The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois on June 28, 1882 · Page 7
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The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois · Page 7

Chicago, Illinois
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Wednesday, June 28, 1882
Page 7
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THE FARM. M&klmc CrwaMfT Batter Killing Burxl suTped Hiiak ul Potato Bap Coal Oil tor Army Worm Gapes le CkiofceaaS. slAtintft CREAXEItT BCTTXB. - I will give K. P. U Webster my way of 'making creamery batter, which brings the liia-heat Chioairo Mia We sh a Oooiy creamer that lata the water In at the top. and ram oat at the bottom, which I thins U tne beat war. We keep the milk at a tem-jwrature ol from 45 to 60 degrees It atands twelve hours We thea raise the temperature of the oream to 60 or 62, and let It yet cured or nightly avoid, atlrrtnf It often while curing, alVaya Keeping the cream covered. We charn at 62 degree In anmmer and 64 In winter; We ue a rectangular churn, and axe careful to atop churning whan the batter la fathered In particle the also ot a pin head. W e than run toe batter milk off through a trainer. - We then make weak brine and - ween the batter carefully, and than In clear water until It cease to bo milky. We then take it up and wlgh 1 (at thia stag of proceeding it ought to look like coarte meal), and than put It on a layer butter worker, and a all an ounce to the pound. Alter MUIVU lu J nviftliip tu tu, a m.t . ,a is aaa mmt mj In a covered tray tor twelve hour a. It la then reworked and packed In apruoe tuba that have been aoaked at leaat twenty lour hoora ineold brlme, which we make very strorjjj. YVe pack aa firm aa poaalblo within a half Inch of the top of the tab. - Ve cover the butter with butter-cloth that haa boon well aoaked fat brine, looking It In nicely around age of the tub with knit. We then pat on one-half lnoh of lino salt, taking paina to apread it evenly and amoothly all over the top, patting the eall aa aoon aa packed. A. X. JU, Columbus, Columbia County, Wia. I aeo In THt Ixtib Ociax ot June 1 that Mr. Webater, of Marys ville, Kansas, desires Information through the Farm and Bom Department on the creamery business It your cava la well ventilated, I aeo no reaaoa why you should not make batter that would eeu aa cnoioe creamery in tn vmoago- market if it ma not get too warm on the road, aa you are ao tu trom market. .1 think tuat would bo the main difficulty. - TJnleaa uukii as tresa buia iwni a wiu uui autoa: w blithest price. . Keep tne air of the cava aa cool aa possible or the milk will abaord the aim oat imperceptible odor analnff trom the floor ana walla of the cava. Cool the milk aa toon aa posalbia after drawing from the oow. Do not cover ao cloaely that the animal odor cannot esoepa. How long the milk ahould atand before skimming dependa on the temperature of the vimi In your tank and the tune ot the year. If the temperature ot the water la between 60 degreea and UO degree the oream will all na in twenty-four or thirty -aix hour. After tklininlng the oream ahould b kept at a temperature ot 70 degreea until it thicken and ia a little aour, ana then cooled to f degree or 60 degree In summer fend about 64 degree in cold weather, and then churned. Cream treated la thia way will churn oaaler and yield a larger amount ot butter. After th butter haa come draw OS th buttermilk, waah with cold water, work In an oanoe of good dairy alt to the pound of butter. Let . It a Land twenty-lour houra. than work It 1 again until free from brine. It ahould to worked with a pressing motion or th grain will b broken and th batter beoorse salvey; tneu paok it in a apruoe or an aah tub that ha been aoaked la aalt Water twantv-fonr hours i when th tue i toil eat a piece ot thin factory cloth to fit th top of the tub, dip it In salt water, squeeze out so It will not drift then spread It eaeniy oa th butter; fasten on th lid of th tub and aend it to market; than, if your cows hav good pasture, plenty of pur water, free access to salt, and are not drove on th Jump to and from tb pasture, and If th butter has been "kept clean in every tag of tta- manufacture, yon may look at the price quoted InlnLrrn Ucxax for caoioe creamery to find what your butter will bring la Chieago. xatee Yoeourg, Lowell, Lae County, Ind, ; , - -.. wanock Trei snaxxs urn bttoo, --In answer to th question ot your corro-poadeat,. How to kill burdock? I will say let htm take a sharp apade and dig them up, ear two or three Inuhee below th crown of tne root, and they are forever disposed ot Cutting oft the to pa is ot no us, aa th root la perennial and will live Indefinitely. This Is tne only way 1 hav ever found to destroy them, and la certainly th easiest and cheapest way to do it A man will dig up a large piece of ground In a day. ....... par th striped snake as they are th tariuor's friend, a they live principally. If net entirely on lnaeot (hat ere inturtous to farmers, and are absolutely harmless. live years ago I had a paten of potatoes that were literally covered with th Colorado beetle I noticed in th spring a large number of Striped snakes in th vicinity of th potatoes. I hey war a in all, lively snakes, but I noticed that they grew rapidly during the aammer, and by fall they war aa larva a my wrist." bat th bags were ail gone. I never kill a striped auake, and hav given orders to my man oa th farm, not to kill them. They ar not ornamental, but are very useful ia deatroying insect. How to tl a oow: Make a loop la th end of your rope, . and slip It over on horn. Then take whai th eallor oall a half hitch over th other horn. It Is secure, an d la doa In a few second, and will not draw Into a hard knot W. A, a, Frankfort lit . .. ? ' JatT WOBas ASH Wgf SEASONS. . The army worm is the larva of alight, red-dlah-browa or fawn-colored moth (Ltaeania tjafoemets). Th history ot thia Insect was Involved la mystery until quite reoently. Until 1S76 no on knew how and whar tn moth deposited her eggs, at which time Prof, ftiiey solved the problem, ' Th eggs are laid along the inner baa ot .the leave ot grass and grain.. Laying, oommenoee ia the fall, and alter vegetation starts in the bp ring, bat the bulk are laid along toward th latter part ot April, .The eggs are glistening white at first, but soon b tropin ot a dull yellowish hue. They batch la eight to twelve days wlit proper temperature. . Th traveling of the worms JProf eaaor Btley d eel area to be abnormal, aa diligent search the latter part of April andthrougu May will always discover them In grass laud that was not out Or grazed closely the previous autumn. - They love coot, motet plaeeej and ar most frequently found aiong th margin of water. When they hatch out in great numbers they aoon consume the food near them, and ar compelled by hunger to travel foe snbslstenoe; bat after they hav started they will often paaa through an entire field Without eating mush. They do most Injury - to wheat, oat, timothy, blue gvaaa,aaa some other cultivated grasses. All "army worm-yeara" are wet years, that have been preoeded by dry ones, and Professor BUey accounts for this by the fact that th natural abode of th. worm la in low ground or swampy place, and a dry season is favorable to it development, but a louowiug spring, alter in moths have atoned, those low lands ar . overflowed and the moths are compelled to lay their egga oa higher land. A number ot parasite destroy thia worm, and it haa many other enemies bealde. Tney are never numerous' ia a dry season, and never do any material Injury to the same locality two yeara la suo cession,- ' !--. la Ik 7 8 w visited a section of Central Ohio where they were numerous. Data received moat damage. Th worm subsets upon th Juices ana substance ot stem and leave, and in securing these the grain ia out ,oS and fails to. the ground. They worked, In all, about four, weeks la the aeotlon we visited, put did meet of th damage within ten aajre of their appearano. . ; . - .".-Various means ot preventing their ravages nave been resorted to. ' A very effectual one Is to dig a ditch around th field: or plow a deep furrow and clean It out, leaving tn aide next the field dug under a little. Every few rode along thia ditoh dig a' deeper hole, in which the worms will congregate and oan be killed") Another method was communicated to Prof eaaor 111 ay trom some Southern orrerponaent, recently. " .Let two men take held of the two ends of a long rope, stretch It fall length, and walk through the field so that the rope will sweep over the upper part Of the grain stalks. This dislodges all the worma,ani f ewwlll again attempt to ellmb the stalks. The correspondent assured Professor K that this method was effectual with him. It oan easily be tried. Burning over a field to winter or early spring will prevent them from hatching la that held. Ohiofarmtr. coal oa roa m ammr wottic Some writer, through the column ot an agricultural Journal, a few weeks since, ssys that London purple killed th full-grown beetle ot the ten-lin apesrman "whenever It touched them." Boshl Paris green, with nil its virulence, will not affect them externally, but taken internally it killa Barley alone by the hundred acre falls before the destructive advanc of the army worm Let u hsve th result of any sno-eessful efforts to check It, bat let us have actual facta, carefully noted. Will It travel auroes a path saturated with Coal oil? aome ye&xs sinoe, when the potato pest was spreading itself la- countless hordes, aa agent advertised "stuSto kill it," lie ran ueau astute granger, who, la addition to Tin: DAILY, INTEIOCEAN. WTIttCESDAY ilOHXIXO JUNE 23. 18S2.-TV7ELVE PAGEStWITO ilTUSICAL STJTrLrilEXr a military title, took to himself that of 'business arm" of our order, a title that now lies buried under the ruboish of unround financial viewa Business Arm looked Into the matter and aaw something. He said to tome of his brethren: "There la a heavy discount on quart bottle of this stuff. It all Join and take a quantity.'' So a oommitte was appointed, with a time and place named for experiment Business Arm and the agent, with his etuft. were on hand at a farm where th "bug was bad." A temporary leach was aet up. and a barrel of oose from stable manure obtained. Into forty gallons of the oose the agent poured one gal loo and a nail oi coat ou, ana sating is to tne neia added one bottle of his stuil, whtoh looked like the mucilage la us by stationer, Lrawlng trom th barrel In pull a, all went to work, whisking It over the plants that were thickly covered with "sings and bug" Une ot the committee picked up the empty bottle and imprisoned three or tour full-grown beetles tn the dregs at the bottom, and aet It aside quietly. About one-quarter Of an acre was doctored, and In tulrty minutes every beetle and slug that got a splash of th mixture was laid out with their back to th soil and feet to the sun; but the committeeman was aunrlsed to find the beetle in the bottle alive and ready for business. When the committee was called to report, thia member asked for further time. iJusineee Aria said: "Its a dead sure thing, but I will get a bottle or two for your own use from the agent, and call ia a rew days so we can nx up a big report." Water fourteen carts, coul oil one Dart. proouoed the same result, without oose or maciiage. so tne report waa new mad. It require continuous shaking while being applied, and will kill almost any Insect without injuring vegetation. - Is It not worth trying oa a narrow strip In advanoe of tne th army worm 7 J. JL in Cincinnati Com- tnereuu. . ; ruTTnta vr ilit a apes h chickens. Kan v instances of enontaneone combustion In the hay-mow hav occurred because the grass, . when - packed away, waa not auf-noiently cured, says the Mtubmndmn. The safe prsotlce la to Ut the crop lie as loosely aa it can be left until thoroughly wilted, then rake and put it up In cocks to remain one or two days, if the weather will permit In this way the curing la safely effected while the crop la in cock, and the risk of heating in the mow averted Clover, th most difficult of all summer forage crop to cure, ahould stand two or three days. A little ear la putting hay us will avert damage trom rains If they should occur. It Is just aa easy to pile up the oocks with flat forkfuls as to roll them up, and if ao piled, they shed ram ao wen was iney may a tana curing storm ot two ox three day a without material damage. - The main requirement ia that the work ahall be executed from th beginning to the end with auch oare aa to aave all th nutriment la the best condition. Gspes Is a disease cauaad by parasttio thread worm la th throat to which ail young animate ar subject. Lamb, calves. and fowls. Including wild fowls of the gallinaceous tribes, all s after from this disease, and many at from It. Th worm it known aa Btrongyiua maria. and apoears like a small pleo of whit . thread. They ar hatched trout gg dropped from th older animals us their dung and picked up by th young one upon grass or in th food when the ground is soiled. The egg hatched la the stomach produce the worm which crawl up the gullet and pass Into the wind pipe, causing much lnoonvenleno and Irri tation, and compelling the young creature to cough, wheeze, stretch their necks, and gape, They finally dl from suffocation or from weakness caused by the Irritation and the obstruction of the air passages. To prevent tb diseaae th chicks and other young - animal ahould be kept on fresh ground where no old ones have been kept. la cure it, turpentine should bo given in small dose until th system become satu rated ' with it and th lunga exhale . it . freely, when It will destroy too worms. If the chicks ar la danger ot suffocation they may be sometimes saved by Inserting the ena of a small soft feather, having tn van a tripped off except tn extremity, into tn tnroat, ana giving It a twist as it is withdrawn, when it will bring out some mucus with worms imbedded la it. This mucus i produced in th throat cy tn irritation ox th worms, ana interfere aerioualy with the breathing. It it can be removed It relievee the chicks and brings out th worm with ia But tt la better to avoid thia trouble by keeping the run for th chick on clean fresh ground, when the chicks will be entirety free from It The same precaution will prevent the Sam di-eaae la lam be and eal vee. Jturml tfm Xorktr, ' QUXSHOSS ABO AXSWKBA. To tt M., Xorxvllle, Hi, I would aay, to get rid ot burdock: With a sharp apade cut them off four or aix inches below th surf ao of the ground when in bloom. This will kill them every time. J. E. J., DeKalh. 111. Will some reader of the Farm be kind enough to giv me Information on peanut culture f What time shall I cover them up tn order to rata a crop? H 8 ta offer. Colfax. III. will the two gentlemen that tent early amber oru seed to Burlington Junction, Ma, plesse send their addressee to F. M. Newlon? Both addressee have been mislaid. P. K. Newlon. Burlington Junction. Mo. ' In answer to many inquiries that have been received at this office relative to silk culture, Tex IsTim Oczu would aay that fall printed instructions regarding the cultivation of the mulberry tree and th car of silk worm oan b obtained by addressing th Secretary of th Bilk Culture Aaaoola- lion, ruuaaetpnia, fa, VETERINARY. T Glanders Cicatrised Wounds A (JnesUoai la atosraM t tta Crt4ouan ot etaadees llovka la th Eye. Bwkxht. aw., Clermont, Iowa: Borne tour year ago treatment was given through the veterinary column of Tsa bm Ooiaa tor atrophy, ot sweeny. It worked like a charm, and my horse fully recovered. We hsve mimaia th paper, and must request you ao give ua so tue Vi your Taiuaol aa. lft ADOi HIOFL t Bkm.t. In undertaking the treatment of atropny ot tne muscles ot one or both shoulders, it mav be well to bear in mind that the wasting of the muscles Is a treqent result of disease located In the region of the foot, or feet as it may happen, and ia auoh oases local applications to the affected muscles will not be likely to do much good until th diseaae whloh has caused th lameness la completely eradicated Atrophy, consequent upon some direct lnlury to some of tne ligament or mnsoies oi tn Shoulder, may be 'Successfully treated by setomng blistering, and moderate counter-irritation. In case of atroph,y unaccompanied with lameness, moderate exercise and th rer- sistent use of a stimulating liniment will in time restore the wasted muscles. It how- aver should not be forgotten that the regeneration of muscular tissue is a very slow and tedious prooeea, and nothing bnt patience aad pereeveveno will accomplish it Th stimulating liniment may be made aa follows: Com p. tlnctux of soap, 10 oa. ; tt. cantha- tide. 3 os.: tt. capsicum.' 1 oa. Mix. - OLijrDziis J. Bl, Camp Douglas, Wis.: Bow long is it possible tor a horse affected with the "glanders" to keep In good condition nave a gooa appetite, feel wen, ana perform his usual work? Kiplt. There are supposed to be two different kinds of glandera, via, th saute and chroma stages of the disease. The former invariably proves fatal in a very short Urns. An animal affected with th latter form ot the disease may live for Tears in aooarent gooa neaita, s.eep in gooa oonaition, ana 0 able to perform his usual work, to all ap-pearancee as if nothing waa the matter with him, and yet be able of communicating th uiseasa to etoer uprses ana to men, - Cicatrized Wotrmx 3. p. a, Kewhamp- ton lowa, nas a 4-year-old tnare that got a eut a little above the knee with a hay-knife last winter. Th wound la healed up, but there la quite a scar and enlargement where the wound was. He wishes to knew What oan be done to remove the blemish. Bxrtx All wounds, especially lacerated wounds, are liable to leave more or less ot a cicatrix, or, in other words, a scar, after being healed. A blemish ot this description 1 to a certain extent unavoidable, but at at the same time ia often -much aggravated by th Imprudent application ot irritating agent during the healing process. It is not likely that medical treatment will do any good. ' However, if you are determined to try. you may use the oompound tincture of iodine, It may be painted over the enlargement every day until the skin becomes sore, when the application may be discontinued for a few days and reapplied as directed. Ia order to derive any benefit from this treatment it ahoula be oontlnued for an indefinite period. " . ..- . , . A Qukstiov Tt Beozks to thx Costaoious-ITess of Giakdxrs R. M. CBrookings.IL T.: When a horse afflicted with the glanders has been destroyed and left unburied, aay wiUua about tuixty soda of iU highway, ia the disease liable to be oommunleated to other animalsf Keplt. la no way exoept by tnnooulatloa of the Virus. Hooks a raa Etes. E. W. Q., Krtffes. Iowa: One ot my mares has been affected with weak eyes for some years, and I fear ah will become blind One ot mf neighbor thinks she haa th "hooks," and haa advised me to have them out out Plea give your opinion oa the subject Bxplk. We ar well aware that Una common praotlo to out th "hooks out of horses' eyes, tor. the purpose ot effecting a cure-1 a what la supposed to be a disease ot the eyes of horse. This vague theory is to be attributed to an Ignorance ot the structure of th eye and Its appendages, and is one of tne most par Dare us, inhuman, ana aosura ideas that evor entered Into the mind of man. You might as well deprive a fellow being of one ot hie hands as to cut the so-called hooka out ot a horse's y. Th loaa of a hand deprives man ot th us of a valu able member whloh he oannot very well afford to dispense with, and the loea sustained by the removal ot the hooka ia earn. fiaratively aa great a loaa to the dumb brute, nasmuoh as nature Intended the so-called hooks to be used for a similar purpose la th animal, vis., to take the ptaoe of hands, to be used as a protection to the eye In warding off blows, and in wiping out any foreign body trom tnis aeucate struoture. In order t give our readers some Idea of the Irreparable injury which la ao unneoea- aaniy lnmotea on the nocM horse bytn cruel . ana absurd operation ot cutting the hooka out of th eyes for th cure of aa Imaginary disease, we will give a brief de scription ox tne useim appenaage we reier to, which is technically known as the membrane nlctitana: The membrane nloUtana is a oartilagenoos body lodged between th eye-bail and aide of th orbit Thia substance is so arranged that at the will of th animal it can be glided over the eye, thus completely wiping out any foreign subetanoe that may becom insinuated between the 'lids. It is also Indispensable aa a means of proteettou to th eye, In warding off blows. Ia a healthy condition the anterior margin ot thia subs tan oe is only visible, but In a morbid or diseased state it la protruded more or lea over tn transparent part ot th ye, and men who ar not aoquaintea wita tnia I act imagine that It ia a foreign substance, and proceed to remove it by simply out ting It out, and in tnia way tn aumo Drat is rxequentiy deprived ot useful appendage intended by nature as a protection cor tn eyee oi maia that ha ao hands. THE BUSINESS WORLD. ... GHAUT. - Bpeelal Tetatiem to The tntsr Oessa. Nrw Toss, Jane 27. Whest MsTXst un settled and very muoh depressed; eaah and Jun delivery 2(33io0 lower ; later options V31o lower; speculative trading only moderately active; export and city milling demand very alow, closing about steady at a trifle over the Inside rates; sales 1,520,000 bo. Including 60,000 bu on spot CornMarket LjQlo lower, heavy, and leas active; speculative business only moderate; scarcely any export aad local trade demand: Bale L120.0O0 ba. includ ing 50,000 bu oa eoot ;. uate Market 4t(gio lower ana unseruea, with a fairly active speculative business reported: aalee 410,000 bo-Bye dull and weak and prloa nominal. Barley malt quiet and Una. Flour Market closed dull aad strongly tn buyers' favor; sales 11,000 brls. .. PBOvxsxozra. . Rf T0BX. Special Telegram Tee Inter Ooeea Ksw tons, June 27. Pork Market eloaed quiet and vry firm, prices showing no decided alteratlona. Lard Market oloaed dull aad depressed, with most ot th varly ad- vaao lost - WnTf.lTWTJUTA. PmLABKLMta, Pa., Jun 27. Provisions firm. Ksas pork, $21.80(322. Lard firmer; Iteera, $12.15. - :: . GxcrxxATx. Ohio. Juno 27. Pork easier at $22.25. Lard firm at f 11.75. Dry salt meat firm: boulder. $9.50: clear rib. $12.70. Baooa firm; shoulders, $10; clear rib, 913.75; clear, $i.2& -5t'- tXi t . '"" " .f v -i V ..... mew tons, . Nrw Toax, Jan 27. Th export ot do mestic cotton goods the past week. 2,927 packages, and since Jan. 1, a total ot 79,113 packages, against 80,427 package last year, and 68, 179 packages la 1880. Tha'd mand tor export qualities la well maintained and order are being placed tor September aad October delivery. Thrqat tor autumn fabric la maintained, but not so well aa yesterday, aa shipments ar attended with much difficulty. Tor all style and quali ties of cottons, also pnnta, thsre baa bean many selections, and ot such aa ar forwarded from other market there has been a large movement For woolen good ther has been an Improving Inquiry, with light hew business, while sale on order are delayed through interruption to Shipments. Thatonaol th market la very steady to firm. WALL V . trocxA vraanai. ! lamilaa Knt T.rtnaa In ths MKaau- I ASria. per cant lower than yesterdsy's oies- tng quotatlona, the latter on Ohio and Missis sippi. A general advanoe ot VSt ter cent soon took place. Hew Jersey Ceatrtd leadlag therein, after which tb market became weak and fell ofi Hl per cent, Th market then, although dull, became atrong, and In tb early afternoon advanced lacal1- per cent. This Improvement waa followed in the late trad by a decline ranging from I4 to ltj per cent, in nnai usaunra aome anares ra. covered a small traction, but the market In the main closed weak, with prtcee generally Ha o per cent oeiow tne closing tisure yesterday, the latter Northweetern. Boston Air Line preferred, however, is 21 per cent nignex, The Lake Shore Directors' statement shows the company earned less than 3 per cent during the first halt of the fiscal year. In the last hour a demonstration was made on the money market la the Stock Exchange, Th rat was 33tj per cent: 4 per cent wss then Did- man a per cent, tnea o, 7, 5, and finally 9 per oent (thia being ta way to regulate the rate of advancee under the new law, instead of from 0 per cent to 6 per cent. ilus 1-64, equivalent to Ilia per cent). Bo-ore the close the rate tell to 4 per oent Th movement waa artificial, ana to serve stock market purpose. MXNlif Q 8T0CK3. Acnvs. New Tobx, Jons 27. Mining ttooks active; Bobinsoa sold at 97 to 99; State Lines 2 and 3, 29 to 3l Oriental aad Miller declined trom S3 to 30; Kavaio advanced from a 70 to 4.05, and Chrysolite declined from &U5 to 3.50. Horn ellver sold 10.3a to ia Sales to-day, 194.34S ahar, . ,t v. - .. . a . -- ; BOSTOK. " - v Borrox, Jun 27. Wool remains -tm. sbanged, Dealers holding back sod sot disposed M pnrehaa. at tb high prioes asked. Ohio and Pennsylvania 4043o, Michigan and Wtaoonaia 2o40ot unwashed fleeces 1833a Combing delaine fleeces scarce, prices nominally 434ge; pulled 2d 48a ' . - - - - THE TABLES TURNED. Officer Grlddlebow, who, K is slleged, ta ii great masher, and a staading ornament to Washing-ton street boulevard, was it com plainant In a' case of disorderly conduct against a couple Of boys, who were caught playing ball In the park. " The ' evldeno developed th tact that th officer had been for some time making vain 'Attempts 10 mash, a Certain widow named Travers,. who . was unfortunate enough to live on Ills beat, - Th boy who war arrested It atpeaxa sr ere boarders at Mrs. Travers, and Oilddlebow 1 arrested them out of spite against the lady for repulsing his amorous advance. Jastice Lemars dismissed the case against th bov aa soon a h beard th eviaeaoe, and fault waa brought against the offioer. charaina- him i with malicious arrest It is more than likely, when the Park Commissioners bear of Grid- dlebow's bchavoux, that he will lose his but. i ton ... . . . . , , . ' , . SEWING SCHOOLS. " tat Girl Uevapoatag Taem, Lad a Few Bet's, . At Thonmrtily Taosrht . A meeting la th Interest ot th girls' tew ing or industrial schools of th city waa held la V Blbl-work room, at Farwell Hall yesterday forenoon. There are twenty-nine of thea schools throughout th city under special charge of the following eommlttee: Mrs. Edward P. Bio. Pint " Congregational Church, President; Mlsa . Skinner, Beoond Presbyterian Churoh; Mra a A, Keen, Related Street Mission; Mrs. H. J. Wlllard, Cen tral Church, and Mis E. Dryea, Superintendent ot Bible Work- The ebect 1 to teach young girl to aew aad do light housework, at the same Urn giving thm aom religious instruction. In - aom 1 of th schools classes ot boy hate been formed, and they - - ar - . taught patch-work, sneolally that part whloh Is applicable to th repair ot their own garment. Tb meeting was presided ver by Mrs. Bio, who read th second enapter ot Mark, and mad remarks oa th earns, showing the Obligations of taps oond noting th schools tocultivat wot m boot owlt, v but the soul aa well - Tb ladle sung, "Keeoue the Perishing, and Mr. P. A. KobTe Offered prayer. Beoort were thea read from the superintendents of th echooia, Mia Knyart. of th school of Urao M. Church, reported 51 In attendance laat tiat- uruay. . suae xsuia maas a report for th school ot th Fourth Presbytertaa Church. Mia Lynn, ot the Chicago Avenue Church School, reported aa attsndaao of 970, with b"7 teachers. Thia to th largest Industrial school in the olty. Mis Squire reported that the Central Church Mission had an attendance of 110, with IS teachers. They had two olsase ot boys aad employed them at patch-work. MiasMerri-man reported for the West Mlnstor Church School aa attendance of 54, with 9 teachers. They had made UOO 'blocks" of pa ton-work ana tureen garments, sua iburea, I tn Wabaah Avenue Church School, reported SO pupil aad 10 teacher, klnderraxtea exercises had been adopted for th smaller eobolars. They also nsd a das ot boy. Th aohoul 1 closed tor th summer. Mis T. 0. Jones reported for the Bail road Chapel School attendance ot 11 1 with IS teachers. Th school was eiosed In January on account ot small-pox. Mia Wallao reported la atteadanoe at the school of Christ's Beforsned EpMOopal Church 175, with f oar-teen teacher Mrs. WatherelL ot fc. Pam'a Bef armed Church, reported fifty-eight pupil and twelve teacher la her achooi. Xhey Lad two classes of btye. On ilttl , . box mad ax arson for hi mother for a Christmas pressat Mrs. Leavenworth, of th Cottage Orov Avoaua W. U T. U. School, reported thirty-tare scholars and seven teachers. . They proposed to uo someining lor toe ooy in the tali. Mia B pence, for th Union Park Church School, reported an attendance ot 100 pupils and aeven teachers, Mrs. WUlard reported, at another mission ot the Central Church, at ail school, lndodinc three oi asses ot hove and seventeen teaoher. Mraa. P. Brans h reported that there were la her acsooi aiaety-eagbt pupils and twelve teachers. Hhe Introduced temperance talks in their instruction. - -Mis Skinner made remarks, saying' ear ahould be exercised In taxing too many scholars Into tb schoola, with loeuffloieat teachers, They should have few rule. - but requir them etriotly obeyed. Mm Aryer cajied attention to th f aot that th ataad-ard of work had been raised. Th Lord required work to be done faithfully and welL Children should be Impressed with th idea or tn importance of work, ana of aomg for themselves. The meeting closed about noon, with singing and prayer by. Mrs, . P. greod- wtn, , ... , PIGMENT AND PENCIL. OrawtBAT as ratetlacs aaa Taasr CMaaaX Citatais. A. J. Bupert has removed hit studio to th Lakeside Building. Miss Annl C rlhawt'-Blctnra, 'Tiahlnr-boat at Maachastex,'1 was sold last week by Thurbec. X. IL Houfh has return! to th city after a pleasant and pre&tablo t-M"fr"vf tear through the State. .. , . F. a Bromley, an artist well known ta this city, who has been in Pans tot . several years past, is visiting- hare William Engle'e copy ot Maaeonler's celebrated picture of Napoleon L, which was exhibited in CBrlen'a gallery not long slnoa, bas been sold tor $ttu0. The Photo-Mechaaical Printing Company bay excellent copies on sale. Th painting derives additional Interest from the taot that ths original, tor whloh Mr. Bosun rsve ths artist $1,000, haa reoently been sold In London for over $30,000. rV. H. Billiard some years ago painted pictures in Chicago, whloh th public (ailed to appreciate, lie went to Pane, and sooa his pictures found aa n trance to th Salon Exhibition, and alnc thea hi career ha beaa taore euooaaafai. At O'Brlen'a axe exhibited aome twsaty picture of Mr. Bill-lard'A Most ot them- ar landsoap, la which branch h . excels. Bom . of the picture ar very good, and others ordinary, tie ta a good eolortsa, and haa tt broad, sketcny styis that la very effective, - 1 v Th Bohemian Club ' and Art Leagu last Saturday apent a pleasant day In Highland Park at the invitation of Mr. and Mrs Frank Blake, The party constated of th toilowlnr member ot th Bohemian dab, which la Composed of ladles only, and of th Art League, whloh admits only masculines to Its ranks: Miss Marie Aoupai, Miss Ida Burree. Miss Ada Bnlvely, Miss Helen Korthup, Mia Ida Strong, Miss Lixxle 8weetter, Mlse Porter. Miss Tripp, Miss Ida Haskell, Miss Cr Co on ell. Miss Wesver Jones, Miss Lnndh, Miss Piatt, Miss Paulina Doha, Mr. Vaadarpoel, Mr. fcterner, Mr. Voas, Mr. Tauohex, and Mr. Hough. Ther tt on exhibition st O'Brien's Gallery an oil painting by Q. Bageio, 24x45 Inches, "The Marble Carrier ot Carrara Th niot ur shows a wagon with an under hackring load. In the shape of a hug block of marble, coming down a declivity of a mouuttua road. The wacon la drawn by four buffalo bulla, aad at ths rear are two acting as hold-backs, for overcoming the speed of descent, Th great Bhajrgy-headed, ridge-horned beasts are realistically depicted as they resist the pressure ot the descending load. Another feature that adda most effectively to the picture ts the figure ot the hai. uroeeed driver aa be hauls aad tugs at the bead of his team leaden It is a splendid ngur in action. . iai aurrounding tand-soaoe Is good, aad the sky Is plessirurly handled. The picture la the property of Mrs. John Black, of Dearborn avenue. Mr. George & Colby, ot this city. Is thus commented upon by the Kansas City Tuna: What Byron was to polities! literature of his sge George . Colby bids fair te become to the art of the preeent day. - A pupil of the dissolute aad erratic Elklne at a time when be waa at the summit of bis glory, Colby, who waa then a youth of but 13 years oi sge, strange to say, studied art trom a dlt-erent point ot observation. . Llkint wss then addicted to painting aensational canvases, made popular by Lierttadt'a "loaemite Valley" and other works of a similar nature. But the sensational era of landaosne art haa about passed, it ia because Oeorg e I- Coluy strives to, and does, paint nature ust as bis skilled eye sees It tuat be Is a great arUst, 5a excuses for him ar necessary on account ot his youthfulness, lor bis art bears the stamp of maturity." j Mr. Wakemaa contributes th to 'owing weU-deaerved notioe of Mia Mart Koupal to tb Louis rill VoMrTJrurmi : "Hhe waa not drilled Into becoming aa artist, she waa oorn eo. Only a girl yet, tor she is aot yet 20, Marie koupal ha don wora which antlUe her to the reputation of possessing great genius. Bora la -Bohemia In lBbX an oame with bar people to Chicago in lbttv. Sh got aloor famously la her work ta New York with Mrs boott and ha com back here, with aothlng ta the world but her art, to work among her old friends. It is slow and tedious, ia one way, becauae her genius Is not yet known, and the money oomee ta gradually. Bat as sure a Inspired art brings fame. Inside of five year plain- pleasant, cheery Marie Koupal will be knows irom one ena of the continent to snotber. l have in my possession a half-hundred sketohee by Man Koupal, I am not aa artist, bat I know wben any art work make me think. This is what Marie Koopal's work aoee to every beholder. This young Bohemian girl, was Is steading her so sturdily an aion. will surely put apoa oaavas whloh. will last after we are ail gen a" FROM CUT HALL. CoBOTaoixxa Oosxaw. yeeterdsy assigned Messrs. HltcSeoek aad Asderees, f hie depart-panmeae, to the work of examining th Asses- sera- uu. ' Tn Comptroller yesterday delivered 9258,000 worth of the !. water boada to the tiret National Bank, la reaaaladec of the Dank a parchaa will be delivered to-saorrew. Aoaxx th health officials ar hopeful that esaail-pex wltl be stamp eat la ta ettr ta lew oava. There were aa Seataa from tae a le es reported yesterday, aad eauy a aew ease. at , 423 lArcatoe sues. Bna were opened yeeterdsy for laying a pipe sewer la Butler street, tmm TweBty-alath to Thlrty-firet - streets. The eo tract was awarded te JoSa Lveaa, the leweet btadec. at i seat sec foot for l&-lao aipe, aad SA.1U toe AS-lack pip. Thx tenement lrrpeotors suggest that tamillse should sew bora the kitcnea refua In atead ot tbrewiag It late tb alleys as ta oae la wtatec. The laaoeetors claim that the elty has set ewout a eoaveaaere te sw aroaad sad satSer Up all the refuse. The inapeetuie etate that waea this stag la allowed te lay ta aa a. icy tor a few day tt aeoomsssss aad saasas alckseai ' Oottsacts wer awarded yesterday for Improvise the folio wise aasaed streets: Te Jams , Melleaa. trading aad paring Moare Street from Canal to iietsted eUeeUl Jegsreea stfeeS treat Madtsos to Vaa Burea tru: Fark a Tease (rasa Aaklaad aeeaae t IjaarUS esrert Sea as see street frees Mearo otrt te Mil waukee veat urbiae. alllag, as pavia West Taylor street treat Caaal atreette til a hlaad truss, Twestv-foarta aureet front state aireet te hoots Park avenae. aad Caleanea aveaa trom Tweaty-aird te Tweaty-alath streets. A I J) ia ar as OaoxsoAa was very aaxioaa to See aa ardse ta te Coaaett Meads y alchb Sireetta to Costptroller te parsaaae a tot ta toe viotalty at tee Caieeco Aveaae felloe IMa-ttoa. oa whloh te build a Are telecrapa bar. Aldermaa Bialr proauaed If ta order was wlta-Sraws taat the lot would be purchased Inside f sixty Sara Tb feet we Sevelope la abe die-eueotoa taat aa aparvprtattoa aad awea aaade tor ta aareheee. aad Aldersaaa ekeoaesaa'e eider was ssodined late a reeuest te tea Cosapbroller t explata. wtthia thirty Ssys, way the aareaase was aet anaaa Coeaalroliar Oar-ay eatd yaeterday te a reoorter foe Tax Iarxa Ocxax that th reason why he had aet aireadv purchased the lot waa that tu swam demand 25 per osat more tor It than ft at worth. CAUEO TO A CHJUB. A called meettnf ot th Board of Directors of th PrMbytetiaa Thaoloftoal IWtuinary of Chicago was bald In Boom 48, MoOonulck Block, yeeterdsy, to tak action reg-ardlnx the nllUg of th Chair ot Ksw Tostamsat literature and Exegesis to whloh Dr. Marquis, ot St, Louis, was called sotus tun ago, bat deollasd because th rresbrtery of Bt, Louis refnsed to sever his pastoral relation thr. At tb meeting were the Be. Dr. W. a Ctvrtts, of Bockford; the Bev. A. Q. Wilson, ot Elgla; the Bev. Dr. 3. T. MagUJ, ot Lewiatowa; that Bev. W. H. Preetly, ot Decatur; the Bev. Dr. Bershey. of Jacksonville: the Bev. Dr. Tlooola. ot lib Louis; the Kev. J. Milligan, of Princeton; th Bev. 3. M. Ferris, of Anna: the Bev. A. J. Berrer. ot Petersburg: the Bev. Dr. Oregory, ot Lak Forest; Colonel B. B. Mason, the Hon. H. O. Miller, Dr. C O. VTatexa, Judg & M. Moor, and Kr.CE Milliken, ot Uuioago; ana Mr. John Coolia. ot Free do rt Th morning saaaloa was oocopied la dls-cuasing what ahould be done respecting Ine vacancy la the Chair ot New Testament Lit erature aad EXegeela, aad It was referred to a special committee consisting of Mr. C. 8. McCorrniok, Dr. bershey, and the Bev. W. H. Preetly. with tnatnautlone to report In th afternoon. Whea the directors came together at iusu tae speoiai oo am it tae reported In tsvor ot asking ths Bsv. Dr. Humphrey. of laouuviu, Ay to occupy th chair for th aext year aad deliver lectures la the tt tt P.yn ba. Just oomplatad a portrait pfZZTL? Mr bvTtrTdwlanTnn. Cyreniu Hall baa rooentlv finished a strik ing portrait ot Mr. Baker, of the Jowt-kmI 0 ixmmertm. ue tuso aaa s number of portrait orders la a state ot sera t-oorn pie tlon. . "Old Broadway,' by Oeorg lanes, on of ths marked pictures of last year ExpoaiUoa, has reoently been prresente-d try Mr. G. L nancy to th Long island Hlstorlsal Society. Paul Brown's new niotara "The TaIIb of Black Blver, West Virginia," Is a good denotation of madly roahing, loam-laahed water. Be also aJsplsys a pretty series ot little picture executed with th palette kalf . after th faahioa hrous-ht Into aaoh 5lW Iokx, June 27. Shars ' speculation I popularity by th bodete dee paateliexs ot Tn receipts 07.sU AIM. Tat Pension Ofiloo ll.S69.e, to The meeting auoptea tno nrst pars 01 to report ana referred It to the saxeeTAtiv Committee to open eorrespondenoe with Dr. Humphrey, and U be ahould accept, to Hx th eompenaailon. After making aom arrangements about paying arrearage ot ealariee to all profee-Boca aad eompaasatlBg Dc Bkmner for extra work la lecturing tut church history, ths board adjourned. THS GOVERNMENT BUlLOlMfi. ot oustoms amounted to yssUrdaj disbursed - Tn 8uo-Teury paid out $10,000 ta gat, aaa (eeetved $19,000 la silver. Mxstx. Wkxarxa, Clark, aad Platro, of tb Korth Kid eoBBterfelUns clao, war yesterday eenteaeed by Jades BiodtreU te tares yeara' ias-prison maot la the Pealteattary. Ta t-ntta I Oodell waa wlthhsid. Tn reeelot ot ths In tarsal Beveau D. rartmeat yesterday wsre a feilewa: Spinta, 4kS.10l alsara, I.IMLMs tebaoaa, beer. ta.4a: special. S160 aij fiats, gsaAao, saaklac s total at ii.64.aft. ' It I tropr to state for the benefit of tb trabtt teat tae tape af pastel Boars are not ast plaose for taa deposit oC sbaia, CaeaplaAata ar ertea reeeivea at tae reatoroa taat papers aad parcels disappear twfore the earner cane, aad aaata are attea ails id when taey do eotaa. T fee mall aervsoe ts sot reapoaslble for taakacse left oa boxes, aad th earrler are iBatracted to rlra their particular atteatio te letttr aaaHs, a that paxoais are otvea tail tar ta taa trip, ' ' COUNH 60$S1F. ' ' . 1 - Tn most frequent vtsitotr to Starn tn tb Coaaty JaU ia the alater ef pas at artist ad wua Tn Sheriff yesterday levied on the grocery star f Wallaar P. Bash aa t. a Porbes. aa West Madiaoa street, sear Rabey. ta SaUafv a debt tL7ir te W. X. Aiii last, . Tn County Oommitte oa Boads and Bnores will s te JeBeraea t-Bterrw to make tee aaai aeoiaaaa sa to waasa at the three raotae shall be salected foe a railroad to th Cseaty si CoaratrtarrooncB 6attn and Albright west to Parts an rid yaatarday BBoralatv aad all tee ter Bspabaloaa meabera o toe Coenty Bnard followed laat atsnt, Commiasioaer Mateoekawill hold the fort at ths oomm lite-rooms to-day. Tn quartarly report of Wardtm Dlxom shew taat aader his ad ovists trattoa af tae Coeaty Uospltal the ezpauee s reaalns the tn-siitntto haa been rednaed treea a asate ta 07 Bents Bar OtsBt for eaoe pattrnt, or that at the Bra sin I rate he will aave t-.O.OOO this year. This Shewlns te very eredllable eoaaidertos that bv-tec arovtstous are s set tit. aad there has ess aa In otitis la te patient aad rtlnatt. - , MaRRlEtt in COURT. at BwodS named Axel Ammendson was bo-tore Jmtlce Talsb yeatetday tnornlnx charged by Caroline Johnson with being th father Of ber unborn child. Th com plainant, a too looking Ewede girl, tainted while giving bar vldenoa, aad th sight so moved th defesdant tbst hs pleaded gnilty tovryuutvg as enargea, ana ee tea Caroline to marry him. As Caroline was assisted into the J ns Uoe'e private room In aa almost Insensible condition, she failed te respond to Axal'e appeal Immediately, but after eon-tuaenng for a few momenta ehe finally contested, aad the prisoner waa dispatched la company with a poAioamaa to ottaia a license. A sciEXTtnc cbsmical oompound that gives I healta and strensah la Irreva's 1-va Bittersa RAILWAY Tlin: TABLE. rnlraca, ftlllwsatuw aad St real Railway. I rH rnm. Orssd Csloe Drpot. M11ms. Csasl aa Aims, ii . it i saa i ,rt tnt, I i&a I nuua SM SI IwuL M.llliM. ' SS-t rt THIS 1ST Si rrsniililliSI ess be e cera at )tbf aae. lmwmi 1 - 4. tmm -ino a Bi'MnwsekesS KarieeKsO l f ) at ni'Mia i ;.. a unM kipreas..! ml 11 v m pin .vii.nMiHi Liir.i . ...i n m W'B U iltn k t h . Uvtas.. 1 1 1 .iw a at uiwn.m Inns I f. UJDtBiM, rxi u4 kf:spa xrpri mm. ii wrwJ 1'urtaM. tuararm Liu .t - - - - .... ' - rupKM. ti astartuwa. l tis siuMa. srutsni vitossB "uimu t-tt rmm j t S au uAas a c SMl a. a .u . . v. liwiie sxiaot r.i tue as VMn-stn LMMm.m W . . . i. . tl 1 :jw s at Hrsin csuae i'i a alt) mjrrmirto a a assa MliMialliwm Iwdi Kip MOjNia.luTi,w Twm. via SZckA i wra mum h. i ii I aiiTiutauii stutats... 11 0 taOnHnnoe rii w .mm ami a m UeatbeBkovoe I i in mmt cMsa om aa Mmd I t ell JO a b'Hiuumu eo-l Ala ktJ I fnmm, via a, thai i I M:aa nut.. ... cOsMpts'iluUsta s.trM. via taJ l .via ye. Oi aumaa, ImM J Lmtb. I P-"s.. ... irxsa I Altarrt Ul ...... til S a Ba!rViv-T lam. hmara Rj I barua. aaJ til taaa Xj ' ctsOOpatOrsaa Bar. Waneeea. Ms I rotnt. and At riL. 11 iSO a as EAiarl LmMw. lm-m H.r. Ap-I t tutB, sse .i sate mi KiMf B Lj bartr Tl : tm Amon mmtlmlkJjm . . M JUS S at-iUf-k luab4 kvram. a JaB- Si:! "" l iutl aa a rmmm'MTX. ...... tl KM a at kuck UiavuS kiteeaa, via M.O0 9 tn!fixt tiaiama. Timt&Aiaziau t see lljBtea ,. Html at vui t-inisa. tis aorsfvrs. 9M0 sb avoatU j. aaeai I laikAlDraai CSlOOSBI betxiae, Mairmr. gawc i liv. A4tBa, M t u-aall. i nsss b-riia. sn4 Miaaoen iutei 10JSaat.r.s a. UbMta, aad Cedarl KaptOB I I :l i 10-00 S ta Rortlortl ttpraas. . MwesB tiiitl fee. lore Mlllta bnt rl taat tn 4) 9 ss.Wia axiaalar t iiraa,. MiM S ai.auaib Ul mmi ata t e DsOy. t Dauv esraret raiadsTS. ardara, Um aaosyt MoVaa. CTtlfsara. ateeti latea aaaf eoraar sa Bafae aaat saatiaaa yiuruoa at PBeBBiaS faarls riiiBsel .1 t . . 'mmm, .1 a. .. - tf . 1 .... tuioSttAiaaa if. lAB-rlaw-sJ uj Atrttk mm 9mm a 1 . - - - 11 SO t, stKMisatapaiat aa AH. l-aJ I Seat Sipr a...... tS "SO B BV Iaa-w aWwatiaMlatioa.. tn II B B CoubcU S.u&a Nlsul ktai atilSavialiriBaru saw Sc Vaaii t .Hrni avip Bie-SesstlaaakaaB '.IT. LaaTae wartkj I Bb awaafia KasBI AI BUB 8 B- ftttt loaad SawoaiaBUd. te-esa mmnm H,mmi Airiai fit It B at!S.aa laiaa4 A-.'aat It B tain, a lalaa Aa ttKiO a aa Id, mmt ' Aa JJ 30 p an Ala 4 AcxaaaiaiiMlatftoa. I -1 P SB hiii lat.s A at oat at. f 7 a at--oata Chirseo areoaBrsHai'a. a. Tt .W p SB tmtm llst Aarora I til aa tiuaeafs irrp.t :4i B SB M a mts tatawa Xxoraat. a mi) 9 ba f racoon a InBaaa 1 ?lMf s BS ! VOTMTI UIOTt BUD. !ubsb lAiiwt aasdir rtaaii a 2m 9 sb la Mv Sat. T aaa air mLmx . r : A al. r r acvt sustiT: caiaa, eTtWam Mjtwpts eTiWam I Walia take Share aim tVariraa Soattii a. tsa iMraa. Ta rr iiraat an W "Aiiusr il Ami to steal Ulsaa lillBsa halia ruAtat ffi ta-?t st SBudAt.'aa.J tl'.tJSBt BtaxlBtaoe-J 7 Ai BS raanattua .1 1 1 - 9 aa t-l-AAS SB t:WI SB .. a aa UU-Kisst . , 1 1 " , a aa a.. I teeBsa ai 1 au as 1 Dsllr. I Dallv tr4 saiadara. St Partr Sal BT-fars. t Daily trart MoaiAT- a 7 baradara sad Sate are ou. aaailsra sail .arm tanas ts Bsaa CHratraa Barrtartoa aaa Qateay. bb tAATt (araaa note u ,u teas. asai SD4 t . oaI arp alt Ddtf -WaUBaattArt obit. DsImkids. ABlboy, HocX rslla. AOS BlBri.sS BBBI1 aaa arm. trwaa vaaaiat ABBHa m vavet, SBt-aar atat seat ttrauta at. cm vi t.isrs Btraat aa tffisf'r paaa aataaWSts, LaAta. , : a sat Hbt r.niiias.... 9 m- Naa., aaj FlaridA "AAAllr es BSAVaAX. lAaaif. Waaaara. Rt. Xaats Aiotaa. saat fsiasv stats, tBaarla tUOAtratrri l-aan nAlat Bt IB BasVael rets ra. art 1M L Satraa aann aratias ea USaat. tattilSil aa ASssbbbbs. Lbbis. I Arnrt lut m Pnaasi'ifl riaiie U l u.a 2i a Bit lowaiTsimrrhB nsmf ...... B Al t at a art u-i sa (. ta. at'r. tu a rv't tt j,, . ai lo it a aa i p oan a a BTs VP It l"taa lwaiea sa tatat. tvora ra.a, la 1 1 mm Sa tiia 10 M t aa toraaAa Axpraa. m xcal pm 1 1 "B s sti Itttii rs ir Ttl'BBatiri r S :A a aa IJi Bat Aieesokm aaa ranA Aipraaa.. a 1 tits t3U bbb lx.a Atraiaea toats ara.. u la IS 9 mm aaaaea tatr a vmrntm am all, k 1 :jM a aaA LKBaar aaaruTa raaaaa IHaaaBATar lmia SSbsb laita 7 I at ....Ali us at tt B BBA'ax. 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