The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 24, 1952
Page 8
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWt Big Three Ministers To Meet Adenauer on Final Details of Pact PAIUC UH — The French Cabl- Mi hMlndcd Foreign Minister IMMi ahMnaa today to rrtuee t» rifn MM W«( German P»«c« ulini u4 tbe European »rmy feMty ual*M certain French con- i are met. BONN, Germany <* — L » « I Mknta Fr«noh objection* Miatr- fti M»ne-pow»r taUu here today •• eouptettoii of tbe Allied-West F«*ce contract. u^inp'O at Big Three for- inlUlliin wat held up an wM* France'l Robert r»c«trt4 U*t-mlnute from Farh by lele- He WM Reported to have »• French cabin:!'* on Ibe pbrttfaK of Ihe pto- BHifeb-Amerlcan guarantee •*•!••* We«* Oernuny break- hv orti ot Mw Bll-aatton F.uro- peaa PituMii Community RDC, a ltnk«i> clowty alUtd with tbe pe*ee contract. JUited xmrcec hen uU the French were kwMtng. Ibte ir»ar- aatnn be itrenffttiened before «M7 will ooMtnt lo >4*n th« a»«ce con*c»cl with Weit Ger- Kttediled the dtlw* conference had been hi e*w4oa »ory an hour ha« to leave Britain'* Mboar EAen and AmeHca'I Dea> Achwoa aialn to talk lo Fartt br telephone. 1W« «er»ed U delar a mtrtlaf planned for thfa aMenoon by the Bi« Three mmhtera and Chancellor Knnrad Adenaur. BOWK, Germany M — The Big Three foreign ministers meet Chancellor Konrad Adenauer today to Iron out final details of the pact to ally 18 million German* with thg Weet and to discuss mounting 80- vlet oppodtlon to such an alliance. The long-awaited pence contract which will give West Germany a key spot In Free Europe's defenses agttmt Red aggression Is lo be signed Monday by the diplomatic leaders at the United States, Britain, France and the Bonn republic. Tbe Big Three then will fly to PariA to atgn a companion European pact Tuesday which will put •one 400.000 Oerman troops Into a united European force one million men. Firat Meet In Germany Today's conference marks the flrut Big Three foreign ministers' mteMng oh Oerman soil. The last time the Allied ministers met Adenauer wa* ai the London conference laat Wovemoer when they ap proved Uie genera! agreement de fining future German-Allied relations which laid the groundwork tor tie pe«oe oontracf. U.S. Secretary of State Acheson, British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden and French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman were to confer with their high commissioners for Germany before the afternoon session with Adenauer. Briefing Ii Planned The commissioners were to brief the ministers on the still unsettled potntu in the peace contract which they must include in this last minute porlty. These points include the date when the pact becomes effective, the name It is to carry and (he •tatua of Belgian and French armftd forces in Germany before the six-nation European nrmy is formed. Tlie Western ministers were expected to cover a wide range of European problems In addition to the peace contract during their talk with Adenauer. The probability of further Russian moves to checkmate the West German partnership with tho democracies was .slated to head the list of extra problems. Stifled Woo Germanl Tlie Russians are wooing the Germans with proposals to reunite their divided country and threatening them with civil war If they Join the Went. The three minister] arrived here lale yesterday, expressing hope that the work they are lo complete will bring peace and security to Europe. Acheton carne from Washington In President Truman's personal plane. He was accompanied by ambassador - at - Large Philip Jessup. Two Are Flown In Eden and Schuman flew In from Strasbourg where the leaders of six West European nations have Just put the finishing: touches on the EDO pact. As the foreign ministers assembled, both the peace contract and the European army treaty were belnjr assailed Inside West Germany and across the' Iron Curtain Irom Berlin to Moscow. Both pacts must be ratified by the West German Parliament and the legislatures ot all the other countries involved before they become effective. In Berlin, East Genmny'a Parliament cleared the way for possible formation of a Defense Ministry. Informed quarters speculated that the Communist government may retaliate against tha peace contract signing by organizing such a ministry to direct a full- fledged Wehrmttcht. Commodity And Stock Markets- N«w York Cotton A T and T Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Coca-Coin Den Eleclrlo Gen Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Central Int Harvester J C Penney Radio Socony Vacuum Studebaker Standard of N J Texas Corp Sears U S Steel * •Mil 69% 55 SO Hi 191's 33 '/ 38 3TY, •n 65 V n 53V. 381, Arkc State Hospital To Take Bids On Equipment By Th* AuocJaicd FreW LITTLE nOGK—The Arkansas Suite Hospital will receive bldi on contracts totaling $17,000 to repair and replace equipment at its three state unlt«. The expenditures, authorized by the Institution's Board of Control yesterday, will Include »2e,500 for Installation of a mlll< process- Ing plant and $19,000 lo paint five ward buildings at the Benton unit. Some 115,400 will be spent at the Baucum unit, Including cost of milk and bottling equipment. About »13,000 will be earmarked for equipment at the Little nock unit. Pair Chaffee FT. SMITH— Two soldiers, arrested In connection with a Greenwood, Ark., service station holdup, escaped from a Camp Chaf- feo .work detail near here yesterday. The Camp Public Information Office Identified the prisoners a* Pvt. Ralph E. SUllninn of Little Hock and Pvt. James W. Baker of Sleubenville, O. Holt to Open Drive LITTLE ROCK—Gubernatorial Candidate Jock Holt says he will open his campaign at. a rally In MacArlhur Park here. He said the exact date has not been set. Holt,, who Is making his second bid for the Democratic nomination for governor, will speak tonight at a hometown celebration in his honor at Harrison, Ark. FFA Mett June 9-1J MAGNOLIA — The Arkansas Future Farmers of America will hold their annual 3-day convention here June 8-11. Man Diet of Injuries LITTI.E HOOK—Homer L. Blazer of near Jacksonville died in a Little Hock hospital la.rt night of injuries suffered Monday In an automobile accident neaj: North Little flock. 96 to Be Graduated MAGNOLIA _ Southern state College will award degrees to its first 4-ycar students here Juno 1. Ninety-six seniors are ijraduatini; from the college, which formerly was a 2-year school. Soybeans Sep Nov Jan High Low Close 301-T, 299 301 2871, 285 2BT; 280 278','< 2'10-fi 281Vi 279}i 281'A Army to Buy Camp Land WASHINGTON —The Army tj going lo buy Ijack 3.788 ncres of litiKl at Citnip Robinson near Little nock. Ark., for use as a temporary camp—In cuse of a "future emergency." Tlie announcement, which carne yesterday, emphasized that the Army plans to station no troops at the cnmp at this time, but that rands, utilities and a railroad spur will be reconditioned In the area. -r- NOTICE Notice Is hereby given that a hearing will be had at the next regular meeting of the City Council nt the City frail at 8:00 P. M. I June 10. 1952 on the Petition ot Elliott Johns to construct a building on the rear of Lot 1 Sc 2 Block 4. | Davis Second Addition, said bulld- Inp to be used as a Service Station. All persons Interested In this cause should be nt the hearing. City of Dlytlicvllle SATURDAY, MAT M, HM Administration Seeks to Regain Some of House Foreign Aid Cut . .. By RUSSELL BRINES . WASHINGTON 1*1 — Administration leaders opened an attack today to restore some of 11,131,400,000 th« Hous« cut out of President Truman's foreign aid program for next year. The evident hope waa th»l the Senate would go easier with the pruning knife. Overtones of the presidential campaign were obvious as the House chopped the big aid bill from the »7,000.000.000 Truman asked to 16,182,600,000 before approving It last night. The roll call vote on passage was 245 lo Ho. Two floor cuts, sponsored by backers of Sen. Taft (R-Ohio), lopped 126'/i million dollars from economic aid for Europe and the Tar East. The House also approved slashes ol 11.010.900,000 in European economic anrt military assistance made previously by the Foreign Affairs Committee. Reductions Overridden The Taft backers overrode (he more moderate reductions pro- nosed by supporters of Cien. Dwlght D. Elsenhower, the senator's main opponent for the Republican presidential nomination and retiring commander of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces. Speaker Rayburn made one of his rare speeches In' the closing debate to declare that "every time we reduce the defense program ol our allies, by so much we reduce our security." He said Russia now has taken air superiority from the United States. "This is not an election year in Russia," he said. Mutual Security Administrator W. Averell Harrlman, a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, said the House had We installed the flooring in REDDY KILOWATT'S new Electric Home! - 111! We're prowl to have bad thr opportunity of Installing (be flooring; in Kecldy Kilowitll's Klsclric Mnino. TiU-Tov :isphall lilc was used in Ihe den iml Klor-Kver plastic inlaid linoleum covers the kitchen. V/.T. SHELTON "taken upon itself to undermine the' Idea of mutual security." Handicap for Achefion He Implied that the vote would handicap Secretary of State Acheson In his efforts to negotiate a final contractual agreement with West Germany. Acheson Is now in Bonn, Germany, for that purpose. W. John Kenney, deputy director of the Mutual Security Administration, said the vote will mean "the loss of European divisions, aircraft squadrons and naval units which wa cannot afford to lose." Kenney called a news conference today to elaborate. His remarks were expected to be beamed at senators' ears. The House measure now goes to the Senate which will resume debate Monday on its own $0,800.000000 foreign aid program. Proposals already have been made lor cuts ranging from half a billion to one billion dollars more. Differences In trie House and Senate bills must be ironed out later in a conference meeting. In both measures, (he sums are only authorized for Ihe fiscal year start- inn July 1. The actual appropriations svill be made later. Democratic absenteeism and support by a bloc of Southern Democrats gave the Republicans temporary control of the House during critical voting yesterday and Wednesday. These were the main issues: A floor cut of J61S.300.000 In economic aid to 11 European nations, passed by a 221 to 131 roll call vote. This was added to 5181,900,000 trimmed by the committee. The reductions left 51.022, 000.000 for the program, called "defense support" because It is designed primarily to simulate European war production. 'Scientist X' Must Answer To Charges WASHINGTON IX — Joseph W. Weinberg. accused as "Scientist X" who slipped atomic secrets to an alleged Red spy, must answer charges' June 2 that he lied when ho swore he had never been a Communist parly member. The 35-year-old physicist was arrested in Minneapolis late yesterday after a federal grand jury in Washington returned a three-count, perjury Indictment against him. | Weinberff expressed surprise at the indictment taut refused to discuss the charges. He w/;ts released on $10.000 bond after appearing before u. S. Commissioner C. O. Lundquist. at Minneapolis. SCHOOL (Continued from Page U "Aida." W. u. Tornmcy, principal of the high school who presented the graduating class to the administration and to the audience, recognized (he class valedictorian, Bobby Orsburn, and salutatorian, Charles Klnningham. Four other seniors. Patsy Cla- vcrt. Wayne Crouch, Dixie Sution, and Charles Klnningham, were given recognition for maintaining perfect attendance report* during 12 years of school. Mr. Nicholson also mentioned Ben Young, who has never been tardy to school. Platform guests at the commencement exercises were Miss Rosa Hardy, Mr. Tenancy, the Rev. Mr. Mc- Qhehey, the Rev. Mr. Mtessler, Mr. Reid, Russell Hays, Charles Langston, Mr. I'ryor. Murray Smart, Mrs. Hiram Wiley, Clarence Moore and R. A. Nelson. Negro Deaths Lou Garrett Services tor Lou Garrett, 92, who died Thursday at her home on South Elm street, will be conducted at t p.m. Sunday at Anderson Chapel Baptist Church in Marked Tree by R e v. Prenliss Hines, pastor. Burial will be In Marked Tree Cemetery v/ 11 h Caston Funeral Hoine in charge. Survivors include two daughters, Junita Johnson of Blylheville and Bessie E. Scales of Detroit: and one son, \V. S. Garrett of Little Rock. Attend Board Meeting State President Charles Moore ol BlytheviUe and several members of the Junior Chamber of Commerce here left today to attend a meeting of the board of directors of the Arkansas Junior Chamber of Commerce in Little Rock this afternoon and tomorrow. FINA FOAM the Newlj- r^Developed Babble ^ Bath for : Fabric], Ru Fine and '^Upholstery doea a jspeed; foam -\—i,.....*-^^ '- • J \fta, jgpcleaning job. ARKANSAS PAINT & GLASS CO. 105 E. Main rhone 2272 Russia Blocks German Roads FRANKFURT, Oerrruny I* _ Russia closed three roads between East and West Germany today and ordered two more closed tomorrow in » menacing drivs. against the Bonn Republic's alliance with (he Wcsl. Backing up Communist threats that signing the Bonn peace contract Monday could kill chances of German reunification, the Soviet orders left only live out ol ten Interzonal r o « d crossings undisturbed. Fight in Washington ,_ SPOKANE. Wash. If, - A bitf«|T fight for Washington's 24 National nepublican Convention delegates opened today with supporters ol Gen. Dwight D. Elsenhower, apparently in control, claiming he'll win as many ns 22. FARM LOANS You Can Pay ANYAMOUNT at ANYTIME from farm in com* without penalty < Thu Famouc FARM INCOME PRIVILEGE it written into your note when \mi hnre n loan from TERRY Abstract & Realty Col 213 Walnut Phone 2381 Mortgage Loans of All Kinds FLOORING CONTRACTOR Logan and Wright proudly present another in a long series of "Lo-Righf homes LOW COST - BUILT RIGHT by LOGAN AND WRIGHT Afternoons: 2:00 'til 4:00 Evenings: 7:00 'til 9:00 Open For Inspection - May 25 thru May 31 This Beautiful New "Electric Home" at 816 Illinois Avenue Be sure and see this beautiful new ranch-type home, the 211th "La-Right" home built by Logan and Wright since 1948. Low cost, built right — are two important features you will find in ail our hornet, and w* cordially invite you to inspect the workmanship and design of this modern new "Electric Home" during the coming week. Open for your inspection, May 25 through May 31. Afternoons —2:00 'tit 4:00. Evenings — 7:00 'til 9:00. Logan and Wright In Business to Help You Own Your Own Homt Logan and Wright Logan Finance Corporation Let Us S«rv* You Contractors Homt Lo«M

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