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It is doubtful if we Chicagoans fully real in character, with scenes of the streets where the battles of life are fought. I am" delighted to say that La Maison du Peche," by Marcelle Tinayre, Is already In Its tenth edition, and for a comparatively unknown writer such a rapid sale in Paris is almost phenomenal. Nothing so marked In the way of a success has yet been published this season. Ail the salons are disputing over the work and the young authoress, whom no -one anticipated would be. the "woman of the year," the writer of the season.

Grace Cokntatt. ARIS, Dee. 19. Interest has been awakened in La Verite," Zola's last ize the full capabilities of the Chicago orchestra until we hear it In a program such as was offered at the public rehearsal yes work, now running in L'Aurore, through the sensational revelations terday afternoon. The average program made in several of the last chapters contains so much that is musically new that January Contains two very important articles on THE TRUSTS and some of the best stories the magazine has ever printed.

attention Is centered rather on what is concerning the desertion of the Dreyfus cause by the De Rothschilds. As every one played than on how it is done. Because of knows, La Verite is a carelessly die Juovey Mary this, the unsurpassed excellence of the achievements of Mr. Thomas and his men are frequently overlooked, or, at most, are taken as a matter of course. It is well, therefore, that occasionally a program is arranged, the selections on which are so familiar that realization of how perfect is the rendition is forced upon us.

Com- gulsed Dreyfus case with, some anti-clerical, anti-'Catholic additions in which Zola pays off old scores. While it was generally known by the initiated that towards the last the De Rothschilds, who had used their money and Interest In behalf of Dreyfus, had drawn out of the affair, the exact fact of the affair The new story now running in the magazine by the author of Mrs. Wiggs," furnishes many snch gems as I've made it a practice to pnt all my worries down in the bottom of my heart, then sit on the lid an' smile." In this second installment the marriage of Miss Hazy occurs, and is one of the most 'amasing episodes in modern literature. This story, capitally illustrated by Mrs. Shind, began in December.

You can get that number frea see below. parison with performances enjoyed In the were generally ignored. These Zola reveals In a chapter which, although, veiled, Is as bitter an attack against the De Rothschilds as anything Drumont ever attempted. un 1 st; a Lrnncuit cnna la kit I the title -of a etory for girls -written by Edna Foster, edi-I tor of the children's page of Touth's Companion." Although this Is Miss Foster, first book, few have had more experience in Intelligently supplying good and attractive reading matter for children than this gifted editorial writer. Her book, aeide from the Interest It possesses as a story for children, la a valuable and suggestive study for the education of those who have to do with children.

In brief, it deals with an attempt to train an impulsive child according to certain set rules and regulations, and the results frequently are amusing. The Illustrations are by Mary Ayer. (Lee Shepard.) Concerning Polly Is a story that will Interest the older girls. It Is from the pen of Helen M. Winslow, author of "Salome Vepard, Reformer," and Concerning Cats," and is a homely tale of the homely life In northern New England of some years ago.

A little waif is picked up In the streets Boston by an old farmer, who takes her to his home, where she is reared to womanhood In a rugged but wholesome atmosphere. Incidentally there are interesting descriptions of the quilting bees, surprise parties, corn roasts, and other jollifications indulged by the young and old of that region. The boon la handsomely Illustrated by Charles Copeland. (Lee Shepard.) Tudor Jenks has written a companion book to his Galopoff, the Talking Pony," called Gypsy, the Talking Dog." Gypsy Is a trick dog, owned by a French showman, and is stolen by some gypsies and brought to America. On the way over the dog meets GalopoCT.

the pony, and the two become fast friends. The little dog proves to be quite as lovable as the pony, and their adventures, apart or in common, furnish a vast amount ot interest and diversion for the lit My Old Maid's Corner First of a group of papers by Miss Lllllo Hamilton French concerning spinsterhood and marriage and tbe place of unmarried women in the economy of society. One usually associates a diary with a woman, for a man rarely calls his dally notes a dairy, but his memoirs or his autobiography." Such, however, was not the case with Sareey. the eminent French critic, who not only kept a diary during his youth, but called it such, although he never Intended It for the public, which has just LIFE OF ROGER WOLCOTT. Bishop Lawrence's Biography of the Late Governor of Massachusetts.

Since Phillips Brooks, no Bosfonian has so thoroughly rooted his personality in the hearts of the people of Massachusetts as Roger Wolcott, whose recent death plunged the commonwealth Into deepest grief and universal mourning. Scion of one of New England's oldest and beet respected families, reared in- luxury, and representative of the culture of his environment, he cast aside all temptations to idleness or dllettanteism ln his choice for an active and useful life in the profession Of the law. Gravitating naturally Into politics, his opportunity came when a republican leader was sought to defeat the democratic party, which gained ascendancy In the Bay state through the disaffectlons and defections incident to the election of Grover Cleveland to the presidency. William Lawrence, D. Bishop of Massachusetts, has written a short biography of Gov.

Wolcott. Born of a lifelong friendship, this life story Is animated with the sympathy and close Insight that comes only from Intimacy and loyal regard. The chapters describe the successive steps in the career of this useful citizen: his boyhood, his college days, his early entrance into public life, bis service as lieutenant governor and governor, his great activity during the Spanish war, and the closing year of his life, when he rested from the irksome duties of official life. It is an enthusiastic presentation of the history of one of the most patriotic public servants, and is particularly interesting as- coming from one so closely in touch with the late executive. The book is illustrated wilb reproductions from portraits, with a frontispiece hi photogravure.

(Houghton, Mifflin been placed in possession of its contents Th So. Called Sugar Trust In the series of antborltatire and unbiased studies of business methods of some of the great trusts. A very strong article telling the whole story of the founding and work of the Sugar Trust. The President Bind the Trusts An accurate, timely, and important statement of President Eooserelt's attitude, by bis friend. Albert Shaw.

The Wife of Chino This Is a charming story by the late Frank Norris. dealing with life In an Isolated mining camp, the Interest centering in the love of an eastern college graduate for Chlno's wife, a Spanish-Mexican. Illustrated. Sixty The author of "Madame Butterfly," "Naughty Nan." etc. (and Joint author with Belasco of The Darling of the has here produced a story both quaint aud pathetic Illustrated by Albert Sterner.

When the Consul Came to Peking This story does not deal with consular duties, but is rather a clever character picture, unusual in subject and with lots of fun and no little excitement. Illustrated. by Adolph Brisson. Sarcey's devoted son-in-law, who In making use of the precious yel The Poe-Chivers Papers A literary find of much consequence relating to the friendship of Poe with Br. Chirers, who, it has been claimed by his friends, influenced some of Poe's most notable work.

The Prologue of the American Revolution -Relating to the first balf of Arnold's terrible inarch through the Maine woods to Quebec A graphic account of a little-known part of American history. Cairo to Khartum, etc Other interesting contributions are Important articles oa "Cairo to Khartum in an Adirondack Canoe." "Paris Pawn-shots," etc Stories. Articles, Poems. Etc low, thumb stained pages declares he is Inspired to do so on account of the lesson in literature which these early writings con tain, with their fine descriptions of the habits and customs of the times of Sarcey's com and. Che prominent litterateurs of his day.

Taine, About, Jules Simon were, with Michelet, connected directly or indirectly with Sareey throughout his career, and his early impressions of them are full of Inter est. Later through Sarcey's notes one has the Impression of the simple French citizen past thus becomes unavoidable, ana by this comparison the rare finish and completeness of the one being listened to is made clear. Then, we can but realize how important-how inestimably important to the art life of Chicago is the orchestra and the concerts It gives. The program yesterday contained only long familiar selections, but how enjoyable they, proved How the spirit of youth, buoyant, and, although transitory yet never perishable, made itself felt, even to those listeners to whom youth is no longer a precious possession. The heart grew young with listening, and music's gentle ben i son.

of peaoe and glad content rested on all who heard. And the hearers were many. Not before this season and rarely In seasons past, has an audience of equal size assembled to listen to a public rehearsal by the orchestra. Every seat- in galleries and balconies was occupied, and onlythe front rows and other similar leas desirable places on the main floor were left vacant. It was an audience that came to enjoy, and lavish was the east of en joyment tpread for it.

First came the march from Tan.Elb8.user," which was succeeded' by the overture to Oberon," played with an appreciation and a finesse that made all Its lovely romanticism vital. The Dances of the Happy Spirits andi of the Furies from Gluck's Orpheus came next, the two being- separated by as exquisite a performance of the Adagio that portrays Orpheus search: as could be cte-sired. Sainit-Sans unjfailingly attractive symphonic poem, "Le Roue d'Omphale" followed, and here the supreme technical supremacy of the orchestra stood revealed In dazzling brilliancy. Absolute accuracy was combined with a tonal softness) and purity that were ideally French in tlieir refinement and esuavlty an3 the manner In which the seductively playful theme that peeps out above the whirr of the epiniilng wheel was given, had la it all the grace arui piquancy of the Ration of which Saint-Sagns is the ablest orchestral representative, and whose attractive traits are nowhere more charmingly revealed than izt tills same composition. It was a performance long to be remembered in the list of perfect things, and the hearers were far from slow In expressing their'approval.

Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2, given with stirring elan and brav-our, recalled days and nights long past, when it was a selection frequently met with, on summer night programs, but when it, although well played, was not given with such virtuosity as it was yesterday. After the intermission Chabrier's truly joyous Joy-euse Marche prepared? the way for the at the approach of the revolution. I have always thought that nowhere In the world were children's books so original as in America, but I have just come across one that surpasses anything of the kind In the way of a child's book that I have ever Prmetlcal Character Reader. The subject of phenology and Of kindred sciences is an ever new one.

to judge from the number ot books concerning' it. The latest publication to bid for favor Practical Character Reader." by I A. Vaug-ht of this city, who says he bases hts deductions upon 50,000 careful examinations. The book is profusely seen, particularly In the matter of originali It is entitled "La Legend des Betes A Special New Year's Offer In beginning the New Year, begin it right! Subscribe first to The Century for, "after all, The Century is the best!" New subscribers who commence with January, 1903, will receive the November and December, 1902, numbers without charge, and so begin all the serials and important articles for the new year.

(November begins the volume.) Fourteen months for the price of twelve. Subscription price, $4.00 a year. The GeivKiry Union Sqxiaa-e, York and is by Signoret and VI mar, published STEAMSHIP LINES. fc by Plou. Vimar, who has drawn the illustrations.

Is a great. lover of animals, and has made them a life study. The story, which Is interesting, even for grown people. Is a long fable about all the animals famous Ocesm Navigation. 7 i 1 In classical or historical lore.

There is the SELECT whale of Jonah, the horse of Troy, the bear of Berne, the geese of the capitolthe lion of Andfrocles, andi any number of old time friends whose history is familiar to every WEST INDIES. $125 AND UP. By S. 8. MOLTKB, 12.000 tons, leavtrg New York Jan.

10, "03, for St. Thomas. Porto Rico, Martinique (Mt Pelee), St. Vincent (La Soufrriere), Grenada, Jamaica, Cuba. Nassau, New York.


BOOKS AND PERIODICALS ALL THE LATEST tle folks. The book contains twelve full page halftone Illustrations by Reginald Birch, (Henry Altemus company.) Although ostensibly a book for girls, Brave Heart Elizabeth," by Adele E. Thompson, can hardly fall to interest the boys of every American family as well. It Is a story of the Ohio frontier, and is full of adventure of the most stirring kind. Much of It is taken from life, the heroine being one of the famous Zane family, from which Zanesville, takes its name.

As an accurate, pleasing, and yet at times intensely thrilling picture of the period of border settlement the book is entitled to high rank among recent writings of this kind. (Lee Shepard.) Dickens Christmas Carol," always an appropriate Christmas gift for a book lover, has been Issued in a neat 12mo edition by Dana Cstes Co. for the holiday trade. The book is printed in good, clear type, is substantially bound in cloth covers, and embellished with several full page illustrations. It Is Included In the Young of Heart series put out by this publishing firm.

"The Tale of Peter Rabbit," by Beatrix Potter, is a little book for little readers those who are just emerging from the primer etage. It is just such a story as will delight the rots of the family. The arrangement Is attractive, text and colored illustrations being made to appear on alternate pages. Peter is one of a family of four bunnies. Of course he is the scapegrace of the lot, and this little book tells the story of how he came to grief because of his disobedience.

(Frederick Warne Co.) "Rollicking Rhymes' for Youngsters Is a compilation of verses written by Amos R. Wells for children's publications, with some nevsr before published. They fit the title, and cover a great variety of subjects with a pleasant humor and sometimes but not too often a helpful moral. Thero are twenty-five illustrations in red and black by L. J.

Bridgman. (The F. II. ReyeU Company.) A. E.

aad S. M. Zwemer, missionaries in Arabia, have written a book for children on that country which they call Topsy Turvy They make out a good case to Justify the title, too, for many of the'customs of the land are the opposite of ours. The boys take off their shoes and keep their hats on when they enter a room. The carpenters draw their tools toward them.

The people read backward, and, while the women ride their donkeys astride, the men sit sideways. The book is written for little folks, and is illustrated from photographs. (The F. H. Revell Company.) RAILWAY TIME TABLES.

Daily. fSunday. Ex. Saturday. tEx.

Sunday. 1 Ex. Monday. ISaturday only. "WESTERN K0AD8.

minAGO AND SOSTHffFSKES RATLWAT. From all parte of the world. By S. S. PRINZESSIN VICTORIA LTJTSE, leaving New York Feb.

7, '03, following-same Itinerary as above, with Curacoa, Ber- muda added. Duration, 28 days; cost. $200 and up. Ticket offices, 212 Clark i. (Telephone Central 721), Oaklev At.

and WelU St. Station. Arrive. 9.00 am orient 18 days stria. palestine, and' ectpt.

"The Overland Limited" for Jirst-clase Sleeping Car passengers only Des Moines, Omaha, Salt Lake, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland Denver, Omaha, 6ioux City, lyes Moines, Cedar 8 Ion i Oity. Cedar Rapids Ies Moines. Sioux City. Omaha 7.15 am 9.fipia 4.00 pm 7.15 am 8.84 am B.4o am 8 84 am Des Moines, ionxCity, Mason City, S.00 pm 9.55 pm 8.34 am l.SODm By express S. S.

ATJGTJSTE VICTORIA, leaving N. T. Feb. 3. '03, for Madeira, Malaga.

Algiers, Genoa, Riviera, Syracuse, Malta. Greece (3 portal, Constantinople (Boephorus, Black Sea), Beyrouth, Jaffa, Calfa, Alexandria (Cairo), Messina, Palermo, Naples, Genoa, New Duration, 77 days; coat, $350 and up An Interesting new book by a woman and an actress has Just appeared" Hiesons," by Pierre Nahor. for so Mile. Emllle Lerou of the Comedie Franchise signs herself. The story, told In a large, free style.

Is that of Jesus. The preface, by Marcel Schwob, best explains the book. "As she (Emilie Lerou) possesses the science and the art of representing living creatures In flesh and blood who suffer, who weep and moan, Jesus appears to her as an intense human reality, as he appeared in her hallucinations to Catherine Emmerich." The book Is not at all one of discussion, nor meant to define or illustrate any particular doctrine but the vivid description of a faith In Jesus by a firm There Is naturally some romance and coloring thrown round the story a writer's privilege which, however, is discreetly used. Among the most eagerly awaited novelties are two new romances by Ana tola France and Paul Adam. The former's book will be entitled Hlstoire Comique," and is a curiously woven romance with a deep vein of tragedy woven through a thoroughly amusing study of Parisian habits and the theaters.

France now holds the first place in French literature for the delicate philosophical Irony which pervades his writings, and he paints his characters with a subtle touch exceedingly rare today. Like all Paul Adam's works, his new book, Au Soleil de Julllet," will be thrilling 7. 16 am Jt rMT m.ivpm Northern Iowa and Dakotas 6.00 pm Cedar Rapids 12.30 pm Block Hills and Deadwood I1.80pm Bt. aoi, Minneapolis, Dal nth pm 6t. anl.

Minneapolis, Eau Claire, 5 S'ao Sm Hudson, Stillwater .7. mj 7.00 am 9.25 am 11 45 am 9.25 Dm Du und Du waltz from Johann. Strauss merriest of operettas, The Bat." And here again not only the remarkable skill of Mr. Thomas and ins men was shown by an ideally rhythmic and refined performance but the Imperishable beauty and absolute supremacy of the great waltz king's genius was again made evident. Loftier manifestations of ere? ative genius the world of music has known, but none purer andi more complete in its particular sphere than was his.

The other. Strauss the mighty Richard-then was heard in one of his most attractive pieces of tonal painting, the movement from his Italy Fantasia, entitled On the Shores of Sorrento." As played by the orchestra no unusual powers of imagination were required to picture the soft shimmer of sunlight across the long, lazy swell of ocean's wave, and the fairylike town that lies In such wondrous beauty on the shore of Italy's loveliest bay. And as a closing selection, the program contained the 1812 overture of Tschaikowsky, which was given with all the roar of cannon-and the clang of bells that it demands for adequate performance. It was an afternoon of rare musical satisfaction and- pleasure, and those who attend tonight when the program is to be repeated can go with full assurance of an evening of thorough enjoyment. W.

L. Hubbard. ouDscripuons Chas. Macdonald a 3 Waahlngton-at. RAILWAY TIME TABLES.

WSZSV SOASB, BURLINGTON ROUTE TEL. NO. 8117 CEN- tral Berths and tickets at 211 Clark-st. and Union Passenger Station. Canal and Adanis-ots.

Trains. Leave. Arrive. Ottawa. Streator A La Salle.t 8:20 am :10 pirn.

Rocheile, R'ckrd. Forreston.t 8:20 am Mendota. Galesburg 8:20 am 2:15 Galesburg, Council Bluffs, Omaha, srm. Dfead-w'a. Hot Springs.

S. D. :15 am 7:20 am Seattie. Tacoma, :15 am 8:55 am. Illinois and Iowa Local :65 am Texas points and Mexico 2 pm Gaieeb'g.

Quincy. Hannibal. 1I am Jfrtpra Falls, Sterling. Rockrd.t 4:30 pm tlO-JOaia Yorkvllle, Ottawa, Streator 4 :30 pm Dinwr, Utah. 5:00 pm 7:55 oto Fort Madison and Keokuk.

pm 2:20 pm C. Bluffs. Omaha. Kansas City, St. Joseph, Atchison Leaver.

worth. 9:00 ifti St. Paul. Minneapolis 8: Dubuque, La Crosse, Winona, am Kansas City, St. Joseph pm 6 a Quincy and Hannibal pm 6:55 an St.

Paul. Minneapolis- $10:60 pn tfcSStraj Dubuque, La Crosse, Winona. 1 10:50 pm p.n Denver. Uta)i. California.

,11 :00 pm C. Bluffs. Omaha. Lincoln. .11:00 pm Deadwood.

Hot S. D.M.-OOpm Keokuk and Fort rm 6:55 a DOMINTOJI UNB SPECIAL. NOTICE. Resumption of trip by the Mammoth Popular Twin Screw Steamers COMMONWnAL.TH" and "NEW ENGLAND," TO. THE MEDITERRANEAN.

From Boston, direct to GIBRALTAR, ALGIERS. GENOA. NAPLES. AND ALEXANDRIA, E3GYPT. "New England" Jan.

IT, Feb. 28 Jan. 3. Feb. 14, Mar.

28 TO AZORES. NAPLES. AND GENOA. Vancouver Jan. 10, Feb.

21 Cambroman Jan. 31, March 14 Proceed through to Alexandria oa the January and February voyages. Also ailinir Boston to Liverpool. Portland. to Liverpool.

For ratea. booklet, apply to company'aofflce. 69 Chicago. RAYMOND WHITCOMB' 8 SPECIAL PRI- vate train tours to MEXICO Jan. 31 and Feb.

31. To CALIFORNIA JAN. 7 and frequently thereafter: also to CUBA PORTO RICO, AND FLORIDA. CRUISE of the WEST INDIES Jan. 15.

A delightful tour to EGYPT, the HOLT LAND. TURKEY, and GREECE. Jan. 31. STEAMSHIP and RAILWAY tictets everywhere.

Programs and information at 232 S. Clark-st. Tel. Harrison 1245. JAPAN CHINA PHILIPPINE ISLANDS VIA HONOLULU.

Pacific Mail 8. S. Occidental Oriental S. S. and Oriental S.

From Kan Francisco: Coptic, Jan. 3, 1W03; American Mani, Jan. 10, 1903; Corea. Jan. 20, 19W3.

For passage and freight rates, reservations, passage orders, and information apply to W. G. NEIilEYER, 183 Chicago. ATLANTIC TRANSPORT LINE-NEW YORK TO LONDON. Min'polia 27, 4 pm 'Manitou IT, 9 am Min'haha 3.

am Min' tonka 24. 2 pm Mesa ba. 10. 8 am Mln' polls Jan. 31.

am Modern steamers. Comfort unsurpassed. All berths on upper decks and amidships. Cabin only. Rates, 'Phone Harrison 808, 09, 234 La 8d floor.

inona, La uroane, oparta, aianxato.T a.iJ am Winona. Ea Croaae, Mankato and if 9.00am Western Minnesota and I 6.U)pmi 6.56 pm 9.25 pm 7.00 am 5.65 pm Manasha- A nnleton. (iimn T11.1W am 1.15 pm 11.10 am 6.6o um it 4 .00 pm Oshkoah, Appleton Junction 5.00pm Menominee, Iron Mountain 9 OS am Oreen Bay and 8.00pm Ashland. Hariev, Bessemer, Iron. I taS.JG am wood and Rhinelaader 6 00 pm Jshkoeh.

Green Bar. Menominee. a 8 .00 am BLACK SEA THBCRIMEA AND THE CArcAsra By S. S. PRrNZESFIX VICTORIa'lTJISE.

leaving N. Y. March 12, '03, for Madeira. Gibraltar. Genoa, Riviera.

Palermo. Constantinople, Trebizond. Batoum (Tiflls). Sa- bastopol. Balaclava.

Athene. Kalamakl. Nauplia, Syracuse. Naples, Algiers. LiBbon.

Southampton, Hamburg. New York. Duration, 67 days; cost, $40O and up. 9.43 am 9.80 om 9.30 pm Marquette and Lake Superior 8.00pm firmnBav.t iaranM. Crvstal Fslla 10.80Dm i au am i 7.90am tlOOam.

Rockford and Freeport Lv.t7J5am.i8.i5am. pm. 1 1 pm, til pra. Rockford Ev.3.00 Beloit, Janesville, Madison Lv. tii.UO am, MJjO am, 9.00am.4.25rm.

5.01 pm, SJ0 pm. Janesville. Madison Lv. pm. 8.00 pm.

10.00 pm. Milwaukee Lv. tS.OO am, 84.00 am. 7.0U am, 9.00 am. tll-30 am.

2.00 pm. 8.00 pra, 6.00 pm. 8.00 pm. 10.30 pm. JJly Menominee and Rhineiander.

Dlx Green Bay. BALTIC SEA NORWAY. SWEDEN, RUSSIA, ETC. Daily tDafly ex. Sunday.

Daily ex. Saturday. S. S. FUERST BISMARCK.

June 27. '08. Duration, 42 days; cost, $225 and up. Send for booklet of trip deslrtd. EASTEKTT K0ADS.


Saxonia new twin screw Jan. 3 Feb. 7 Umbria Jan. lO Feb. 14 Ivernia new twin screw 17 Lucania Jan.

24 Feb. 21 Etruria Jan. 31 Feb. 28 F. G.

WHITING. Dearborn and Randolph. Phone Central 2051. N. w.

cor. Randolph and La Chicago. MICHIGAN CENTRAL, N.T. C. A H.

R-ANO B. A A. Kvs. "The Klagara FalU Kout Ticket office, 119 Adams 6U, Auditorium and Gmt Northern Hotels, Palmer House, and stations 12th m. aud Park Row.

22d 89Ul bl, Hyde Park, CSd Sr. Nov. 23, 102. Leave, Detroit Mall and Express tC43am t.Cpm pm 8 fi pm 10.80 am t.UOpni S.Su pm a S.Su pm iO.OO pm 11.30 pm 10.00 pm ORIENT CRUISE WHITE STAR LINE NEW YORK, QUEaXSTOWN. LIVERPOOL.

Celtic 31 jCymric Jan. 21 Teutonic Jan. 7 Jan. 28 Germanic Jan. 14 I Teutonic Feb.

4 Ooeanio 17,274 tons. 706 feet long Feb. WHITE STAR LINE. Tel. Central Dearborn-st.

ILLINOIS CENTRAL ALL THROUGH TRAINS from Central Station. 12th-st. and Park-row. Trains for the south except fast mail can be taken from Hvde Park, and 63d-sl. stations.

Tickets at city office. 99 Adams-it, and at the Auditorium Hotel. Leave. Arrive. N.Orleans.

Memphis am 9:45 pm Coaches only for Memphis. N. Orleans, Hot Seringa, 5:25 pm pm Nashville and Florida Limited. Pullmans only, for Memphis. N.

Orleans, 1 Hot Springs. Nafh- 7:00 pm 10:35 am ville. and Florida Monticello. 111., and Decatur. 6:25 pm 1:20 pm 6t.

Louis 'and Springfield, Diamond Srciai i "10. la pm am Bt. Louis and Springfield. Daylight Special. Decatur 5 11:32 am 7:35 pm Cairo Local 7:55 am Decatur.

Sprfd. am 1:20 pm last Mail. New Orleans am Bloomington 7:55 am 9:45 pm Bloomlngton Chats-worth, 5:25 pm pm Champaign Gilman Local 1:20 pm Evansville Express 10:00 am 6:00 pra Pvansville. Cairo, and South. 8:40 pm Kankakee and Gilman 4:15 pm 10:00 am Minneapolis and St.

Paul 6:10 pm 9:30 am Omaha. San Francisoo 6:10 pm 9-30 am Dubuque. S'x City. S'x Falls. 6:10 pm 9:30 am Omaha Day Express 8:15 am Omaha, S.

City Fast Mall. 2:55 am Rockford Passenger 2:10 pm Rockford and Dubuque 3:45 pm pm Til. iu am g.OSr ata 7.4(1 un 7.40 am 5 7.40 am ptn 1 pa -ew lore ana uoston r-peciai Mag. Falls, New York, and Boston Kalamazoo Sow York Special Detroit Night Express Klag. Fails.

New York, and Boston Saginaw and Ba City Sleeper New York and Eastern points Boston and New England points. Via Here Marquette R. K. Grand Rapids and Petoskey $400 AND UP. pm 1 tll-W 5.00 1 pm 7.15 am tl2 OOn'a 4.m pm 11.50 pm om 1 irrano tiaptus ana i raverse i-itj Grand Haplds Express Grand Rapids Express Muskegon and Petoskey 7 Mam Bv specially chartered North German'lLloyd express S.

S. Kaiserin, 9,500 tons. Feb. 1. 65 days; shore trips, hotels, guides, drive, included, visiting Madeira, Granada, the Alhambra Algiers, Malta.

Athens. Constantinople, Smyrna 19 daya JU.50pm 7.0$ ana Via Grand Kaptds Indiana ITALIAN ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIP CO. Navigasione General Italiana to NAPLES GENOA ALEXANDRIA. All New Steamers. Weekly service.

Apply to F1RZEL FF.DTM AN 11 Broadway. N. Y. J. S.

LOWITZ. 185 S. Gen. West. Agt.

BEAVER LINE PASSENGER SERVICE-MONTREAL. LIVERPOOL. Weekly Sailings New Steamships. Beet, accommodation at lowest rates. WENHAM, 47 Dearborn-st.

Cent. 2082. It. S3 5JH 7.40 Gd. Kap Pet key Mackinaw (.45 am Gd.

Petoskey, and Mackinaw ffipra Gd. Petoskey Mackinaw 11.80 pm pm pm am in Palestine and i.gypt, maples, Kome, mice. etc. Absolutely no overcrowding: only the main dining room to be used. West Indies Cruise.

Jan. 14, $126 up; Norway-Russia Cruise, July 2, $275 up. FRANK C. CLARK. Ill Broadway, New York.

H. CLAUSSENIUS 95 or WM. FLETCHER. 297. 113 Adama'-st.



Orient, tours under escort; independent tickets, private cars, special trains; dining1 cars. iMP.RTf'iK. TOtrRTST ASSOCIATION. Reau HAMBURG-AMERICAN LINES i FOR PLYMOUTH CHERBOURG HAMBtitu. TWIN SCREW EXPRESS PERVICO.

S. S. DEUTSCHLAND From New York March 19 and May 7. TWIN SCREW PASSENGER SERVICE. Campbell.

Gen. ISO Chicago. THE PENNSYLVANIA LINE CHICAGO UNION passenger station. Adams, Canal, and Madiron-sta. Ticket offices at station and at 248 S.

corner Jackson, and at Auditorium hotoL Through trains run. as follows From Chicago to Leave. Arrtv. Fort Wayne and Alliance. Indianapolis and Louisville.

am 5:39 pra Dayton and Cincinnati am 5:30 pm Columbus. Balto. Wash "10:05 am pm Philadelphia and New am 5:00 pm The Pennsylvania Special. .12:00 n'n am Pittsburg, Phila. New York.12:00 n'n :55 an Philadelphia and New pm Baltimore and Washington.

.12:05 pm pm Pittsburg. Bait- Washington 8:00 pm 8:45 pm Philadelphiaand New 8:45 pm The Pennsylvania Pittsburg and 6:30 pm 8:45 am Philadelphia and New 6:30 pm Youngstown N. Castle 7:80 pm Columbus, and the east. 9:00 pm am Cincinnati and Daytoh. 8:40 pm 7:80 am Indianapolis and Cincinnati Express 12:00 n't 1 :5 am Pittsburg and the east 11:45 pm am Daily, Except Sunday.

TOURS. HIGH CLASS. ALSO WINTER CRUIS-es to the Orient, Weet Indies, etc. WARD Gen. S.

238 B. Clark-et. Waldersee Jan. lo Patricia Jan. 31 Pennsylvania Jan.

7 NEW YORK NAPLES GENOA. CHICAGO AND ALTON UNION PASSENGER, station. Canal and Adams-sts. City ticket office. 101 Adams-ft.

'Phone Cent. 1787. TRAINS DEPART THE ONLY WAY 9:00 am Bloomlngton, Peoria, Sp field, St.Louia. 9:00 am Joliet, Dwight accom'n Sunday only. 9:35 am Joliet accommodation.

1 1 :25 am Alton lim'd for Srringneld 8t St. Louis. til :25 am Jacksonville and Roodhouse. 2:30 pm Bloomington Springfield, Lemont. Lockport Joliet.

6:35 pm JoHet accommodation. 6:00 pm Kansas City Peoria limited. 8:00 Pm Bloomington, Springfield and St. Louis. 11:40 pm Midnight speclaU Springfield.

St-Louis, Jacksonville, Kansas City. 11 pm Joliet. Dwight. Str-ator Peoria. Trains arrive from Kansas City, Jacksonville, Bloomingtonv 8:55 am.

1 :15 pm; St- Bloomington. 7:15 am. am. 5:04 pm. pm; Ppringfleld, Jacksonville.

Bloomington, 1:15 pm. Peoria, Streator.Dwight.7:15am. 1:15 pm, 8:05 pm; Joli't, 10:30 am. JoWet locals, 18:45 am. 74:30 pm, pm.

Palatia 12; 'Ravenna 12 Phoenicia Jan. 281 Palatia 2 Lake Baw-iaratlon. BARRY LINE STEAMERS TO MILWAUKEE and Racine daily, 8 p. fare. 75 cu.

For Sheboygan. Manitowoc. Two Creeks, Kewaunee, Algoma, Sturgeon Bay, Sawyer, and Green Bay; 4 sailings a week. Dock east end Michigan-st. Tel-ephone Central 1749.

Ravenna belongs to Nav. Co. S. PRiNZESSIN VICTORIA LUISE. From New York.

March 12, 1903. FOR MADEIRA, GIBRALTAR, GENOA. HAMBURG-AMERICAN LINK, Corner Randolph and La, Salle-sts. NORTH GERMAN LLOYD- GOODRICH LINE STEAMERS Jl Milwaukee and Racine, 8 p. m.

dually. Ticket office and docks, foot Mlchigan-av. 'Phrvn Central 7. FAST E.XfKBSS SEKVRK. PLYMOUTH.

CHERBOURG. BREMEN. Kaiser Jan. 6. 10 am Kronprinz.Mar.24.

10 am Krortprlnz.Feb. 24. 10am 7, noon Kaiser. Mar. 10, 2 pm-Kxonprinz.


"western hoads. Trave Jan. 7, 11am Neckar. 21. noon Lahn SI.

10 am Mar. 14. 8 am Trave. 14. 10 21.

11 am Calls at Algiers. tSails to Gibraltar, Naples, only. tSalls to Naples. Genoa, only. THE LAKE SHORE AND MICHIGAN SOUTH-em N.

Y. C. A H. and B. A A.

Rj i Grand Central station. HarrUon-t. and and 31ftt-st. station. City ticket offloe.

lfcO Clark-st. No. Leave Arrive. io. 2 Day Expreea.

pm 6 8:30 am Alb. N. 7:60 am 10 N. Y. and Bost.

Spec. 20 "12:30 pm 20th Century Umited 9:45 am 21 10 New England Ex. .11 :50 am 14 Buffalo and the east. 8:00 pm 22 6:30 pm Lake Shore Limited. 4:80 pm 19 Elkhart Aocom.

9:35 am 13 20 8:30 pm Cleveland 7:10 mm 37 28 'lOtSSpm To! 23 82 Buffalo and Boston. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE AND ST. PAUL RY. Ticket office. 5 Adams-st.

Tel. 2190 Central. Union Passenger Station, Canal. Adams, and Madi- AINS LEE'S. "No Hero E.

W. Hornung. Two Hearts That Beat as One "Frank Norris. The "Way of a Woman "George Hib- bard. The Marquis Differs "Albert Sutro.

Difficult People Elia W. Peattie. The Tenaya Water Hazard M. Os- kison. An Unseat Letter Jullen Gordon, ATLANTIC.

Number 4 Park Street B. P. His Daughter First "Arthur Sherburne Hardy. The Waif Agues- Lee. My Own Story T.

Trowbridge. Love's Miracle "William Morton Payne. Charted Dickens as a Man of Letters Alice Maynell. Mammy." A story Julia R. Tutwiler.

"The Future of Orchestral Music W. J. HetMierson. Contributions of the W-eet to American Democracy "Frederick Turner. BOOKMAN.

Gormet Florence Brooks. Wanted- An. Atelier of Fiction H. C. Chatfield-Taylor.

The Novel and Contemporary English Society "Mary Moss. "Nathaniel Hawthorne as-, an American Consul "John Ball Osborne. EVERYBODY'S MAGAZINE. I Am the Avenger of Shumul." "The Woman That Toils "Bessie Van Vorst. Sul and Shumul "Alfred R.

Calhoun. "To Her" Martha Gilbert Dickinson. The Personality of Helen Gould "Juliet Wilbor Tompkins. CHAUTAUQUA N. How the Chicago City Council Was Re-(generated George C.

Slkes. The Harrisburg Achievement Horace McFarland. Making St. a Better Place to Live In" Mrs. Louis Marion McCall.

CENTURY. Cole's Engravings of Old Spanish Masters: El Greco (Domenico Theobooopulil)" Timothy Cole. Paris Pawnshops Cleveland Moffett. On Reading the Inferno "Anna Mc-Clure SholL From Cairo to Khartum "William Gage Erving. By the Way "Christian Gauss.

The Prologue of the American Revolution "Justin H. Smith. "The Wife of Chino "Frank Norris. "Sixty Jane "John Luther, Long. Lovey Mary Alice Caldwell Hegan.

The Poe-Chivers Papers "George E. Wood berry. COUNTRY LIFE IN AMERICA. "Witch Hazel Design Horace McFarland. Hunting Crocodiles and Alligators In Florida "Julian A.

Dimock. The Real Apple and Where to Find It Editor. "The Making of a Country Home. XI. Windows H.

D. Binkerd. CRITIC. Mark Twain Pastekby Everett Shinn. "The Lounger." Mr.

Blogg on Maxim Mr. Howelis Rechauffe P. Mow-tray. Everyman," a morality play Elisabeth Luther Cary. "BjSmstjerne BJSrnson John Nilsen Laurvik.

FRANK LESLIE'S. "Hunting on the Great Ice "Robert E. Peary. Marcella's Intervention "Robert Barr. William Dreesaw, Prodigal." A story-Will S.

Ratcliffe. The Great American Barnyard "Fred eric J. Haskin. Memories of Moulin. The Minister's Flannels M.

A. Ballard. Joseph Chamberlain J. Swift-McNeill. M.

P. Glengarry School Days "Ralph Connor. The Discovery of Christopher "Anna Hamilton Teaman. HOUSE BEAUTIFUL. "An Old Boston House: No.

7 Mount Vernon Street." "The Exiles" Thomas Wood Stevens. Loggia of the Belvedere, Villa d'Este, at Tivoll." Some Gardens In Italy "Richard Davey. The National Arts Club PauUite Kingr. "Concerning Samplers." Second paper Virginia Robie. HARPER'S MAGAZINE.

Frontispiece in color Howard Pyle. Arctic Whaling of Today "James- B. Connolly. A Husband to a Wife' A poem Mary Slnton Lewis. Chinese, and Western Civilization Wu Ting-Fang.

The Poem "Mildred I. McNeal. "A Chronicle of Convictions" Olivia Howard Dunbar. In Ethan Allen's Country "Julian Ralph. Whom the Gods Love "May Harris.

In the Tuscan Maremma Vernon Lee. At the Turn of the Tide "Leslie Covert. "Benedict Arnold Naval Patriot" John R. Spears. HARPER'S BAZAR.

On the Tendency Toward Crabbedness Lilian Bell. A Day for Picture Books "Katharine Pyle. The Truce." A story Marie Manning. Christmas Ingle Song "Clinton Scol-lard. "The Ultimate Moment "William R.

Lighton. Society and Life In Vienna "Alice Lounsberry. The Elm Tree "Mary E. Wllkins-Free-man. Christmas Eve Nina Almirall.

Home Gowns; For Older Women: Latest Hints from Paris: Holiday Hats; Gowns for Young Girls; Tea Gowns and Negligees" A. T. Ashmore. LADIES' HOME JOURNAL. What 100 Girls Would Like to Be "Helen Hamilton.

His Pa's Romance "James Whitcomb Riley. "The Story of the Sistine Madonna" Prof. John C. Van yke. The Maiden's Wish "Mrs.

Hermann Kotzschmar. Good Bye: A Parlor Comedy Arlo Bates. Richard Mansfield and His Little Boy Gustav Kobbfi. Two Little Savages "Ernest Thompson Seton. The Mothers of the Bible Mary H.

O. Tanner. "The Story the Woman Told "Elliott Flower. LIPPINCOTT'S. The New Heloise "Mrs.

Schuyler Crowninshield. English Wives and American Housekeeping M. E. Leicester Addis. A Fellowship "Edwin L.

Sabln. "The Man, with the Shoulders "Albert Payson Terhune. The Resurrection of Edith "Edgar Faw-cett. M'CLURE'S. Cover designed by Will H.

Low. The Impertinence of Charles Edward II. G. Rhodes. Oil War 1ST2 "Ida M.

Tarbell. I Stand Between Lady Macbeth and Matrimony "Clara Morris. "Across the State George Kibbe Turner. Heaven Josephine Dodge Daskam. The Flying Death "Samuel Hopkins Adams.

"A Pilgrim from Abyssinia "Stephen Bonsai. NORTH AMERICAN REVIEW. Christian Science. II." Mark Twain. "Our Lawless Police W.

J. Gaynor. Is the British Aristocracy on the Wane?" Sir George ArtSiur, Bt. "Pletro Mascagnl: An Inquiry "Lawrence Gilman. "The Right of the Child "Ida Husted The Ambassadors.

A novel by Henry James. OUTING. Sledging Over the Polar Pack "Commander Robert E. Peary. The City of the Pelicans "Herbert K.

Job. Man Trailing with Human Bloodhounds George Hutchins. "The Last Wolverine "Stanley Waterloo. PILGRIM. Men and Matters of Moment "Willis J.

Abbot. The Old and the New "Will Scott. "The Undoing of the Bread; Trust "Ambrose Pratt. The Pilgrim's Patriotic Calendar James Melvin Lee. Jim Herman Babson.

Southward Bound "Edwin L. Sabin. ST. NICHOLAS. Riding' a la Mode "Edwin L.

Sabin. The Eaglet in the Dove's Nest "Louise M. Alcott. The Story of King Arthur and His Knights "Howard Pyle. Little Man Friday "Clara Morris.

In the Marble "Harriot Prescott Spof-ford. The Lion Tamer "Roy Benson Richardson. When It Rained Buffaloes "Lewis B. Miller. SMART SET.

"The Lieutenant Governor" Guy Wet-more Carryl. Sappho to Phaon "-John Ernest Mc-Oann. The Young Person Next Door Justus Miles- Forman, Through Slumber Win wood. The Shadowy Past Jam Branch da-bell. Couronne Marine Oarmn Sylva.

An Auto's Speed for an Hour "Harold Jane-mall. The Rebuff J. T. Trowbridge. The White Carnation "Francis Livingston.

WORLD'S WORK. The March of Events." The Individual Responsibility for Panics and Depressions." The Biography of an Office Building Arthur Goodrich. "The Battleship of the Future "Lewis Nixon. Conducting a Russian Newspaper Wolf von Schierbrand. Our Industrial Invasion of Canada Robert H.

Montgomery. WORLD TODAY. The Events of? the month Charles 11. Dennis. Masterpieces of Painting at the Carnegie Institute Arthur Hoeber.

"The New Chippewa Forest Reserve in Minnesota "Herman H. Chapman. American Pictorial Photography at the Turin Exposition- "Alfred Stieglllz. Growth of the Publishing Irxduatry In the United States "Eugene Parsons. The Chicago Business Womaji Ctub Edith Jl.

Brown. Leave. Arrive. 8 :00 pm WABASH RAILROAD DEPOT. DEARBORN station.

Polk and Dearborn-ts. Tlckst office 97 Adams-st and 15 Congress -et. Telephones City office except Sunday, Cent. 3046. Depot, H.

755. Leave Arrive St. Louis Vestibuled Limited. 11:3 am 6 22 pm Peoria A Springfield Express. 2:45 pm St.

Louis Limited 9:17 pm St. Louts A Peoria Express. .11 pm 8 02 am Peoria Texas Limited 11:03 am 5:22 pm Forrest Accommodation 4:35 pm 9-47 am Detroit N. Falls N. 9:30 pra Montpelier Accommodation.

10:00 am 10-50 am Detroit. N. Falls Bost. Ex.ll:00 pm 715 am Toronto. Mont.

Can. 3:00 pm 9 30 pm son-sts. rains. Janesville. Mineral Point Division Rockford.

Beloit, Janesville. St PhjiI Mnls. Dav ElD. Gen. Western Agents, 95 Dearborn-st 7:45 am 7:45 am 8:20 am am 1:03 pm 6:00 pm 8:25 pm COMPAGNIE GEN ALB TRANSATLANTTQUE.

rilAvan. Waueau. am pm 4 :0 pm Frencn Line. -New ior 10 navre sixaays. sllinir every Thursday at 10 a.

m. Madison Prairie du Chlen.t 4:0) pm La Jan. 1 Jan. 29 Feb. 26 Mar.

26 Dela van-Beloit llam Rockford, Beloit, Janesville. -t Cd. K. City, Dubuaue.t 2:00 pm Delavan-Beloit 3:00 pm pm 1 pm 9:30 am La Lorraine. tD.

Apr. 2a May zi LaBretagne Jan. 15 Feb. 12 Mar. 12 Apr.

9 La Feb. 19 Mar. 19 Apr. 16 La Savoie Jan. 22 Mar.

5 Apr. 2 May 7 New. modern, gigantic Twin Screw and Expresa 3:00 pm 1 :00 pi a Green Bay. fortage F. iu Lac.

Oshkosh-Ripon 00 pm 4 :00 pm 4 Dm Steamers; naval officers man-of-war discipline, rv.mnmiv's vestibuled trains. Havre-Paris. 4 hours. MONON ROUTE DEPOT, DEARBORN STA-tion- Ticket, offices. 232 Clark-st.

and principal hotels. Phone Har. 1245. Leave. Arrive Indianapolis and Cincinnati.

2:45 am 12-0C Lafayette and Louisville. 8:30 am 6:55 pm Indianapolis and Cincinnati. 6:55 pm Indiana-olis and Cinclnnatl12K)0 n'n 8: pm Lafayeffe and Bloomington.12:00 n'n Lafayette 1:36 am, Lafavette and Louisville Indianapolis and Cincinnati. ftrtiO pm 7:23 am Fench Lick W.Baden gpgs am 8 :56 pm French Lick W.Baden Spgs 9:00 pm 7:23 am JanesMlle, Mineral Point Division Rockford Madison. Prairie du Ik' UJnn W.


71 Dearborn-at. AMERICAN LINE I ATCHISON, TOPEKA AND SANTA Trains leave Dearborn station. Polk born. Ticket office. 109 Adams.

Phone Trains do not stop Halsted-st. sta. Leave Streator. Galeeburg, Ft. Mad.

7:58 am Streator, Pekin, Monmouth. 1:00 pm Streator, I-emont, Lockport. Joliet 4:00 Dm K. City. Utah Texas K.

City, and Mex 10:00 pm K. City. Teras Nor. Cal V. The California Limited Loa Angeles, San Francisco.

8:00 pm -t pm 6:0 pm pm 6:06 pm FE RY. and Dear-Cent. 2o37. Arrive, 6:02 pm 1 pm 9:25 am 8:05 am 9:45 am 8:47 pm 2:15 pm Omaha. C.

Bluffs. Rockford, jr-ast Twin screw txprera eervice. rmV YORK SOUTHAMPTON a. City, U4ioin.H.l ll. Janesville, Madison Phila Dec.

31, lOamiPhila Jan. 21. 10am at Paul Jan. 7. lrtanvFriesland.Jan.28, Kf am PMtT.Ar)F.LPHIA-OCEENSTOWN-LIVERPOOL.

Ot. rauu -l ilium lOB' a orw Pioneer Limited OOpna pm am 8:00 pm 110:26 am am 7:55 am 7:55 am 1:05 pm 9:30 am pm pm pm 7:00 am 7:00 am 7:00 am a. pm Belg'land Jan. 3. noon 17, noon ti lOTQ.

IV, n.t Bill I ilu; ww C. Rapids, K. City. S'x City. N.

Iowa. S. Omaha. C. Bluffs, Denver ftreen Rftv.

Iron MountaiF. 1 pm pm tHL.U STAR NEW YORK ANTWERP PARIS. Kroonland-Jan. 3.

10 am Finland. 17, 10 am lO. lOamVaderl'd. 24. 10 am BALTIMORE AND OHIO DEPOT GRAND CEN-tral paasenger station.

Ticket offices, 244 Clark-st. and Auditorium. No extra fare on limited trains. Leave. Arrive.

Local Express 7:15 am N. Y. Wash. Vest. am 7:30 pm N.

Pitta. V. Llm. pm am Cleveland Pittsburg 7:45 pm Columbus A Wheeling 7:00 pm 1111. iearporn ana isningmu-iia.

H'ghton. Calumet. Marq.V 'lOpm The Copper Country Llm. 1 St. Paul, Minneapolis 10:30 pm For Milwaukee Depart, 7:00.

6:00, 6:8, 10:30 pm. EASTERN ILLINOIS RAILROAD Ticket offices, 131 Auditorium Annex, and Dearborn station. Dearborn and Poik-et. Telephone Central 555. Lave.

Arrive. Terre Haute Evanville.f 8:20 am 9:15 pm Southern Illinois Thebeat 8:20 am 9:15 pm Mudlavia Spgs. Brazil. am 1:43 pm New Orleans Special lSOpm COOK'S NILE STEAMERS. -a Oairn to Luxor and First Cataract.

Rameses III Jan. 27 Rameses theG't-Feb. 10 Danville Express 5:05 pm 10:3 am Barneses Feb. 8 Kamwej 111 eo. And weekly thereafter, connecting with service for Second Cataract, Khartoum, etc.

In addition, an Express steamer sails every Tuesday and Saturday. Lanabeahs and special steamers for families and private partes. CHICAGO. ROCK ISLAND AND PACIFIC RY. Temporary passenger station, cor.

HarriHom-at. during construction of new Van Buren- st. dpot. City Tkt. office, cor.

Adams A Dearborn. KaaCity.T-x.,Cal. Mex- Leave. Arrive, ico. via El Paso Short Line.

8:32 am "10:10 Dm nicago JNasnvlIle 7:00 pm 9:15 am Terre Haute Evansville.H :34 pm 6 53 am Arkansas Tsxas 11:34 pm 6:53 am D. Dining car on these trains. BIG FOUR ROUTE DEPOTS. CENTRAL fcTA-tion. 12th-st.

and Park row, and 22.1. 3tth. 53d. 63d-sts. Ticket offices.

234 Clark and Auditorium. Daily. tExcept Sunday. Leave. Arrive.

Indianapolis and Cincinnati. 6: pnt Iouisville "inclnnatl and Washington. 1 rf)0 pra 8-40 pm Lafayette and Louisville 8:30 pm 7:10 am Indianapolis and Cincinnati. 8:30 pm 7:10 am THUS. tWH.

234 South Chicago. TO THE GEM OF WEST INDIES, CHICAGO GREAT WESTERN RY. MAPLE Leaf Routs. Grand Central station. and nwruwMii, unice, lioAOama.

Phone 3503 Cent. pm 7:50 pm 7:50 pm 2:00 pm 5:30 pm 8:44 pm :47 am 10:00 am am 8:47 am t-eoria am Illinois and Davenport Mall. 9:15 am Des Mcines and Iowa Mall 9:15 am Peoria. R. Island, Daversport.t 1 pm Wash'n, Oskal'aa.

D. Moines. 9:15 am Joliet Express 11:45 am JoHet Accommodation 3:15 pm St. Paul Minneapolis 4 30 pra Cedar Rapids Sioux 4:30 pm Joliet Exp. Peru Aocom.

6:10 pro Arrl vtx JAMAICA. 4 Weekly sailing by steamers of ATLAS LINE (SERVICE. ONE WAY. S4). ROUND TRIP.

$75. 23 DAY CRUISE WITH STOPOVERS. $125. Minneapolis. St.

Paul, Du- 1 ft :45 am buque. Kas. City, St. f. 6:30 pm Dee Moines.

11 pm Sycamore and Byron pm St. Charles, Sycamore, and? Kaib 5:35 pm 9:30 pm 9:30 am 10:35 am am 7 :45 am ERIE LINES TICKET OFFICES. 242 Auditorium Hotel, Dearborn Station. Pions Harrison 3274. Leave.

Arrlre. Rochester and 3:25 pta N. York, Boston Sc Columbus.10:30 am 5:2 New York I Wells-Fargo Exl pm Rochewter and New York and Boston 9:20 pm Columbus and Norfolk. 9:2 pm am Incl. Jamaica.

Colombia, Nicaragua, Costa Rica. 6:45 pm 5:30 pm HAMBURG-AMERICAN LINE, N. w. cor. Randolph and La.

Salle-sta. riocKy jat. um. to mana, Colo. Springs, and Denver.

K-City, St-Jos-. Leavenw'th. Col. A Ft. W.

Tex. Ex. Peoria Ble: Five to Colorado. Uth. 6:05 pm 6:03 pm am 5:30 pm HOLLAND-AMERICA LINE New York-Rotterdam via Bonlogne-sur-Mer.

WISCONSIN CENTRAL RY. CITY OFFICF 23ft Harrl9n 235L Depot faftS? St. Paul Minneapolis. Osh- 1 Leave. Arrive kosh.

Eau CI aire, Ashland. am 38 am New twin screw steamers of 13,000 tons register. Twin Screw Str. POTSDAM Jan 7. la Twin Screw Str.

ROTTERDAM. 28, 10 a. m. 8:20 am 7:25 am 7:25 am 7:25 am and Celifornfa. via Omaha.10:W pra Rapids.

St. PauL A Minn.10:00 pm Peoria. Davenport pm Kaa City. St Joe. Ds Moines.

Omaha tllOpm Golden State IJmlted to Los Steamer AMSTERDAM 4, lia m. After Jan. 1. 19o3. all steamers will sail on NICKEL PLATE THE NEW YORK.

CHICAGO and St. Louis R. R. Grand Central pawfrger station. 6th-av.

and Harrlson-st. All traini daily Leave. New! York and Boston Express. .10:85 ara New York Express 2:30 pm Nw York and Boston 9:15 pm '1ty ticket offire. Ill Adame-Rt and And tonura Annx.

Phone Central 2057. WEDNESDAY Instead of SATURDAY. Apply to HOLLAND-AMTvRICA LINE. Angeles. Santa Barbara acd San Francisco 7:45 pm 00 and Vi Dearborn-s t.

Phone Central 8640. Ch-Pp-a Eau'ciaire'tS-So' i Ztt 11:15 am.

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