The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 25, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 25, 1948
Page 3
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TUESDAY, WAY 25, 1!M8 Blytheville Junior High School To Graduate 745 in Exercises Thursday; Harrison Will Speak Graduation exercises for US pupils ]„ (he Blytlwvllle Junior Kith fHiool will be conducted m Ul ehi 8 h .school gymnasium at 3 p. m Tl.urs- day. U was announced today by A. E. Caldwell, principal, with Ihe'gradua- lion address to be delivered by A.S. <Todd> Harrison, Bi'ytlieville attorney The winners of medals will be* announced Friday with the presentations to be made by W. B. Nicholson, superintendent o[ schools. The diplomas wilj be presented by w. P. Pryor, member of the school board, and Mrs. Lanicr Heed wlli be in charge of music lor the exercises. The list of graduates tojiows: 'B*>bby Owens, Patricia llearn. Nadeaii McCurty, Tominie Joe Stribling, Larry Baker, Hobby Forrest, Wayne Burnlmm, Granvillc Cooley, Leo Hodge, Carrie Sue Haynes. Ben Young. Mary Lou Sawyers, Bobby c. Qsburii. Jamas Philips,, Joanne Tedlock, Bobby Jean Davis, Lena Fay Thaxton, Harry Myers] Joe Max tons, Mike Wells, Charles Taylor, Bobby Vlckery, Rex Hill, Howcll Boyd, Harold Gann. Bobbie Soymore, Delores Ann Carter Juamla Buchanan. Lurleen Matley, Jean Slietton, Alice Moslcv. •i^a Phillip.s Violet Bailey, Sally 'IWeschmann, Jane Wilson. Martlw Nichols, Rosemary ^loimRhan, Roxanne Johnson, Maxine Odum, 13or;s Darby. Evelan Ellis, Charles Kinning- , - haai, Jane Woodhouse, Mary Ann Eads. Joyce Stecie, Barbara Ann Pruitt, Frances Robinson. Ellen Mae Dean Newman. Peggy June Mary Kathryn Ball. Nornm Jean West, Freddie Mullins, Virgil Handlcy, Donna Sue Gore, Sandra Ann Lunsford. C. L. Prince, Paye Eloise Golden. Beuy O'Dell, Don Bingcson. James Paul Price. Milton Sylvester. Joe Walls, Bobbie Estc.5, Carol AMI Bailey, Nadine White. Betty Jo Elli.s,, Al'.ene Wimberly. Imogens Miller. Charline Wickor. Mary Pat Robson. Barbara Ann Johnson. Betsy Nita Kose Hall Lula Bell Ge. men, Biily Matheny, Ralph Wahl, Jerry Berry. Junior James, Ira Spain, Roy Brown, Shirley Abbott, Jean Westbrook, Wayne Croucli. Melbaline Hill, ' Nessie Slsnka.'d Three Sentenced To Two Years in Jury Bribe Case NEW ORLEANS, May 25 (UP) — Multl-mllllonaire oilman William G. Iliirton and two other men in- clurtimr a former stale senator, to- fnccd two-year prison terms $10,000 fines following their on charges of jury- Federal Judge Wayne G. Bomb day and , convictions fixillK. sentenced . Burton, former state , Sen. Joe cawthorn mid Marcel P la Branche here yesterday. The three men were found guilty last week by a u. S. District Court . . c our jury which acquitted former Gov. James A. Noe on the same charges Cawlhorn. Burton and La Jury Panel Called For Civil Cases in Osceola District Sheriff William Benyman's deputies in South Mississippi County today were notlfllng rnemb'rs of » jury panel to report tomorrow morning to Circuit Judge Charles W. Light of P.iiiigould in the Osoe- ola Division of Circuit Court for trial of civil cases. Court was convened yesterday and three civil cases are expected to be tried during the court sessions later this week, it was announced by Circuit Court Clerk Harvey Morris. ' Vcnlrcmen .named on (lie Jury pftiiel to report tomorrow include: B. L. Tallafcrro, Coleman Crews, * , James Woodward, N.J. Graves, W.H , Lloyd Godley* Dye.w, W. B' motions. Only cau'tnorn made a statement .' as he was sentenced. He charged , . ., . llurkelt, Bill Joe Den Lou. Bentlcy Rhodes, Melvln Alexander, H. p. Ohlendorf. Alex Coble, Charles Beal, J. M. Brackelt, Henry liriixk- ley, Byrd Harris, o.F. Manlcy, Norman Clay. Henry Clay. Leon Spears, W.B Tyree, RJS. Ashmore. Wade Qulnn, Palmer Stniilion, Guy Buller, Cecil Earls. MM iinrt, Harold Hentlrlx. Gordon Wiseman Kay Owens, B.C. Wade, H. A. Nicholson. E.A. Pollard, Roy Cox, Dean Hranche Immediately filed appeal ? ls ?"' E A ' Pollal ' rt . R °V Co: motions. -ppcai n nt cher and Doyd \Vhltc. Alternates include: A. 13. Rozelle R.M. Graves, C.T. Lynch, Moses .... ,.t «.,.> .ii:i]n:,(i:vti. tie cnargctl "-* 11 - v-jiii^u.i, ^.A. ijyncn, Hint he was convicted "on the test- f Slimnil, Carl Pollard. Jimmy liuss Imony of perjury" and added lliat, DS Laney, Mcivin Lapldcs, J.E,' Ills "conscience is clear. Judge Horah pronounced the sentences after defense attorney llu?li Wilkinson asked him to set asiclc the jury's verdict and order either acquittal or a new trial. 'Bingo' Players In Hot Springs Fined $200 Each HOT SPRINGS. Ark.. May 25. (DPI—Law enforcement officers dug j up a 72-year-old Arkansas statute ' yesterday to give Impetus to their 1 [drive (o curb gamWlni; in this cltyj , , ., Craln, Wilbur Wiseman, P. A. Stillwell and Ralph Bowden. The Jury panel was selected by Fred Smith, Gilbert Lynch and Richard Cromcr. Jury commissioners, who were appointed at the pre- dcdlng term of court. Ex-Mayor of Hope Faces Action of Grand Jurors Hope, Ark.. May 25 (UP)—Ex- Mnyor Albert Pink today faced action of the October grand jury on charges of conversion of public funds and grand larceny. Meanwhile he Is free In SI.OOQ bond. Fink was uoujiii over lo the sui.t ,u 1,1, i u KilllMJUII^ 111 I Ills CltV ---^ ... vi.uuu Ulllltl. i Johnson. BeUy Hell, nnn si.v persons were flned $200 anrt Fillk wns lm "" l! ovcr 1° "le .11. Marion Slanfield. ] costs each in Municipal Court Hempslcad County Jury after wav- •ntry. Juanita Over- The arrests were made durine a' mg Vte\\m\imry hearing in Muni- athenv. Ralnh Wahl ,,nir,,, rni j .... ,,._ ., . B A cinal nnurl . Ruby Henson. . John Bank.-;, Thomas Dowdy, Oakie Ropp, Sonny g a police raid on the club rooms of „„,,,, ,„ cll>al Co "rt. Veterans of Foreign Wars'arid"the I Alu '°ui;h lie publicly denied the defendants were alleged to have Cllar 8 es against him. Fink vo- been participants in a "blnuo" came SIK[lcd his cffice F ''ldny and the ivhicli officers said Is outlawed bv' C>ly Col »' cl) eslablished Council- ,1 . > . , . . J I »11!111 I l.Ill A4nn^n -^ , 1 .. _ ..._ the ancient law ennctcd to curb "keuo." Officers said that "keno " nnd "bingo" are one p.nd the same. The club rooms of the American Legion were raided and tlie "operator" ordered held to await | Jury on a charge of operating a Martin, Lynn Qee, Walton Powcii, Bobby Crawford, Billie Mayo, Bobbie Garner, Donald Bolding, Larry Knkey, John Hall. Gloria Smith, Robert Flowers. Joy , „,„, „,, Shelton, Joan Fulghsm, Richard I gambling gnme Six slot mirhinpt Myw-s, Clovis Garnett Warren Me- | were renorted seized in the raid on Clure. Joar.ii Adair, Jimmie Cnl- j the Legion club bertson, Albert Fairfield, Gary Tay- i — — lor. Gerald Trice. Howard Brown, Millie Ann Mallory, Billie Jo Browning, Elizabeth Lutes, Doris Bean, Mary Ann Robcson, Junior Shands, Petsy Cunningliam, Palsy man Lyle Moore as acting mayor. A special election will be held June 8 to determine the new mayor. City Attorney John Desey filed as a candidate in the special election. , , Calvert. Billy Jackson, Charlene Cameron. Peggy Allison. Mack Hay, - r , \Vhitner,JRupert Afart;:i Crafton. Norman Percival. Arthur Snodgrass, Winnibeth Buckley. Pat McGregor .Bettie KniD- ple. Christine Farris, Elmer Rich- Po/ice Cruelty Charges To Be Investigated PINE BLUFF. Ark. May 25 I UP! —The Pine Bluff civil Service U i_, ,. ,. e , Commission has scheduled a hcar- ndOUbtedly Safe ing for tomorrow ni S ht on charges DES MOINES. Ta., May 25. (UP) : thnt three police officers committed —Fred c. Walrath, who has nei- i act - 5 ot brutality against Negroes, ther owned nur driven a car for J - A - Sibley announced today i.. ,.„..-_ ._.,_.. . .... . If found guilty, the officers could be dismissed froin the force. Officers John Balrd and Fred Ceorley, Jr., are accused of beatiti. Negroes during arrests and nigh Chief Georee Smith is accused o years, today ficate for his driver" from ness firm. received a certi- record as a "safe DCS Moines busi- I James Robert' Harrison, ' ' —•••.,-• »vi*,.,- i^aiujntei UOi ardson. Well Hay, Prank Allen, Hlltcherson. Hood, SoDhiaAnu BriBht, Bill Wundcr-I witnessing the beating without lich. JaniBs Rambo. Betty Jane ! taking any action. Michael, Doan Wallace, Jolin Paul I Read Courier Mews Want Ads. HEAVY-DUTY TRUCKS •LTTMgVnj,! (ARK.? OOUfcrtR JHtWi —^—————^_ Laney Scores Move to Purge State's Anti-Truman Delegates ,,, ROCK - Ark > May .(UP)— Gov. Ben Laney chained ycMertiay "inoth-edten ex-politicians" are Iwhlnd reported efforts <o purge «utl-1Vum»n Arkansas delegates to this sutnmer's Democratic National Convention. He challenged them to come out Into the open. commenl.i that mill- adintntslrallon IXmocrais will be challenged, by the convention's credentials committee brought u blistering verbal attack by Lancy. ••The men behind (lil« move," h« s(lld> , '"™ » """di of molh-faleu expolltlclans willing to settle for » crumb or u crust. As far as political principles are concerned, they don't have any." The Impending purge was report. <-d by a Little Rock newspaper Sunday. The story did not list the paper's sources but said ihey wcr« ••authentic" and thai |ii e move . mcnt already was underway in Arkansas, n said that Democratic leaders outside the state have uro- inlscd aid. "I kind of like a lltlle scrap anyway." Laney said, "and I'll W c'l- come any effort lo purge me" Then he added: "That Is Die ly|:» of Ihlng I'ce been fighting. If Washlvigton wants <« purge me, It | s a clear indication lhat our national leaders wmil lo dictate to everyone." Laney dared his opixjncnls lo "come out Into the open." A leader In the Southern Democrats' revolt against President Tru- innn, Laney reiterated he never hat! said he would bolt the Democratic Party. "But on the other hand; 1 he said. "I have not said I would not." He said that all "depended upon future developments." Lancy disagreed wilh "the new«- papcr Impression" that the Jackson, Miss,, conference of Southern rebels advocated a break wilh the Democratic Party. Laney wa s named chairman of the States Right,'! Democrats at the Jackson meeting, which plans were drawti up for a Dixie convention In the event the Southerners should walk out of the national convention at Philadelphia. Quoting from the resolution passed at the conference. Laney said the Birmingham meeting vns suggested "to Ukc all necessary and appropriate action." "We've never said we would have another presidential candidate," he aatrt, "but I won't guarantee thai at that conference." The governor repented his opposition to Mr. Truman and predicted that if tile president were re- nominated, "it will take 1ft to 20 years to gel the Democratic Party back together again." Jennings' Entry In Governor's Race Predicted UTTLK HOCK. Ark.. May 25 <UP>—ainle Detn ocratlc I'uity officers expressed (he belief (hit the Rttbtnialloiml candidacy of Will- Urn T. Jennings of TfxnrlcnMR would be decided todxy and that the vole was vlrhmlly oetirihi to be for (rimming him to Hie 10-18 Jennlniii—52-year-old former school lender and South Aikun- s«s attorney and re»l r-stnte mtiti — became (lie question mark candidate In die race when Ills parlv loyalty pledge arrived at l.iu'e Rock by null one hour nflcr the Hlliig deadline, noon of, April as Democratic Central Committee Secretary Harvey Combs snld (he last mini of opinion o( members of the Central Committee showed 13 lor admitting Jennings ami S »- tulnM. 8tnc« uonibs and CommMee Clmlmuin Author Adams of Joiies- twro said K majority o f the committee member*'would decide the Issue, \w needed only five voles out of the remaining n to ditch » berth In the-race. Kurlhennore, Combs said he and Adjuiis would voles In favor of admitting Jennings If thai became necessary. Jennings himself would not jn B ke miy predictions, but he snld lie would be ready If admitted and would announce campaign plans In IS or 20 days. M(«n«tk> <* ta the key to » aew lUtomoblle fluid clutch. The oti ccujtaliu million* of tiny particle* of Iron dust or other magnetic material. The car electric ayn- tetn ma«nellted them u netded One cubic foot of solid coat «n- mlned In the ground wlli furnish power In a nteam railway locomotive to move a passenger cur 45 miles or an average loaded Irtish!. c«r 6.8 mllei. Read Courier New» Want Adi. W. Country Start of Bmrly M* MOMf MAM CAUfOBNJA GANOW* Cow* 7 Store candiM w« prepared from r««p« rhot «aN for •M*. ch«olo4,, Kooey, . -amm wt. AH mod* frith to our order — the* nidud U . Try Nichdls Dnif S Mechanical loncliiig machines, some of them able to Icmd a. 5-lon car in less tlmn a minute, now move In, and do the work which used to lake a miner several hours of hard hand-labor to do. 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