The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 23, 1954 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1954
Page 3
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1954 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE A CHRISTMAS CAROL BY CHARLES DICKENS But there was no sound of "Merry Christmas" at Scrooge and Mar ley's counting-bouse. TV place, a rim* in London. Tne f*w, the after- toon of Chmftnos Eve, 1843. Th* prevailing {petting, "Meny Although HK firm kept the oM nomo, Jocob Marlcy, had been dead seven yean this day. The surviving partner, Ebenezer Scrooge, hod a heart unsullied by the milk of rwmon kindness. Justice Department Officials Asked to Explain Request for Withdrawal of Judge Youngdahl WASHINGTON (AP) — Officials of the Justice Department were called before a Senate Judiciary subcommittee today to explain an effort to induce U .S. Dist. Judge Luther Youngdahl to withdraw from the Owen Lattimore perjury case. Chairman linger R-ND of the full Judiciary committee, who heads Building Permits and Real Estate Transfers One building permit was issued by the city engineer last week for construction of a residence. The Holly Development Corp. received permit to build a five-room brick veneer house at 719 Illinois at an estimated cost of $12,000. Real estate transfers recorded the subcommittee too, set up the hearing at the request of Sen. Hen- nlngs D-Mo., a subcommittee member, who said in a statement last night he wants the group to "get to the bottom" of the matter. Hennings first called for an investigation after Leo A. Rover. U. S. attorney for the District of Columbia, filed an affidavit accusing Youngdahl of a "fixed, personal bias and prejudice" in favor of Lattimore, Par Eastern affairs specialist. Rejected Request Youngdahl rejected the affidavit as "scandulous" and rejected Rover's request that he disqualify himself from trial of the case. Youngdahl said he could not escape the conclusion that the pur- pose of Rover's move was "to discredit, in the public mind, the final action of our courts or* else to intimidate the courts themselves." Hennings said he knows of only one other occassion on which federal prosecutors asked a judge to disqualify himself. He snid he was "amazed by such charges against a member of the federal judiciary of Judge Youngdahl, a Republican, was elected three times to the governorship of Minnesota. Lattimore December 1952 s first indicted in after stormy hearings before the Senate Internal Security subcommittee. He was charged with seven perjury counts. He pleaded innocent to all of them, including the first count, which accused him of lying under oath when he said he had never been a sympathizer or promoter of Communist interests. Youngdahl, after hearing arguments, threw out this count as too vague and was upheld 8-1 by the Circuit Court Appeals. Youngdahl dismissed also four other counts, two of which were reinstated by the appeals court. The government then sought and obtained, last Oct. 7, a new two- count perjury indictment accusing Lattimore of lying in denying that he had been a follower of the Communist line. Again he pleaded innocent, and his attorneys have filed a motion to dismiss the indictment. This is due to be argued before Youngdahl. In the circuit clerk's of] week were: Mrs. Minnie Myers to Pierce, for $1 and other consideration, Lots 1 and 2, Block I, Smith Addition to Leachville. Mrs. Minnie Myers to Besse Barnett, for $1 and other consideration, Lots 3 and 4, Block I, Smith Addition to Leachville. Mrs. Minnie Myers to Ida Lawa, for $1 and other consideration, Lots 23 and 24, Block D. Smith Addition to Leachville. Homer and Willie Mosley to Ilean E. Jackson, for $2,800, Lot 7, irregular lots In SW quarter of SW quarter of Sec. .6-T15N-R11E. Joseph and Elsie Fulgham to Delona Brown, for $350, W 4T/ 2 ft. of Lot 13, Block 1, Fulgham Addition. Kemp and Mary Whisenhunt to I. E. Parkhurst, for $10 and other consideration. Lot 11, Sam Barns Subdivision. A. P. and Amelia Dietrich to E. C. Robinson Lumber Co., for $500, Lot 19, Block C, J. P. Pride Subdivision. Herbert and Carmen Burnett to Jesse and Virginia Blaylock, for »10 and other consideration, Lot !,• Block 4, Country Club Drive Addition. Mrs. Laura Carter to Andy Harshman, for $10 and other consideration, 2.7 acres, NW quarter of Sec. 7-T14N-R13E. Magnolia Courts, Inc., to Lee and Julia Jaret, for $1, Lot 17, Block 6, Gosnell Estate Subdivision. Holly Development Corp., to Leonard and Freddie Pierce, for $10 and other consideration, Lot 1, Block 5, E. O. Adams Subdivision. Sol and Fannie Plad to Elix and Gertrude Wells, for $225, Lot 30, Block 7, vV. W. Hollipeter Second Addition. Iva Jean Hall to Florence Riddick, for $250, Lot 3, West-End Subdivision, Manila. Allen and Golden Hoof to Hugh and Mildred Gee, for $500, S 60 ft. of N 170 ft. of N 22S tt. of S 450 It. of E 8 acres, SE quarter, NE quarter, Sec. 28-T15N RUE. Allen Brothers to B. J. and Lena Allen, Jr., for $7.300, W 55 ft. of N 140 ft. of E 320 ft., Sec. 10- T15N-R11E. Lois Gammon Barnett to Aubrey and Jo Ann French, for $5,500, Lot 5. Block 7, Ruddle Heights Addition. Paul R. Ross to Kemp Whisenhunt, for $10 and other consideration, Lot 45, original survey of Blytheville. Lena Matthews to First Baptist Church of Manila, for $1, E 75 ft. of Lot 7, in NW quarter, NW quarter. Sec. 31-T15N-R9E. Lawrence and Melda Primm to Fostine G. Bean, for $10 and other consideration, Lot 7, and W half Lot 6. Block 3, E. O. Adams Sub division. G. B. and Oran Galyean to R. D and Sadie Galyean, for $2.000, W half of W half, NW quarter, SE quarter. Sec. 24-T16N-R8E. Mordecai and Virginia Cooke, Jr., to Chester and Martha Mitchell, for $10 and other consideration. Lot 10, Block 3, David Acres Subdivision. Paul and Sybil Belew to Kemp Whisenhunt, for $10 and other consideration, Block 9, David Acres Subdivision. A. C. and May Spellings to D. H. Griffin, for $3,00«, Lots 19 and 20, Second Park Addition to Leachville. Ardell and Mattie Bullock and R, L. Bullock to George and Minnie Green, for $700, part of Lot 18, replat of J. P. Pride Gateway Subdivision. T. S. and Hester; Lillian Ross; P. B. and Mary Walker; Beatrice Wllbanks to James and Bonnie Handley, for $1,921, Lot 5, Block 4,. Chicago Mill and Lumber Co.. Third Addition. M. D. and Zula Kenwright to J. F. and Ruby Lee Wheat, for $14,000, 45 acres in Sec. 26-T16N- R10E. Oene and Joyce Bradley to Bruce and Ruth Barnett, for Just a Modest Bank Dedication-Texas Style DALLAS, Tex. t!P) —They're going to dedicate a new bank building here next week in that modest Texas style. Among other things, a full symphony orchestra will provide dinner music at a banquet for 4,500, The Republic National Bank bills itself as the biggest in the Southwest and boasts its new 40-story 25-million-doHar home as the big, gest bank building in the South. Jlmmie | But even for TexaSp the hoopla for the dedication of this new building is a bit breathtaking. The main show starts Sunday with a "press preview," works up to that gigantic dinner Tuesday and then reaches a climax at the official dedication next Wednesday. $7,000, Lot 16, Block 1, Hard: Addition. Sam and Frances Lewers to Marvin and Zula Kenwright, for $10 and other consideration, Lot 13, Block 4, Davis Third Addition, arrived. In between are assorted cocktail parties and luncheons, with guest lists starting at 1,000 and going on up. The bank sent out 142.000 engraved invitations for folks to "come see us." It sxpects a good majority to show up, including 6,000 to 9,000 stockholders at a special open house .At least 40,000 are expected for the official dedication and police are already trying to figure out what to do with traffic that's going to be. stacked up in the downtown area. Branch Rescue Service SACRAMENTO, Calif. Uf> — A tree overhanging the Sacramento River saved would-be suicide from drowning. A brunch snagged the man's sweater and held his head above water until rescuers One reason for the expected large turnout at the dedication is the! free entertainment that's going toi precede it. Comedian. Bob Hope heads the list of entertainers. 300-Pound Steeplejack Dies in Fall BALTIMORE W> — A 300-pound sieeplejnck died lust night eight hours lifter a rescue line snapped and sent him plunging 100 feet from the lop of a weather tower. Peter Jekubs, 50, hung head downward and helpless for ' more than an hour after he hud slipped on the tower and a rope, snarled around one leg. held him fast above the YMCA Anchorage Sea man's Building here. The crowd which gathered to watch tile attempts of firemer to rescue Jekubs moaned' and screamed when the steeplejack fell to earth. One woman fainted. Jekubs died of injuries that Included a fractured skull, breaks of both arms, several ribs r bones In the lower body and a deep gash in .his head. A safety belt was buckled around Jekub's waist by two firemen and a rope fastened from a block-and-tackle to a hook on the safety belt. When a third fireman cut the halyard holding Jekubs the steeplejack started to fall. His body twisted as it reached the end of tile slack on the safety rope. The combination of his weight and the twist pulled the belt hook out and Jekubs kept on falling, plunging down the arenway in the middle of the building to the ground. NEW LINCOLN — Twin exhausts with vents with canted tall light assemblies which add eight Integrated into the rear bumper assembly are a inches to the rear panels. Improved V-8 with 23S feature of the 1955 Lincoln and Lincoln Capri horses power the new Lincolns. Model here it models. Forward motion theme is emphasised Capii coupe. NOTICE IN THE PHOBATE COURT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF No. 2,273 LaVerne Millignn, deceased. Last know address of decedent: Manila, Arkansas. Date of death: Novcmoer 2, 1954. The undersigned was appointed administrator of the estate of the above-named decedent on the nth day of November, 1D54. All h e r s o n s having claims against tne estate must exhibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned within six months from the dato of the first publication of this notice, or they shall be forever burred and precluded from any ucnelit In the estate. This notice first published *• 16th day of November, 1954. GERALD G. COSTNEB, Administrator Manila, Arkansas 11/16-23 Most persons with normal eyes can rend for six hours without interruption. Police Record TULARE, Calif. (IP)— Kindergarten children had teacher write to Patrolman Pinley Smith, thanking iiim "for showing us how to cross :he street. We like you." Their tiny fingerprints adorned the letter. Work, Sleep, Play In Comfort Without Nagging Backache NaRKing backache, IOKH of pep nnd energy, headaches ami dizziness mny be dun to slowdown of kidney function. Doctors nay good kidney func-tion is very important to KOO<\ health. When some everydny condition, such as stress nnd strain, causes this important function to slow down, many folks suffer riiiK- BiniE backache-feel miserable. Minor bind- der irritiiltons due to cold or wrong diet mar cauaeRCttinBupnislilsorfreqiieiilpftSHftBes. Don't neglect your kidneys if these conditions hnlhcr you. Try Doiin's I'ills-a mild i diuretic. Used successfully by millions for , over 50 years. It's umuziiiK how many times | Drum's give happy relief from these rjjsrom- • foria-help the Ifimllcnof kidney lubesaniifll- ' ters flush out waste. Get Doan'a Pills today! i If You Want T« SHRINK PILES Use Clinic-Approved Way When you use an ointment for non- ourgicnl treatment of piles, bo sura you get one thnt is actually approved by a clinic that works with pile CHAM all the lime. Famous Thornton Minor Clinic's ointment is the result of medical and surgicnl study of more thnn 75,000 cases. Thousands hov« found it possible to defer surgery indefinitely by using Thornton Minor 1 ! itch-ttoothing, cooling formula — because Thornton Minor Clinic's vawt experience hat! shown what, drugs work best und how they should b« compounded. It's the next .thing to having a special clinio prescription for your own case—so, get Thornton Minor Clinic Pile Ointment or Suppositories, $1 at your druggist's nowl Discover the thrill of The Totally New '55 FORD! Longer, Lower, Roomier , .. more Powerful than ever ^™*^^ See totally new styling Inspired by the Ford THUNDERBIRD The fabulous Thunderbird styling is reflected in all the new Fords for '55. From the wide, smartly-contoured grille and visored headlamps to the fin-shaped rear fender, Ford is the smartest, most distinctive new car you can buy. Try totally new power EXCLUSIVE TRIGGER-TORQUE PERFORMANCE FROM 3 MIGHTY ENGINES This is no ordinary car. You move out swiftly and quietly will) all the power you'll ever need for safe passing and easy hill-dimbing. And you can enjoy this new Trigger-Torque performance in the new 162-h.p. Y-block V-8; the new 182-h.p. Y-block Special V-8 (available with Fordpmatic Drive in Fairlanc and Station Wagon models); or the new 120-h.p. I-block Six. Your first look tells you Ford is longer, lower ... the body totally new. But, what you can't appreciate at a glance is Ford's lotally new c/ia.y.m . . . totally new power . . . that make driving any '55 Ford excitingly new. As you slip behind the wheel you discover the thrill of Ford's totally new wrap-around windshield . . . new sofa- wide, sofa-soft seals . . . fabrics frssh and new. And then you discover perhaps the greatest tlirill of all! Ford's lotally new Trigger-Torque power is the kind of smooth, responsive power that only the world's greatest builder of V-8's could bring you. Your Ford Dealer invites you to Test Drive the '55 Ford today. Choose from 4 new lines...16 body styles N*w FAIRLANE series Fairlane models feature a completely new and ultra-smart body line and decorative trim combination. Inside, you'll discover rich new upholstery fabrics never before offered in a car. New CUSTOMLINE series In the Customline scries, as in all '55 Fords, you get a full wraparound windshield, a beautiful new Astra-Dial Control Panel and more passenger and luggage space than ever before. New STATION WAGON series For '55, Ford offers: the 2-door, 6-passcnger Ranch Wagon nnd Custom Ranch Wagon; the 4-door, 6-passcnger Country Sedan; the 4-door, 8-passenger Country Sedan and Country- Squire. New MAINLINE urnes You choose from three beautiful new body styles. AH have Ford's new Trigger-Torque performance and new Angle-Poised Ride, And you may choose Fordomatic, Overdrive or Conventional. PLUS ALL THESE OTHER BRAND-NEW "WORTH MORE" FEATURES * N» S»M4-Triu<r fwctamtk Drrn has an automatic low gear lor quicker starts and belter passing ability * No Tnfbo-»ctkMi Spark Phis resist foulinp maintain operating efficiency up to 3 limes as long. * New 10% Urger Brakes mean smoother slopping and up to 50% longer brake lining life. * Nn Tubeteit Tlrt. offer Mtra puncture and blowout p<olection. longer tire Nfe. * "« DuU fah«st System on V-8 engines in all Fairlane and Station Wagon models reduces e.baust back pressure lor more responsive power. * New TwqM.Tiil.reJ Rear Axl« give you just the right over-all drive ratio lor brilliant Trigger-Torque performance. {PorcUnnnlic. Otirdrivt opti The fine car ° Hfsfie|d PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Broadway & Chickasawba Phone 3-4453 GREAT TV, FORD THEATRE, WMCT, 8:30 P.M., THURSDAY 100% WOOL FLANNEL SUITS DRASTICALLY REDUCED AT HUDSON'S In Five Smart Colors! Charcoal Charcoal Gray Light Gray Medium Blue Medium Brown Regular 59.95 34 50 These Suits Are All Brand new Stock, In High Style Models. Compare Them with others selling for twice the price! ' 'The Little Store With the Big Business HUDSON CLEANIR - CLOTHJfR - TAU.O* Blytheville, Arkansas Steefo, Missouri

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