The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1931
Page 8
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.'AGH SIX _m.YT[J£yil U'V .•tyi'K > rol'i'lf-'l: K'KV," THURSDAY, AI'Ril, 10. Chicks to Joncsboro Friday For District Meet 'o Organi/o Nnv Tennis (llul) at Mcrliiiji; Tonight 10 BEKJIT OF LSSMEflR Bur O'lrls 'Are A«ainst Local Thin Gads: Paragoukl Joneshovo Look Strong. HODCful of repeating their trl- umnli of lust y«ir but wtih IN nsninst tliein. the BlvtVrvillr fchool Chlrkasiws will t^in Jon^shoro tomo'TOr: It In tl>« ii'inml Piirlh pnrl Held me«' lo hi •CrnlalvMl county capital nnd Saturday. • with l'ic m~!t list vnar nt rv In tf-:Wvc J««lilpii -In; In wilr"-|pi • i i Aonin- PfU lir ti the mini* "IM in) >n- Ti. F I 1 "1CKS I .o^r; Mt>ai!l , I n.s. Rarons. Mnrincs -and Vo!s Work Ton Innings. A m-'eilnt or jiiosi:oct!vn mem- ti'is cf I)'.: 1 Rlythoville Tennis cinb v 01 be hold trni?!il i.t T~A5 o'r.lm-k Walnisl street. a' ihf oilk-e of the Tcrrv-Wnrth- ! inMon rule r.cuipxny, 2i:t West' T.'-mils courts (Hi • properly a.1- ' Soil8lCI':> :c!nl:iy tin' National Gu.n-.l Ann-' ory Lire plunneil by the (.; the r!iib. fiho-.vrr baths uniti drrsshv^ rocjns of the nrmury wl:l : be available lo: 1 HI-inbc-re iif thr: ilub. rci:oidliii; to Wi!:,on Henry. with the Boston Braves and Cubs. | the ninth spelled victory for the The Senulors, no respecters of Yankees bringing in Dickey. Old' Burlelgh Grimes was In person, showered down on dear old George Earnshnv while Had- rare form yesterday nnd lie kept STANDINGS ley \sas bumping the Macks olf ' Hie Cincinnati Reds thoroughly! as though It was all a mutter of I subdued while his males, l!ie Car- j Lltt!e Rock routine. After EarnlB went, lo thcldlnals, won 4 to 0. Lucas pitched , Ncw Organ showr-rs the Nats nibbled at the -good ball fur Cincinnati but net Birmingham Southern League W. . Pet. • offerings of two other pitchers | iiood enough with Grimes In top bm ft 1 10 ! margin beats even the I form. clininps. The Brownies of St. Louis continued to defy gravity by trouncing The Phillies crowded, a lot of action Into the second timing scoring sjirec of eight, runs to win a Count- i llle l )clroit 'risers for the second bull game from the Olanls 10 to V^V/lll II • | . (..„(.. I,i ,(.*,*. fi *„ A C>i r* If, ^,. • , . ., _, ... promote^ j Grimrs Shuls Out Reds, straight time, C to 4. Sam Gray held the Tigers although allowing bits while Waltc Hoy I T I p i i r> I C mem i* mis wmie wane uoyi Johnson I'ailS I 4 KCCl OOX|fnll«l 10 keep (he Brownies' blows The Washington Senators evened liie Athletics yes- llunip llndlev held the trr;'fiv scattered. The White Box from Chicago pulled up on even terms with the Indians bv trouncing ' Cleveland 7. Chuck 'Klein continued his heavy clouting. Dudley was the winning pitcher. Larry Seltold held the heavy Chattanooga Atlanta Nashville Memphis Mobile I 1 1 0 I) 0 National League W. St. I/)Uls Boston .. Chicago hil'.lirj Brooklyn Robins to eight New York . singles aifcl the Jloston Braves won Philadelphia their second straight game 9 to 8. Cincinnati . The liraves hit the ollcrings of Brooklyn 'Pittsburgh American BroTdon. Mar OMck hurcllw iir' pole vaiilt'-r. »'ho later wns hiq h point mfn in tl'f st^t? meet. T ] --fi7- don erartinl?'! U? 1 vmr as 'Hd p number of ctlnr vars'.tv Tii'rfn-ni- ers. Amour '.lie nccs ml'sliw thl' year nre -Tom E?coy. tllrnln^tlv" MirslnU. u-el^bl lesser and F r lt 7i i's. brnad innipsr. . In'j. T. nri\|f. hlsh i"'".' mi" in the recerl mini ni"ft irilh borrv T0"i Short nnd B^:H'n jnvelln testers, and Pflte nnn. Coach .l->n"?- The I.litlf lio.-k Travelers did |( nil over nnalti vpsler-liv for Ihe edi- flralicn of the Avknnvas canl'n' fins. They defentcd lh« Mcm-i'il' ClilcVs for Ih" Frrnirl Ftvilrlit llm- n;i the s"CDnd slrcliln mvilllT dT- S to 7. All -lanifs in '.!'(• UixH Irr" t\Are rlcFfH- cnnles'.e;! v"sio v fi<iv \v'l-'i the TT\-, reniilrhii.' 1C Inniii 1 "' win over Mnljlle. tbe nucleus fnr his smiad this yciv. * Voh (l! . :IU 'i.i.. in 1(1 stanzas, the- 1'eb wtrlii dmni]:io:is lo four hits while | 7 '<• 6 - l!al McKaln got cmlit | !!o!lls Thurston lustily. In the National Icaatt: the crown j ! ° r thc-wlu although Caraway pit- Rogers Hornsby's home run in v.ciuli!!' Cardinals IjrecMcl through chrd elrihl innings. Averill .horn-1 liie fiftli stanza gave his Chicago v.-illi llidr I'cui'.il win in ns many croU lor Cleveland. .| Bruins a B lo 5 victory over the New York tames will ulil liurlclijli Grimes \vlillcw.iyli!] J the Clnchmiitl Heds. l-'.i « ycrk :i:l Hi. I.ouis were tTic cnlv Anierl an loop teams lo keep .. 1 .. 1 . 0 .. 0 . . IJ jiic W. | Sunday Ball Loop For S. R. Missouri Planned at Jlayti 1.000 .500 COOTER, Mo— Tlh? Ki'ilheas 1 .500 Mlsfoisri Surdav Amateur fiasebnl 1 .030 j League was organized last nishi .00] | 'n i mcei!ri7 at Havll. Ten team 1 .(101 will b^ included in the league .namely. Iiavti. Cooler. Sloele. Ho! p,,, jland. Braqundoclo. Pascola, Dcnlon j d'oj j Wardel!. New ^fadrld end Lilbourn 1.000 : 1.001 i .500; .500 .000 i .009 ! .co: Officers c of the Lea»uc ay e Mr. Coster. Hayti. president, Charles Jenkins, Stcele, vice president. Olficlal oiKnlr.B of the league will be Simday, April 2Clh with Ccct:r it Wardcll. Holland and Coder will play an exhibition game at Cooler. Sunday. Officers of the ocal club arc Lois McCp.nn. president, Glynn Whito, viC3 president iml C. A. Gillen, manager. American alr-lransport linos in 1330 canle-J 335.910 pa«sciv = 'ers. a:i increase of 133 per cent over W). Fanning for Hosion Every time a Red, Sox failed to hit. he struck out yesterday and the ynnkccs barely managed to perfect records for the Iwo days | tiluui]>h 8 lo 7 despite 14 strikc- of ]i!:iy whili! the Heel Dlrds shared j ouls bji Henry Johnson. Babe place honar:s In the National [ Uulh's Ions lly In the last half of Pittsburgh Pirates. Smith was st. Louts the winning pitcher while Will- . Philadelphia oughby was the victim of sharp hitting by Hornsby and Slephen- Courier News Wiml Ads Pay. WashliiBlon Cleveland Chicago Detroit Boston I/!"' j 1.000 .501)1 .500, .500; .580 | .000 .000! Planting Seed For Sale Mis-Do! No. 2. (ffl SSO.OO per ton, IVfos !H1, @ per (on. f5t«t Kiiiivaiilnrd ))tire and germination lp«t 98'^. Tliis Mis-Dol is one year from Ijfccding station. Staple I 1-8 inch, ttiivds ilscll 1 . Tile mo:-:t satisfactory cotlon I IIMVJ over ijrown. Prices F. 0. B. Grider. Maj. F. P. Jacobs G rider, Ark. number or vonnsslers have -Icvel- nn nf l rp'^'dlv f hts F r asnn and m.iv tolsler ttis ChirV tfim Eiidlrlcnl!'-' to pitn sweeostske honors. This 1.-: doubtful, however, us the Chick' 1 l^olini M?mi>liis in t^n ro\:t\''s and Ihe Crackers nlnnlni; n claull'i" f"st, frcm the Lookout? In nine innings. The Travelers irad lhr"e Dltcher.e lost to Jon n sboro in n rUnl meet ^ trinmnh m-ir Mis otter IhR Hurricane had bit tn U^,,,.,!,^. v:ll ., mcldenhilv'were last Ivor's rhain:>s. The flnil srnre svn^ S lo 7. Ri-.lfe-n scii-::l t'-o wl"- run ^s Hell. M'.'ii^p^is oul- ^r, niivd tnc with a single bv Pa'nociild in n similar event. T1-" Jollowill" (rnrk mO'l v:'V rjrobabtv m^ike l*~ n trln tn Jnn nl ;horo: J. T. O-al-r. Bnbbv HUT.';. Ti-n Short. Pcle Crai7. R. A. jNclso-i. Till 1 . SECJIV. Fislnr. Alexander. Brocks. Christian.'Wc.stbrcfit;. .Takers. Tate, Brosdon. TiDlon and Bed: . Preliminaries will he stitr*:! ti- morrow nnd the finals will b? nu Hirrv Sirol^m. Nctt'som vais tlir Tho Ne\v Orlenns Pels keot nlom- sl'le tlv Tinvcler.- with their sw- r:n:l slralclit v.iu nt (lie cxi'-nsc of ^!o l lile M'iriuc'. 11 to , I I '• .mT - lln: IMIIIIJC--. Jl IU , L !•••' I'V' .off Saturday. 1 hs meet will b= s<iR-,,„,„„ fnll ,,.,, 0: , fil | r i v C ,-PII trrn.- cd nt (He Arknims flute rMnc ,„. n ,, )0 ,„„,„„ bal „, j..., ,,,,„„ field near Jcncs'joro. A number o. | „,„ L ,., u , )ni ,| rouprl oll , rml „,.. P r h Blytheville students will accoinrjany ths trac'^ nnJ llte.ravv -trims (if th" local schools anil several otli?r Mississippi coiinty iiclioah will have ?n- flver'^RtVluliii tries In the various event?. ' five run*. Gllatta w 1 . A NICE ./^ FOLLOW- THROUGH IS ATTAINED By WHAT ONE DOES BE FOR WOT AFfcR "^5 SrlOt IS M\DE.! - TrtS SKfcTCH \ s SHOUTS tio(rroM\ SMITH'S pcRrecr/jj credited with the victnry. riie Iiiivctis aixl VoK flight r D»ll with the p'">a 'loiifull in 1(1 liinlnvs. Th° Vol> trrt liusv in the seventh l.o score n! 1 six of their runs nfter tralllin: for si^ Innincs. MoorC; smacked a homer for t':c Barons. The r>n'jV!il("i frmr! A'.V'litn nroverl the !)?.•;( hatstr.eri in n Mu?- fcst nnd clcfeat"(l Clntti!ioT»ri's lookouts, 14 to 10. Cnrlyle of ih: Ci'ax' amt^ 'litnnions of tlu IjODk- ouls led the hitters. T!if hunip.;i eye can see stars live tisics ris iaint as the dimmest pho- to-ulrctric cell will detecl, j the drive is alTcctcd by w^at one I does before, not utter, the shot is 'made. A nice follow thrmi^h can j be attained by keeping the clnl)- •hend low nnd close lo tho grovivl s\vlnf>i;in out alons the line of 111 Oil Ihe result bt-ln i - a clean hit^lit hall. © NEK Bobby Jones says nothing can done to improve Eh? shot after "\\i? ball is hit. The follow through en HOME THEATRE last Time Today - R1TZ THEATER Last Time Today Sophist U-at<l! Modern! Guy! l^ 1 Re i . 1 / —N. / Htn^Tii ti j " f II lAS-'Ull QOLD^^S i V///C D€VI1. 1.-. -!3 A>7II'I »icri.i! Bodil Rosing nnd Olive Borc/cfl) in "Hello Sister" Sufficiently scandalous wilh Its youthful deviltry to provide a lot . of merriment. : I I \\m A story of sheiklsh Sheiks, fllip- i B \] L?E pnnt Flappers, wiid parties, petting,' P,/ ' if5i auto courtship and—what have you? ! Adm.—JIatinee and Night— 10 and 25c. i lOMTTA YOL-ts'G A (ieparturc . . . something new in pictures. Gay devilment . . smart sophistication . . delightful romance. Ro:iald Col in an In a finnrt role tn his sninrtcst picture. The most up-lo- the-mlmile enter-' tainmcnt of the i season. Coming—"EAST LYNNE". i Adm.—Hatincb—10 and Night—15 and -10c. I Remove carefully the ITumidor Pack frnm a package of Camels iintl fill it with water.'If vow liave iiol injured the seal at the corner you will, note that it holds the water perfectly without leaking. . Now make Ihe same lest wilh the ordinary Cellophane or glassinc wrapping found on other brands. See how quickly the water seeps through jmd escapes. Cigarettes in prime condition have a mahturc content of about 10%. Il icill ba seen by the ('.hart lluit cigarettes in the ordinary icntppctl jHicktixei lose mtirc tliun Jmlf ttf llivir total moisture in thirty tlttys and thut only tltn Cnintl Ilumilior Pud: tlflii'Cra cigarettes to you in uriiiiu condition notmoistwre ophune that D O NOT bo misled by a mere shiny wrapper. The Camel Humidor Pack should never be confused with either the glassine or the ordinary Cellophane wrapping sometimes found on oilier cigarettes. Our Humidor Pack is made of moisture-proof Cellophane, which cosls nearly twice as much as ordinary Cellophane and is air-sealed at every point. Il is not pul there merely to catcli the eye lint to> perform a real service to the Camel smoker. Because il Is both air-scaled and moisture-proof, it keeps Camels always in mild, factor}- prime condition. Il also guards the cigarettes within from contamination by dust or dangerous germs. As you light a Camel fresh from the Humidor Pack, note how mild and cool and easy il is lo your throat. Compare ils fragrant mildness wilh the bite and burn that comes from the smoke of a slalc or dried out cigarette. Everywhere today people are talking about the new delight they have found in this blend of choicest Turkish and mellowest Domestic tobaccos. Remember, Camels are the only cigarettes in the true Humidor Pack. Switch to Camels for just one day, then quit mem tomorrow if you can. K. J. RFTTNOLnS TOBACCO CO. rrinilon-Setlfm t .\. C. ©1111.R. CAM E LS

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