The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 23, 1954 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1954
Page 4
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER KEWS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1954 After Five Years Release of Hiss Isn't End of an Era EDITOR'S NOTE: Her's the second of two dispatches In which Peter Edson, chief of NEA'i Washington Bureau, recalls five yrars of anti-Communist war in the United Slates — a war which reaches a new milestone on Xov, 27 with the release of Algtr Hiss from prison. By PETER EDSON N'EA Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON — (NBA) — The fact that Alger Hiss is being released from Federal, Prison at Lewisburg, Pa., shortly after Senator Joseph R. McCarthy is up for censure on some of his personal conduct during his war on Communists does not mark the end of an era. The war against communism will go on. Senator McCarthy will go on. Alger Hiss' payment of his debt to society by his conviction and imprisonment does not wipe the slate clean. But this may be the end of one chapter in the war on communism, the beginning o( a new one. In this new chapter, some of the witch-hunting, the wlldman tactics, the TV extravaganza and sideshow atmosphere of past Commie chasing may be put on a more orderly and judicial basis. It Is not generally realized, but a lot of changes have been made in the strategic position of communism in the United States an the ground rules for the war against communism. These things have happened since Alger Hiss was first found guilty of perjury and the star of McCarthy first rose as the symbol of the anti-Communist movement, nearly five years ago. More than 100 of the top U.S. Communist leaders have been brought to trial and sentenced to prison under the Smith Act of 1&48, for advocating overthrow of the government by force. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover estimated that the card-carrying membership of the party was 54.000 in 1960. Today the number ii put under 25,000. Suspected Communists and fellow travelers have been cleiuied out cl government by the hundreds. Under the Truman EidminLstraUon lc.yp.lly program (1947-52) 560 persons were fired or denied government employment on di.sloyaKy grounds. Another 6828 resigned or dropped their applications for government Jobs when conlionU'd wivh evidence they were loyalty risks. Under the Elsenhower administration's revised security program. from May, 1953. to July 1, |£J5-1. the total count is 1743 employes and applicants for government jobs will:, files containing inlormalion of subversive iicUvltle.s or iiKKociiiUons ! How many of these were fired and how many resigned while under investigation has not, butm revealed. In 1950. Judy Coplon was found guilty of Communist c.siiltmitgft. Two years Inter the Kupmne Court, granted her the right to a now trial which the government h;u» not seen fit to Instigate. In 1952, atom spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were sentenced to die. After losing Supreme Court appeal, they were executed June 19 1953. With the new Republican Congress in 1953, Red chasing really ftot, hot. The House Un-American Activities Committee chairman Harold era! William P. Tompkins to prosecute itll internal .security , cases. There still Is a big backlog to clean up, Including Judy Coplon an>1 Harry Bridges rctrialK, and the Owen Lattimore perjury case now before the courts. IN WAKK OK ALGEK HISS: Since his conviction, more than 100 Lop 17. S. Commies have gone to jail. Here arc five of the lenders on their way in 1!)-10 — left to right, Benjamin J. Davies, Jr., Eugene V. Dennis, Gilbert Green, John Williamson and Gu.s Hall. ALGER HISS ON TRIAL: His Jail term doesn't clean Uie slate. Three Gunmen Net $8,000 NEW YORK Iff) — Three gunmen took nearly $8.000 from a theater manager and two guards yesterday just as they were depositing the money in a bonk In Time Square. The robbery on the sidewalk outside the bank at 12:30 a.m. was witnessed by the guard Inside, who called police. The getaway car, Identified by the bank guard, was later found abandoned five blocks away a I 41st Street and Park Avenue. It had been itolen from a garage in Brooklyn. The stolen money was receipts from six theaters in the Times Squftre district. WARNING ORDER IN' THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, Miss'ssii'rr COUNTY, ARKANSAS Aaron T. West, Pltf. vs. No. 12,852 Edna Mae West, Dft. The defendant, Edna Mae West, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Aaron T. West. Dated this 13th day of November, 1954. SEAL GERALDTNE LISTON, Clerk By OPAL DOYLE. D. C. Claude TT1 . Cooper. Ally, for Pltf. Ed B. Coo'-, Atty. Ad Lltcm. 11 1G-23-30-12 7 W A R -M I N G O R I> E R Louis A. Barker is warned to appear in the Chancery Court, for tiie Chicki.snwba Dt.stricl of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within 30 days next after the date of publication hereof, to answer a complaint filed against him in said. county by Beulnh M. Barker. Dated this 15th day of November, 195-5. i GERALDINE LISTON. Clerk ! By DONNA SIMMONS, Deputy. | Marcus Evrard, Ally. lor Pltf. j -Jesse Taylor, Atty. Al Litem. | 11/16-23-30-12'7 Hoover In Germany BONN, Germany Ml — Former President Herbert Hoover arrived In President Elsenhower's personal plane yesterday lor a six-day goodwill visit to West Germany. The invitation to be guest "of the government and people of Germany" was delivered personally by Chancellor Krmnid Adenauer during his recent visit In the United Slates. Adenauer and U, S. High Commissioner .Innie.s 13. Conant greeted Hoover. Vchlfi ran into trouble for surgest- iiiK thui Coinmiini.sL jiililtniMon of the clergy be probed. The Senate Internal Security subcommittee, completing iUs probe of the Institute of Pacific notations, .suggested there were .still two spy networks in novenunent. To date, they have not Ijnun found. McCarthy kept things boiling with his Investigation of Voice ot America and his probe of the Army Signal Corps center at Ft. Mon- moulh, N.J., which ended In the three Democratic members walking out on lifs committee. Then this year came the long televised hearings on the Army-McCarthy row »nd finally the Senate icsoltition to censure him lor his conduct. In one .stiiisi', this completes a cycle, in which a whole new code ol U.S. laws hits been passed to deal with the Communist menace on a more orderly basis. The McCarnin-Walter immigration law controls the movement of Communists into and out of the United States. The McGiUTim InU'i-nul Security ! law requires the reyistnUion of all Communist organizations and their members. The Pmly In 12 of ils fronts—out ot a total of '2(>l now listed hy the Attorney-General— 1mvt- been ordered to register. Their cases arc now In various stages of processing by the Subversive Ac- frtivRlcs Control Board. These cases an; now headed lor Supremo Court test on constitutionality of the In within the next year. The last Connri'ss passed nin new anti-subversive bills in a omnibus Cuiimumisl control In aimed at outlawing (lit 1 Ctnnimims imity. II IniTi'fLSr.s pcniiitli'.s lor es plonitm 1 , suljotni;*'. tin: harboring o luuitivi's mill Imil Jumping. Orliili Iniiil rights are taken away (run Cmnniunist. ml lit ruled orgiintzu tion.s. Forli'il-uri! ut clti/.ensliii) i provided lor cuiiviried Communists Immunity is nnnHrtl to Communist, Who turn government witness. FREQUENT LOW COST SIH¥£CE IN THE COUNTY COURT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT IN BE: PETITION FOR LOCAL OPTION IN BOWEN TOWNSHIP NOTICE Notice Is hereby given that by order of the County Court, November 27th, 1054, at 10:00 A. M. in the Office of the County Judge, BlythevlIIe, Arkansas, a hearing will be held to determine the sufficiency of a petition filed In said court praying for an election in Bowcn Township to determine whether or not license shall be granted for the Manufacture or sale, or the bartering, loaning or Riving away of intoxicating liquor within said township. Dated this 22nd day of November, IBM. ELIZABETH BLYTHE PARKER, County Clerk. . . 11/23 BUSES DAILY TO MEMPHIS LEAVE: 3:15 A. .M. — S:,•{() A. IN. — !):.'l(l A. M. ll:.T) A.M. — 3:00 I'. .M. — 5:r.O I'. M. — 8:55 1". M. 10:301'. M. 6 BUSES DAILY TO ST. LOUIS LEAVE—3:37 A. M. — S:30 A. M. — 10:30 A. M. 3:30 I'. ,M. — 5:1.1 I'. M. — 11:110 I'. M. Memphis $1.90 St. Louis $5.85 t l«i U. S. To«. Big EXTRA loWnji on roiWMp Ncltli. GREYHOUND BUS DEPOT 109 N. Fifth Phone Those laws have not been In force IOUK enough to measure their effect. But they are expected U) make the old tactics of .smear, slander and name-calling unnecessary in the future war on communism. There Is strong sentiment in both houses of Congress to reorganize Communist Investigation during the new session to begin in January. Under this program the House Un-American Activities Committee would be made a Judiciary subcommittee, or else combined with the Senate's McCarthy Investigating Subcommittee and the jenner Judiciary Subcommittee on Internal Security. This setup would provide for a new, joint Senate-House committee to investigate all questions of communism In the United States. In the Department of Justice a new division has been created under a new Assistant Attorney Gen- Wilson School Organizes Safety Patrol WILSON — A student Safety Patrol has been organized at Wilson High School under the direction of J. D. Roberts, principal, and Lieutenant Eastman of the Arkansas Slate Police. Joe Woodyard and Elaine Clark were elected school patrol captain and bus patrol captain, respectively. Mr. Roberts said he Is asking the cooperation of afl motorists with the Safety Patrol and that all persons not obeying signals will be reported. On patrol at the school and nearby intersections will be Jimmy Whltlock, Doris B. Smith, J. B. Lovell, Tommy Hewlett, Ralph Cash, Howell , Nicholson, Bobby Burns, Davie Annable, Vicki Upton, Brent Jacobs, Virginia Bourland, Joe Rhodes, Harry Bufkin and Eugenia Price. The bus patrol consists of Dil- lard Butler, Joyce Harlrson, Olenda Wheeler. Dorothy Tale, Beatrice Vega, Homer Williams, Sherman Payne. Ranny Cullom and Freddie Ooburn. Rain 'Studied HONOLULU (ff) — More than 1 dozen top scientists from throughout the world gathered In Hawaii for a detailed study of warm rainfall. The scientists used a specially equipped Royal Australian Air Force Dakota for the experiment* dubbed "project shower." S'S THE WHISKY THAT MAW "MUCKY WHISKIES FAMOUS Mt It's the quality of the whisky that keeps Early Times on top- FIRST FOR HOLIDAY GIVING It's only natural during the holiday season for you to give and serve the one 86 proof straight bourbon that most people buy and enjoy all year long. Early Times is bottled only at the peak of perfection — Truly, Every Ounce A Man's Whisky; Fifth U Pint | <A nt. KEN,dCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKY 86 PROOF EARLY TIMES DISTILLERY COMPANY LOUISVILLE 1| KENTUCKY You get the First-Choice Features in America's First-Choice Truck! GO BY GREYHOUND CHEVROLET TRUCKS Only America's biggest selling (rucks give you all these features that mean more work per day... more work per dollar! 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