The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 29, 1955 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 29, 1955
Page 5
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 1955 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE Lack of Teachers Big Problem. Before Ike's School Conference By JAMES AIARLOW Associated Press News Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) —The lack of schoolteachers is one of the biggest dilemmas before the President's White House Conference on Education, which is meeting here for four clays. an estimated 51,502,000. Some Quitting; More teachers will be needed not Will higher salaries get more will be men and women into teaching and keep them teaching? That's one of rauic lc _ lltlo _ the possible solutions. The F u ntl j onlv to (|lkc ciire oi the j ncre ase (or the Advancement of Education L - lhe numbcr ot students but to doubts it's the only one. 1 1 . e p| il( . c teachers who quit for bet- The fund, a private organisation j |el . j ol)s in p ,. JV!Ue business — doing research in this Held, points to another reason why more peo- pie don't make teaching a career: promotion is too slow and s not based on performance but on time sewed and credits accumulated. ] What kind of salaries do ^ leach- 1 ers get? And how many teacheis are needed? The following women who quit to be married and stay home. are neee e .nation has been pu togetl e,, e«c BrawneU . commissioner of • & Education, esli- « shortage of ^ ^ Lal f tietl teachers lh i 5 "year. ' of col , ad . °" . b ( „ dou . n They mtor- »«« ' *™\, ,„ 19 / 0 uated In .naton as een , ^ uated In si -.ustics Kailicred by the umd, he floo _ They ?^""^ ' E du » l ™. *T- an " l ' lC were of the ••eneration born in the U.S. Office of Education. i depression. Births picked up during Right now in public and private ;mcj nftel - y le war< The number 'of college graduates in the future will increase. I But the President's committee on. the White House conference saysj that only 86,696 of those gradua' :d from college in 1955 were qualified, to tench in trammar and high I schools. Larger Staffs . The I'und says that to ''maintain the present over-all pupil-teacher ratio, the schools will have to enlarge their teaching staffs more in the next 10 years than in the previous 35. The colleges and universities will have, to add more teacher: in the next 15 years than in all previous history combined." There are now about 1,110.601) qualified people teaching but about 7'^ per cent of the ie; out of the profession They have to be replaced in addition' to the extra teachers needed to handle the enrollments. college—there are about 37,900,000 students. In 10 years the number Water, Water Everywhere Etc, POINT MUQU, Calif. W — This naval air missile test center, surrounded on three sides by water, is threatened with a serious water shortage. A Navy spokesman said, how| ever, the shortage is of fresh wa: ter. One of four wells serving the t Navy reservation has been dropped j from use because of salt water m- j j trusion. j Three other wells are still operat- | I ing, the Navy said, but supplies are j i approaching the danger mark. j ' The Navy mei today with the t United Water Conservation District! j in an effort to obtain needed sup- 1 plies. Dog Swallows 20-Inch Stick SOUTHERN BELL-E-"Miss Hospitality" of 19s5 is Jo Anne Bell, recently titled by t le Pan American Hotel and Restaurant Association in Miami, Fla. She's from Cypress Gardens. Fla. BIG LIFT FOR LUMBER-LoSman's prayer answered is this Goliath on wheels. Shown lifting 40,000 pounds of iron-wood logs, it's capable of unloading a 50,000-pound truckload with one bite. The huge- machine merely inserts its 10-foot wedges beneath the load on the truck, then clamps two tremendous tusks over the top. This is a far cry from the old method of dumping the load then lifting a few logs at a time lor slacking. Engine and generator at rear power the lifting mechanism and electric motor in each wheel. It's made by R. G. LeTourncau, Inc., of Longview, Tex. PHOENIX. Ariz. <JV ( — Marquis j Von Shawn may have lived to tell | about it, but no one will ever be- j Ik-ve him. ; The frisky boxer puppy swallowed part of a toy rake handle while | playing a week ago- It was 20 inches i long—that's right, 20. | j Dr. Louis Becker .the veterinarian.! I removed the stitches from Shawn's j ; nttk yesterday. He described the op! i-ration: j j "It was a stick. I pulled on it. j j Five inches of it. Ten inches of it. i I I couldn't believe it, I can hardlvi believe it now. Golf balls, marbles! fishhooks I've taken from the sto - i ntachs of dogs ... j "But never a stick 20 inches long 1 ." ; Girl in Narrow Brush with Death MANCHESTER, Ky. (A>i — A girl who narrowly missed death on lh» bank of a biimlni; slnte dump ««4 on her way to apparent recovery today. Wilnia Reid, Iti, was found unconscious only 30 feet from the burning slate willi head injuries and chemical hums. Sheriff Daniel Davidson said how she got there \vill have to be determined when she recovers. Her condition was listed as lair. Tilt' sheriff quoted Elbert Reid, j the girl's father, as saying he drove I the girl tn a spot near their home, j [old her to walk the rest of the way \ and left. Dual Translation The Indian name for Tucson, Ann., was Stjukshon, which has been translated to mean both "dark spring:" and "at the foot of a black hill." Coal Is 'uie cinei mineral product of the state of Washington. At Long Last His Plan Worked Television Actress Kayoed ; \ — i, f> achers drop « hflllinn Sr£>l1PrV every year ]DV rOllllly JLCrllCf / n ddi- ' • BOSTON t.-T J i — For many years ; Samuel Lipson, 67, has kept a police j '.vhistle handy at his Eastern Labor ; Agency on Scollay Square in case a i holdup man ever approched him. j It \vorked. The man fled and a nearby traffice officer came on the ; run, just missing the ,man. HEADED FOR THE PICKLE VVCrSitS-Fion. quenching ti.e thirst of locomotives to salting down pickles if the story of a number of obsolete railroad water tower:- along the Union Pacific line in Kansas They were bought by the Dreher Pickle Company of Denver as pickle vats Thi^ lc;ik i. 1 - bc-ms torn down at Sylvan Grove. Kan. All \VLTC removed to Ft Collins. Colo., where they were reassembled DEFENDED BRITISH TROOPS! — John Adams, who later became second U.S. president, anxious that justice should be done, served as the lawyer for the defense of the British soldiers who were arrested after the Boston massacre. Now Many Wear NEW YORK -Pi— -\ctreis Nanette > just after leaving the stage at the Increased school: p a bray was knocked unconscious, Cemury Theater a few minutes oe- : when hit on the head by a falling j fore the show ended. The national average of teachers' pay in :<I54-55 for grammar 1 schools'was $3.614 and for. hiKh schools. S4.194. The average for both combined was S3.81G. The range was wide between one state and another. Mew York paid the highest average grammar school teacher salary — S4.700; Mississippi paid tile lowest — $1.880. For high school teachers California (55.4001 and Ncft' York (55.375) 'paid the highest average salary. Mississippi and Arkansas, paying an average of $2.400 each, were at the bottom of the list. 75-pound scenery weight backstage • Two pieces of scenery became en- at a television show last night. tangled as one was being raised: Two doctors revived her in an I and the other lowered. A pipe nine : ambulance on the way to Doctors; feet long at the bottom of one piece Hospital. : of scenery slipped out of place and The hospital declined today to is- ' dropped to the floor 20 feet below. I First plank road in the United! Only two states still deny house-! States was built in 1846 from wives the right to buy colored mar-l Syracus, N. Y., to nearby Oneidaj garine — Minnesota and Wisconsin ' Lake. Wtfh More Comfort FASTEETH. a pleasant alkaJinr (BO'i-acidi po-,v<icr. Holds false teeth more firir.K. To ent and talK In more "omlort. just sprinkle a Mule FAS- TEETH on your pliiies. No gummy, uooey oasty taste or IcclmE. Checks ••r,i«i» ndot" identure oreath). Gee STEWART DRUGSTORE Main at take Street Blvlheville, Arkansas sue a report on her condition. weight bounced off Shortly after her admission last | Miss Pa tjray's left temple. cusison. Doctors said Miss Fabray. 33. would be kept in the hospital several days for observation. nessed the accident. When the cast — minus Miss Fa- j brtiv — took bows at the end of the i Miss Fabi-ay, who plays comedl- i show. Caesar explained her absence an Sid Caesar's wife in the NBC TV; by saying she had met with an ac- show Caesar's Hour, was injured ' cident backstage. STOVE S GAS! OIL! ELECTRIC! Buy Now and Save! Beautiful l&H Eectric Range Automatic oven timer. Complete with 2 ovens. REGULAR SS1S.95. $222°° Empress Gas Space Heater Powerful (ifl.OOO BTU . . . a real space heater. REGULARLY PRICED AT $72.50. $4500 Preway Electric Range Single oven. Regular priced S169.95. SALE I'UICE $10300 Allen Oil Circulator Bijf 75,000 BTU circulator, large enough for a 5-room house. REGULAR $149.95. $4995 Quick Meal Kerosene Range Only tine left at this low price. REGULAR SI 19.95 . . . SALE I'RICE Circu-Ray Gas Heater Produces 30.000 BTU. Sells regiijflarly at $27.00. SALE PRICE $1995 Portable Kerosene Bath Heaters T h e s e portable bathvooir healers are real values. RE- GUI, AH SI 2.95. SAU PRICE. All Electric Portable Heater Your choice of anything i n stock. OFF GAS BATH ROOM HEATERS - Now Only 4.95 General Hardware Appliance 109 W. Main COMPANY Phone 3-4585 FOLGER'S GIVES YOU MORE ERCUP ... the richer, more satisfying flavor that comes only from skillful blending and roasting of Mountain-Grown coffees For breakfast, there's nothing like the. heart-warming lift of freshly brewed l-olgcrs Codec, because you gel so much more vigorous llaxor, so much more lively cotlcc goodness in every single cup. Folgcr's, you see, selects only the finest coffees. Mountain- Crown codecs lliat are naturally more flavorful. Tliey blcnc! and prepare them with a unique ccnliiry-old Folgcr ''lom-lv' that produces not only a richer flavor, but a trul) distinctive flavor no other codec can match. Tomorrow morning, tasie and see what a delicious diller- ence Folgcr's richer llavor makes! SO MUCH RICHER IN FIAVOB YOU ARE URGED TO USE '.• LESS THAN WITH IESSER FIAVORED BSAN03 ITS CopjtliM, J. «. 1. « Co., 19»

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