Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 16, 1895 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 16, 1895
Page 7
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'"'.;"; HON. THOMASGlLVORD. Hon. Thomas G. Alvord, ex-Speaker Of the New York Assembly, ex-Lleir tenant-Governor, First Vice-president Ot Constitutional Convention and a • mber of the former Constitutional aventlon, la a man universally known and respected. Although ex. Governor Alvord is nearly ninety years of ago, he Id etlli bale and hearty and, SB was tested in the Constitutional Convention la°t summer, in as perfect mental condition as Is that grand old man, Mr. Gladstone. '•'Do you never feel tired and literally woin out, Governor?" was recently asked him. "At times the fever seemed to eatab- lleb itself and then all the symptoms of» general reaction would come on. I suffered from general weakness, and »n effort to move my limbs or body was attended with a feeling of weariness and exhaustion. In fact, my whole organism seemed to be giving out. I was unable to obtain relief except by lying (latuponmy back, and even this relief was only temporary." "But how conies it that you are now In such gocd heaUh?' ••Listen, and I will tell you. I determined to take my case Into my own haads, "Several years ago for the first time In my life I dla fool in that condition. I was ihon u member of the Assembly at Albany. It took the form of most disagreeable nausea, and, of course, prostr»tion which such attacks occasion. By sheer force of will power I seemed to overcome the iirat attack, but the year following it again came on with oven more violence than before." ••What were your symptoms, Gov. ernor?" "I felt a sense of weight and fullness In the lower part of the body, followed by a dull throbbing pain and aecora. panled with u sensation of feverish heat or a chilly shudder," "You must have suffered considerable. But was that al:?" and therefore began using a remedy of which I had heard a groat deal. It benefited me at onco, and C continued its use until I am completely restored to health, and kept in good physical condition, and all through the use of Warner's Safe Cure " . "Your experience, Governor, is certainly a mo'tt important and valuable one." "Yes Indeed, and I am satisfied that for physical ailments, and especially those incident to declinlngyears, there is nothing equal to Warner's Safe Cure, and certainly I am a good living example of what It can do." All who know Governor Alvord need not be told that his statements are reliable and his experience valuable. As such they are given herewith for the benefit of UIOBO mon or women who mav bo suffering-and who desire health and long life. WORSE THAN DEATH, ISclclum ITufl » Sysfrm nT ncQned Toruiro Thnt Kill» In Three Yearn. Though-the death penally was pr.ic- tloallyftbolishcd iu Bcljrium over thirty years ngo, the punisluiuMit of tlioso convicted of capital crimes is so awful that none has yot boon ablu to endure # '' more thu?V tlirce years. Another curi- S thinpr is that littlo lielg-ium until "recently had two public cxotiutionure, while o'ne was sufticieut for her Busier 'nciffhbor, France—Diobler, otherwise •known us "Monsieur do Paris." Tho king' of the Uu'lgians recently ordered tho retirement on a pension of ono , thousand eight hundred and thirty- seven francs of the "executor of hiph works" (as lie is euphoniously termed), who was stationed at Licjre. The cxc- .'cutioner at Brussels still holds his place. The duties of the public executioner in Belgium are singular, but not arduous. The courts still continue to scn- ' tencc malefactors to death, but tho . gnillotiue has been replaood by a scaffold, on which is posted a copy of the sentence. Much ceremony is observed in nlUx'mfr this clocniaont. A troop oJ gendarmes, with their imposing hcl- metsplumcd with horschair.is drawn up about tho place of execution, which they gravely guard with sabers drawn, while the red-robed executioner mounts tho 1 steps, 'nails up the decree of tho court, and after a moment takes it down apT'ii". But the condemned man mipht more mercifully have perished by the ax or rope. Ho Is placed in a dungeon so constructed, that from tho moment ho enters it he will never hear the sound of human voice nor see ft living being. His food is passed in through a sliding panel in tho door of his cell. Jsot one of these prisoners has boon able to survive this confinement more than three years. The authorities have striven in vain to prolong their lives by ; varying- their food as much as possible, but those who are moderately or lightly nourished gradually waste avray, "rhile those who are generously fed go lad and die raving maniacs. — I Output of Novel*. One thousand novels are published in London every year—that is, ten and a half a day. CTivier says a whale may live 1,000 years. An elephant is supposed to liv« In some cases 400 years. MASSAGE FOR BLACK EYES. Hottor Tlinn Paint :i"'l Uoufstcuk for Ob- lUnnilliiS Evidence of 1'lstio Kncouutor. Those \vho make a business of obliterating evidence of fistiu encounters in the shape of blade oyos by painting the damaged optics no loujjev enjoy u monopoly of such business. This I was told by a pugilistic acquaintance whose experience entitles him to bo regarded .is an authority ou the subject, says a writer in the N«w York Herald. _ "MassaffO treatment of the region affected," ho said, "will beat paint .and raw beefsteak all liollow. T.ut it should b'c applied immediately after the injury is 'received in order to prove thcroufrhly efficacious. It docs not require aii expert to do it. All that is necessary is to move the lingers rapidly and firmly over the bruised surface, and to keep it up until the last vestige of discoloration has disappeared. The explanation is easy. Where the blow has been received tho blood becomes congested. It is tho clots of blood showing through the transparent skin that produces the black e.fl'ect. The pressure o'f the fingers gradually looscns the clotted blood, which passes off into the general current of circulation, and fresh and properly colored blood takes its place." However, as a rule, the professional "pug" does not bother himself about accelerating the disappearance of a black eye. It is a sign which proclaims the fact that its proprietor has recently filled an engagement, and as such he is an object of envy to his less fortunate brethren. It is the man about town, whose overindulgence occasionally causes him to forget that discretion is the better part of valor, who is apt to profit most by the knowledge that massage, promptly applied, will remove the signs of .mourning from an eye tb.at.bas bee.i'in violent contact with some other fellow's fist, and thus obviate the necessity of inventing a story to account for it, which, however ingenious, will be sneered at by skeptical and incredulous acquaintances, some of whom may nave "been there themselves," The first real estate entry of reeord in Kanawha county, W. Va., was made January 3, 1793, and is of one hundred and fifty thousand acres of land to Phineas Taylor, of Waterbtiry, Conn., who was the grandfather of Phineas T. Barnuin, the great showman. Tho property has been in litigation alirost ever since, A TITLED THESPIAN. AUGUSTIN DALY HAS A PLAYER OF HIGH DEGREE. She It Mme. I-a Comtesso De Caotel- vocclilo and Will Endeavor to Slioxv Her Tuleat to Americans—Her Career on the European Sta£C. TsDER THE TJ\~- assamins' but fine "old comedy" name of Miss Oltlcastle. /•'Tr^ & i, 1 t hcrc figures on the (V^lJLl rOS ' C>r ° f A " SUStUS .Y-'xTiN -e*5»»06> Daly's stock company this season a foreign lady o! distinction — Mme. la Comlessc- do Castel- vec'C-hlo—whose title ami dramatic abilities are both vouched for by unimpeachable authority. The limitations of a minor position In a stock company whose- principal members are so robustly healthy that an ambitious understudy nnist despair have prevented the appearance of tlio countess prominently before tho public. In orUt-v t-o Klvo New York a taste of her qualities Mme. de Castelvecchio announces a special performance at Daly's for her ov.'n benefit. The Comtesse de Castelvecchio comes of an eminent Corslcan family. She was born in Paris and married into a noble Italian house. When, four years ago, the countess found lic-rsclf a widow In London with three children and the necessity of making her own \vuy in the world, she determined to adopt a career for which her education, attainments and personal grace peculiarly lilted lie.-. The first venture of the countess was lectures on art in English, French, German and Italian, delivered at the studio ot Lady Alfred JefCerson, An appearance in a chanty t'lc'itrical brought tho energetic lady such jlatter- ins notices that she forthwith adopted the stage. She studied hard to subdue her foreign accent, with such success that she won the consideration of Ellen Terry, through whose Influence Mme. de Castelvecchio was engaged for two years as a member of Henry Irving's Lyceum Theater company. Her principal performance was Patience in "Henry VIII." during the long Illness of Mrs. Pauncefort. Special • matinees and' other performances brought "Miss Oldcastle" into prominence in London. Subsequently she joined Daly's company in that city. Last September the countess came to America and was as- Signed to understudy Mrs. Gilbert's roles while the Daly Company was on the road. She was cast for an Important part in "The Queen ot 1 the Air," which Daly decided not to do, and has boon asslgnccl to a. role in the new comedy to lie produced later in the season. The Comtesse de Castelvecchio will appear in "Petticoat Perfidy," a one- act comedy by Sir Charles Young, and will also display her versatility in "Comedy and Tragedy." in which Ellen Terry and others have been seen. She will also recite in costume, with musical accompaniment, an anonymous poem called "Perdita," which the countess discovered in the British museum. Baron Fava, the Italian minister at Washington, has promised to attend. Mme, do Castelvecchio is tail and oi DEMPSEY'S MIND IMPAIRED. Groat ex-Champion Mtddlewelclit Pngl- ll«t, la, a Bud TVay. Ever since Jack Dempsey fought Tommy Ryan at the Seaside Athletic club he has been acting strangely,and at times his actions indicated that his mind was unbalanced. He kept brooding over the humiliation he had sufl'er- ed at the hands of the welterweight champion, arid on several occasions threatened to Jcill himself. Monday night at a Coney Island road house, he became violent and had it not boon for the interference of friends might have ended his existence then and there. As it was, he stabbed himself several times In the wrist with table forks. Dr. John E. Ward pronounced Dempsey insane, and advised his removal to an asylum. Dempsey has never been himself since Hob Filzsimmons punished him so badly in tlicir battle bet'ure the Olympic chub of Xew Orleans, a. few years ago. BICYCLE FOR TWO. The Mythic:!). jr:u-hlMo Heroines « Keili- try :it £.:i-it. Xo\v that a bicycle has really been built for two, there seems to be no reason why this style should not become as popular as the mythical machine which millions have Heard sung ahoui. A Now York concern has produced a novelty in cycle manufacturing of which they are justly proud, it is called BICYCLE BUrr.T FOR TWO. the Dupliex. and carries two persons, being so built as to be suitable for either sex. The novelty Is a three-wheel affair, says the New York Times, weighing forty-two pounds without the tires and : forty-seven with. It has handle bars I for each rider, and either can attend to the steering. The machine is shown at the big cycle show at Madison Square Garden. It Is claimed for the Dupleix that bal; anclng and pedal motion can be ac' quired quicker on this machine than in any other way. It Is not necessary for both riders to be experienced. One who has never previously pedaled can operate the machine with one familiar with j it. Large tires are used, and a g-ood ' rate of speed is claimed for it. | The Dupleix is llnished In a very j handsome manner and many orders ; have already been recorded despite the I fact that the machine is yet very young in trade history. During the forenoon hours at the cycle show the Du- plcix is operated for the edification of • •the dealers and agents. superb figure. Her and hair are ^lm :/pl^ Jf'/ITO tern I'DE COMTESSK DK CASTKI.VECCIIIO A» TKHDITA. dark and her voice is agreeably musical. She speaks English with bat slight accent. Aristotle found amusement In ing on the seashore and collecting sped- T N paint the best is the -«- cheapest. Don' t be misled by trying what is said to be "just as good," but when you paint ia-n'st upon having a genuine brand of Strictly Pure White Lead It costs no more per gallon than cheap paints, and lasts many times as long. Look out for the brands of White Lead offered you ; any of the following are sure : "Ancior," " Southern," "Eckstein," "Red Seal," "Kentucky," " Collier." FOR COLOKS. — National Lead Go.'s Pure White Lead lintins Colors. These colors are sold In one-pound cai.s, each can beins sufficient to tint 15 pounds of strictlj- Pure White Lead I he desired shade; they are ;no sense rfady-mL\«l paints, but a combm.i!:on of perfectly pure colors in the handiest form xo tint Strictly Pure White I-rad. A cwl many thousand dollars have been saved perty-owners by having our bock on painting coloMord. Send us a postal card and get i> free. NATIONAL LEAD CO., Kew York Cincinnati Branch, Seventh »nd Freeman Avenue, Cincinnati. and co bwi> SIFTINCS. It isn't much of a dos that can't make a man £ro mad by biting him. Johnnio Chaflle says ho Is his mother's canoe, and she is always able to i paddle it. A mistake is a thing to which you .ire liable. Blunders uro mado by tho other fellow. If cases of drunkenness were argued hei'orc a iuil court there would be no convictions. In spite oi the prevailing cold wealh- c-v dude drops are frequently seen on slippery sidewalks. An Io\va veteran draws a pension be- cau.se his wife, ten years ago. hit him with a broomstick. The fondnoss tlenC men have for promenading- on railway tracks lias never received, a scientific explanation. Let the indicted Now York panUuas cheer up. A convict, however poor, can always have a watch and chain. An exchange says the prince of Walc-s uses his fingers in eating; small birds. Why. don't he buy a set-of false teeth ? • it is very stranpre that the man who knows exactly how to run a newspaper is always engaged in some other business. Everything is adulterated nowadays. A Boston man bought a cork leg and afterward ascertained that it was made of paper. Members of the Salvation army in Tiffin, Ohio, are said to have been in a trance for ten days. This is a change. Heretofore we have read about them being- in jail for ten days. Times are so hard in. Turkey that the harem business has received an awful setback. Prominent Turks are offer- .ing their wives at 50 per cent discount, and throwing in a half a dozen children to bind the bargain. Soruc Viilunblo Fiddles. An Italian paper says that the violoncello upon which Siff. Pratti plays is valued at SO.000. It Ls a R:i- fe n"= ri instrument. According to this same authority all tho prominent fiddlers have small fortunes invested in their .violins. Ysaye has a -uardagnini worth §l,iOO and Jean Gerardy plays upon a guarnerius valued at S-1,000. Dr. Joachim has a larjre collection o valuable violins. The stra-divarius that belonged to Ernst, and said to be worth 810,000. has come into possession of Lady Halle. _ , Bita of History. Chalemagne was fond of hunting. Tamerlane was an expert chess player. Buft'on's only amusement was walk- Bach's favorite pastime was gardening Virgil, during the summer season, fi.U«i his house tvlrh hmr THE STRONG POINT "bout • the cures by Hood's Sarsaparilla is that they are p^-U^nt. TVy start from the»olidfoundaUw»—P r-» "Mood. for Infants and Children. OTHERS, Do You Know Batemun's Drops, Godfrey's Cordial, many so-called Soothing Syrups, «»d most, remedies for chiMren are composed of opium or uwrphiie ! Do You Know that opium and morphine are stupefying cureotic poisons f Po You Kaow that in most countries druggists aw no' Permit U-d to sell narcoUc* .out labcliDg them poisons ? Do Yon Know that you should not permit any medicine to be given your child unless you or yotf' physician know of visit it is composed ? Po You Know that Castoriu is ft purely vegetable preparation, and that a list ot Its ingredients is published with every bottle T Do Yon Know that Casloria Ls tbo prescription of tlw famous Dr. Samuel Pitcher. That it has b&n in use for nearly thirty years, and Chut, more Custom is now sold than of all other remedies for children combined f Do You Know that tho Patent Offlco Department of the tnitod States, and ot other countries, havo issued exclusive right to Dr. Pitcher and his assigns to uso the word " Cantorln " and its formula, and that, to imitate them is a stale prison offense 7 Do Yon Know thatqne of tho reasons for granting this government protection was bccauso Castorla had been proven to be obnolntely harmlonO Do You Know that 36 »veroge doses ot Castoria are f unshed for 35 cent*, or ono cent a dose f Do Yon Know that when possessed of this perfect preparation, your children *°*r be kept well, and that you may have unbroken rest f Well, thft»e thing* are worth knowing. They are facts. • The fae-rimila titrnatnre of Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla, For keeping the System In a Healthy Condition. CURES Headache CURES Constipation, Acts on tho Liver and Kidneys, Purlfle3 tha Blood Dispels Colds and Fevers, Beautifies the Complexion and Is P easing and Refreshing to the Taste. SOLD BY ALU OWGC/ST*. J3T A nicely Migrated eiphty-p^c Lincoln Story Book .riven to cv.ry purchaser ot * paclcagu. of Lincoln IV*. Price 23c. Ask your.drutrtrisl, or L.INCOT-* TEA Co., Fort U sync. Ind. For Sale by W. H. Porter THE STAGE. Last \voek. .in American play. "The District Attorney," was givc-n at the American thcati-r. It is the lirSt p'.ny by, American author* to be produced at that l/or.KO. It is the work of Messrs. Harrison Givy Fiskc and Clinrli-s Klein. The scenes are all laid in Now York. At Dniy's, oiv of the most popular of the- Is\>\v York theaters in the front ran!:, old L'avorilos are be-In;? revived. All-last week the comedy, "The Rail- i-iintl of Hove," which Mr. Daly first produced Xiiv. J, 1SS7, W.-IK jjiven before large auclionoi-s, ili.sK Ad;i lie- ban, who nppttircd, was of the oritiin.il cast. Amor.,'? other plays to be revived Is "Xnncy .in<l Co." Ir>_ Charles T. Dazey's new American play, "The War oC Wealth." which Manager Jacob Litt will produce for the first time on any stage Feb. -"> at the Chestnut street opera house, Philadelphia, the author deals In a taking- way with some methods In American finance and trusts, as well as sentiment. "The Wai- ot Weilth" will have one of the strongest casts that has been seen in an American melodrama In many years. Lillian Furst is writ- Ins the special music. A p'.ay known to have been written more than four hundred years a^o by Kins Ludra!:a, a ruler of India, was produced Thursday niffht of last week at the Irving Place theater, New York. The title Is "JIritcchakatika."meaning in English "The Little Earthen Wagon." The play was produced at New York in German and was given the title "Vasantasena." It is in five acts, and all the scenes are laid in In- SUNDAY PLAYING. President of the ISrowr.M Sot Afraid of THE RING. The prop'iseil bout between Solly Smith ami Johnny, the Kentucky rosebud, ban been ilorl.m'il off. S!av!n II.-IM from: tu pot in London since his defeat by Jim Hall. He is Impecunious and what is worse still, badly wrecked physically, If this is true tho cooler may CM him. .Toe Lannon and Pttor Mahor are Kolns to i"'-' ll£ ln a limited-round bout I in Boston. Tho luiUUt will bo at. catch- j v.-cishts niul will pruba.bly be ten | roun.lf. I JluRhi^y O'Noiil, the New York feath- i erweiKht boxer, wants to fipht a lim- ' lied round or linish contest with Marty I McCuc. O'Xeill offers to bet McCuc $300 that he can beat him. Sam Fiupatrick, manager and backer of "Kid" Lavitfn'.-, i:j r.oing to make another attempt 1.0 match his ^man against. George Johnson, o? England. Sam says thai he has been assured by two well-known «poi'tsm<>n of England that !t Johnson :^rees (o light Lnvigne they will see that a nice purse Is hung 1 up for a. contest. The passage of a bill to prevent Sunday baseball playlnff in Missouri has not caused the president of the St. Louis Baseball association to forego one second of his customary nine hours sleep. When it became known that the bill introduced In the legislature by Mr. Davis of Taney county, had passed the lower house, a St. Louis Globe-Democrat representative asked. Mr. Von de-r Ahe what effect it would have upon professional baseball In this city. "None -whatever," said the Browns president. "A 'scare' of this description has been annually introduced in the state legislature since 1" have been connected with baseball in St. Louis. I -will admit I was surprised to hear that it had passed the house. However, it will have to undergo the fire of the senate' and can not live through it. Even if it becomes a law it would not be enforced. There Is at present a law upon the statute books prohibiting Sunday ball, but the authorities have too much grood sense to endeavor to enforce it. It would be the same- with the latest addition to the archives of legislative wisdom. I am not bothering about the doinffs of our solons at Jefferson City. I am busily engaged setting affairs in order to play Sunday this year." _____ ._.. . h^Rft^?^^*-; 1 tried various remed-ic Bicians, but noae relieved me. Alteriaking »ii bottles ot S.S. S. am now well. I am very grateful to you as Heel ^ life o'f uutold Agony, and shall take pleasure Itt Kpealcing only words of pratoe inr your won- derftjl mcflicine, and in recommending It to —- -~~- • all Treattoe on Blood and Ski* SWIFT SPECIFIC co, A'.lact», GA. A LADY'S TOILET Is not complete •without an ideal POMPLEXIO; •mm JPOWDETl. f PGZZONI'S Combines every- element of I beauty and purity. It is beautifying, soothing, healing, healthful, ajri harmless, and irhen rightly used is invisible. A. roost delicate and desirable protection I to the face in this clioate. -\/^^-^.->. J x^-w Inrift upon having too geotdae. IT IS FCR SALE EYESYWHOJE,

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