The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1953 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 30, 1953
Page 14
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PAGE FOUKTEEW BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL 90, Right Diet Emphasized For Child Health Day PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT is a slogan patient mother! keep In mind while their Infants test » new (to them) Invention—a spoon. Infants Feeding Lessons Require Time and Patience By GAYNOR MADDOX NEA Food and Markets Editor Tor real hand - to - mouth living, watch a toddler's first fumbling tfforts at self-feeding. He proves that fingers were made before spoons. He wobbles, spills, gives up, wades in again. Neatness takes plenty of practice by baby and lots of patience from mother. Child experts suggest letting baby first play with an empty cup •nd spoon to get the hang of the clumsy new tools. Other ways to encourage the young beginner In self-feeding are: 1. Allow plenty of time for meals. Let the toddler set his own •ating pace. Stay relaxed. Expect spills. 2. Seat him comfortably at an •asy height for hands and feet. >. Furnish tools that are practical rather than pretty. Give him a straight - handled spoon with a shallow, rounded bowl; an unbreakable, light - weight mug, a broad - based dish; later an adult's salad fork. 4. Be ready to take over when baby* gets tired or discouraged. Good system is to feed him the main dish, let him spoon up desert. B. Small portions help, and finger foods cut to size. First attempts at self . feeding are made easier by convenient foods like bannna and orange sec- tions and the hard new teething biscuits that fit small hands. They help hand-to-mouth practice, exercise those first little teeth. First chewing brings another change — to junior foods. Many mothers mix some of the familiar strained food with the finely chopped Junior variety until the young teether gets more accustomed to the different texture. Quick Creamed Liver (Makes about 1 cup Three - quarters cup water, t tablespoons flour, 1-3 cup nonfat dry mtlk, '/, teaspoon salt, dash of pepper, 1 can (3'/ 2 -ounce) junior liver , 1 tablespoon chopped parsley. Pouv water into top of double boiler.. Sprinkle flour, nonfat dry milk powder, salt and pepper over surface of water. Beat with rotary beater until blended. Stir in chopped liver and parsley. Cook over hct water, stirring constantly, until thickened. Serve hot over toast or hot boiled rice. For toddlers and grownups. Serve spaghetti • macaroni pure egg noodles _ By GAVNOR MAODOX NEA Food and MarMs lidltnr Tomorrow Is Child Health Day. 25th anniversary of the first presidential proclamation for national observance of May 1 as Child Health Day. Last year, 1952, saw the record- smashing arrival of almost 4,000,000 babies—3,889,000 is the estimate. That's reason enough for observing this day. Also cheering news is the continuing drop in the infant mortality rate, which last year reached its lowest point of 28.0 per 1000 live births. For the third successive year, this rate has been under 30, a startling contrast to 40.4 only a decade ago, in 1942. The reduction of infant mortality within the past 10 years can be credited with a saving of 5,000 Infant lives In 1952 alone, notes Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. Contributing to this gain in infant lives Is today's percentage of hospital births {88.9 per cent of registered births), and vastly improved nutrition for mothers and babies, notably during the critical prenatal period.' Diet Is high on the doctor's "what-to-do" list. American mothers have access to accurate information on the well-rounded diet from medical and government sources, nutrition experts, food writers. Mothers are using this knowledge daily and babies are gaining faster, showing their good health in many ways. For instance, today's babies double their weight sooner than did newborns 10 years ago, according to pediatrics research in a group of New York City hospi- IT'S EASY TO BUG-CLEAN AS YOU HOUSECLEAN ttAMHU INSECT BOMB KILLS HYING INSECTS FAST Just a flick of the finger and this fast-acting Insect Bomb goes to work for you to protect your precious home fur- nishingi from moths and other flying insects. ClIAN-SMtUINO • UAHANtf ID 12 01 WJ FRESH PURE GROUND BEEF 3Lb, 87* CRISCO 3 IBS. 87 HENS & FRYERS LB. 49 CORN GRAND PRIZE 6 No. 303 <M Cans JJ I No. 303 Size TOMATOES 3 Luttrell's Special! POTTED MEAT Louisana Home Grown TOMATOES L, Vlavrose Cello Wrap MfEINERS Cans &<f0 ... Can 3p * Only fcOp . Lb. 450 Bush's Great Northern BEANS Lb. and '/; Jar GRAPE JAM Corn-onthe-Cob FRESH CORN Real Value! FRESH EGGS No. 2 Can Iwp ... Only *I0 Ear 3p . . . Dozen ^*p Pepperidge Farm Bread—Mrs. Arthur's Angel Food Cake TRY OUR FRESH RIVER CAT FISH! Remember: The size of the store does not govern the price you pay! 'Home of Jack Sprat Fine Foods" LUTTRELL'S Call 2011 -^MARKET— Chick, ft Sixth St. tnls. The majority of Infants now double tlielr weight by the fourth month, some by the third. This is a tribute to early prescription of a variety of foods usually headed by cod liver oil, some form of vitamin C and special baby cereals. VVlien it comes to foods, the doctor is generous and baby'e menu caches sizable proportions In the c.'cond month. Keeping step with icdlcal thinking, babyfood com- anies are developing more and lore hiRh-chair specialties. Next Good Health More Than Non-Running Nose Tomorrow, proclaimed Child, as we know nowadays, Insecurity and Intelligent diet, based on re- Health Day by President Elsenhow- er, it the Ideal time for parents to check on what they arc doing to raise physically strong, mentally lieallhy and spiritually satisfied future citizens. Dr. Benjamin Spocfc of the University of Pittsburgh asks a question all of us should striv'e to answer today—"Who'll Speak Up for Our Children?" "Good health isn't Just having a nose that doesn't run," he says. "It means, feeling good enough to want to sing or whistle. But health Is a complicated business because, color are chief aims in baby foods to nutritive values, true flavor and research. and Irritttlon help to cause such conditions as asthma, colitis, head-' aches, and even colds. "So good health for « child means • loving home, * wholesome neighborhood, a small class at school, an understanding teacher. "If a child Is handicapped or In trouble, he desperately needs special, but also kindly services. There are tens of thousands of children in America still who lack these essentials. They can't speak for themselves. Who'll bother to find their unmet needs—in each community? Who'll speak up for them?" Of course, a major factor In good health for children is a Bound searches and experience of leading nutritionists and pediatricians, rather than Just on the advice of neighbors. Why not today resolve to buy at least one sound and How To Hold FALSE TEETH More Firmly in Place Do your false teeth annoy and embarrass 'by slipping, dropping or wobbling when you eat. laugh or talk? Just sprinkle a little PASTEETH on your plates. This alkaline (non-acid) powder holds false teetb more firmly and more comfortably No gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling Does not sour. Checks "plate odor" (denture breath). Get FASTEETH today »t any drug store. accredited book on child and regard It as a permanent l«n- „ ily possession? Personal To Women With Nagging Backache . IncBinj backache.lMi o! pet «n t energy, • headaches and dinineM may b« due to "low-l down of kidney function. Doctors «ar «ood kidney function is very lmporl.i>J to good. Kidney luitcuuii » vcu mivv•"•;••, ~~ - r' health. Whensomecvendayconditlon.BUcb; us strcsj and ttrain, causes this Important functlontoslowdown,raBnyfolkssultern»ll- • • Sins buckacllc-feel miserable. Minor Wad. der irritations due to cold or wrong diet may causegettingupnightsorfrequentpassagefl. • Don't neglect your kldneya If these conditions bother you. Try Dean's Pills-s mild diuretic. Used successfully by million! for: over 50 years. Ifa amazing how many time* g4 Doan's give happy relief from these discom. m forts-help theJS milcsof kidney tubes and ill. ters flush out waste. Set Doan's Pills today], Low \ easy lesson ^^*^^^^ j^\^ a^^fc^^^^ / j Check Taiese Terrific Buys! GRADE A—Tender Young RICHARDSON'S *CASH GROCERY* CRACKERS FRESH EGGS Extra Large White Eggs Doz. 55c BOX Med. Brown Select, Doz. 14 Oz. Btls. HEINZ CATSUP - Tip Top Brand No. 2 Can Heinz or Gerbers Tip Top Brand No. i can • ••4%4fe|% f\ 4% 4% PORK & BEANS - - - - ea. lOclfOOD 3^ NS 201 Great Northern 25 !b. bag $2.95 Coffee Shop Coffee . .3 Lbs. $2.23 COFFEE - - - Coffee Shop Ib. Scott County ;AL- 25 Ib. bag $1.59 All Brands All Flavors Golden Ripe BANANAS - BISCUITS per can 8 Lbs. 99c PURE LARD 4 ibs. 55c|BOLOGNA JELLO - - - - Each Only NEW POTATOES - - - Lb. 5? 2 Lbs. TEXAS CORN Ear5< - - Each5< - - Lb.39X Fresh I Fresh Large BELL PEPPERS Fresh Good Fresh re fDEAM Kt (REAM DRESSED HENS • - - Lb.49< GROUND BEEF New CABBAGE - .-50 Ib. sack 99CICHEESE 2 Lbs. 69* .*»*il.-i,^^

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