The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois on June 28, 1882 · Page 11
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The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois · Page 11

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 28, 1882
Page 11
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I tors on ths date nsmed, 44 reported by th June 28, Jane 27. 1831. 412 6.041 1.110 73,431 417 8.Eo9 81.317 3,009 5. 128 J.763..5i 152,730 0S.9J8 430 87 85.504 1.754 192. : , i Vi 17.079 ! . .' . V I 2,iei Ko. 1 loncnd., ., No. 2 Ion red... ., No. 1 red .. No. 8 red No. 1 umber... No. K winter........ No, winter Kejected winter . No, 1 spring...,...,, ... No. 2 spring No. Ssnrlug Injected spring......... N'o grade.. ......... ...... Na 1 bard.: Na 2 bard No. 8 mixed. .... Total, CORK. Ko. 2 Krieotea. .....l.3titi,2a0 4.187,985 1,389.199 , 2xO,lb4 . . fa.VbO l.4 7.493 807 1.061.141 4'25,e5l 494,005 17,1S0 49,L70 3i,8ti7 High mixed..'... New mixed New high mixed. Ko Brad.. ....... Total......... Oat. .1.894,724 . 2,193,114 No. B....... 49,429 - No. 9 whit , JiU.tfJS hejected 20,247 No grade... ' 139 8,679,934 834,975 44.140 790 Total. KTB. 9,400 3,009.845 No. V!.... 72.9H kaJeotet , . 8,710 Toval.... 78,628 SAMJCX. Ko. 8....-'..... 1.993 No. 3........... . ti,ad7 Na .. . 1,29 No. 5..... 3,696 85,194 1.973 37.107 87.761 1.821 8b9 74 Total.... ............. 83,473 . 80.725 Total of all kloda S,20-i,507 Same time 90.83tt At oomiiared with Uat week, lb abor atate-ment shows as lneraeee . of 2.1 43 ba oats. and a daereaa of S72.821 bd wheat, U85.789 ba eorn. bit,uo ba rye. and 09 ba barter. The following table exhlulta tUe ferekaa ex. ports from Chicago for th weekending June k. and sinoe rfsa. 1. ind, as compared with the same urn last 7 earl Since laia. 1. lRMa. 103.9 IS . . J..12 lBi.Jal . lli.31J 4o7.y4J ; JA'WlJ 8ama time 1SK1. for week. S.titl v.oo7 flour, brls.. ... 1W.79 ' 1.4VO.H94 . 274,308 n near. Uli, Corn. ba..... ........ Uata, bit Jors. oris....- ... itaSxd, tea..., . br. bns and tea... Curvd meats, boxes lousiies.ijris awl ft Butter, ss. .......... i'uesae, e... lsUow,bris,.n Oil. bris.i Alcohol and other nqnoa, brts On cSs. be,....,... Cloyerseed. as. .... list seed. MeO, otoeraiJtds.. bides. s.......,.-.. leatner, ..., Ustnieal. brla Corn weal, Sri..... Canned inats,csea lard, in racks, bria and pkirs Miscellaneoue pork. U aud bris..... Tobacvo. ...M , dresaed, ba... auatallaiieous. as... S.ouu 4.445 1M 100 . lud 4.VU4 U,WS 71S.188 4.11.iH4 8,762 t 037 (TOO S4.827.4Bs 948.IM4 .0..J4 1.11S.U4U m.. ' l,U20,oi)4 .... ' 47.WS9 . 6n7.ej 7J3.4VS 210.8; mi ,,4.714 9803 . Wl.UOO Kl.litl 45 91. V1.2o0 -. 6d.t)3 12.236 159,170 ' 70.474 t.St ..900.894 10.481 lsoi'ii 44.123 x.w,otd 4.33Liji The followltte? tabla erhlhlta ah - ..1 t saw to-Uar at tas points named t - Bseelpts, galpmaata. ba. bn. Chlcaro. ...... . 7.t3l" - 2,161 jiuwank 29.O0O . . be louui..........,.. 83,000 4,000 Toledo 83.0O0 . 24,000 Detroit 20.0O0 5.000 PbUadelohU. ItjOO 80.OOO Baltimore... 13.500 LOOO Xtew Xark. 270.OOO 8O.0O0 Total... .413.631 147,101 TbstollowiBewrthreoeTUand ahipasnt an ooor. Krain, ana proa ace for ths past twet.T-foar boars, as comparsd witk ths asms tun Last yearr ssiursuuiTa. AJrncu. luesa. 188 1. 1882. 188U J lour. Oris.. T, kaju, an.. Cora. ba.... Usui, ba M. Hvs. ba Barier. Da.. ,6'J4 T.831 Ox.llii lo.4o2 21.14 14.401 124.852 883.137 . 872.637 ji).o;;8! 144,4nMi o70 108.147 2.3HO 4(0j 5.tiy 48.8i4 1..SH8 S.49 f.9.8M7 S7 '. Orsssseed, su 13.724 69.870 Vl.lft.l! flaxseed, a. B. coru, be... J. meats, as .. hs w,n7oi 178.37 88.141 98.S30 L827J9' Iteet. briS.MM 1641 44K) 303 4.2117 rors, oris.... Lard, as 1 allow, be... utter, aa... . hoes. No. ir2S 400 886.840 l.o9 422.120 165.80 a 1.134.812 J4.94. 428.2U7 84..'l 2.13t S.O.SHl 4.703 tstue. No...,. 3.448 1S8 1,2301 1.17 Deep, nu Hides, ba... nati'i's 833340 60 S1.00 '3022 151.8?! U.wiurs. brlsj. 289,293 22T,882 . A M) 4,363 s. .... t-otatoes, bu.. Cosl. ions..... tar, tone..... Luuauvr.ft..,. biuugia. io.. bait, orUi 'id.34 1.1.78(1 B.a.Ha t l.oaoj li.447 11 lb.vol 1AO s,di 1 4.11 8.0. n 17294000 3,460,000 4,901.000 483,Oi0 7.247.0UO uil 9,4481 4.720-j, 4.1 WiUidrawn IreiB, Waeat. W4i bo. titer lor City Ooasomptesv-. The follewlof Ubl xhlblU th ImapMttot ot ui us we past twwntfioar boon; atrumo r st bau K. whsai. uam.i OAXi. Car. - w- " u H . 1I.1B, HVUU. Ko. 8.."."." .o.......;.::;"" Kectd......,;.;., rsde. , Total COllK. Kibmlxd......M 3o. 2.....,.,,.,,. New mixed K.j No grade lotal " No. 2. 19 4 RalsrlSfl 7iSo rrsos 2 Tb! 90 1 So-2 1 19 Tota........ a 81 a. .'o. s... ,Ne. 4-....M... . Ill Total ' I Total of aU kinds.. . -I VO. bo No."iv " ba o. 8, Cat Killed TliroiiKh on irpecial Track and Incladed Abor - heat-epriue-l car -No. 2. Corn-1 ear rsjscUd. w w. a wane, n can ra acted. asaracTru otrr. M 8S.480 ............. ... ... eo,,o"i vats. ..- uwy UUBl.,, EJ.O no. 8 roiled . 6,706 44HI Rejected xtejected. Total.... 65,03oi Total... BABLAt. 0. , 201323 rionr-Tbe m arret was aeeleeted and dull, with bsrulT (if ' demand ;for any rsde or ousiity, and the teeliu in tbe wsa one or w ...... . T, . 7. ttj Toe Hume trade ware bsnily looklUR at samples, and shippemwereootpf the market almost entirely, and , ,7,. uV7.. . "","'" saowB lor a ionc to best brauda. taboos 1 .mwwu WWW WW WVSlUg IjUO 7.35 Cou.mou 10 aood eiute winter sxuras':UIU iioo 8.7 ;"'?'m?rF??'-', .6o 1 ... ' 7,wrB 'Prluir extra...... 6.6e 7.00 7T . . ""ii spnns extras 8.7&1A B.60 t hoics to tsncy sllnneeoueprin extfia. 6.76A 7 60 Cominoa to eooa"xtta: txwi SS .ir.. ou fatsnts 7jk,a w.'i ,ou at brlsteajMr Hrau Sales were? Oa Track 1 ear at Bl 1 7a. t m. 8a17ola'-8U" WWS 0B B0"- At at l?ar7g8?1U'8I'W,n,s Fm Board- -rci5ar.Y8a!ttata,W'r'S Fr Board-No. Sprin Wheat-Mor sttsnOoB wa paid to this market. No new trade ot speculative character to speak ,.f were made, but tbe demand in settle maut wsa 11 bnual.aud cou.i-eraola trading occurred ZlX'S'wriaiT. "VtiMt. AfewaaleiwereauiS 5T,wl.,tr,ikuu',t nd seller the year. June and h?I7a htU1 Taerday s price. aud AuauhI T?S s " loU 4 No. 2 were kold IS ?l; No. 4 wa nominal at 1.03ai.lo. Fntnre Iwuvene of Ko. 9 irin-eUer Juneboit 84.000 ba wers sold at 91 JO; quoted eaaierTbut no trsillsisU-tKinsl rMf trfi nn.l... a-i 0.1 1.. . . . " uiodersuT-iy tlM VVl3. vX&gZ 1S. beiler August unlet, with ,i,7ht asle at llTi c o.,u, Haue, fcotember neelitedT al iT -HcjecWd 1 fr JLt MA 1 ova air 4i 1 ,il. V- a. . Bivnt than ou veau-rday. yet the uTarket was eloaelv watched, aiid tlie d.T'J option bui"es tr5 reached a fair volume, hellers, however. wereuTte buui.roua.sud pnoes suffered a tallinroft of l on to. Juiy opu..n. so on August, vje- un MpmniberVand '.t oo sller the year. A nuuiner of outJueTrdeii to sell was reported. Jnly and Aainiit wert Tthe tsvorite options, lutars Iisiivsnes .Tltegular or Ki No. 8 Wbeat-beller July quite acdva." iTOa?' i.16V1.16ts. Msrkst opened st 41. 16V edvani !?.fitdc.lnd'fclmprowdto i -.f tr'ugti.eoi aud dosed ai abovs luenlloul. bciirr- AUi:u.t In eood d m.M i?.f rf-ffiiiari--, and ,-io.i 'fa. raigsfl iv ID V -fitHti,l,awH u.ti 4Lil4niimr -Ani.l .4 M, ngi-Ai . " i-onrr Cued at .I! and c'VlZMZ" i':"...Vr!2.'.i.J. l-03. auvTncid tl . Ta waul., ana cioaed at l.nij C' Tti In this cereal the movement WMtrrewnlsr At th. opeuu.g aud for a abort urn following, the Mliiig waa eveu atrooger than on yesterday, but sa tu uay advau.el alia. a,poUuon wsa shown to rvanie and uud-r ths Influuoe of laiver orTerinci Ui.u tua tm.le exie-wd. an nuaetUed market waa w'U '"4. . luniig tue last half or mors ot tus station Duclii.tiuiia wre quite lrayueut. snd th conditiou of ti..-y-in r.l tal a little uioi-a iitiiavoraule tn arjllra A' ;.i tl.a icr'i.iuf ft i iiumi, whwu prurca tonched their t" :i-t l int. the v-aueiicv waa downward. . .1 t, n i l..a on a lot,r ni,n.i,u ...,.., OU 'lii I . ' -r-l ai'-llfi,f . K.cot ea-li - I a Am Mt. 1. .ii ,v . . i :.l J; 701 mm 7.467 .... 1.653 kT.-F: ...::nr.;-?r.rr "r ! .'' kxtrss-fs brto"klBnesoti Lit. onT, " . 0r-13 S . .VeV-i1- Jrack-KeJetel-i carat ll.... njCttlatlanamvariniv 1 B-r. v.. I . - .... 7tk-il;fA i,M ''PtiooopSeJ ' TOE PAILY DITZIIS OCSAir, A7EDKESDAY IXOTUtTHG, JUXE 23, 1832.T7ELVE FAGES-WITH MUSICAE V STJPTLESnsy T. Cash cop told 4t74i57.WorNo. J.77ii77eforhlgh tuixed. 73S for new mixed, aud 737.ise Ho. 3 closed at 74stvo. lteOKipie deled yeeteruar aud tinea brought '40 ever ilia geuersi laarket. rutur ot No. '3-neiier J una 40 uniltf Jul, the humlAsl rami a l.e lug 73730! close.! si 74se bio. Hell.-r July ta good demand. Sain were mtue at ti'mA c trJjriit. with ainall tranai tiona 75 'i7J'i eloa a at i4st74i:. Tide oution oni.nud at ixi: ad- eucedto msc wiutaslee at 76St73ao. d Ciiund to 4c. advauoad to uv t.l Ulr ., iiaturss to 7tw,l al cLm. ... !,... mentioned. Seuer August alula a.niTe. selling at Y4S ts7b'ec. and closing at, 74Sg74c. This option onenedst 'o1-. sdrsnred to iiiy, sold on" so 74:eo, aaraiwed to 76 So, aewiued to 71 So, and eloeed as aoTe mentioned. - nailer September lu (sir demand, selling at 74,70Sc and cioa-lug at iV7-"- Tnis option opened at 76ic sU-vauclw , eSc, declined to 73SC advanced to 7Sra receded to 7t4o. aud closed as strove mwUonnL Belier October sold to slair extent st 74S,'3 vc. cloe- "," t (. aeciinea, to teb1. sdTsuc.d to Hie. leu on 10 .4 o, aud rled at uac . Halaa war: n Htore S.O00 bd and ears No. 2 at 7-io. lo.utw bd aud 1 curs at TA', :t) csrs at 7'ic csie -tKi lursrs at as-ec, zs.vuu do st744C, ecsn hieh I -a ai osra si t rars st 77Jao, I cur I Bow mixed at Ja,, S can rejected at 7, car at w-mn. va iiK-,,g y,ni tar at ooci rejected, car at ,o. 1 carat 74to while, 1 ear rejacted at Keectel, ft ears at 72 "ec. 1 car at ftc, S cars at 74c, 7 rsra at i4e; Liuh mixeit, 1 car at 7tc. 1 car at 7io: w.hi5 N aat4eoi ears, Hears at 7 ic, 1 car si ,OMC .' . . ji"f,lT,1,c" V"9' ' Jew car 6t Jio. J sold an-at iao Uie cloauiK of yesierdsv out the main trade i later at Futures wore 011- satUsd esriy, and rsuxed Kt o hteber, bnt the de-anasd was not aurieieut te luatinein prlrea. A rluil aud eaar taaiuia- tioailr aeuled over the market; unoe reaoted aud dosed '.eo lower all round, i'uere was a marked ituunu on iu the demand for ton sear Iuture.4. Hauiule lou met with oulr S Leht in.mirr. sales sre rather slow. Vuturs Deliveiir ri . )!. f .1 rl v k.tiv. a.m. ..,.1 prteeereriMl ieWluuer, was a reaoUuu. and ths msi ki became oui.t and duii. aud closed hailM. Jnu. , ai 7,7,77 : . 7i. . T i eiosellers. rUer July aold at49o, uTi'jZc teefuJoi ciosod at 48-ec belle, Auauat linked e.lyt VI 88ee.eeciineri to 8Hac; rioaedat 88 vC Heller feep- at an tC Heller md- I KIMIKr WMI II I V. Ill UthiV I. U7WiriUiU.I , I . .. HaiierOcwber ru(ai atuenc down ta 87aus closed aoiuiusi at h7V- .oeder the year sold at aoVeai-V-l uMMMuaiaic. naie werei iu Biore-8 cats Xu. 8 f'-i 4i 2 cara early at 64c Ob 1 rack -Re-Jected-.x ears at 51c. 1 tar at iic, 1 crt at 02 -yc: white rejeevndk ear at 54c, 2 care at 64c 8 can at wtal oar at 3 cara at Ml : Ao. 8 w-aite -8caia at etiu. 8 cara at 47c free an No . udo 1 car at 46c. i car at 4ici rej !ied i cars at oc a cars at W'. Scars at 61c boars st t I've I, cara at 61'4C 14 cara at I.e. I tar at 6J 1 sr at .'i"; white rejneted 8 cars a: 64c 8 cars at 44 jc, cars at 64c 4 cr at 66 c cara at Si sc. 8 cars at 6o, 1 car at JO V; No. fi car ai buu; no. 8 wuiio 1 car at H.c 8 cars at 67c 2 cara at 67 Vc 1 car at 67 tac 2 cant at 67Se. . My liter were ttasll ihipDInj order and om aeniand toreaait rye ttm disuuera. . iratiina in wunri iwittual v esilie outatauditui coutru'ts. udenuva Usui ..... hi. 1U41.M miu ti lax wiuitie, t at iota of No. , 2 aoid at, aud asles by aamule ranged at m. e, n-.ur Uclivenea ot No. s Kye iuar was a sooo. uemaud rroia "aborts , An BTsrasr ( leko lu jffucMi wa. vaiaou.ueo. aeuer auiy quotable at , 4c eeller Ailguxt guile a. av at 73740 Seller Seuteui- wraiini-injaKiijo, DUt dcaed better. or seller the year 07c bid, ana Bon, udrrtd. bales were: iu o tore 7 car -So. 2 at 73c Oa 1 rck Keicted 1 cms at boo : No. 21 oar at 74c. Fr an Bnird 1 r. JrcteU at 70c . .. . . BarJay Ths market remains 4o.n snd aeeieetert. an sau trausacUotM wrs roubuvd to a few sasaule iu-M. tio. 8 seller heutember uueiauie at 7eac. balee v ii.u-.iui uruwi-ii oaua as woo. Jlo. w 1 ear at 60c: tie. 3 cars choice at 7oc , Ho rroctticts An SCOTS spectllatlTe demand piwTauani rarsog pruuacaa, ana hue oBenmrs were ea- u.ubii j. xusriy in lu uay tue ieeliiuc wsm Aimer, aud brioes were silirhuv av.u.wi au iu. nna. ciwal tiescrtnioiis. lb oueriura wrre Increased ma terially at to a outside anm. and a imu .... .l,.n reduction sol in aud prices receded raiudly t tu laaiue tinures. Uuiiun Ui latter psrt of tue soiiou. the market wassteauler.and brical rallied airaia. aeoud terbuuot tbe redtunioa beiuy reoovered. buipniu aemsud moderaut. 4 orebja advices war mor lavor-BlMs to boldere, aud prioea wer advanced bd on lard no wacvu 111 uvaruouL lLaatexn ruMrkatu ratber ouiat and prices easier. The receipts ot product wer moderate sad the eblpmeate in Hie asKrecate (air. 111a snennirs ot mess perk were unusual lant en iDeo- ' sua uie demand auuve. kvariy in tu day tb icAUug u nriuer, and price war ma loo higher, but a weaker feeiihS iei in aud a decline ot H iil 26 quiet at irately eimwae lugnium u, xjiter. uie market railiea our ana eteeeei eomusrauvelv ateariv. - UaaM iii, ViU0. . beller July ax moderately active and .sold st . 'Jl.25921.74. . and dosed ouut at 81JJ6i'J1.4u. Beilur Auxustwas quit acttv auu aold freely within the ramie 01 Sl.v; will 9u. aud Ciueed Quiet at 6:1.47 "val.J.1. BeUer beltember wa in gOOd reaUeat and aold libareltv wtthii, tr. ranaa ... 8l.47'iJ, and c4vee sreauy at aldtst 1A;J. seller tic ui tier quiet, with acauerlne asies at 82i.oe ai.yv, o.ii.j 7w wsa woueraieiy acuva ana eoia, sna closed uuiet at 18.40uy.8.46. " "iici?,,dSu',t 18.40M).9.46. r quiet 4t 6JO.3fWiiO.4J. bales in ths cbed I14.005 bri within tli tang of Tue demand for lard wee Bcttye and th Jnose were easier on tue whole raiure. aggregate reacned price ouoted. he oil annua tree. rioea were easier on tue whole range. auai aauuuou wmiMV V xuw wa. un cioeeu euBDUl. UTsly steady at medium nguree. Caah quiet at ail.7S eall-80. belter Jmy was moderately acuva and sold si exi.iotaxi.oo. sua cioaea ateaiiv at n.7Aaii 171a. Seller August wss in good request, and sold at 611.87 "e talz. aud closed teadr at an iuallnnv Haiiar beptemuer was mousrately acUve, and soldatal.'vk i..ii". ana cloeed ouiet at 9,x.08lslK.Od, beiler October quiet at 4i8-lai2.l3. auacuieed at 412. UK Ijagi. beiler Noyember wa quiet, wita lurht aale 4t rijO. beiler tu kear Waa fairly active, and sold a, fiLiuviiAu, auu cioseo. siesuy at Bll.T 3(411. 77 ia. beiler Jaaaary sold at 41 ... 18, 33. nalea in tbeav. gregata reacbd 4800 tierce within the range of Vneee given. .ba markt iur abort rib aides waa un settled, aud prices eery irregular. Prices at on tun declined lowttOc V ivo e, but dosed staadlcr at medium flgnres. Cash quiet at . . ... wa , -,u. tTT-.ic. . ii. , mi iu apanngiy aa ai8.JO. but oloeed at about slJ.ui. beller August was tairly letlv.iiuiailil.ia Wlia an .. .. T....J .L--i- ,uef f'Dtbbe" mooerately acbr aud .old at iaa7,Sl..o. and closed Stsedy at 812.3 12.27 beller bvember aold at 410.87 Wlu.80. Bales werei ahorx itio Ki.iua .1 11.1 1 mi.i a. ii . .. 1 .. 612.80: I0O.00O 8s seller August at 412.16. 2uo,0.J na do at lz.l7 4&o.ov0 ns do 4tl2.o, lOO.oou s dol-i.88iv. 130.000 bsdo 1U.:1A. l.ill iHih aa i. blkwitH as do at 413,40, 600,000 as do at 41 3.4Js 200,000 bs seller September at 612.17. bOo . 1!"'."' '"wwv mm aa at atie-zo, so.000 fts do at 413.87 . 46o,oo0 ns do at 4l2io, 60.000 ns do at C13.4U: 60.000 seller Noyembec 44 6107n. . .. av raw a. .!, til i.mi, Bewf Products Th demand tor beef prodoct wa moderata, aud tb offering were liberal. Frio ware eieauy ana nncnenged at rKs4 for beet haul. 013.604414 for mess beef, 1414JS for extra lues beet, 164i6.86 lor piste beet, and 18e18.26 lor extra Plata neat. Tallow ateady at 84be lor city aud 7t8cloroouauy rsuiierwd. seau-irsit generally alow. Thera was 4 talrda. tnand for flax which, an Jar 4 email supply, was Armer. balsa of mercbaa table made at l.a. veta. and rejected auetabt at lJtOe1.94. Timothy hW become. quits neglected, it was said sslas bad been made of seller August, but no saies were reported. beiler September was nomine! and no trading' ot ao- count in eaah. Tha lalia. o,.ni..Oa .. , i k. ... vuuimuu tu prime, auu a eiiaae nignsr tor choice. Clover scare aud nominal, vjuotaolj at 44iav4.70 for poor to chole. Hungarian weak and un farorable for tellers. Common to prime auot- atii u atM 76(4800. Millet aold at 9oe t61Jio lorcommua to priuie. Back a heat. 91.804 bmail ordera for tbe anf ereat kinds were hiied st a shsde over quotations, bales were ; Timothy to baga at 4a.l7ia. Uovar-9 bags at 44.06, -34 bags at ya.iv, iea a cars rvjecvra (aeuTareoi at ai.8, tear r , ' . MN.,a,au fuvu.avw MV1.1V, 1 Car barely hierchsnUule 41 1..8. 1 car fnerckau table at 61.if7Hcars.78,77.20.andl6bagsatl.x(t. Huu- bl.lrt V3S cars, 78,77, J, and 16 bscast l i. Uuu-ganan-30 baga at 76c 6 J baga at 77ao, 10 bags at 8'aC 33 and 17 bam Bl 83c In bars avun3 ban. 1. aa 5c Millet 30 bag stained at 900, 11 bags prim fapifftltaiai 'it . Whisky-Oonrlaneg qnlet on th for diiullars' liniahed geou. Hay Demand rather light: market uiuouiy quoiaoia at 8i4.815: MO. mixed ao. llOtolli npiend prairie, Bralne. 674t80t tio. a do. iltiuii 3 cara No. 1 U mo thy st 1 1 A 1 car at 413,1 car (ataiuedi at9 0. C 1 ear at 413 delivered, leer uplanl nrairia at 410, i car A, l pralris at 9840, l oar at 47. Ai pies Mors or lea common stock ta offend, bnt inre t only a moderate auvpiy of food stock. Cboic apples are moderate Bale, but tbe poor small wiuuxaUs or specked appiee no on wsnta. boxes rang at 8uuOc accor.llBg to quality, with win, aao w mi, na wxMluiuur xuaae at wts.uo, borne old and specked stock on the msrkst, and this not wanted. Barrels sail only In 4 small way and range at 41-604 brl iur poor lo ehoioe. . Hatter The market for batter remain qnlet and Slow au around, xne demaud for straight lines of wainaa wuieu nil ueaa mouerate ox 1st BhOW om tailing olt, and tbe market ia now generally slow, that packing grades will stilt eeii. but of these tl.a supply is light and little can on that acconnt be cnmulaupg. 8o far th batter coming in vsry fair order aud the quality is uniform aad good, and holuf era even if not a i ting much do not t -el like presaing hwus. aa,. anivaia .1. rwuorteia ana stocsa are sra their property on the market, and by that means force lower prices. Creamery make in particular are nesr- lai'tad: ablnnlna ordHra avw arpr. 1 A . 1 tiao light h tellers are baying Only far immsaiate wsurs, sua lueypreivr cuuice usine wnn there Is 4 small saving In prices. A tailing oft in th eonsump- ..wh w. a-utiwi Mm icmwi layuimi, auu ia ailBUaiiy the case st this seaaoa of the veae whan liac-, .n , frulu become plenty, ebippers aud other large buyer have been caused to hold olf tbe market by idvlm of an unfavorable tenor being received lrom tbe Kaet and i from toreim markets, creameries are sell; n it in 4 small way at -33t24o V tor choice to due with or. dinry brauda about 20.4220. Oairiea are ouotable at about l.-.J' ) ft lor choice and lOo for good stock, and light-colored and streaked stock 1 selling taixly at ktenna were qnlet, with the damsnd only m a email way. but rood stock Is scare, and ruled nrm. Choice Eastern medium Arm in a smsll way at 3.8o3.76 bu. o good Western uucreu. lucre are a lew common western on th market. Which srs quiet at 1 .".o3, and a few sr vuwuuvi Mt eitet.o'N out tuey ars too oommon to mu. cma iiavioa are una at a.t.euetoO. Reeiwat-Theoffertnira are hrtit anil jraje. Dark U quo talus at 2oc SH .. .. sxrooin waa nrm. Tbra la only n small Hiiaiiiii DvuxiuK iu, auu na i ia coming repraseuui soiall lots owuvd by dealers, sal which tusy are bavin lot-warded to them. Trade ta van t.i. ..t market continues in every healthfulcondiUon, Cniots-tionssre: liiirl and carpet brush, choice to best. 111. lic: seli-workiug grsen, UWloSio: self-worxiug red-tiiped. ICiS-jc; red bmsh and atuued. 7ibci Clieete No special news to mm Ho in thia w.-.w.i cnuipiug aeuiaiia ugut. About the only uade is on small orders, and Uie inquiry 1 entirely lor choice M. uiviviiiwr iwwr.iur tus stock 14 not heavy, leiw grades, which means hard skimmed aud oil-davored cneere. rule very dull, aud they are, id iacs ugiavMHi, witu no trading, and prices weuk a; id aa-iut nominal. Wa quote: Cheddar uil cream, 8ialoc; do sliimmed. be ter grades, 5.4 ac ; ao sxiinmed, common, 3180; prime nut, slightly mm M.ta VMUIUIWII Ml . , aaiOO. Urled Fruits Very lirtte doing. Order trad litrhi. ParUesflliing ordera have Just aliout what stock they require, auu the dr m nd on the open market remains liitui. koeung weak all round, but no material chaue noiieeaoie, aud quotation are: Apples-. dark : aud common. 5w5e: aiiced, 6Wii'o: evspo' rated, lolc: Moutharn quarters, new. 5t.i4.e. Pind poaches, commoa to choice, lvAalac; halves peacbaa. A4iul;i. Pi rL iiaaer. aae wa i . ,.a r.l 11: . . .a7 ;i.7T.",l'nrK .. 'V--c: raspoernes. . i.viHiiu.lioeioa lrrled Pens Ruled stea-ly. Ths trade Is In a smsll wav and for eooi stock. Btipplyonly moderate, snd 2",:; ae2 sre awrallr ewady. Cnoic green quotar7ie at 61.36 V bu. and eommon duil at 9ici.l. iieldpeas f " ii k Marrowtata quotubleat ei.adv - - " - - t...Ti....i.w, ouut peas. 8.0 a. , aud unteia eell at 4oc V b. 1 " v 1- rrs-Wer nnlet, Vp to the pr-vent aaies have , . .-.. mr. uk ,,, i,.B r.-fllHS, UUt li..ifr Tt-t Si .r 0-iiju I. i.... bl4.i..Jiil.i.,.r ,;. V 5 w at ; a r I I I I I I I I I I I I rt '. 61'-wl3: atl7sc fnr ebole brsnds and caae. Occasionally tiatuacUokt ware reported at 17a. Ike market waa aiust. . j:ithi-rs Are salable at tbe sam price as lately quoted. There la utile or bo stock coruiuc in, I'nins iiair'H.a.-..,ir,iiut to nilil, (., lei old mixed faatUeTM. li,4oo: mixed knee and duck, ajei.iot doi k fcathera, airiiiiht, aO..l;)i cltiikea body, dry- icitd. e0'. chirlien boiy. allied. 2Jc: turkey J1y 84 i0: lurkr tii aocordineto qnaliiy, SoHc: titrk'-y wipif. from the urat tw Joints, 2s280 turkey wln sad tail, mixed, Do.c. . Ciame) Lire tlreone were aalabt at about L50 dozeu. but none com loir m. U:.d mM dn , 74 K-Vi dozen, lave aquaba Salable at about 41.26 i doaea. and dead nominal at 6uv74a, with ne demand. Ml tiff,. mi'. u.:..- . . , .w luTht. tireeu hides were quotable st 6a Oicreen fniboy at 4ct heary arwea salted (fnlly enredl.TT'aO lwlitrto. 7c, and damaged, bci buU hides, tie, and irreea do at c: rnrji . .1 tl ,,.1, 1,... -.. l. . j ... " rrr. -.7."::". ?."f ?.."? r? nj01 liberal receipts, bat there bss been sn scUts more- rtiant. an 1 tllajtuiffnn.nrt ... . i.,. 1 . Vi y1","ar ioa at Bua.BU Salea were repurte l aa foilowa: j. cara at 4.;l0. 1 ca- t.1iL,ia. ,icr ftn ' rl. Ut. Louis and Moutharn Illinois aoid at 94.a4.5n, ,riordin to Quality, a'ld a ainall rruanuty 01 poor sold to peddlers 3. j.i a) bri. Ike ioaluxg la tii markst la a tfttl V -'"' joht wsx ror a litue Old tntjioM Are ahnat t.omln.1 w ...w any account remains, an t bier is no inquiry. PouUrT Was anlek nr.. mm lnHtM and demand from tbe retail tru also lieht 1 h. nm. stw-k wanted loo Is chol.s. old bens sad Uife apnns chickens. Boost, turkeys, aud all other desert u- tioiiB iiuoutily dull. The early offorintre were oaiy fair, but Increased oocaijruruents are apt to be received later In the dav, tor oa 1'ueedar tu receleu are usually Terr irood. Live tnraars i!i about Mc 9 Lire cblckeus euotao.e aa fol low. 1 Caoie liens. By ,i fsuoy. ta a small way. possibly loo a, with roosters yery dull at "t . w opnns; oiiicken quotabis at fl.Scrtti ) doren fur (wall. 1 t3&iel.174 C1.0lt3 SJ dozen iur am all. la l"r 'iod""'i' fnd r lanrechickena, with extra J7?'ll1 V h7?iM,r "Jf-. duks quoubi at 2 : ' w , l"erhes Wer weak becsaa there wss yery rood itPt'ly on the msrtet. sad a severe break IB the price vimniTiirrrm ,itn Bn n niavorauie lnnuence ever all other Riarteta. leaterday afteradoa b ear load was received troia lexae ib so poor order that tbe whole car will. It is thotiirut, not realise over 6'JO. Tnia poor tock . siso had sn eitt on th market; canted Usorvi Oat botes to decline to al. with sum. aalaa at iaa. ianneeee 'e-bu aosee rauced at 7ica1.86 loraome a litile suft to Hne. end Illinois peck baskets were alow at i.c each, snd 13 tor crates of four baskets. Inouith tew (air aold tor a tritta more. Wtesiwbei rlee Tbe nirkvA aa a a.i kaa to remark, weal all to plroas ou account et a vary lars aupply. L.timates on ths receipi from Micbi-gan were placed st H.O-h8IO.ijoo esaes. bhiuoinir oe- ders hsvs ceased and turn lajv auaaulv of atook waa K-u ror the local trade alone to aueorb. It wee too mucn. end the I a pee exceae of the supply over trie waute of uie trad, resulted In adeprsesed market aud "Jit1.. P"cee. it appears tnat either tbe borrit hive ail rioeuod aud are bcuiii shipped at ens 'lrTmmr tnKinoesriy estimates ,1 k anr.rtcrop were bss-id mure eu ImseitisUoa taan ea facte, lie- 1 : - OBTixui to any extent 1 they expected a live.y cooiperltiun from ped.Unn, whiua aiwareof-iTf.l i l!"uf ot. 0o many retaliera, Meddler wei ia tact about tbe only buyer for lota. They bid Jr.. .r .7 ""."' niy smsn lots st arst, think-lug last Uiey eonld clos these oat aud then return to ;7.,- i. 'aa ",a sua secure another supply at an Improvement aver early price, lueir schemes were well Lu.L and from iadicaUuna WUI be partial It anccmsial, for at noon there was sull a Tsry heavy sUK-a. sad holders could aee no way to close eut auleaa It wae to peildlen. Males In the tnorn- . . Ir. 1M b"r with heevy tradluc al '26. buiaUft, Jo Berrlee were ofterea at 91 acaee a i.uiii, an 11 ia pxwaiie mey will eell ae low a ! 6c beiurethoy are closed out. lu proaoect are poor tor cloainu out, and a arood deal of stock may " . Kwma carsesvuie. oblo. 38 a u art rase were o Serai. 1 .. M 7..T. . TI'.TX: era akJ 61i840 a case. ' """" Tomato) Hanatv lam ..I I . .1 -1 tt? V'-V po'lr bales rstlier l"Kht su.nar- satict oSxt'1' eornmoa .oft down 2 Veaal Xariv anrlvaie . m.- . ... rXiv.''.""4 "'4let siprmu. pncei jLivcral arrivals ars upscted en the aoaa run. i.ip lt:ZTWl"a"! bWttbilirrwrt A Uliht weaknaas is bv.kad f... 1.,.. ..Ik. ?tUe8,'a. b price quoted may blVe to ?T n: Jhe weather la cool and favorable. jui.v 7. , , . Zt.'? " for cominoa to medium. l-9c for fair toguod, and iMAlootercboio Id fssuy . a nuh HUtiHr. WOill VaiiM rv . . .. cnecaed. Th arrivals are nnita m,.., ..a uiey exceed th. ahlumenla. .U.i, nrt . 11 1 -aa iu etOCSa. ""-'." ooo aediuru. SSaasao- ink cears and dingy, WeJiT, ina h... ' iii Sici Ann light. U&leVtZmi 27si (Oof Lhn- t 6,38c: low niedium. aSoTetiedTsw? oi eb v and cotswold. WjScT I inwaabeSttSS 7JvV2l 80c: medinm vi J; t .""rT'."1 1 Trttiff7ibJ;,T; "d nneondmoned wool. lncTodLug XenltOItal WOOl. About 16C la than Onna-lioM CALb BOARD. Sprtng Vheeit In fair reqnnst and briaes t.m i.3&S seller July, 91.l3't4l.l3a. aalia. iuiT.i 913J6sml3J4 arller pu,ur. and .Tosil 01 "".-?. bales were : 30.O.8J bu eelj Jun. al afJaVT6'; J5 "?UT eu4t t il.lIsiJw the year at 08? 6i4 eO.OOobn aaiier 13)8 ell-r 7.."al" niT"7-,".r'"alT' 01"V9 d ii uiy'14 u" Pmbsr. ril.ii1-.y,r !- lb yer. bale Werei 830, In"gaTtMf bex it' 41 oa-rna TvSTai ,T??TS. 4U02Warj, ji. " - " year M SJneaite.fii ffmij . . bepUmSiJ: TdtsfcvT fit?. t?:r7br- f"i"l". y-ibi!e. July at 744 &71L. . -. z , 7.1 7u"rv ' . aauer eentember at ,676ao. i";"" Veil T at 74W4S.C lOS.u K "axv'JiSSTS " "71. 284.0OU ba eaiiw tbe 1 ISktaBM Toa 49VUjl - h . aw SKc aeller oeptemuer, 3iS i0 aeller October- Ld "rT. r' .ln" Tear. Hsles were: 183.OU0 ba Ih"Im31 14 isiuh, 2li-tt'lMn Amrust st iii i aaiTirL.? . rjy'etnber a, STt iSc ili jTiiV,0 87o. tu.000 ba sslier the S.1V jc , ktyw-falrly active and price steady. Ba l30O bu aeller August at 73471l isiu bentomhar.t 7 ii . u, iw Bate wer b4licr ltarley-Flrmsr-80t-e bid a.i!er Beptember. s7.M2l3r8 seller Uctober. 819 62Ji rear, inrf t-Ni M . i.. , . ,v . ts 19.07, aeller the sry. bales werei 1.730 farla ellCT Jni J." . .... . . - -' " awcr .liiv K 6oo , , CM Ml riTrB .ller the year at 61tf.47Wi2ASri.bi0 bria sailor January at lr0.46ei:u.3i. "WU Kairvt Modapatalv atjaa - . . a trifl klgher. '.""v".u'Miiiii seller Jnlv. 11.9294ll.U6 nentember. rSriArt Rlh Hla4aamrWHal aw-- It J l-6eller Aniri1st.612.!i7illl10aiivC..'i.rrr the viLT1 i ,Uer d 410.70,1073 MlTS . . - www ai 4184. TOEEIGV PRODUCE AVD PHOTHtTrvcw I.lverpool, Jane S7-Floar. lOedtlls 84. Vkai .i v.uu, mm ivuaius imum. Ha bd. Pork. 68s. Lara.bos. Beoeipte of wheat f or tbe Issl taVaa dsvs.' centals, of wlUca 4o.6cnuua wTw American. 1:30 s. m. Weather Una Bn. BraadstnOB qnlM sad teedy. Cora firmer. 6a 70. Evwnlnr-Ootton steady at 6 lS-167d t eales.10 000 I eai speoulatioa and export, 8.000 balsa Amar-J-."? 1 6.060 bales. BreadsrujlaSiet Md e wadr I ?rni ; Western mixed, lis 7d. Deet. extra Iud3a WTT. I oos. Amencsn lard. 60. Bacon Lone tuea tW I Yarns And Uonca at alaBcheeter steady, bereinte I nasi three dava. ainaai m . 7''. lVlipui I 40,600 centals, . T ' ta ' UTS STOCK. TnroI10Wfnw Vrwea ... aaMIM. I . . bxiBv. and aiuai ua . -7 T. . " al omaats tor ...... v. mi. weeax j . . nsrsirrs. Honda . ' . a wit Ho-, aswp. lueaday ..... 6.01 iu .2.630 lO.OOd IfOO Total. .... 8,385 82,86 ........ S.3o 28Jr60 aUrXSgT. .609 1.141 IUmob. Monday.... l.L TZX .SV,.'-:"..". nd. the . . 1 waa bcutb on backlne snd ahipptng acconnt, but receivers were eomiSlled to submit to slightly reduced price In ordeyto prevent any a. cumulation lu the yards, especiaiion eommo. quaUUea. iJu'ht bacon lota were irTeoo.1 . VI'l4'?8''cliia' t 4701,8. PackinV tau. eiSSS I grailes were in fair reiuet and sola a I ruaiuiy at s-u.y at 477.35. lb. market ta.iluVd7XhrfoU Were among Uie tunnotpal touowmg . aoa saute: No. At, j-ncw. no. at. 4rlca.i-ta. a. vw 6i....2i' 6a-20 63 2ll 68.10 45....417 60.. 197 64....S-' ti..m. 180 4G....213 S3.15 8.15 8.-JO 8.70 8,'Jil 8.0i 8.2.1 7.80 8.13 8.20 8.3.1 8.13 8.40 8.' 8.2' 7.68 67....241 : 64....'3.'1 6S....-362 47V!iO 65....V1U8 23....1SI 63..2ll 61....1I.I3 27.... 164 104.... lie) 37..2t7 41.344 80.... 17 2..-.':!S 107 -307 4..178 154m1'j9 143....200 6S....2H4 61 1'OO 72....210 18....VH0 1L'6M..237 68..M2S1 tk-i....lH2 247....2::i e.'il3D 8.16 31....197 8.36 l.4iH8 8350 8. US 8.30 S--.v3..843 7H. 210 8.2 : ;w.,..17J 8.16'37:.-i:' gO.t2....V33 7.4i;10..lii 8.10 30. ...847 8.10.S8....l!, 7.rtjo....2'J5 g 65 45....-3V3 8.1S ,14.... 839 8.1063....2.U 8.0J!44..179 8.I0 jrt....'3t,3 8.00 18..338 8 3) 66...,3lll 8.116 74....21T 8.0571.838 8.811 VI(1....'3hS 9.40 9.V4 8.icOi3....1il'i 6.10''JJ.M.1SIS 8.2ii:5-t....8l4 3&....V42 81...2H 69. ...219 X.S....213 45....J79 8.00 730 8 25 8.i5 73i3 8.14 60....KK0 W.l 35.'.'9S 63....2.S B3....-J29 77..193 8.23 8.20 8.2 6.10 8.00 8.20 75 73....173 8.00 . 7.70 71 42..248 31....11IS ml 159 esira 3l..10 6...,279 U3....248 24....U43 8 1 6.05 8. 20 K.(i3 7.80 8.1 8.35 8.20j 8.30 7.77,! 8.61 8.10 1 8.10 8.10 1 C:i..n2o3 bl ... "301 8.16H 60.... 203 8.10 ii!i..iaj .iOOV....1.08 8.10 It ri vw o TTl ft demand foe nbaan wa. w... . . , 1 7 ae.uuauu uie en dnu,r were oulr fair. Pncea rule et 433.75 couimon to tair. snil 44 4.7S good to choice droves. Lambs qno utile ate i6oi3 9 head. Crvtt le The rareint rf rettla wane lim. mm .- pnaiitT lair. The aetuand for ail eratles wa m.wl.r.ia I lut the inarkpt waq .n.i to (ludiieiis, ami ri-iv-rs ei p.n. .'ri so v.i.itvij.iiaaiiiBP ih.i.Ud. aia.Hi. , 1.0O0 tcs seUertXtobexM l16lil7at it' 5 'V in Of It rl.-tK. Bhlppma: steer wer qaoUbl at $44.6.60 common to fairnauvea, ia.7i.e7. '.a fair to goud do. snd 47. 406a lor good tochoius do. Texana ware in biodfcrete aup-lily and aold lairly at 6i.-J.' ( j.60, acooiiliuir to iu u.r. btockera iu moderate requ...t, aud leedara were talrly cure at lornier prices. Butchura' siock in moderate request, sod pnres ere well luainta.uad. Xu msrkei ci'.aod steady st th lellowlujc quotauoaet axuaeiDon steers...... r7 !"1 1' .xtra suipihbs steers 7mi.7?i tod loeuoh e soivoiea- staera......,. 4.8oei7td lairte aieuiura aik.lnjr aleera. B.v'iH.,io Coiumoa steers 6.6osi.o T"- ; -.-... sdera. lalrto cnioe. . . 4 .00 .&.;. blockers, couiiuoa 10 sood..... 8JHia4.2J wood te choice oowe ..., .j.7Si OO CommoB to furcewt. 2.733.60 Rouen and mixed Iota...... . .i.i n Oood to choice bulls. ........... .. SOau tHt ltsiftale). Jane 97. Osrtla BM-atnta ana - conaiitued throucb. 133 carat markst dull, tending downward: fair to good meumm ii.Ta. i-"(M0.6.i: light steers. so.2dtt.76 : atockFra In battF rnuui u 4. 7i: aavaral los'la of huunrr.' cstila held over, beeo and Leiaba Ilere.iuia ta-dav. a ihmi haa.1 eoosignod inroush, 84 ran 1 fair to goud cUpped. e.t.lxi w 13.) 1 one load extra for egport, 94.73 1 Beat rrsde diepossdof. Hun-Kecelpte. 8,400 huad; oonaigiied tiiroiivh. 8i carl ; market orrn aud uucbanged, with light oflerinira : York wauchla, 884.26 ; good medium WmteH-town. J nnm I Raa . r.itl.p ..hi. 838; iiirht run cattle from all aourcea; rail not active. Wuotationa weak, ana no nssaxpeetsd ; Western rsltle twe flSMlffir on all ire Am 1 .1 f n vil I 'ji. ...m H0alo.7S: Oratqnellty, U.H.Hi aeaonddo, &Ot iuira ao, eo.iMaa.'O. awinir-rtaraipia, l.tfXHi Vtea ern fat, lire, -.Mhj 1.60 1 Northern dreessd kovs. IO.Voi10.sO. bbeepand, lMbe-IUesipu, .t7; viuatera laiuba in full auunlv; ana nna. i . . . sbaep la lote. 8.60e6-ao : esurs. ibevdO ec S-sO V a: apnug uuuoa, a &o8. . . Cask iJbrtv. A nan lirwiaRaMn. 1 non head: marxetacuvet price a ehade niauer tuan'laet week; prime. 7.60A7j6 1 good. 1.a7 3u: common. BA.frOed. Hen Rereinta ' t.VIMI aa, a..n. 6ruil 1-biladelpblaa. 8.40a8Hi xulUmoraa, 98.Ji.ilt .33 Yorkers, 7.7ikM.1o.i ntieep ibjcutpts. 3,4. HI bead, market dull : beat, 64.74evi.15: good. 4UiA 4mj; eoumon. 3.233.76. .... 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Overcomes weakness, wilce-j fulness, and lack of energy Keeps off all chills, fevers, and other malarial poison. Will infuse with new Lis the weakest invalid. jJ-WeTker Str. Kalri nil r or tig wean t neve I "w drbuwatad tbes I we, iwet est my i -aaliy, wwra hope bad a) wove bdt waa, ar b a, he a 3 eewwaj bmmjmmt a laest Bil lews aduniTii an txe tadwead est te gj- it a (risk. seartaksac tbe third karoo awd here not ark ae wwb la oak. TSSBB 4 I 4W 41 rws taiwwsa taxes. ..!.( Brown's Irox BrnxRs will have a better tonic effect upon any one who needs " bracing up," thia any medicine readc. - 'Anib.ij;nH HATH BATdS ATT. ktfm 9s Vssjrktsi Cl4t ll asT-agraa. li V-y rat WwltSM araaaa aa Bwa rem. parte, t I- mm I 1 M W 6n If , laM , 4 Wad m Warwaal a. ra. awivedw died seatavwawg tf tswetwia. awe p , as t taiawteixhsaaas. liiwua ft la. Krv ara. Wa. eat tt aa, al ee, w ai'. eat aa.n .... 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