The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1956 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 20, 1956
Page 7
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TUESDAY, MARCH BLTTHEVfLU (AUK.) COUKIER NEW* PAGE THIRTEEN OUR IOARDING HOUSI — wlHi Major Heople OUT OUR WAY ly J. R. WillioiM _aaa»«l«Ml 4WBOLLER n-tPlflfTMIS C^kfTTAKE • F1EANPBI6H THOSE THIM&S I OF MACAROM OFF MOW- J «OBAKEP ITLLWAKe^ FOR MEN TH6M UP/ • THE FRONT I'LL SET A AW j«o<.eT/ MOReWN'S RACERS W6REAMATELK*/ _, WEIL SOON BE II UVWSvlAEMrrVyflH House»».»« UfW M£ ItJ AW HtAeiri- SOT THAT 0UB0L& N YdUf? H6AO THMT- LAYS A SAILY TINTSP »STER B50 WHIN ONE MUffiZES HIS RIBS? LOOK AS VACAhST A5 A HAOWeo House? . .BLANKET TO COVER ?P/«rl AMD COf* UP \Ntrn A soee- WHY MOTHERS SET SRAY 1 POMY UNDER- I ARE SO STAMP/ OH.THATS THE WAY WBEGOIM6 T& HOLD OUR. FRIENDSHIP/ weRF SCEMEP Tb Be COOLNESS SPEAK. AT AU, FOR FEAK of BREAKIN6 OUR. FRIENDSHIP.' fOU AND HILDA QUARRELED OTHER THAT WECANTBfAR TME7HOU6MTOFJ QUARREL. AND SINCE WE'EE BOW TSMPEREP— Tel.riiion - Tonight, Tomorrow - WMCT Channel 5, & WHBQ Channel 13 WREC - Channel 3 WMCT. Channel 5 Tuesday NIffht, Mar. 20 6:00 Soldier of fortune 6:30.Dlnah Shore 6:45 News Caravan 7 ;00 Bob Hope 8:00 Jane's Fireside 8:30 Circle Theatre 9:30 Grand Ole Opry IQ-.OO.Esso Reporter 10:15 Star Stage 10:45 Little Show 11:00 Tonight 12:00 Sign Off Wednesday, Mar. 21 6:50 Meditation 7:00 Today 7:25 Weather 7:30 Today 7:55 Today in Memphis 8:00 Today 8:25 News 8:30 Tod»r 8:5$ New* A Weather 9:00 Dins DoDK School 9:30 StoryUnd 9:43 The Cathy Show 10:00 Home Show 11:00 Ernie Ford 11:30 FeUher Tour Nert 12:00 Mid-South Today 12:15 TV Motle JrUtln« 1:15 Modern Romance* 1:30 HomemafcerB 1:45 Date With Life 2:00 Matlnet Theatre 3:00 Channel 5 Theatre 3:30 Queen lor a TAJ 4:00 Pinky Lee 4:30 Howdy DOOdy 5:00 Adventure 5:30 interesting ,Ptr*on 5:40 Cartoon* 5:55 Weather 6:00 Superman 6:30 Eddie Ftaher 7:00 Boston BI*ekie 7:30 Cisco Kid S:00 TV Theatre 9-00 This Is Your Life 9:20 Mr. District Atty. 10:00 Esso Reporter 10:15 Academy Awards 11:15 Tonight 12-.00 Sign OK WHBQ, Channel 13 Tu«d»y Night,- MM. ZO 8:00 Little Rascals 8:25 Shoe Show 8:30 Warner Bros. 7:30 Wyatt Earp 8:00 Playhouse 8:30 Secret Journal 9:00 Danny Thomas 9:30 Cavalcade Theatre 10:00 News 10:05 Weather 10:10 Pattl Page 10:25 Late Show Wednesday, Mar. 21 8:45 News & Weather 9:00 Romper Room 10:00 This Is Holly wool 11:30 Stu Erwin 12:00 Weather 12:05 News . 12:15 Theatre 1:00 Miss America 2:00 Film Festival 4:00 Autry -Rogers . 5:00 Mickey Mouse 6:00 Little Rascals . 6:25 You Know Why 6:30 Disneyland 7:30 MOM Parade 8:00 Masquerade Party 8:30 Break The Bank 9:00 Fights 9:45 Sports Picture 10:00 News 10:05 Weather 10:10 Paul and Ford 10:15 Late Show 11:45 Weather WREC. Channel S Tuesday Night, M»r. » 6:00 News and Weather 6:15 Douglas Edw»rfl« 6:30 Name That Tune 7:00 Never Get Rich 7:30 Navy Log 8:00 Diamond Jubilee 8:30 Red Skelton Show 9:00 $64,000 Question 9:30 Trust Your Wife 10:00 Amos and Andy 1U:30 News and Weather 10:45 Late Movie rVedneiday, Mar. 21 6:55 Program Newi 7;00 Good Morning 8:00 Captain Kangaroo 9:00 Garry Moore 9;30 Arthur Godfrey 10:30 Strike It Rich 31:00 Valiant Lady ll:iS Love ol 11:30 Search Tomorrow 11:45 Guiding Light 12:00 Jack Paar Show 1S:30 Love Story 1:00 RoBert 4. Lewia 1:30 House Party' 2:00 The Big PayoH 2:30 Bob Crwrtjy Show 3:00 Brighter Day 3:15 secret Storm 3:30 On Your Account 4:00 Early Movie 5:3d Range Rider 6:00 News and Weather 6:15 Douglas Edwards 6:30 Brave Eagle 7:00 Godfrey Ac PriendJ B:OO The Millionaire 8:30 I've Got A Secret 9:00 2&th Century Fox 10:00 Man Behind Badge 10:30 News and Weather 10:45 Late Movie 12:15 Sign Off "How do you like that! The saleigirl told m« thl» was ' an original!" TM. MK. u.i FM. off. "After that fat tip my husband gave you, I hop* you'H remember ut if we're ever in Washington again!" Fast Work ELLERSON, Va. W—When Hsn- over county's historic Shady Drove Methodist Church was damaged by fire, men and equipment came from several areas to help extin- guish the flames. I "They sure got here in a hurry," said one resident in discussing the fire. "Yeah, and from a right smart piece away, some of them," said another. "I saw one that came from Michigan." The Olenwood Farms Volunteer Fire Department used a truck borrowed from a manufacturer in Lansing, Mich. GAS APPLIANCES DELTA PROPANE Co. Premium L-P Gas Butane Propane it Cooking it Tractor Fuel it Heating it Motor Fuel INSTALLATION • TRACTOR CARBURETION BOTTLE GAS BULK PLANT: Broadway eV.Hution Sri. R. C. Farr & Sons, Owner* OFFICE: 400 So. Railroad St. (Phillips 66 Warehouse) Phone: 3-4662 The Angry TH» 9TTORTI Hlkfl M»rrl»»B. •• A.«ierte««. !• !• AlheBi •• l>v»e> Ttrcf . T «r. S< ««1... -k- Urn '•«•»"' a l«n«» t« !••«••. ••«*•• tkl»k» tt to • W»l»t» eo«m«««- utln. »«t It l» « •I""«« '• l»te!llite»e«. K«»'a« Bell- , t»r «orrt«o« to »ot «••»««•* •* kelrlK <*« Brl(l«»- m MIKE stooc 1 at Petratt }7. The ttreet was black and empty ,He *wayed up the steps and reached lor the big brass knocker. It hit fee- plate and the door Jantd open. Be leaned again* the door frame, bracing biinaelf and wait- Ing tor Tassoa to corn*. -Only got one good ear b«- jtween them anyhow Mike shoved the door and plunged into,a pitch-black hallway He tumbled through his pocket*, found hia match** and TiTane «nd squinwd «round. n>e match burned hia flngtr*- • He topped it and y»U€d. He Ut another and found the n*ll,twitch. "Stergiou! Wake upl His echo bounced through the pit" weirdly. He staggered farther Into the •ball and called again. The house •was eerie and hia head reeled from win*. "Stergiou, come out, come out wherever you ate!" . He stood before the door to the old man's offlc*. "Probably asleep Mike leaned again** the *»r ana pitched into the offlea. TM cool groaned ahut bthtad W« His hands froped f«f »• ••«* "the lampiifbt broke the room imo dim yellow •n<L b ."*.!! h !2 ows There—on the ooor—Stergiou 1 glasses—tmashed. and the carpet ed with blood around them. ' "Morrison." a voice whispered rom the shadow The blood rushed from Mike's lips a§ a lolt of fear hit him Hii throat muscles tightened into drynen . Hlr ey« ptwid Into the lot "• "••"•• "• It waa a They are on to you. Dont — don't try the American Embassy They'll have it surrounded. they— the? nave fiends— «verywhere. You— ave no choice. Morrison." , The hand holding the oistoi dropped limply and the latterea to the floor. grabbed the man'f lapel, "Who are they?" he said re they?" The man's head rolled back His lips trembled opes out be was unable to speak Mike cent own and nicked up the oistol nd put the credential card in Ms pocket MIKE'S jaw trembled open. •Who are you?" he creaked unevenly. "Over—by the door," the voice lid. "Who are you? Whew is Ster- glouT" "Sttrglou'i dead." HU head turned slowly and be strained hia eyea. Vea. there wai someone there. Through the dull yellow shadow be could He a nan's face staring at him. "Oh—no—no—no Leave me alone—le»ve me alone I'm— I'M fitting out of hert. . " He lurched toward the doot In blind "Morrison! Stand itllll I have a gun on you!" Tb* command halted him. Mike's eye* bulged to terror Hit f«e« was wet with fwent H« looked it the'man The man inachaii. ' There were streaks of blood running from the corners of the man's mouth and the man' big walrus mustache was red with blood "What do you want of me? Mike pleaded. "The tnvelop*—the envelope— you mutt deliver it A plan —leave* Tatoi airdrome—mid night—take my credentials Mike's hands fumbled througl hit pocketa He found the *nv* lop*. "Tik* tt . Pm an Amer lean dtUM—you'vi oo right M ml* me up to this The man groaned and bis eye* Mltod u4 OB Ma tie* appeared the stamp *< d*ath. Hit whisper oistoi Mike "Who THE Avenue Vasilissis SoiSas was devoid of life The wide boulevard had not a oar—not a Ign of a human on it The house! were dark—nc light shone excepi or a dim street lamp. Let me wake upl Let me wake upl he cried to himseU. He eon- Inued running down the deserted borougMare—two blocks—three —four—until everything blurred. There! Down the street—a light ke peered through the window. The «alooo was empty except for the barkeep Mike buckled over the bar. panting fot breath. The bar- ender stared at him wide-eyed. 'English.* Mike gasped. "You speak Englezos?" The bartender began rambling In Greek. Mike f)»hed through hU pocket and slapped a bill on the counter. He stumbled back of the bar to tfie phorw.'The bartender glanced at the money and.-kept his con- Tused vigil. . "Operator—operator—hello Can you understand me En- gleios? . American Embassy No—no—American Embassy ... That's right, that's right- hurry—pleat* " Mike closed his eyes and whit- pered under hte breath as h« heard • ring—then two, thret. four. "Answerl Answer!" He «lld the phone back on the hook and leaned "gainst the back of the bar trying to think through the fog A sob broke through hi* ; lips and tean rolled from bit «7*a. , . . (T«l CULVERT TILE Concrete CalTerW— Correlated MeUI Pipe— Automatic Hood Gatet—Screw Type Head Gate* —Fre-Cast Septic Tanks W« DeliTer—Best Prlcei Webb Culvert Tile Co, at Ark.-Mo State Lin. Phone OSborn 3-8414 Sun Vertikal Panel Drapes Linen-Nylon-Plasric Phone 3-4863 For Free Estimates, Hope Young Blytheville, Ark. EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbard Hardware Phuu 2-M1I RADIATOR WORK • Boiled! Out • Repaired • Flo Tested • Re-cored ALL WOBK GUARANTEED GROVER'S RADIATOR WORKS n. i-fM Cl. Uke AT*. WE'VE GOT IT! Orer 33,000 different item* in stock! HUIIARD H A R D W A R I r TOLD vou WE'KE sow«A 6 y/weAUAi»L.w«wr —,, .... .— , FOeWHArfFOB DO IT twsrS Isoins TO m TVE] ™™*| *$ B 50TTA CATCH HtKW^-^g ' fjM a^Jtl ^ LETSSTOKl' l -v *E-MAWEMV MOW'S SV DONT FEELVKVV CMNrtTOWWfSJWB CW~OF~CQFrfS-^nm^^ TICKET/ NOTA*VOUNSASI- _FOR SUCH A LITTLE -, &OYT• I'LL 6WE10U THE MONEY ANPTCU YOU WHAT ID BUY OH.WINTHRO? I'M <5UP'iOU l R£ HERE. NOW WHAT PIP THATPHOVEf WMfT \OUTQ RUN THE BUTCH W6HTAWAY PREW CWiRSE*.»» EPiSf* SORRV,C»?TN1 THE OMLY WITHER! V HE POESNT/EASY *L 611 t KNOW! SUT YOUR WIFt Wk5 Wrt *TEP IA9T MISHT FOR YES,,,A,FTeZ ttUCK M#iA,RCK! IT WOM'T 9TW40 TKE.TEST5 TWfN SOU THWH^\KeaON PIP, BUT IT SHOULD OUR SYNTHETIC Wtf \ K B6TT« THhN OLC MOT 66 * TOTAL LO£5>Yr SWH6TIC6! PR.KB.Ll- THAT IT CKM BE W.TBEED TO ine vra^j ivi inb>v> » ••»• »•*•••••'•• TESTIFY, $HE'U BE REIEASEP, W NOWl NBJCT KEEKiWMBE, •usuaTV ^wiir KBLLW* rWIKB WCULP HURT OUR ULSEHPHIW (WAY ON A THERE 5 ONE Of EM NOW HE WAS TH I HIM? LEADER 6EE VVHIZ, DOC, I I A WHOLE IT MUSTA /J-^TCOK OUT AFTER ALL THOSE DENTS ) BEEN / KIDS? ^ ME A-YHI.IN AND SCRATCHES! \TMQSEJvVHAT I AN HOULERIM' KIDS' V KIP5: HE MEMvlING C/^/ SEE, WE you RUNNING / DiDNl KNOW AROUND, A THROWING HE WAS A MECHANIC, HONEST, POP 1 ftN THRDWIN' STUFF, MY fiOO'NESS, MAN, WHMCHA. DO TO MY AUTOMQBll-E THINGS THIS CHAP? VER 5TCAININ' YEPSELF, OOCI WHV SO _" HELPFUL CARKV THAT! J 5UODEN? j'STOREIJOOM FEE A MISHTSB/ LOAFER. THINKIN' SNOWVOU ABOUT SMN 1 ) CAN BE VOURLATY FINISH SWEEPIN' WKVA, eurrziE 400 PlVi» J-OOX4 MWES FROM rXVtAOVT Wlftlty OTOOP

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