The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland on June 3, 1837 · Page 2
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The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · Page 2

Baltimore, Maryland
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Saturday, June 3, 1837
Page 2
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r '. ) : - t r. r ' L - .'r ... events jtijil described, ' when' the-, Omaha nation was made joyous with the appearanro of "-Split Cloud..,' He waa-followed by his foreign .wUbj . whom he had twice snatched from destruction, and who now repaid him with the smiles of two young, jwefing ("over each of her should-cr, from beneath the aiwple folds of- a new scar-fc't blanket. T l i E s-xnsf nAI.TlMORE, SATURDAY, JUNE i, 1837. The hackney carriage rates established by the commissioners do not take effect unti the first of July ensui:i!. As far a& we have heard an expression of opinion on the subject, the rates arc considi ri d much too high. Bait. Amer, The gcnltoman protested against so exorbitant a demand, and determined that he would walk to the boat, and employ a porter to take his baggage. It was near the time for the boat to depart; and, besides this', it rained quite fast. The gentleman could not f.pd a porter, nor was there among all the hackmcn who loitered around Barmim's, a man who would budge short of two dollars. The lady was somewhat unwell no time was to be A controversy, ch must be: regarded a. 'Wovel Intention, Ney T.Sun dis. iwmewhat unfortunate,-is now beings camed-on courscsbf a new printing machine, recently in- prtsent; Justices Kesbit and Worlhington. in the American Baptist church, and threatens to Rented and now in operation-in NewYqi$. Ac- woman forcibly" ejected a tenant-at-will, an4 lead 'to results that should bo avoided if possible, 'cording to the Sun,' this extraordinary invention in the process, committed an assault and battery As a matter of general intellieeuce, we will enables a person to print off any length of paper and deprived her antagonist oi a goouiy quuuuij Btate the facts of the casc,'without intending, how- (both sides at the same timo,) that may be required - The caso presented a The whole transaction, .: . - , ; ,. very uifETUvuieu uMruvb no nviw v. .w...- v.v,, ever, to interfere in me controversy. ItBeems,tliat for any number of copies of a work or a public from beginning to end, was undoubtedly the re. hy nrilr rf tn Am'nrioan Baptist Society for For journal, without a singlo stop, and without the as! BUlt of a defective, education and- unfortunate ciorruLaiissionsthc Bible was sometime since sistance of any, person exceptonetopurirrthei associations; translated to the Barman language, by-missiona- ag at the extremity of the machine. The' work , There was another case ot auegcd.assauii and ries acting , under the patronage of that institu. comes out entire and complete. " ' tion; and the Greek word "baptizo" was render. This wonderful operation is effected by the Americans.') who. to their discredit, displayed cd so as to read "iminersc,,'or " I immerse." To placing of the types on stereotype plates on the (ess embarrassment when before the courthan sustain the cxpenso of this translation, the Amc. surface of two cylinders, which are connected should have been expected from delicate temalei rican Bible Society was called on for pecuniary with the paper making machinery; The paper, Tht7 threatened each other's lives, and wen . , . i: , .i . ... 1 -;,-. . . , but httle calculated to wm the admiration of ant - . . ' . . . . '. . but little calculated to wm the admiration oi ant imwii.iu.u.i .j iiui ui wiiaiiisuwui tho prices affixed by the commissioners, and, we oss.siaiicu, wuien was yiciuca; urn, wncn me as u issues irom mo mm, emers in a property 0ne, notwithstanding both were decidedly hand add, that wc have not heard a man s'pe ak on the Society discovered that a positive construction moistened state JctwcenJbe rollers, which are 80me. The war between them appeared to have jubject, who lias not condemned the rates without ha'd'bech placed on the word baptizo, which ad- evenly 'inked by an ingenious apparatus, and originated in sheer jealousy; it was a war similar hesitation. ThW arc about fifty Per cent, higher mitted pf no qualification, thus in fact innovating emerges in a printed form. The number of co. that ; which i raged between Roxanna and Stntk Uian those of any o'Jier city of the Union, and ut on the translation effected by order of King James pies can be measured off by the yard ormile, ac- least one hundred per cent in advance of those of Englahd, at Hampton Courf, and which, for cording to the demand, or according to the supply licrnaiidod in Peris-and London. That a reducr the last two hundred years and' upwards, has of the " raw material." The' work, which, is ex. tion hhould take place, appears to be tho common been received as the only legitimate version of hibitcd as a specimen from tins press is Robin- ' expression of the public voice. the Bible, it withefrew 'its aid, and refused to son Crusoe, and Consists of one hundred and six- " 1 ll is not our province to find fault, however,- recognize the Biblcof Burinah. duodecimo pages. inrc we . are clad that rates of some kind have As soon as this fact waB announced, the Ame- The whole labor of wetting down the paper, men, he had the curiosity to ask the driver.' how ra, and which elicited from the lips of the latter an eloquent and a well known apostrophe. ' V , " How meek is woman t at the storm sbe shrinks, Dread the drawn swoid, and trembles at the thunder! . But if fierce Jealousy inflame her soul, t he Bword may glitter and the temped roar. She scorns the danger and provokes hr fate I'. In both the here referred to, tho Court imposed small fines, and gave the parties suit able admonition ... v, ; Tkrn rPta!)Hshed: so -that a "Roman citizen" may rican mptists, m convention at l'hiladelpma, the hands required to pui n mio xne rapier There, was one other case f assault and bat know about ''how much he is to nay for the conve- to up'tlie subject; and, after an animated dis- press and take it out, the trouble of effecting per- tery. It was registered on complaint of a free about how much he is to pay for the conve- looK UP uie suojeci; ana, auer an animaiea uis- press anu taae n out, me irouoie oi enucung ycr- tery. it was registered on compiami oi a iree Dtence e sition of a hack There has been a 'deal of impo- cussion of sonte days, succeeded by a small ma- feet register (which is often .impossible) are all negrcss, who charged one of her neighbors with t!,U brines, ,ind wo wilUtate an m- jrfto.dwh tM.n,.chine. Mble could W&.!lS stance, by way of illustration. A gentleman, a oi me necessity oi eswoiisiung an im. iiapusi oe pnnicu on, aim .uiuuhi uiweuuuawu muung neffress had no witnesses to sustain the com. friend of curs, informs us, that he was the last Midic oociciy, 10 siana aisunci irom aivoiners. me inuians in one couunuous stream oi v uig plaint, and it was laid aside. year on hij way to New York from Washington, accompanied by his wife. He stopjjed at Bar- .numV for the night.. and the next morning prepared to depart .for the -north. Having paid his bill, he called for a hack, and found one promptly at the daor. Having often been spunged by hack- A society was immediately instituted" and orjran. truth. ized, for the-express purpose of publishing the ' All that is necessary (says , the Sun) for To the JJitors of the tun. Dear Sirs. You- are so closely engaged and Bible in Burmah, with the word lavtizi rendered a man to do on going into the pap(?r mill, is to "Jfnuve ur w yu neveL;"" . ' " . . , , i 4 I -i other parts of the city than where your office u "totmmener take off his : shirt, hand it to the devil who offi- Iocated . else j am confident, you would before attentive to. your business, that you : never visit here you It is understood that a niajority.ot the churqhes ciates atone extremity, and have it come out Ko- thrs-, have remarked how,' vexatiously annoyed . in IJew England, if not a majority of the Baptist f binson Crusoe at the othcr. l-We should like to strangers are, by some three or four beggar girli denomination - in the country, is opposed to the exchange some of our old shirts in this way, as and Doys, who usually stay aooui uarnum s step much Ire should charge for tho conveyance of measure, and it is feared that' the subject will we cannotTafford the expense during tlesc hard luh . if accompanied with '.'a lady so much the himself, by, and baggage to the Philadelphia create a schism m that respectable body oi Chns. Tfames of getting them washed. .' better. rThey instantly commence . in as fast i steamboat. Two dollars, was -the ready reply, tians. ine ltcv. vt. way land, who may be re- Mr. Thomas t rench, the inventor, is irom una- whine as possible Jheir piteous request: "pieaie garded as the head and leader of tho Baptists of ca, and is now in New York., grve me a cem or two 10 ouy aorae Dreaa,mj k .a un -tti. . . .......... - . ' - , ' . .poor mother is sick,. and my little.brothcr fell in ' ' ."i'r t" J " 'T A Bcnous not toon place on l. uesoay evening ihc fire and burnt himself, and is not able to do as did manyoUier divmes ; but all without effect- at South 8trcet wfatr Philadelphia, in which a any thinir. please sive me sometliinjr." When i any thinir, please give me something." I hus rests, tho matter for the moment. . Error Corrected. In the police report publish ed in this paper yesterday,, there were some ma terial errors committed by the reporter, in con sequence of the disadvantageous seat he hcld ii the court room. It is not correct, that Mr. Ed- ployed. . While they Were working on the wharfi a strong, force of other laborers attacked and lost, and the gentleman-found lihnsclf obliged to wards owed a"debt to Hoffman, which led to the beat them severely, "and finally compelled them to assent to the hackraan'ts exorbitant demand. He difficulty. The debt was owed by Mr. Cooke, the. desist trom-their occupation. placed hia lady and himself in the carriage, paid friend of Mr. Edwards, and Mr. Edwards became One man, a German, with a large family, is ' the fellow; in adyarico to. avoid delay at4be boat, involved in the affair by attempting to keep supposed to have been drowned during the aA ana supjxs?a imu au nis uimcunies were at an i Messrs. and Hoffman asunder at tho time tray as Jie has not since been hcard.rrom, . end. t..i . - j: :.X FTrr vi 1 ... . . I . : nds- uisujiuiiiiuu. iiiii uagyojju uiey came m collision, uur reporter was also consisted of tvp leather trunksj-and a carpet bag. The Ijackinan'swbrc he ncvet engaged to earry but one, nnd would not budge an inch, unless he was paidfty cents extraT'Not a moment was to .be lost the boat would be off in five or ten and tho gentleman had tpjsubjnitjto the im- pfjsition; or remain in Baltimore another day. Business rendered his arrival in New York on. tlie following day indispensable, and he was from incorrect m saying that the courtmposcd a fine the following; and it must be confessed that it is on Mr. Edwards. It was imposed on Mr. Hoff- not" calculated to enliven our hopes. man, who commenced the first act of aggression. Stocks have still further declined to-day, but This correction : is due to Mr. Edwards, and is very little is done;- i ; mnde with th immfi rhprfulnPKa that wilt nlwiiv. The Charlemagno from Havre brings discou- large number of persons weae implicatedIt ap- man's sympathy is obliged to be be awakened, thnt a'vrnl laKnrpro Wor pnrmo- nt anmru and out goes a UveVy to show our fair companiot . , A , , i 'a jhow.generouswe are, and what noble and disifi- wnai lower wriiis man uuu u:ii FrviouMy pu.u, - - , f ... . - , nnfnptnT1.t- bll but sUll at a price that perfectly satisfied the em- iokinff aside it is too'annoyinffto bo borne, and the city authorities ought to interfere and taW up the little vagabonds, Yours truly, actuatc us when wc commit an unintentional ran Cottoa fulen large tlemaone ofthebarkeepefs went' out.'and error. BtOCK On hand. , . ; . 1 ha jvin;ia hn-n-nm in he nff . Thpv iir.i .1..4.1.-.T : t -iu-ti I -" j hb -"V no Kiuu uiuiiuouitciuuui, uuiiuuii,uiiuiiaiu i , . -r t i r '- oH TI,A.nmmiM n:nt W t, U a nrkfttH. which sail to-davltake out about $400,000 campeu, oui m a inoiue.u wc gam. v ofPennsylvania. to inquire into thoevils of fac in specfe ' . ; ed again oh the steps, .. they commenceda tira . . - . m ... svi it i , a i i . em it i 3 -n . sheer necessity, compelled to submit to an impo. tory labor, after a session of two weeks in the - sition but little better than highway robbery. city of Philadelphia, have adjourned to meet in ' jniis-U buUi sihgVcaseWe doubt not others Pittsburgh on the 8th inst." ' could be cited; and though' the commissioners The; objects-had in iew-by those who started i - , . i t ' i i this course of investigation, are of naramount in- 1 his is unoinciai ine omciai reports are less ot abuse, in an unoer tone, oi - oia oarnum, tlian 150,000. . .':.,. they called, the landlord, and one .'of the youngl X lie IlittI 13 IUU1ICUU1 uuuuiuuuo OJtU 1IJ.CA' can dollars. . uave nuixea ine rates 100 nign, wre are- giaa mat. . : . ' r . , . r, i..: r"t .T?.,voi.f- mcnt Of a land mark. ' .Later from Europe. A passenger who sailed from Havre on Charlemagne, was off Montaug Point, east end '. of Long Island, on Wednesday. A passenger got on board a fishing smack, , and proceeded to N.York, where, he arrived on Thusrday. By him tlio New York editors are informed that the ship . which $1507 was ; ether charges, leaving on which a' salvagi , The appraisement' of the cargo of the ship - Maria is not completed. -' ' . . '' y , - ' . . . ..-5 , The banks of Detroit, and tlie Bank of Wash -tenaw and bank ofYpsilanti, in tho some ttate, kave suspended specie payments. - . 1 ' ' ' - On Wednesday night about 9 o'clockTthe steam1 'frtma '. T ' a' T1 !.' J . m . m m. m Mm. I Att ' I hAmnOAn'S W fl 1 T I HMH U.' H Tf f VPf. TI1T1 till W 1 1 : "Remark. We have often noticed the nuisancl of which our correspondent complains, and more occasions than one, have been tempted tdj bring it before the jrablic. But,- when we havi fully contemplated the condition of the little vag! TW m-VrV Pvrn, Pnat nf Thnr.v h oonu8 ttIlU uppuu ll puSiOi mill, uiy . meritorious objects of charity, our hearts havera lented and silenced our anger. But, on Honda liglnVwe had some evidence of tho unworthinc: of the avarice of the little rascals. As we , wq standing on Barnum's steps, waiting for a ge committee win not make a report till it has tuiiy " r . ri. ii sympathies. a n i u.. :r mescnooner nrsivousui aim buiia mi, uroi - - . full investigation will be had. Pardon for Murder. Betsey Van Hoeson alias has a number of cabin passengers, and 164 irf"the I Betsey Carter, convicted "of murder at the last steerage. , iK important event had occurred, sub- Court of Oyer and Terminer at Hudson, N. YM iquent to our previous dates, which were Paris and sentenced to be executed on the 2d inst, has l5th April, and London 17th. ' No papers were had her sentence commuted to imprisonment for trpughljjy this passenger. Tho ship is not yet life in the state prison.- ; ; ' announced by the telegraph. v. ' , ' A correspondent of the New York Times sug. ones said to an older sister in iniquity, I've d but a. dollar-asLyet I'll be if I goj till I . get a dollar and a quarter, for 'old Barnu or any body else." The speech silenced all 4 .. I TUKaur frlenn Piimnfl nf iifilh MV.i i Til. .. j : err 14 r v i v j w - -jn hM .ro rhlnh nmwrTKt tho ftw .tm captam and crew were avea wun nuncuuy. e rnaii;Mna fVvrn VJ rnoioin oi APrm m me P The manufacturer surely cannot nbir.rt tbft In. 1 Capt: R. sUtes that the accident was unavoidable. Cruz, of the arrest of Santa Annd. by-the brAj .. r u u. mi,.-f A;A wlorn trim Kri(rfr' llrwtnn Hul- ot uustamenie. to oe conveyea io me cuy mm bcicob VI.- uiu iuuiuti iuiu btiu ciuuivrw-ui . v oo 1 . , . . .. - , .1 J parent and chUd,' demand it, and we hope that a letin, that on Monday morning, Mr. Thomas ZT ' I Ul UU9UUlUU:UIVItli w& l nil. - " ------- : - . ... mm Bruce, a man in the employ ot Mr. 1 nomas a.. - d bv rt f Cavairv. on th0 7th i Rayner, slater, fell from the roof of a three s.tory from Vera Cruz to the 12th of May k building in Dover street, and was so much hurt w -i- in New Yftrk. and as' th'ev do that he died soon after he was taken to the hos 6 any tnebtion of me arrest of SanU ' J . - ' it is most probable that tlus story, is destitute ; CuriosityA gentleman of New York has 0 ; ; " ; "J ' !?' j lately received a present of the body of a fish, in V(bster.A gentleman from the East, a state of crystalization, from the rocka. of Black river, in the north of New York. It is about five I iMlvaze. It is Stated in the iuvenrng Poet of eBts. as a means of effectual!? Dreventinir steam- ;h- lAnn. .nH with the excention of 1 V 4 Q 1 UlVtlVri 4 - " " I " inursday, that tho case ot the brig liaitimoro and I racing, that in every, case, in which deathl about half an inch of the tail. . irgo,wtuc.i struck. on tne woncn ueer,-Key eMUCsasi"'C6nscquehcr'of such ra West,' on Uie nijjht of the 6th ot May, was brought aternW in which it occurred be forfeit np in the Admiralty -Court, Key West, on the tate. IGtli ult. hc total valU4 of tho property sold, as shown by the sale, was $5,945 76 in gross ; from - . 1 much of the wheat is rotted, and the corn, has Tho laying of the corner-stone of the' Asbury I had'in many cases to bo planted a second timo. deducts nr duties, and 8200 """"'"VTr ... TT -r H' r 1 " ; ales of btocks in wew- orki June aeoucted tor. auues, ana vzvu . . Qn , . -Hh .h '.:Ati - Ia i. v i ; wv mi th mhm f thml . ; '.u'Jjv His ntt nroceed.fi3i212 - ... ' t- wom f,- vy" w ft . 1 v. ' 7 I snares U. o. Jianx, casn lui I--tvio oo. me nett, proceeas o4, , j.i::ai . hV th- Pav. ITnrv R I k.. V.t r!.t f Africa th I . - : -k. ..' ..v.. ,. . w. Kn run- ion) rn- ;ivarili) I , . : s " t ' .......,......,... j I UO. O QaVS 1U1. .... . . at (Jueboc th present iMjason to the 16th ult . j I cannon that once belonged -to the pirate ianit '.! Tho population of Portland: M4 u Visbg fif-t Thornton F.lUgly was recenUy kAed at irvi Irville,! teea thousand la 1630 it was 12,601. V uniOt wnu cuuisg aown ww. on a visit to Kentucky, writes to a Phfladelf? paper of yesterday, in a letter Jated at ..Lew ton, as follows ' ; , - ; Tolay Hr. Webster receives jiis fVieD(fc he.Court House, at 11 A,M. and at 3 P. receives the compliment of a public dinner. Clav. T Got. Poindexter. . and several other ' M guished gentlemen will probably attend, and I ncipaie a ricn panquei of. . nuenecy anq wiu Chront IQ2 TYim viininr tha.t Gn..M saamb.waa troVBt to je ranee . is demed Wi the, Army, ana fi iy Board of .imimtionillh JVawr Wainwright and Braiier' passed ydsterds. . f ' t

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