The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 25, 1948 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 25, 1948
Page 6
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TUESDAY, MAY 25, 1D4* BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) CO US FEU *Fu// Insulation Can Reduce Heat \nrj Plant Cost Nearly 30 Per Cent Before ordering (lie Insulation• building information of a new heating plant, Ihe home I Sne and resulting cost of fur- slioiild discuss will) heat-1 iiacfl mid radiators or warm air owner should discuss will) heat- , ing contractors Ihe possible sav-1 ings If the house Is properly insulated, it was urged today by the Construction Research Bureau of New York, clearing house for iiacfl and ducts, no mivtteri what fuel L used, are directly affected by the absence or presence of Insulation and by the Ihickness of the Insulation material, a spokeman for Your Home's Value Stays When You Paint Up WITH VANE-CALVERT Whitest-White Paint Whitest—White Paint. Also I'aint and Wallpaper for th« Interior—!>aint and Pay the F.H.A. Way. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY Friendly Building Service 31» W.,t A,k St. PI,.,,, 55, Picture YOUR Kitchen Kentile Floor Everybody—yes, everybody is asking for Ken tile —forkitchens.basement playrooms, foyer floors! Why? Because Kentilc's got everything. It shrugs off dirt.. . practically never stains or scars. Even takes cigarettes and cix>king spills without any permanent signs. Kentile keeps clean with .simple mopping and bright with an occasional waxing. And if you want-smart design —that's where Kentile shines! Laid in tiles (never by sheets), you combine colors, create patterns to your heart's content. J'lil aft us Inr the jacl,. Ve'ie gal plenty, plus ,.,,„. pies and a u-illiiigntss In ejlimutt your needs. KIN-PILE &f.A~&itt&£l DEAL'S PAINT STORE 109 East Main SI. - Phone 4(69 Of Home Advised Check on Exterior During Good Building Weothtr Is Suggested The exterior of the house should he carefully Inspected during good weather and Immediate sUps taken to make repairs before they become big items of expense, it was urged today by the Construction Research Bureau of New York, clearing hous* for building Information. Most of the trouble siwl.s cnn be fixed by the home owner himself, Bureau engineers suiri in altering these basic .suggestions; Tiie foundation should tit ex- ammea lor masonry craciu, ciu.n- bling s mortar and ciackt where' siei« and pot-cite* join the lounuuiion. An snui.i c. a-*.* snou.d be nueti uiiii usphullic cement, iarye ones cmppeu MIL 10 me wmiii 01 a hall incn or more ami iillcr! vsilh cem?nt monar. Use culukin^ compound in cracks between warn anil winnow 11 ixiiics, wliecr the cniinney joins the house and other joints. Examine iVIasonry On in...,.,.uy 01' sancjo vvalLs loolt lor blisters and lose pieces 01 suii:- co; carets m briclt or sione ttuiw; and warped, split or loose wood sici- mg and smiifeies. Masonry siionld be repaired me same as fotuuu- tions. Loose mortar uelween brieics ihoum ue removed ana tne jonu reillled with cement mortar. Bauly ..c..pcd Doartis and damaged snin- gles siioutd be replaced, but renail- Doard joints snould be .sealed w'iin piuni lu prevail. i,jUi_,uii« fciucnny. Bad leaks start around wooden Proposed Grade School in Caruthersville Non-streamlined sedan* wuslc nboul oiie-)iB]I of Ihclr power, at 10 miles mi hour, lit overcoming wltitl resl.stHitca. riowen o< ttu pipe" catch pollm Hnd itlute to the blcwsomi have Real Estate, Business, Farm and Auto r. H. A. and (1. I. 1.UUIU on New and Exhtlnc LOANS F«r kuylnt, rtniunrinr, h«lUfa(, rt t'irm landi and Auto l»«»i_ ()«iek UNITED INSURANCI AGENCY 1W S. 1st— Ingrain HUs.—Ground Floor A. r. "Dee" Illflrlcli, Manager "Complete Insurance Service" Modern trends hi arcltMlure were emphasized. In plans for » m Caruthersvllle on South Ward Avenue In the form of a rapltal letter .. ,,, c U ,,, IU ,II K win cum library and an'aurtltoriom. and Ihe long stem o f tht striiclnrc will face Wnrd Avenue with «t tiie end of the long «tem. one-Mm-y (iriiile school to be erected in The building will contain 12 rooms, a Tbe bulldivx will be placed as far back of this street HS possible to minimize danger trom MifCU nc- cidculs and the playground will be In Hie rear of the structure. The building was planned so that additional rcoms can be added later when enrollment In the school increases. , Tiie new unit to the Oiirutliers- .villc school syslcm will relieve present crmvrird coiuliitonjt in the grades. wht:li made It necc-ssnry to move sonic fla.sse.s to the Ili^h School, and to use the basement in one ol Ihe grade school buildings. Voters lust week approved tbe construction of the grade .school, is the first step In a major live-year building and Improvement program! Negro .school thr.t Ihe School Hoard 1ms iilimned. Other plans cull for [in acldliion to the rji-FsiMil hi|;li school biiiltliiiii to provide more class rooms, niul liwlnlJiulnn of H school cnfrtcil.i. A larm work simp Is proposed for the Kfgm nclionl. Added clas.i rooiiw nvc u|so in-oiKwcMl for tin; Fireplace Can Be Both Practical And Ornamental L While nollilng 1» prettier ttian » bright log fire 111 the living room, the fireplace framing It should be useful us well as ornamental, says Practical Builder, Chicago 3. Artistic niches at each side can hold matches, brushes and tongs. Seals built at. ench side, upholstered In hardy material, can cover a pair of practical wood-boxes. Building tiie (Irej)lace with a hearth about S ft. high brings the fire to eye level for an imusiml effect. an,< extending -this hearth at the slde.s forms » handy ledge tor o.vir« .sent- • Ing. or for planting. And a butlt-ln I woodbox that can be filled" from | Oiiecjc caretuuy lor ioo*e nans, cracks, rot and warping. In renall- ing .set and putty each nail. Rotted wood should be replaced and all cra:k lilled wiin putty or cauJx- mg compound. The remaining two }mporta«'it pomui lo be cnuc^eo are Ln« roof and gutters. Itcnail WarpiHl Shingle* On Ui« roof, sningles suonld »« entered for loosetiesfi course by course. Misplaced smnglal of »ny Kind cau^e leaks. Split,oaciiy warped wood shingles and unail so they yre peiiectly ilai. Seal ooubtiul joints in composition roofing with pitcn, reset any ihhujlet thai, is oul ooaios on th« ridge, All metal Hashing on dormers and chimneys should be checked for looseness, corrosion and lack of paint. The Hashing* should be renailed and j throughout "room's" painted. Weathered morEa'r Joinus | air and heat mlxei Debris, unnecessary "exlra'tiondlinB of wood. There are complete fireplace unlLs around which any design cnn lie built, available In two styles: one for modern Insulated homes with central beating, the other for cot- tsgcs, southern homes or play rooms where heat U the principal function ol tiie fireplace. Both units have specially designed dampers and flues to prevent smolcing, henl loss and drafts, and to circulate air keeping fresh d licAllhfuHy. A . ftextble metal screen prevcnt«-f.lre and spark damage and makes the fireplace sale as well as charming. f in the chimney should be repointed an tilOftsciiRti chimney caps reset in new mortar. On gutters' and downspouts, all | broken joirus should be resoldercd vent Rn overload. I and the inside of gutters repainted The standard with metallic paint. Loose nails and straps holding tiie gutters and downspouts should be replaced. Examination of Circuits In Home Advised Be/ore Adding Electric Outlttt Befors adding even one more outlet to existing electrical Installations, a householder should check the circuit lo pre- electrical code limits each circuit to 12 outlets except under a few special conditions. To determine how many outlets are on any one circuit, loosen the fuse for that circuit and count the number of out- Bathrooms Now Have More than Basic Essentials Todny's bathrooms have more than basic essenlfnls in ftppcarnnce as well as in funcllmi.s, says Practical Huitder, C})lci>Ki> :<. They Iwi'ii become complete slnrniie units for linens, soaps nnd hnili needs. c."t>l')- piid with elbow room for dressing and make-up, dcpnrtiuentlMd lo ac- commndulc more than one person In •a busy household. The recessed wall CHbincis and shelves which gtvi? a Imthrooni amiile sloin«e space cnn be built-in during orlglunl construction, or purchased ns units and Installed flush or projecting when you remodel. Hearty-made units are available wlllimit mirrored duors, one line featuring one-plccc steel todies with no mist-or-rnst gntlierlnir scams and joints. They BIG finished In hard, durable lustre or slnlnless steel with u .satiny finish. Some cabinets have built-in Indirect lighting or are equipped with light brackets at top or sides. They also arrive complete with hutU-ln toothbrush holders, ra- •im blade drops and plate glass shelves One line U available In ensembles of many matching units that form a pattern, or In single mills fur any bathroom space. Mir- , rnrs can !x? ordered in Manrlard \ silver or in a number of pleasant tinls. One unit hns a circular mirrored door set on a special hinge thnt permits pulling It forward or sideways for bettor vision. let,-; which are dead. If there arcj' or s less than 12. It Is safe to add another outlet. If the proposed addition , would cause this limit lo be ex-;lo the ceedcd, it is necessary lo run a new circuit from the. fuse box An automatic electric ' executioner of flics, gnats and other nail Insects, eliminating the need .irays. has been devised for ue, especially in dairies and bak- (cries. Thli maoni Thot fin* Gl * n mor • wh M k 1 • f o t * b I a n d * d wllh choir. • 1 1 g r o of b*lng d tmm*di- "TKompton" U pur back Inlo barrofi lo malm U smoo|Kir/tatll*r. frt H'hiskejf wkltkin In thU nn.ra old. 70% new work. A qualified electrician should always be employed. th» Bureau laid. Ijrje S»in| In some cases savings amount to as much' as 29 per cent If a house is insulated full-thick -with mineral wool In walls and, celling and Is equipped wlK storm sash and weatherstrip, according to studies made by the Institute of Technology of the University of i\rinnesota. The studies showed dollars-and- cents savings of JUT to »33» depending on the size of the house and type of fuel used. Specific, Example* A liam!-/;red coal plant, for a hot water system in a four-room frame bungalow COJt {583 without Insulation. With 3% inches of mineral wool in wails stid four inch«-of the material in the roof area, cost of the heatliiK system was figured at S436, or S147 less. The same % saving of SH7 ^-as shown for an oil-fired plant, and savings amounted to J174 on a gas insulation. In a two-story, six-room frame house the cost of a hot-water coal- fired plant was figured at J»26 without . Insulation. This dropped i S263 o 5663 with full-thick mineral wool in walls and above the top floor ceiling. This was »M per cent saying In cost. For the same house, an oil-fired plant cost S1.I26 without insulation. but S863 when proper heat barriers were provided. A 29.3 per cent saving, or S339 was effected In the cost of a gas-fired plant by Insulating, Ufa \ Complete PLUMBING Fixtures & Material for that New Bathroom "Pele" The Plumber Wky Bother Atout HOT NIGHTS rrom now on .very nlghfi «>ep c »n b« « perfect nighfi «teep—You ju»t »tart your Hiinttr Attic Fun and R Soft, Fresh Cooling Breeze Instantly hegln> lo remove the Heat from your home. You .lip into « b«d for a night of relnxallon »nd r«.il—»nd »w«k« refreshed—««g«r u t o. •• mt U'ask for HUNTER Tf>* Flr.t Nam* ht Font ...-M' AkSOlUTILY QUIET— NO NOIM OR VIMATION MADE IN 5 SIZES — A Fan For Every HOME ,i°~J?5i11!"v' <lr onl >' * «™«" M MW fw yva HUNTER FAN Blytheville Willys Sales Co. "Wfc«r« Courtwy it Not • M«m»ry" - i 554 "I know - if we'd had Charley check our wiring this wouldn't have happened!" You'rt ri K hl, lud.v, too InU now for Chirky to «h*ek X<»ir wiring mid upplmm-eg si/ninst fir« hiumrd*. Far J'»u who dort'l want u costly fire, Charlcy'g in hia B«w local Ion—112 S. Fifth street—ready to MTV* yom. T»k« no ermnetH, pall him today. CHARLEY'S ELECTRIC SHOP The World's Best House Paint! TK« F«rth«r Stays Whir«r Laifj Longer Call Us For a Free Estimate! ARKANSAS PAINT GLASS & WALLPAPER COMPANY 105 hM M.I. St™..

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