise nire visiting Miss Edna Hunter for a few days. Mr. and:Mrs. James Park and little son Marvin, of Sycamore street, spent yesterday at Lake Maxlnkuckee. Ed. Emedcli and G. Goldlng have rc- •t'ltwied from Maiilton where : tliey wR- nesscd the Buffalo Bill, porformance; Mrs. S. P. Sheei-ln and Mr. and'Mrs. J. C.'Nolsoii' went to Chicago yesterday to romaln u-ntlil aitter " the 'convention. Mr.C. A. Mlclmeds. of Kokomd was dine .cuest of his mother, Mrs. Michaels of West Mna-kctstrcet,-OTOT,the Fourth. Mrs. Herbert Gra'ffls' and children luive rotm-u«l from a week's visit at Burlington, Iowa, and Terre Hnute,. Ind. " : ''. -. Mrs. Frank .SwiRaiT, Mre. T. H.. McKe-o, M'IHS CaaTle Baggs a.nd Mr. J. W. Funk went (o Washington, D. 'C.,yesterday. ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Jolm Erwln wenttoClil- cago yesterday to remain until after the; convention, M,r..lrwln has an appointment as specJnl.-officer'on the staff oftlie: Seargenit-ait-nrms. Mnstei-s Pinny'Woixl and^an-y-FI dler are spending Sunday in Lafayette' the guosts of .Prof. Barr, They wilil sing in'the-boy choir of the Episcopal' chui-cU at tlio morning'and evening' scrvlcos;' . KICKED BY A HORSE. • ,A 5-year okl son of-CharlesWHliaine, living six m'Hes souKli.-of the city, was quite badiy injured Friday a. m.,-caused by a. horse kicking him, breaking a bone of his left ami and cutting-a severe gn«h In his liead. •..;.• woman, a^ P , . . . OTTOS WON B0IH First Game With Ehyobd -Was Taken With Ease. : ' EARNED THE Cleveland Again Leads the National League Clubs. .'•"...'.; Tlicro may not be any fwit-bor.3 sprout- 1 ., iiis ou'tlie shonlders of Hie Ehvood'ba'll players, lu tho place .where, wins?." aiv popularly supposed to Ktow, but certi.'u: it I* tliat Hint lot of 'Keuilero'eii caino ;to. us badly misrepresented.,. :VrijK.y,..said".. they were kickers and-roiiRhs, ••iin(V.«' they con-hln't win by .robbery',", they were not Lu tho gn.mp. .Who ..was. \t said flintV Why Kokonio, O'C boriiw.^Bc- ea'iise Kokoino was unable to.uirf w.l.iat' it plea'sed wkh tlio Ehvood, placets- a groat lio.wl w:is put up th.aF.any.-'ball ^ tcii.m that went -to wl'th :> iw-r of Coifs 43s strapped, to .The waists of evei-y player, antV'st'-'llandy billy hi their pocket*. It imijr'Beso iir Ehvood.but • If the notions of theplnyors at home ai-c aiij'tliinp like as decent :is - they'display oil In the giutiesiyMfeyJ'Sler- dny, there's uo need of tnkliig ijiijjfhiu.s aJougr to beat thorn but" goo.d; bn-lj. .pl.-iy.- ei-s. •" ^ ; - i -;- i That's w-hat: tlie Ottos piiKui'v^TCrtW^t rtiem yestei-dny. and tlial:".!s-^Vl)y \y<? won. Both die mornins aTid';n'ftcrn<iop. panics were played on their nu?H ; i.s,,,,;ii:!.d superior.work in the box...won, :; bo'tji gnnics for I/osaiwport. . It cou-kljio.fr be; chai-Bwl to the Odd, -for the visitors put' up us fast a qiiniity of bHll-- : tlierc\'iS'lias-" been seen on the home KrOTin<Ys"tfl.k<' sea- KOJI. Hartinn.n nt'tlvlixl base; was'.'the,' only weak spot, in tliotr Iiilieli]--and. be.-' was responsible for two. of .the Minis In! the afternoon game. •. ';-'-- •''•••> -•••-"' lu the moimlng ga-me O'CWnnc*'was pitted agn.l'nst O'lMeMii.-'^^!-''^^''^™]'.'!' had a long way Uic best J <>iM'fr; v lie jgavq.. the ElAvowis but four safe .'hits,. ,pbjl tlomonsti-n.teil Iris nWlity.to pitch good- ball at any stage o-f the .same.':-(.The.' score was 13 to 2. In fa.vor ot-ithe-'OWs. The afteiiioon game was tlie.craiker-' jack. Tlie vaunted Knepper : was; in thf; box for the visitors and. Deiuiy Lyen was up against hlin. - Kueppei- pitched great ball, allowing the heavy .hitters.of. the liome team but seven safe hits,'but Lyen did better than thftt; -he gave the vislitoiis but tlwee .measly hits, one of them a two-ba.ggen•" And' besidei?,-'-he- sliowed h-ls game quaJlttes under the most trying circumstances. In the hist half of th€ sixth Inning, with the scorfe 2 to 0. MulhoHnml was given Hfe on. a quflsHoinaWo error by Starts; Lyen gave Bryan -ami Selbert passes to nrat,...Hnis nlMnp tiio bases. There wiis;iio oue.oiit r and it began to look..Wk'e^...fP'^^iiing.' that the score would be tleiU,-b,ut.i.jhoxe. was where Deuuy. .wns,^.,equi*l.-.to-.tlie. omergoncy. He etrack.-- Hartinnu,, lontp and Wlilte was i-otlred. on h"po''p'-'fly'>/d Statts. Denny then'went to- : w6r1c"on Coxen, nnd after he 1 lifld;pW£u'edjitlirbe.' Imd ones down, and nno'tjB^na/mit,,« .forced run, he sent ..tt}£<$iiv!i)i]/i? e t$n? 1 * : over and the'side -was outy wltbcthvets men dying on base.. In tliea'a.^.'Wnlf.»« the seventh the vl9itpr^«jtfiin v l^id--tlie; IMISCB full, but tney' A eo'fflir.driiy' |et;?n ; e_ uian across the rubber '/o'l^a^^jajUi,,,!!; was a good game and when tlie r.-ilii put a stop to t-t In the Inst.-tailfroiF-_,the elgiitli, the Ottos hrtd 5 to ffi^J'tflTO's I?' but ns the latter dld^not g<#«yl»trMlf'cir> half, flie score Is put liacti tVWen..ip.-. Dings. Following Is t'—""""•' OTTOS '.- AB Sllavcr, Lf .......4 Bolan, lb 3 Horsley, 3b Bniton, ss . BevlHes, ct . Lyen, p ----- O'Conncr, rf :..3 ..3 ..3 .'.3. ...3 ..3 ..3 0' -. 0 .0 •'0 '';• 1 '''; 0'''.; 1 0-;'- ' "0 "o V.T .. >'& r> : 0 i 0 Totals 28 .3 . ELWOOD AB .Rj. .Sliepperd, ef ,.. ..4 O.J Woods, If ........4 .0- • JIul'holland, ,lb ...3'-. 0.-' Biynnt, c . ,;... ..:3 ' .0" . Selbert,. ss . ,^;.3 - : .-b" ., Hartaiia.n, 3b '.'.: .3!' Oi White, 2b ..,-;.'..2->- q;' ; '; Coxen; rf:.\.......l Or" kncppcv, 'p '.1:..':.-.!'•!.._.'.0^.,, .0, .0 . .flOi> £ft, t 'ft^%' .i.'..' : -t : 0: :; ' ; 2- •o;r.^' Totnte'...'.';'. .2i .-T ; -;3 : -21:'..'•-.,»,-:,4: • Two-base-hit—-Bryant;; -iwiW ;.pitcli^ Lyen 1; base onrbn'H^-off-I/yetf .C; bit; by pitched bhli T -Coxen;-strucft;^'i:it--by^ '.1,800. ,-r .- ';'--,' .;';.. !.;.-; O.-N:.'-'--(ii ---«^ .-•'. Score by inntags'': : '?.• '•• .,r.; £--J.-L!;.?- : ? s, Elwoods ;..^ .. :..;..: .'. .Q-'.0*oiftj.Q>iQ; l-l ' It Is,not going to;be ano^y<6ju«> 'for 5 either side today;-purret.t'wili prHi6a8|Rr . . ' 100 Pairs ,U '' ' '<'W f ":'•""'• '-•• 1 ,; . • 1 •••••• -\ ' ' Slightly Scuffed, , prom Handling Monday and Tuesday Most Extraordinary Offer. We have Selected 100 pairs>f Men's and Boys' Finest Tan Shoes, (slightly soiled) worth up to $5.00 which we will close out Tomorrow and Tuesday at $1.98. :.••.••• MEN'S HOME SPUN LINEN SUITS worth ... $5.00 6iiJ JFor WHITE DUCK VESTS worth . . . . . . 1.25 For WHITE DUCK PANTS, worth . . . . . - 1.60 For STRIPED DUCK PANTS, worth . . .. . . a -°J 2.76 For 1 MINISTEES DRAP COATS and VESTS . . B.OQ BLACK GRAY and FRENCH FLANNEL worth 5.00 Alpac^v Brilliantines, Mohairs, and Cecilians, cheap. 3 FOR THE PRIQE\QF ONE. 3 Celluloid Arlington or Fiberloid Collars for 26 centsv THE PRICE OF ONE. Last chance. One week more. Boys keep coc^any price; your own price. Same price for Odd Lot Thin Coats and Vests, STRAW HATS, Unbroken assortments, CHEAP. 11 KRAUS "Of Course NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS. S. Q. GRACE 5ELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY EOR THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER )N LOOANSPORT. j COflPLETE. •5jf5 7-Ot Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway. If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing •--.. •• • ••» - • •tie as, yestwdny? -flnfl'/tf so, It, .w.lft.bc • more -tlian wort*' seelafe-It ' wltf.-^ " something' •Two anW ,TWO > sine. ' NatloaaJLca^cJi^jyiesterday. Cleve-' Louls ' Baltlipwe.broKfire.venv.-.-BTMl in conse- "(|iftn'c^ •tlie:pos1it | loii(»' v iii ! e'OiK;e'afiain. re•?$|N ^ Cleveiaaitfis a* Uie top.-Pol-. .'•fowln^.areth«' : sY5oi'|B 1 .:" : ; ' ''" ' ? . ,'.. | ,-MOBNW5<J' : GAMES. • •'• -. 3. Cleve- li, Ne-w ''/X^* Phnadelph'la^Washington . 13, ;'\.4fr'--.5PI'ttsbxir(^CInclnna» v: 3;--:-ritts-.; 4, Cleve-. 2, New' At Brooklyn— Bcetion 7, Bi-ooklyn 2. At Chlcalgo— Louisville C, Chicago 11. STANDING . Clubs : Cleveland Baltimore .Cincinnati- Boston ...... Plttsburg .... Chicago ..! Washington 'Brooklyn New '.York' St. Louis •Loisville' . MAIL BOX CRACKED: Last evening while some-one was celo- .bratiug the gloridns Fourth they placed,a flreci-iicker at rhe back : of .the inail box -at' the soutlnwest corner of Fourth' 'street and : -Broad\yny; and when It exploded it crc-ckeil the box considerably. .Letters- can be extracted without much difficulty nnd the 1 authorities arc very anxious to know, tli.e guilty, party. ''The Ladies' Amateur Bicycle club of .Chicago wiiH race agaitwt ten. of the ; fastest male bicycle riders of I<oj?ans- ;port, : Tuesday; July 7th,, at tire driving 'park. . The ladlee are experts. , ' . . . hoiisework. Ga'J- SATOLLI AT A BALL GAME. ' ; 6M to .do at 2101 BitmiJ way; The Cardinal tor the Flrnt Tlu>» neuei tbeGrvftt Amcrlcnn Sport. A Worcester, Mass.. special says O»r- dinal Sntolli saw his first game of baseball here the other dafr He was vUiV ing Holy-Cross coll?fe, and witb/Bev- cral of 1 lie instructors, sat in the stan& nod saw the Newport* a stron? senU- professionnl team, beat the college -teams, two to' one, in eleven inning*. The cardinal did not- understand th« game, nnd the explanations translated Fn to Italian, rather lost their point. Tbo subtleties of the pitchers' art and th« stopping 1 nnd throwing of swift ball* did not appeal to him. but when one player, sent a tremendous sky scraper. 1» center and ran nearly to second before the catch was made, he clapped ;hi* hands, and cried "Brnvo." Towards the end of the gnme a scorch- 'ing 1 hot font dnrted at his cininencc..Hf dodg-ed it swiftly, and the ball smashed the back of his chair,, The cardinS only smiled, and was seemingly noti* the least frightened. His secretary picked Up the ball nnd the frame stopped whjle the cardinal insiwcted itcnriously for'ii moment. At the end he said that he wns sorry that. IToly Cross wa* bejiien. and fb'at- the youngr men mu* strive to do better-next tirap. ; > - Ufe In the Deep 8«. • In- many of the wounding* mad* by Sir: John I<ass 8cn; ivornis. or annelids, were brought up'- 1 from depth* varying from ; MO to 1,00(1 Tuition™. At a deptk i of 8001 fothonn his : n«-t*n-;nifi-ht a b ««utl-' 'f ui.ipecimen of'the rup'ut mrd«ea. Tiw rpceimen wa«'.preserved and it now ia the British tmui'tHn In London. '

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