Rapid City Journal from Rapid City, South Dakota on April 23, 1950 · 13
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Rapid City Journal from Rapid City, South Dakota · 13

Rapid City, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 23, 1950
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Sturgis Mayor Woman Overcame Stiff Obstacles Br LOIS MILLER STURGIS "I owe it to Sturjju because over period of 27 years' continuous residence Sturgis has been good to me," said Kate Sol dat. nawly elected mayor of Stur gis, when questioned as to why she decided to come out for mayor of the town. "And, anyway, I didn't do tha deciding. One of the city alder men came to my house one day and said I was 'it. At first refused, but he said they had been trying for two whole months with out success to get a candidate to come out for mayor," Kate said. The position is honorary. Feeling the least she could do was to accept, she agreed and tha alderman put her petition over quicker than you could say scat. Kate has extensive real estate holdings, also operates a business that Is unique in many ways. Come right down to it, Kate's rise to sucess is unique in itself, for she has arrived the hard way. It was due in part to "grit and gitup," but also her farm, friendly personality was a good deal responsible. The instant you step into her place of business, known as Rush-More Ads. it is probable that you will see Kate in her office, and she takes time to call out a cheery greeting and smile happily at you, even though you can see her through the doorway. She has the knack of making you feel that up until that moment she has been on her toes, looking for you to come in. Tha Nebraska - born Kate came to Deadwood with her parents when she was two years old. The Main street of Deadwood knaw the pad of her feat as she struggled to get her education, walking a mile to school. She graduated from the Deadwood high school. Several years prior to graduation she was employed Saturdays and in vacation in Henry Fraw-ley's law office, and the minute she graduated she became his full-time employe and she remained four years. It was then she went to Sturgis to work for Harry P. Atwater, mayor of Sturgis for 26 years, and Kate held that job for 13 years. Out of IS candidates she was aelectad by Circuit Judge Frank Gladstone as court reporter for five counties. Years melted the way they do if you're busy and happy, then a firm in Rapid City suggested Sturgis should have a credit bureau. They asked if Kate would be interested, and the ambitious girl was right up on her toes. For a time the outcome looked dubious for the town, as usual, had not a single business location available. But Kate Soldat isn't the sort who folds her hands, tucks in her chin so it won't get knocks and rebuffs, and she managed to find a spot in Hal's Place. It was only 12 feet sqare, but she rented it and hung out her shingle. Cash was what you'd call almost a minus quantity In Kate's pocket; sometimes there were small coins that would jingle a little if you listened carefuly. Mostly, Kate had to put it on the cuff in those days. She had some equipment her battered typewriter and a table that was practically senile with only three good legs to its name, and also a chair in which you could place no confidence at all. Kate hired a girl to sit in the chair and she kept on with her job in order to have money to feed and nurse the business along. In off hours Kate went out after customers, for if there was one thing she had lots of it was intestinal fortitude. She nursed the business out of tha toddling stage in that little 12x12 corner in Hal's Place, then resigned from her . job with Circuit Judge Gladstone after eight years of service. Within a few months she got a chance to buy a building on Main street, using warrants and her good-natured face. She added an extensive mimeograph business, doing every bit of the work herself for the first three years. It was in those years when she used to watch people picking their teeth after a good chicken dinner, and wonder how chicken tasted. Times when she was beset by debts and worry it began to seem that her main task at meal time would be just to tighten her belt a notch or settle for a hamburger. But the business got out of the toddling stage, debts were squared off and it was then Kate installed a muliilithing press which was a step highat on tha ladder of success. The business began to complain of growing pains and the little building she had bought cramp-ad its style. Sturgis was then in need of an information bureau and Kate was in need of more room, so she accepted the job of running the information bureau in order to pay her rent in the city auditorium and moved in. In her employ were two full-time girls, and Kate's own working hours were measured from dawn to dark and sometimes longer. Two years after this move she heard that one-half the biulding where she is now located would be vacant. She grabbed it and moved in. Real estate business, an insurance business, also a branch agency for Securities Credit corporation (o it of Rapid City) ware added, and if was a short time later when the business also took over the other half of the building where it still operates. The multilithing press business went right ahead and folks in ' BM aV : " any place In tha world except Sturgis. "I was aware, of course, that my sex was against me in the election." Kate said. "But I'm grateful that the voters placed enough confidence in me to elect me their mayor. I intend to see to it that they won't regret their choice." NOT FIRST Clark. S. D.. April 23 (;Pi Reports circulated that Kate Soldat, elected mayor of Sturgis. S. D. Tuesday, may be South Dakota's first woman mayor were challenged here today by Ralph Dunham, Clark county state's attorney. (The Associated Press reported only that Miss Soldat was Sturgis' first woman mayor, but other reports broadened the claim). Dunham said Clark "undoubtedly" had the first woman mayor in this state. She was Hattie Pickles, elected in 1922. She served one two-year term. She won in Clark's first mayoralty election after adoption of the woman suffrage amendment to the constitution, which gave women the right to hold office. Miss Pickles, a former faculty member at Southern State Teachers college, still lives at Clark. Clark not only had the first woman mayor in the state but also was the second town in the United States, Dunham said, to adopt the city manager form of government, May 7, 1912, closely -following Cincinnati. Rapid City, S. 0.. Daily Journal 3 Sunday, April 23, 19S0 Sinatra Sour On Oil Deals Singer Frankie Sinatra has struck oil and he doesn't like it! Sinatra told Mark Barron. Associated Press Broadway columnist, about it the other day. "My agent came around and said I ought to put some of my money into oil wells," Sinatra told Barron. "You get a depletion allowance, which means the government lets you have some of your money back because oil doesn't last forever and the more you pump out the less oil there It." "I bought one twelfth of a wildcat venture in Wyoming." the singer continued. "It cost me $15,000. We struck oil, all right, brought in two wells. We get about 40 barrels a day. I told them to go ahead and sell the oil. "It's selling at a couple of bucks a barrel. That's $80 a day. Not bad! "Then I find out that those wells are really far away no railroad, no roads, not even a path. By the time you drive a truck in and get the oil and drive it out again and sell the oil, it costs about $5 a barrel. I did some quick figuring. That's $80 a day profit and $120 a day net loss. You can't make money that way. "I even thought about going out to see my oil wells. Then I learned you have to take a plane to Denver, then a bus to some place else, and a Jeep and a burro. And then you walk 10 miles after they break a path through the snow. "I said no, thanks, old pal. I'll take your word for it. Look, I'll trade those oil wells for a good filling station any time. I've got to : make some putting-away money." Maybe Sinatra should stick to his . . i i j . II. all . .. , fl. liuuiuiig. arm uuim nil i i(m III:. ill- daily with it. Tough, strong rubber products, both natural and synthetic, formerly obtainable only in black, now may be manufactured in every color of the rainbow, as a result of the development of a silica pigment so fine that 300.000000 particles will fit on the head of an ordinary pin. A new synthetic rubber polymer will make possible automobile tires which will remain in condition for use at temperatures as low as 75 degrees below zero Fahren heit. Rubber tires id tha past have frozen as hard as rock at temperatures below minus 80 degrees. Dick Gallagher, Santa Clara's new football coach, has a lot in common with Len Casanova, his predacessar. Both coached in high school, were in the navy, use the T formation and have two daughters. Mayor Soldat Sturgis thought nothing of seeing Kates light burn all night while she sweated and worked to get out Rush-More Ads, which is devoted exclusively to advertising. It now has a circulation of 2,500 copies weekly. Four full-time girls are employed, also two high school girls under the high school training plan The business organization is unque in that it is an all-woman affair except for their office mascot, Pudgie, Kate's Boston bulldog! But Kate's interest Is not fenced down to her own business. She lakes a sharp interest in the affairs of town, state and nation. Due to her efforts to get tha Sturgis high school band in uniforms, they made her an honorary life member. She is rounding out her fourth year as secretary of the Black Hills Motorcycle Classics, and serving her ninth year as secretary - treasurer of the Associated Credit Bureau of South Dakota. Kate owns her own home, and likes to fool around gardening and raising flowers. In additon, she collects hand-painted china as a hobby. Kale has been "up In the air" a good deal four plane trips to New Orleans, one lo Chicago, lo Washington, D. C. and to Baltimore and has toured Canada extensively. But she can't imagine ever living mum sUslw 1 IMM Dry Cleaning Service Clean out your closets send all of the family's clolhing to us for sanitary, efficient cleaning! All spots carefully removed . . . special attention given to delicate fabrics. 24 Hour Service at no Extra Charge 10 Discount for Cash and Carry 25 Years Quality Dry Cleaning Experience AND QUALITY CLEANERS & DYERS Rapid City 724 Main Phone 69 WftTsf a . 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