The El Dorado Times from El Dorado, Arkansas on June 28, 1969 · Page 9
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The El Dorado Times from El Dorado, Arkansas · Page 9

El Dorado, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 28, 1969
Page 9
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Race Victories Sell Cars INCREDIBLE: Dodge's new ear is the Charger Daytona, a wild, wild creation. Note (he rear*end spoiler. By BOB COCHNAR NEA Automotive Editor NEW YORK—(NEA)—The automotive gospel according to Leo Beebe says.succinctly, “Race on Sunday, sell on Monday.” The Detroit boys w ho h a p p e n to be blessed with smarts follow it assiduously. Beebe is the Ford executive who, with approval of Henry II, brought the com pany back to racing and delivered its first win at the 24 Hours of LeMans. And as he used to explain it, racing sells cars. While nobody has yet been able to equate prowess on the track with unit sales in the showroom statistically, there is sufficient evidence to justify enormous corporate expenditure in racing. For example, when Cale Yarborough won the Daytona 500 last year in a Mercurv Cyclone, southern t h e NASCAR superspeed- ways So. reasoned Ford, why not create a Ford Tal- ledega—after Bill France’s new track in Alabama? And so it was done. Not to be one-upped by Ford. Dodge entered the lists with a Charger Daytona, an absolutely wild automobile which must be seen to be believed. Likely beneficiary here is Big Daddy France. American Motors, which finally won a few races after trying hard for a year, has not yet identified its cars to racing through a nameplate. But it’s likely to come. The Detroit folk still have a few names from which to choose Don’t be surprised if one day to spy a Chevrolet Riverside roaring down the freeway. Or a Ford Indianapolis Or a Plymouth Watkins Glen Mario Andretti, surprise, surprise, has been voted the outstanding performer in the second phase of the Martini & Rossi 1969 Driver of the Year competition. He was the unanimous choice of a panel of motorsports writers after breezing to his first Indy .>00 victory. Andretti was 1967 Driver of the Year. No. 2 man was Lee Roy Yarbrough, who was the winner of the first phase of the voting. Yarbrough won the World 600 at Charlotte, N. C. Others, in descending order, were Bruce McLaren (for his Can-Am win), Sam Posey (for the Lime Rock Trans- Ami, Dan Gurney and Parnelli Jones. The eventual winner gets $7.;»00 and a trophy. Cokes Is Predicting Win In Ring MEXICO CITY (APt C urtis Cokes, the former welterweight champion from Dallas, predicts he will win back the title by a knockout Sunday night but .Jose Napoles of Mexico is highly favored to retain the crown he captured in April Na poles stopped what was called a knockout April 18 geles when Cokes asked the referee fight between the 13th and 14th rounds Cokes, battered around the eyes and nose, was trailing badlv on all three cards El Dorado (Ark) El Dorado Times Saturday. June 28. 1969—9 Cokes in 13th round in Los An- cornermen to stop the I am ready to spread that butter on mv bread >aid Cokes, referring to Napoles’ nickname of Butter I was not myself when I lost the title. It w;is a bad night I |ust do not know what happened but it will be different this time Asked if he feared a hometown decision. Cokes said. No The Mexican fans are intelligent Besides there will be judges Cokes, now 32. won the vacated title in 1966 and defended fnur times before losing to the 29-year-old Napoles who was born in Tuba but has been fighting out of Mexico since 1962 The boxers will wear six-ounce gloves in the 15-round match instead of the eight-ounce gloves used in most bouts iVr Allen Admits Error In Walking Out stock car fans who overslept on Monday and reached the local dealer after noon, were »imply out of luck There wasn’t a Mercury Cyclone available in the South. Then there »s the business about car names. Pontiac was probably first on the id m this respect when it began to affix racy-type names to some of its models. There’s the Bonneville «salt flats». Grand Prix. LeMans and lately, the Trans-Am (after the Trans-American Championship i The names were chosen deliberately. The Trans-Am differs somewhat from the Bonneville, LeMans and Grand Prix names in that it was turned out to appeal specifically to racing fans. Essentially a GTO, the car in its new incarnation received a rear-end spoiler, handling package, fat tires, racing stripes and a few othei racing-oriented good ies Curiously. General Motors remains officially not involved with racing Hah' Ford and Chrysler Corp had other ideas. These two manufacturers score their I points for the most part on B\ RALPH BERNSTEIN PHILADELPHIA <AP Rich Allen admits he was 100 percent wrong in walking out on the Philadelphia Phillies, but has reiterated his previous statement He'll never plav for the National League baseball club again Allen appeared Thursday on a radii) program 1 WHAT> for a personal friend, disc jock«*v Sonny Hobson He apologizt'd during an interview to manager Bob Skinner, his teammates and the real fans of Philadelphia He insisted however, that he will not plav for the Phillies again Allen failed to show up for a doubleheader against the New York Mets at Shea Stadium Tue>dav and was suspended indefinitely without pav bv Skinner. While Allen was widening the breat h betwe«*n himself and the Phillies, his business agent. Clem Capozzoli. sought to convince the slugging first baseman he should return to the club and take his medicine Capozzoli said he and Allen were going to take an automobile ride Thursdav night to talk things out The agent said they might dnve to a horse ranch near Monmouth NJ. and it could take a tew davs before any division is reached Earlier. Allen appeared at the radio station for his first interview since he told several baseball writers in New York Wednesday he was through with the Phillies Ini wrong 100 percent Allen told the disc jockey “I'm going to face up to everything I've done here. If I'm going to exploit mv talents it 11 be for some other city because I've done all 1 can do It's a small minded person who's been on me ever since I ve been here and it s time to make a move, brother ’ “I’d like to make it publicly known." Allen said on the radio program 'that I d like to apolo; gize to my manager, to my teammates and to the fans of Philadelphia The small-minded people here who see rne in the wrong will have to learn how to accept it The real fans ?re the ones I would like to apologize to." Allen said the Phillies have done nothing to help him He did not elaborate on this statement Crossett Legion Takes Victory Over El Dorado The Crossett Legion team slipped in a twin-bill win over the El Dorado Legion team Thursday night by scores of 11-8 and Leaders Ht I nitrd Km* iBIrrMUonml larladMg and (ÌMMI I rtétnt Raltrr R«r< »a 17J al Hai« VM hmu I I ragar Sitili Boys Club Baseball Bovs Club Baseball got underlay Friday with six games on the opening schedule Immanuel defeated First Presbyterian with a final score of. 15-6. for the big game of the \\LEAGUE CATES-STAR HITT GULF Pitchers 12 day follovied by Immanuel taking another victory over West Side with a final score of, 10-0 St M M \KV ( I riKur SECOND BAPTIST 4 Pitcher G Meeks Catcher B Meeks Hitter G Meeks. 1-2 ST HAl'l 3 Pitcher» L White C Delaoach Catcher L Greer Hitter C DeLoftch, 2-2 ( 1 t*auut* IMMAM’EL 15 Pitcher* J Moud y L Gafford Catcher T Walden Hitters M Turner 2-3 M Waldt-n 2-2 J Moud>. 2 2 FIRST PKESBYTEH1AN t» Puchen* D Magnum G KamvAater Catcher B Matheney K l.r-t^u»* VANTKKASE Pitchtr E Sawyer ('at cher H Cates KIKST BAPTIST 2 Pitcher T Willis Catcher 1) laewis Hit (t*i J Adams, 12 H1rdKUf IMMANUEL 1U Pitcher W Haynie Catcher G Hussell Hitters T Logiiin, 2 2 G Kussell, 22 WEST SIDE 0 I*itcher J Wilson Catcher D Pierce \ I reKur VANTKBASJ-: 11 f*itchen*S Tanner K Woolsey Catcher [) Pittman Hitter G L>ons.2 3 KIKST BAPTIST 4 Pitcher A Hunt (at cherB Bilo Hitter 1 H Bennett. 1 hit T Bolding H Bussey Catcher P McKinney Hitters R Meeks, 2-4 D McLaniel. 2-4 D James, 2-4 LIONS 11 Pitchers B Endel I) Reedy Catcher H Charles Hitters S Crawford, 2-4 J Boatright, 2 4 J Lines, 2-4 D. Norris, 2-4 MONDAYS SCHEDULE First Baptist vs West Side (B . 9 a m ; Kiwanis vs Civitan lAA', 4 pm; Immanuel vs. Second Baptist <C), 515 pm ; First Christian vs First Presbyterian (C), 6 pm; St. Paul vs Second Baptist 'A >6 30 pm St Paul vs First Methodist t B >, 7 p m and West Side vs First Methodist (A>, 7:4ft p.m TKo Original KnigM „S0LUNAR TABLES WK«n To Fit Or Hunt Ju th« »< hedule of Solunor Pt'todl 08 below ho* bNn token from RtcHord Aldo»i Knight'i "Solunar fob l*t " Hon you' doy* Ki that you Mill bt ♦uhmg in good territory or hunting in good cover during thete timet you to fmd the be»t iport rttoi eoth doy hy* to oHer The '▼'Ojor period* bpgm ot the time lho«rri and latt fo• on hoot and a halt o' two hour* thereafter the minor period» or* of tome*hat thorter duration CfNTRAl DAYLIGHT TIME 1 *8 r tipi Akiu Pitt 7211 OMI It Mb Joee« NV C7S8IM Ki 3S) JoArium ( %2b‘jt883 SI Sltryeil 1' “ttts 8423438 82 M3 Bett h Cu 852334t) 78 338 MrOise* M- M2llt7 72 338 Pern Cm hr i> 88 .IS Total» I u 872KSU8t 328 H Aaron All8*24*4282 328 1 Temente Pitt !■*>$■> 82 87 JS Amen *a1 eager t ab r 8pl («resi Mi S72IIti80 178 r KidMitv ■m Halt 7U3MST«Í 33t Smith Hu 8022838 71 11« HUir Hal T1307 dl 8b 308 Petr,* etti Ht» 882288378 307 tNts a Mir «727ÎJ7 S3 Hlb liega n Se e 4188188 301 t'det Kt «trois81 300 HeeardA ash 7327SSO 82 287 Wltit r Vr4 »730 SI &> Hum* Kaas Nat u mal l.eattue MiCt rses Sf' 23 M. 21 H Aaron AU and Alen Phil 1« 1 A »Tin Hi Mi IS Amern ar. l4*a*ur Jm 8 MT, Ip* I B I'etruetS Hm «Ad Mir. aid «Adi 22 VeHrretiaiki Pepitene N> f and KtUettir«Mmtl 18 Haa« Katlrd u NatMMai leadu» Harn» and Santi ì On U M t ines st » Tatet Ma» A mera an letdue kittet) ir «sa Min n 87 Personal no YARN SHOPPK V» >htpm*fit <>f sntin ■'.mxtrruv balls Crewel rnibrotòer) Yams & knitting »upplii-s 515 E Hillsboro m BFDS *h~l ctain w.lken r«|“ l*W Fest Hilbhoro Pti 862 JttiO Automobil«» Fòr Sale -T$ FOR BARGAINS IN select used ran shop at Georfe Morgan I ,a-d t arv 411 South West Ave nue l^ione 88.1 9340 TOMMY T olberts r*n i-or the b «<' Ilea! Phone 2 425t) South West Ave next to Woody's Grill KADET like new *»*, clean I9tf Merru* fortor MontrUir air power Kirgair FOR SAU l%fl<'heve'leS S JM Automati« air power (all after 5pm week da», all dpi Saturday ,ind Sunday 8ti2 1182 IV w. HutMl NalKMM Se**er Hoitiman Git»»*! Amenta M. Nath Mottlefmi * k«fc • a»li Jat'luud id Howard t*\U klft| ■ mm* Vu ion» w Suefcro I 3 Set hm 11*2 t arrufl L 10 4 IHerket learfur Mr lain Halt itMi i ulp NY ift* ua tie* L NY ill l»J »5 A M P M Day ivnp Mir* Me|. A4in Mei. 17 Sun II 4) S: IS SilS 23 Mon 12 10 4:29 12 354*45 24 tue* 100 7 »00 1:10 hit 25 Wed 1 40 7:41 1 55 1:10 26 ÎK»r» 2 25 •¡JO 7 40 9t90 V Fri 3 15 fjIJ 3 45 Oils 2« So* 4 10 10:10 4 30 10: SO 79 Sw« 5 05 Ml 5 35 lltSS SSC Schedules Basketball Camp MAGNOLIA - About 60 to 70 junior high and high school basketball players are expected to attend a basketball camp at Southern State College July 14 IV. W T Watson, head basketball coach at SSC, has announced Instructors for the camp will include Pat Foster. Camden Fairnew. Monroe Ingram, ('am den. Connie Maloch. Magnolia. Bob (Cotton Staten, of SSC. and Watson Koundballers are expected from the South Arkansas» area and northern Louisiana The group will work primarily on fundamentals in the day sessions and will scrimmage at night several times, Watson said The group will wort primarily on fundamentals m the day sessions and will scrimmage at night several times. Watson m IN nt» l Nfc*. tlUNHJIV (WIT mvNb uvmivs Ne HM FANTASTIC BARGAINS ON 1969 MODELS 69 CHEVROLET Sport Coupe 327, V 8 Automatic, Full Power White With Blue Vmyl Top 69 CHEVROLET Impala, 4 Door Hardtop 327, V 8 Automatic, Power & Air Blue 69 CHEVROLET Impala Sport Coupe 327 V 8 Automotic, Power & Air Solid Blue 69 MERCURY Cougar V 8 351 Automatic Power & Air Blue With Black Vinyl Top 69 FORD Galoi.e 500, 2 Door Hardtop, 390, V 8 Automatic, Power A Air Yellow With Black Vinyl Top 69 FORD Go la ne 500 2 Door Hardtop, 390 V 8 Automatic Power & Air White 69 FORD Torino G T 2 Door Hard Top, 302, V 8, Automotic, Full Power White 66 PONTIAC Tempett LeMan« 3 Speed Air Conditioned Yellow With Black Bucket Seat* '65 PONTIAC Tempe»t LeMan* V 8 326 Automatic In Floor, Power Steering. Bucket Seat* White With Red Interior 64 FORD Go la ne 500 2 Door Hardtop 289 V 8 Automatic. Power Steering Power Broket Like New Blue With Blue Vtnyl Interior 63 GMC Suburban Carryall, Cu* tom Cob Power Steering Power Brake* V 6 Automatic. 9 Pa**en ger Solid Red MANY OTHER MODEL CARS TO CHOOSE FROM MMuLf 24 i a U S 82 {AST PH 2 544« >»*• I a* Na Building And Contractjng 20 REMODELING’ Before vou start to iti. or reder iirate see u» OuiT^ler s Horn* improve mem Co 1602 E Mam Ph 2-SÍ7I Moving, Trucking, Storaga — 26 BLACK TRANSFER Storage t ompan\ Call li­ belóte vou move Agent* Alberi Van Lim* Phone 162-3431 ■'•rifuG Mayflaear WareSaiMMRi ROBERSON MAYFLOWER m N W Ave Ptwne 2 49K Business Opportunitias -37 PERSONNEL FRANCHISE Hove you thought obout owning your own butmett Earnina between {10.000 and $25 000 the firM yeor? Pertonnel franchite* are now being offered in your orea by BAKER and BAKER Te nnettee * largest personnel tervice Unequaled opportunity fo' both men and women Call or write Larry Green, Suite 1035, J C Bradford Build mg Nathville Tenne**ee 37207 Phone (615)254 1272 We move families not just furniture Dogs, Cots, KINC» S PKT SHOP ( hr>t»»T HU k & Tdft !)a< I pili- Htvi &950 1 vu KEEP CARPETS heauliful ilevp»*’ foot*U|» <» huss famih Buv Hlu. 1 ustre Rent Hetln. «hampouer «I I mon Floor * Carpet (ompem lm 2703 ( alton Huad Phone 183 Mil TWA t MEWKIS RHHlHTEVv.wt .-arprt« W3e Lustre them Eliminate rapid rrwulini! Rent ettotrK' shampooer fl Also varuitm ileaner ba#' The Carpet Mart 1221 W«t Hillsboro - 46 t>( m > 0! I- GROOMING t «II i ' . Hea«oiwhle pm* Rain or Shine Garage Sale 41 9 Swmmett (Deed Ind) Friday ft Saturday • A.M. te 6 P.M. Furniture. 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Howe •*> M3 4782 Private Investigation Profe**ior»ol Servie for Attorney* Employer* Inturonce Indultry Butine** Individual* Licented by the Arianao* ln«e*tigator Licen*mg Boo'd Over tn y*Kirt eiperience m Civil, Criminal A Industria1 Investi gotion Reference* Myer* Inveiti gation Agency Boi <86 El Dorado Ari Phone 862 6941 GARAGE SALE Fri A Sat « AM te 7 P 88 60S Ca»a Linda Or Country Club Terrace »tov# b«dt d'op«t ¿»•Hold »HMiit.. cKil^ffe t on<J i FOR SALE u*«d Ford Trocfor, Also Used Cub Tractor Both Good Cond't'on BROWN S GAROEN TRACTORS i , y Qyi 82 Mies' 863 7)9 1 El OMMEMTaL ice MAKERS for saie or iene Jtminv (<oad Butklen Supplì 1801 Fa»' Ma.r PWw MI U8i »Al I J.«» p)\mt>utt a» fm batten *>': ar' 14-10 El Dorado pitchers. Benny Fuller. John King, and Kiidney Barnette, gave up nine hits and seven walks uhile fielders made tour errors El Dorado batters collected five hits and six walks off of Crossett pitchers Crossett fielde.s were charged with three errors. Hitting for El Dorado w ere Rick Palmer 2-3. King 1-2. Kandy Austin 1-3. and Duke Womack 1-3. In the second game Lee Haynie went the distance for El Dorado, giving up five hits and 11 walks behind eight fielding errors. El Dorado batters collected 1C hits and two walks with Crossett making six errors in the field Hitting for El Dorado were Palmer 34. Barnette 3 4. Fuller 1*3, Bill Mayo 1-3, King 1-3, and Womack 1-4 The El Dorado Legion will play at Kuston Friday at 7:30 pm Proto*1* r pitch*« H\ THF \SMH I \TFD PKFSK Amrricun l.ragur Chicago <Pete 5-8 • at Oak* land V.-H 4 4 Settle (Talbtit 22' at Caltior* nta i\lurph\ 4-5» N Minnesota 'Bt^well 10-7» at Kansas City i Butler 3-3> Nt*w York «Bahnsen 4y> at (Itneland K 1 Lworth 34 »i Detroit (McLain 11 5* at Baltimore <l.i>pez 3-1 • Boston iCulo 10-5» at Washing ton <Bmnun 4-2' National l-ragur Pittsburgh ' Mo»>se b- 2 ' at New Vt»rk « Gent n 7-5 » N Atlanta » Stone 6 21 at Houston iWilson 74>i N San Francisco i^tideiki 3-71 at Cincinnati 'Fisher 2-11 N lxa> Angeles «Drysdale 3-3» at San Diego lArlm (H)i N Philadelphia (Fryman ë-2* at Montreal iStoneman 4 91 St la>uis i(*iusti 3-6 at Chica' go Hands 7-6* CHEA IMPALA P. 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Ml I «yerieni a A Ova<*ty 18 art At 8a«iamte Sores GARAGE SALE Salvrday Only * A 88 ta S P 88 88af aelie Mtfkwey A 4 IMI I»SM» Dultfi' I Graters >tt»e* toby tquiprrsenl flower ronaementt ond Odd* A t'<d* 14 Aitmnttti Mat $100.00 4 HP lefenssa 0 1 Ufi SÏ02 00 MS VMM $125 00 f HP 1888188 0/1 Mt! $JJf 00 BYRD TIRE CO. Sto* n tn» Ava 86 j tu i Business Opportunities Ml ttl8l/ÿJ< t8i>H8 Tiee* sltesi*^ reawsed l<%eted Hueth A t*wl» SJI mtmm en< Pkune 882 47S3 Call Haynes 8»t.,v«.oi»». Serv.,e •« •etr*eer««ars 4 tiHIS'l A m tersdlti«nusg tnjtfce* dryer* A damasi', appkance* m m Veaeae ecrM8 *»m Ve*t Matto mil Jt Heyme Owser HI VI 18»A,IV. 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