The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1956 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 19, 1956
Page 7
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BLTOOBT1LLI (AM.) COURICT NEW! PAGE THIRTEEN OUR IOARDIN6 HOUSE — with Mejor Hooplt YiWe gem M coot TO ME A* F(?OST8(TE LATELY, FOLLOWING VCDR CAREER. — AND WOM A." ,'~r AW t IN ON (T, Of? DO 100 WNT TO YOOR- «rrn A ;v /,_ FEW MORE WOOIJOS'PO MtFOf?A — WOOLO 8LOOO Mb^EV OUT OUT OUR WAY ly J. R. William* I THNK tU. F1MI4H1K JOB OF STRAJ06CM" WNLEIdOT TH-HOLT/ I BOt/T *MMT1> THINK CM ACABEF8SE AH, THAT PROVE* WW THEORY/ THE POLL THAT ONE TOOT OUT AMP VET I ALONE CAW PULL ITOLrr WTTH EASE.' WATT IP6IJTIF STEAM FDWER AMP FRAWkUW IPEMTIFKO THIS.TOO, l& SOMETH1K16 HEROES AREMAPE-NOT BORM BUSINESS OF WEARNS IGOR BOY FRIENP^ VARSITY SWEATER, <WO*KS OUT PEACHY FINE PBOVIWN6 A GIRL HAS A SMAPE SIMILAR. Tb HER EVER.— WVINS STEADY/ Bur fou CAM CARRY THIS SUFFERING- FOR LOVE STUFF TOO FAR— , POOKLEONA.'THE FICKLE FINGER OF FATE DECREES sue wosr WEAR THAT BARAcmrrr The Angry Hills _ ly Uon M. Uris tttf by UM M. Uri». mte* HMM, Uc. by «m«n»«m«nr by NEA. TB» STOUT I SHke M«nU«t AfkeM itttm Ik* OerMAk Army I.T»4n Greet* U 1M1. Wk«> kc W»lt« Stericlo". • l«wl«r wk. U t. «*»« kl« » Imkertt.mce, k< ki ••ke4 <• «ell»«r » l««t«« u L»»<«. Tke letler I* • •«••*< '• Brillik I»t«lll««««, »•« M«rrUo« It KONRAD HEILSER leaned back to the broken armchair. closed his eyes and hummed In rapid rhythm to-the Bach fugue scratching out on the record player. His finger brushed down his pencil-line mustache in a motion of_habiL . • - : • Howe-Wilken sod his Scottish partner, Soutar, hsd mad* • tool of him twice. Eight months had passed since his first encounter •with them in Norway. After the German liberation of that country, the two British agents had arrived and escaped by submarine, leaving in their wake a network of underground operators. A half dozen times they' h«d eluded him. It was only a last- minute quirk at fate that prevented Konrad Heilser from blocking their exH from Norway. It hsd been a stroke at luck, tadeed, when Zervos, the government oleric, got wind of Stergiou's plan and made contact with the Germans. Heilser s«»sMd tow Greece •head of the G«ma« Invasion mnt wtth Servos' befr got the rat pack working witb him. The traitow, fee opportunists, the cowards. AM at them anxiottt to throw «« w«b she Germans hi time. The British were contused, not knowing whom they could trust and whom not to trust Heilser tod his Greek friends had increased that confusion. Soon •the confusion would b* a stampeding panic. Greece was hardly worth the conquering, A filthy, decadent race living on the past glories of 3000 years. But even Greece would have its compensations. As soon as German troops liberated Athens a suite at the Grande Bretagne would be in order. Canaris, yes, even von Ribbentrop himself .•would hear ol Heilser's splendid work. . rN the alley below. Heilser spied the figure of the fat Greek pig, Zervos, wending his way along the slime-covered cobblestones. Zervos brushed past some ragged urchins and disappeared into the houst. ZervocJSopped into the armchair, fighting to regain his breath and mopping his wet face. Heilser stood over him. "Well!" the German demanded. "All three of them «r» blanketed. How»-Wilken toft by car in the direction <* SUrfiou's house." "And the Scotsman, Soutar?" "He arranges a plane to fly them from the Tatoi airdrome at midnight" "The names?" "No doubt Howe-WUken fow to get the list now." "And the military situation? "Latest information indicates the British will not make a stand before Athens." •"Then we strike!" He paced the floor rapidly. "Dispose of both Wilken and Soutar. 1 want Ster- giou alive." He turned to Zervos. "I've waited (or eight long months for thii moment. . . Watch those two; they ire slippery. One mistake and I'll have your throat slit." • Zervos stnmled out of the chair, still mopping his fsee. "One more thing disturb! me. . . .An American hat visited Ster|iou three times this pait week." •etiser 'stood ever him. "Then we strike. Dispose of both Wilken and Soutar." Heflser's face reddened and a frown showed the crow's Eeel etched deeply in the corners ot his eyes. "An American?" "We made » routine check," Zervos said. "The man is a writer of no consequence—by name, Michael Morrison. His vis* is quite in order. He is here to settle an estate. The bank bears this out There is some nine thousand American dollars in his name. Sterigou is doing the necessary legal work to transfer the money." Heilser walked to the window and stared down at the alley. -A mist was beginning to fall. "Go on." "There is nothing more to say. He has a plane out for London in the morning. He stays at a hotel in Kiflssia." MORRISON was completely unaware of the tall thin blond man wearing a New Zealand uniform who picked up his trail the instant he left the attorney's mansion. Nor was he aware of the half dozen pairs of eyes fo- cusedjipon the house from points of observation nearby. Mike walked through the plush Kolo- naki sector toward Concord Square across town, drawing his topcoat about bis neck against the milt The next intersection brought an onrush of British troops from the camp at Koklnia. Then Morrison's eye caught a sign he could read in any language. The saloon was half-empty and the stock at rock bottom. A choice of twe types of kraal, He stood at the far end of the bar, and after the'first sip was thankful his long tenure as an unpublished writer hadn't given him the opportunity to cultivate a taste for fine liquors. About three-quarters of the way through the bottle of krasi the noise in the place seemed to fade. He banished his rambling thoughts a b o u t his children whom he missed terribly, and quickly diverted his mind to guessing what was in the envelope and what kind of shady deal Mr, Stergiou was mixed up in. He overcame the temptation to open th* envelope for a quick peek and instead wove a half dozen different plots about its contents. VMind if 1 sit down?" Mike looked up into the .face of the tall blond man in New Zealand uniform. He glanced .oward the bar; it was three deep. He nodded to the man. 'Bit crowded there . . . Mosley's the name. Jack Mosley— rirst New Zealand Rifles." The ance corporal began to open his bottle. "Might as well finish this one first," Mike said, pouring. "You're an American, aren't you?" Mike balked. The answer often led .to an argument. '^Yes, I'm an American." Mike's tongue loosened as they started on Mosley's bottle of crasl. "And what line of business are you in, Morrison?" * * * IT was a question he dreaded. When a person meets a writer there is an expectant glow, as though' he had ruri into Hemingway or Faulkner. It always embarrasses the nonprofessional when he has never heard of the writer. 'Morrison—of course, forgive me," Mosley said. "I enjoyed Home Is the Hunter* very mucfa —splendid book." • Mike covered a great deal of ground, from literature to wan to San Francisco to Greece to music. In fact, there was very little he didn't cover. The subjects began to overtake one another, then run into one another. Finally Mosley spilled Morrison into a cab and waved as Mike poked his head out of the window. "They don't make them like you any more. ..." As Mike's cab turned the, corner, an automobile U-turned and slopped at the curb where Mosley watted. He opened the door and hopped in. "Shall we follow htmt" the driver asked:' "No—we'll rejoin Zervos." "What about the American?" Mosley smiled and stretched back. "Let the fool IU If he Is a British agent, I'm Winston Churchill" (Te Be Continued) Yachtsmen of Grand Lake Jolo., boast theirs is the country's highest anchorage — M«» feet above sea level. "How would you like to be a French poodle?" "I used to go with him, and I don't think they'H b« married long enough for an expensive, permanent gifts," V WONDKFUl-.THEUU/ f HFSl ON A COUNTRY HflBWlN, K_ . .. ... _, WABTHA'i'Mr' Jt'wVTWIS L«f HS IACTHR »S MAO-l /^ WFU-TiUEOF ^ THE NY LEASUE LOCK N ^S^aSfMiamtH^iiM I«il9*l IT. WHY DONT w~J covnaus TKW HELP , !^«™»™*KM'^TO ^^^^KSSr iWL^i^^^^^' /SETTHEBHALOS METAL BASE CABINETS value SUfhtly Damaged HUBBARD & SON Fnnjlture r JUST SMELL THAT AIR! _MAKES ME FEE LIKE A KID AQAI- HE'LL BE HOME A FEW-DAY^ I'M APRA1D!! SEEMS HE •3PRAINEP HIS l • BACK! CULVERT TILE Concrete C«lTert»— Coirntated Metal Pipe—Automatic Flood Gates—Screw Type Head Gates —Pre-Cwt SepHo Tunsj We DeHrer—Best Prices s,« .Irk.-Mo. State Lias Phone OSborn 3-M14 Sun Vertikal Panel Drapes Linen-Nylon-Plattic Phone 3-4863 For Free estimates Hope Young Blytheville, Ark. 6OLPIERSATTH6 / / FWJAPE , AIR BASE WAOT ME/ / AEOUNPIN IDENTERTHEIR S FRONTOFAU THOSE 6.1/5 IMA SKIMPV BATHING- SUIT? PONfTBEEUCH APWWB. IT'LL BE HW BUT I'LL NEK? ANEW I'LL PICK TOU UP A SNAZZY TWO- EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbard Hardware Ph>ne 2-2*15 RADIATOR WORK • Boiled Out • Repaired • Flo Tested • Re-cored ALL WOEK GIIAKANTI GROVER'S RADIATOR WORKS P». I-Ml Mt d Lake An. WHERE'* WW WIFE? PIP SHB CM.U ( WO TEU- HIM I LEARMEP. THAT OUR SWHETIC (5 MPKACTICAU ..WITH McKEE INPUSTRIEftTOO. BEEN WAITM& FOR SOU TO WAKE UP- VQUU. HAVE TO PIMP OUT SOONER -OR 1.ATK SUH. 6H£ TRIEP TO! EVEN WORSE, WE 8UT WHERE (5 tOUISB? SHE PIDM'T TRY TO. TO sea IT AWYWAVf AFKMP e>v& SUT we FOUWP OUT AMYWAV! WH&TA DISAPPOINTMENT, IT . ATTeWPTEP TO PO AWAY WITH WU...MOD WAS ARRESTfeP LAST MK3HT AT. 1KB MRPOgTi ss« iSOT IT NOW. ITS BEEN HOURS VU KNOW SINCE THE POWER N IN A, CKME BA.QC. OW. WHATS) MOMENT WRONG WITH THE J. OR SO! S TIME-MfKCHINE ~\ ANVWAY? 3-191 AHAI I SEE vOU'VE GOT fKI «rtS. t PURRINS UK.E/WINK. A, KITTEN. J SHE'LL BEOKAY WE'VE GOT IT! Over 33,000 different iteme in itock! HUIIARD HARDWARE' "WELL,THMSRNEI I fiREAT JUMPING 8W.LS OF FIRE, MAN, WHATCHA PO IQ^TH' 8ACK?x HEY.CCEKO, WHY YA WALKING BACK, AN'.FOIfTHON TH'WAU-T NKS. JONES ROT ME TO WALK HER AN r SOMETIMES HE SETS KINPA MEAN/ Q. wjcwrat, * ooci TftWOUS SCULPTOR, V^STOtW XWOUW TWSST*TUE,rS &«.

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