The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 26, 1948
Page 7
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FACT TWKLV» CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION autr «•*• ptr UM tat OOOMCUUTI t*. '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. uc T< &v«nc* worj to « ua« id ordKid lor UUM or >lx »uu> uul *<W«d befarv «xpir&Uoii wUi 04 ch*n. •d (or U» number of UmM ttu «d kn- •xuvd *ad adjiuuneai ot - noos rvnK oui*4d« el Uw citj mu«l b* <ooompuo«l DT cull « mar b* ««ill/ oompuud from un . .. UTvnlunc oMw for Irratulu laor- MOCK uko Ui» on» tlou ml*. > MO rwpoaubUUr will b. ufc»; Uc •on tbu an* UcorrMt lB**rUoa at »nj rlmlf1»rt M. All *di »r« rxirlcwii (a their proper •UuUlcatlon. ityl* and tJD* The Ctouriw rgMrm Uu rlcbl to «dl« <u r»J»ct uu M. Flotitt* (ARJC.y COUR1TCR NEWS HYDBANGEAj to plant out Potted plant* that can »till b« planted in your yard. Heaton'* Home of Flowers 5-26-ck-20 Hou$*hoU Goodt You won't be satisfied till you take a look at the FM RADIOS—J42.50 up HUBBARD HARDWARE CO 213 W. Main 5-22-ck-29 Apartment for Kent Two lurnlsfted -apartments. •i)!ldi-«n. or peU. 2918 W. Cherry. Two room furnished ». Blitn, phone «3M. Bpartnicnt, Four room furnished apartment. C»l a«4i alter 5:30 pn\. 5;25-pit-2: Three room furnished apartment, good location /Couple only or with one child Reply to Box CL % Courier News. 5-19-ck-tf On« three room apartment for rent to Uclt. Phone 774. 3;4-ck-tl Apartments Wanted PAY YEARS RENT In advance, 5 or 6 room house or apartment. Phone 3182. 5-17-ck-30 Permanent, firnlly of lhrct~acsim to rent unfurnished house or umrt- ment. GUI c. A. Nelsoa, phone 3.12, 5-18-pk-fi-l to nnt~one I would nice to rmich S«H U ^ urnl5 , he<1 " ome ««r Binnerm. with one or more yenrs lease, a. M. Mlmberlyi telephone 4590. ^ _ Business Service , Directory Auto Supplies end Service* . on Dont endanger your fa \\v •aulqr tlret^BCI HE TIJUS with • Jeep parts now available «t POOLE MOTOR CO. [ cmn_ nil ail jour neeo* „ , OPERATOR Ughw«j «1 «t Bteelt. Uo roonft 8tul« Aft lllll-ek-t't Building Material SPECIAL Oo your own work and save. Anly other tools you may u^i. Also For Sale HAY and COAL Phone 4489 BOX 659 Blytheville, Ark. 3-3-ck-tt bUnoa Attention housewives: We have just a few outdoor revolving type clothes dryera. Formerly priced $9.95, .now ?3.88. MONTGOMERY' WARD 5-25-ck-28 BEAT THE HEAT KEEP COOL Table Jans, all ,|,. C5 f rom $ , M floor tans, window fans, attic rans ashea-alr coolers, Trlgldalr. room oolers, and sir conditioning ADAMS AI'PUANCB CO. 20« W. Main. Phone 2071. ____ r S-21-IH-6-3I ««l Wa«h«r S APPLIANC'E COMPANY Now. aw w. Main, phone JO Don't Take A Chance Put automatic fire controls in your attic before you start your atlic fan. I have all kinds of extinguishers and will install. Red comet glass grenades, guns, and tanks. Call me at 671 N. Highway 61 CURTIS J.'LITTLE food* 'S,,^ **"• spun. • 5-31-pk-28 PHESH FISH At All times at Wll net. bpeclal prices ror Turtles 34 hour serv fatreet. Phone 3532 Fl«h Maf- churcriM ' 4iM-pV-5|M Insurance For Complete Insurance Protection Call 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection «!«-ca--tr Loans Money To Loan On farm land or city property. We also buy notes CONWAY & HOUCHINS Glencoe Hotel Building r.t« Com ? t LOANa A ««>mObllt-!l B . rt-comalter-tiirmture. «i,]clc. pri. >er.lce. Pcrsonnhzea atteitwiii . in ar ielo)>lu,no. jajj """H 011 CIENKRAL CONTRACT FURCHASE COKPORATIOM 122 W Ash Bt BUmtvlll. Art ITH-ct-U USEDCRR VAtUfs 2—1M7 Chevrolet Flectmastcr town sedans, with radios and heat-en. 2—1946 Ford Super Deluxe Tudor* with radios and heaters. A clean 1945 Ford V-8 Pickup. A good 1946 International Stake Pickup. For good dependable Used Cars and Trucks see our excellent stock today. onipany f » Bernard Gooch, Mgr. Raymond Cole, Salesm. 5th .t Walnut Phone 4453 loans JF or !•/«, C«r«, Trttckt J* lw* want to bur or WEDNESDAY, MAY tt, 1948 Ellis Poole has the Real Little Man's Car , er. t.r n WJgftt price range, rlcUntf comfort and no waiting! can PoSt* [ Vr> t, MO, AT __ _ WILLYS Is the Word .',?i-_ J " p , '»«*«. station wagons B^evSi n ^c^f«rrM wU1 ciu ' _____ __ _ i-il-ck.«-2i For So/», Farm* «0 acr« Jarm Southwest of Manila * X1S bun 8> l °» dwelling, birrT out-' blinding., under fence. Price Jsioo . ™ * cr * " rm lwo ""lies of Manila > room irame uwelllnB. barn nndmea-' ty outbuildings. Price ,10.500. Chapln & Tlpton™ Manila. Art. Ma !;!5-ck-6;i n1.* cr "' MlMl "'PP'~Couiiiy."north P i. c ?, mer °» r| >«i- "V» sell. Price Ben Knmntr. Bo* 812 Dlythevllle Alfalfa and Cotton land „.,;. * c . rM " M|> »»>'°u drained nUal/n ? t .v. 0 M«° n i1 n<1 - About "" «««« In hiJ h?J n '. Nl " 5 rooln m " ln '"»»•:• MS barn, store and she,), n COO H tenant houses. Clow to pavement on gwd n£i v v-i/ 0 *";. "M'riclty In nil Only J5 nulrs from Memphis In Ar- H.if 1? m °" ro " te * nd school nun Hit f mile from town. Kin nn<1 post omce. Priced to Bell. Plione 4.157 5]26-pk-2& for Sale, City Property Fast Side Special ,,^ 5 .,r°° m moder n liome, Ideal location. Terms il needed. On Dougan 200 block, 5 rooms and bath. Plas- mii • foundation. t'OOd rcpnirs. i""" tn ** 0 per cent. Phone FIELD ~"*- _^ 9|19-pk-29 s..a^? *°° m nous* on ',\ acre ground 5U6 E. ROM st. Call 39U. Money to Loan Do you need » loan to repair or r%- Lodel? No down oayment. no mor* Ugo. no red tap* HI* APPROVED RAT* »«, ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor Phon. 303« Lyncb Bullim, BlTtBMllle. Ark Laundry CJurtalns launt<i>»<, «nd stretched. Mrs. J. «. Lawrence. 100 W. Cherry. Try our laundry ..nice, 414 E. Sycamore, paone 3378. 5i2a-pk-6[l Notice Reol Estate Loans F. H. A. Loans Farm Loans TERRY ABSTRACT AND REALTY COMPANY 13 Three passengers vvanlcr] to hi-ln £"« «!>""*» ;<, CilUoraU. Cnll WT onald Howard. 3I24-PK127 Farmers Column FERTILIZER 3-9-18 Planters Coop. One of the best residences on Lilly Street. 6 rooms, bath, hardwood floors. Price $5600. Good terms. H. c. CAMPBELL Realtor Phone 4446 or 2930 5-17-ck-tf 5-6-ck-G- Nice 5 room home with bath on Kentucky Street. Corner lot, best neighborhood. This is an extra good house, fully insulated and will rate I strong FHA or GI loan. For Sale— One M' Farmall willi HM Good four room house 221 cultivator. Can be seen at Delta implement Co., Manila. bath ' 5-21-ck-tf Persona) 3U1-CK--6I11 13 W WALNUT PKON , Headquarters For AUTO Accessories Thorough inspection and repair work for your car i* don« when don* by Lwigston Wroten. >V e will b« glad U> check your car} replace worn parts from our complete line of accessories. For experienced work, and tfc« beat hi parts, its Lang- •ton Wroten. Sfis] BIRD BATHS An added touch of beaut.\ ; for your garden that will (bring the birds aftei year. A bird bath is a gift that will make any birthday anniversary long remembered HEATON'S HOME OP FLOWERS 5-2G-ck-29 Oolng on n picnic? Do you want snndwlchcs Mint will nay fresn and '£L e f l '.'""' a " u " r >'- Thc "rrect "n- laya Fresh Longer." Plumber 'rLJ"","" 0 * licensed plumber, or p«n «toie repair work do-e <r«ll Hatry Ufytr. K Hubbara Harrtware MM-cX-M Services oifl 0 / "™ ," r ," tlm<1 ln B1 "l><:«»<!. we oiler pcrlcct piano tuning with the famous electronic "Stroboscouo"-- no aojiendlng on the faults or the Human SlSrt" ^ i, pcrfecl—anr pitch desired, call ua lor "StrnHosconc" en- Bagerrient. Brooks Mujlo'siore. 107 East aln btrcet. telephon> 811. 5|12- C K-tI 100% outside \Vhite_ Paint ?4.98 gallon; ?24.50'in 5 gallons. Garden tractors I'/, h.p. at $169.85. Screen doors $7.15 up. JIM BROWN STORE ' 105 W. Main ' 4-14-ck-tf State - Certified Burdelte 19 - Improved Arksoy Soybeans. Burdette Plantation. Burdette phone 782. 4-7-ck-tf Pure Ogden Soybean Seed. Hale Seed Farm, Burdette. Phone 702. 4-7-ck-tf The healthiest chicks on the market: AAAA Gracje Pulloreum-Tested. BABY CHICKS AAAA $14.95 AAA 13.95 A A ? 12.95 JIM BROWN STORE 3-18-ck-tk on Lake Street. and On paved street and bus line by door. Price $4250. Colored property: 2 — 3- room houses on Mathis Street price S1400 each. Duplex on Mathis Street. Extra good condition. Good neighborhood. Price ?2700. Good business property on Highway 61 South. Large lot. See or call JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 S. Second Street Phone 4111 Russell Marr Phone 807 Johnny Marr Phone 2596 ' 5-21-ck-tf for quick snlc; two lots, t S125U. Boutli imnga street. Mrs. Mendor. i«™r- >< str_ct'"'l_" ICl1 S " 1<! S13KI ' So " tn iiwinss. Lois Avnnu, the Mrs. Mead"? VARIETY, , QUALITY AND PRICE m« Che^roWt 1 MS whee, B«e Tr-ck. J spwl axle. 82 5, 20 ti re8 aH an>Hnd 194« Chevrotet Cab Over Engine. 2 sp e«,, ton, whe.1 b^. 825x20 a., around 1946 Ford 1 tf Ton, 2 spe «l ax | e . 750x20 tire, front, 825x20 rear. - ;f ^ 1942 Ford 1 !4 Ton, ,on K wh ee! ta. trutk . New s(ake ^ A rejj , farm ^ 1939 I>od g e,lo n g wheel base, stake body. Real good li res . Motor perfet f 1942 Dodg. Tractor, 2 speed axle, 750x20 tires front, 825x20 read. New 22 fi. Carter Trailer. 1000x20 tires. Tractor has new 2-ton motor. ThM truck and trailer ready to K o for $2995.00. $ • Many other Trucks to Choose From Easy G.M.4.C. Payment flan SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY We Never Close 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 Sales Dept. Open tiiS p.m. Mystery cage razor blades postpaid: HKJ Gem or Gillette type $1.5'J send cliccfc or niojiey order. I- 1 . 13. Eastwood, Jr's I'rtntlng and Advertising Agency. (JarutnersvlUe, Mo. 5115-plc-6]15 pace Lawn Mowers sharpened and repaired. Blytheville Machine Shop, Plione 2828. 211 S. Second. 4-6-ck-tf Sewing Sporting Goods Peti , co <*er puppies, purebred . ra. N. O. Jerome. Phone Puppy [or sal«. Phone 2S7.V Typewriter TYPEWRlfERS lon°KrU*S 1U> ' °° ro " "" «""'»«• DON EDWARDS T?" fTP«wrltar »MOB<1 et Farmer's Cofumn South«,t rrom Blythevlll,. Phon. 78? l-91-pk-li' .. Gtlsl mill at 300 Sonth sTcond street B now open. Custom grinding and « For Sale: Puerto Rica sweet potato plants ?4 per 1,000. D. I. Ingram, Holland, Mo. 5-6-pk-6-6 CHICK OWNERS Now you can buy a good chick brooder that was formerly priced ?155. Now only $50. Only one so hurry MONTGOMERY WARD 5-2o-ck-28 For Sale. Cars & Trucks TOR SALK: In perfect shapn p.m On« A-ntrxIel fort Call 193 alter 4:00 LEE MOTOR SALES has on their lot the following used cars and trucks: 1!M7 Pontiac 8 Streamliner. Radio, heater and seat covers. '•17 Flcetline: Two door, radio and heater. '47 five passenger, two tone coupe. Radio and heater. 2—'40 Chevrolet two doors to choose from, 2—'46 Chevrolet pickups, low mileage. 1—'46 CMC 1.4 ton LWB truck. 1—M6 Chevrolet SWB truck THESE CARS AND TRUCKS CAN BE BOUGHT ON EASY TERMS fi-21-ck-tf w "2; COMFORTABLE MODERN 5 room house in best location on West Hearn, Large closets, attic fan, workshop in garage, perfect condition. NEW AND MODERN lome, FHA approved. Two jedropms, hardwood floors, built-in cabinets, automatic floor furnace, plenty of largo closets, low insurance rate. Ready to be occupied. FIVE ROOM HOUSE on corner lot. One of the best locations in Northwest part of Blytheville. Can be financed TWO BEDROOM HOUSE on East Davis, equipped with attic fan, automatic hot water heater, large screened front porch. Can be financed with FHA loan. DUPLEX four blocks from Main Street. Reconditioned, on beautiful shady lot. Good rental property for home and investment combined. MAX LOGAN Realtor Lynch Buildiiiir Phone 2034 Used vacuums, excellent condition. Plione 3339. 5112-_,k-6]12 Complete garage snop equipment for saje. All or any part: machine lathe,' Uattery cnarger, welders, paint equipment and miscellaneous tools. Phone Manila »7, C. L. IKng. 5-18-pk-6-I8 . ,'e have complete furniture for three room apartment all nearly now, and extra good. Will sell furniture and rent the apartment to you, or you can buy the furniture and move it. Consists of combination radio and record player, living room suite, two rugs, sold mahogany bedroom suite, electric refrigerator, electric range, electric hot water heat- Lcnciiviiir. ' er ' - titcn en sink, steel wall 3;25-pR-29 (cabinets, gas heat, shades and 'curtains. You have to see this furniture to appreciate it. TOM LITTLE Realty Phone 861 . 5-25-ck-6-2 i;26-clc-2? Help Wanted \For Rent Si25-pK-29 6 tickets for auto races at Indianapolis May 31st. Very choice seats. Phone 861, Tom A. Little, Sr. 5-26-ck-29 Hoilj- Urcet. One ftouse and Terms, Four houses nrjrt Street. J5,200. lermt "* >o<i ' two iot« __,goo. lots on mh Three Rrocery stores, one on Cl Highway. Too lU'lng room*, W.Ooo. One nc.r Blyttievllle on rsllroad »r>ct Si 000 K'lng rooms, less than one near oil Mill, win invoice. Phon. FIELD 23W. iiU-plt-28 For Salt, Mite. OKlce desk »nd llRht. Thor dish waslilng unit. Mrs. N. O. Jerome. Phone 3101. 524 Tuble top butane R«* range. Rood condition. Mre. o. A. Kale, Burdelte Phone 702. , 5;25-c\-«;l on burning servel eleclrolu*. Good condition. Deirey Sneppsrd, Homeland l;2.-pk-6[I One bed. one pair springs, two cotton mattre5Ses. one drewer, one chest one night stand, one radio-phonograph combination FM cabinet type ! 4H ""Kiel. 5i(i-nV-Si<l Help Wanted, male Wanted SaleAman: Between 20 and M to sell Stewarts potato chips, corn chips, mayonnaise, coffee. cooMcs nnd other fine food products to retail trade In Ulythcvllle nnd snrrouiicllnir territory. Home every night. Must be able to pass physical examination nt company's expense. Also must be able to stand bond at company's expense company furnishes truck and pays nli expense. Salary ,S50 per week pins bonus lor sales over stipulated quota >or Interview see W. H. Monlc at Hotel Noble alter 7 p.m. nlgbtly. Help Wanted, Male Wanted: mechanic for Farmall tractors. Only experienced mechanics need apply. Top wages, good working conditions. Applv in person DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. Manila, Phone 91 4-14-ck-tf Wanted: Two experienced automobile mechanics. Ideal working conditions will; Wgh commission. Buchanan Chcv- Iolet - Co., Osceola. phone 707. 5,25-ck-OO Help Wanted, Female ____ Rooms Nice bedroom. ca'lT 2331 r-IB Bedroom 3ia N 8 ,"n Phon ; Rooms with fan,. eh^'S gned has never Vfa " lt " 18 th " ta r any other e sale of htn . t lating co Subscribed ancl™ me th is 2J day of Maigw (SFAT , ELIZABETH MASON Cr? ri Nota p My Commission expires 4-28-50. NOTICE Notice is hereby civen tinv n,. Jte? r wni wS '"« »-« *' aPPly t0 the C°"m«- signed slates tie 1° i! 2 ™ Ol an ^s, of good moral character, chat he has never been convicted of a felony dr other thTr, 'T 01 "" 8 mora) topitide; that no l lc ense to sell beer bv thi undersigned has been revoked Uh! n /ire years last past; and that the undersigned has never been con' Vi ° lating the 1-wTitlS. Wanted to I onuscnoca and sworn to *••—• me this 25 day of May, 1948. W Elizabeth Mason Used cars and trucks Phillips Motor Co. r- • <: Commission expires 4-24.50 Late Mode! Used Cars LEE MOTOR SALES Phone 2056 NOTICE notice is Hereby given lhak Iho -6cktf n"e d d r b gn , ed Wi " wfthin »•'*£ (J CK-tf |I.\ecJ by law apply to the Commis- Ark\ C n ? evenu « of the state of Arkansas for a permit to sell hcer at retail at 104 W. Main st, Bly- thcville, Mississippi county The undersigned stales that he 4-21-ck-tf «y)« - 5 "" NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the undesigned win wifh i n [he tirnc i °l r l^w apply to the Conimh- I sioner of Revenues of the State o: Arkantns for a permit to sell bew County Bt Burdette ' Mississippi The undersigned slates that ne ^ a citizen of Arkansas, of K ood moral character, that he has ncvr been convicted of a felony or othp- trime Involving moral turpitud-' . -s..w. ft .. t u avaies Lnac nC M a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other thLT ln .y° lvln * mo "l turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked with- n five years last past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws'of his state, or any other state, relating to the sale of alcoholic H- Quors. MOSES F. SIMON. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 25 day of May. 1948 . Elizabeth Mnson. ,, Notary Public. My Commission expires Ma* 28, 19DQ. A new type radio navigation anrl tracking device, said to be 100 times more sensitive than radar, has passed strict Navy tests. The new equipment Is known is raydist. YOUNG LADY for GENERAL office WORK Jlust have pleasing personality, neat in appearance, good at figures, and able to use typewriter.. Ideal working conditions. 40 hour week, excellent chance for advancement. Reply Box CN care Courier News. '5-25-ck-28 Woman iclth active church conntc- tton lor religions canvass posuuvx Two inontlis salary JI1CI. Olve church and pnont, Box co c ; o Courier News. l!M-pk-17 W« Sell »nd Service All Types Small Appliance 2071 for Repairs! RADIO & PHONOGRAPH Service—Both AM and FM REFRIGERATION SERVICE Household-Commercial and Aid-Conditioning Gas * Electric WASHERS GASOLINE ENGINES ADAMS APPLIANCE COMPANY J. W. ADAMS, 206-08 West Main p»>i, ne

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