The El Dorado Times from El Dorado, Arkansas on June 28, 1969 · Page 10
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The El Dorado Times from El Dorado, Arkansas · Page 10

El Dorado, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 28, 1969
Page 10
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f( et th & va th 10—El Dorado (Ark) El Dorado Times—Saturday. June 28.1969 »**1 a* , , C aa Hronmc fnmo True. Find Ymir Dream Home In Todays Real Estate Column! Phone 2-6611. TTS$3SE@n3g feairiagia. Good Things To Eat — 59 —* — — — — '* * * - — i --I, -“ ii --| —i —I -] EAST AT LEE S Dari Snack Fist Main open 2* hrs K2-4921 Mt Hollv open 8am to 11 p m Mi2 5931 Air conditioned dining room — .......................-... ........... -........ —A PURPLE HI LL peas *2 UU bush«* at Fin* Station in Junction City Tomato« tl SO hall hushe) i( you pick A Complete Line of tl WEDDING Equipment and Services Sboghzi i Qtouu of Canditi " t 503 E Hiltiboro 862 2102 NOW OPEN TOWER DRIVE IN t’nder new management In a hum ’’ Trv >>ur plate lumh at noon A Ko short orders sandwich«*. & home made pie Open 9am to It) p m except Kridav 4 Sat urdas til 11 p m R22 S W Ave Phone SM- Wlî Mobil Homes -63A KOR SALE PAUŒ 57 *10 *ith living room extension 2 be<troi>m tlimngrmm Phone 54*» 254)4 alter 5 30 P M FOLDOl’T AND PICK I P c amper rentals Mobile home sales James ** its tour miles Sowrth FVM Road 12 X iitt trailer for ■ole Carpeted Built in oven Washer drver Three bedrmms 882 313u t .LARGE STOCK Aii^/eam Travel Trailer' Perry' Trailer Sales Bos 422 Cullen Louisiana Phone 53*-3051 Open on Sundays Come Musical Merchandise —64 RENT NTW PUMOS' Tn before you bus Rt-k nothing Lose nothing Parker M usk ' Compatit 113 North Washington Phone 863-3700 Seeds, Plonts, Flowers —66 COLEI’S CALADIt MS Candle TYeev Chinch bug poison Decorative bark and mulch Millers Nur sers Magnolia Hifÿittat .Òa**i?ied Display " — T00' ClatiÍfiied ÒìspÌay —TÒÒ &|os8itio<ì bis^loy* —TÖÖj Classified Ditola House Ot Permanent Flowers 2«04 Mwett Watt Ava. FLOWERS FOR All OCCASIONS Arrangement» Po* PlonH h W*i Sta» ■<o*an 1 Accauo' ti C»">at*ni W-eotfct W. Dati vai Phaaa *41-»Oli HOLLINGSWORTH Treat Vr Bugs \Ae have a i-omptrte lu ment to Mop Chinch Bug" belt S Jactaon Phone #63-5295 lawn treat it start 304 POTATO intert* Collcf« SLIPS tomatoes bedding plan des * peat mow Res* Nurwi CUSTOM MADE DRAPERIES **o 4 a n ow work room Mon, baowtitul t**w1 A patterni to choote itom free *1*1*01,1 Call 063 36M to> complete «arena Union Floor & Carpet Co Inc. 2703 Caltan Kood PH 163 3611 J b Wearing Apparel -69 6 FERtifS FASHIONS Simp witk » Iw ffiif ímhMim pfK'9 tait rcmtinu^ pm N è Thun 3016 N (<»¿1«** viMir Opm till 7 P THF ( OHNKH _ k -- ~ m ,h(1 if Nummpr «le handfce Casi was Rfoadwi making room for n* charge Banka mena at < »riffitti Aportments, Furnished-71 ONE OH TWO bedrmmts Bill- Wid Off in-a parting Cat! m.i67u Mr Hesnoid^ ONE AND TWO bedrooms ( tititw-. “ gjj. ïïrr s ? t « ’S: S63443 or A63-4ÍK ill E ast elm ÿï apart mem Water g. ongle fumivheö ganti lumiihed 145 rw*i#il Apartments, Furnished or Unfurnished - 72A EL DORaW) APARTMENTS 4» Wibor IV Varane** lor singles and couples Janitor m 5? ^ biU onR *4»¡ »45 »47 50 month ( all *n*y 1 ________ Business Places For Rent___________- 73 EOR LEASE OR SAU; Will *41 equipment and I «toe bunding or *<1 birth gotng restaurant New equipmer* ex» etieto parking main I S Highwâi El Durad» krea Perfect »«4 up for man & wife operation Ante Bos 922 ran o< New* Times Duplexes, Furnished — 74 REDEi ORATED MM H rootm Hepowlt paid Adult» onls No pels Reterem«» 141 579# 163 *2» alt« S weekend- ill* EkTT HUM k ( NEI HNISHUD DIP! Wired 23t* fur air<s>ndtttoner I tilits j»>n ti «Vitre ai K2-525& Houses, Furnished - 77 WOULD YOU BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN BUY RIGHT AT "WHOLESALE"? i f t Yes, If You Ever Dreamed Of Buying A Car At Wholesale Book Value, We Want You To Come look At These Cars. We Will Show You The N.A.D.A. Book Value And Then Tell You Our Price. Our Price Will Be Very Close To Wholesale A Sometimes Under. NO DEALERS ALLOWED 1965 CHEVROLET Bel Air Station Wagon 4 Door With Air, Power Ste*rmg & Automatic Tran*mi**ion A Real Nice Cor Priced Right 1963 OLDSMOBILE Super 86 4 Door Th.* Car It A* Nice A* Any In Town Fully Equipped With All The Goodies Good Price On Thu One 1965 BUICK Wildcat Fully Equipped Air & Power Thu Car Ha* A New Rebuilt Engine & I* A Real Sharp Car 1966 PONTIAC Grand Prt* A Clean Car With Only 31,000 Mile* A One Owner Fully Equipped Plu* Power Seats & Window* Priced A Little Over Whole Sale 1964 PONTIAC Stor Chief 4 Door Air Conditioned With Power Steering Ha* A 1966 Motor That I* Guaranteed For 90 Doy* Or 4,000 Mile* Firestone 500 Tire* With Lot* Of Rubber Priced A Little Over Whole- tale But I* A Real Sharp Car 1967 FORD Country Squire Station Wagon Fully Equipped A One Owner With Low Mileage Priced A Little Over Wholetale 1966 OLDSMOBILE Dynamic 88 4 Door Hard Top Equipped With Air & Power A pretty Silver With Red Interior Priced Under Wholetale WE HAVE PLENTY OF NEW CARS IN STOCK WE WILL PAY TOP DOLLAR FOR YOUR TRADE-IN We Furnish GMAC Financing And Also MIC Insurance. All Included In Your Contract. FOSTER )0E WORKSWILSON HARRELL Come To Our Outdoor Showroom At 825 North West LTO 10 Passenger Squire Wagon. Champa Gold With Luggage Rack, 6 Way Power Seat, Air Conditioning. Plenty of Room For A Large Family. AT A SAVINGS OF MARKS FORD CO. MARKS FORO 120 N WEST AVE MARKS AT MAIN - 312 N. WEST AVE. MARKS FORD NORTH • 2810 N. WEST AVE. Brokers in Real Estate PH ICE REDUCI! next to Kroger S washer* Onl\ tl opportunità Er» or Milton Green 88 Brokers in Real Estate 88 a ven ntre ¡aunara:.. leaner« 12 dners and 1 Term- i dev red (am Mil«*. Afenrt m2 » RM MM S *Mftingtor one 2 room bachelor apart ment 2 room houte 112 Mi weeth I tilt te« paid M1-7W ______________________ THREE ROf»ll lumulted home tor rent Middle a» la<% or harheior Phone *62 MM___________ LARGE LINING HOOM ItM bed'xim. hit i henettf tutti ljundr» and «kirafe room tOtMU •mM; ^tenna <94 i m—i ~‘nnnj-f f~ ... _ nL ~m - h —|_ Houses, Unfurnished !IH Cm Duma« l*ou»e Separate dir 23ß • inni ('ill Sfc.t NEW LISTING m Thor^pson Hts n*or High School Anroct've 3 BR bnck w den, 2 batht, central h#ot & air, double garage $27,000 NEW LISTING m Eat* El Dorodo 2 BRt large pan*l®d den. fenced yard Buy equity or rtlmanc* Only SB 500 WEST El DORADO lovely 3 BR brick w/den, 2 batht, electr* kitchen, double carport Priced o' S28 500 OWNER WILL FINANCE »hit ottroctive 3 BR air conditioned, brick home at 405 Robm Rd 12,500 down & bol at 6% Only $ ! 8 900 IF YOU'RE SCOTCH & have borgomifu, th*n col* ut »0 tee thit 3 BR hom# on Buchorion St $7,500 4 poym#ntt at $65 00 THOMPSON-HOLLOWAY AGENCY, INC. 203 West Main 3-7126 For Real Estate Call: Sue Ponder 3 3028 Virginia Forward 2 4474 John Holloway 3 8616 For Insurance Call: Bob Archer 2 2222 T M Thompton, Jr 3 8254 NEW LIFTING AND hnt timr on rrvarte* benutitul brv k in N * El Iiura<fc> 3 BK 2 batti rentrai air drnttrfe . arpof i arpeted «ritt ««parale dimnf æa V en »eli kepi F'or detail' Erwin * Milev \gm \ ml M'0 or MiRor Green «h.» '«TV \MBI1 HSE Bin tilt» duplet near the tit I nun (»ir Màf It both e ( all BraiSet Healtv 2 Newly Deceret«ë i> relond •coped 3 Bedroom», Brick, 2 ceramic tile bath* Central heat A air conditioning Di*h «rather, ditpotal «rather dryer. large ne« refrigerator, cook top A oven $27,500 15 lot* »uitable for development adjoining Vocational School property Owner will finance part of purchase price DJL Hawkins Agency REALTOR 211 South Jeffer*on PH 2-1321 VK* 1IST1V. toni l.akr Hd tfeUv SI2 Äi) New FHA appraixai Cm Aaler Jw>t iul.«W rM% Un«t. ( unter deep tat iRu jwp J br 2 Wtl« » den \rf\ n «jrrr 4 irai \4r tM Irnmediate «l opanit ( t»t> pjMd Kn»in M Mile* W2 MTU m Milt un Green RU JRTV %A«'ANT THOMPSON HEIGMTV 3 t»edi-*.m> 2 biiti» IhuH m »but firm Arp fitng tmrvd U* s,\jr<J ¡*>rmU> Hnd K>IJr i •» tm rill M2 mi R41 4RU M) *021 1*14 EAST MAJ' Nouae near t*ft tour roo n muden al area ( all RR2 «4* i»R WNT ronr atta NICE TUO aedf'jurn at ISM ( i«nt»o Street re(■•nth rwnudrted 170 UU per montb Piume RR3 «111 PIVE ROOM farm touae ISO Water paid Adult' onh »vatt l utati ('«il r»3 mu> .*rr: W- (TEAS THKEE bedn.m*. I'« kith. «a*iet dnet f<«nil«t«>n» alta tin venetun btirat. Carport *tur.«#< huu» 1715 Ntt*n smt M miffi <R* * QrR * br uni h*e 2 batlu HR) IU7 N J* ft*un«bf «il lue 2 bath» f?‘> Aitava 1 He*i It RKFTOU n^NWWTí«Í(umi'J>«j kimile M, J.f I *iih iRt ton\e^um. 1 mt * i iêty lift' ty<: dau the ftsh r® si tut HH H «««»M HOI Sf One mil, „ut ,.n H,<t,» , IS We« On naaMhh l*tti.n. Mtl 9H NFU TNHEE t<.ilf «Hi antunuUu it tk«M A .tthti natnntua» th I» ttaa mm t ué and i*» »tim« l*tm « Hh i4Te Vocotion Place» ~85 .. " » 1 Lake 0 arbonne Cabins, Inc Troiie> Port »mo'yad thody bit avail sWi Get. «rotti 6 tewer fwmithad Rate* Otrermght c amp«it $2 00 Mo rotti Travel troii*>i $15 00 Mobil* hom«* up to 65 $20 00 Cabin» boatt motor» i hor»«v loi rent M>t M A Itoke iMgr ) Ph 361 9706 Foimorvtll« le UTUS SHOW YOU.......... These (me home* in the better areas REDUCED to $14,550 m North west School area, only $500 00 do«m 3 BR 1 ' * both* OWNER MOVED, immediate possession of this beawtifwl brick home featuring a huge paneled den, 3 bedrooms 2 batht, and only $22450 00 PRICE REDUCED to $24.000 on this fine home m beawtifwi Country Club Terroce «r*th all the finest of executive features NEW lorge brick home m Brent «rood «rith red«rood Sunde<.li and only $32,500 MANY OTHER FINE HOMES for you to choose from Coll us for all details and oppomtmentt R.C. B00ENHAMER AGENCY 400 N Washington UN 2 I j I 3 MARY CLARK UN 3 5333 R I HOSFOtD UN 3 8060 kill A A NTH» brv. k tow »ant«») a bar («in «0« »anted a dt*h«ailtef rentrai heart *t< etc IfU VE HAVE IT MX POi ONLY tUMI N.ahiii# d>>«n to (¡it El Huradu Heai FaRate ( o In ( all RR2 *»r RS34U» RkU«j 'HICE ttHASiTli ALIS rediaed on older 4 hr home V . bath« on IS I eda> CVme u< evert th m i I entrai air «a- III Wo now 11 JMi (Kiner tranvie rred and «at« In t*1 Mav t*e «tun» tou F rair to Mile* Vfrf. «2 UTli MlRur Green «U »71 ALL PANNKLH) m tiw m* 3BH at 121» N Mdet on i«<> Mt ( o»t> paid Hotma KeaM > ! ‘jUR- Dut A Bili t raí* 2 IJIT Buiinet» Property For Sole 89 Mt* i 4 likture* •tdr In vert Kr«in « Mur* A*eia t i Greevi A3 * ' PONTI AC-C ADI LLAC-TEMPEST TWO-1966 PONTIAC Executives. Air & Power. Nice Cleon Cor«. Both Low Mileage Your Choice. SPECIAL $1895. 1967 VOLKSWAGEN 2 Door Sedan. Radio, Heater, W/W Tire». Beautiful Royal Blue With Leatherette Interior. Low Mileage Spare tire never been on ground SPiCIAL$1395. u s E D C A R S 1967 PONTIAC Grand Prix Hardtop Coupe. Air A Power. Power Windows, 6- Way Power Bench Seat. New Tire*. White With Black Vinyl Top And White Interior. Local One Owner. SPECIAL $2895. 1965 CHRYSLER Imperial, 4 Door Hardtop, Full Power & Air. New Tires. Low Mileage. Local, One Owner. Turquoise With Matching Interior. SPECIAL $1795. Highest Trade-In Value Now On Good Clean Used Cars. BE SURE TO SEE OUR NEW CAR DISPLAY TOO I GEO. MORGAN MOTORS USED CAR LOT 411 South West Ave Next To Townhouse Motel Phone 863-9304 or 863-7148 and ask for James Kersh, Doug Futrell or George Morgan Jr. DODOS RAMBLER £J VOLKSWAGEN St Wo PACE SEHER SALE ENDS JUNE 30 1967 BUICK Wildcat, 4 Door Sedan, Air A Power Cleon 1965 BUICK leSabre, 4 Door Hardtop, Air A Power E«tra Nice 964 BUICK Wildcat 4 Door Air A Power ....... 1964 BUICK Skylark, 4 Door Sedan Air, Power Steering Ntce 1961 BUICK LeSabre, 2 Door Hardtop Good Work Cor 1959 PONTIAC Cotolmo, 4 Door Air latra Clean 1967 OPEL 2 Door Red or White, Yovr Choice 1966 RAMBLER Clossic 770, 4 Door, 6 Cyl Auto Transmission $2495 $1595 $1195 $1095 $495 $395 $1395 $1095 Slick gor One Ov*n#f $ 1,495 «—>_ — —>_ii~~n.... T**k|i ** Farms ana Land For Sale HEAI TSl 1 Bl II IHNi. *te iM 1 m m$U- oui itt< a atei Phonr M2 4* 90 LAKGF 2 HK hotitr <* rural M 2 mriet mH E M,in 112 «•< Itame« Keaih ’ Uit 6 Bill Irakers in fiSBÜtí?»» t tor HHiRtM Mi IMI- on « re ot land See a H m* V R W I aiàim Mean. 2 2W m* it 7 mi ÙH F'lM THAI! EH Tern» ( onÉUm HeaR N * pad 2 Ï2R2 ot 3 I otm SfltRi 1906 Wist Oak (Ac rot t T >mb«l«M 0n*e Iroitt Scheel Broad new 3 bedreemt 7 both Hem« antt» central heel â ew en choice 110" let Fiitoncing ovoil obi* A trade» conti dered Cell CltH Bvmt Jr 2 009) « Vliali till tarn 11* I HIM)M HIN SF 2 preti* lot« rk* prre «mali <k>»n patRimb and ve# _ Rt< ityrttl Rian ( all Ifaadlr' H» ^li___________ eifMte ISITN 4 Mfiwn hoior uttertMed in mretin# nenilemar< t»HR motoileltoM^ and «ma ißt imtli ittor-t tradinjt I all Mr adlet He4i> »ms « MIR KM' f. lit' Hr ««.n Ne LF IlKlMlM Mi»MF a ttli lifted in RmS .aro IMai arai take up baiala e on V . per i Mil iMertM ioan < onRJin Meati» 2 OB w 2 7»U w i NR. SELLOUT JONES BUICK CO. 1910 We*» Hillsboro H*us#s for Sole ¿KWtX LANF. t HK 2 da» L«e (Jen WjHtty. ïMtmt tuait RC Î88W aftet j __________ H\ 016Atilt TVee tedruon» (See Mj toalR» lewed »eard AwtMnr S't pr( r*a loan £HM SetMti »'Cl Phon« B63BI53 .- " i ■ - •“ -i. Houses For Sole LAKE D ARBONNE Mom lake, tree cowered lots Chotee ol 5, $3,750 each City utilities 11 lots ranging from $1,200 to $1,750 No Collect Colls Phone West Monroe, lo 325 $572 _____________________ Stm VtR I AN oar« (ronr own taane lut ont* IK Jo airi Pltu«eR62tUB) P U Hut «Il FJ it.raiV» TIT» Lots For Sole 92 NtHft iS THF lime Uibtttid m (Mudan« Higku AN ilt» ail III tr« HeaiRilu; tiuM lut> IK (out wtér tall tUêérs Meati* 1 11» Moke Mi Ad 0Her 230 ocres in section 1, 104 ocres of this m Oviochito County, 126 in Union County 230 acre* •« section 6, Union County Io1“1 460 ocres timberlond 862 241$, 836 8662 _____________ HMt !wU> Farm and umtoe* land lertte mde» •ett é FJ Ikaatk »*W »MR« ketare* • a « and 4pm F OH SAI F • a» r« ot iMd and U It, Iri. arid Idt arai et (I timrt oi Sinai Rotei lto*h«a* w, ousei ror ntMFF MF 1 »HlRraS %mhm * entrai fcrat and m 1 Amite t poo. *1,7771 r frute rii JJSÿj i éi pated Set 11alleafm iMRtilRl 0'ArSe*ee UkilRt Northwest *tde té 6 mOe* «Mi ef iormerville m Ber me e Htfbwoy Ture Mt on blocktep rood follow sagns Will be on loH oil d«y Soturdoy A Sunday Privstefy ewned A hondled Reo «enable pneed A financing awe Hable Far apeawtmaat call Eormerville, J6ê-9$9J On an tee er Momee 373 1173 Jack 411 CASA LINDA Three Bedrooms, two full botht, two car goroge. Carpeted, cen tral heel and air With built in even, cook top Will Refinance FHA or Gl, or Buy equity ond oiture 5'/*% loon, with $1 16 73 poyments CENTENNIAL HOMES Coi 863 81 Met 863 7703 THHF-Kltri^.S d« I'.toatta IIS RM «It aauwe h |k .« m ** ■JMMM 65 Butck Speciol, Convertible AwtomotK Ntce Air A Power $ 1 , 095 . 1968 Comtro V 8, Automatic, Air A Power Vinyl Top A Console Clean SAVE $1000 1966 Impala 4 Door, Fully Equipped 327 White Wall Tires Turquoise ond White ONLY$1495 19SI CHiVIUE Sport Coupe, VB, Agtomatic, Air A Power Bright Red LOW MILEAGE SAVE 1967 IMPALA Sport Coupe, Fully Equipped Two 4 Door Sedans Alto Try One, You Might like It 19*5 MUSTANG VB Automotic Tronsmittion. Air Conditioned Want A Bar gom? See This One 1968 CHI VROU 'i Ton Pick Up 396 Turbo Hydromatic CuSfc 8000 Miles SAVE $$$ 1968 CHI VEIU Super Sport 396 Enaiite Tiros 4 Speed One Own 10,000 Miles SHAi 1968 IMF ALA 4 Door Sedon, Fully Eqst 10.000 Miles lots Of rdntyleft SAVE' 196« CHIVY II Nova 6 Cyl Straight 27.000 Miles Very Ecoa To Buy ond Operate 1964 FALCON Sport Coupe 6 Cyl Oet or. Automatic, low Nk Nice A Clean Owner Transferred >tr Lit «W» » 1 mm, pu beeZZ beMtveet f%f% Amor icon St Wog W on St Drive Air C0QÇ Cond One Owner T® ’ » • ¿4 ^olfc»^o»on 2 Door Sedan 0"*0*"* $895. A4 Chevrolet Pick Up, Auto motic Trontmn CfiOC *«on. One Ownor LA Rambler American, 2 Or Runs Out Good $ 495 . Mort To ffceese From BISHOP BROS. MOTOR CO. 210$ North West Avenue Phone BA3 61 36 1 Mt liHiMiM and tm iwMral KeW une I grade M'toutd turaai lu MM W ’S**) m patnuailt m m Mar Mil He«Mi RUIltl WE ARE GIVING EXTRA LONG TRAI FOR CLEAN USED PICK-UPS "WE NEED “EM" GMAC tiRRS tirai*' PLAN GRIFFIN AUTO CO . MLLSBOtO ft SOUTNWIST PNOM 3-31' LET » 'i toudd tua a ne« Rom» au t ml na *>•« UMwnal Hundert Cai M 2411 7M H W G Uiraáa AA 4»* IHM lioeMHr ton RadreaiM, um RxA Hirdvnd Itoqn raatral k«d Kawad hark «ard atra I m* met WO Mmm at 1» (4 «■ h nt ire rea 14111 RWfT™î kiktwi Two beWuuiii dan (new home Trae ifcaded lawn t arputl Morafe Alla la* uer au ■ aedMnaiei Atati «arti iut« IMI Uka ote« (il kea F^ mw MSStt tut aaeuMHiMi uaa FON WIM H> owtwe Taro «oi> thrae Maan Iwu kai* fcuwe m ktpt dtadad kd • entrai Rimi •ad mi < ondili »ned rmp«4 IRiourRouI antinatrd tliaafle m RìMmi «nd l«dl atta la., rat |»rate tarata* M Faad m>< Praad III WS m CaB 01071 ________________ MIKliUY (flt vmv HtMF F>e nule. Ho.. •Onare AH attinie» l'»featN* deten rtaate mi «anelami« knytae Wt( arte ptne loteml artwne l omteu twMWfimg pm* Kant nwat e «tra» I4IM Ffl luian. ad <«ttnei atti b aaare pan « ira* U ttnaUe« hoii» Wtklli dayt lieti MtitTH IdafMdu I« ky hadti ani tm lt*uigfou*> Rita F eia «e harR yard AtMondmoaa M—i Ijmé RM sm atte» » FIR! SAli tu Ite muni S loan tuwld kke la lui ale <4 lui 4 Sii tate to be netted Hmt»e ì Mbti | «d*F I FJIAH I tmkmaics lar(> ti lue ataie iRmn« riami t<i«ne ti Vwttdmoraled IW Ulti ñíTüxrm, kaUu Rui Raa *m t umi

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