The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1948 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 26, 1948
Page 4
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Gov. Laney Calls Bailey 'Previous' Predict* Truman Will Carry Merl Stem LITTLK BOCK, May M. (UP)— The fovernor ,o( Arlunwa and a tenner eorernor at •AriunMU were Ml opposite *Me> of the fence to- J«y eh the quwtton of what tha Democratic voters of the slate will *> to the coming presidential eteo- Hon, GOT. Ben Laney commented that termer GOY. Carl B. Bailey wnt "a, little previous," wh«n the Jmter predicted in Washington that President Truman would carry Arkansns. Bailey mad* hte prediction after a Whit* House conference with Mi 1 , •human. He was accompanied by his Little Rock law partner, Eugene Warrtn, who sold "We're strongly for Mr. Truman." "It'i nice to be optimistic," Laney commented, "but I tlilnk Bailey's •latement t« a lltlle previous." Laney added "It's not vet, teen guaranteed that Truman ' will be the Democratic Party's candidate." State Democratic Central Committee Chairman Arthur Adams of Jonesbpro had a similar reaction to Bailey'* prediction. "I wouldn't take any bets on it," he remarked. Governor Laney'got a. vote of con- Bdenc* from the largest single club In the Arkansas Federation of Worn- tn'i Clubs. The Departmental Club of Little Hock vent on record commending Laney lor his anti-civil rights, anti-Truman stand. I'elejatee Unpledged Bailey declined, to predict wlmt me Arkaiiui »[»!«• delegation will do at «ie Democratic national convention. He pointed out that the delegate* have been selected and • re not pledged. Barller, a Lltlle Rock newspaper •harged that Bailey IB behind a rumored "purge," which the paper ••Id would be hied on Hie Arkan»M delegation'to net rid of Uie anti-Truman delegates. Presumably Ine purged would include Jjniev In other kte political developments, Adams announced a Central Committee meeting would b« called probably early next wnek, to set up - machinery for electing a suc- - ^ the late Suoreiue Court He Soys He's' Jesse Jomes . . « d * i 5"* "^ *• committee would ff" *». «P«1«1 Action' and *et the *Mdt«« dah tot ftling. The sae- «wor thm elected would serve until «p«tal .UoUoa, Ad,™ ''.aid. ,i» b. h. Id fc. „,„,, Nmg *«tlon, and the GoT«rnor Lw^r i. expected to Judge to «„, untll WM Lirwcfc ~ —sv Hay 2«. (UP) Senate yeslejday voted »15 for the federal school limeii "• ~hls Is $10,000,000 more Tlj, action wu on an'ammd- f<«t by Sen. Tom Stewart, D., w '«** ^' SenHt * >'«Miiied coa- «iaera,tlon of the Agrlcullvire Department appropriation, bill for the fiscal year starting July i. Th.i-amendment did not affect *e .total O f the bill, .,i,, ce the exlr.^nioney would be transferred to the^aepartnieiit from funds de- i rived from import dutie. on farm i product*. J. Frank Dalton, says the Lawlon, Okla., ConsUtutiem, k Jes»e James, and the man buried in 1882 as the famous Missouri bandit was an impostor. Dallon, » JOO-year-oM ConfederaU vclersn. comb-i his benrd in the Dallas, Tex., Veterans' Hospital with nurse Ozlei. Cioaf' b«lp. With twinkling eyes, he BOW lells ot singing at ht« own funeral. AP & L Completes Purchase of Lake Catherine Plant (UP)—The Arkansas Power i LiKhl Co. yuterdRy completed its purchase o( the Lake Catherine steam geiieiatfnu plant ami announced the expenditures of tlD- 000.000 to convert the wartime equipment to pcwcetlme electricity production. J, L. Botlle. company treasurer gave a rcpreiiiMiUUive of the War Assets Administration a check for WS5.000, In a ceremony here In the office of company president O. Hiiinilloii Moses. MOSCK In turn announced Miat work would start immediately to convert the plant to the production of electricity, and that M , e multi-million dollar , )rajMl wo ,, 1tl be complied by the end of next iioses also anuouuceil Uiat his company had fi | gned a 30 r contract to furnish Reynold* Melal Oo with power to operate the Johe, Mill alutiiiiuim plant The 111111118, president described Mie action as the first step in aventiwlly making Arkansas (J le foremast bauxite producttiiK stale in U>e world. Reynolds Mctnl Conipnny leawd half of the Jones Mill pinnt from the Bovurnmenl. O|»railoi» are eatiected to begin when the nower becomw ./available. Laney Delays Appointment Of New Judge UTTLK ROCK, May 2«, (UP)_ Gov. Ben T. Laney said today he probably would not announce A successor to the Associate Justice E I, McUanry of the Arkansas Supreme Court "for a few days." McVaney dlctl Mcinrltiy nlnht in a Little Roclt Hospilivl rollowlng a-stroke suffered Mny 5. Lnney expressed regret at the denth of the jurist, Lanny said he had received seve- i'«l appllailions for the job The an- polntnienl would be , ar the nerloii ending Jnn. i, 1949, w)lcll R succe ... sor elected nl the November general election would take office and serve Die remainder of McHnney's term The term does not expire until jan! SecrMnry Harvey Combs of the Democratic Central Committee said that tody would tall a special primary at the same time the first Democratic primary is held this Summer. In the event there should be two candidates, he said, both of them will be reined /or the nin- ort primary and the winner ot that election will I K UK Democratic nom- tiTO '" U ' C November general elec- Combs siilcl he planned to confer with party Chairman Arthur Adams of Joueslwro and call a meetim- O f the central committee to tlx the sne- ci«l election dale Oklak om D«QUBi!N, Ark., May ae. ( UP) _ pfflceri oontinued their aearch jes- terday for Kdward Thoniton, 43. ye»r-oW Broken Bow, Okla , man /or queslloiilnir k, the fatal shoot- In* yenterday of his landlord. McKinley, «,. was ^iot in the doorway of his home seven miles West of ),crc. Thornton was » boarder in the McKinley home. State Police quoted Mrs. Martha i McKinley, the victim's 7«-year-olcJ ' mother, as saying that the two men argued shortly after breakfast Monday. THornton left and returned with "shotgun with which he shot McKinley ,the woman.said. Officers said yesterday they were • not sure if Thornton had left the county. State police believed, however, he :'^ J :. ha ™., es . Ci W I" » «r. The Ok- Spring Tbewt Caws* WEDNESDAY, MAY >«, 194« •iu with Arkansas officers. Ok working POBTliAND. 0«., May 2«. COP) —The broad Columbia an<! William- ett« Rivers crested over flood stace yesterday under the impact of tributary loads from Spring thaws in Washington, Idaho, Montana *nd Oregon. Orchards,, pastureland, truck farms and a few riverbank residences wer« Hooded or threatened along th« Columbia East of Port- The Willamette went three feet above its 18-foot flood stage at Portland and still was rising a< rivers and streams rose bankfull under the pressure ot un-melted snow. At Conlee Dam, the Columbia showed a rapid rise from floodwaters. The river jumped two and three- quarler feet between Sunday » nd Monday, and seven feet below the (tarn since Thursday. lave you tried a quart of TheCHIROPRACTOR-and^ Are you nervous, have headaches, backaches, or »pin»l disorders? Chiropractic removes the cnust •f (h«*« condition*. Dr. Torsten Lindquist Chiropractor GUARD 1LDG. PHONE 3170 BLYTHEVILLE,ARK. 312 W. Main CET THI EXACT seUefinq your own ifioei, whon choosing jho*» for th« children, u*e Ait beautiful n*w machin* >o b« sure of • perfect fif. There's m> g u e »s work. 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