Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on September 26, 1903 · 6
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 6

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 26, 1903
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0 -it THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE : SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1903. MAJOR DELMAR TROTS IN 2:00 FLAT HAWTHORNE ENTRIES. Equals Lou Dillon's Remarkable Mile with Help of Wind Shield. THREE-QUARTERS IN 1:29. Great Enthusiasm at the Empire City Track When Time Is Announced. First race, mils, selling: . .-.-. Automaton 110i Paul Whaley 1X Ethel Wheat lotf! Mattle Spencer 104 Old Hutch 1071 Eva's Darling Jy4 Kedan H.'TIZlMa xnt Zyra lofii Frivol 103 Evening Star .......liwi ivernia iwr Jim Clark 1"S Alee 89 Best Man 1051 Second race, abort course, steeplechase, handi cap Cevion inO'Galba ...J40 Dnke of York 157'Paulaker ...... ..las Indian II 149 First Past.. 132 Han i Vice i . .-. . -14T! Iceni 132 Falella 141i Third race. T4 mile. 2 year olds, the Fall hand icap. SI. SOU added: - Auditor 12S J. P. Mayberry iit Proceeds J23!Dorlca 102 English Lad Lanark US 3. S. Brown entry. Fourth race. Hi miles, handicap: Hargis lll'Bard Burns 01 I'l nt ..' 107! Dutch Carter w By Ways ;.102iFingal 00 Fifth race. 6V furlongs, all ages: Pronta ....104 MeOee 101 Toah ri)4!Ancke ua Delas-ca . 104i Sixth race, 1 mile, 3 year olds: .111; Alfredo, br. c. by Lircutst Sidney C. Love. Pirateer Brush By .111 .108 . .las Early liM Tiger Lucia dl Lammermoor ......104 Christine A lul New York, Sept. 23.-tSpecial Trotting the fastest quarter, the fastest half, and the fastest three-quarters mile ever recorded. Major Delmar ut the Empire City park today equaled the world's record of 2:00 for one mile, one beat of the watch alone savins the peerless Lou Dillon from going on the list of champions that have been hu are not. One of the cfflelal timers and such outside watches as those of Monroe Salisbury. Samuel McMillan, and E. E. Smathers caught the mile in l:.0-. but the majority of the official and unofficial chronographs stopped at 2:00 flat. Fractional time :rw.4. :."0. 1:2), 2:00, the second quarter having been covered In :2SH and the middle half, from the first quarter pole to the third quarter pole, tn :5SH or at the unprecedented rate of 1:S7 to the mile. The race against time was made at half past 4 o'clock. The weather conditions were as nearly perfect ns could be expected so lute in the season, with the atmosphere warm, rear, and bracing, and the wind so light that it scarcely fluttered the flaon thereof of the grand stand. The track was lightning fast. When It was announced that the world's record had been equaled and that Major Del-mar shared with Lou Dillon th champion ship of trottlr.gdom. A. P. McDonald was lifted from his sulky and carried on .the shoulders of enthusiastic admirers to the judges' stand, where they Introduced him to the crowd as the man who made the horse.' E. E. Smathers. who paid $40,000 for the record breaker on Thursday, had his right hand wrung by scores tf- well known turf men. Protected by Wind Shield. Two runners accompanied the trotter from tart to finish, determined to give Major Delmar all the protection that a wind shield could afford. George Spear drove close with the pacemaker In front, and at the first at tempt apparently caused the trotter tobreak l3t before reaching the first turn. On the next score Major Delmar suddenly shifted frm a trot to a pace, and again he was pulled up. Off. at the. third trial, he rounded the first turn In safety, stirring the spectators to I nign pucn oi entnusiasjn as ne passed the first quarter post in ;30H. With Spear driv ing the runner faultlessly and fully a length closer up than in the trial of Prince Alert. Major Delmar stepped up in the backstretch In :28Va. trotting the fastest quarter on- rec ord and reaching the half mile mile post in :5;, nearly two seconds faster than Lou Dil lon covered the distance when she made the record of 2:00. Outspeeds the Kunners. For a half furlong near the end of the) backstretch the trotter appeared to be out- speeding the runners, though Spear and Theodore Maxfleld were driving them to-their limit. On to the three-quarter mark Maj. Delmar carried his terrific flight of speed, the watches splitting at 1:29. As he rushed past near the head of the homestretch a young man with a polo pony Joined In the race to the wire. Together the three runners and trotters came on toward the goat Major Delmar's fast three-quarters caused him to tire perceptibly as he reared the finish and he crossed the line all out. going no faster than a 2:10 clip. The last quarter was trotted in :31. 2:1 pacing class, purse S.VK: Arxille, b. m., by AIcvo I Emans .....2 1 1 Joe B. Nelson, b .h, (Gilbert 1 2 2 Georr R. Peck, Burr Oak. Hal Frota Tin.. Eieotrite. David Muscovite, and Clover started. Time. 2:131,. 2:12W. 2:12 trotting class, purse shoo: Merlon Wilkes, b. m.. by Hawthorne Wilkes I McDonald) 1 2 1 Premise, b'k. r. I Andrews! 2 T a Queen Wilkes. Van Zanclt. Edgewood. and Nell nwynm starten. nme, i (wmj. i.w, z.ii. 2:1 c1rs. trotting. pune S'OO f unfinished! .Alfonso Maid. blk. m... by Alfonso Kinueyl .2 1 Bernle. h. g. flavlj I 2 .oranva lannra, joe ?.. and Hie Boy started. 2:o9 class, pacing, purse $,VH unfinished: Brndina. b. m.. hv Daly Lird (Davis 4 1 Jsonaml. b. m. (Loomtsl 1 4 Diablilo. Theron Powers. Gyp Walnut. Gold nii:n, iiu crecimoni started. lime, 2:082, BILLINGS TO BUY A WIND SHIELD Owner of Lou Dillon, It Is Said, Will Provide Assistance for the Champion Mare in Next TriaL FAILS TO STOP BON DOMO. BUCHANAN TEIES TO FOLLOW CORRIQAN'S ORDERS, BUT Jockey Starts In to " Ran That Gray Hoss Into the Oroand " with Orleo The Best He Can Do Is to Get Within , Half a. Length of Him at the Finish-Two Other Odds On Favorites Win t Hawthorne During the After-note When Lou Dillon made her great record of two minutes at the Readville track she was not assisted by a wind shield such as helped Major Delmar yesterday and Prince Alert on Wednesday. A friend of C. K. G. Billings is authority tor the statement, however, that the owner of Lou Dillon will probably purchase a wind shield for the mare to be used In her , trial against time at Lexington next week. " If that is going to be accepted as the proper way to make records I guess Mr. Billings might as well buy a wind shield as any one else." declared a friend of the mare'i owner yesterday. FAVORITES RULE AT COLUMBUS. Sweep the Card at Getaway Day, Tom Keene Is the Only Easy Winner. Columbus, O.. Sept. 23. Favorites swept the " i jJMwty cay 01 me grana circuit meet-tng, but Tom Keene was the only horse to win without a desperate struggle. The second rc won by Dan T.. developed into the fastsst trotting or me year. Dan T. was a 7 to 5 favorit - - uemi. 11 it-i was won by Rythmic in 2:Wi. record breaking time for the -I". mj njuirare iea in me second rmie until collared by Dan T. in th stretch Th the blind horse gave It up. Rythmic by breaking -ui uirawii ana ian i. out of the going In. the mm ,nrr tierr, unuer the whip, ros-l out Fereno. Geers marie . .wninc with Dan T. through the stretch In the fourth uri Biiu u-m om Kytnmic Dy two lengths. Johnny Wiseman, the even money choice for the -.10 pace. iounl Foxy Curd the contender. Both "i easy tn the nret heat. In the next mile both were pushed hard, and! the Wiseman norse cut lus record all to pieces to win. He had n, c,rtf i j orais even raster. 4 Walnut Hall waa a 5 to 4 favorits in the 2 09 ir' .v iid .not ettdwn to smooth going until the third heat, and then the others were too tired to withstand his rushes at the finish. Summaries- 2:19 class, pacing, purse $2 00O; Tom Keene. ch. g., by V?et Egbert fSnowl 1 1 Kavena Wilkes, b. tn. fBeboutl.. .. J"" I Hal Chaftin. Dirk Wilson. Go Direct Fred M ruritv. and Ella Hal started. Time. 2:08i. 210 ' 2:07' clss. trottlr,. purse; ""lu- Dan T.. b. g.. by Crawford Geers J. . .. 5 Rvthmlc. blk. h. FHudeon! "t Charley Herr, b. h. SarKersl "2 Ferjno and Prince of Orange started 1 . A.('t4. i.T-, 2:lt) clas. pacing, purse J300: Johnny Wt.eman. b. h., by Nelson Wiikes Coxl 7 1 1 G. W. D.. blk. h. fHedrickl 1 4 ft 5 Foxy Curd. Mary Anna. Joe Inter-st. Cascade Jollsco. Illinois. Star Pugh. Alvina WIlks. Kins-more, Honest John. Silent. Rd Patchen and Byrl Wilkes starUd. Time. 2:10. 2:0'. 2' 07i4 2 0714. , 2 t)9 class, trotting, purse $SO0: Walnut Hall, br. h.. by Conductor Ben yon 1 5 2 1 t Belle Kuser, b. m. f Hu.lsonl 3 12 2 Mabel Onwaru. p. m. nurnerj. i a ui v, hi y. . 1 111 , 1 t- : . . . . . f-ixine and Lord Vincent xtnrtmA 2.OS14. 2:1014. 2:11. Time, 2:0914, but GOLFERS ARRIVE AT CHICAGO CLUB Miss Frances Griscom and Other Eastern Players Practice at Wheaton. PLEASED WITH COURSE. Pairings for Qualifying Round Are Issued Miss Forter Will Not Come. " Tou go right out. Buck, and run that gray hoss Into the ground," said Edward Corngan, the owner of Orfeo, to his jockey, Buchanan, as the horses were going to the post for the six furlong handicap for all ages at Haw thorne yesterday. That gray hoss was Don Domo. He was carrying 04 pounds to 103 for Orfeo and 10S for Callant. There were two other starters. but the betting men thought Don Domo so sure a winner that he went to the post at 13 to 20. It was-his first atart against aged horses and much Interest was shown. To a fair start Callant and Orfeo beat the 2 year old away from the barrier. It took the youngster about a hundred yards to get into his stride, and then he glided past the small field so quickly the distant crowd in the grand stand let out a great shout. Round ing the turn he was half a dozan lengths to the good, and turning into the stretch he led Orfeo by four lengths. Then Ferrell took the gray colt up and Orfeo. closing strongly, got to within half a length of him at the finish line. When Buchanan returned to the paddock Corngan met him and said: ' Well, you couldn't run him into the ground, could you? No, sir, I couldn't," replied the jockey. meekly. Two other odds on favorites won durin the afternoon in which the spectators took interest. Havlland had to be forty pounds the best horse to win in his race, which was at a mdla and three-tixteenths, as he was virtually left at the post, while O'Hagen, which ftnishe-d second, was quickest to catch his stride-, and stole a iead of several lengths before the other boys got to riding, whiLe Havilandwas apparently out of it. Phillips, however, set sail, ran around his field, and midway of the backstretch overtook O'Hagen. and from there on showed the way to the wire. Beau Ormonde's victory, while never In doubt, causad his backers some worrtment. as Dr. Stephens waa on top of him in the final sixteenth, but at that the Californlan won quite handily. The prices against Hav lland and Beau Ormonde, 1 to 4 and 1 to 5 respectively, were too prohibitive for the average speculator, .so. their -defeat would have met with the approval of the majority. Silmrr-ija . . Hawthorne Summaries Sept. 25. " Weather clear; track fast. First race. ;4 mile, curee S400. maidens: Bet. Horse, weigh, jockey. St. S ptr Fn. -5 Pir Launceiot, 102 IS.Bon'rlSi 2 2'J 2 l1 . 8-2 Don't Ak Ma,lo7 Rob'rvsliiiG 8J 3" 3 2n 4-1 Nervator, 103 (J.ssVilllam.2s 1 1 1 3 Time. 1:29 1-5. Marshalsea. lo7 pcunds Srtllel :' Pchwarswald. 102 Ruchanan; Rube, 102 fj.. Bskerl; Reckless, 105 BridweK; Flornce H., !"7 IL. Wilson; The Meteor. IKi 1H. Phillips; Merryflieht. lot (Ferrell: L. Wentworth. 107 iwonaeriyi; John Fow-rs. los rA. Robbins ; Chief Aloha. V4K IT. Danl: Penance 107 rAdktn.l- Can Nell. 102 Ollphant ". finished as named.. Win ner, b. v. Mreeti & to. 1 D. g., by Kingston Citronella. Start good. Won handily." Don't Ask Me made up ground rapidlv. Nervator would hiva wen with an Intelligent ride. f econa race, i roue, purse 40O, 3 year olds, selling: Bet. Horse, weigh; lockey. St. 4 i Str Fn tt-1 Mezzo. 104 FPollakl 7 4' 2 1U n 13-10 First Chip.llO B'chanan2 1 1 24 2 20-1 Rosewater, 1C2 Oliphant 05i 61 f 3 Time. 1:42 2-5. Fmir. lo7 nounds IWonderlvl : Iemco, 108 J. Reiffl: Safeguard. 107 fT. leanl; Nestoria. 105 (H. Phillips : Dr. Worth, 102 J. v iiiiiiibj ; urpneum, iin iJtsriaweuj ; rTOalgat Pon. 105 ft,. Spencerl: John lmmom llii ri,l. kinsl; Ontonagon. 114 JL. Wilson 1, finished as name!. inner. H. T. Griffin s br. f.. bv rhnristee Marsa. Start good. Won easi'.v. Rosewater finished resolutely. Safeguard and Ontonagon ran weh for six furlongs. Third race. mile, purse 1600. all ares, handlcm- Bet. Horse, weigh", jockey. St. u, sfc str Fn 3- 5 Don Domo. 94 Ferrell .. ..4J 1 1 1 1 4- 1 Orfeo. 1(3 Buchanan 1 2' 21 2 2 8-1 Callant. 108 T. Dean 2i 3 Z Zi 3 j ime, t:n. tawara Maie. i pounds H, Phil-lipsl; The Forum, 50 W. Knapp), finished as named. Winner. J. F. Newman s rr. g. by Ran- cccaa Faithless. Start good. on handily. Fourth race. mile, purse $400, $75 to second. $25 to third. 2 year olds, selling: Bet. Horse, weight. Jockey. St. H i Ptr.Fn 12-1 Ch'yotte 101 Adklnsl. . . .1 ' 1 1 1 111 ft-1 Rian. 101 Buchanan 9k out eat ri 21 15-1 Determination, 99 Nicoll.80 3 2 24 3t Time. 1:02. Sanetoma. 101 pounds J. Will (ami Fox Lake. 101 H. Philltrsl; Aggie Lewis. 100 Wonderlyl: Foresight. 104 T. Dean; Sol Smith. 104 JW. Knappl; Oudon. 99 L. Soencerl; Hoceo, SH Coleman J : Myron Dale, 99 f L. Wilsonl ; Brook-wood Belle. 101 Ferrelll. finished as named. Lo-rens. Itt4 Robbins, pulled un. Winner Ward & Harlan's ch. g.. by Huron Fanny Ellslr. Start fair. Won easily. Chockayotte, off flying, was never in danger. Rian came from far back in the stretch. Fox Lake finished fast. He was all entangled In the first eighth. Aggie Lewis waa cut off badly in the flrnt sixteenth. Fifth race. 1 3-18 miles, purse $500. selling: Bet. Horse, weight. Jockey. St. U i Str Fn 2-9 Hsviland. 9S H. Phillips!. 5 1U 1 i iii 7-1 O'Hagen. 68 fL. foencer .3k 2' 2 2 2 20-t Comoees. 98 f J. William 1. 4 3 3 3 3 Time. 2:02 2-5. Mr. Dingle, 91 pounds Coleman! and Miss Lisa. 104 Bird, Onlehed as named Winner F. Cook's br. e.. bv Lettnnn Won easily. Havlland waa virtually left, but r-nuiips yeiwYeieu wim nim ana 100K atter the field. Sixth race. 1 mile, purse $500, $75 to second. $25 to iniru. yt?r 'i-in buu ui' hiu, allowances: Bet. Horse, weight, lockey. pt. Str Fn 2-5 B.Ormonde.llO (H.Ph'ps.l 1 i 11'u' 7-2 Dr. St'hens. 110 IC. Irvln.4 4 4 2" 2' 16-1 St. Tsm.. 107 Devis.oni ..311 3' 2" S" 3h Time. 1:41. Harry New. 110 rounds f Adkin.l also ran. Winner Mrs. E. L. Krinn's ch. h h irrmonoe miss nnimmei. win 100a. Won easilv Dr. Stephens was given a bungling ride. Notes) of the Hawthorne Track. J. M. Cooper claimed C. R. FTIllson's colt Fox Xjase tui 01 ins luunn race ior tl.ltsj. The Judges excused Maj. Tenny In the fifth race as he was reported out of racing conditloa. L. Ezell's erratic gelding, Flying Torpedo, whose entry was refused early In the season by the Haw- tnorne junges, was reinstated yesterday. C. R. Ellison's colt Harry New made his first appearance of the local season in the last race and ran wll considering his long lay off. Pat Dunne bid Mezzo up $800 over her entered price of $700, but owner H. T. Griffin retained the nuy tor ine extra o. jjunne s eon, first Chip, finished second to Mezso tn the second race. Interest In the women's national golf championship was increased yesterday by the arrival at the Chicago Golf club of Mrs. C. E. Griscom and her party of Philadelphia golfers, which included Mrs. Ronald II. Barlow, Miss Jane Spence, Miss N. Spence, and Miss Frances Griscom -of th Merlon Cricket club and Miss Lillian Biddle of the Rlverton Country club of Rlverton, N. J. Miss Griscom won the national championship in 1900 and Mrs. Barlow was th runner up last year in the women's championship of Philadelphia. The party came In a special car. which was late in arriving. Miss Griscom. Miss Biddle. and Mrs. Barlow played a threesome and were sufflcently impressed with the difficulties of the course to announce they would spend as much time as possible In practice. Miss Georglana Bishop of the Brooklawn club of Bridgeport was also a new arrival. Mrs. Griscom said she greatly regretted the reports circulated regarding the Invitation tournament she had arra nged in honor of the visit of Miss Rhona Adair, the British champion. She had no idea of arranging the tournament in opposition to the national event and the Invitation to Miss Adair was extended before the locaton of the U. S. G. A. event was settled. Miss Everett Plays Well. Mrs. W. A. Alexander, Miss- Bessie Anthony. Mrs. A. T. II. Brower, and Miss F. Everett played a four ball match in which the last named player made the in Journey in forty-eight strokes. Miss Ada Smith played eighteen holes with Miss F. Rock-wood of the Elmhurst club. Miss Smith was runner up to Miss Mabel Tliggins for the championship of southern California this year. The latter practiced over the course and Is playing a clever game. Mrs. F. E. Donohoe defeated Mrs. E. C. Berri-man 1 up. Miss Elizabeth Porter of. the Wollaston Golf club wired she would be unable to attend the tournament. 1 Pairings for the qualifying round on Tuesday were announced last night as follows:- Miss M. 8. P. Spence, Merlon Cricket club. vs. Miss Elizabeth Young, Calumet Country club Miss Louisa A. Wel'.s. Brookline Couhtrv club, vs. Miss Carrie Neely, Midlothian Country club Mrs. I,ouis C. Wachsmuth. Washington Park Golf club. vs. Miss Frances C. Griscom, Merlon Cricket club. Mrs. Caleb F. Fox, Huntingdon Valley Country club, vs. Mrs. J. H. Crawford. Chevy Chase. Miss J. Anna Carpenter. Westward Ho Golf club. vs. Mrs. E. C Berrlman, Edgewater Golf club. Mrs. Bertram M. Winston. Chicago Golf club, vs. Mrs. Elliott Rodgers, Edgeworth club. Mrs. H. A. Beldler, Lake Geneva Country club, vs. Miss Edith Collins. St. Louis Country club. Miss Florence liorden. Fall River Golf club, vs. Miss Bessie Anthony, Glen View club. Mrs. F. B. Donohoe. Edgewater Golf club. vs. Mrs. W. B. Mcllvaine, Onwentsia. Mrs. Ronald H. Barlow. Merlon Cricket club, vs. Miss Jeanette Slaughter. Evanston Golf club. Miss Margaret Martin. Chicago Golf club. vs. Miss Alice Kevell. Washington Park Golf club. Mrs. H. W. Cummings. Inverness Golf club. v. Miss Elizabeth Robertson. Glen View club. Mrs. Kirk. Chicago Golf club. vs. Mrs. Lllburn G. McNalr. Brookline Country club. i Mrs. Elmer E. Mitchell. Wilmington C.onntrv club. vs. Mtss Mabel Hlggins. Midlothian Country club. Miss Lillian Biddle. Riverton Country ctub, vs. Miss S. R. Ainslie. Westward Ho Golf club. Miss H Kenny. Mlnikahda club. vs. Miss A. EsHelie Murray. Wilmington Country ciub. Miss Elizabeth S. Porter. Wollaston Golf club, vs. Miss Georglana Bishop. Brooklawn Country club. Mrs. K. W. Cramer, Chicago Golf club, vs. Mrs. C. L. Derlng. Midlothian Country club. Mrs. A. W. Goodrich, Chicago Golf club. vs. Mrs. W. A. Alexander, Exmoor Country club. Miss Martha Wilson. Onwentsia club, vs. Mrs. Percivai Manchester. Glen View club. Miss Katharine C. Harley, Fall River Golf club. vs. Miss Jeanette McDonald. Chicago Oolf ciub. Mrs. W. v.- Jacobs, Skokle Country club, vs. Mrs. D. G. Maxwell, Edgewater Golf club. Miss Jane S. Spence, Merion Cricket club, vs. Mrs. Alan Reld, Chicago Golf club. Miss Bishop. St. Paul. vs. Mrs. Milton C. Work, Huntingdon Valley Country club. Mrs. Goraon. St. Paul, vs. Mrs. A. T. H. Brower. Chicago Golf club. Mrs. E. P. Martin, Chicago Golf club, vs. Miss Miriam Anthony, Evanston Golf club. Miss F. D. Everett. Exmoor Country club, vs. Miss Marion Austin. Chicaeo Golf club. Mrs. Jarvis Hunt. Chlcagd Golf club, vs. Miss Fanny C. Osgood. Brookline Country club. Miss Alice Davis. Skokie Country club. vs. Miss Mary D. Ainslie. Westward Ho Golf club. Mrs. John R. Gott, Chicago Golf club, vs. Miss Jane Durrell. Edgewater Golf club. Mrs. John D. Foster, Los Angeles Country club, vs. Miss Arrla Cotton, Chicago Golf club. Miss Grace Collins, Chicago Golf club, vs. Miss Ada Smith. Los Angeles Country club. Miss Mary Gardner won the women's championship of the Hinsdale Golf club yesterday, defeating Mrs. C. E. Raymond In the finals by 9 up. 8 to play. Matches in the women's suburban cham pionship will begin on Monday, when ns-dale's team of eight plays at La Grange, 1 8 1 8 4 2 4 t 3 Time. NO SUNDAY SPORT IN ALABAMA. Bill Passes Both Houses Prohibiting " Baseball, Tennis, Golf, and Other " Sports on the Sabbath. Montgomery. Ala.. Sept. 25. Today the eenste passed the anti-Sunday basshall bill. This measure had previously been adopted by th house, and now ges to the governor for approval. The bill prohibits the playing on Sunday of baseball, tennis, golf, tr.d foarbail. Violation of th law is declared to be a misdemeanor. Feature to Flora Bright. Detroit. Mich.. Pept. 25. Close finishes marked the racing at Highland park today. Flora Bright won the feature event by a head from Ladv of the West. V. Z. De Arman bid tin Sir Walt after the wiier ra me last race 10 tl.l'o ana took nim vi earner nne; tracg last, (summary : First race. mile Annie Max. 102 pounds R Martin, 3 to 1, won: .Zeriba. 20 to 1. second: Four Leaf C. 2 to 1 third. Time, 1:2S4. Second race. 5H furlongs Dapper. 102 pounds J Walsh, 2 to 1. won; McGonigle. 5 to 1. second' Tennessean. 3 to 1. third. Time. 1:09. Third race. IVi miles Prism. 106 pounds I Adams 4 to ;1 won: G. W. w.. 5 to 2, second; Malay, fl to 1. third. Time. 2:10 ou,',,.'l,rV.e'.1 1;18 miles-Flora Bright. 91 pounds PierattL U to 6. won: Lady of the West, 6 to L second; Baffled. 4 to 1. third. Time, 1:48. F 1 ui ?c.'' & mile Amorous, 103 pounds J. Walsh 7 to 1, won; Goodman, 5 to 1. second-Dusky Secret. SO to 1. third. Time. iVh: ' Sixth race 44 furlongs Sir Walt, HM pounds t Adams). 2 to 1 won: kern. to 1. second; May Combs, 4 to 1. third. Time. :55 Yale's Lineup for Trinity. - New Haven, Conn.. Sept. 25. Special 1 Rafferty tonight picked Tale's eleven as follows for the opening game with Trinity tomorrow- Left end. Rafferty; left tackle, Kinney; left guard Morton; center. Roraback; right guard. Bloomer ' rurht tackle. Hogan; right end. Shevlln; flnarter'back-Rockwell; left half back. Phipps; right half back. Metcalf ; full back. Farmer. Bob Lowe After Omaha Franchise. Omaha, Neb.. Spt. 25. -Special. -Bob Lows and Bi.l Phillips wer. among the bidders for the Omaha franchise In the Western league today Golf Events Today. Golf events are scheduled for today as follows: Onwentsia Championship of University club In morning. Eighteen hole handicap In afternoon. Glen View Finals for Deering cup. Edgewater Four ball foursome. Hinsdale Semi-finals for Robbins cup. Westward Ho First round for Butler cup. Skokie Play for Hoyt and club cups. Exmoor Bachelors vs. Benedicts. Harvest borne dinner. , Auburn Park Finals for men s and women s championships. La Grange Play for President's cup. Evanston Fall tournament continued. BRILLIANT WORK PY HERMIS. Picks Up 134 Pounds, Conceding "Weight to Field, and Wins Feature Race at Gravesend Easily. WORLD'S SERIES ON AGAIN BOSTON PLAYEBS MAKE COMPROMISE WITH ETILLILEA. Pressure from Public and Press Compels Both Sides to Yield a Point to Secure Games with National Ltsgne Champions Collins Men to Get 75 ' Per Cent of the Club's Share of Gate Receipts Settlement Is Reached br Telephonic Conference. NEW TORK, Sept. 25. The feature of the racing at Gravesend today was the brilliant performance of Hermis. The son of Hermence picked up 134 pounds and, giving away weight to the other starters, won with ease by three lengths. He was an odds on favorite, and ran the mile and one- sixteenth in 1:46 1-5. Dick Turpln won the Algeria stakes, with Flammula second. Five favorites and one second choice divided the money. First race, handicap, about 6 fu-'-ngs Mamie Worth, lis pounds (Hicks). 3 to 1. wo..; Ingold, 11.1 Burnsl. IS to 5, second: Young Henry. 12J Fui-ler. 10 to 1. third. Time. 1:10 3-5. Demurrer, Olympian. Gold Saint. Lux Casta. Caterpillar, Lass o' Linden, and Squid ran. Second race. 1 1-18 miles High Chancellor. 102 rounds O'Neill, jl to 2. won; Monograph. Ill Builman. 20 tel 1. second; Sir Voorhies. 100 Boisenl. 3 to 1. third. Time. 1:46 2-5. Wyefleld and Harding ran. Third race, the Algeria. 54 furlongs Dick Turpln. Ill pounds Builman, 16 to 5. won; Flammula. 104 (Fuller), 3 to 1. second; Juvenal Maxim. K2 (Callahan). 7 to 1. third. Time. 1:07. Wotan, Mordelia, Letola. ! Tom Cod. Bath Beach, and Prince Salm Saimran. Fourth race. 1 1-1G miles Hermis. 134 pounds Fullerl. 1 to 2. won; Colonsay. 86 (D. O'Connor 31 to 1. second; Mabel Richardson, 95 Callahan 10 to 1. third. Time. 1:46 1-5. Carbuncle. April Shower. Leader and Bonnibert ran. Fifth race, 5V4 furlongs Burdette 122 pounds O'Neilll. 5 to 2, won; Fine Art. 112 Builman). 15 to 1. second: Blytheness. 114 (Odom). 3 to 1. third Time. 1 :08 1-5. Rob Roy. Gay Llzzette Missing Link. Monsoon. Wistaria. Hydrangea. Merry Moments. Gamestress. Billy Roche. Oradell, and Ruth Fairish ran. Sixth race, selling. 1 1-16 miles McMeekin. 106 Founds Burns. 8 to 5, won; Our Nugget 9i Desouzal. 5 to 1. second: Courtmaid, bu (Reed) 4 to 1 third. Time 1:48 2-5. Ethics. Lenarki Conundrum, Boutonniere. Mollie Peyton, and Man o' War ran. ' Boston, Mass., Sept. 25. Special. In the face of protests from about every one who believes in real sportsmanship in Boston, tho recalcitrant American league players hero have got down from their high horse and decided to play the post-season series with Pittsburg. They did not do so, however, until they had' wrung concessions from Owner Klllllea. Wrhiie the exact nature of these concessions Is not officially given out, it is stated on first class authority that Klllllea has agreed to a division of Boston's share of the receipts from the series on a basis of 75 per cent for the men and 25 per cent for himself. President Johnson of the American league also took a hand in the settlement and got after Manager Collins and his men in a straight from the shoulder style. Early today the wires between here and Milwaukee began to buzz with messages from Collins to KJllilea. Nothing resulted from these. Early in the afternoon Collins got his men together and' talked the situation over. By this time the manager had received a redhot telegram from Ban Johnson in which the league executive stated that the American league would never stand for the players acting in such an unsportsmanlike manner cs they had been doing in regard to the postseason series. He said both press and public demanded the games and desired Collins to thoroughly impress this fact upon his players. After Collins had communicated the con-" tents of Johnson's dispatch to the men and the latter had talked it over a little Business Manager Smart called up Mr. Klllllea by telephone at Milwaukee. They had a long conversation and Smart Impressed the club owner with the fact that the public was thoroughly in earnest in its demand for the series and that the refusal by Boston's players would seriously injure the club here next season. Killilea was also advised that the players were willing to compromise If he would show a disposition to do the same. Smart then stated the players would play on a 75 and 23 per cent basis, and to this Klllllea agreed. Smart then assured Mr. Killilea that the Boston men would be ready to play. Manager Collins said tonight, after the game with Detroit, that all was satisfactory to him and his players, and they would do their best to win, as President Killilea has now put it up to them to make good. " For umpires Boston has selected Silk " O'Loughlin and Tom Connolly, each club being entitled to pick two. Drerfass Makes Positive Statement.' Pittsburg. Pa.. Sept. 23 President Drevfuss of the Pittsburg Baseball club announced tonight that.' despite all rumors to the contrary, the Pittsburg-Boston series for the world's charryplonehio will be played as originally scheduled. A party of rooters has been made up to- accompany ths National leaguers to Boston next Monday night. JOHNSON GOES TO SEAT OF WAR. Leaves for a Conference with the Disgruntled Boston American League Players. President Johnson of the American league decided to take a hand In the tangle between the Boston players and Ownsr Klllllea over the post season series with Pittsburg, and left early yester day for Boston. He believed a personal conference with Manager Collins and- striking players would have better results than any amount of long distance work, although he had already sent several red hot telegrams to the players. Although It is being kept under cover. It transpires that the Pittsburg players ar not entirely satisfied with Dreyfuss' arrangements for the series, and It Is now believed at headquarters that the players of the two clubs have an understanding and are working together to get as much as possible of the receipts for themselves, with the Intention of dividing them in any way they pleass. President Comlskey had nothing new to say regarding the rumors that the White Stockings may follow the lead of the Boston and Pittsburg players and refuse to play the series with the Colts unless paid a big bonus for It. The White Sox owner has alt but one or two of his players under contract until Oct. 15, and the players whose contracts expire before thn have agreed to play the games, he says. Any possible outbreak among the Colts was guarded against by President Hart last spring when the series was arranged. He wrote each of the Colts, notifying him of the games, and secured his promise to take part In them. Peoria Franchise to Be Sold. Peoria. 111., Sept. 25. At a meeting of the directors of the Peoria team, of the Western league, a resolution, was adopted Instructing the president and secretary to dispose of all the property of the club. Including the players and franchise, because of losses sustained. The present stockholders will retire, though other Peoria capital may take the team. Pfefler to Manage Kenosha Team. Kenosha, Wis., Sept. 25. Special.) Fred Pfef-fer has been engaged tj manage the Kenosha baseball team next year. Heatherbloom Breaks Jumping- Record. Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 25. Heatherbloom. the world's champion high Jumper, created ' a new record today at ' the Bryn Mawr horse Fhow by clearing the bar at 7 feet 9 inches, breaking the record of 7 feet 8 Inches established by the same horse last year. The record was made during an exhibition trial. Four attempts were made. At the first attempt the Jumper cleared 5 feet 6 inches, on the second attempt 6 feet 3 inches was cleared; on the third 7 feet 1 inch, and the fourth trial the bar was topped at 7 feet 9 inches. . " Tod " Sloan (iolng on the Stage. New Tork, Sept. 25. Special. J" Tod " Sloan the. Jockey, Is in a fair way to become an actor. A Job in the racetrack scene of " Checkers," the new play .which will be produced at the American theatsr Monday night, has been offered him. Sloan, who is now In Paris, cabled today to the manager of " Checkers " : " Accept terms for New York run only. Sail Saturday. If possible." Riley Grannan Is doing so well, making a book on the real track, that he did not care to take a Job with ths show. Loda, 3 1 Union Giants, 2. Paxton, 111., Sept. 25. Special. J The Union Giants of Chicago were defeated at baseball by the Loda team at that place this afternoon In ten innings by. score of 2, . , ATHLETICS TAKE FOUR STRAIGHT. Defeat , the White Sox In the Final Game of the Season, 10 to 8. WILDW0RK ON BOTH SIDES Altrock and Bender Ilelp the Loose Tlay, the Former Being Oft in His Fielding. Philadelphia, Pa., Sept 25. Special. Connie Mack's Athletics made it four straight from the Chicago Wrhlte Stockings by taking today's game. 10 to 8. The final contest of the season between these clubs was a loosely played one, full of hitting, running, and wild throwing. Manager Callahan made the last wild heave that gave the Athletics their lead, and after that they were never headed. For a moment in the last inning It looked as If the visitors would tie up the score, but Callahan was nipped at third base and a fast double play retired' the side. x Both pitchers, Altrock and Bender, were wild, Altrock being especially oft In his fielding. Isbeli opened with a hard drive to right Center for three bases in the second round. A moment later he tallied on a long fly to center by Magoon. The Athletics tied this and went ahead one notch in their half, when, with Seybold on first, Altrock threw the ball to the right field bleachers In fielding Murphy's bunt and Monte Cross brought Murphy over the pan with a single. In the third the visitors fell hard on Bender's curves, batting out five hit- which, with an error, netted five runs. But Mack's men came back with five scores themselves. Again Altrock was the offender, throwing the ball high above Tannehill's head on Davis' force hit, and Pickering raced to third. A single and a double came next, then Murphy got a fast one In the ribs and Altrock topped off with a wild pitch that cleaned up the bases. The Chlcagoan pushed two more men over the plate in the fifth, but the Athletics got a chance again. Callahan made a vain endeavor to catch Bender off first when there were three men on bases. Isbeli didn't reach the bag in time to take the throw, and the ball bounded into the bleachers, bringing everybody home and winning the game. Score: , Chicago. Monsieur Beaucatre Is Fast. St. Louis. Mo., Sept. 25. Monsieur Beaucaire equaled the Delmar track record for 1 1-16 miles when he won by a nose from Taby Tosa In the feature event today. Track fast. Summaries: First race, i mile Dr. Scharff. 109 pounds Shea, 7 to 2, won; My Surprise, 8 to 1, second; Sweet Charity, 7 to 2. third. Time. 1 :15. Second race. 7 furlongs Sid Silver. 97 pounds J. Taylor). 8 to I. won; Pepper Dick, 2 to 1, second: Maghonl. 4 to 1. third. Time, 1 :2S3. Third race. mile Old Stone, 108 pounds Hei-del, 10 to 1. won; Forehand. 4 to 5, second; Men-don, 8 to 1. third. Time. 1 :15. Fourth race. 1 1-16 miles Monsieur Beaucaire, 101 pounds F. Smith). 9 to 2, won; Taby Tosa, S to 2, second; Imp. Albula, 8 to 1. third. Time. 2:01H. Fifth race, 1 mile Dan McKenim. 1-03 pounds rBirkenruth), 3 to 2. won; Glennevls, 6 to 1, second; Water Tower. 5 to 2. third. Time. 1:42. Sixth race. 7 furlongs Worthlngton. 106 pounds Sheehanl, 3 to 1. won; Optional, 4 to 1. second; Jigger. 5 to 2, third. Time. 1 :284. ENTRXES. First race, 8 furlongs, selling, 3 year olds and up HomWlt. Irene Mao. Lac ache. 96 pounds each: Stub, Whiten, Helen Hay, 101 each; Lady Draper.. Sam Houston, Eliza Cook. Zirl, Weird, 107; Rose Court. 1U2; Tangent. 1U4. Second race. 1 mile and 70 yards, selling, 3 year olds and up Varna Fonso, Hegira, Decoration, 92 pounds each: Sliver Fisz, Charles C, Nettle Regent, Baronet. 104 each; Wllbelmina, 80; R-engaw, 9; Eufalla, 94; Goo Goo, 97; Bernota, 110. Third race. 6 furlongs, selling, 3 year olds and up Curd Gillock. Ethel Davis. True Blue, One More, 107 pounds each; King nose, 100; miss Manners, 100; Irby Bennett. 103; Vestry. Lady Idris, 104 each; Jean Gravler, 101; Alborac, 99; Sid Silver, 101; Dynasty. 111. Fourth race, the Nlmrod, selling. 6H furlongs.. $1 00O added Dave Sommers. 91 pounds; A. D. (iibson, 106 ; HUee, 105. Fifth race. 6 furlongs, allowance, 2 year olds-Athena, Columbia Girl. Honey Bee. Woods Perrv, 101 pounds each; Quaker Girl. 97: Scalper, 105; Judge Denton. 100: Engel Thrift, 104. Sixth race. 1 mile, allowances, 4 year olds and up Bummer 11102 pounds; Beasie McCarthy. Evea G Silurian, Flintlock. 104 each; Aladdin, 102. Seventh race, H4 miles, selling, 3 year olds and up False. Kunja, 36 pounds each; Dr. Hart, Last Knight. 105 each; W. B. Gates. 107; Cautious, 86; The Bobby, 101. Gravesend Entries. vrt rare, about 6 furlongs. 3 year olds and UP. inn Irn I.indsav Black Fox HO pounds: Elsie L.. Van Ness. 108: Queen Elizabeth. 107; Allan 104; music, tenner une. ji; tapuvaior. io2- Poreward. Locket. 101: Princess Tulane. 10O: Trespass. Baikal. Eva Russell. Counterpoise, 99; Mary Worth. Juita junkin. o; jnay Alien. 4. Second race, steeplechase, about 2H milef Judge Phillips. 159 pounds: Step Lightly. 156; Jim Newman. 155; caller. 1M; Jiaron fepper. 140 Manilian. 138; Gascar. 130. Third race, the Prospect, about 6 furlongs Pulsus. 133 pound: St. Valentine. 118; Turquoise Blue. 115; Memories. Race King. 114; Divina tion. Luxembourg, sweet uretcnen. no; jrcquin 108; Crown Prince. 107; Flammula. Dimple. 106 Vielln Bstts 95: Masedo. 92. Fourth race, the Oriental, Hi miles McChesney. 130 pounds; Caughnawaga. 114; The Picket. 110: Hunter Raine. 106; Charles Elwood. 100; Stolen Moments River Pirate. 90. Fifth race, about 6 furlongs, maidens, 2 year olds The Southerner. Rlverdale, Tithonic. Southampton. Pomano. Pol Roger. Gamey, Berosa. Fort Plains. Mohican. Vibrator. 110 pounds: Sonoma B!le. Raider, prince v ic. AlDertoia. Miss thy lock. 107. Sixth race. 1V miles. 3 year olds and up, selling riamtor. ui pounas; ueiauaet. io; ewamplands, Sadducee. Stone Wall. Lady Potenta, 107; Early Eve. lots; Lord xurco. iu:; itnight of the tiarter, Carroll D.. Candling. 101: Gaviota. 99. Seventh race, about 6 furlongs, maidens. 2 year Olds urttioaox. Aqua, urown Prince. Tne Deposed. Telephone. Arthur. Ogonts, Monadnock. Silver Days. fct. uauan. no; t ommonetta. Sneer. Uypsy Dcu. .Jl.-:.. I'.i uii m . Good Matinee Cards. Exceptionally promising cards are offered at today's trotting matine. Seven events eirei .carded at Washington park, five at the West Chicago Driving club, and four at the Garfield Park Driv ing association. Er.tries at all the tracks are liberal. Many horses returning from the county lairs are engaged at the est Twelfth street track. s Cricket Game Today. At Parkslde this afternoon the Wanderers Cricket team will meet a pkked eleven from the Thistle, Pullman, and Douglas Park teams. Holmes. lf..l Jones, cf 1 Tallahan. 3b. 1 Green, rf 1 Tannehlll, ssl fsbell. lb.. . .2 Ms goon. 2b. 0 Sullivan, e. .0 Altrock. p..l R B P A 1 1 1 4 2 2 1 1 1 1 2 11 0 1 1 3 2 0 Totals ..8 11 24 14 Ehiladel. R OIHartsei. lf..O 0 'flickering, cfl 1 iDavls. lb...l 0 If.. Cross. 3b. 1 OjSevbold. rf. .2 1 Murphv. 2b. 2 0 !M. Cross, ss.l 0 Powers, c. ..1 2.3ender. p....l 4 Totals .10 B P A E 27 10 2 Chicago 0 1 5 0 2 0 0 0 O Philadelphia 0 2 5 O 3 0 0 O 10 Two bsse hits Callahan. Seybold. Three base hit Isbeil. Stolen base Jones. Douhle nlnv Murphv-M. Crr.s-navl8. First base on balls Off AiirocK, a; ore nenaer. 3. Hit bv pitched ball By iirucK. i; oy iienuer. i. Mnica out tJyAitrocK. 8: by Bender. 6. Wild nltch Altrnck Tim. 1:40. Umpire Adams. Attendance 2,303. Notes of the White Sox Game. The White Sox left for Washington this eveninr where they play the final series of the season. Altrock had Pickering on his staff, striking him out twice. " Pick " was apparently afraid of Nick's benders and pulled away from the plate. Every member of the White Sox got a chanc at Bender tn the third inning the Athletics came right back and turned the same trick in their half of the session. Both Altrock and Isbeli found Bender's curves much to their liking. Altrock drew a pass and cracked out two hits in three times up. while Isbeli pulled off a triple, single, and was hit bv a Ditched ball in the four times he went to the plate. Colts' Flgrht Against Odds. Th Colts will resume their series with Boston today, winding up the season tomorrow with the same club. Today's results will probably settle second place. Tn order to give Chicago a chance for the position Pittsburg must win today's game from New Tork. and the Colts must defeat Boston. In that case it will still be necessary for the Colts to win again on Sunday to retain the place. PLAY ELEVEN INNING TIE GAME. Boston and Detroit Battle in Long Con test, the Score at the End Being 6 to 6. Boston, Mass., Sept. 25. An even score game. called on account of darkness after eleven innings had been played. left tbe Detroit-Boston series ten to nine in favor of the champions. Errors and the wlldness of both pitchers figured largely In the run getting. Fielding features were contributed by Long and Parent. Score: R B P A B Boston. R Dough'rty.lf O O'Brien, 3b.. 1 C. Stahl. cf.O Freeman, rf.l Parent. ss...O Lachance. lb 1 Ferris. 2b. ..1 J. Stahl, C...1 Hughes. p...l B P A E Detroit. 1-3 0 1 Barrett. cf..2 1 2 8 0 Lush. If 1 0 0 Crawford.rf 2 0 O Carr. lb 0 LYeager. 3b.. 1 O'Long. 2b 0 0 Murphy, ss.-O 1 3 2 1 0 O 1 17 1 2 O 5 2 0 7 O 4 2 1 Buelow. c.s.O 0 11 3 OjDonovan. p..0 OlOO O 0 O 0 Totals... ft 8 33 18 3 Totals. . .6 13 33 12 3 Boston 1 O 1 0 0 4 O 0 O O 06 Detroit 3 0 1 0 1 0 0 O 1 0 06 Two base hits Yeager. Lush. Barrett. Freeman. Home run Crawford. Stolen bases Freeman (2), Parent. Dougherty. louble play 1 Brten- errls. First base on balls Oft Hughes. 6; off Donovan, 4. Hit hv nltched ball Bv Hughes. 1: bv Donovan. 1. Struck out By Hughes. 5; by Donovan, lo. Time 2:0X). Lmpire O Loughlin. Attendance 1.0U5. TKeve- York, 8; St. Louis, 2. New Tork. R B P A E!3t. Louis. R B P A E Conroy. 3b. .1 12 3 dBurkett. lf..O 2 2 O 0 Fults, cf....l 0 4 0 0 Swarder. rf.O 1 1 O Keeler. rf. ..1 O 3 O OjHeldrick. cf l 2 3 0 0 Elberf'd. ss.l 2 2 5 lAnd'rson. lbO O 6 3 O Williams. 2bl 1 2 5 0! Wallace, s.0 0 3 0 4 Ganzel. lb..0 1 11 0 0 Hill. 3b 1 1 2 2 O Davis. lf....l 10 0 liRowcock. 2bO 3 0 2 1 Beville. c...l 0 3 0 0 Kahoe, c 0 0 7 1 1 Deering, p..l 1 O 1 0 Morgan, p..O 10 10 Totals... 8 7 27 14 2 Totals... 2 9 24 10 6 New York O 1 2 0 0 0 1 4 8 St Louis ,. 0 0 0 O O 1 1 0 02 Two base hits Elberf eld 21. Williams. Conroy. Three base hit Heldrlck. Stolen bases Fultz, Elberfeld. Davis, Beville 2. Deering. Double STANDING OF THE CLUBS. AMERICAN LEAGUE. I W. L. Pct.j Boston 88 46 Cleveland ...76 61 .657' .555 1 Pittsburg New York. Ph'delphia ..73 59 .SVJ Chicano iCinclnnatl Brooklyn . Boston 57 Ph'delphia ..47 St. Louis 42 New York. ..69 61 Detroit 64 6S St. Louis 64 71 Chicago ..57 77 .420 Washington .43 91 .321 6SOi .485; 4T4: NATIONAL ?.EAOUE. ' W. L. Pet. ..91 48 .655 .S3 55 .601 .hi an .Bint ..73 63 .538 .68 65 79 R5 92 .511 .419 .350 .313 Yesterday's Results. AMERICAN LEAGUE. Philadelphia, lO; Chicago. 8. Cleveland. 14; Washington. S. New York. 8; Bt. Louis, 2. Boston. 8; Detroit, 6 eleven innings. Games Today. " AMERICAN LEAGUE. Chicago at Washington. Cleveland at Philadelphia. Detroit at New York. St. Louis at Boston. NATIONAL LEAGUE. Boston at Chicago. New York at Pittsburg. Brooklyn at Cincinnati. Philadelphia at St. Louis. plays Willi U'r:l,Tnc. l-.;i..rfM--'..l T7M h.u An ' Off Morgan, 5. Struck ont By Deering, 3; by Morgan. 6. Time 1:30. Umpire Connolly. Attendance 2,030. Cleveland, 14 j Washington, 5. A E Cleveland. R B P A E O o Flick, rf 1 8 2 O 0 o Kay. ir 3 1 2 Bradley. 3b.. 2 O 0:Lajoie. 2b... I 2 1; Bemis. c. . . .2 2 0 Thoney. cf..I 4 0' Abbott. lb..l O 0: Gochnaur,ss.2 14 2 3 ouiendon. p..l O 1 3 1 0 W ashing' n. R B P Roblnsoo,cf.2 2 2 H dricks, rf.l 0 1 Osteen. 8S..0 2 4 Solbach, lf..O O 2 Clarke, lb..l 1 7 Coughlin,3b.l 1 6 McCor'k. 2b. 0 1 2 KIttridge, c.O 1 2 Dunkla, P...0 0 Patten, P...0 0 1 2 3 0 1 4 2 0 0 2 14 0 4 10 0 2 3 0 2 1 10 3 0 2 o Totals. . .5 8 27 IS 3' Totals.. 14 19 27 12 5 Washington 1 0 2 O O 1 O 1 0 5 Cleveland 0 4 0 0 7 1 2 0 014 Two base hits Bradley 12). Abbott. Three base hits- Osteen, Bay. Home run Bemis. Stolen bases Bay 2, Bradley. Lajoie, Thoney 31. First base on balls Off Dunkle. 2; off Glendon. 2. Struck out By Dunkle. 1; by Glendon. 2. Time 1:45. Umpires Drill and Donohue. Attendance 1.040. Boston Nationals Beat Roekford. Rockford, 111., Sept. 25. Special. The Boston National league team defeated Rockford today In a faircloal game, 13 to 1. - NEARY-MOWATT FIGHT A DRAW. Chicago Lad Hakes Good Showing in Fourth Bound with His Milwaukee Opponent. Milwaukee. Wis., Sept. 25. Special. Young Mowatt of Chicago and Charlie Neary of Milwaukee fought six fast rounds to a draw before the Milwaukee Boxing club tonight. Neej-y had a lead In the first three rounds, but In the fourth and fifth Mowatt forged to the front and gave the local lad a hard battle. Ha landed repeatedly with his left, but in the closing round Neary had alt the better of the milling and several times had Mowatt going. But for the strong rally Mowatt mads in the fourth round he would have lost the fight. In the semi-finals between Eddy Santry of Chicago and Mickey Riley of Milwaukee Referee Mowatt decided tt a draw, but Santry was entitled to the decision. Riley roughed It throughout, while Santry outpointed him on clean punches. Eddy Burns of Detroit was given the decision over Paddy Norton of this city, and Frank Carsey won from Tommy Scully. Hanlon Favorite Over Yanger. San Francisco. Cal.. Sept. 25. Special. Eddie Hanlon is favorite at 10 to 7 over Bennie Yanger of Chicago for their fight next Tuesday night, but this is probably due to local feeling, as Yanger Is In fine trim. Hanlon Is confident, and says he will be more aggressive than last time. " I am going to win this battle to a certainty," he said. " I cannot tell you how much I have improved nor Impress on you what I learned In my last fight. Wrhile in the ring that night the truth came to me that my forte lies in setting a fast, uninterrupted pace. I shall follow that line of battle when I next put on the gloves. I know I can outlive Yanger, as I settled that fact to my satisfaction In our first mill. I think all I have to do is to go In and hustle It along. In time I am certain to bring him down." Yanger Is equally confident. OUTING AT LUDINGTON ENDS. Yost Takes Team Back to Ann Arbor "Will Not Help Chicago in Ecker-sall Case. Ludington. Mich.. Sept. 25. Special. Director Baird arrived today to help pilot the Michigan football squad back to Ann Arbor. Both Balrd and Trainer Fitzpatrick speak confidently of returning hsre next year. Yost is pleased with the progress made here and only regrets lack of heavier weights. Capt. Redden says the new material is the best he has seen since his connection with them, but he drill has been entirely elementary, with only one scrimmage, so the men have not been under fire yet. Many men have proved surprises. Norcross. the quarter mller. has developed Into a promising quarter. Clark, who was thought best at quarter, has done his best work at half. F. Redden has shown best at end. Blgelow, Wendall. and Rike have been steady favorites. With Hammond, the Hyde Parker as tackle, these men would make a strong team lined up with Gregory, Heston, Redden, Maddock, Graves, and Carter. But whatsver Yost thinks he is keeping to himself. As to whether Michigan will support Stagg In the Eckersall Incident, the current feeling among the players is expressed by the query: ." When has Stagg ever stood by Michigan." All sails are being s"t to trim Chicago. The only games mentioned are Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Chicago, and the daily war cry Is " Wait till we play Chicago." Coach Yost has promised to take the team to the. coast to play Leland Stanford If it wins the cfaam-, pionship. High School League Drops Evanston. Evanston was dropped from the High School Football league at a meeting of the high school board of control yesterday. The north shore school has had no representatives at the meetings this fa'L and tt was decided to leave the school off the schedule list and all games of the team were canceled. The only other change made in the managers" schedule was the date' of the English High-West Division contest. The game will be played Oct. 17 instead of Nov. 2S. The question of the eligibility of Graham, the 235 pound tackle, who transferred this season from English High to North Division, was brought up. but was left undecided. , It is claimed Graham has played his limit In the high school league. Games In the Bowling Leagues. Glllam's team averaged 804 In the Phoenix league last night, and took three games from the Erown-ings. Scored PHOENIX LEAGUE. Oillams SV MT S2 1 Brownings .852 f7 878 Waddells -..K20 841 834 Broad ways .98 675 8S6 Lees 823 819 8!I6 IS-hille 84 833 Schaefers...925 882 SOODrexels 893 847 S80 SOUTHWEST LEAGUE. Reliance ...907 82.1 971 1 Carnation .S13 826 815 WEST SIDE BUSINESS MEN'S LEAGUE. Leonards ...778 828 797IBelles CS1 778 783 HARDWARE LEAGUE. Hlbbards . .929 813 810!Channons ..837 T74 705 LAKE VIEW LEAGUE. Cuyler ....746 810 815 IClybourne .642 687 812 MANX ELEVENS TO PLAY TODAY, Chicago Meets Lawrence ami Northwestern Will Op-pose Kaperrille. TWO IDLE IN THE Wesx In the East Princeton Will Be Only Large University Wi out a Practice Match. Football Games Today, WEST. Chicago-Lawrence at Chicago . . Northwestern-Napervllle college, at ' r Minnesota-Carleton college at Mmnn. Illinois-Lombard at Champaipu. Ames-Highland Park at Ames. 1 Iowa-Cornell college at Iowa City - : Nebraska-Grand Island at Llncola, ' . Purdue-Englewood at Lafayette. . EAST. .. Yale-Trinity at New Haven. Harvard-Williams at Cambridge. 1 --Pennsylvania-Dickinson at PhilRlelphii. ' Columbia-Wesley an at New York. Cornell-Hobart at Ithaca. 1 Amherst-Wlllistown at Amherst. West Point-Colgate at West Point. Carlisle-Gettysburg at Carlisle. "With the games today the footbali Iseas! all. ever the country starts ia lull swing Several . colleges, principally in the have -already played a few games, 'Chlca and Northwestern leading, but today nearlr every Important institution in tne lad j, a game scheduled. Three only, Mlchigiaajj Wisconsin in the west and Princeton it &t east, will postpone their initial app until later. .. Both of the local colleges have ganmo, the card for 3:30 o'clock this af temont, CM. cago meeting Lawrence universl-y atj Northwestern lining up against the Northwestern college of Naperville. It looks as i Chicago would have the harder contest, to Lawrence has practically the same teas which last year under Ed Merrill's coachiM held Wisconsin down to an 11-0 score tn defeated Beloit 24 to 0. Coach Stagg expects as usual to send is his least tried candidates in the first ha!f, believing that when the opponents are fresh he has a better chance to judge of tie merit of his new players. Some of his best men will not play today, the Chicago coach sot caring to take any risks with Catlin and Speik. That Northwestern should gala an easy victory over the Naperville team Is of coursa to be expected, although the strength oi the visiting team is so far an unknown quantity. Illinois' game with Lombard will rtv the dopesters a chance to compare the scores made by Chicago and by the state university. Iowa and Purdue play their first games. Minnesota's promising squad meets its first " college " opponents. In the east all the games today are Initial performances except the Carlisle . match. Yale meets its time honored first victim. Trinity college. Harvard opens up with Williams. Pennsylvania will make its bow by meeting Dickinson college. Princeton does not commence its schedule unUl its game with Swarthmore on Wednesday. Coach Stagg yesterday excused his mn from a scrimmage, but gave them long drill in the art of blocking an opposing player by throwing the body across his path. The mn worked in pairs and bumped each ofter all over the lot. Fast signal practice closed tla afternoon's work. No work with the tackling dummy was done, as that patient individual suffered its first serious injury a broken leg. The training table has not yet started, u the cook's whereabouts are still shrouded iB mystery. It is humored that she is in Pennsylvania. Dispatches are expected hourly, DESERTION AT NORTHWESTERS Four Heavy Line Men Quit McCornack'i SquadTwo Light Acqui- sitions. a.lBS'AJWJ .y:'-""l'J:-''l'u-' sinjii.mijjii mi sapi jipwi.iump.i is i wn mi .mwmrnmmmwmmmmww.. usjwj Mais j mmm B n - . j I Judged by wrapper, filler, i 'lj ' - - 'pi ll taste or fragrance, I pM 1 , - ' I It L I MMMMI''MI r-mi usinsisiii sssmiMMssssi i ihhiiIi't-i m i iiwhi iumiii LuLUL-jiftsMXsii 11 mmtrnT I I f 1 1) (P o i'"1""'"" -' "' ; , , , L, 'J i fcss.STi,,..M-,M1.-i-.. - , , ...n 2 jlj . ioc cigar jj - i ' il lj has sterling worth: jjj . -is .ri- st .! in. ais..!,.,,,,.,.,.. i . ., ,,,.arft.,.r r -iiwi run-i.rnm.iiiti t;.n imwii ;,i 1 ( Northwestern met the most serious setback ef the season yesterday when it was learned d?fi3ttlr that four of the heaviest and most prom!inf liM candidates had deserted. The men who left tta team are: Mulvehill, the 200 pound candidate for csnter; Dow, another 200 pound man, who ta played at center for two or three days and aad. good at once; Fisher, a 185 pound guard; cl Gunsul. a promising tackle. " I feel quite confident non of the four will return to practice, and ev;n If they "did we as.')! probably not use them." said Coach McCornsct. " With the Chicago game only three weeks awJ the men who are to play In it need all th practice thy can get. This desertion means simply that we must rely almost wholly on th o!4 mea for our material." Yesterday's practice was brisk, and In the shart scrimmage the heavier team, which will P-ably be taken to training quarters n;xt Mqcost-made blr holes through the scrub Mn and advanced the ball almost at will. The tandem p'.u was again used to advantage. Fleager plr-5ir full back, and assisted by the other tacit! McCann at quartsr. Garrett, the biar rhrht ruf-whose lack of knowledge of the game has o fs proved a great hindrance to his plaT, i'i f50 work in stopping the tandem play, and ray a valuable line man. Watts, candidate far el was tried at punting, and his kicks averarsd fatty yards. Colton. half back, is his rival lnthnlin!.. Two new men appeared for practice. Thsy Larash. candidate for quarter, and Fletcher, to end. Larash is from Rushville, 111- snd weir 145. Fletcher was end on last year's scrub weighs about the same. Northwestern plays Nsperville college this ift ernoon. The Naperville team held th! purple ,. to a score of 11 to 6 last year. T. M. C. A. Selects Swimming Teas. The Central Y. M. C. A. held Its try out night to select its relay team for the centers-swimming relay races. Brooks. Mannhsrdi, E4 Swatek. Armstrong, Dropkln, and Walsh vert elected. . jt Trainer Dies of Consumption. , Denver. Colo., Sept. 25. Richard S. Howse, formerly trainer of thoroughbreds In Kin EdwT.J stables, was burled In this city today. He ii4 K the age of 82 of consumption. - J n o

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