The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 25, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 25, 1948
Page 9
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Approval Of Braman Seen . C^r ..... Unit) <up,_L »pproral of Ohwlw 44-y»«r-old D«nT«r-bom «*• * -tcreiary wu nominated bf ...; Truman yesterday for the p". »• *oukt wcoeed Clinton P. And«r«oB, who resigned May 10 to oampnign for « U. s. Senate nmt from hU bonw itaU of New Mexico. Braniwn, who hu been in tho gor*rnmeiit aeryice since 1935, IK *« t«cocid Mr*«r elri! servant to Be appointed to the cabinet within ate month*. in November, Mr. Trumuti ataxd Jesse J*. Donald•on, a CMW nun In the Post otiice Department, M postmaster general, a poaitton traditionally r«g»rd- •d a* » polllicaJ plum. T« IMar AcUon Chairman Arthur Capper, R, Kans.. of the Senato Agriculture Committee taid his group will wait a **w d«y» to *>« It anyone wislics Pupils Board Bus for Memphis SuU °". Shown .bove are ll« W (i,,st K rude « u d,nt. w ho w .re In Me,,,,,.,!, Pn<ia>- ' Two Senate Fo«g Join Forces to Back Steam Plant WASHINGTON, May B (m>}_ Tenne*we'« two big Democratic wnatora-dlvlded politic.!!,- w«« together today hi backing . mO v« to restore 14,000,000 for * Tennessee Valley Authority .team generating- plant »t New Johnaonville, T «v> ——-., nlfuw IMMn- lor reelection u opposed by Sen. Kenneth D- ifcKellar said III do what I can to help" restore the funds which the HOUM knocked out of an, appropriation bill. At hearing* opened on the'me*- sure beiore th« senate Appropriations Committee, McKellar announ. cetl ». long list of Tennessee wlt- nesse. to plead for, the project, Stewart said the plant not only Is needed in TVA's Kraeral expansion plan but also would be an lin- ]»rUnl link hi national defense Me pointed out that TVA produced power for mott of the nation's aluminum production during th« last war. McKellar hai Introduced an amendment to restore thi money. He said the project Is "very nec- esfiary to the continued juccess of n»T ok» y . Jaat* a. Palton, president ot the National Farmers Union, declared tlM appointment "merits the p-aU itud« ot all tr»« friend» of agri- cult««." Spokeamen for the National Orange and the American Counca of Cooperative* also applauded the selection. Brannan told newsmen (tint If tie 1« poaflnned by the Senate, he will try to follow. Anderson's policies "Secretary Anderson was » •bW administrator," he said. supei'lnicndont, to inspect Ihe "HocXtt," Dicsel-iwwcrod roo,n .nothers .»'„ their l very , , i, j can keep up the momentum he started. I wiH consider myself rerv fortunaU." PAY RAISE from Page 1) V'orker.! «nd srt « meeting for 3 pjn. todr^'. Th« r aj-'Mment, described l)v GM v»e President Harry w. Anderson Obituaries _ Arkansas Supreme Court Dies Ll'ri'LK ROCK, May 25. (UP)— The body of 72-yenr-old Arkansas Supreme Court Justice E. L. M c - Hnney. national president of Ducks UnlimUeri, will lie in stnte nt tuo Second Dualist Church ut Little Rock and will be burled in Rose- Inwn Cemetery tomorrow. The Tennessee-born jurist nnU sportsman died in n Little Rock hospital last night while his wife lay Judge Light to Hear Civil Cases Here June 7 A prc-lrinl conference has been scheduled New Bor Harbor Rises From Ruins Of Burned Resort BAfl HARBOR. Me. 'UP)-Down, enst hniwn and western brnln. CMckusiwIj Imve combined to bullcl a new Hnr --"-..__ Harbor for the rich and fnmous townfolk nlike, nre In th» from the niins of a $10.000,000 (ire print stage. • slssippl county circuit Court, It Morris, circuit clerk. Circuit Court will be convened hore June 7 to dispose of all cases ready for trial at that time. Default Judgments will be entered in cnses where answers have not been ftlcd within the required time by ... »,,.. L1>:l ^. c llas „,.(,„ the defendants, and motions will for Friday uy circuit! 1 * heard in other cases , p ™ villclnl -"' 1 »tlcd bin- Forresls surroumting the resort! Yankees have been clenrecl of charred trees),, CHL-Clt^l a plea of guilty at the March term of criminal court, but the case at Hint time was passed for Judgment Finals Saturday In Contest for T«en-Ag« Drivers R« H«nry Gouchm»», M. ion of th« + 11 . .. J • «•__ K. * _ _ "• W ur of -__ ""• a * •*• *• V^U OK«OI«, who reprwtnted CoiMtr ta til* Teen-Age S.fe Drlr- »« ConUrt in Forrest City 8»tur- «y Placed fourth among Six* District conUstanU. .' Round Pon <I. f in tt» district »nd win with other district ft»I, , Uttl * Rocli: S a ^rd»y for the stat* Polic. Mile of bmt •ohool driver in A*fc«nsa* , ,.,., Q^ winner; Sisay Hurley of Newport »in nw of District Two; R. H. John™ . . «on o( Maga^ne, DUtrict Three w. »«\ Perry Towlw of Magnolia, Dta- triet Four: Cturlei Morton, j r O f of Fayettevllle, Di»- trict Seven winner. Th« ««te Police will pick th* fta- »«•<« up at their hom« Saturday ltem *° the 8roundi M . ANNOUNCEMENT The Church Fellowship which war to have been held Thin day n ig| lt at « :M at the F)rfit J™"_ Han Cluii-ch has been canceled it was announced today by the R«v Lester D. Strubhar, pastor. STOCK- »*», .1 .round' . He*r lo.d, . , g«ner»lly ,(«ady with dem.nd mocUy tor good «nd chotc*. Several l(*d« good »t«r«, 32-33; light vtlfht cutUr ,Uer, ]». choice mlx- •<! it«en »nd helfem 1418. Oowt slow; opening trad* toout rteW Approximately « p«r cent of n. celpU (hi. ciasj. common and medium cowjs 21-24; good cows 16 and. above; eanner, »nd Taste!. THREE FEATHERS Finest bottling ir\ all our 65 years- look for the new quality bottle - salable ,- «««. io». er , mostly 75 to i S t5(M !OHW - "0-2*> Ib. top M - 2 • " " -»"-..i».;m:u laiiKcc.s "">'<-• wen clenrecl of chftrrpr end the ruriincis" pitched In to i which mnrrcd scenic view, nf.^r combine their (alcnts hardly b B - j ll.e fire. The .cars n re S o.tcned": rore the Inst cmlicr wns snulfccl! covered by sprint' crass. > 1 'I'riinsportation no longer Is n' trails iui<l' Trains iJiuii msi iiiKiit, wntle his wife luy '" lc In another wing o r tlic building 0 '"' , .,,™.iun ul) , 10 longer win a less serious Illness. . I Qrlmly, townsmen atul n gronn' n™blcm with streets, trails McHniiticy hud been under con-1 of municipal planners I hiE " wni ' s cleilr o( debris • statit mctliCiil ( since Mny i from SL Louis set about restoring i run °" schedule once more a wncn lie suffered a slrokn n fi-v I a town thni u-n.: -nn«...i,.ii. .i_ i Thoueh V<IR| =^^11^,,, „«' . --Itontiuii since May 5 when he suffered a stroke n few!» 'own that was one-sixth cle-, • ----hours after his wife wns Inkcn to the ' slroyert. A score of new homes were ! Na U°'»il Park were swept bylhe His condition was he- started while nearly two feet of.: ''"-'• tllnl recreational areas has rc- ThoiiBh vnst sections of Acadia hospital. —,~.~..,. u itnitj w. Aiiaerjo]) "^[MUH. nis conclilioil was L th. I i1^i!! enttre ! y " ew n ' 1 l' ro ''«:li tol ! ' CTCt l <<> 'w iniprovliic until H set-I snow covered llie ground' me living cost problem" averted b:!ck finturrtnv ' «"""• a strike by GM's production w<vk- erj set for Friday. 1* »l*>:li expected to set » pat- f -. <" T3.000 of Chrysler .corporation g and for wage pacts In other industrlej. Chrysler strike negotiations art to be resumed tomorrow. Under the pact. QM production Corkers get an eight-cent hourly «»t of living- Increase and a three- cent -hike based .on annual Industrial effeciency improvement Wa*** lo b* Adjusted Termj of the agreement, subject to ratification by union members provide that wages be adjusted up or down each three months to conform with fluctuation]! in the consumer price Index pf the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics However, the company rat | union agreed that only rive o< the eight cents In the cosl-ot-ll»lng riirf will be lost by reductions If the consumer price Index goes down tharply. John W. Urlitgstcm, UAVV vice president, and T. A. Johnstonc, assistant riireclor or the union's G\r Department, said the agrecti mean. a »55,000.000 annual rnlsc -to company employes. ^3'^ Climated It would mid . 4220,000,000 a year to a llt o workers' payrolls If it vfere extended to other companies In the Industry point ice, preceded to the l«nch only by Associate Justice Frank O. Himth. McHaney wns a'cliarter member or Ducks Unlimited. He was Acknn- SBS Chairman since |lio organization was started, H member of the board of trustees and president since early this yonr. Surviving are the widow, three sons nnd three daughters. Mrs. Eyerett A. Frazer Dies in Hermondo/e, Mo. Only the housing innlns unsolved. For shortage the expe re- less liiiily vlslors this suii the town has n per cent housing than last year. . Officials are rccovdlns; every, tu available room. Home owners with ! of spare rooms and lar^c summe opened to toiu-isls. Most, of the resort's other attractions nre set for the new sea-' son. The Kebo Valley Golf Club's bmldint's. (ereied by the-fire have been rcdullt. Exclusive Bar Harbor Club aiwl the Yacht Club escaped the flames and have planned normal seasonnl activities. The Jackson Memorial Laboratory for Cnncer Research, the loss ~ which was termed a. "medical »eds-,» will resume full oper- Anderson said that the 'agreement not only was important to the company and Its workers, "but through example," was slBiiXicnnt to other Industries and labor groups; in ract, on the economics of the whole nation. Prorision* Unfed Main provisions of the cosl-ot- Jlvmg wage formula included' 1. An eight-cent hourly raise now. based on a rise in the consumer price Index from 100.2 In 1940 to 169.3 for April, 19«. 2. A three-cent raise now and another on May 29. 1949. as an annual improvement factor to Increase tne standard or living. 3. Quarterly .. IJustments hi the cost or living tactor, up or down with one cent per hour added or subtracted for each rise or drop of M« points In the consumer price index. The drop is limited lo five cents. V Wages under the formula and contract provisions cnimot be changed until May 29, 1350, a two- year period. There Is no retroactive feature to the contract Anderson said that the first Mrs. Ora Lnvenla .13 wife »f Kvcrutl A. 1'nmr rjt 'ucr- inoiuliilc, Mo:, died ,u her home Just nlnlit after a lengthy m_ lies-s. The funeral iirrnngcuicnts are Incomplete Dcmllui; the arrival ot n .sot>-lii-]aw from Cjlifornia Burial will be in the family ccmc- iw-y Jn Mcrimiiidalf. Mrs. J'riV/.i-r is survived b^ her G\r,' '"'sbaiid, her pnrent.s, Mr -», 1( | , le , u 'Mrs. John Rcnn, o f Varbro. a son Archie Pra/w: six ilnugliti'.-.s Mrs' Audrey Arnold. MM. Null Ciiri'v' Rose lidnn, Mnrleju.. Untsv Anil' ',""' Got(lte Mnf| e'." B l| of Orytlle itcain of Howel" Mich'.I'nmi < .rw, • 13( >-1SO Ibs 2150-24100-120 18.50-21; sows 450 l^and S?'"."- 11MS : Ie ""20; over«i * 17.75-19; stags 1315 Cattle 4,100; salable 3,500; calves TO SERVE YOUR NEEDS; ,"< r { 1 " 1 K's good to know . . . d ur !ug L'S one source you caudle-'' i>cii<J upon fr>r aid in time? of sickness aiul distress the pharmacist at NICHuLS DRU.G STORE \ %t of Milllgnn nidge. is in Artie Hram The Cobb Putiurnl ., charge of nn anijcmcnUs, * • • Former Blytheville Man Dies in Lynwood, Cat Word wns received here todnv of the death of Frank Markcil who fonncly lived ,„ niy.hcviu" at the home of his dal , 8 , Uor M ' '" Wr ' 8h( ' in I'Vnwood Cnlif ervice were conducted Ule ,, lrst B . '" Hlst left B • P"' 1C ral jcsterday Churn, i,, I, ymvocH , Mranrt Mrs. M ar kcn Ihcvillr almost thirty ears in but they had spcm^om" thirty years here before :«,i, 1(r . «c v n , sa esmun for A. n. Jol ,,, s ^ h >,^ sale grocery, while in UlvlhevtUc faurvlvors include his wlf,. , wo children. Mrs. Wrigb,. fll ,d a ^o Frank Marken. Jr. O r New Jcrw ^^ quarterly exist -or-livlne 7cadin,t ".cut will i,,. mii(!c „,, ,," nj ' pay period after sept. I. , 1M8 . b-."cd on the July cottsumns price indes IN PERSON Jimmy and Leon Short Appearing on Our Stage Wednesday and Thursday Nights May 26 and 27 . w« U* Picture in * nich they sfar wi(h Kvncs( T vncs 'Hollywood Barn Dance 7 ~ Two Showt NigKtly_7tOO, 9-15 Admission 30c and 60c BASE THEATER W We want you to sec for yourself that the "Jeep" is aci all-purpose vehicle that may lit your needs to a T Come u. ; ,,,cldrivea"Jecp."Seehowca 5 iiy .< handles! Feel the mi^ty S nr,' c "jci' 0 "",, ° m it5 Wi!1 y s -0vcrland pujI of ••Jccp" C .( a "'l,ce| C tra'ctfon 0 ' OCei ' "e why die "Jeep" tar , and farm uTe" "^"daTarminT'"' """i "1 lf °° h - 1° j ° bs °" or off th « the year around! You'll know tii'y ] P ° W "'° machin " ^<2^ So" tu""i y «±'J^i ° "ff P'« rou ,o come in aow handincs, as a 5," '" d """ * "J M P" truck... TO SOO-lb.-capacity pick-up truck...a passenijer runabout. You'lJ realize the -Jeep's" ability to carry , h.p. to HUVY DRAW •** for pulling tarm implements and trailen Heavily braced frame. "lECTIVt <-WTIHt DRIVl give, wide traclor ond h, 8 hway oparoting rang«. 10»D JPACI of 10-,q. ft. »'urdy tteel b.d. Can al hold lead (or pa»i«ng«n. One taste is worth a thousand words! Treasured whiskies from the world's choicest reserves, blended with the finest grain neutral spirits, make today's Three Feathers our best our proudest bottling. Taste.this superb wliiskeg — judge it for yourself! You pay no more for today's IHREE FEATHERS THREE FEATHERS Choice oJGoodJudge* ,„..,> WJIISKKV, 8ft proof. «S% tr*l* .„,.„_ ,,_ Thr«« Fe«th«r» Distributor!, Inc., N«w York, Ni Y

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