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Itescue Party Stands Powerless on Bluff as Waves Smash Valencia Wreck. Mayor Calls Conference of Citizens to Consider Organization of Protective Body. oo Obc'00 1,75., 0 ctVc 0 4 300 14Nb CriOS'''')Q. 4 4 -3 0, i iik 4.z:,.,,,,,,,,;...,, Sim 2,4,. akrf.

tl.c. 130.4 7- 0 At eYN ow oc-r, et oc 0 1 0 ez-V'f a It 1 As- 4,1 ill 'r-- qil A 1 A .4 17" i'ty 4 f3 I I pi 1 'Ie 7 4 Olt littlf 440110frt on 0 0.. 1 ,1 il A I 4 ,,,14 Pogg, I i tell i i so 01, 1 olabii. 0 4. ,11.

a 1 1 73 C' 1 v. 1 ET7 441' tr. Pr- 4, :10 IL 40 a Believes the Apparition of Ill Dead Parent Is Punishing Hint Because Ho Cursed Iler for Leaving Most of Her Property to, His Sister His Wife Confirms Report of Mysterious Doings in Their household Tables cud Chairs Upset. I 0, TOTAL OF LOST IS 117. UMTY IS END SOUGHT.

"0 Only Nine Passengers Survive; 28 Members of Crew Saved; Two Families Die. Sammons Representatives of Concerns in Response to Petition on Insurance Problem. I 4 For Towel and Bath irat, Gott. an' 'i -A' i ,4 3 6.., st 0. it.sdaTrAltf.,444,..

'CI, 11: 44 i iA it I 171- -t I I 7 1 Itri For Towel rt it 11 1. r. I (At 1 and Bath Ilh Pr ly 1., .11 fr, i lo s. 1 l''''Ic: A I 1 04, 11 i i ti 4 ---1 1 i I l' I 1 r- 1 1 i I s. 1 7 '7-i I 0 1: .1 -1 I i li' '''''-'4 i'l 1 il- tti 3 4, 4s, ,.4 I .1: ---se.

dk, 'T4 t'. 44' -s Cr i zi ft 1 Al i i I.i.I.?::'-.;-:;1''::;!?.:::::;'!i::.::::';'!:::.::: i I z. I I I I if 'I i I I I 1 SVP.X::.',:;.,... :..0. 1 Nit," I I Z.

..7.: I VI''''' I 1 0.41!:,,'-',;'. .7 I I I I 1 I.14. 'rl 2- "I 1 ,,,,4 4:5, :5 II.4'-',-,!1!:.;'"!,'.1-ii!:,,!A:.e:!::f.i::::I:::-::: 4TO ,54 i ..7 --c-o rr, 1 1 1 1 ri II 11; 1 i 1 1 i 1 I 1 -4 7:: 1 :4 .1,,,, 1 I i GARE 1 6-7'1AR T-l2t i. I Because he cursed his mother for ter supposed injustice to him previous to her death a year ago. Frank Swhilus, 1596 West Thirty-ninth street.

believes he and his family are haunted by her spirit. When the mother of Swullus died last February she left most of her property to her daughter. The son thought he had been treated unjustly, and his anger over the matter caused him to utter violent execrations against the dead woman. Shortly afterward the strange apparitions, accompanied by uncommon noises, took possession of the Swulius residence. Convinced He Is Haunted.

At first the son and his wife treated the visitations as Imaginary and tried to forget the spirit because they (Lot not believe In what are termed ghosts," but as the apparitions increased the number of their visits Swulius conscience emote him and he became ccmvinced that he was haunted because of the unkind words he had spoken against his mother. One night recently a shadow passed between Stvullus and the lamp in his room. He looked up and Ea what he declares was the form of his mother. Mrs. Swulius also saw the apparition.

Since then tables and chairs have been moved to and fro and the water was turned on and off at the sink when nobody was near. Bothered While at Work. Until two weeks ago Swullus was night watchman in one of the warehouses of Swift Co. at the stockyards. But the avenging spirit haunted him there.

too, so he sought a day position on' the killing floor of the Swift plant. I am Aonvinced that there is more to these apparitions than I first thought." Ss ulius said last evening. I know I haven't Imagined the things that have happened recf-ntly." Mrs. Swulius corroborated her husbands story. The mother of the haunted man was Mrs.

F. Kujaweki. She lived with her daughter. Dr. F.

Reenstrom, at 1003 West Thirty-first place. My mother was always kind to all of us," said Dr. Reenstrom. and if Frank is followed by a specter it is because his conscience troubles him. lie sees her in his own conscience and then he believes that he is being pursued." There is no better Soap for the Towel than Wool Soap, Washes thoroughly and leives It soft and sweet What a pleasure to use such' towel! Wool Soap is just as good for the Bath.

ottbaenttvveroSoolasp l' thoroughly and le; urThtheaesTrheeoswisthenl It soft and sweet smell 'What a pleasure to use su towel! Wool Soap is jusi Bath. good for the Swift Company, U. S. A. Makers of Swift's PRIDE Soap and Washing Powder.

allalgtit ot .71111 "It i I 1 1 7, it a 1'. ibJ 1) JO. f- Victoria, B. Jan. steamer City of Topeka has arrived at Seattle with twenty-three survivors of the Valencia wreck.

The total number saved from the wreck. according to officials of the Pacific coast Steamship company. is now forty. This number includes four more men found yesterday on Turret island and the three men reported. alive on the beach near the wreck.

Cet the last three there is no certainty. however. A dispatch from Cape Beale tonight says a report has been received from the party which on Tuesday left over the land trails for the scene of the wreck. Eescuers Witness Final Tragedy. The party reached the spot before the wreek broke up on Wednesday, and witnessed the death of all those who were carried away by the tremendous waves which swept over the hulk of the wrecked steamer.

The Valencia lay fifteen yards from the foot of the bluff, from the top of which they could plainly see the survivors clinging to the rigging and huddled on the hurricane deck. Those on the wreck cheered when they saw the party on shore, evidently thinking that they were to be rescued. About noon an immense wave struck the wreck and crushed everything to pieces. Every one was swept into the sea and to death while the party on shore was unable to do anything for them. The steamer Salvor reported at Bonifield creek tonight that It had picked up a raft from the Valencia off Turret island.

On the raft were three bodies. 9 Passengers, 27 of Crew Saved. It is not believed that the number of survivors aid exceed. the thirty-seven men defteittly accounted for. Of these only nine were passengers on the Valencia.

Firemen. coal passers. cooks. waiters, and deckhands, gineers. and two officers comprise the other twenty-seven survivors.

Of nearly two score women and children on thet Valencia not one has been saved. One entire family of six perished in the wreck- The father, mother. and three children were drowned In the first attempt to escape in the ships boats. One little boy was left on the wreck and he perished with all thoee who clung to the rigging when the vessel broke up. Man Loses Entire Family.

One of the passengers saved. F. F. Bunker of San Francisco, lost his wife and two daughters in the wreck. John Sega los.

a fireman. who was rescued from the Valencia's raft. says that there were eighty-four people by actual count on the wreck when he left Wednesday morning. Not one of these survives. Today all that is left above water is- the hull of the Valetcla.

But live bodies have been found in the vicinity of the wreck. Search Coast for Bodies. Systematic patrols are being organized In Barclay sound and parties of Indrans have been sent to the different islands in the hope of finding other survivors of the Valencia disaster. Most of the bodies, It is expected. will be found on these islands.

The survivors, who were at the Darling Creek telegraph hut. left there this morning with a party of rescuers from the Salvor. Unless some survivors are found on floating a small hope, it Is not expected that more than the men now accounted for have survived the disaster. In response to the request of a committee 1 of citizens. Mayor Dunne yesterday called.

1 for Tuesday. Jan. 30. a conference of repreoentatives of clubs and organizations to consider the organization of a permanent local life insurance protective body. The petition upon which the mayor acted was signed by Harlow N.

Iliginbotham. D. M. Lord. Edgar M.

Snow, William Best. Brocie B. Davis. John M. Lynch.

F. M. Steele. H. S.

Vail, and by nearly a score of other busineas and professional men. The aim was declared to be to unite the Chicago members of all mutual companies into an organization capable of gaining a voice in the alTairs of each company. Text of the Petition. The petition to Mayor Dunne follows: Hon. Edward F.

Dunne. Mayor of the City of Chicago---Honorable Sir: As ve are advised there are nineteen legal reserve mutual insurance companies doing business in the state of Illinois, whse policy holders premiums annually amount to approximately That these interests may be in closer tcuch and have a etrect influence upon the administration of such companies, and to this end that the best representation of the policy holders may be obtained. we respectfully submit for your consideration and favorable action the followicg: Will you issue a call addressed to the presidents of the several clubs and associations of our city and vicinity, requesting them to select a club member to meet with representatives. in like manner appointed. from all the clubs, forming a general committee to adopt the following plan or some modification thereof: "1.

This committee shall be perpetual. va crncies filled by the clubs appointing. "2. shall ndf avor through proxies or by request to have annually elect: to as trustee ef each cf these mutual cern: panics One or more persons ea. different one for each company), prominent citizens quail, fled to act as such.

3. Such trustees and this committee to keep the policy holders fully advised, and as far as possible act in harmony with all other interests to protect those of the policy holders. This movement is the result of a marked public agitation, and relates to no particular company or companies, the undersigned be-log policy holders in substantially all of the above companies, and but a few of the aigna' tures which could be readily obtained." The companies referred to in the petition are: Conn. Mutual Life. New York Life.

Fidelity alutual Life, Northwestern Mutual, Franklin Life. Pennsylvania Mutual, J. Hancock Mutual Life, Phenix Mutual, Massachusetts Mutual, Royal Union Mutual. Minnesota Mutual. Security Mutual.

Mutual Benefit. state Life. Mutual Life. state alutual. New England Mutual, Union Mutual.

Mayor Issues Affirmative Reply. Mayor Dunnes letter to the different clubs and public bodies of the city follows: A numerously petition has been addressed to me by Messrs. Harlow N. Higinbotham. D.

M. Lord. J. G. Steever, William Best, Edgar M.

Snow. John A Lynch, H. S. Vail, E. B.

Case, A. N. Eastman, and others, asking me to call a- meeting of representatives of the different clubs and organizations of the city for the purpose of organizing a committee of insurance policy holders in the various legal reserve mutual life insurance companies doing business in corn- mittee to bring the policy holders into closer touch with said companies and have a. direct Influence upon the administration of same. "In response to this request I hereby respectfully ask your ocgandzation to appoint a delegate to be present at a preliminary meeting to be held at my office on Tuesday, Jan.

30, at 3 o'clock. Very truly yours, E. F. DUNNE, Mayor." Seek a Close Organization. 4 FAMOUS HORSESHOE CURVET GO; PLAN S15.000.000 BORE.

Friends of Mrs. Margaret IL Bailey, the southern woman who committed suicide at the Sherman house late Thursday afternoon. spoke of her yesterday as one of the most brilliant women who ever came in contact with Chicago business interests. In the early days of the world's fair project slte came here with highly complimentary letters from Wade Hampton. Gen.

Joseph Wheeler. and other men prominent in the south and Washington. On the strength of these she obtained the position of secretary to George R. Davis. commissioner general of the fair.

which she held until the dissolution of the world's fair organization. For a long itme she was interested in the promotion of the Bailey Beaten Biscuit company. A long succession of business reverses. surmounted by the disheartening news of the approaching death of Gen. Wheeler.

who was a close personal friend. is believed to be responsible for her death. No relatives of Mrs. Bailey have been discovered. Friends in the city will take charge of her funeral.

which will be held this afternoon at the Church of the Redeemer. Fifty-sixth street and Washington avenue KNO .0) Pennsylvania Road May Make a Nine Mile Tunnel Through Alleghenys with Four Tracks, Electric Power, Mode-Mark Steel Plastering Lath I i I i 1 1' i-; A I A 1 I 1 3 i :1 i I 1 1 1. 1 I i i 1 4 HP 1 ,,1 1 1 I i 1, 1 1 1 I I 1-- 1 4 I I 1. A I '41 tl .1 1 1 Ill 1 "1441 Id. 1 i 1 1 I I 1 i i i .1 1 I 4: ti i 4 I' 1: 7,1 t', 't i i i 'I 1 r- i ti 141i 1 1 1 1 '7, 1.

I 1 if I i- 1 1 i. 1, A ti k. i c' IA 1 t.1 1 I 4 i 7. 4 1 I. It :1,11 1 I i 1 I I i i I i 1 1,14 CURB ON LIFE CORER I1i00R TO WAR ON, FRANCE.

SULTAN PLANS RISING OF TRIBES IN SOUDAN. FRANCE'S PLAN FOR FEDERAL CONTROL OF INSURANCE: Saves Life and Property Any Building Plastered on Wood Lath is a FIRETRAP and Unsafe for Habitation. If Plastered on KNO-BUMN Steel Lath it is made practically fire proof at nominal coot. We also Manufacture EXPANDED METAL for CONCRETE REINFORCEMENT. Numerous Regulations Set Forth in Official Order Intended to Safeguard interests of Policy Holders and Their HeirsLimit to Percentage in Shape of Revenues to Be Applied Toward Expense Account and ariesOther Provisions Made.

Several Sheiks Have Issued Call to pkrms, According to Dispatch Received In ParisMolar of Natives Supplied with Magazine Rifles. Expert Delegates at Algeciras ference Discuss Issues at Pri late SittingIn 31idst of Problem. Pittsburg, Jan. 2a1.Cgpec1al.)--The. famous horseshoe curve of the Pennsylvania railroad line is to be eliminated.

This move has been definitely decided upon by the officials of the company. Two methods are proposed to improve the route and four sets of plans have been prepared. Two plans are for tunnels through the Allegheny mountains, one nine miles long and the other eleven miles in length. Other plans are for new routes across the mountains. one ninety mlies and the outer lig; miles long.

It Is the consensus of opinion among the officials that the nine mile tunnel plan will be adopted. Presithnt Cassatt expects at least to start the work before his retirement. The tunnel most favored would enter the mountains at or near Kittanning point and emerge between Cresson and Lilly. This would be the second longest tunnel in the world, the only one longer being tin Simplon tunnel through the Alps, which is twelve miles long. The Pennsylvania funnel accommodate four tracks and wi1 be ventilated by shafts reaching to the crests of the mountains.

All operations through it will be by electric power. The cost of the tunnel and making the connections with the main line is estimated at over $13.000.000. The plans, for the new propos-d surface lines across the Allegheny embrace long approaches from the east and the west of the summit of the mountains at Galiitzin. One route Is from east of Huntingdon to Gallitzin, fifty-five miles. On the western side two routes have been one extending thlkty-four miles west from Gallitzin to near the Conemaugh furnace, and 'the other extending to near the Blairsville intersection.

Writs for Circulars and Prices. NORTHWESTERN EXPANDED METAL 84 Van Baron Chicago. M. I GIRL FORCED TO READ BIBLE FIVE YEARS BY GRANDFATHER. HUTH Her Health Seriously Injured, Humane Society Interferes, and Places Her in Custody of Others.

rJ 1 0 Beecham's rills are the "ounce of prevention" that saves many a do1 lar for cure. Keep disease from getting lo, and it will never lay you out. The safeguards against all life's Common ills are: A Sound Stomach, Healthy Kidneys, Regular Bowels and Pure Blood. Hundreds of thousandsboth men and womenkeep bealthy by using ROOSEVELT INVITATIONS OUT. The purpose of the men behind the call," said Attorney A.

N. Eastman. who took the preliminary petition to, Mayor Dunne, is simply to get Chicago policyholders interested to the point where they will unite in vrotecting their rights. What is everybodys business is nobody's business. and that is what has kept policy holders from getting together.

No representation In the directorates of the companies can be expected If none is asked. Chicago is sending millions of dollars outside of the state every year and those who send so much should have a voice in Its handling. Mutual companies In name can be made mutual companies in fact, if Chicago starts a movement like this. The working out of this plan should give this body-of policy holders a director on each (met of the nineteen mutual companies doing business In the city." PARIS, Jan. 27.The Matin has received a dispatch front Dakar.

in Senegambia, French West Africa, saying that the Sheik Maelainin, at the instigation of tie sultan of Morocco, is organizing a holy war against France in the. Soudan. It adds that several sheiks already have issued a call to arms and that the people of the Adrar region have just been supplied with magazine rifles. Plan Armed Raid on Raisuli. TANGIER.

Jan. la.At a secret meeting of the Anjera tribesman at Soukelkhemis today it was resolved that if no satisfaction could be obtained for the recent murder of members of the tribe by the bandit Raisull sr, armed raid would be made on Ralsull and cm the Europeans residing at Souassi ana in the suburbs of Tangier with the object of drawing the attention of the Moroccan justice to the anarchy which is continually growing in those regions. Specialists Discuss Problems. ALGECIRAS, Spain, Jan. 26.Count von Tattenbach and M.

Regnault, the German and French specialists on Morocco, today began the first of a series of detailed private discussions with the object of reaching an agreement outside the Moroccan conference. Their subject was a Moroccan state bank, a question which probably will be one of the next to come before the conference after the problem of the taxes is disposed of. The conference now has four sorts of activitythe Regnault-Tattenbach discussions, upon which most of the attention is fixed; the subcommittee dealing with financial reforms; the committee of the whole, from which the secretaries are excluded, and finally the conference itself. St. Paul.

Jan. Hall, aged 11, who was adopted when a baby by her grandfather here, Anton Myers. has spent the last five years of her life mainly In studying the bible. The girl did so on bread and water diet with an occasional bit of boiled rice. Since she was 6 years old her grandfather compelled her to read the bible at all hours of the day.

The girl would not even be allowed to go out and play. Her health has been seriously injured. The Humane society interfered in her behalf today and the corut placed her in another family. Iler grandfather who is a most devout religionist. is heartbroken over the turn of affairs relative to his gramddaughter' BEEONAiril PILLS PARIS, Jan.

26.Decrees dealing with governmental control of French insurance companies in order to safeguard the interests of pclicy holders appear in the Official Journal today. No mention is made of the foreign companies doing business here. The decrees deal at considerable lergth with the subjects of registration. formation. bookkeeping.

and the expenses of management. Hereafter registration will be considered as void unless the company registered starts operations within a year after notice of its formation has been given. The expenses of formatien will be limited in the case of mutual or tontine companies to a proportional part of the original capital, while in the case of other companies the expenses must not exceed one-quarter of the original working capita'. In all cases these expenses must be written oft within a period of fifteen years. Limit Expense of Management Calculations regarding premiums, reservee and expenses of management take up several columns of the Official Journal.

According to these calculations mutual companies which do not pay commissions or give rebates will be limited to interest charges of 31142 per cent on the expenses of management. 6 per cent on the gross of premiums. and 1 per cent for collections. Other companies will be permitted to deduct for death policies 314 per cent for management, 6 per cent on each gross premium for collection, and 1 per cent of assured capital for canvassing. For endowment policies the limitations are one-tenth of 1 per cent of assured capital on each annual premium for the expenses of management, 2y2 per cent on each gross premium for collection.

and per cent on each gross premium for canvassing. Fix Rate for Canvassing. For annuities the expenses allowed are 5 per cent on the amount of each annuity for management and 3 per cent on the gross amount for canvassing. Every company must keep separate registers for the different kinds of policies. with data regarding their beginning and expiration.

the number of premiums payable, and of their annulment owing to lapses. The entire control of the insurance business is placed under the supervision of the minister of commerce. to il 1 ez 1 1 1' i 1 le CI 'd YEARS' TEST PROVES limiter 1 Rye SENTIMENT FOR SECESSIPN GAINS IN BRITISH COLUMBIA. a remedy that has stood the tet for half a century and is now e-'ed over all the civilized globe. 'mei purify the blood, strengthen the nerves, regulate the bowcis, aid the kidneys and cure stomach troubles.

Build up the nervous force and repair the ill effects of overeating. The best safeguard against indigeiCon; biliousness and dvspepsia. Take Beecham's Pills regularly and you will maintain good healdt at small cost. Vancouver Member of Provincial Legislature Urges Severance of Federation Ties if Demands Are Guests to White House Wedding Will Be Limited to Personal Friends and Small Official List. Washington.

D. Jan. 20.ISpecia1lInvitations for the wedding of Miss Roosevelt and Representative Nicholas Longworth were sent out 1,3 special carrier from the White house today, the custom being one of the oldest of the executive mansion not to stamp or mall invitations to be delivered in Washington. The invitation is exceedingly eimple In form, of the size ordinarily issued for such purposes. It is distinguished from ether conventional invitations by the White house crest in raised white at the top and on the flap of the inside envelopean oblong one, which in turn is fitted in a larger envelope bearing In the left hand upper corner White house in raised white letters.

The Invitation reads: The President and Mrs. Roosevelt request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter. Alice Lee; to Mr. Nicholas Longirorte on Saturday, Feb. 11'.

1900. at 12 o'clock. An is requested. Small cards are inclosed with each invitation, on which is written the name of the recipient at the head of the following engraved form: Will present this card at the door of the White house. east entrance." The invitations are limited to the immediate family connections, a small official list, and Intimate personal friends of Miss Roosevelt and Mr.

Longworth. Cuba to Buy Weddink Present lay CABLE TO TEM cancaoo TRIBUNE. 26.The senate today passed a biU empowering President Palma to expend up to $25,000 for a wedding present for -Mise Alice Roosevelt. which will be presented to her In the name of the Cuban people. Slg.

Zayes in introducing the measure eulogized President Roosevelt as a great ruler. who Is a great friend, of Cuba. The bill was passed by acclamation. SUIT TO FORFEIT CHARTER. Etats Insurance Inspector Vredenburgh Begins Quo Warrant Proceedings Against Northwestern Guaranty.

William Vredenburgh, state insurance Inspector. filed information in quo warrant yesterday against the Northwestern Guar; anty company in the Circuit court to determine by what right the company holds its charter. The petition sets forth that the company Insures person against death or loss of time from business, by accidents. that the corporation was not organized according to the laws of the state. and that in the conduct of its business it has not complied with the Illinois laws.

Charles H. Hamill. former law partner of Gov. Deneen, prepared the petition. and is I attorney of record in the suit.

Charles L. Cole, 1s0 Park avenue, is president. and James A. Eggleston. who lives at Wilmette, Is secretary of the company.

At Small Cost Montreal. Jan. 26.Spasmodic movements that have been going on in British Columbia for the last few rears towards secession from the Canadian federation are becoming more serious. At the opening of the provincial legislature. It is said.

Mr. McGowan, member for Vancouver. made a speech In which be called upon the government to ask better financial terms from the dominion. not as a favor. but as a right, and to prepare, in case of refusal.

a monster petition to King Edward requesting the severance of the ties between British Columbia and the Canadian confederation. The speech was greeted with much applause. Sold Everywhere. In boxes 10c. and 25c.

BEST FRENCH SHIPS OFF VENEZUELA. Two Cruisers Arrive at Willemstad, on Dutch Island Opposite Port of La Guayra- WILLEMSTAD, Island of Curacao, D. W. I. Jan.

Z.The French armored cruiser De Salk. flagship of Admiral Bevoe de la Peyrere. and theoruiser Jurten de la Graviere arrived here today from Port of Spain. Island of Trinddad. Expects America to Intervene.

PARIS, Jan. 26.Referrin to the Venezuelan situation the Journal des Debats today says: France does not need to ask the permission of other powers in order to lesson to President Venezuela has insulted France. which ought to inflict This would 'be easy, without risking diplomatic or other complications. Our squadron has merely to force the entranceof La Guayra, Porto Cabello, and Maracaibo. and the 'United States probably would intervene and demnnd a settlement of the quarrel at Thic Hague, which would not be disagreeable to us after we have displayed our power.

But we must absolutely affirm the principle of our rights and raise up the outraged French flag." 1 ci FRESH MUTINY AT VLADIVOSTOK Sailors Raid Gunshops While Artil lery RevoltsGen. Selivanoff Wounded. WARNS RIVAL LM. O. CLUBS.

League in Resolutions Thunders at "Aggregations" Trespassing on Its Preserves. H. M. OttANDIM. fievmsentattv Ile Hartford Kiiik1ii.

Chicago. AIL lelephone Centrai 1. 7- .7 7- IA L-62 -6 tr Go Now to California Via the Overland Limited on the Chicago, Milwaukee and, St. Paul Railway. Less than three days en route.

No change of cars. From Union Station, Cnicago, at 8:00 p. rn. daily. DescrIptive folder free.

Tickets. 95 Adams street. WANTED! if 1 Ar a 1 fat C(1' o' f. Er 0 4 A.1:, 'PAY 64 'IN pit: 7 Will You Try the Battle Creek Life for 30 Days? COMPOSITORS tar CABLE TO TlikE CHICAGO TRIBUNE. VLADIVOSTOK, Jan.

sailors liere mutined again Monday. After raiding a rifle store they held an armed meeting. and then marched to the residence of Gen. f3elivanoff. the commandant and demanded that all prisoners be-released.

Troops scattered the mutineers with quick firing 'The artillerymen mutinied Tuesday. Gen. Selivanoff went to pacify them. Apparently they were appeased. but as he quitted the battery the mutineers tired at him, wounding him in the neck and chest.

His condition is serious. Cossacks have been sent from 'Moho Isk to quell the mutiny. Says Casualties Numbered 200. LONDON. Jan.

27. 3 a. m.The Shanghai correspondent of the Morning Poet says it is reported that the Vladivostok Witty resulted in casualties to the number of 200. The executive committee of the I. M.

O. league has made up Its mind too many counterfeits of it are in existence. So last evening it forged this thunderbolt and hurled it at its imitators: Whereas. Aggregations calling themselves Municipal Ownership leagues are now coming into existence with a view of deceiving the people of this city; and, whereas. This is the only chartered organization of this name in the city: therefore, be it Resolved.

That the officers of this 1011811111 be instructed immediately to notify any and all such aggregations that this league will insist on its charter right being respected. If then aggregations continus their deceptive practices said officers are instructed to proceed against them legally. The chief aggregation of which complaint is made is the "Municipal Ownership league." with one member. one Bradley with headquarters in the First Methodist church block. The league also resolved to appoint a campaign, committee of nine.

whose function it shall be to examine candidates for aldermen. ALFONSO AN ARDENT WOOER. Young King of Spain. Pays Ceaseless Court to Princess Ena Despite Time and Weather. re.TareisatiliTOOmaakwe-euer and proof- LINOTYPE UACHIIIISTS $21.00 a week.

LINOTYPE OPERATORS 824.00 a week. nigher wages for men above average. Brat. up-to-dale private lag plant in Uaablacton. OBITUARY.

HENRY IL HANDY. who died Tuesday at his residence. 4423 Ellis avenue. was buried yesterday. Interment was at Rosehill.

Mr. Handy was born sirty-seven years ago in Chicago. his father. Maj. Henry S.

Haro'y. then being, stationed at old Fort Dearborn. In 1850 he took ub the business of abstracting and conveyancing, and since that time he has with firms of Handy, Pasdeloup Handy, Simmons and Handy Co. He retired about four years ago. He is survived by a widow.

GUSTAVUS A. ROSE. second vice president of the Colonial Trust and Savings bank. Ch4cago. was found dead in bed yesterday at his house in Laporte, Ind.

Death was due to heart disease. Mr: Rose seemed as well as usual when he retired. He was 44 years and was a member of a prominent Indiana family. His mother and two brothers in ChicagoHiram Holbrook Rose. president of the Colonial bank, and Landon C.

Ross, first vice presidentsurvive. BENJAMIN GIROUX SR, an early Cidcago settler. died yesterday at his residence, 1413 Osgood street. He came to this city from Montreal and was the last surviving member of the old Chicago Light Guards. He served during the civil war.

and was appointed captain by President Lincoln. A widow, three sons. and three daughters survive. Funeral services will be bed from St. Marrs of the Lake church Monday morning, burial at St.

Bontraoo. I It delights the taste ancl affords exquisite pleasure. It costs but half the price of foreign Champagnes, as there is no duty or ship freight to pay on Cook's Imperial Extra Dry. GRAND PRIM ST. LOINS woeurs a-ratvzD ETEETW ERE AMMAN WINS ST.

LOWS It the taste aami or Will You Eat the Foods and Lire the Life Our Experts Recommend? Do You Really Want to Be Perfectly Well? Tell us then if you are ailing or if In good health that you wish to remain so. Let us send you our book. It is very interesting. The life it recommends you can live in your own hems. You ought to read about it.

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Explain clearlyl gicallyinterestingly so that you may undo-stand. Isn't it worth the mere effort of writing us simply to know? Won't you ask for our book today? Address The Battle Creek Sanitarium 37 Centzal Hall, Battle Creek, Michigan. (ay CABLE TO TB CHICAGO BIARRITZ. Jan. King Alfonso did not reach Miramar palace.

San Sebastian. until after midnight this morning after his visit to Princess who is stopping at Mouriscot villa here. be started for Biarritz again at 8:30 o'clock this morning. It was raining heavily and his majesty came In a closed automobile. He lunched with Princess Beatrice and 15rIncess Ena and in the afternoon, the weather having improved, he took them for an automobile trip.

He returned to San Sebastion by train and will come here again tomorrow. lb Sir Henry Irving's Eatate $102,640. (BY CABLZ TO THZ CHICAGO TRIBUNIc.1 LONDON.Jan. 26.Tbe will of the late Sir Henry Irving was probated today. The gross value et the estate is 6102.644).

which is divided between his two sons and Mrs. Eliza Aria. who for 'LIMY years was an intimate friend of fits lienty Open shop. nine hours. permanent positions guaranteed to competent men of good character.

Washington is the most lightful city is the world to lire la. Write stating experience and give names and addresses of reference. Traussortation returned te melt snaking rued. Levee Breaks; Floods Near Cairo. Cairo.

Jan. country around Morehouse. Is flooded and many houses are under water on account of a break in the Little river levee at a number of places Great damage bas been done to the Carutherstille branch of the Frisco road by the high water. KAISER HIRES WATER FINDER. Divining Rod User Will Seek Subterranean Springs in Africa to Alleviate Famine Among Troops.

BERLIN. Jan. interest attaches to the announcement that Emperor William has commissioned Herr von l'slar. the chief government official of Apenrade. province of Schleswig-Holstein, to proceed to German Southwest Africa and find subterranean springs by means of a divining rod.

Von Uslar has a Bide reputation as a water finder in Schleswig-Hoisteln. but scientists refuse to admit his claims that he has discovered waist by mesze of e. ditittliag rod. I 1 I ti 1 1 I i --i lc: ri 1171; 1 -i 1 ri t- ie 1 1 1 4 Tr 1 i 'i- 1 4 1 3 tr t' 3. i 1 BYRON Si ABAUS.

Mayor Insults Reporter; Fined 20. Richmond, Jan. the case of Mayor lcearthy for oaihns a News-Leader reporter a liar in the poilce court yesterday end placing himlielft in contempt. he WILIP famed f20 today by the justice. Lie took ea aptteed.

512 Washington, D. C. Pays to Advertte in 7HE TRIBIlla r911.10EMft .16.

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