Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 3, 1897 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 3, 1897
Page 23
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MANHOOD world admlrei Hie perfect Han! Not Mange, dlRilty, or ma»cular development tlone, but that mbtl« and wonderful Jorce known M SEXUAL VITALITY which Uthe (lory of Manhood— this prtdo ot •oib old and J-OUDK, but there lire thousand* of men ••tiering the menial tortures of a n-ej>k*nf!4 MaiHioaa. ibittcred nerves, and •exul power who can be cured by oar Magical Treatment [ch maybe taken at home nnder our dlrcctloni «T we will pay K. R. rare and hotel bills for those who wish to come here. If we /all to cnre. We have no free prescriptions, free cure or C.O.D. fake. We $250.000 capital and £uar&Mce to cure wbl *a«e we treat or refund evo-y dollar you pay u», or fmmay be deposited In any bink to be paid na Wben a cure In effected. Write lor full partlcu'ara, LODD PDISDN tiary JiLOOO FUISON peraancntly curca In 16 to35 days. You can be treated at noinoror aazneprjce umler eanjoffaaran- ty. If you prof or to come hero wo wiUcon- tracttopayrailroadfarcandliotelbills and .if we full to euro. If you hare token uicr* enry, Iodide potash, and still have aches and P»1D», MucousPatchcs In mouth, Soro Throat, I-implcs, Copper Colored Spots, Ulcers oa «ny part of tho body. Hair or K veil rows fUUinc out. It 1* this Secondary ULoOO POISON we cnmrantce to euro. Wo solicit tho most obstinate cases and challenge the world for a S*5S^S ani ? ot , cure ' Tliia di-eaee has always Baffled th« skill of the most eminent physician*. »500,OOO capital behind our unconditional tranmnty. Absolute proofs uent scaled on application. Address COOK KKMfiDY CO*. «33Jta»onlc Temple, CHICAGO, iLl. CAN'T DEM »T. When the Facts are Brought Home to n§ and bj our Neighbors t«o. They are Fads. KST5-; •#?! np fe£t />.<>• «r».' MH^i *»^ ^\H 'vP,fl^ For sale by 0. M. Sauna & Co FRENCH TANSY WAFERS. These ire the genuine FRENCH TANSY WAFERS, imported direct from Paris. Ladies can depend upon securing relief from and cure of PAINFUL AND IRREGULAR PERIODS regardless of cause. Emerson Drug Co., Importers and Agents for the United States. San Jose Cal. B. F. KEESLING, 304 Fourth St. Logansport, Ind. A wholesome suspicion is one of our char- actcrisf.cs 1.6 n pef plo. In matters worthy of we want real tangible facts re- I he word of thoss we know; the nearby evidence obtainable, are tfaneral y whHtwewam. Whejiweeali oa a aei^hbor, a man of business at tbat. and say: "You bare had some experience with BO and-so, what do you thiuk cf liV" ami he answers "Just tha tbinjf, I know becaufe 1 have tried it.' It goes aloo(f w "5'6 'n helpinffour deeielin? This is always tbe case with Doan's Ointment. Everybody who Ims u.'fd it lor heraorrboids or eczema » ill tell you It is just the thi \g. Whv? Iieciiii(-o It doe* ibe .vork every time. The proof lies with your neijfhborB. Many have been cured In Ujj-'anfiport ar.d ure ready to tell you or unione iixiuirinjr. Mr, .1. A. Murphy, of 419 Grove St. eollec tor for Wm. R. tv'harfleld, dealer ia furniture tad house furnishings, says: " 'tiring the war front the hardships, exposures, lack of proper food. etc.. t contracted hemorrhoids, which have since caused me no end uf ini-jCrj" They resisted every treatment I tried. I had often been prevailed in pro under an operation, but bad never coneoLtt-d. They caused itching-, bnroink'Hnd soreness, thnt was dreadful to contend witn, and my work made the suffering more severe, as 1 am on my feec all day I learned about Doan's Ointment, and obtained it HC B K. Kooslim,''S'Tug store It gave me j relief as soon as applied, "and tbough H use : it under the most adverse circumstances, as it was In i lie host of the summer, yet 1 received prompt relief This was acceptable to one who suffered as 1 did. that 1 take pleasure in recommending Doan's Ointment when ever opportunity offers. H Is a splendid remedy." Do8n'fl,0intment for sale by all dealers Price M cents. Mailed by Fostcr-Milburn Co Duffalo, N. Y., solongnntp for the TJ. S Bemember the name Dcao's and take no other. I Jessie Bartlett Davis to Star Next Season. DIXEY TO BECOME A Jlethods of Most of the Xew York Dnt- matic Critics—Injustice to Two Sncce.-**- fol Productions—Fascination of the Stace For Its Former Devotee*. If certain plans, as at present contemplated, are carried out, we shall have the opportunity next season to sue ;i serious opcr;i writ-ten by Americans and presented by a company of genuine artists without the hitherto indispensable accompaniment of buffoonery masquerading under the dcsifTHiirion of comedy. It is said, and the rumor appears to have more foundation than raosc Kialto gossip, that .Jesiie Bartk-tr. Davis o£ the Bostonians, who is generally conceded to be the best contralto in this country, is to be sent out us a star it the head of a company presenting an operatic version of Sardou's great play, Gismonda." Xo one will contend that; Gisinonda" is in any sen.-e a comedy, and, while it- is also not exactly a tragedy. it contains as serious a storv as the aver- Here are two i-jcent cases in point, "Ctuft- berland "01" at the Fourteenth Street and "La Poupec'' at the Lyric. The former is an American drama by Franklin Fyles. It is presented in a mag niiicent manner by a east the like of which is seldom scon in this city. There 2as been no distinct fault found with the play, and yet most of the critics lack the | magnanimity to conic out openly and state I unqualifiedly what is the simple truth— that the p.j^ .,, . m enlphatic hjt Tfae scenes are laid at West Point and in the Cumberland mountains, and a war atmosphere pervades the play. It is admitted to be one of the most thrilling, exciting and continuously intercstmg dramas seen in this city for many years, and even those critics who endeavored to appear wise by not; allowing themselves to be carried away in print have had to admit all that is herein stated. With "La Poupee" things are even worse. Here was a very light comic opera, with a beautiful story, which has already bi-C'ii extensively plagiarized, and with a particularly delightful score by that master of li^ht music Edmund Audran, who composed the immortal "La ila-seotte," "Olivette' 1 and other equally famous works. The piece was creditably presented, and although the cast was probably not quite up to the standard of the London company, every member of it is a performer of good repute. Still we find the very same critics who raved over this operetta while it was in London damning it, with faint praise here and seeking to palliate this turn-about by the statement; that tbe players here do not f uily develop the possi- GOLD DUST WASHING POWDER Why Co FOR GOLD trhen you cnn get it right home ? Your grocer sells it. MADE OXLV BY THE M. K. FAIRBANK COMPANY, Chicago. St. Louis. New York. Kostou, age grand opera. . The contemplated experiment will be ! bilities. Nevertheless the audiences axe most interesting in many respects. In the '. large and fashionable, and it will .not be a first pliice, it will be the first time that an i bad guess to venture that Mr. Hainmer- I stein will find "La Poupee" one of tho ! most profitable pieces of dramatic property j he has ever owned. Anna Held plays the title role. PACTS, FADS AND FANCIES., CHICAGO DIVISION DAIIY. Leave for Chl08jro'8:15 a m;*5:30 a m;*l:25 p m •2:00pm: *4:30pm. Arrive from Chicago *1:00 a m;*12:30 p m.M:00 p m; *1:40 p m; *8:I5 p m. BRADFORD AND COLUMBUS. Leave for Bradford *1: :15 a m: rt:40* m: •!:« p nrt4:30p m. Arrive from Bradford *3:00am; t!0:ZO am; •1:20 pm; t4:16pm. IJTNEK DIVISION. Leave for Bffner t8:00 a m: +8:W a m-12:05 p m 5pm Sunday only. Arrive from Kflner^rSSam;+1:08 p m; 12:45 p m; 8:30 a m Sunday only. RICHMOND AND CINCINNATI. Leave for Richmond tl :20 a m; t5 :SO a m: M :10 p m: t2:20p m. Arrive from Richmond *2:56am: tll:00am •l:50pm:+11:20 pm. INDIASAPOI.18 AKD LOOISVItil. L**v» for Louinvillo -12:56 ft m; -1:05 p m. Arrive from CoulivlUe *S:05 a m: *1:66 p m. J. A. MOCTJLLOUGH, Agent, Logaoaport. Ind. Velours helps to swell ihe list of fashion, able Autumn fabrics and is presented in fascinating varieties. The graceful wave markings seen in noire silks are incorporated in One class of solid-colored relours in a silk- and-\vool mixture. The curds are very heavy and the surface silky. Another kinii with find cords blends two co;ors, tlie lighter of which is in silk. A novelty velours has bl.-cok cord-* over- wou^ht with plum, tcrcen. £okl or red silk threads, winch produce an illumina ed effect. In another novelty the colored grounds are visible through, heavy black cords, '.he male- rial Vieii:.'. besides, cmbos t-d in an nidetiuit • design. An all-wool velours of an eriiirely new weave has heavy cords wuven very closely. B-iv.idere cords distinguish another all- wool vi'lon s in mixed colors, ilie cords being ,ve 1-defined and far apart. This is an ex- ccp'ionally sflish s<irt and may be made up acceptably in a coat-aud--kirt suit. Tlie cords in yet at.oilier mi.vr<i veionrs lake the usual vertical din-ci'o ami am clnscr than in the kind jus; el' si-ril, d. t. uii h quilo as distinct. In a very faui-v nove'ily ve ouvs ti^e <virds ;vc lihu'k and staaii i i n-lief frum a L'!"ii!'d of eo'on-d siik. wlr'ch mav '••(• Unc. gold. |ilum o." crreen. Jn a(idit;o;i. there are heavy silk mn/r-YiMv ti'jures .-iiicl Sin- e:;:vente uovritv oi t:ie em- •'•n. n-i| ami . etc., g the .IESSIE BARTLETT DAVIS, effort will have been made—at this country—to star a singer in a single ! grand opera. The nearest approach to this i has; been where women like Kimiiu Abbott ' nnd Marie Tavary have starred in a reper- ! tory of grand operas. Then it will also | serve to demonstrate whether or not such ' an intensely popular favorite as Jessie i Bartletr Davis will be strong enough to j draw audiences in works which, while she | is better fitted for rhem than for those in I which she. has been appearing for years j past, are certainly not admired by so large ; a clientele. The names of librettist and composer of the new opera have not yet been mentioned, but it is rumored that the two men will be the same who are responsible for what is probably the best opera ever written by Americans. Them will be no trouble on the score of hackinc- I Just before the beginning of the present ; season there- was a vast amount of com- j ment in the theatrical columns of tho j newspapers with reference to the so called | theatrical trust. Its advocates sought to , i make it appear that it was one of the most ; i beneficent things ever organized in the i theatrical world, while its enemies de- j Bounced it vigorously as in restraint of j trade and a vile octopus designed to con- | centrate the business ot" the theaters and [ stars of the country in the hands of a few unscrupulous speculators. Without going into tho merits of the cose, it is a fact that, at le.'ist in this locality, the trust is on top. Most of the prominent theaters are either directly in it or arc having their bookings I dona through it, which is practically the I same thing. The stars are therefore forced j ''Hilly wiily" to so to the so called "monopolists" if they wish to play at all. Some of them, it is true, are sticking out, but those who have shown light thus far are of such magnitude that they are able to exhibit in almost any class of houses without fear of the consequences. It is now asserted i:hat in the cases of these rebellious ones the syndicate has adopted the expedient of putting their strongest attractions against them, so that their receipts least in ! are thereby necessarily lessened by the severe artistic competition. This certainly has happened in some cases, and the friends of the syndicate declare that it has only been by accident. Ao any rate a very pretty fight is on and one which is likely to have important bearings on the theatrical business of this country within the next year or two. . -:Tien tie left, but lv aul not e«nue ^^ New York TO run a theater or to jxist- as a "Napoleon of theatricals." Not he. As I have previously mentioned, although he was a leading man, he was also, incredible as it may appear, intelligent. So ho went into the Indian medicine business. That is one branch of endeavor in which it is popularly supposed it is impossible for any one not fresh from a lunatic asylum to fail. At any rate Crockett did not fail. He made money very fast, and hs banked it just as fast as it came in. Today he owns considerable property and also has money to put out at interest. His opportunity to live on the income of his savings is here, but be is not destined to mke ad™ I1Ml ^ °' Jt - Ho _ happened to run into >ew lork a short tune ago on some business and met an old friend who :is still in the harness—and poverty. They hnd a long talk, with the result that Crockett is about to invest, several thousands of his hard earned money in an elaborate theatrical venture. This would not be so very bad were it not that the enterprise is of e class of which te is entirely ignorant. Ic belongs to one of the few fields in theatrical work in which he has never had experience. If I wished to be irreverent and slangy, I should be tempted to observe that "I cnn see hii Uuish." But what's tho use? OCTAVus COHEX. Kew York, To many persons, especially yonng persons, the glamour of the stage appears to be well nigh irresistible, and even to the older members of the profession there seems to be a fascination which prevents them from getting away from the footlights for any length of time. I have known of many actors who, disgusted with what they call j the "infusion ot the amateur mummers STERILIZING MILK. Hove ico Do It HI Home Easily And With Little Expense. Milk may be sterilized successfully by taking any ordinary bottles, filling with milk to tbe neck or a little below, placing a stopper of cotton batting in the neck, then set.ting on a thin strip of wood or inverted pie plate, which has been perforated, in a thiu basin or pail of water. The whole is then heated nn- til the milk shows a temperature of nearly 150 degrees. The bottle is then stoppered and the pail and contents are removed to the back of the stove, where the temperature will remain fairly constant for 20 minutes, especially if covered with some nonconducting material. 6S a cloth or dry towel or the pail cover. At the end of the 20 minutes the bottles are removed and set in warn, water, which is gradually cooled am; then iced. The bottle may finally be put in the refrigerator after being par- f..r p for it is probable that Mrs. Davis can coin- I us riatiiriilar j mand as strong financial support as any theatrical personage in this country. So, unless the popular taste has become so vitiated that it will not accept anything in the operatic line outside of tomfoolery, there is no reason why the proposed venture should not prove a, huge success. 1 into the profession/' and entirely oblivious Ku-l and done t and fn.ll! J' LOG.it> KNOBS' *6. «ABT rioSSfi. 1ST Mid Boston llm (tall;) ......... 3:33 a. a Tut mull (dully) ................ _ .......... B:*8 ».n: AtlmtiO Kl. dally eioept Sun.. ..... 4:55 p. m WIST aotr»D. Puclflo to., daily except Sund»y_IO:19». ir Kmnnas City Krpre«» (dally) ........ 2:40 p. rt 1 Fait Moil (daily) .......................... 8:13 p.m It. Louli Umited (dally) ............ 10:34 p.m "He saTO Be nad been In' love berorS and added that surely a girl of my good sense would not caro for an amateur in lovemaking." — Pittsborg Chroniole- XeJegraph, CHECKERS AND CHESS. Checker ProMem o. i& Slttck-5, C, 21, :>3 (king). I IBL mrriB BITCHON. wasxiizii, aiTwijui LOOAHHPOBT AKD CHILI, W«8T BOUKD. ----- Arrive ----- ....... „ S:SD a. n — Arrives- ................ S:SO p. ir •AST BOUKO. Ho. M ................... _L«ave» ................ _»:06 a. it KO.M ............. .™,Leavee ................. 8:« p. IT MO. » Ho.87 VANDALIA LINE. Time T»blo, in effect Sept. 3S, 1897. Tr*lB> Lc«v«« L,oftM»i>ort, ladlum. FOR THE NORTH K». 8 - —10:36 a. m. JI..8 S:3Sp. ni, FOB THE SOOTH. »•. SI -T:05 a. m. Mo. » S:25 p. m. For complete Time Card, giving all trains And station*, and for full information M vo rate*, through cars, etc., addreftg 1. C. «DO»WORTH, agent, Locranaport, or B 4. FORD, General Pauenger Agent, St. LOU.IJ. Mo. & W. Time Table, Peru. Ind. Solid trains between Feoiis and Sandunkv and ludlanapot;* and Michigan. Direct connections to and from all points In the United Itate* anil Canada. 4JUUT1 BOHTH BOTJJTU No H Indianapolis fiip dallr 7 :10 a m U'*aroNoSJ " Mail AKrpLllrSS • m (duT. f except Sunday) No 36 Indpl'i Bxp ex Suo. ... 8 :2S p m »:» p m No » Pauenfer exeept Sun No 151 BochMttr local anlr* M p m except Sunday. MORT& BOU1TO. ••« t m No Wail * Kxp Kx Suu. ...11:11 am l^BaNonMloaltanClryAaUT*. 4M5pm »:HpmNo»4D««roU «xp *r Bum N* 160 Acoom except Run.. . l;45 a B •Doat not ni« »ortk or» P»ru on Sunday. fbi ticket ratet aDd a i*n*ral Information 'oall «aJ J, gktanar, ticket aceat, L. I. * W. fttu. !•<!., or a F- Daily, «laaM«U», IB* m m m M White— 13, 14. 15 i White to play and win. Chess Problem IVo. -UT. Black- , 30. $^L_..&$ a& ^ULi I'M : w ^ Eg 'g 'if'sTmim' White. White to play and mate in two moves. SOLUT10XS- ChecSer problem Xo. 4-hJ: Bind;. 1., S to T 2. .11 to 16 S.. T TO 10 4.. 20 to 24 6.. 10 TO H 6. .14 to IS 7.. IS to£> 8.. 9 to 14 10.. 24 to :7 11. .30 to 5.7 White. 1..19K>15 2.. 15 toll S..11 »o T 4.. 7 to 2 5.. IS to IS 8.. 2 to 6 T.. 6 to 1 8..S2to2T »..J7to!S J8..J1*>34 11.. l»o t 13. ,22 to &, and irlss Chess problem No, 446 : White. Kc; nov«, <j K> K K7 *j Another experiment which will be made long before the one above referred to, pertains To the stage, although it is scarcely so important in its bearings as the "Gismonda" affair. The hire Professor Alexander lleri'iuann. who used to be fond of seeing himself referred to us "the great," long before hisuo:ifh tried to induce Henry J5. pixey to fursnke the logitiinute stage nnd adopt-rl' 1 -' i-r: r '^>iuii m- irnde. orwhat- ever else it u'.t^hc be eailed, of a laogician. Dixey, who is s;ikl to be ,;::ite ck-vcr at sleight of hiiiid in an nniateur way, thought the matter over, but although tho inducements held out to him •wore most tempting he <-or.!il never quite win his own eonseiu to t!:0 i - h:uigc. Li'.Tnnann, keen fellow that ho was. wa* vroll aware that the success of a in;!i;iL-i:ii! is in great measure due to his ability to talk entertainingly while he is doimc his tricks or illusions. At this sort, of tiling lie rightly surmised thu-t Dixey would be tho peer of any man who might he brought forward, but Adonis was obdurate. Herrmann's manager at the time was Edward L. Bloom, than whom no shrewder pilot of a magician ever lived. Ho held the same views with regard to Dixey's qualifications as did his principal, so, when Herrmann died, it is said that Bloom again tried to get hold of Dixey for his pet scheme, but in vain. At any rate, Bloom took charge of Bancroft, and from a position of comparative insignificance as a necromancer Bloom soon had him in the forefront. But death again deprived of the fact that they were themselves to blame for not recognizing the changed conditions of the stage and conforming thereto, havo left the boards in disgust and gone into business of u more stable, if less artistic, nature. But in nearly every case they have returned to their first love. The latest instance of this of which I have heard exernpliUes this hankering in a most forcible manner. An individual whom we will call Crockett, because that is uot his name, was, about 15 years ago, a really good leading man. But, strange to say, he was also possessed of considerable intelligence. There- tore, instead of working about 20 weeks, each year as a member of some of the pretentious metropolitan organizations, he connected himself with a western repertory c o m - pany which played from 40 to 5- w t; e k s a year, where he got » very good salary in addition to a percentage of the profits, lie wasn't promised his salary, either: he got it, which any actor will tell you is quite a different thing. Well, Crockett stuck to the "repertag" manv vears until he HENT.Y E. DIXET. business for a good him of r. profitable star. Once more the | had ^fair sized bank acc-oun;; to his cretl- enterprising manager tackled Dixpy, and this time he was successful. He will use the apparatus ot" the late Bancroft and is now being drilled in the mysteries of the runny mechanical tricks and illusions which gave to that entertainer his great reputation. In fact, it has been asserted that no magician over before the public had «s elaborate or expensive apparatus as Bancroft, and as Dixey is. as stated, a fairly good sieight of hand rann already, is unquestionably a good talker and entertainer and will have the guiding hand of a man who ba.s piloted two magicians to fame and fortune, it is more than probable that he will make « success of his new venture and eventually land on Easy street, which, if report* are to be believed. Dixey has not visited with great frequency for many years. The dramatic critics of this city, BE & rule, are about the most conceited sec of individuals on the face of the earth. They have a famous way of sneering at their brothers of Philadelphia, Boston, Brooklyn, Baltimore, Chicago. St- Louis and other large cities and attempting to turn their comments upon plays into ridicule- But if one will take the trouble to go Into the facts he will find that the critioi of those cities are rigii; twice as freqnentlj af those who think that because they live In ^ew York th«y COD never be wrong. s ITTLE IVER PILLS may also be accomplished with equally good, if not better, results iu tin vessels, either a double boiler oatmeal cooker or two dishes of suitable capacity, one with a diameter two inches shorter than the other. The water is poured into the outer dish at boiling point, the milk dish and contents being set in at once and the milk constantly stirred until its temperature is 150 degrees. It is then removed for a moment, while the water in the outer dish is tempered to the same or a degree or two higher. The milk is then set back into the boiler, put to one side and closely covered and wrapped in order to retain the heat for 15 or 20 minutes. If the object of sterilizing be to destroy the bacillus of tuberculosis a minimum temperature of 149 decrees should be maintained for 10 minutes, or 140 degrees for half an hour. If milk can be obtained from a herd knov.-n to be free from tuberculosis, or the person has no fear of this trouble, a sterilizing temperature of from 133 degrees to 140 degrees maintained for i;> or 20 minutes is sufficient to give good keeping qualities and to efiectualiy ger rid of 1 J5 per cent of all bacteria, including the forms which produce stoniar-h disturbances, vomiting and cholera iu- fantum in children. In all sterilizing work the sudden chilling of 00 degrees or thereabout i,imperative. Ihe i:ii)k should, be kep' covered and at as low a temperature a.- can be obtained. Treated iu this mat! ner sterilized milk will be found t,. have a delightfully sweet, pure tast! long after common milk has lost i :.freshness. On the average it keeps fro:: 6 to 36 hours longer than ansrerilizt-.. milk in the same temperature. SICK HEADACHE Positively cored by thefie Little Fills. ^key also rdicre Distress from Dyspepsfa, Indigestion and Too Hearty'.Sating. Aper- fect mnedj for Dizziness, NanvM, Dronri. nea, Bad Taste ii the Mooth, Coated TOBCOB Pain in the Side, TORPID LIVER. They Reg-olatr, the Eoirelj. Purcrr Vegetable. tmuM PHI. tmall %naff frlot, How to Steam tbe Face at Home. After a long drive' or railway joumey the skin of the face has a tiabt. srriiinc^ feeling which tcay be relieved by s:t2n:- mg. This will also remove all thr,- giiminess occasioned by tbe co-1 du?:' soot and smoke which seem to i;c- nur ly driven into the skin. If snch vrea:- menr. is too expensive to be hired tin-". one can do - st hocie with very lit::. trouble. This should act be done e;:c,;> at night just before retiring. Let a k?t tie of water come to the boil, and v.-h:l-, it is boiling fast st«aai the iw. for about five minnres, holding it over th"steam, but not too near or it -will bum, Keep the steam in by throwing a tow' over the head, letting it fall all arour.: thci kettle. The face should have tee:,•washed with rainwater and a pure <cap which does not irritate the skin bel' orn steaming, and after the steaming rub u cold cream well into the pores with upward strokes, to avoid developing incipient wrinkles. In the morning thi gJaa will be perfectly soft and smooth and. dear. • The Game of StanclartJ. A new game adapted to a small yard or lawn or the house, called the "standard," is played as follows: ICucb player throws six bills up an incline 1 to a tower standing in the middle of a table, wheno* they rebound and lodge in one of half a dozen holes. This causes a small flag bearing a number to rise, the number being added to the player's score. 1897 NOVEMBER. 1897 Su. 7 14 21 28 rr-r- Mo. 1 8 _ r 1 22 29 ITU. 2 9 16 23 30 We. 3 10 17 24 JTh. 4 11 18 25 Fr. 5 12 19 26 Sa. 6 13 20 27 All the way From the Missouri River to Buffalo, the^Wabasb Railroad Operates Trains over its Own Tracks. Having leased the tracks of the Grand Trunk Railway between Detroit and Suspension Bridge and tuose of tbe Erie R. M, from Suspension Bridge 10 Buffalo, the Waba*h E B will run lt« own trains Jiom!KaneBB City Omaha, Des Molne?, Su Louis. QuJncy, H»nnl- bal, Keokuk and Cnlcapo'.to Buffalo, belni?the only road fren? Missouri ar.d Mississippi Blver points having its own line and train* running Into Buffalo. Through cars from KannuCitr, St. Lou IB and Chicago to Buffa o without change The Central Passenger Association 1000 Mile Interchange, able Rebate Ticket Is for tale at principal Ticket Offices of The Pennsylvania Lines. It is honored rne year fr^in date of Bale, for Exchange •> icktif over cithtr of named Lines: Ann Arbor. Baltimore & Ohio. Baltimore ii Ohio Southwestern, Cblcago & Eastern Illinois. Chicago &;wes: Sliohigan. Cincinnati & Musklngum Valley, Cincinnati. Hamilton & Dayton. Cleveland & Marietta, Cleveland, Canton & Fruihcrrj, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago A Bt L Cleveland, Jxiraln & w beelinr. Cleveland Tern. Inn) & Valley, Columbus, BocKing Vailsy&Toledo, Columbus, Sandutky &Bnekin?, Detroit; & CJevelBid Stcsm Mvfgation, Detroit. Grand BapidE& Western, Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley i I'lttBbuig. ' EvantvlJIe & Indlacapolia, EvnsYiJie i Terre Haute. Findlxy. Port Wsyne & Western. Flint 4: Pere Marquette, Grand KapHs & Indiana, Indiana. Decatur & Western. Lake shore & Michigan Southern. Louisville i Xatbville, Between J.oulsvJJJe * Cincinnati and between St. L »Ed Evanevill* Loui6vii:e, Evausville & 8t Loaij, Louisville, Henderson & ft Louie, MJchismn Central. New Toik, Chicago & st Louie. Ohio Central Lines. Pennsylvania Lines West of Pitttburir. Peoria, Decatur &KvanEville, Pitteburg & Lake Erie. Pittaburg & Western, PitMburg, Lisbon & Western, Toledo, St Louis 4 KiM«B Cilr, Vandal ia Line, W abash Railroad, Zaneaville & Ohio river. The price ft tb< se ticket* are Thirty Dollar* each. They are not transferable :f the ticket if uwd in ITS t ntlietj and exclusively by the original purcbss*r. a rebate of Ten Dollar* 1* paid by the Conjm f Esioner of the central P»»- ;enger Association. E. A. Ford, Gen. Pass. Agt. Pitlsbtirg, Pa' Sept 30,1387 ASK THEM, If You want Information About Home-Seekers' Excursion. Ticket Atfentt of tb« will rurnJih information retrardtoc geeken'Excnnknii to variant pabM in th* Nortbwert. Wert. BotrUnrev and Booth, ft wlUpartoinYoitlcate If you oonttfliptaM * trip. Apply to oearect Ticket Ajent, oriddreMW. W.

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