The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 25, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 25, 1948
Page 5
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Ministry of Finance Is Less Opfi/n/sfiiMfcouf Recovery in France Than Man on the Street «WTOR« NOTE: M«re Is Ui« second of two dispatches on French •eopverjr by the vice-president mid general news manager o< the united P*e««, wh« i* w,iMng V. p. news bureaus lit Kiirof>«.) B»' Kui J. JotMIUm United Prw« SUff Corrtti^ixideiil PARIS, M*y 25. (U.P.)-H » a short walk from the Cafe rie )a ;> n u where Parisians sit In the «m drinking Vermouth to the gloomy Imlls of kh« Ministry o/ nuance and Economic A/fair*, where the state of the • ition Is mirrored in more somber tones. In sidewalk cafes you gel. the Im- *- pression that happy days are here again. On the whole, the people aren't as smaVtly dressed as before the war, Many look pale and badly nourished. But much of their old S«iety is back, mid nfter 4 o'clock BLYTHEVTI-I.E (ARK.V COURIER NEWS Their 2000- Year-Old Dreom Comes True TUESDAY, MAY K, 1948 ' in the Afternoon every table is la- ken. At the Ministry of Finance every desk is occupied by « ivorried functionary. .Here ministers and directors Judge post-war recovery in terms of national Income, factory production, and living ccats. nicy find the outlook ho]>efiil but prc- earlous -.. The rale was h.iscd on inlddllnit America's glgnntlc European Re- : seven-elghtlis Inch coltoii. The rate cpvery Program is the main reason | for the 1047 crop ivns 26 •!!) cents for hope, without it the bread ra-1 Tlie department said the increase tion here would have to be cut lo ! was necessary bet-mise (lie pur- less than a quarter ol a pound a I chasing power of the farmers' dol- Agri Department Will Make 27.5- Cent Cotton Loans WAH1KGTON, May 25. tUI>> — The Agrlnilntrc Department announced yeslerday it will make loans nt an average rate, of 275 cents a pound on 19-IU crop cotton produced between now nnd Aiiir- dav. That would .soon depriv people of their will to work, the hit- has dwindled since last Today's "interim" rale was Hriee.8 Steady . ilountTd to ]>rovitle |niee support :ie threat of further inflation j '"'' 5"'' ly ""''vester coilou, mostly nc main rea.son for worry. Pri- 1 " Soiu '> Texas. Anuthnr loan rate! are holding steady now at about K '"' lle annoimced in August for Tin ia the CCS 3ft lli'iuing Ml'itUV ULtXV lit HIXJUL J "" ~"~ •«»•>.».n 15 times as high as they were hi I lllc >csl " f lno eto »- I93g, a fairly normal pre-war yea]-, j . __ The government's problem is to hold the line and make what cut- W' <'enl over 19.18. But the Eco- backs 11 can. nouiic Ministry says the Increase The coming weeks before the I w '"' I'nvt lo tench 30 per cent to French harvest will tell the story ] be satisfactory. So Industry ha.s a(l- of whether ihe government, can ' vanccd less than luiir-wny toward overcome further Inllation on tln-ee " danger fronts—agricultural prices, Industrial prices, nnd wages. its Ronl. New equipment brought Ihroujjh KHI> will help the fnctorlM produce more. Government costs already have! The French mined 1.000,000 tons been cut 25 per cent under 19:)8. on j °f co.'il in 19-U. In 1841;, ||i,. v j iro l the basis of 1938 prices levels. j dnee ( | :i,OIJO.OOO tons nnd the L-III-The national income still Is far ' vent rate per year Is -1.000,1)00 Ions, below the government's go;0 f 0 r 1'rudm-tlon of t-leetttrity is far economic health, past year the na- | ahead of the pro-war index. From tlonnl t Income \vns SIS.UOO.OOOO.OQO. I a low of o:il .OCO.OOO, Kilowatt hours In 1938 It was 515,000,000,000. The j In September. I'm, (;,<•• iM-nctuellon government's goal is S18.500.000,000. | of electric power rose to '..'.427.000.0(10 Last year the government took 26 ( kiiowviU horns in January this; Jh oighoui the Jewish world, scene; like, this occurred as devout Jews donned prnvcr shawls and skull cap, conned the pages ol the Talmud and gave devout thanks that they had lived lo see the ancient dream of a Jewish national homeland come true. In New York's Home of Old Israel, these patrinrchnl elders pray for the survival of the new Israel. per cent of the national income In | year. taxe<; this year it expects lo lake 80 per cent. Industrial JkrodlXtion Is up 13 Sti-i-l Mae's Back! Baek from a ninc-monlh irip to England, during which she soid she gained live pounds on Britain's "austerity" diet, is Mae West. The "comc-up-and-sce- me-someiiine" actress, arriving in New York, said British men reacted "very good" to her performances in "Diamond Lit." THI IEST T'5T FOR WHISKEY .. some In Mmvh this yeur steel proilue-I tion leached 627.1)00 ton.s compared with n monthly average, iti I9I1B of 515,000 tons. Cement, nitrogenous rertlliwrs' and aluminum are other Items which France now is producing faster than In pre-war time. But perhaps the most .shikinu results here urc in tile field of reconstruction since Ihe liberation. The Public Works Department supplies these examples: A total of 2.025 miles of railway | trucks destroyed dining the war' have been restored entirely. ! Locomotives in service fell from! a pre-war high of 18.000 to 3.500 in ly-lfi; today 12,51)0 aie iu service on the French railroads. A great majority of lho bridges cnocked out in lllc war me, back n use on a permanent or provisional basis. Specific figures are not available. but the public works department •.ivos equally em:om;iRin K reports n restonition of canals, ;x>r(s, and ihe French Merchant Marine Swollen River Breaks Dikes, Threatens Town PORTLAND. May 25. —(UPI — The Kooicnni liii'er. swollen to i« highest recorded level, burst tliruiigh tin-pi) dikes m-iir Bonner.s Perry. Idaho, yesterday as a scries of Sprlnif floods claimed /our lives in Washington, Montana and Ore- j Read Courier News Want Ads. nun. All ubh'-borllcd men were ordered to i-ejwi-l u> the Banners FVrry conrthun.if for emergency duty as llii: Kodtfimi swirlcjj llii-oiiKh'th'! crinnWi-rt embankments and: thrculenert to tlood Ihu loner purl ! "f the town, j The rivi-i- swept a\\;iy .sam1b:i»[;e<i dikes and Inundated 7.500 acres 'ji ck-J: fiujnhilul. Three redamatkm J -listricis. eoiiiprisiii); some ol HUM most, fertile flRriniltiiral areas in ' Noiiln;rn IrJaho, were flooded. ' The raiupaijjni; M.vrk Creek. 75 miles north ft Bonnets Ferry, drove ISO residents of Kemberly, B. C., \ aim five small nelcthlKiring com- j munities. from their homes, j Rend Courier News Wi>nt Ads. Sentence is Delayed; New Trial is Sought BOSTON, May 25. — (UP.l—The expected sentencing of former American newsmen, Robert H. Bast,, 52, convicted of wartime treason as a German ludio commentator, was delayed yesterday by a hearing on two defence motions. The motions fora new trial an.! arrest uf sentence were taken under advisement by fedeiiil judge Francis J. w. Ford after arguments foy Die defense and the government. Arkansas AM & N College President to Be Honored JACKSON. Ten)).. May 2S.—(UPi —Lane College, negro, 'will confer an honorary dc«ree on Preside;! 1 , Liwrence A. Uuvls of Arkansas AM &N College at Tine Bluff. Ark. Davis is ont- of the youngest college presidents in the nation. He rase from nn obscure working student ill Arkansas AM & N to th-presidency at :>8. Ventilation is one if the most Important factors in successful fanning, agricultural specialists emphasise. TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE DURING THIS BIG END-OF-MAY Now is your clmncc to get MORE Trailc-ln Allowittu-c on your ( >|<1 tires for ticw B. F, C;»oilricli Silvcrtowtis (luring our hij; l-tul Of May Tire Sale. You'll also K et MORE in your new Silvettinvns hctanic the)- fl i,c more mileage than cvcr'lwfore nn,l resist road shocks ati<i lilowouts Iiettcr than ever. GO SAFELY ON B.F.Goodrich Silvertowns JUST 1— Down 1.25 A WEEK PUTS A NEW i.OO.Ii TIRE ON YOUS CAR B.F.GOODRICH 'T.vory ii rc or lu |, c ,,f ol|r ni.nnil.Kturt- !it-.«ritiK utlr "anic iirul M-ri.vl mimhcr i^ cuar^n- u-.-il ID h c | ri . c l, nil , iljjcc,; in<hip anil m.itcrtal witnuiit Itmic as 10 time «'Central Aufo & Home Supply 19W. Main BL rr !' Phone 585 Stride Vote Scheduled By Atom Plant Worker* OAK RIDGE. Teiin./May •& _ (Upj— Kenneth Scott, burfness acent ol the strike-threateniiiis APIj AUimJe 'llrades and I,atxir Council, said today that June 1-2 had been set a.s the dates for a strike vole o/ atomic workers here. The [Wll to be conducted by the National Labor Re;alion.<i Boarri will l>e on the final offer of the Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Oorp., Ihe ojxu'Rlliig ronipany at Oak Ruigc National Laboratories. Scott predicted that an overwhelming majority of the anticipated 872 voles would he tor a strike. The walkout probably would come after June 1, [he date -on which a lettcral court injunction forbidding a strike must tinder law be dissolved. MacArthur-tor-President Booster Says War Hero To Attend GOP Conclave WASHINGTON, May 25. — <up> —Irvin Hohcnsce, manager of the local MacArthnr-for-p resident He.-idqtiiirlers, said today lie expects Gen. Douglas MarArtmir to attend Ine Republican Ntitional Convention at Philadelphia next month MacArthur, supreme allied commander In Japan, has made no salcment o( his own concerning any I'Uctuion lo return to this counfy lor the GOP cinchive which stain June 21, Hohetiffc declined lo elaborate on his .strilement except to say he expects the Pacific war hero to ai- tcnd the convention. "I don't want to say anymore tnaii thin, now," Hohcmee said. Hershey Hopes Local Will Get Same Powers Held During Last War WASHINGTON, May 25. (UP) — Mnj. Getl. Lewis. B. Hershey said yesterday he hoped local boards "gain will be given the same ixwerj as in the last war if a new draft is approved by Congress. Hershey. wartime head of the draft, s.ittl the success of Selective Service in World War n was achieved by delegating a,,ii, 0 rity to the 6,.->00 local draft boards. He loitl the National Council lor Community Improvement lhat (he local boards did the job "In spite Former Blyth*vill* Man It Buried in ., f^iiera! »ervices lor Aloert A Hudson, 52, were conducted this afternoon «l th* Ctlvary of the national office-ln ~spu e ot the pressure group, *« couldn't re•) LSI. "Tlie toughest Job for the community," he said, "is to decide who goes out to get killed and who stays home. The local community !T»n !h ve l £ e gut - s to do tlie th|n «s when they have to be done" Hereshey, who Is now director of the Office of Selective Service Records, .vild each individual must cooperate with others in his community to survive "when .tomle morning comes." Church by th« Rev. P. H. Jernl- gan, pastor. Burial w«n in the Leachville Cemetery. Mr. HUUMMI aiea yesterd«y «t the Walls Hospital after s few days' illness, He had been in poor health for some Urn*, but not been confined to the hospital. Mr. Hudson lived In Sleele, Mo., but had been engaged in farming around Blytlieville until the last few years. • He is survived by two daughters, Miss Virginia Hudson in North Carolina, and Miss Eulilla Hudson ° ! , , s . t ' L « llls : " slsUr. Mrs. Maud htabbs of 2018 West Ash, and » brother, Murray Hudson of Bly- The Cobb Funeral Homi w»« fe charge of the arrangemenU. For 76 yearsi there has never been enough Yellowstone for all those who place it first among fine whiskeys. 100 Proof Yellr>uwon« Park ij /<UTIOMI itn it* hems — Yellowstone Whiskey, for its quality. tt- Hoorf uniier U.S. Go.t. «ip*r»i«un—Ytlloootonc. lac, Uxul.ilta, K.ntmk/, »«0l« SAK LIO«0. of it/* Y, L ITS, jwnnicf; from a piWy kink arc rk-Iics iinlrild U) 3 piyl.iiloci six year old. iNadirallv, she \\anis to l>c sure they're safe. Heciuise even (lie stivillcsl nccntint is impnrtpnt lo a K.rnk, NaiKy's pfnnies will Ix: \\isfly invrslcd. Sonic of llicm will go inlii tililitv securities — intti /'iiM'm'ss-iniiniigcil electric lioiit and pinver ann- psfiics. I ike our own. will make Nancy one of our owners —an itiilirccl owner. Anil, if voti have ;i savings account <ir life insurance policy Lislrn In the KI,K(:TRI<; llOt^ (most people do), it's almost certain lliat you're an indirect owner, too. 1 licre arc thousands of direct owners as «ell — jxrople from all walks of life ulio have invested I heir savings in this company. All kinds of people —your friends ami neighbors — ihe man across tlie way, the Iunisc\vife next door, farmers, mechanics, doctors, industrial workers, teachers, craftsmen, ntirscr YCN. your electric light and potter company' it owned hy the [Koplc it serves. —every Sunday, 4:3* p.m. t/'ST, CBS. Ark-Mo Power Co.

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