The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1954 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 20, 1954
Page 8
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BLYTHEVILLH (ARK.) COURIER NEWg SATURDAT, NOVEMBER JO, 1954 Spurned Potential' Lover Issue Injected into Dr. Sheppard Trial By RALEIGH AU.SBKOOK CLEVELAND (AP) — Could a spurned "potential" lover with a sadistic sense of satis faction have killed pregnant Marilyn Sheppard in a state of frenzy? That was a question raised by Dr. Samuel H. Sheppard in a police statement read late yesterday at his first degree murder trial. The 30-year-old osteopath is ac-# cased of killing hi; 31-year-old wife In the bedroom of their suburban Bay Village home last July 4. The statement, which also touched on "other women" in the case, was read to the tense courtroom by Detective Robert F. Schotfke, the first Cleveland po liceman to rench the murder scene. For the most part the .statement, taken last July 10, had been recital of events already disclosed. Then, as the slender officer read swiftly, these words suddenly jumped out: * Q. Do you know of any reason why someone else should have taken her life? A. Possibly. Q. Will you stale the possibility? A. Well, I don't know but I have heard of individuals who are maniacal enough that when they start something, and act like that, it becomes a compulson, a means of satisfaction ... or something of that nature. She has spurned lovers, potential lovers. The courtroom suddenly became dead silent as the spectators tried to fathom Die detective's hurried reading of the involved passage. He went on without pause: Q. How many of these potential lovers did she have? A. Three that I know of and I am pretty sure more. I am certain that there were more. Q. Have you told the police about th« three and revealed their iden- A. Tee. Opportunity Anked A moment or two later the thin- haired police veteran finished reeding the statement with a closing note by Dr. Sheppard that "hope you will give me the opportunity to give you additional information when and if I shall be able to remember or I find it." Then Common Pleas Judge Edward BIythin called a recess and reporters closed in with requests for a look at the statement. Later, the prosecution said it had no idea what Dr. Sheppard meant about the "potential lovers." But it insisted all three persons mentioned by the defendant had been "checked out completely and cleared." They refused to say whether the persons had taken He detector tests. Tile statement also revealed that police questioned Dr. Sheppard about his relationship with Miss Susan Hayes and Mrs. Juleo Lossman. . Miss Hnyes, a 24-year-old hospital technician, admitted she y»s intimate with Dr. Sheppard when he made a trip to California last March. A short time after the Sheppard murder, Mrs. Lossmail, wile of the owner of a motor sales rimi- pany, also admitted to police Unit she had gone on "iiujiginK and kissing" dates with the handsome defendant. Denied Affair Dr. Sheppard, in the polk-e stale- ment, denied he ever had an affair with Miss Hayes but declared they were good , friends mid he bought her a wntch while on Hie West Coast. He said he told his wife about the watch later and she became somewhat upset. falliiiB to understand the intent (he .said it was to replace one she had lostl." Dr. Sheppard said lie met Mr*. HONORED — Gen. Walter Bedell Smith will be presented the gold medal of the National Institute of Social Sciences for his services to humanity. The award will be made to the former undersecretary of state, in New York City on Nov. 19. Let me show you The Beautiful New 1955 IPONTIAC The most Beautiful and Most Powerful Pontiac ever Built! Jimmie Williams Iffoble GiN Pontiac Incorporated OUTLAW BOMB—A member .of an Arnb security group holds one of the many homemade bombs which outlaws ore using to blow up bridges and destroy buildings in Tunisia. The bomb contains a ran of gasoline and gun powder The Cuso is lighted and tha weapon tossed. Lossmnn whits rendering medical caru after an automobile accident and later bought n Jaguar sports cnr from her husband, Robert. A close friendship with bolli husband nnd wife developed. Dr. Sheppard said In the .statement, but It didn't turn into a love flf- falr between himself and Mrs. ,o.ssman, "not on my part certain- y." Q. Do you know whether or not there had been a discussion between Mrs. Lossman and her husband and you and your wife, Mnrl- lyn, that there had been such an affair existing between you mid Mrs. Logman? A. That Ls difficult io answer. My wife and I were present at a lime when Mr. Iiossman and his wife discussed some of their marital problems. He at Ihl.s tlni0'did men- lion the belief Hint she hud .shown shown particular liking to me. We merely tit templed to net as a referee, my wife and I. Q. How did Hits affect your wife? A. She -said Hint alter that it as a passible clew. While attorneys and detectives continued to busy themselves will: the case, an elderly woman lay in tho Shtippnrd's Buy View Hospllul, victim of a stroke. She is Mrs. Richard A. Sheppard, mother of the accused osteopath. She was stricken Wednesday. 0/flcliiLs reported her In fair condition. Defense attorneys said the osteopath hris not been Informed of the stroke. His mother, a chronic cardiac ..sufferer, IIH.S not been present during' her son's murder trial. frequent .social affairs with the Lo.ssmans and I aurcod. Denied Humor Dr.. St«'i>ii»V(l tU'Uictl "ubsuUUc- ly" he hud ovi»r dlnd Mrs. Los.s- inan, but a (.'know lodged there had been ".sonic rumor lo that effect.' Mriunvhth*. two Clcvrlaml detectives, saying they were In Detroit at the mim v sl of Dr. Stephen Sheppard, the accused o.stenpn Ill's brother, have Inlr-mewed three persons at that city's homicide bureau. They said (hey planned to tnlte back lo Cleveland certain ob.iects found in an undisclosed place in Michigan. included a sliiined T-shirt, three small, fire- .scarred bottles nnd n heavy carpenter's file. Cleveland's detect i v e chief. Jamr.s E. Me Art bur. had said earlier thiit Dr. Stephen Hhi-pparil named n HH-yoiir-uUI "bushy haired Mian in connection with the case*, lie was de.MTibe-d as a heavy man. si\ ft'el three, addicted lo a drug, den H'nil. ant! reportedly was a i former patieni of (he .Sheppitrds. ; Some suri-iicat instrument coin- '• panics in Detroit were lo be [ checked. by the Cleveland delec- ; lives. MeArthur also MI id. ! Cwiniy Cormier Samuel li. bcr- '. her. testifying at the trial, said an • outline in the bloodstained pillow ! of Marilyn Shrppant showed the i murder weapon-- never recovered —-mi'-iln have been a surgical instrument I MeArthur nlso .said n pair oi sur- ! HI! < i oi s tound at Traverse ; City, Mich-, was apparently unrc- i hi ted lo I he murdor cftpe. It Iv.ul j been turned over to local police ' Caruthersvilie Man Is Killed CARUTHERSVILLE — Mr. and Mrs. UiiKh EnRland of Curuthers- vllle have learned of the death of Ihoir son. LL Col, John England. Col. England, a Jet pilot, in tin: United Slates Air Force .was killed in an accident somewhere In Frimen Wednesday. " is nut known he re what lype of an ncci- dent he was Invloved in. COMMISSIONKir S.U,F Noliee Is hereby uiven (hat. pursuant to n decree rendered by Hie Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, in Hie rmise In which Dell Gin Company, et nl were plaintiffs and Elbe! Walters, et al, were defendants, I will, within lawful hours on the 10th day of i December, HIM. offer for sale to | the highest and best bidder upon the credit of three months, the following properly si tun led in the Chlckasawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas:-— The cast half of Lot Number three (3' except Ihe must southerly -ID feet (hereof, and nil of the ea.M half oi Lot Number tour (4). all in Block "A" of the Original Survey of Ihe Town of Dell, Arkansas. The purchastT at suid sale will be required lo idvc bond with approved secnrily. lo secure the payment ot his bid nnd a lien will be 1 retained on the property therefor. ; Haled this l!)ih day ol November. n»5-i. . . ] tlKRALDINE LISTON/ Cmnmissinner in Chancery, Marcus Kvr.mi, Ally, lor Pllt. 11 l!()-:!7 EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbard Hardware riione 2-201JI NOW OPEN Al Kormi'r \orth.Slar Locution 1/2 Mile from Hlylhcv illc on N. Highway (il — I'honc rOplar ;i-i)'.)22 Serving Good Food & Catering to Parties— Large & Small Enjoy Dancing In Our Newly Decorated Dining Room ROBERTSON'S Good Food Rebecca and Jirnmie Robertson H€T DOG/ DELICIOUSLY SEASONED WITH OUR CHILI AND CHOPPED ONIONS TAKE HOME SACK—6 FOR $1 KREAM KASTLE DRIVE IN Edgar Holt Rites Conducted CARUTHERSVILLE — Funen, services lor Edgar Holt, 70, wer held al 3:30 p.m. Thursday at th Baptist Church here. Burial was I Little Prairie Cemetery here. Mr. Holt passed away Tuesda In Haytl. He Is survived by three brothers HllKh Holt, oi Stubtown, Charle Holt, ot Birmingham, Ala., and Lu ther Holt, of Little Rook, Ark.; sister, Mrs. Edith Allen, of Priiil man, Tenn.; and four stepdatltfl tcrs. Mrs. John Long. Mrs. Ed Mil yard and Mrs. Myrtle Cook, all o ">II, Ark., and May Palmertrce, o Jctroil, Mich. MCCARTHY (Continued from Page 1) , Flanders said, "it Is Impossi bio to say now what would be tin Wise thins to do" nnd that hi course "would depend on the cir eumslnnces." While Dirkscn plans to offer ; compromise resolution when tin Senate returns, flanders said " have not yet hciird, or thought of ,ny compromise that I think wou. or should be accepted by the Sen ate." The Wat kins committee looked into 4(i charges—some o f then overlapping—brought by Flanders Morse and Fulbrlght and rccom mended that McCarthy be cen surcd on two. "Good Faith" Tested One was the McCarthy ha< abused and failed to cooperate with a 1951-52 elections subcom iiittec that probed his finances The other was that McCarthy's ionducl toward Brig. Gen. Ralpl W. Zwiekur, in questioning him ai hearing, had been "In excusable" and "reprehensible." Morse said that the "good faith' of the senators to come to a vote jefore Dec. 24 will be tested by the offering of unanimous consen agreements to fix a deadline dat lor a showdown. These proposals, lie said, would still allow McCarthy nnd his supporters "full opportunity" to present their arguments. Sen. Thyc (ll-Miim), who has not committed himself on the censure Is-sue, said he thinks the senile will come to a vote "within i week at the outside" after return- ng- Nov. 20. He .said he believed the Issue would have been disposed of bj .onight had McCarthy not bee lospltaltzed. He also said he thinks .ho public Is getting "irritated, r idding ho had received letter? Tom constituents a-sking why the Senate didn't vote. BLAAAGH-That's exactly how four-year-old Hilly St.-in- Icy, of Los Angeles. Calif. feels ns he shows his reaction to (he insect poison he accidentally swallowed Someone Icii the poison in a milk carton around his home and Hilly thought he was drinking milk. A last trip to the hospital saved his life. LOOK AT ME, MOM—Little Karen Maneskie, of Morgan, Pa. looks mighty proud and she has every reason to be. She's celebrating her first birthday and already has 16 of her 20 baby teeth, including two molars. Two New Atomic Plants Near Completion; Production Hiked By ESCAR THOMPSON OAK RIDGE, Tenn. I/PI — The ;overnment is nearing completion if two huge atomic plants which itready have greatly Increased the uition's production of fissionable U23 for atomic and hydrogen vcapons. The two plants, costing nearly •ne billion dollars, are additions o existing installations here and t Patlucah, Ky. A third facility low under construction near Ports- nouth, Ohio, will add substantially o our U235 output. The three installations produce J235 by what is called the gaseous lefuHion process. This is a method if separating fissionable U235 from latural uranium. The Atomic Energy Commission leclined comment on progress of he three-pronged construction pro- ^raivi, but it was learned reliably oday that the Oak Ridge and Pa- ucab facilities arc in their dual uilding stages. The Portsmouth 'taut was projected two years ago s a 4-year job. An authoritative source said the ilanls include a vast amount of in- orination gleaned from operation f (he original U235 facility here Feb •hk-h bcRnn production nary, 1945. When the program was approvec y Confute in July. 1952. the then iiairmim of the AEG, Gordon II Dean, said: "The purpose of this expansion irogram is lo gain precious time .y achieving minimum stockpile bjfctivps established by the Dc- inrtment of Defense, and to achieve them about 4'/ 2 years earlier than we would achieve them if we went at our present rate." Dean told Congress time was a key factor in developing a family of atomic weapons for use by the armed services. The government now has more than a million dollars Invested in the gaseous diffusion facility here. It is a sprawling plant covering hundreds of acres. When completed, It will consume 16 billion kilowatt hours of electricity a year. The entire state of Tennessee, exclusive of Oak Ridge, used 11 billion kwh in 1952. Sam R. Sapirie, manager of AEC's operations here and at Paducah and Portsmouth, says the U235 being produced in the three plants "is probably the greatest single deterrent to World War III. "If, because of the availability of this material, we are averting a third world war," Sapirie added, "the cost is more than justified.' Sapirie points out the material will not be wasted because it will be used as fuel in atomic and power plants. One pound of U235 contains the energy equivalent of 2,GOO,000 pounds of coal. Mendes-France (Continued from Page with able degree of agreement U.S. points of view. Dulles was said to have told Mendes-France he hopes French military forces in North Africa would avoid using U.S. arms in fighting Nationalists. But the secretary of state apparently did not threaten to cut off military aid if this were not done. Mendes-France, was reported to have told Dulles the French plan no reductions during 1955 in French commitments unde4 the North Atlantic pact. However, Mendes-France was quoted as say- Ing he felt there should be some shifts in troop assignments and categories of arms and defense forces. There have been reports the French might send some troops now on NATO duty to the North Africa trouble spots. On another point, Dulles was said to have assured Mendes- France of firm U.S. support for a proposed agency to police arms production and accumulation by European nations which have entered into new defense agreements that involve West German rearmament. However, Dulles was understood to have reiterated that this country will determine how to apportion its arms aid to the various nations. Position Clarified Speaking before the National Press Club yesterday, Mendes- France clarified his position on a variety of points. He said: 1. It would be "childish, unrealistic: and even dangerous" to accept Russia's bid for an immediate general conference on European problems. 2. It will be "a point of honor" with France to ratify by year's end agreements on rearming Germany, regardless of possible Hussain concessions. 3. The West must make itself strong militarily, economically and politically before seeking any major agreements with the Soviet bloc. 4. He looks on fighting communism as his "No. 1 task" and is determined to remake the French economy so it will provide his people hope for better living. France and West Germany can end their old enmity and CO- SHE'S TOPS - Jeanne Catherine Shubert poses atop the Eiffel Tower after being named "Miss Paris." She was chosen-' by France's foremost beauty: contest winners and film stars | ' who gathered at the landmark. operate because now coincide. their interests Kings Install Seed Cleaner MANILA — H. L. King and C. L. King, owners of the King Feed and Seed Company of Manila, have installed a modern seed cleaning Dlant which can clean any kind of seed of grain. The Kings plan to help create a market for any product Manila planters can produce. H. L. King has been in business n Manila since 1927. Manila FFA Plans Banquet MANILA — When Manila FFA chapter members entertain at the annual father-son banquet on Dec. 9, they will serve pheasant, a delicacy for this section. The boys ordered 250 of the birds last spring and sold 172 of them to chapter members and farmers in the vicinity of Manila, but they kept 72 to serve at the banquet. Only bobsled run in the United States is at Lake Placid, in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. The Olympic flame traditionally is kindled by means of a magnifying glass. DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 3-4507 Hours: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. with Delivery to 7 p.m. WOODS DRUG STORE 22.1 \Vcst Main SI. At The End of Your Rope? When Aches & Pains antl winter Colds make you feel at the end of your rope . . . Try Bob's Gypsy Rub Liniment Business and Personal CHRISTMAS CARDS Name Personalized or Plain HALLMARK CARDS 10 for 29c, up Unusual Girt Wraps— Tarty Favors. Special Low Prices. SAMUEL F. MORRIS Stationrrs—Office Outfitters- Printers "Arross From City Hall" Jack Webb, M. D. Announces the Removal of his offices from the Lynch Building to the new EYE CLINIC 520 W. Main Practice Limited to the Eye and E.N.T. Office Hours !) lo 5 Dally Ksrcpl Thursday Aflcrnnons and by Appointment PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET I Fresh Oysters • Country Hams • Pure Country Sorghum • Fruit Cake Ingredients • Fruit Cakes Nationally Advertised & Fancy Groceries 2-2043 Call In w« Deliver Come In 1044 Chick SIMPLIFY SHOPPING AND SAVING WITH What do you Need? - Get it fast with a low cost want ad! Thrifty women — and men, too — read our classified ads every day for the best reason in the world: YOU SAVE! ! Want ads in this paper art a market place for everything you want to buy, sell, or swap and — for expert services. . . . Get the classified shopping habit, now. . . . we will help you writ* the Adi Ads placed before i p.m. will appear next day, except for Monday's paper when ads must be placed by noon Saturday. All classified advertising payable In advance. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS

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