The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky on September 5, 1878 · Page 1
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky · Page 1

Louisville, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 5, 1878
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Office. Fonrth Itmm and Green Street Tana li little abaUmtar of th plague, though. MTtral of oar special eootmia a ffraia of encouragement for the hopeful. A gloomy report come from Brownsville. Tenn,, and there are only ISO persons left at Oreswda. xfisa. Tb. call from Holly Spring should r- ettra fanmediaia atuntton. Her people vera lb On to go to the aid of Grenada. and the truly gcDciotn1 course which ah ba panued hat been knowa and epplaurled thmubroat the country. Stubs spent Um and money freely la succoring the distres- ad. Mr. Hoiaabd. the Chairman of the Belief Committee, ha been a Tcry hero. and at deeemnf of unstinted Trains. Hickman, la our ova Bute. M in need of tea nuraea. Fit new caae and fire deaths are reported there. - MoiltfOTt does Hire proud. Twiiti Texas cHiea bare quarantined egainst Bt. Loul. Oaio couldnt "go Wei." Can Ten- go Eaotf Text good Mr. Birow alwaja aprinkles a little vinegar on km oysters. Tn trade dollar i doing Tcry well In Boston. The brokers ask Vi cent for It Tn Madiaoa Courier is a Bice lit'le paper, and it is published by M. C Qabblb Co. - ' How. Jortir R Ooooth was nominated for Governor by the Democracy of Kansas yesteruay. - It la aakl thai the Prraidential train left Chicago for Sc. Paul "without oaten ta Moo." Is thie "speeding the parting gneatt" . . Tbb Brooklyn Eale alao baa an edito rial on the oTster. The Cocbicb-Jochw aL is not the only wetted newspaper la the world. . . A comxc a ecatiow from Dr. BooitAjr, af the State Board of Health, treating of the great epidemic, will be found on the tittrti page. Tea, he probably counts on Ita booming itself out before It can do any harm. Tarn Saw York Tribune's pobtleal notes betray the skilled touch and cloa accuracy of a KsAJutsT. If Dun were not know n to be abroad as an orator, ha would be looked for la the Tribune. Tn loog-talkcd-of "reunion of the Federal and Confederate soldiers" of Louisville wIB take place at Central Park to-dar. Got." HcCauiT eaa not be peasant, but Gen. fmsu la announced So Tn Boston Traveller. Joining the Cltt- eJaaatl press, kindly volunteers the follow log valuable Information: - TIM awraJ rawAeasat aw ten Satrtir woaw, swan ana It Uan. Bc-nxa as any ouaradtoaat aiai aca ore tn (be a al sis an t sgsln an caarg of i . , ,n..,w i aiu. uwia vujir berlaad and EJmoadaoa count tea abowed that each of them instructed for Cald well for Couirre- in the Third district. The Cumbcruud Iemacracy alao res- ci- Attended lion. T. T. ALgx-fcu-Jt for Uor- mor. - ' PUAC9S Ricsabd bMTaj, of the Cincinnati Guzctte, may bg a very good man In so uie reapecti, but what kind of moral ity is this, which appear in his paper of yesterday: finu aaa rarer. a.a from irtrr m feda Sia ataoUun. Wa aave ao -DAwA-st tv Kentucky oeooiug axaaar Clnekiaaa. Tm ln will lak ears V Atoll. Bat as want aa fcaai-cauvo srvuad ke pua ea etMUua daj." Ma. Ebakset pictures Cbbjst and the apovtlea a tramp, but dues not imitate them in hie style of preaching. Says the Orator of the sand lots: t can't cxm wl bout a re.'wrrrw la lbs aaoawsad sr-irua. ksis-tmiri alstond-evcrf Atea-siis mat Burst m Male at tallfroue. I UU won now trail tarn to mot Icam at mar e-fowag, mm will tok t tit Oold a true- &m rYuiwiar teU Outr fMrwg caraamtt and all IA anncaa wA tAs UUtom lAat brought ttem la UUt etfaatry.' f-r wrwrn i n 1 1. . Lt.J. A 1 1 food, tlte pulpit Uiould hare a little charity for - the preM. The preacher haa but two ienut ns to prepare la a week, white . ilia Jouruaiiat baa to give advice about CTerything every day. and the presaure is sometimes very great. The pulpit and the press should be brothers. The oyster ia a "wondrous work of Saiure, and la gucd for both. Uibam Kmrroa may yet go bock to South Carolina to amnrer for his Crimea There are other Bute than Maaaachu-KtU and other Governor than Governor ica. siuiAcanUy remarks the Charleetoa Ksws nnd Courier." The world would be tn a melancholy condition, indeed, if there were not. The best educated State In the Union shielding from Justice the eilrat criminals is a fiue spectacle for a growing country. Ir the country haa euppoeed Hselt rid ft fx Go Tern or J. Madisosi Wbxl. it has been much behind the times. J. VIaui-toa la a "kcrneglalo," and is not to be aappreaaed. Ilia parents named him after a President of the United But lea. and ha doesn't mean to keep still. Us announces himself an independent candidate fur Congress in the Fourth district of Louisiana, a the same time "forbearing none of hie pretensions aa a Republican." Are wa vassals? or are we peers t !). Obaxt's brother Obvilwss placed ia aa insane asylum yesterday. Foe some tune back hi conduct has .been eccenlrie Hi condition seems at first to have become known to the public through Ihe report of ridiculous interview with him concern-Bsc the ex-President's chance for re-elee- Mon. The poor fellow's mania appears to - be pecuniary. He dream of vast fortune to be mad by great Investment, and he waa recently seeking to buy np all the calf skins in Boston, to monopolise the trade. . Tn astute fran dues ate reeking to for-tall the original SaiBaUa letter by declaring In advance that it I fictitious. A telegram in the New York Tribune save: Kt BkaSOsn. BcTLSaaea I sad floss est ssjists bi m sstttsess of it r ana lbs sestets at la ntttee kave a BAlUt, TEX At. ratal Disngreemenl Ameag Railroad - alen. - a.LTBSroa, Bept, 4. A soedal dlrnateh to the Nawa from Lalaa aay. tliat Ira Bants aad J. W. Caldar. ihe fonwar recalear af tba Uallas aad Wichita railroad, tba lattee Ma Biaaacei were eaet ea the etreet la-4ay by Mcaars. Paluter, Obeeeuata aad Roust, s-dlraetors of thai road. Bom word paased betwera Rarrls sad ltosasr, when Harris strue. Resasr with his Bet. aad wa knocked dowa by that parson WMhacaa. Bossrr thaa drew s pistol aad begaa sboot-hiB at Caldar, wba waa ataadiae a Hula aloof. Obaaehaln aad Reiae alao draw waepoee aad eptned are en Caldar, cat laH mortally Wounded. Ill laataet was to draw hi pistol tad lr fnaffsctBally at his Mssiisnts. 1 ks three sx-Dtrselors surreaJered tbemseltee la Vherlll Harris unhurt. The cause waa railroad earn- Grand Lnetan W tinwdl Templars. Misnwi, Wi., eepL 4. The tirand todg af tlood Templars to-day alerted Ihe let ertteera: liised Worthy Chief Templar, KhU AUsn, Jr.; Uraad Worthy Vies Templar, Mia. M. A. Wlnv: tirand Worth Baerctary aad Traarr, B. F. Barker; tiraad Coaaal-lor, Thao. D. Aaacewa; eapi1ntaodeal Java-nil Tamplata, MIh ctra(IM, of Lascaater. A iwaiuoon waa ad.pwd prwrilrina the triple-oath for Juvenile Templara. th Iwo ndUlllnnal pledgee being snlnat prcftnlty nnd jhaceo. A grssd trmparaace meeting In a ng held thle svanlng la the sasemb Diy nawoer. , Pedestriaaism. Parvttii, ep. 4. llanlel O'Lesry bs-rna thl vaing to walk mile, la mnir-t hour. 1 o Majruc Usa won! "go." Arrlrni Iatmatraaeral Key nt . - Son l-'ruueierw. S.a Fbabcisi-o, Bept. 4. Poetmsster Gra-arai Key aad party arrived this svemag. ' Castob, Mb.. Bept. 4 Th RcpebUess of tb lrt Oon(taMaal alMrtct anaiiaand aaaaal A. Uraaam. HiqnnoaD, fapt. 4. J. Rtadolph Taekarts Biaesea oy utwsmituin or ras otxta lanui new BeTraa Oossm wawa msy wtB seoewes seen arww sas somasntaa ssasaaMsss la 0s eae sonoaam Is ssraansa. twOf Suuiutm. eeaaasl kw aiasna SaaaaAS, in BtSwsssUoa tnm senrast whk ns mneMsrs wenhf nt ssnstoarsuea Is ssaat Otal a srOUoas earn. Ms nst ksan svasarsd. snd wtt) ba sssm sa w M inwamm by a Bvntar ssnw a t L Waaasa, wi nwaa a staa rnals Unau THE BUSY SPADE. Two HawdresI nnd. TtreWe Xew Cum and Seventy-two PettUi at New-Orleans. Twelve New Cases and Four Deaths Within Twenty-four Hour, it Canton. SlxtT-nlno Zfew Otm and Ninety-six Interment atMemphU Yi terdar- Slxty-flv Caari and Six Death at Holly Spriny Help Needed. Dewtta from Buppoaed Fever at Col- UerBTUle, Term. Fifty-one Families Fled. . Orer Thirty Caaea at Brewastllle, Teaneseee Phjslrlaas aad Nnrtee Wanted. Only Twenty-twe Deaths at Tickibnrg leteray raopl aiir CbeertuL Eight Deaths and Tea New Oases at Grenada Yaetsrday Twenty Xantha ia Sizty Honrs. Fvt New Cites and five Deaths at Hick man Suffering for Want of Nur e. BELIEF M0VEUEHT3 EVEEYWHEEE. At llollv Bprinas. BlITT-riva CASS AkD SIX DBATB. IspeeMl Otopsica to Die CuartofslomaLI Hoixr Sraixoa, SeiC 4. Fever Is rserae Slatr-nra easaa are re port ad aad sta deaths. Tbera la great need of nurses snd pbrsleiaaa. The town la depopulated. The treasury Is empty, the foods havloc all gone to yellov-fever sufferers sieenbere. Phjst- are broksn down. CiUseas who eaa not gst swat are doing alt they eaa la the war of anrstac They have organized rauef commliiaaa. To Ihe friends af Holly Sprtscs throughout Ihe sounuy we. appeal for bain. W. J. L. Uollabd, . Cbalrmaa Relief Comaiiilee. ravaa ajsom tbb BATrra. fan Hal likvatea la ihi oiilai liiaraal 1 Maura is, tiapt. 4. Tha farae haa appaaead aong the astire at HollT petngs. Miss. Two elUsans, A. W. Goodricb sad .Isasa Tsa- alar, have died alia It. There Is acrsalpsaie aawng the people, who are Beeiag. But BUATna AavnciraTBBk ITsum iiitrsai niii I Bout Inuwi. eaut. . if sixtv easaa 01 lavar aaia ana at osatna. 1 aa aU cloMEU. The people wuo eaa get away are gone. There Is great need of nurses sod pbyaielana. 1 he ph) uclaae are rosea uowa. two sra siea wnn lever. Many cam .iu mm to-dar- ttkvm, tleipalr aad daalh rule the hour. The Mtuatioa la umptf appauUK. The out t tie uorlu n appesleu to lor aeip. The taisgraph operators aie going to laare. aix raiaiciays linn. Msw Ou-BAs.ept. 4. The Howards hare recetTea um loiiaw tui icers:: -HoixT !rKii. oc&i. t-rva you send us tl2 aiv?"iue. aJ-o nurteat Muinuil fever fau broken out here; tnrce deattia and sizijF ot Aa.wer. J. rt.t.Lta, M. 1., rsTiinus ab Bosaaa waxtsd. New Oklsas. t-ent. The President of the board of lisaiiii haa received lite iuiiow- luv ilk I'iilch; uoi.f.r 5rai3iut nips., repi. 1. it. tnop- !. tve are la eteat nteu o( ptiT.tciane anu 11 rou eaa hlp ua, auiu mlK pujsl- clana ana iwcniy qium al oot-9. j. iiux, ja. v., 01 laa-ueaiia ooaro. At Memphis. CBABACTEa OS IkSTaaUIAl'S asrutTA (Spaetal Dwstca M tba Coarwr-JoonaLI Mem puis, Hpt. A Ail ohyaleiana report ing to day, ascapt tboae from the eouihern portion of Ihe dty, say th disease Is she ting, while toe latter teport It spreading aiarmiag- ly. extending far into the coon try. The pro portion of the dea-'b rate ts also growing gradually mss. which is attributable to recant acooialons of skilled nurses to take the place ot the Ignorant peraoae first engaged, whom haif the death ma; be charged. ust or isrcaiuxT ArrALuaa. The number ot new cans to-day Is not so great, but the iiat of Interments Is ap pailunr. not so much, however, when It I explained, a vaatanlay, that number of them are dead that have laid ever to await th ability oiuha undertakers to nut them unier the around. Bartuee Ihe, Country Undertaker Jsck Waith M that he bsi Uitwusu Cfty aad sixty orders for burial ou lu. which ba can aot complete la the aext couple ot days. scats or nas. noooas asd xyaALLs. Dr. W. R. Hudss diad last night, aa did alo Dr. Incslt. Havaral mora ph; atcian ars dowa with the disease, but sll arc repirtcd la a fair way to recover. Dr. Wise, of Cincin nati, ecntinues to Improve rapidly; also Chief Ala;, of the police force. niacTT-six i;iTBBjfBaTS. Th total aew cam to-day are th tntr- menls, 86. s aow. an stbickb Down. A. t. C Cook, a member of the Howard AssoclsUan, wss stricksa with the ferer to day, and la bow lying rt the raaiilaocs of E. . Fetr. Kit Onaan street. ' TBB STAT OrriClAL. Of th officers of th city goTernmeat en'.j Controller Jtewsom remaina on his fsat. Myor Flippln. eatgnl-at-Arass Pro che ad Tax Collector Bobapar ware taken dowa ii storsJag. TB BBIOBTS or BOWOB. The. gnlghl of Hovor have forty -foar pstl eats oa thair hasda, sad ara taklag goad of tbwn. They have a thorough ytem lot vMting th alck aad aappljrtog nur and every eosafort. VMS hobtautt rBABrtra. ITa tb AasorkMcd ms.1 Msurai. Bept. 4 Tbs mortalttv last rlrht snd this morning Is fearful. Two undertakers resort thlrtv tnlenncnts, while County Lnder- laker Wlh report one hundred ttitermants ot paupers, thiee-rourtbs of whom era grora. Dr. W. H. Hodree aad fWmaeter isomraoa Blew tai morning about 4 a dock. Mavor rilppln. &. K. urchf-r. barr.nt-at- arm of tiia Uaaaral Council, and City Tax voueciot ecaapar ar uowa wita laser. TBB CITT A TAST CBABBKtVBOCSB. M sural.. Sept. A Oar city at ereaeat Is ana vat ebaniai-noa. Th aodenakar ra-port fat Interments for ths twenty-fuur houra odtae; at 6 r. at. Of these, 8 ueelb war ssused by vellow fever; 70 were whna aad tv aoloreu. A to tie county undertaker' atablihmot to-atgbt diaeovarad - fact that al nigbUaU these were about dsy more reported dead, bn stuT an- burtau. Aba eaaMloa or OMpoalng or Ihe dead Is becoming a cartons one. The Citlsene' Relief Committee has employed a burial eorps of thirty negroes tb assist the county undertaker end aw awn: and It bss even been euggseted to burn the dead, tf they can not ba tmrte mors promptly, ss coryae ara known to bare late unburtcd for forty-eight hours, burdening the air with foot odor, aad becom ing so rsvoitieg ism ids people have Bed the Beiguborhoode, ad B Is with ditFculty that ma own aa aarau v nam ancm u in a oners' niaiA n. 000B sirs. A. r.O. I'ook. Howard vtattor, wa lakaa now law aiiarnoon. ACTISO HATOB. Mayor ritpi4a being slek wttb the fever. Di D f. Goodyear, Preeldealof the Common Council, a acting Mayor. vaa UABBS. : A falsa report baa rone forth that alt the nana war aooat to ekiea. tn lb contrary, all the banks are open, end will remain en, raovisioxs itiKre, la aaswer to many Inquiries tram sbroed aa to what kmd of provisions sra Beaded, Msjor w m. w ui. t.iium t.gaaiwi, mate tut att SMsn sno Hour ara ao nedad for th destitute, who are netag tad by th t'tttxene' lUnaf C'onuntttca. Tn drain upon the vari-om raltvf organUatloo la very great; foe. fas addition to tne etrk aad destltul hare, av-aral eaila for ralleg from adjacent towns have oecn promptly respoodaa to. arrest ron aid. Ths following appeal represent somewhat the condition ot aflslrsi Appeal s th (MM WWM fm, AW Jt- mmmcw Cfcana IHw IA Of I itSN turn ttmtmm 0 JfannAui- We k your aid, that w may be en hied to feed and clothe amr destitute, furnish tb aecesmry nisteria! tor our sick and dr!t.g. and Kir wa Kir. it- iur id ounai 01 our dead. T.l. ann.l A. imIv M. a. 1 - . .. and tn H-w of tha fast that aaotaar wk wid asbattM tna nena airnaur given by a treaer-ou people. Death ba laid hie heavy head oa aa. The drsilinte cry for bread, sad tha lrk for such care aa can enlv be civea by opra- Bsnera mwnji. i win aetrou ox XI -lug aid eaa addiw Jaraea B. Hrestlge, No. . I'nioa drtet; W. W. lbachcr. First AatKmal hank; B. K. Clarke, I'Uanlx inaurance Cvra-pany. ajtxal to odd rrxtonr. To tin Insmnm Ornmi of Otis Fxt ioaa, ' WaaHK-aocvxa DirxRsar Jttvtkrrv J ua Kb I -el Commlttoe of aix lorieva of tha a tyof Mampbla avs to th ntmbm of our beiored order in Aairrlra, ia answer to many mqutnaa, both by letter and tele ram. that we are la the aitdat of a tearful epiuemlc. The cad ao one eaa foresee. More than a handled of our own member. Including their famuie, haw alokad and dlad. W a an yowr aympathy, and Ood alow tmawe how aooa your aid. in view erf the baa ersia Bpoa our resouxees we have eoneladed to ae apt U noastioa that ear brvtaraa may k us VOLUME LV. their generosity send to us. By order ot the A T. Hraa, eaeretary. TO TBB CBTTBa TrOBBTBenBB. To tbb B born bbs or tbb awctbwt Oanew or l inTBD WoaaiaB Peetllene and death atalk abroad orar nur faw etty. tmr bralhars snd tbelr fsmlllss are la ereat dkt- tma. Maay hare nothiuc. Taasr wives aaa little ones ara .alTenna. Many bars dlea. learln halploea orphan. Maav now sra sick. But few of the brother are left to wait on them, and taeee lew, aoM and darmc as way ara. eaa not staad much loafer. Our means ara Terv limited. The cfBcara ara all cone. Hball ear apoaal be In vainf Brothen, 10 lae rear-ue. eona few have raapondMl fully. Thanks Ic tba eeneroas brotherhood A relief eeessiluee U sits orfaalsed. V. M. I HMHASB, rresmeas. B. A. Tsilob. Treasiirer. - . K. Tats. tVewtary It. F. UoosiBAa, U. U. K. W. At Viek.har. OBB CBBBarVL TSSTSBDAT. Sperial laaratt w ttw roartrr-Joaraal.1 VicBsarae, fept. 4. Thera la nothing of- Belal aa to new caaee. Only a partial report la to; but, from tba Ipun on hand. It la safe to say that tbera haa been a perceptible chang for the better wlibIB the last twenty-tour boors. Every on looks mor cheerful. The doctors .earn leee occupied, and a treat majority uf the sick ara reported doing wall. IV bather thle is only aa off day for tba ferer. and not to l a relied upon aa a safe criterion to Judge the future by, 1 will aot undertake to sav. My opinion Is, however, that the present hopeful outiook is only a precursor to darker wa. btill iuti. John D. Roach, reported dead laat nUrttt, Is still allTS. In the present eoofustoa of thlacs. It Is Impossible to avoid these misUks. So record of death la kept anywhere, except at be City Sexton 'a otttce, and he cioeee al dark. TVs era thsrstor at the mercy ot rumor. ranTt-Tvo. Daatha to-day twenty-two, a bappv falling off from yesterday's ngurss. The lias la aa followa: Fred. Rardwick. . Mra. Ioa B. lianar. Mm. Whue, Psarl street. Barry Man tons, the son of on of our oldest ctttssns. aad a very gallant young gsutlssaa J. r. Teaney. I'aHed 6iale tigaal efficar. i. t. Bowaa, cutter at Rabmaa's. Tom Kendall. Herald pctnter. C. bally, B. F. mnitn, PhUip Roe. Mies EUsa Thrift, Miss Louisa Voaakle, Willie aalar. Mrs. CaroUae Ypotl. I . auobs tbb sice. The printers seem to be Ua especial pets of TsUow Jack. The Herald ts working wtta only one of its regular eompoartofa, sad tn Commercial aquailr aniortnasla. W altar Davnv actmg foreman of th Commercial, Tom Mauler, acting foreman of the Herald, aad M. F. Baula, Bacralary of I'uloa Nn. 10. Lonts Dubraa. enppee and New Orleans, Is down elan. He will have: a alight advantage over other Ink ea before him; he can not cup himself, sad as nearly all who bar been capped have died, aad a cupping la of doubtful safety. It may ba aome eomfort to Dub rue to know that nt least one slsmial of uncertainly I remoied from his case. There ia considerable ia that. 1 have ho;a for Dubroe. Others tea slek-Kit ars James Grant, Blraop F.idar, of Nstchax. . W. B. Harrtaoa, Marion Burnett, Charles Roesch, Mba Addle Bamett, Horace Brooke, Mrs. Matthew, Post-' otttce clerk; J. W. Alrls, telepraph operator, who nn here from Cnattanooca In obadl- enca to ordr. tn .pit of tha danger; C T. Taffe, Pre'tdent of the Becond Ward Relief Aseoeiation; Alrx. Searlea, Acting Signal OIB- cer, anj six children of Wm. Grooms, of the Herald Company. BlbUOr ELDXB STBICXEN DOWB. ITa Ihe Saa etiled rrcas.l New OaLXAxa. Sept. 4. Th Howarde have reeaivd the toiioauig talegraoA; Vicxsarao, Serit. 4. Louis Dnltrre, enp- prrand leecuer, is reported down. We will tlra faiia the best sttca'ioa. Klcfat Rev. Biacop W. II. FIJer, after utoat noble aad glorious service, fell to-day. W M. kotivood, Praaldaat of the Hoaard Aociation. " TWIBTT-TWO MATS! TBSTBBOAT. Ticbsbubo. Sept. A Fourteen white tad eight Mack died bora to-day. Fever I (till Iba Kev. Mr. Oailoway and Dr. Whitehead are Mill alive. Mr. Ctailoway'e condition I slightly Imprevsd, though still critical. So hope ara entertained of Dr. White head's recovery. Tba Kev. Mr. Price, of the freeb) terlaa church, ts conraisscent. Among the new esses to-day is Bishop Elder, of the Catholic Church, aud Mr J. W. Alvis. pt the Wmrn l aion Tieapsemce. Johnu. Koaca. rcDortod dead Tcstsrdw. la still alive, tat hie condition gives no hopes of Mx iurs or Merry are airs, wltn lever. Amona th death uw'.iT tar" A. B. Mamovei on ol a well-known rocrchsat. C. A. Mauiore, and J. F. Tenner, of the lgiil Corp. Al New Orleans, BXTTKB BXAUT TXaTCaOAT. iSDeal V'nmtrh to tbe Otan-ter-Jonrnal. Ht OaUAxs. 6ept. A Wa are In some belter heart to-day, becaosa the number of deaths and of aew eases for the last tweatr-l.wr hours bss faileo oS, thoajh ths weather', bss been snd continues unfavorabls. The proposed nickel collection plan will meet with favor hers. Tbs breaking out ot fever- m Hnily Bprlogs, and Ita alarming epread throughout Mlwlssippt, will create a demand for all lbs money that eaa be raised in thst wsy. I hssltate to give an estimate of the number now actually alck and ' in bad. It 1 be enormous. The figuree reported ara confessedly below tbe truth. , One great trouble la tb protracted stag of th eonveles- eeace. rsrsoo woo nsv been oat of bed three weeks sometlmss relapse. The eon-ralaacent can not understand how buie life la-left In him, aad ao overworks or oversale. tbb Axrratnr sxasob fostpobbd. Tbe elty ie eery Irlete, yoa may be ear, sad the esaeoe of amuscmeats n Indefinitely post poned. The other day a prominent theatrical mi of this dty wrot from Mew York to e friend her that he waa la great trouble. Ba had engaged a troupe for Mew Orleans, nnd he would hsve to pay them. The friend, sa undertaker, who formerly trod the board himself, replied that there was no difficulty In the cat. The msoager had only to In. kit npoa the company's keeping ft engagement. 'Bring them here," mid be, "but send me tbelr individual measurements tn sd ranee. thst I may have eofflna la readiness." Tne com aay will probably releaa the manager. kvcxtt-two dsatus. (To the Associated Prwa. New Oblbaxs. Bept. A The weather la unfavorable; heavy rate. Mew easaa. ?1 i. death. Ix. Tbe deatba -to-day meluo Bfteca ckildrea nader six ysars of aga. iDPmnmi dkatbb. i Hi Oiviiss, Bept. 4. From nooate r. M. 86 deaths and 80 new case were repotted to the Board of Health. avows vaa sww oaaxa. Among tbe new ease ar Mat Nathaniel Barbank, of Ihe Picayune: Jnliu Rosea, the wall knows masieitn: Henry Hsideahehu. aad two Sister of Merer at Bt. Aadraw'aasm Convent. There are eeverel re alao at the Boy' Orphan Asylum en 84. Chertss svenne. vatbbb Dtrro. Father Pafo. the enlv priest fa "hrevaoort who aurvlved tbe epiuemlc there, goes to Vkksburg this evening to assist Blahop Elder. Mra. Mattla MorveU. wife of tha lata CI T Norvatt of Ihe Daeaocrat, died to-day. tier haaoaad and IhaW only child died Inst week. tbb woaut or axuxr. Few OatAixe, Bept, A The Howard inn- ciatioa reports ITU etplleatlone for relief today. Tn Tonng Man's Cnrlsttan AssoeHwion reports 4 aew eaaee eo It net. Ths Pes body Relief Amoeiatloa !! over 1, 100 ration. Tba Ancient Order of lllhernkwai haa ra. eeired tiuo from CtadanaU. The Howard responded ae far aa naaafhla to eaila for nuraee sad physicians for Holly Spring and Utenadn. . At Biwwnavillc. Tana. twk dtsbass Bxroxixu racaxAsrxo. fsaertsl Dtajasnh t Sas Owens linsaal.1 Mswrwn, Bapt. A The rllsrsss ta reported en the tnaressu at BrownsvtUe, Tenn., and the Howard have mat auraee and swppUee to them, la tsepoas to sa argent appeal. XCIIX AD PHTFIrtAXt WABTgB. ;perial Dwoatrk h fas OwrirrslonraaM BaowBsvrixa, Trxx Bept. d.Tho fever la Ineraaaiag. Our phvaietana her have worked there Ire down. Bom of them have left us, aad tn truly ptthtMe condition. We r antliely out of bjooct and reaoarcc. snd hsrs over thirty cases on our band. Th Howards of Memphle have sent a two biiisss. good ones; but we have at thai writing eeveral without nur or pbysselan. Among tbe aew eaaee I Dr. J. HI Howell, a tromlnat el tiara aad a member of the Board of Health. Alderman Mike MeGrath fa act ing Mayor. Aklermaa Peebles stay with ua. W hsv four burial oa our haada to-Blght, long them Major w. K. Beonett, a proml- aent cUlzea. The post-olBce aad Browasynio fsvlngs Bsok sre eloeerl oa os,exeept Wednee- dy nd Baiarday. Seme of onr people are facing death a arareiy aa aim aver did. Many hava eowgnl safety In fllgnt. It grows darker around ua hour by hour. Our printing office are deserted. Tb mads ar cut off. Tb force is worked down, tad death Menu to be winning the fight over our bravest endeavor. 80 fur no eaae la reported eoa- W uo help. Many sutugeea pmg a th wood without tante or appllea. Bella homsm ar all eJoaed, x-nept twa nrut ttntwt, Wllhoo eterklaeasa. W need aVietora, eVwTe?wSn. dlggaea and aadsilsksis. . At Greeada. BIOBT DBATBSL perwi Dtau k ras Coorwr-Jnaraal. Obsxada, til.. Bept. A There eight death aad tan new eaaee to-day. Among tbe dentne ta Prof. R. A. Irwin, a teacher of aome aot m thle country. Four were .white aad four colored. The chief grave dlgga la dowa, the drngwlst snd gentleman who looks out after the The dlsenie seems to be me ever. Twenty deatba fa elxtyUwora Is a rate which doesat look well to tb snrvtvor. About 190 persons ar left, wen, alck and convalescent. It Is fearful. Poor Coaa went down to-night. He waa the suceasaor of CoL Bailor F. Anderson. ISlIf rJBATBB . ITo the Annum Praw. If irw OuLBAira, Bent. A Orenada etnee laat Bight reports twelve new can and etebt iImiIl one w..m end i.i ea whltee. Dr. (!! laepla aad hit mother. Mra. Morrison. Mima Huiraea. Alectt RnfnUkar. Iks Wllllama and a man wboae name la unknown. D. H. Holt died last Bight, There I ao balsrasnt ol tba fever. . dispatch raoM na. SToxa. Rrw OtiAUM, Pent. A Tbe Howards anv received tha followlog telegram: linaxADA. Sept. 4. Twenty deatha sa the lat lx hour. Uammel waa taken down tbie tnorninn. frof. Irwtw dtad to-dar- braid, csnoed meets, sad vegetsblee for nurses. Wabbbb Biukk. M. D. At 4rwenvilln. - rvnrrf new caaan. ISainlil Ptarwea k ma Coartar-Jonrae!.! VtcxsacBo, t-cpL 4 The fever is increasing at Greenville. Twenty new eases and Sve deaths are reported to-dav. There at great distress then for want of doctor. aixxrxxx dkatb. ToUm Aorlsrd Prau.1 OBXBXVTU.B, Bept. A Tellow-fcver eaaee to-day, l'.l; deaths. IK. Many af tb soor are lu df-.tltnte cootiitlon. Muraaa and pajraicAaaa are needed. ratsictAB abb srain waxtxd. ' Maw OBLBAxa, Pept. 4. TbsBdlowm' d la-patch wae recetved by the Board of Health: uaitxriLLX, Miss., Bept. A )et tbe Howard Assodalloa to (end, via Virkeburr. at leas three doctor end twenty nurses. Don't fad. : Thai are needed. W. P. KaBTecaxtan. Br. Lorm, Baps. A W. A. Pollock. It. Kretsehtsr sad C. M. WU llama, prominent rtl-laana ot Ureenvllle. Mlaa., are hern, aad report that yellow fever baa obtained a etrong foothold there, aad that there will be grant arTertoar nnd desutnUon among the people. The town is on the liver, 1& mile above Yk-k.borg, and haa about , tuhabManta. Borne have already gad, aad ot tbe raouunder a large proportion are negroes. The place hs a railroad coo oee lion, aad a ail traille by river ha ceased, Ihe towa Is cut oS from the rest of the world except by telegraph. Tear le umnlnl food la towa for the pree-ent. but siosiy and hoapltal uppli. the. gantlaaiaa av. are badly needed, aad ll-ey nr-gnilv sppsni to relief anmaililoaa In the Nona for help. From tbe situation of the etty and th rapid increase of tbe fever since laat Saturday, It ie leaned that tireeevuie will be another tlra as On.. T ns bank nt ttnssvCie la aad wiU rtrmu open for bualoesr, st SLey aiay be reuilUcd Itirsh It hr telegraph. BWri-lVB CASKS TO DATS, Vl !( ao, Sept. A Greenville. Mississip pi, reporte niuety-nva caaee 01 lever so date and ametaea Una ins, Aothuxg Irwa Delhi ' uaj. At Canton. TWaXtB II CASES AXD rOFB DBATBA Nxw OaLXAVS, Bept. 4. A dispatch to the tiowanis from Csoion say -there hava oven twelve new re wee aad four deubda tbe paal tweaty-four hour. Favaral paniee died - lu toe country, woo had left town. ABOCT A at'itDBEO CAXBS. Cavtoh, Bept, A W bsr about en hon ored eaes oi T-iiow (ever uoder trcainient. There were sixteen new caraa and four death preceding v o'duca s. at. tu-day. Vtaaroin great Bed of motvev and colored nuraea. Anv ona deruing tn contribute money to reiioa our want win piaa.e wsa by axprees to w. J. Mosby, Ticaaurcr of the Hoaard Associa tion, tieoitoa w. inousa. Frsaident of the Howard Association. UCTXZ3I BXW CASE. Mew Oblbaks. "apt, A Tbe Howarda have received lu louowing telacram: Caxiub. Miss. epL A eud 2.000 noaode of ke on the rtt train. We have oecn d leap po'nted in getting ft from above. Four mora new caeae warn diecovared for ycsler-dsy's report, making sixteen aew caeca and four datba for the twenty-four boore precwd- mgVOCAOCX. It. TV. IXOXAI, President noward Association. ' At Ce1D.erv1lle.Teuu. veatb raoM (crrotxo rvxn. tepsdAl IHmalcb Ie -be laasjer-JraTraHJ . . MBsiraia, PepC A ColUarrtlle, Tom., c a big yel-ow lever ecare. M. R. Broua and James Person died. It is supposed from yel low fever. Fifty-one families have fled, and othera ar gome. Dr. Waddy. the quarantine bus, was one of the Brat to get away, rsxic at 00U.IBBVILLB. ITo tb AsaxlAted fiss.1 Mxupms, rp. 4. A panic wsa created st Collienrllle. tn this county, y-stordav, by t:i death of two vltlieris. auprHieed t. lie cju,cd by je'.low fever. Tii to at n has been almost dopopulated. - At Cairo. COB SIDE BABLg CSBAS1KAM MAXIPESTZn. Caixo. Ji.i, apt, 4. Tb Board of HisHh last Burnt adapted a resolution taat no ateam- er. or either of the Southern railroad, ba per- mttrea to onng into vne cny anv paMenjre who can not snow cerlnicatea that tbey bare not oecn in n lever infected district within thirty day. No skills will be permitted to land, except under utnflar restrictions. Thera Is not a caw of yellow fever here yet, though eoue'derabte nnesaines Is mantfentcd allies the report of lever al Hickman. At llickraaa. nn dkatb. Itkwctsl mapaieh ta the Ctoorter-Jonmel.1 Hickhiii, Kv., Bept. A Wa have five new casus, and hava bad five death since the laat report. We ara wantmg nuraea badly. Cases are u!Tnfmg for want of tbsia. Tsa would answer at this time. The e'.liten ara still leavaig aa fast as they eaa get transportation. There ara aix vary bad on hand now. At Bavder'e Bluff. TWXXVX CASES AXD OBB PKATH. ISpeeial Dnratrt to tbe Comvlourai.l VitxsBixa, Bept A There are reported twelve eases snd one death at Snyder' Bluff, twelve milse abovs hsra. At Cincmnnti. DKATB low MX. DAVIS. CracirrBATT. Bept. A Mrs. Dsvta, a lady who arrived from the Pouth a few dava aaro and was taken to tbe hoapltal on reaching tut etty, died of yellow fever lest night. Christ. Mueller, from Brownsville. Tenn, was taken with fever laat erening, sad waa Mat to tha hospital to-day. - ' Relief Maveutaate. , ' AT. PAD0CABV - - ittseetsl Mepatch to mt Ooarter-JonrwaLl ravtrcan, ccpa. . jo-utgnt we Bar a treed coBeert at Bt, Clair Hall, aad afteewsrd a aMgntneent supper a the Richaeond House. lor tne Deneut or tne lever sntrsrsrs; will be a grand affair. At nttstmrgn, ra., th eon tri but tone to date for yellow-fever sufferer exceed gl AOnu. 1 mm Relief Cocmittee report ubenptona eteadlly caw. tog x. Three car load oi pro- timobi wsrs wpiea yeeteruay. - CooinDuiion in the Borlaeeat and along tae Atlentie coast for tbe yellow-fever reiM fund rather iatissss tbaa diminish, nnd considerable eume wsre snt to th tefaetad dhv tnese yaateraay. Men eat parroimnee will ae given at Mlbtoaearwan aad th FUth-avwa ne issmrii nr 1 one tn-eav, and th retdul aad visiting aetore will appear at General Samuel Carpenter. (1 enseal Ti l raateager Agent of the f eaaayrrania rail- road, wtu ran n speeaal tmln between Kew Tork and Philadelphia graAunonly, s that auwara r. uva anu ass enure company, from tha Walnut alroet Theater a! phia. may play at hit own etIeMlabsaeut snd at Klblo's (iardea m Mew Tork the same day. on aun iiia 1 mi renei tuna. BubscrtpUou to tbe Bt, Lou la Merchant' Exchange lever fund yesterday wsre shout 4,auu, w.iung tae sxxrwgat about I atsA From other sow ram there hw 1 about 111,0118 funriahau, mat hat th total for M. Aawj eny Hon ani,wu. Grand necretarv Power, of Jackarm. Wh. makee tbe foJowlng ackwiedgmaot of tbe relief received through htm ae ilrand i'.eie- tary nr tne Msaons and tirand Ttassiuei of tbe Odd Fellow. I bar rwrrt red during- U past two week Bcarty 110,000, ehienylroni laoos sad Odd Fellow hi nearly every-Btate la tbe Union. This haa bean tUetrlbuted turouga tn proper eomnutteea m I v Acuaourg. i-ort Ultwon gratefully rnowledx-ed. Mo - othrr plao la Hs1slppl bss required aaewtanee to tout oaie, nut to raver ass tnet broken oat with great viol cue at Sraenville, and reporte from Holly Bprtnga tr.dlcat an aid-derale there soon. Meaii- ,0 Al pmtmmmt ara prostrala m Mrk.burg; in Port otbson entl cases te data: ta Orenaun ail die who are attacked, aad aorta seem to escape. Th peett- aeucv a i wimi w mo, ana innn.annl anl vet ro to the erava. Imiin. mnm want behind them. 2 mid the .arrutmdlnv floom com mvterlal aid and lovfn; word rom oar brethren everywheru, end the greet American heart seems to have aaaerted ua humanity a never before. All aseistance eaat lauough aae will be aeknowleUged by or. wiaii. . t . k. oranu eec y. Kvanrrille' aubat-riotloa for tAnwMisrm uf. ferer haa ranched 3,7UU. Mo yaliow fevar la i be total yellow fever fund collected ft the Chicago C II Irene' Comudttee to date M firj,- 001; 110m vanoua aourose, ao.KS9; total, B.O,-4A. - Two thoneaod haa been cent to New Orteaaa, B1.UMI aaca to V IrA.anrx and M phi, M aeh to fort tillnoa, tirenada a Baton Boug. Colic etiens ere coming la n Idiy Irom tn aottuiry and htainsslin asaoaaA ArohMshop Sibbons, est Baltimore, kasee a n LOUISVILLE, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5. 187a dered eotltevlone In all the Catnotfe ehnrebee J m tin dloeaa en Bandar, tb 1MB, lor o renet nf the aeooln as th vUow-fevr sua- 'tnrta. 1 be French residents of Phfladelphl t numerated to-day th found mr of the French rermbne, end guee a portion of tne preaein to too yeuow-revar relief ran. Tb Calfornst Hrand Lealn of Ms contributed about tl.ouO to Ihe y allow fever runo. Ihalwalltaaol Baa rrajsstscocny aavn sent sbout ta,.VO. OmaUer sums bar bean forwarded by other part lea. Tae committee at faute Barbara. Cal ta 'd of tbe fever snrTerers, cunvuieed yester nay. ana ao far rawed BaJJUu. 1 wo pbraacian, tbrea experienced m and on drwsnriat arUl start for Memphis true t rnetnnaH to-dar. Eighteen phveirltue Bd nurse from WastV tngtoa peaaad through CinrtaaaU last night ea emu gonta. At th amaiaer mlnstrwl .bow at Topeka. Ka., last aiaht. x7 waa aaearad for the benefit of yellow fever sufferers. . There was sis) raised by eubacrlptioa yesterday AJ6U. which, wttb gluv beretol'ore sent by tbe tTeaovteciaa cnurco, maaea sssnsii ny loans. Old John kotiUMo. prooriatur of son'. Mrcus. donated on half tha eetnta of ail bla axnlbttlone te OuTncv ' day for th benefit cf yellow-fever auffa Sevan hundred and forty-eix dollara realised. The members of Robinson' i naav tn addition eontrlbntad fclSn. A meet In of the- etUaeaa-of Bt. Paul to raise ounlrtbutlona fur the reAbrf of the yellow- faver eniierar la IIm Bowth appointed a ao mtusa of ona hundred to mnonal'y eanv tb enoroona crowd which la eTpected lo be on tae fair grounda to-day. It Is tboaght that a targe amount will be raised. Fever Mew Sin Ihored sat th CM. Thess waa no report of new Imported of yellow faver at the Teltow Fever Hoapltal yesterday. There are nine patient now at thatplsce. With tba constant influx ot refugees from the Infected diatrxte, the scenes of dla- boaomlng; every day vkib: oa our ttreete, and th ilsror Is hourly besieged by appUcaata for relief or traniportatioa to other . points. Among tbe late nrrivnls from Memphis are Mm. C Wade aad Mra. Mane, who oc cupy an apartsaan at the earner of Twsnty-flrxt and Grayson. Their eaaa It lieplorabl m the extrexan, deatltute of food aad beddlag and scarcely have clothing. In faet, they ar destitute of STsrythlng and oa th point of tarvntloo. Another death occurred vvetarday morning at the Cky Hoapstat. Owen Howard died from yellow-fever. He waa from Alabama, from there here. He ta aa Irishman, about fjrty-dre year of age, aad I the patient that waa pokea of m yesterday' Cocaiax-JocaaAl th doubtful patient, hat eeee not having , ban at first properly dlag- Thero are now an yellow-fever patient at tola hospital. A Utile hoy about twelve year old spoiled tor admission there I yeeterdav; had yellow fever, but was refused aad seat to th Eruptive Hospital. Howard Tneaday evening by JocnuAt. reporter. Hx. skin w yellow, end eomrdlng tn lliistj there wee doubt of his having had yellow IiS. The death of Hr. CnsA. J. Bowaa, who wa with Cheat, Csrisy A Co., I reported. H mrzX lo New Orleans sgalnet tb Judgment of hat employs, having ao fear of yellow faver, as h bad frequently ia former yean T ta iled clUe where lover wsa prevailing. H wa held in high esteem by the firm and waa m every wsy n young man of fine proouee and highest integrity, and hw low will be deeply fell by a large circle of friend. II waa stricken with the fever' on August 'St sa I died ou the evening ot September A iast nlbt about ahe o'eloak a aegro man walking along Fourth etreet suddenly fell. He wss seen to fall by some gentlemen, who tmmsdistsly ran to his assistance. Upon In terrogating hiiu it was knitted ttat be waa from Meniiihis. He te'.t sick, be aid, and from his symptoms one would judge he bad yellow fever. Ha waa existed to artee from tne pavement, when a hack was caliad and ba waa conveyed to the Eruptive Hospital. Oeorre Rams, wife and child cam to th bt. Clond Hotel yesterday morning, snd ingistsred from Mempni. in the eoorae of tb day Ram waa taken atek. Dr. K. O. Brown was sent for, who pronounced hie rickuets that of yellow fever. Tie waa scot to the Eruptive Hospital, where he now la. HI wile aad child are still at the hotel. The Norvells, . who died ' In New Or-. Wtu, ara relatives of William Korvell. ot the Bhort-lloe. Ballara, the Italian saualclaa from Memphis, admitted to the Tellow J eter Hospital two day ago, died neterday. We are requested by Dr. Ke'ler to rtata that Dr. E. O. Browa, Haaliu Offlear. hve- Jkia, ia charge of the fallow fever Hrwpf- lal. and that hie (Dr. hollar's) cooaectlon with tha tostllatloa Is hmtted excluaiveiy to his profeeaional duties with th r allow fever pattenla. TBS WASBiBOTOS VOLtniTXJCB XTCBaC IB UD- lk.UXA. Tn ladle and gentlemen of Waa) tagtos. D. C. who voluutecied to none tha yaliow fever BeAtenta at Memphis arrived m this city last ciubt. They were met at the depot by n committee of the liaiief Aac elation, and coned to the Loot vUle Hotel, where they will temA D until tui aftemoso, when tbry will prucecd to Memphis. They we sevnu- tceo la mtnltr Une gentlemen and eight ladira. Tbe iadiee are under the supcrTiriua of Mrs. C. Cromwell, ot Mi4lppi, a lady ot extensive experience la nursing yellow fever paticnta. Two . of them hold clcrkshl; la the Treaui7 Department, aad one la a employe of the Government Printlng-olBcc i be other five ars auraee of eoonlderab'e jcl- tow fcrcr experience. Among tiie genttemen te Mr. 3. D. Urcll, an old l DO," who n s well known among th printing fraternity here eeveral yearn ago. Mr. Uscli. ra addition to tha dntln to which he may ba aMigned by the Howard AsaocJatlou, will act, during bis stay In Ueai pltis, as ourraepondent of a M ashlng- lon paper. . Th party are In charge of Die, Raawcy and rsase, two of W aahlngion's ablest young pnysiclans. ' Tonng v?illiamaana Cnee. The following card from four of the most learned and capable physician la tb city would seem to be eonchuiv a to young William sou' caae. He should recover, al though fssr, excitemeet and bis surrounding greatly prejudice hie condition: " ITo tbe Cdnar of am OoarwrOnnroaL In order to qolet anv alarm that mar bar been excited ta th mind of the community. ana wita aue acietenre to th noneat opinions of every one. we gladly state that Mr. Wil liamson, now In tbe ve'Iow-fever tioerJtal. ha no svmDtoms 01 yellow fever, but enso Ming piajuiy a uapia auici luuieui sever. - . . - - a. B. AtBlX, M. U. , - W. Bilt.xr, M. D. . - . . ' . : J. M. Kruti, M. D. - J. B. Maavtw. . D. Tbllaw Frrra Ho pita 1, fccpt. 4. W7A " 1 lp. VAwnwtA. arvxa aw Bxtraunc sm anw. Dr. IP. Tandell Visited Mr. Wllllameou and the other eases st ttie tever hospital at Vi o'clock Tuesday night and again yeatarday Dr. Tandan raaart that Mr. W. only a eaae at malarial fever, aad a wall-marked caae, eatable by aulBtoe. Dr. Tandell affirm most positively and m- pbatleally that no eaa of yellow fever ever haa or ever win artgteat ha Loumni. aad that the dlaaaae te utterly Impossible la Loota- vuia, aad tne sea pbyasetane k Louivtll headed by Dr. Bell, fully concur ha tbat vary ipnntl xpseaaiua or Dr. Isndea. fliekasaa Call for Dr. Blnckbara. Tb following dispatch waa rseelved st tha Cocnirn-JocBBAi. osBce last atght: n .r- u w W W,- . W . . - SUM . vm .mmrttr n ui m. BiacanuruTeomer There hava been ats deetbe and Inst usee. - Uno. HtnuiAC. Th dispatch wss at oaee shown Dr. Black burn, and he telegraphed tbe Mayor of Uick- maa that ke would leave for that dty Satur day tf hi patJant her nanrdtted htm to de part. A dispatch to tne name effect waa eeat Mr. Ronlnae. It mny be aald hs this 1 that Dr. Blackburn feels himself com pelled to decline the recant raqueat aaada of him to deliver a political address, aa bis st tentioa is fully tueorbed in tb fever epidemic. ... Kalief. '. T. Oaaon A Cat, nktrebanta of Hendar- Tean., ,nuiw nip.WM oerger. Blood Co. n bale of cotton, with Iwtroctioaa in anil kt and tora th proceed ever to tb Howaid Aso-:tio at Mcmpht. Th sale will tak place Friday at th Pickett WaretMwaa. The mercaanla of Mala street ar wiaktng np n uhevtptlon to go with tha Mr. Richard James, of Lords rCVa lodg. Ho- f. Knights of Honor, haa a book opea for subscription mt hi (tore. No. 102 Fourth street. Tbe eootnbwtioo re deaircd at once. ta sua raid will be sent to-morrow. tbb Aircrew obdbb or bisxxxiakx. - lb Ancient Order of Hiberntans, ta gener al meeting last algttt aU dokiou Hall, paaacd itiaulntlun that all drviaiooa meet at tbslr re- apectlv haila Friday avantug at S o'clock, to cevlee sseans to relieve thetr eutfartog brethren tn the Couth. This order will forward ita first Installment of money next fatrmlar to New Orleans. This DovenicBt kt truly char- act ri tie of the spirit of tbe order. dobatsobt or taw 1 Tne employee of tf, O. Yen cgsera A Co. yesterday coatribated on day's wage to th Stiff era rs. Mr. Taa twggerB added IS to th mownt, Bsaklrig a total of BM OS, aB of wktefe I I a A a ia . lee are was reported to th If aynr1 exnen. aawtng la n xwt a tha dcaaaea Janrnux, Baps. A ClUa. D. J -, A'awaer lorlossd Dleeae find BSO 09, aroeeed of one day's kthor ot the employee "wr wasnwiit, with ome few exeen-Jfeae. for in brneat ot the y allow -few uf-fne m the South: 6. V Snawara tae H. Goad. 19 W. w. . Ipp. ...... I J so b a nn. I m F- "Wwii elr. ... I eu l-o. Aiwesr I 1 4. lieraen. w t J.nsgner I 1 o ead tii i ... I ea W u. KeTeoonet.M I 2 IN a, Iwrenra..... '1 W I IS W. ernesiMr I rs M R. tamke. ....... 1 I to P. Vow far ft B0 Doss. Has. ...... I W Geo. fewer ..... ton I 71 innni A C.. I 1 T 1 m tw.i . ... in as . hlrnukl. ... BmPfluner..... Pibasr... w. l imn ; W. W.ili kk. a. y sour, te,, H. O. tab Baooxaa A Co.. ; rw 1. uissEBT, r. a. TBxrssitAV at tub siATon'a or- A. W.'il, I. a. v Of! Kr. aso so 00 va esw a'sua'emf.vjyea ."" so es a i au w o s eu on 00 ro t eo ro I 00 in are eo ei to eo s on 1 CO I CO tto 1 to 1 03 01 I J I l 1 to ua 11 so Br BvaerwJ 41xiid aKASaehs1 Hlr'ewCalnwett. Am 4 a " --"j " AbredT. r. ire.. " "" ' ill n. Miwray"" r. a. nun-.?:."" a.jsa.e " (a ' V.Thnsnoa... ........ IrtMn. Iwnttt .i . it i W.aurr...' Jt A kltles.. fw."; tnaa tea a. T. Durretl.."" AUarhst Liu Milt. M. aaooia ntwrrlpujn free, cjttzaa at Bu. H!i W and A w. fa. h. . a. Iuv.k b ...,......"........ .." A- H. hvjwku Jsff rrf m ni Iitwiw 'mm ii l Viia 4 3 so t 09 ao erujtlon. " Bos su A BtTBCTABTTAI, COBTBlntrTIOB. Th following la a Uvt of Barnes and aawuate eouectad by E. Lowenth, Bem- navu nam and Mr. Parkhurat, ot Parkhnrst Bra., for tbe yellow fever sufferer at Mem-is. Tena-i - f-swisiltlu Wtmu I ml ??T.''r.' HAwai A l o. "" ""u a nam goore. nrMnaterAOs . . . ss ts :.::. J. M. WoblomuAiijr"!.""" ' 1 Boor A 1 Arthur Vmtmr A IV. rt..Uv MaJL'L'" A.U.IJ.I Knanii . rr-jrL u-JXiMSia. , l" t'aknuwn. Hnbmai AtMurVbt HeoJ. a BruUlcitT Bal.Tri4sACo....... R.U. MetiDrd . . . . " Motioua. Day A Bury. ".. r. faSatSeoua... T. P. rcaaniU,.... DlP.jBI A In aia II. IntanasA Co U. a. Tontau A Co, Brawnsrilir. Tenn. J. Mnion A c Larvj. ilo.oMilia A " " TrTin A apeiaar.. V.'.'.'.'." I'.'..'.'.'.'. ' a.mi m IHuff JefferMtO A Co. (awoocCEUh cnt-lioai """ llaii'. tmfe miA Iw-A t LirLli fcloua lJlaag!aUilrii"c!jnry.V."..".. J-,' c i t uu . n. t.wueiW O... ......... Total fraen).. tvtl roxmuumoa rstoi ttoitsecAVK. Hobs Cave, Kt., Bept, 4. WTo. To Char, l'u!ft -c?., LimucUlt, As Dear 4-ir: At A. a result of a C.lilectiun tnken nn In 011 r HtliM City (or lue bcneCt oi U yellow-fever anlTr-r- iucioti a una you my cuecAt lor Hie amount, which you will p!uu dtatributs In a nianncr you may I ulna bet, Reiow vut will find the list of scbscrioera, with auiotuit op- t. W. Bmdle..'...f5 0 X. J. Kotx. ...4 i Ir-d. holuou Oa Itut'e- v. ntert H.U, StMnwlT..., '.. ' W. M. MoKSIn .. X. . Vi licoxeu 90 W. 11. -eel.j.... A. T. fcnnid. I us J. H. Pruo Psrrtah A ti.-Mji oil 1. -t. ,-- kM ... . 1 t Ct I 00 1 1 I id I bo I 40 I to - niAliU.,.,,, Wkl I- Viu.4 IN Taos. UaiUci. t 00 x. lurnaaisai... lea J. B. Ka- . 1 on 0. l. wi m R. e. Psiittum.... P. KaltAV A. J. wtimxea... W". Kan Sea..... R. J. cuutcu... .. I o T. H. wn 1 I on Kuut. riemlna' I CD E. V. raurliauin.. I OH Jamte Mara .. rcou fd-wiuaa..., Heuy hare am. !:at. J-jtio y. Wuiia... 1. L. Sninh It. tlarv'.n 1 10 I UJ I to I Ol I to 1 CO fnos. Rlcbarun.. 1 SO 1. 1 uuneia..... 1 10 K. T. rmilb I 00 Wto. Pu- I CO We. (ilma. - 1 CO TO- Terry.. J B. a tiiaes w. rarran.. ts t u m. rUai-TA...... Mrs. E. T. TCuwjf Total tntto lours trmy, , D. W. Bxaolb. KOXATIOB raOlf AB ABBCXT CIVIZEB. The twenty-live doPara menUo&cd bx the following we rereircd end banded over to the Clearing -house Committee: Toxxno. o.. bept. S.l-7l. Ill .V. rr-i,i,. w. Dear Wrt iitcioaed Plena, find 111 c?l-. W f'tr twenty-Gve tloliai. which plea. a:li to we L4upLue couuinntion for the jdiioW' ao.- Bui.eAA.ia. 1 vi I uUiT, your.. P. A. GsrBTBXB. AB A. O. tT. W. MASS MXCTlXO roB tiutr. Fba.vklix Lcimx. No. 13. A. O. IT. W LMIlsvuxe, KV., Aug. 81. 1 iS. Mr. L.. T. lAntlmry. U. Jm. r, J'tctiOM, Trnn. Dear fir sua nruine-: ims loage cnuteuip.'ates calling a max meeting of ail the lodge tu tula dty of onr order to mret in the above h-ill tut Friday evening, September 6. for the purpose of securing contrllinUon In aid of te tciTow- fever enrierars. via arc not adTi-ed of anv vm houk ueu e-.ucu OJT TOO lor ua re- ImiI ot our b-ctbrcn In Teunt-Mee. Wa would esteem it a privilege and a dnty to extend ail tos st j m our power to our sunering brethren in the yellow-fever districts, aud would thank you to communicate with as fully sa to jour naeds and tha beat method of eecumvg the greateet good to the gTetct numoer. Tour uv.,n. anu r.a A n. wouKirrr, Recorder. OmcB or Gaunt MArrra num.. Ja:ksox. Tkbv., Bept. 2, 1178. E. .V. Wood-ruff, Jieconlrr Frmmkiin Ladae, JVa. IS. ZoU- '', Air. Dear Sir and Brother: Tour aeteemad ravor or mat reeaived. I b; to aaaura you that th atep ia contempbtUon will not only be timely, but greatly desirable. 1 he suffering In Memphis la beyond the force of fatsgua;e to picture. I kave only ro far called oa onr own lodges for amistance. but we will gladly aval ourselves ot anv proffered from wiiboot this Jurisdiction. The fever Is sureedlng elsewhere, and haa a long seasoa ahead. Meantime the misery aud di.traa and want engendered by Its ravage make tt an rr preeeua cmra on ua to see tnat they and their dependent ar provided for.. 1 mcioee you one 01 our circulars. Any aid extended, he kind cnotirk to remit to T. if. Everett, Grand Recorder. Kashvllla. Ta tha uncertainties in Msmphls, with Ufa In the balance, wa could not rtek anv one ect of asaa aa might be tr;eken, but the Finance Committee of tbe Grand Lmire In Kn.ii villa are in tTallv communication with relief committee la Memphis and elsewhere, and eaa be relied oa foes jiiiHcains tnaaagseaeatof Umexmtrt- Dttnma. With do spprectotton Of tha eharllahla tone and sentiment tout letter eattvevs. and an earnest lnvocatloo thst vour projected neetia may prove worthy the grand cff.wt for which is b to be called, I remain fra ternally, Ac, i I - Ajanv, u. At. W. Th following ar additional snbcrlcUoos ufi aro g gj ro PyrOT. m low a raw. eww faelury... MM . J. Alexander, WooillorS eaeol. as 00 Tatoace LaSa tra Cowraay BU OS Onat yawera ll.inl OoamaaT in t So Taasi meats .......ft,Toi ao U. rwea t o.. TT Main straat natrih.tjl oaxm or enamparne. which wa sent to tbe Howard Association flrenatA. like AU nwrehaae mart by thle eommtttae wfll be npon wrutaa order, eigned by the chair- Partlee ar reoweatad tn area titj.i e.K. aaee with tnatructloas In th order, and 10 preeeat bills for PS merit not later thaa on ua. aiier wa gooo art sbtODed. It aa oeeB etunrcted to tbe committee thai many penoo would ltk to eoetribnle sun-plies of dlCrsnarklnds to be aenl whore aaoat Btroro. To sseet thla want aa arrangement ha been a so wnn Hewn, FieM A Co., No. 110 snd .ie mem men. near f mnn. An 4 - sock eootrlttuttons. they havtna; kladly volunteered their eervtcea and th r .k-. atorebouM wtt bout ebarga. Any eontriba-Uods sent them should, as (ara poeaible, ba shipping order. - - - tJr? PBl'eatloo of A. B. Herron, Prerf-?" 5' . owmra AsKwdatloo, Baton Rouga. La., I00 waa s-day trauavarred by wbra to thai ally. J. H. Ajnrm.rwBaoeB, Chatrsaaa of CommltteA Terrible lifsnti at Jacks. Tbe afferlag Is terrible at Jackaon. Mlaa. .rerroooy oa mean aaa run nway, ph trfc-k en. The poor beve no men end food. Slarvattoa atarea them in tha face succor I given. Mayor MeGlU, of Jackaon. ha called npoa Mayor Jacob, aad any supplies given should be marked "for Jack- ladoraiBg Dr. Ball. To the Htwr of uie Oonrwr-jwrnal.) Notwithstanding rumor to the contrary, rsssnlly la ctrcnJaaion, loulsnrai' humumUy from horn siMiwtactured of yellow fevar I sun complete; snd as infallibly aa the natural laws governing this and every disease absolutely Immutable, lust eo eertsiniy iill ber exemption from soch esse eoetinue nnlrrtcrrripted. Wonderfully hssty snd m-perfectly coodnrted must hava been tha ea amiwaUun of to s.ilial Mr. M JUaawos which led bis ssteeidiag ptayslcisn ta announce bun aa eulfertug from tats tarn bla aflectiow, sine snbsequeot mveetigatloa by men of ew-Ttable abUlly la avedictne an resulted hi their nnantaaon avowal that there wa tan euarbs-eas ansglaaaia fonadatloa for such n engposs- tTrantraer. howaewr. The be- hh1 vecateatlon of tha anauiini anim It would have aatabliabed sawuivalv noiama in connrmation 01 1 alrwrrd and TTcpoTteroo smrtlon that ao ootnreaa oc Tellow fever eaa occur ra e city aa a Bnnss ensue of that diaordar' so- called contagions a ess. By tha myeterione law ot latency, peculiar to dlaeasss or at Uriel origin, are to be explained those ap parently aoomalous mmanroe of tbe appear ance 01 yellow fever la uninfected outrtsts long after Me cusistloa ae aa epidemic. A thorough exposition of this law. tbe existence of which ta practically dearooetrated, to gether wttb numeeoua example, of ha action. Is contained In tho artAcia byDr. Bell In thle morning'a Coi'aiaa J01 axAi Looi.Tllla. an te rrt tied by numberlete pruptieries 01 tnevtiatu diaaater, aud unaflected by th whirlwind ot fear and demoraJIsalion. envaloplnr almost tha entire country, continue eonapteuouaiy the raraelete toward waicB am directed, lu their tune of d capiat ton, th hurrying etepa aud grateful aye of thonaanda ot couth roar. The Implicit and anewerviag eonaoauee tn the opioiune and auraaee of he phvl- ciaaa, mnlf ted by ber nreot meenaalmoua behavior, ie the bigheat cowpiimeat that txMHA poeaibly be paid then- Intelligence, pAdgmsat aad dlccretloB. Keapaclluilr, J. H, O Rauxt, L . b. M. A. B. Meeting at Brewasrille. ITetheBJHorof U conrw Jiximal.1 Bnownevuxn. Bept. a, lsTH. A called mealing waa held at tha Mayor' odloe to-day. Mayor W. T. Sherman and Aktermen W. H. Owen, W. M. Bcott, kt. Metirath, booker and C H. Peebie being Dresent. Absent R. L. Hotebkies, R. T. Oldham and S. L. Turner. On motion of Alderman MoGiatb. secoudcl by M r. Booker, that we appoint three eitisana aad th Mayor aAaed aa a eommitlaa to soltelt aid, Maeara. Mcdrath, W. M. BvoU aud Booker were appoinud. WaSKBAa, rM yellow-fever panic bss driven away our wealthy cla:s or cltlrena, leaving anne bat the poor snd colored population, and leaving a desolate uf means; therefore, be it MmAmmd, That we call a poo Louleville lo com to our relief. Jtemmtmt. That all comonotiieetiotts and money be seat to the Ma. or or W. M rk-.xt, urUAfgisl. W. 1 . 8uxaUAjia Mayor. W. n. Book an. Recorder. J Aanther Babacriptinn Fiwca hit. Bier ling. 1T tb Rnor at tb Coarlrrlonrnl.'l Ftauxaa' Nation ax. Bask, Mt. Btsbubo, Bept. t, 1878.-1 eend my Mew Tork draft for flu. Plena end tt aa a further contribution from onr ettlaens nnd eountvman to tbe atrick- en people of the houlh. . We are .till at work. lour truly, J. A. iiAXSAAtj tfesUeat. ' Feeer Nate a. Tn air of Mobile ia lattea with carbolic J em puts Avalanclie: Tbe colored neo- Sle ot tbe Tenth ward held a meeting yeeter-ay, at which tt wa derided that laborer would work al anything tiiet atigbt offer. A eotwervative acaech was aoaile far one of the eolorad dilscns present. OEt.KaXs Democrat. 2 1 : ' It waa with pleasure that wa learned laM ceniug that Dr. At BAtevlUa,-who ao heroically fouaht lbs fever at tiranada and look the ufsea cm hi return here, waa aiech better, file c-e at one time waa considered critical, but now we learn that the climax Is passed. Mijipmi Avalanche: Tbe first Howard to die was Kd. Mansion1, who fell while doing his duty without p.iy or other bops of reward than a sense of kiuaiv fecitog-toeerd hi suffering fellows. 1 he second to die of the same noble baud Is Mr. H. D. Menken, s prominent merchant, na a urave. eeii-eKrtniunAr aoui. una .turn i now ui neaveu. Mutruis Aviilanclii-: "I would ralh'T cba-a a Lattery etromihold in tbe most san guinary cngaTcineat tuan 10 xacc tuia daugt r these dys. ' said a gallant young man vestor-day. and vet the am acnUcraAn 1 dotutr a nool dntv with the Howards, ris kiug lu life without pay and laboring to relieve Uie suSer- logs ot saua and uAtig people. MiMPiiis Avalanclie: Siirnal Sttrsnant Win. Mcelroy, wtl! known. Lore fur several rears part as eat ber "tne -r, died 011 fcunuar, after tbrec days' Illness, lie did eood scrvicu vines tlte outtreak of Use Icrriu. SK-iiDcs here. II served as chairmu 0 la 1. O VV, A. Helict Cotutnitlee, an-J wss al. a Ktii,-bt of l.onor and a pramiueut Odd 1-eliow. ilr. MerJroy leave a wa and several cliiidren. Miuirni Avf.Uiu In-: Alex. ITunie. tbe wU-known Odd Fellow, bow throe davs alcx, was doing well yosterday auarnooa, au4 is well cared tor. 1 lii. ia le tiilrd lime Mr. liunui haa had yellow i'ever Urst in IHii, in New Orleans, a ten Le came near d log, an.l was oniy aavea uy tne watcnrui care o: a tuns; excellent nurse: then in this city in 1K1.1, wbcu tli ease was not scrcre, and now he la down again with the same tell diseas. Mutruis Aipal: ihe people of Augusta, Arkansas, were creatlv alarmed over tbe icc-lt of a tcicjmun raviu tliot the steamer Hard Cash was going to land A0 pas-sencersat tVawpori, Dmlur cover of forty armad aien and two braes plcoes of ordnance. ilovtraor Mliier a te.urrathed to call ont toe mllltta, and inr a time the rrealest con sternation pievxitedy- At Ia t s tcle;raiir Was received announcing tlie whole Uilug a hoax. anu peacu waa rosuArco. Murmi Apju-al: v riccily recrct to &:ta that, owtnf to the atence of Colonel heller and Jttr. 11 rower, and the fact that Mr. R, A. Thompson, one of toe editor nd vro- Crirton, 1 sk-k ol tbe fever, and that Ht." atidrom, local eltor. Is eou3ix-d to hiaroom wtih tna iAU cia. Ihe staif of toe Ara- atK:ba Is ix-JtieJ to Caplsia Tiaya, ot the commercial department, woo lees In tlto couutry eerv cijiut, aui to oue prrmetctor. Mr. F. r?. Nkbols, wfco H actlnir a. ec!ior in-1 eiiicf, bas'.nciis uiaiiijtcr and forr-man. Mr. Laudruui, it it buped, will be out In a U tr dars. wben tli pressure upon Mr. Nidio s will uo doubt ua icMcned S Krcnt dual. ConitspoTO'J.rE Hrw Orleans Demo crat: 1 enow tever ta not the only, nor perhaps to a man of anstasiij nirves. tba aorst denser to be eneotintcfrd la vitttiiutirnaada. Tbe train stop to deliver lis mailt cbJ pas-serurers (if tt has sny) in th ml 1st of the swaoitte, a mile or more bevood the c!tr snd beyond the little river that now br. Female auraee generally take r-ejsase into tha towa Irom tbia point by tba ban I car that came tbe mails, but men ar expected to walk, and Ibis walk takes them over a reries of iotty and very formidable bridrcs of tressol work without eny footway. It is aot only daigor-oua. but very tedious. Cookr&g down Into tb diary depths below, whlis pac.t&g over thee bridge, tne conscionsae ot batitur a small accural poiicy wa ao small coiboia- uou. Death Report ia New Or lea a Kept. 1, OmcB Bo abo or Hbaa.tsi Maw OuLxswa. Bept, 1. 1618. Tbaonieia! statement of cases of yellow fever repotted tn Mew dries ns ia aa followa, vlst Iieattw tram IS a. yasluTday Ie Is a. nrday.... a Kew i I tr-C Total eueilo dale., i a.v;l Total deaths to date I.ula (abcbi. Crtoppnt, m. D., rTssident, B. T. Tavtvok, M. D., SecTetAry. Rebecca 8 tern, John B. Perm, FmPy ITo!- isnd, 1. rearaoa, . atc.teu, niancne Arplev, Vincent Hogan, H. Deslisu. John Faller, Cbristian Vaceonowltch, James 8. Pnrdou, ueniei ncAnonr, nosetie v.iouxet. wsa. Price, Henry Ilabn, sliaa Lee, t has. Ban toa, Andrew Pelaxzlol, Margaret Smith, John Nolan, Emma Hollerbech, Dr. J. U. Byrne, Mrs. Henrietta Simmons, J. Watt Kaaraev, Henry Harea, Joim i'astorioue, Kosaue Pruc-colon. Louts Cbaeoreau, AtnaUe Vldoo,' jweu e. uoaui, .oeu 1 aimer, uusntna Iiaaa- laur, 11 Ins rut, Jatacs Lonenret, .oho Clcm- enta, wmius sisgisittic, riwaru ic Kaoay, cuea nervy, ,in Marpay, Anora I arsis. 11m. Dorolben WabL, Mra. Mary Meniet. Joseph A. Eaeobedo (eoLX Alex. Mesvttz. Catherine Bauut, Thomas Leslie, esepben Gannon, Mlchotas Bwcetman, Tneodore Krumpslmann. Daniel Peter Uarrttv. Kate Klernan, Harry Hill, Henry U PtUrd, Jon-hthan Camneh, Banhelmy Remand, Adolphe Albert lason, Mary Holahan, Was. Rotbaaa, (corrre i. Rotbaaa. Alice WIIHama, IoU Alex- me tiarna, luiwara tiiven rerwnvon, nsdine Johnson (col.), Jacob Duer, Charles Pfeiffer, Jobs B. Bietry, Joseph Calleja, Giovanni fjstermann, Cbaa. Moaes, John DumfcermBth, Henry uinss, cmue usenax. Exigar w. o. Harrison. Patrick Barrett. Huarh Temaea Antonio Canela. Jamea Bradr. Luther Lona-. George Rllnnaon. T bomaa Daily, Bemud Me-Even. Timothy Rcay.Joba Mayer, Samuel H. Jackson. Joseph Angusttnl, Adwant Tlm- mona, urangar Uugss, Harry Mortaa. Interaaaata mt Meniku Bapt, 9 and 3. Barsh Browa, Elian Carran, M. T. Perkins, Alice w, sasa nania w. Cwveaxad, Price. Mra. Btnrdevaat. P. Pater Malooey, Albania McOorka, John fain- nan, w m. v uev. vr iiua l . asm, can Allen tireea (colored C Ellen Eberhart (teething), Ltllle Wood (colored ), Carrie Lowell (colored h Barle's child (colored), Busan Tmebart (col, red). A. B. Woodward. Char lea Houston ! colored), H. B. Lane, Ilewaxi Paimer eolorad), Kaufraaa' Infant, hlkbael Turley, lohn Buvttb, Mary Johnson (ooaored), Wm, Read (colored), anhaown womaa (colored), unknown man (colored), Jennie Taylor (colored), Hitter (colored), Jama Prlcer (colored), Mrs. Walker (colored), E. B. Barnard. Mlra wautltn (coioredb aoknowa awia, Joha Buebl, frank Weedou, Job. Wendcr. Aaole Keefe. Joha O'Connor. Joha O'Connor, tlsrv Bnlllvan, Lixxle Falls (colored), lartnla Jones (colored , Mollle Slrehl, Moliie Willis ns (colored), Hannah Walea (colored), Monro Jon (colored), M. HoUlpgworia (coloradl, B. Hatv-dersoa (colored), Sua UQ1 (colored), Ander-toe J season (colored), nukrtown man, Henry lioltnee (colored), Mary Jackson (colored), Mrs. tiatecbek. Hewn Btlllsaaa. Charms Ham ilton, Delta Morgan (colored!. Miss Collin. EA Smith (colored t, Ed. Wtuiama (eeSorad), B. Bmtmt (colored), Austin Ked (colored I. Enxa Wat kin (colored). Jerold Jemoa (eo4- vedb Mary Allen (colored), Ellen Cook (colored), Jamee Jscknoa (colored), Innls Grant (colored), Mrs. Craker, Ben McXNiliogh, Mr. Bea McCullogh, smkaown child (eolorad), Henry rrecdmaa, M. bull! ran, Eddie btetsoa (colored), Henry lior-t (eoiored), V croon Cnsmbera (colored), W. C. Barnea, N. D. Meokea. A. (ileason, tlra. Mary H. Katgio, Mn. M. Ocalla. If avr Ortenna Health Rwrt- .sntt of th Board of Health for the twenty-four hour ending H n. HmfA. 8; I from IS w. yawriiav ta I n. ta-Jav.... TT hew eaa bum 1 a. yes-eUsf -1 -.m-Osy... les Tatal csmw ledaw ,tV Total emus ta -am Ie0 BAM L CToevra, SJ. AA- 1 B. T. TaTotOB. at. IK, Seer-uirT. At tSalltpnla. A BXroBTXB' BrrxBIBVCB. tTsterdevl Krantag Kcwa Tha nlaeaa stricken at sa star Joha laiiinil at Louis mi about nt.lssn hum NEW SERIES NO. 3,52ft dwrtag her trip np tba tfree from Mew Or-aae. On her arrival at Cairo aha went tn Bt. Lo. . Ibenea eae came kern. Dnrmg her amy bare a reporter of tbe Evening Mews twice visited her, remaining on board aa boar and a half or two hours. Us found th boat la a most gtthy condition. Walk-Bog back on the lower deck toward tbe etara of th boot, the etaneb from the bihre-watcr tn tb hull waa ao olfenslva aa to aauaeatn him. He hook bands with three yellow-fever patients, two of them yellow aa saffron, and th third fairly afire with the fever, wMtiag tbe latter In bw at ale room and eonvenma with bun. At th time of tow visa th reporter wsa hi bad health, hia ratam full of malaria, with sever headache. Tb visit waa mad a boat 9 o'clock A. u., and owing to Illness tbe te porter had not been bi lo eat breakfast, aad the vtlt was made on an empty elomach. And now this reDortvr submit, that bt physical conatttna waa auch n to raeeiv th poison or yellow fevar If It can be eommunlcaled In this eilmale. ile waa long enougn on tbe boat to be maculated with the ferer if it b aowlarnoua: tba boat waa no better than a fevev peat -house, and yet ha nrtlber took ths disc. nor felt any pbvsieal meonvaalene, a.ld from nanaea. from tha prolonxwd visit bis duty a a reporter renuired him to make. He Is. tberofore, aa enthnsiaa-tic believer In Dr. T 8. Bell' and Dr. Luna-ford Yaadell's theories that vedow fever can But be nenmnn smted in tbie climate. THE riESfDMf'S TOUR. Reception Along the xtnate Thrssak HiacsMaasj Ms max k a . nt Llnrvnid aad JtelotU Chicaiio, SepL 4. Tbe trestdentlal party left for bt. Paul via tbe Northwestern railway at o'clock, without oacmatioa. Onlv a few people were at the depot, owiuc to tha early hour of toe departure. A Buaioer al representative of tbe Chicago ami Las tern press wsre oa the train. 1 BCT.OIT, wrs. Rtloit. Wis.. fVpt, 4. Tba train conlsro-btg ta President aud suite am red at 11:4I A. ., and ithe freaioenl mad a brief aprecb, wltlea ia heartily cheered. Borne three tii mt -ana paopi were at tha depot, tleuatnr Blaine arrived by train from Ft,: Paul about tbe aeono time, and mafia n cilep a pose a, which was alao wall revel veu, Tna mauuttaT'e bxhabxa. B aaauoo. Wis.. Her. 4. The President at Beioil spoke lor about firtaea mmuta, 00 the buaincss affairs of tbe country, cmch In the same spirit that ebamciaed bis brief remarks at Harvard, -ciorwtlnz tb tboturiiu aad showing wba. had been accompusned tn U way of reducing tha pub-lie ,.Uj4 and pulAlng tba fibau-etal aflatra of th tiovarnaavnt Into good business ahape. He made a point on tue great reduction m inter.!, and how by takmsupblgb Intereat bond aad subititutlng low loteseat-beariag bond tb outlook for tha futara wae made brtght. All that waa now nrciLSary waa to maintain tha eredU which tlioy astablu-hcd, by pursuing tb couna ot hoousty, wnicu he felt sure was tbe wish ot every American. Wbra th Prssideat alladed t- n eu. rency of suca rslue as to be toten-hangeable wnn co. a wa auuience caecred ucartuy. At tbe conclusion of hia remarks, tleoeral William aald that tba President aad treated them to a surprise, and marie teaman dmira-b-e hkS, replata with wisdom and food for thought. If tela waa the mult of hia fatigue he hoped tbe President would be so tired aa to make such speeches at every railroad sta tion. Attorney General Devon waa then Intro. dueed, and epoke for about five mlnutea. clueay about lagricuiiural matters. Curiae: which be paid a tribute to the farmer' wires. He aliudod aluo to bis acouainiance with Wia- consto soldiers during ths war for tbe L'nion, eavlug thai braver men ar truer patriots never Dora arms, lie waa very heartily cheered. 1 be party wote next taicen to a Hall on ths groua1 aud served wlLh .a liacJ.oin luuvh, after wb'ch tbey drove to ttie train awauini toem at ths depot. ' rvAsrru.B axi oimni. At KvaiiiTllic and Oregon there sen l.rire erowt. u.l el, aud to a.-b the Prculcnt aad Atlorxey (jensral ad'troated brief rvBAorka. 1 MAoiaox. At Madison tiiere wca anotlier oration ana.Coic t.tiu A committee of dtizent wio bad uet Uie part yj.t i:-.-:.)it, out tJicm Hot!. E. W. Ke.;i3, lt:o lien. (;,. B. Cmiiti snd lr. BarcbarJ, took aliaivn of the inlioiiuciio-i. 1 lie i'r.'ll'. . n 1 Altorofr I - i ml K.,l, siKke, and altudcl to ilia t-ulivriupm lu tlte 5-outb. At eturh cf tae stations n-ciiilotictl I'is. Hjcs xaa caili-,1 for, and ass r-c-iv:.d wita rui -,uz ci.ttrs and pieaant rvauirk. AnHASGXaex-.-s AT T. paii St., rVpt. 4. The ciiy Is in bodsy dreM to Acul ttie rie.ttitM.1 lo mo. ow. a sfilcn'lid-y ilccuratcd triutnpaal sjcii .aliulti .lata iiitm, mrtiuca w:i:ca uc proues.10.1 a ul lisAm. mud bniliunsscil sll tli luain slrerta bclu ray with flags and banting, in al.ll- tlon to the jiroramaia for onlertaiumrul tel-evraplied ;yo.te:dav, Ihe Jtarty wli return Iroia the lair grounue iu time for d-uncr at it-Si1, aud a reception will ba held st Ihe Metropolitan Hotel f 7 to S r. m., at which tba cil liens of bt. Psul snd strangers m the city will have aa opporiuaity to greet the i rclont. Tue speclai tnila on tlie Nonheru l'scillc. which is to take lbs party to BUmarea, wfll be held until 10 t. M. to artora time- fw tntr-partmg rt cept.wa. -A reiuloa ot tvaierxas ol jiiuiuota regiinen: s which scntd te the war wss held here tkls aitarnooa. About hva uuialrat w.'.rs pras-eul. "I ha Tvleraua wi.l fttrm part ot the piocenaion ascoriurg liic rrekli.iit to-morrow. 1 ha, .Ami). MtrtsoB.'Wis.,' Bept. 4. The first stoD rriailc by tlte s;.ial Iruo bearine the Pre,!-dnt for sav Icuith was at llsrvard. Her there was a htr" coneoorsa eA3cmttt1, which grvctci te a;iprocti of the ttaln witii cheer. A. lluribut steoped upon tbe platform, ai.d ktl Uie rrL-siiiciit firtfa-l an l'iutr aluucd biut lo a few ttuclloui worj. tj tbe people. PreilJaat Hires bowsd, sn1 then bep;an to shaite hunts with tho whti l)"ld totlie .-trps. This method wa. aoou auanJuoe J, tba rre-l tra sain: "I VJcnr citlian", I Dod that tills retail w of grccllag you wia rJt nr.K-e, antl tborcofl-. In a general way, I give you a hearty buckeye shake, f Appbuise.l Perhaps this is all I tiecd wav v. but 1 am moved to add a word of an. eoureicmrnt which may ba accented. Af ter Are years ot herd time and ctitarrA s-mnt, I tliiok we may look tor a ciinuce for the eerier ra a re -urn lo a sound currency an! a rcducUun of the public debt. With vart crops on every band. for which tbera ts a steadv demand, we and reasons to lustlfr ns In look ing ror prosportiT. n nave touenco ootiorn. and are now on tne ascending gracie, icueers. It t not alwar aafe or wis to forecast tbe f it tire; but it is my belief that wa hat a new ra of prosperity before as. jfy irieuds. wiin worldly blessings of crops and merearmz purines, wua ucaim added, wi of tbe North have abnndant cause for thank fulness, and I am sure. Indeed 1 feel Its tha aeutlment of every heart, we may and should share something of our bounty to our deeply, aiiltcted and suffering brethren of the South. FeUow-cltixans, there remains to me only to nana you 10. rotr aitention ana ginaiy emetine. I ins? eorrtinned snntansa. I . :r- '.. r. i r. . -t. as tne t-rnsiacut sucfpeti oaca, ueserai nunoui saiu; rxt.txw-crTtZBTS On moment. I wsnt Ton sll, especially tbe good mothers I see before me, to see the face of tha dear lady of the White r ions. 1 Mrs. II sve. wss greeted with applause and waring of bats and handxert hirfs, which sb received gracefully, when th band struck an ad th trsla moved off. The Bert stop' waa at Belolt. where tbe special train was to await arrival of tbe regu lar and give re people an opportunity to see the t'mhletrt. " Caniarea eonved the party to the fair gronnds. where the thoaiands were aseuibled. The Ron. Cbarlee II. vr II Hams, member of Corifrreaa. announced the praaaoee of the President hi a few weB-ebnsrn words, which he hoped would In a sense express the obltga-ttoa they all felt for tb Ttett of th Prestdeat; but ths hsaitluasa of tbsfr greeting would un- dontrtediv oeuar express an oiMigaaon. 1 ne President had aaid tbat owtarg to lb fatlgua lacident to tha reception of Chicago, be would beve to be excused Irom saying much here, and that h would be glad ts bar them talk to him. At this potot Prof. A. L. Chaptn, lastdeot or Belott coliere, stepped rorwaro, aaoi m Da-half of th eltlsaai of Balott welcomed the Presldewt. They extended a exxrdial greatrog -arm welcome, not on (account of the high onto which be adVued, but oa account oi bi high ebaracier aad pur Uf as aeftlxen. ProL cnapiB's tnoate to tna rreerdeat aaa hi administration was very graceful, snd It wee Itaartuy eeeanoed ny tae audience. VERMONT. Further Ttetarae nt tha Htate F; rec ti o a tsreeaaaea ctsaissis Ales ia tha Third CaagreBsioaal Uls- trtet. Slli.i.iiiv.1 .., sjvym. . ucut ua inn. sixty towns Indicate a majority of 17.000 far 1H,M tor Proctor and tbe Kepnbllean Btate tOT-ket, ea a Hgtrt vota. la th frwat and Bec-ond eMrtete Joyee and Tytar are probably leetad bv tbe nraal ma tori tie for off vaera. 1 here la probably no elections tn the Third Aiairtot. In thirty-two towns. Barlow (Ursea-backand bolter) ha 4,8s8; Oront (regular BerahueaB). watertaaa (DemoerstL 1,- 51. ' Bwrltngton siseie a I'sainsisns ttprania- Wwrva Itrvwa Jtim now. Tr.. wiw, A Ba- tnrns from 1W town give the follawteg vote for Uovemor: proclor (Kepi. -7,074. t Blopham ( Dem. I. 12,909. M siting (Oreeo backer), 1003. BesiAIerlnw. 700. vitthiSv. tnwwa to hear from ta 1979 are riTWka(Ban. 1 !.. and Binarbam (Dam.) A7A In tha rtrwt Cunei.sslnnsl district 88 town gave Joyee ( Rep.) b.t; Randall (Dam ) 6,517. la tha Becond district fU town glrs Tytar (Rep. ) 10, lfeo; Dtckey ( Deta. ) tdit la tb Third dUtrict (twelve town to bear from) tbe vote ts: tirout (Rep ). e.OuV; Water-man (I)m.), 8,2vTf ; Barlow (bolter and Green-b.cksr), 8.813. llarlow' friends are eoofldcBt of bla election av a email majority. Tha toww laureaautatlv elected aa far ae known are: Bepabacana, K4: Democrata. 1. Iadspaaitewt. 4; Or.swhsrkta, A la seTerai toww no sholss was aaada. Death l Col. Gillespie. VfoKTIA. Bet. A CoL A. J. flrResrrle. Frssideat of the Cotloa Lxcbacga, atad this Tna dam aire on the etesAiner Hrklson br fire at Kew Orleans Tneaday wa very slight, Cspt, Freemsa refused tbe sslttric of th fir Department, aad exifagulataed the fire wtik bis anv, the avuldlng any alalm af aarragw. - i NOT m C3AMT, Tb Hiaaevota Kepabliean Approra tut Hayeaian Poliey and Con-ivnm tha SaaoentiB ZoBaamy. A.ngelia Conduct of th BBrjabbosm Party Iter Binoa Ita First Breath. A GfeBAr DEXArlfs rOfi Wl.tCI. t. Patx, fcpt. 4. Tba following Is th platform unaaimonelr adopted by th Kepab-ilcan Mta t ouventlon: Tb Republicaaa of the State of Mroaeaole rcsnirm their devotion to the great principle of equal right, personal freedom and Ballon! aolty. to defend and nraaerra wine. tbe bcpublicaa party throughout tbe tni ju was 'called Into beta br an the popular cousiteoo. Acting upon the will of tba people la fumilmeat of ua ealllur. It aaa pteeerred th nation which, nuder th ad-mnl.tratioa of tb Democratic partr. bad be-com hivolved ia civil war. It baa raeooatruet-d tbe nation by lidding lu Constitution of tb element 0f dissolution, thereby forming a mora perfect auloo, astablhuiing lustlra In-eurtng domoatie tranquiiltT, prorkimg for n common delewea, proAuotlng tb gcueral welfare, aad aecuruur th biassmg of bony. It has kept and caused to bo kept the piedced f nth of the nation to lu creditors, whose faith ta IU Integrity made Ha sxistanca posaloie. and to U aouliem and sailors abuse arm urrrerved It. It bss. by a joaicioas mi-tern of (Jovenraarat aid to great erstems of public Imiirovamrat.aaad ready f orsettlcment acree which etahteen ycara sgo ware bcyuud the frontier, but al-lch are now great and mospermis biste. thereby flirnf.binr land to the UndlrM and nomea to Ihe ho tne ices, not in a wlldernesa bot In the midst of dviiizaiioa and re ti Dement which nnder that sralem so-eonrpanied aettMAueots ln.lad of lacxiug behind them., it haa lu all tna Males protected tha rVbt of -every cltiscn, . both the black men snd while, and baa after many year of effort azainst oboselcs ol Inveterate piejudice, secUouai hale aud bitter opposition by lb Democratic irarty, coueummauni nd restored a L Ditm renting Q;,m Uie acqult-cenoa and tre will of a- reeonelted people, and ao louerer enforced by tba awurd It br been demount raicj by IcjwUUfn end In court that tba couatilulioiial nirtit icher tn the liovrraiucut to protect tlie peola i inst monopolies grown puairiul and a- biliary. As a declaration of principle.. Lie Benub-llcaoe of tbe btata of laiAiuasota, la couvan-lltai assimibietl, -tW, lliet tn fforl-A7resi,n. bennony at tbe,IMrrlni the varioua UeiuilM -UeuartmeoU so thst no taint of -crruptii ras upon them: in atnao-cirsting tha primary enuuetl of tb people from Ihe domination of oHlecbobieia; tn ns rciemptiou of the pledge uf civil aervioe reform, and in Its financial measure aud poller, Ibe Admluietralion merit lb ceoadene'e and beany co-operation of Ibe paopi. and we feel no disposition to censure tuat Administration for tba eruberrassmeuU esosed by locidenu and collateral dltHeulllea which are aeceaaarv inaerauu In tba sltusUoa. Ucmaimt. That we believe Ibat tba Is 1th of tSe nation ia pledged to pay iu deMe ba coin, n e urga persistence in Ibe ptulcy of spend r specie resumption, because ws belsrve M to be the policy of common honesty, wise economy and prudent staiaaanaushlp. Wa warn the people again tb doctrine of aa unlimited and irredeemable paprr currency issued by the United Slates as a pernicious delusion; because it ia onconsti- umwu unuer tne oecwaens of the supreme Court of tba Uuited butea; becaus It will unaettia aud betray tba recurve of th eountrv into drmorallxtnx apec-ulatlon; beeausa tt will bear with disastrous foroa npon tbe laboring man by putting Into OfcraUou tb well known law that under eucb carraary the prices ot tue aeceasarira of life rise hi it. while the wagoa of labor risa butt, aud then never tu an equality of punjiiasma power; because under such a policy tbe prices of aarri-reliural products la gxed at and by Ihe gold price ot tba iurvlgw markets, by which tlte fatrncr aril at a gold .Uudard but ia compelled to pir eurrcner .li -c. for ail b buy, tocauaa auch a !icy H conrl-catim and t tb ally of commuuism, is dishonest aud has broue.Lt disa&.er to all nations wuo hare pentcu-il in it. A "t J, That wa demand grt-atcr economy tn rotate cxpensca, and particularly ldo.e incident to Ibe ciiantatt e iustltutious, awl, if ncca.ury, such ieirMlatlon as will ca-.ito to eeajc all co:ubi:tau us by which Inordiiiale sums ara sutilii lo ba secured lo. trios p or-posi. 'ci'r-J, That weerodemn si revotntlonary the e2ort being rojdo by the Dc;uoi-rat.c party to usurp the i're.iUr.icr sjalt;t tho v.-lo of ttio pt-ttai: aul a-tiot the. dc.iau of tli-i tnltoual ly wLicb al cIcctorAl tpictioos lu Hint bw-hali bava been d- ftuilcij aclticd. it' mil: 'J, 1 Uat ae declare it to be til aenso of Ibis tarty thai tbe Democratic partr, under a ia'-sc prctcn-e of crrotiouiy and reform, fcai u-.tu.-ct :jily lmi;iLU-jd tiio cuicieucy uf tbe or my. . ? 1: o;V7, That we commend tho present Plate a loiiaisuation. arxj muUmHUitK these rexiiuiioua 10 tiie juiiguicnt of tuts Mala, wa coutideuiiy a-k Ulc couiibu-ace ui liiear coud-dence. , -TUB BOttlVATlon. 8r. Psm, Sept. 4. Tbe Bepcbllcan Btal convention uiet in M uic ila'l tlii aitemooi and organtd, with Poocrt blmp)n, of Winona, a. e!i!ituian, aud treorrie W. Kti.horlt. ol la1bauii, a seen. tcry. 'j be urusal com-niitlc.a acre aptuuiU:il auj resoiuliuua adopted.' - Ji.tin it, Rarrv, of FarthauK, waa renomi-BateJ by aeeJcrnatlon Icr Asaocuite Jirlc- uf . ILe bupictue C'juil, td batnuei U. Mcbois br acciatnetiow for Clerk- oi th Bupr.u Court. O. P. U bltcorob, of Boehester, th prcsrat tncuiabeut, was Lbu rdnoAulAialAtd tor Auditor of r'ta'.e. rt-cci'.liig 107 vole to 411 iur li, D. Flower, and 4 for P..-W. Trask'. Ihe convention adjourned at S.S3 A. si. THE Fir.tW.?-S TQ-KMAM-WT. Sncce-sfal lanuvnrnlmu nt tThienao c.terdns faesnlt nl xcstetdav'i t:ontcM. C'tiitioo, Pent. 4 Tlie f remcn's t iuma mci:t was (iath(:tcbriiy- aiid ln-aunrstc i to day a lib larger atundauce aud uo et'-ciutuia. Ti e first race waa between lb WW. awswes, of Lapote. aud ttie bates, of Denver. Dcurer cstaaoat sbcatl. but it was declared no race ou avcuuul of IbeAlaxl betug uulskl nine. 1 he next race waa tietween tbe Rnscri, of Aircsiur, tiu, aaj toe ion tieans, oi CharMM- lon. it wa won py iu. loituer. The folibwing race were then run Kldorel- No. U. of Decatur, beat the Key- atones, oi iiocuaiui, ilia. Tbe Woodiiurjv, of M srshsli to wa, la., beat toe Aierta, oi vfuincy. slice. The realties, of Wooslar, O., were bealeo by the Dallas, of South Beud. Tbe WbiuebAATtia, of Kockford, 111., beat tbe Bnoonta, or wwkmm, mico, Tha Codlncs, of Ottawa, 111., were oy tne nouys, oi Aurora, tu, Tbe Colombia, of Starling, ID., war beat ee by Ihe Young Americas, of Tlffn, O. The Peoria -Vo. 4 beet the Wliaon, of Mna-kaeon. Hope Hoe-eart No. I, of Maaaflald, O., beat A.O. , Ol UAIWOiirf. The Alerts, ot big Rapids, Mich., Excelsior No. A of Aurora, III. The snails, ot pawpaw, atiub.. beat Lake so. x. The Rescue, of Dcatnr, III., were beaten by lb Kock falls, Illinois. The Dixon No. 1 beat the Weodbarys, of Msrabslltown. -Tas Eldorsdoa, ot Decatur, were beelea by ao mum, oi ouriroguia, . A. Tbe Ottawa beat iba A mora No. 1. The Deans, of CarjeslMa, best lb Colaax-bto, of Btarilng. Tb Deita, of Sooth Band, beat the Wilson, Of Mnskagoa. Tba Hoobly, of Jackson, beat the nope, of Manaoeld. Tha Bates, ot Dearer, beat tbe Wide A wakes, -of Laporte, lb!t nice being Utetaroo over which the dispute occurred tarty ks the dav.' tbe Tonng Americas, of Than,- Ohio, beat mum i, or ei o-ftier, unm. .. Tba Alerts, of Clainev. AlKh., best the Ex-eelslor No. a, of Auraia. Tbe Alerts, of Big kApida, HlctV, beat lb. aagies, or nooaxcr. Tb C. B. and Q. beat tbe Oaleabnrg. The beat ttasa waa 1:01, by tha Danvar. By tbe teraas ot the programs. tba company making tb best averase Urn la twa rennina- teeta shall racetv th national champion bail eiru a swo-woweteu noaw-carnage, aieael-alated, peeaeated by tha CaeewalT Improved Coopliog Company, of Cnlcago. The belt ahall be subject to eballeage at any nattoeaj toaraament wRhla three yeara, Aa second prise, tbe Manufacturing Company, of Seneca FsJia, N. T.. glvea a two-wheeled nickel-plated hose earl, A nickel, plated play pine Is the third price. Beside to. lour cash prixaa, aggregating ai.ttu. ar effered. IALTIMOIE. Oaoaiae w4 th aaa Agaiae the nwnth Cnralmn Bailrnad Com pa ay , several Jlilliea Uollnre lavelved. ' Bai.ttwobx. Mo.. Bept. A The eaa of Cal-Tia ClaMa aad Cbrla. Uatwood, of New Tork, John Parsons, of New Hampshire. Frank C Eddy and BeaL B. Hatch, of Maasacha-setts, sod others, again! the Mouth Csroilnn Kallroad Compaay. pre ring for aa Injunction to rest rare eriialn boldera of a portto at lb eeoad mcatgag boaKls of the road from dla-poalBg of them, and aa order of court for Ibe appoinlmnt of e Keeetver of the road, waa beBB to-day before Jodge Bond, of tb United State Circuit Court tot th district of South Carolina, riling in Chambers la Haiti. sore. It h) charged by plaintiffs that tba affair of tba road have been mlsmaaeged; that SI I taoiV0Ut, In default of latere! oo tb eeeond mortiraga bonds, aad that a portion ei thess bond was Illegally Issued. Number of psrUcs ar msd defendant! le tb nit, including th Ira. tee ot tbe first-mortraga bondholder, tbs i'sopls's National Bank of (harieion. the Greenville cad t o-tneibte Railroad C'omoeev. aad OAS res. The Issoe trtvotvee aavvral miillona of dollars, aad tram twenty to thirty eminent eounl raoie- ent tb varioua partiea. Tbe argnment lo day waa on tbe enaction of tarladictlon, on a motion dveving tb e-tborlty ot tb court to aa Injunction aad appoint a receiver while Ittltig at ebm-bera, without tb territorial Urmia ol lb 41s-tnet ot South Carrillsa, wher lb ease to Bow pending, aad aald to be ready for trial. Tb s wul be continued U morrow. ., SAKOntKT, 0. wra, nyM4 to ffave afar-dered m White t.irl. Taken treat tha bherifl aad liaag. 8ADrKT, BcpL 8. wm. Tsyior, a colored aw. who Is supposed to bsr murdsred n white girl, named A lire McDonald, waa taken from tha sheriff this renlDg and hung by n aob to a tamp-post. Iba bod. of tba murdered girl waa found ta a field a few mile frca tli cily. Th prisoner started seder tbe essort of the Sheriff lor Norwtik, but ws by lae asob bceacnt back to tba etty, aad, sias swine nmiaiir traaiad, wae hang. Ike Mtnevftte were Bttarlv Ineanabia af i tag the mo or aosng thaw duty. Imiai ettlrene feel the disgraoe which the mo haa) asongas npon tne auy. THE TUir. X Tha Knew at Bfianeaanli. riavr Barn. The first race wa a cap race, running wem takes, 'faille dash. Ncptuaa, of BtlLy wster, Mlna,, woa th race. BUI Dillon wae second. FpOTCwUtioe thlrn. Joe H at At show fourth. Motile McA'anhy SI ta, lla.4.-0l. Muilta waa ta had condiUoa. nas) notwgad. " " SBOOBD BACB. The stallion rae- r a- ,n son Wood for kUmona 1 II Poos ettsr lean a a lisinmi ara a a a Time-fcl'xisi: ii."'' TBUtB) BA0S. Two-fifty slass. laof AW... ... I g lad. Rub g y hDiaii gnma..... . .' j I'raiAaals .i,. a IKter a ItOT-OTOTT "" g f -frrc ; BraAlawl . Tds. 4 a drawn, 4 4 a a 4 TuOTS-ii'li mil.' iriiii, taiJA, Lssti. tea. roraTB bai s, la lb (our-1 ear-old rare. WUkss woa the) r"t and seeond bea la In till HI t and aM. Tba third heat will be IroAled to-Aaorrow. aad Uuckthora were competitor, ' Tho latter waa dlslaactd. 1 Sere war BU.UU people pa tbe erouuua, ealcnlalad by the Cew Icna-al iMmsiilaa. Tho Races at Bt. Paal. arTPrt' t1- nw sUmated Bi.IaIO asscmb d on tbe fair ground, lo-dar. arambyjAaru agaiosa Utaa betag th chtat rrnar ear. The Brat ne waa for rioneanta towed, colt Make, three )r old. it wa won a KwberAer in two lratgbt brala. Time .--j, 51. Kochrsuir is by at a kw lioldaiulla AtKiallah. , ' " xoosp a a en. The second race, r.mmm. wa won be . Tteolford. who look the Br I. eeeoad aad founh brats, itruo i Ji, Saf.-.., :. I .nwl 1 lot look the third heal hi -JiV,. BABl'S. . When Rrro canii ra th track he wa " lou.lly cheered, i licre a i . solus Iroul le yetuu. tit. word for ibe 3ri4 teat Ha broke 7 Waen be got off, he UoUd MeatiUv. wikiug the following time: i.uarrr. J"t. 1:11'..; Ihree-quarca. 1:44.; nil.. SM. 1 be crowd broke orer tn fence In tb bou stretch to welcome lb horse, aad much e thuiUism wa. diet Istcd. In the s-auad beat be ws got of prniuplly, and trotlaA smoothly. Time Oiii,, litt, i:4l-,', S:lti. Tu third Beat waa a repelLioa of Ibe spoood, w ita niucli conlunluu, caused by tlie c.loru uf tba crowd lo (ei near and -cc the lior-a. 1 inn -0-a4 lain, l:4i, a.iet;. CNICA60. Opening nt the late rata te ExpamUesB Vaaterda. CnicAOo. Sept. 4. The Irrsv.UI Expos. Uon openwl to-night with a try larg attead anee, staled by the managers to be Buia Among lbs principal attrartiuaa ar tbs patasa Inra , which exceed to value, aumber and ar ' lists anertt any collection ever exhibited bare, th piaster casts brought from karoo) by Dr. Bcui. Durham, tbe machinery department, and Prof. Henry A. Ward' oh tec U at Batumi history. Tb central Igur of this eoS-lectloo It tba reproduction of tbe great t ibartaa BismmoUl. or Him Eleniuit. labile mot. ebased by blm at BlulljraJt. Tlte rjTatlrg a anda glleea and a half tawt hia-k, and ta twenlv-ala teat ' g 1 b coesuiU. iksislaa x la the bt. PAruuig n-iwinin Every avaiMbt such of epase In tbs great building hi taken, and all the indications puia to the most saaocawsIuI year since tbs -iiaa) lions began here. Ftre mt Alliance, O. CrxTtXAXD, Sept, 4, Ibe Leler A IB aoca, O., special says: . About 4 o'clock tha) alu-rtvioB tba Alliance bagatue taeloe. rrzA etttirely destroyed by fire, iih b. wasawawbi of Hi enaiiie room snd office. Loss, .ai,uuOA biaured for t-'O.liiu. - Tb Tire or!i:luatcd la tbw card ng -room, from fticUou o( tbe uisclunary, ADDITIONAL RIVER AWOWEATHEIa. River Telcffratsc. tWxtal lilffwt-faei to ibe l .--vrcnxaLl Prrim; K-.ii, M" vi i 11 IucIm UmlC tWimixg. WmJ ritiMh kt, i-oV. ClMNISATI, XhjfL BUi WaiTLO lauio.- Rrver Stdiixtt, Tto OKtiiij.xil.'pf- 4 a.t.-mtr fl fewt. S ii ''''wv. v una eisj iw-rt.7 c.uuj. t.,Hr-c-l--4 Mllssir. W. Lou in. Owr'lUUL BTW. 4, NVt- vTtOthi T ePwaf pwtasSUt, AAJ U i'w-wlJa, 12 m. i;.rj,Usii iaTtrimJliiu-.ti PTrASHTriJC fa-Tat. J, Kim.-IXt B!v-r lmjltw i 1-10 fert uo ihe r-ti-ve?. I her mitfl 7A'm. riv-rrw 7 wbi, um, UM C) Lixiia. hu 9Ui.ijm mrnl Caib.t, Ape, tootx-Su torisnh. or drnnmma. Clemt uid urm. r.lRrt, ivpf. 4, Ktobu-AiTlred-vJ. B. W. Kkl, ni'ji. fantr. m p. vt i:t ii fs.ri i imilaiz. (Vn- aUMl arrrr-Tx. -tt. Lnrrtt. 4, N WM.AfTTw1 o'rVfi i .-j.aI., M.iar.i irvmut. l antl s.'jti .ifmv k-wu'a. Uj. r Im sr-a 1 aurh; 11 1 t e l-jri lUtU wUW TAaalaJfe LMJU 90-4 hrtmU TjCT-BrMJ, tVet, el. NVUt.-.irrii.rr.KfJT ff WM' liter wTarxn aud c-ooJf tval lbrcm..0ii:u2 TaJb 0 UmXJ a aVll Urn'MHaV IMC UtMH'- HI. IsqIb. I iinriia;oJil Uifr--, d. Uatf-a iisr ; tm orer unit: u-Sar. UiUuai .u MHMr. Lsur. hutuf C-OUtijr, tAjMi p'nMAIlL. ' wl4ill.wr iudicatiaia WmJI DttTAflTar'aUCT Csflavr S rrn "X, Wtafltr l.jnm. I. C. b-it-a. I a, M.-iirTr tKirrW twal th. 4 ui (v'af-r, t rxr tn- t-irt'u e A.iu 1 1 nirtin$l icifKJ . btui i a, m urt, n Fc-ririr kitttT Iftw nvKn. vvtrrTift, t--1"T -nBTtef Wtfm hcr. tNKnai ram, . !'. J t-i cS-r n. fga. jr. w--it4t" wlrxl-v wwfij 'fa-'kia t pf- w. Iur Uit DptM r (ak n-rf, uri- r Uf .nf -rg ' anjw-r M s-t-yuil :.'. e r r uant? ori.t y mwrnHw tar, warn, rxtti.ficrly iDt( fo lipd ;u t ir-r ta gu af tOtrtt hi ihM.O LshVTvtQa-, tO-mldf jftlaaf wti.fl. i.i ; nttn. Toe nTiwrg win mrnctn d'"jt Btvlwtr. CLOTH. KC. -I. W. OAK HALL, '. THB Birr AND CilBArL.r 1 " e . w. : ?S: ilCIothinff IIouso tv. if.i Fob Men and Boys. w tv, tv, tv, Al I.QHN WANAMAKER. . tv. 1 . . 1 1 Csr. r-xrls sst Ittrt StA COAL. PITTSBURGH COAU 9 Cta, r r bar rdor-e ihe prtreef Pit ti -.i immi. tf (est to Biae tent, per -u.r4 4el..rsS a ossrry wvua. .1 ear s srhAor. t' .r a4 Itl.e. ... Prdrrrl la Ik dtf r l raUrua. t -aB Ssr at iaima Oatrw- fAaaih weat Car. Third aad Wash at ext. fatxa-tsray irMiLktA I ----------- ssxewn CMOCERICS. G nOGERIES. T s Orrrts tiale as Lots. est Markr! L alrm 600 bug Bio Coffee; -100 mats Old OoT't Java Coffee; 100 Lfiiiuaj-ra I'vBbb; S00 bbla Yellow ReQatd Sagar; 100 bbUCrnahed.Fawdrretlajaj Graaulated Sagar; . 25 khds New Orleans Nacar; 100 bbls Choice N. 0. Xolas-esi 100 bblhSrraps.TarloBscradana S00 kefffi LI t arb. Soda; 1.000 ketrs NatU.asst'd slies, SO Hal fCheats Tea; 200 packatjes Tobacco, rarlou trades. ; A larae lnit f Cta-af aat wssv efir aHS- Sot io iiotmvsi a iesUOTa. Wa eesr sawslal k - FURMIBHIMO GOODS. 1 DI-S .Waisiitta Unlan.ilii.1 SHIRTS I atrial f Binsst la swry If Dm. T ao. si 4 II. J LIIKN OOLLAJAB.. m-ruw CLrrs. 7 WAR-LEU m MERJUIX tt Bnnb Bt. wiryTTS.A-tl puatrt.Ao. PULLEYS, i SHAFTuiG, HAKGERS.-13. IBD gOB UST. TiTT yV I IVCiXill afc CO. fsU Trt-tiaTnnf EAHDI7MS Lsc.1, Ke:.-, Eis, rilr-.T:::-, ti A. IIcBRIDFS 02:: TS TWIra a, mm 1 1 e i MUtarivu. st.

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