The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 26, 1948
Page 1
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FA« TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.Y COURIER Cruiser Is Sunk In Navy Practice Radioactive V«u«l, Survivor of Bikini, I* Training Target By Albrrt W. W|MC (United Pm SUH Corretpondrnl) ABOARD U.S.S.Nereus, off Call- fornta. May M. (TJP)-aun8. shells, «nd torpedoes of (he United States N»vy s«nk the cruiser salt Lake City Jn training exercises yester- 0*7 otl the California co'sst. » took everything tho first task fleet could deliver to finish off the tillant ship that survived 31 engagement* with the Japanese and the atomic bomb tests at Bikini. Warships and planes took part In the shelling and bombing of the orusier, still contaminated by radioactivity. She was towed yesler- day to a point 135 miles off the cout, and today withstood five hour« of bombardment with large and small weapons before rolling over and sinking bow first. . The sinking was witnessed from Uw heavy crusler St. Paul bv Adm. D. O. Ramsey, cominandcr-in- rtilef of the Pacific Fleet, and Vice Adm. George D. Murrny, commander of the lirst task force. At 9:55 a.m. (CST) transports and tankers of the fleet, opened fire on the 9,100-ton Salt Lake Citr with five inch batteries. Only live direct hlU were scored from a total of 10 rounds. Strafed Br Plane« Then planes, operating from the carriers Princeton, Boxer and ]3o- doef Strait, strafed the crusler with machlnegun fire and 100 pound bombs. These attacks were. not intended to damage the 588- foot cruiser, but to train the fliers. Three cruisers, the St. Paul, Pasadena «nrt Springfield, opened with 8-Inch batteries from 18,000 yard*. Th»se were followed by six Gor. S/</n*y P. Or Arizona Die* of Sam* Disc*** Fatal to Gthrig »jr Dick Satith PHOENIX, Ariz., May 3t. (UP)— Oov. Sidney P. Osborj) of Ariiona died yesterday of a muscular paralysis that had been killing him bv inehw. The 84-year-old executive, who helped write Artzonl«'« constitution and wai one of Its first officials, died In his sleep at home of progressive muscular atrophy. Ths disease had crippled him so badly that he could neither 1 speak nor write his name. His wife, the former Gladys Smiley of Phoenix, and his doctor, otto I/. Dendhelm, were with him. Osbom had worked since boyhood to realize hi, ambition of being governor. He stuck to his Job to the last despite his de- sense. He was in his office Saturday until B p.m. although he was »o sick he had to b« fed intravenously. Yesterday was one of the few days he missed work. His doctor said there was no known remedy for the aliment, the one thai killed baseball player Gresk Guerrillas Captured destroyers firing from 14,000 yards. The destroyers scored direct hlU from the first salvo, starting a fire aboard the target ship. Larger planes, firing rockets and dropping 500 and 1,000 pound bombs, scored a direct hit and the crusicr seemed to list slightly to port but recovered, At 12:60 p.m.. submarines took over. The first torpedo, fired from the enlemcdor at 1:29 p.m., blew a large hole at forward port. The Salt Lake City listed heavily and five minutes later an observation plnne reported her deck only three feet from the water line..A second "fish" was fired from the submarine Benny at 1:48 p.m. and two minutes later she rolled completely over. In another two minutes th« old warship made Her final plunge. /«•/ *iic...w0 like to guy YES" to LOANS • AVTOMOBILI • SICNATURI * CO. MAKER • FUMNITURI Privet* S*rvk« . P«rsen«lix*d Attention Police in France Seek Owners of Buried Treasure AVIGNON, France. May 36. — (UP)— Police sought today Die owners of '-burled treasure" estimated to be worth nbout HC03.000, wiilch was dug up in a forest here! The fortune in gold coins, banknotes, and jewels was crammed in two good leather suitcases, which were found because a, long-term convict confided in a cell-mate. Loiitt Begiissnt, an expert with a divining rod, nctunlly round the Irenstu-e, niul turned It over W police for disposition. But lie was tipped off by a former cellmate ol Joseph Pozzi, an Italian Inborer. - Pozzi passed along the secret because he wa.s In J:\tl for 10 years on a morals charge, and thought he was going to die of ulcers. He lold the cellmate, whose name police dirt not disclose, that in isji he saw three automobiles at a lonely place in Hie Avignon Forest, and watched two men bury the two suitcase*. He dug up the treasure, and re- burled it in another place several miles away. Then came his sentence on ths morals charge. The cellmate, after his release from prison, couldn't find the treasure from Poizi's description 'of the place, so lie called in Begassei who located it with his sensitive divine rod, which revealed the pres- ce ol metal under the earth. follce believed that (he tortunc *lt|?ht h»ye been hidden by some jvh French family Which was seeking to keep it from NR2l hands. Pozzi didn't die of ulcers after all, andja still in prison. West Virginia Democrats Asks Gov. Laney to Name States Rights Committee LITTLE ROCK. May 26. (Up)_ West Virginia Democrats yester- t day asked Gov. Ben Laney of Ar- ikansas to name the two members I of their states rights Democratic 1 orgtml/alion committee. Laney, as chairman of the rebellious states rightists, holds the authority to appoint state committee members when the local Democratic Central Committee declines to act. The West Virginia central Committee deferred action on the ai>- uftintmcnts and passed them to Laney. The Arkansas governor saici several Southern states had -appointed their states rights committee members and thnt he would announce the names within the next few days. Strike of Atomic Lab Workers Is Predicted OAK RIDGE, Tenn., May 26 (U1>)A labor official yesterday predicted an overwhelming vote .for a walkout of atomic workers ;at the Oak Ritlgc national inbor- , atorles when they take a strike vole on June 1-2. ' Bussiness -Agent Kenneth Scott of the AFL Atomic Trades and Labor Council marie the prediction as lie announced the dates for the strike vote. The poll, conducted by the National Labor Relations Board will involve 872 workers who will decide whether to accept the final offer of the Carbide and Carbon ; Chemical Corp., operators of the • laboratories for the government, • A strike could come after June [7. when federal court injunction forbidding a walkout must be dissolved by law. WarrenWins Governorship In Florida Race MIAMI, P!a., May 26. (UP) — Fuller Warren, silver-haired attorney-orator from Jacksonville, today won the governorship of Flordla In one of the closest races In the state's history. The 47-year-old Warren came from behind with a spectacular me rush to defeat Dan Mccarty, Ft. Pierce citrus grower and cattleman, In yesterdays Democratic primary runoff voting. Near-complete returns, with 1,•101 of the slate.i 1,535 precincts reporting, gave Warren 274,586 votes to Mccarty's 260.976. The only unreported precincts wero in counties where Warren had already piled up his commanding lead. Warren's nomination, which is equivalent (o election in Democra- tis-domtimlcd Flordia, is the fulfillment of a boyhood dream. He admittedly has been running for governor since he was 12 years old. The race boiled down to a popularity contest between Warren and his youthful 36-year-old opponent, wlic-cc platforms were practically identical. WEDNESDAY, KAY *, !•« Read Courier News Want Ads. "An... nuti to df« fight racktt, I think HI hg for the 928,000.00 Grand Pn*t m fn« Family 0 $2J,OOO.M Cash for aom« lucky familyl That', ifa* grand payoff of 40 Cash Prized in the (n»t F«j»a» Sweepstakes, in Pepsi-Cola's $203,725.00 TIWMM Top" Sweepstake* and Cont«»ta! £ Also, 61 Ca*h Prizw each month fat yen* rtri> rilur big Monthly National Prizea! 0 Thousand* have won cash—thcniMnth more will win eanh! Don't wait—enter now! Contest clow* June 30, 1948. On INTKY flANKt AT YOU* tTOHf Bottled by: (Nam of locil bottlw to be insert*) taal Undir icpointrmnl flora Ptpii.CoU Cflmp*ny. ft. Y. Read Courier News Want Ads. farthquaks Recorded By U. of C. Instruments BERKELEY. Caiir, May ae. tup) —A "very large" earthquake, probably in India, was recorded at 11:25:35 p.m., PST. Monday i"> 5 -3 5 a.m. Tuesday CST) on the University of California seismograph. The two-hour shock was about 8,000 miles away. Seismologist Per- ! ry Byerly reported. A moderate quake at 7:H-47 am (9:14:47 a.m. CST yesterday also was registered on the instruments. Jfyerly said it was about 600 miles away, possibly In Lower California. For McDaniels Club A McDanlel for Congress club has been organized at Arkansas State College in Jonesboro with Stewart Cralfr as president.; den vice president; Brickcll, recorder. Leon Bow- and James V** tfcU br«ad written warranty ttwt't 8§»« ro«d for on* f*H y w »t over 38,^00 4*,l«rs hi th. U.S. and ATLAS TIRES you OOWTT START VOUR VACATION NSMOOTW,W) UNSAFE TlRESl TRAVEL ONATUS The tire that on the road! E e "' 1 ~ k " - - - -• 6SSO STANDARD OIL COMPANY PEPSI-COLA BOTTUN'fi COMPANY OF BLYTHEVILLE At Kirby's Three Stores Picnic Jugs 1 Gal. $2.95 with Spout$3.49 XPOSf -Aiurm* 'GoW,.' SUNTAN SUN LOTION GLASSES A Mxltttrtfl ELECTAIC S-M. FAN 411 U-L appro y«d. It's New fw (ruffe . Shampoo Spray 1.25 to 2.00 INSECTO*LITE It's New A D.D.T. Shade-snaps on any light globe. No spray—no ' powder—no muss —no trouble. Kills moths—insects—silver fish etc. Not poisonous (o humans or pets. Good for one season. Ideal for porches and closets. Evening in Paris Bath Powder and Cologne Both for $1.35 Fitch Shampoo with Shower Spray Both $1.19 Cotton Bale Souvenirs of BlythevilU 25c & 49c Vlorm Clocks - 2.00 - $1.50 leris Hair Tonic Offer - 76c ICE CREAM Pints Flavors — — T 30c DING THE WAY INTO A NEW 60 ID EN ERA DSMOBI LC Here 1 * llml terrific Irio nf auiart new Olilsmoliilrs! The Fiiluraniic CouvcrliWo —wild its racy, yonlliful look and all it» automatic features. Th« Kutiimmic Cllil) Se.l.iii—so IOM-, anil fran-liMy styled. AnH tlic r'utnramic .(-Door Sc-ilau—tli« car with comfort ami vifihilily beyond anything you've known. Tliese new Kutilramic Olclsmnhiloj are ahead of the times in pcrformancf, too. A new high-ccmprcssion hcait aiMs horsc|iovrr —makw Hyilra-M»tio Drire* even more nol.llile for its "no.rlntcli, no-sliift" snioollmrM. And once you sttp iloun on lli« p.l! 10 \V111U1,.V»'AY . . . then you'll/«J what Knturamio mf»n»! HYDRA-MATIClS "~ DRIVEj WITH YOUR NEAREST OLDJMOIILE D E A L E ILEE MOTOR SALES 308 E. Moin fhonc 2056 Tu*t in Htnry J.

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