The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky on April 25, 1881 · Page 4
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky · Page 4

Louisville, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Monday, April 25, 1881
Page 4
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crrr Business, Tka Catcaf ee "erlfcgra A4ti tiae-meat I bvday r at rw ram TP Great kiritrwnrml mt Iba "Ar. caew," raer of m ad Market, tmrntf. a nl - --",. ' At A , 5 ar H05 PA TiiRXIKO. APRIL tt. '"iT. Tbe CearierWoaraal la Caieaga. tbkjk corse ol tb TUnr Coraim-Jocnu. can m to M Oikaf M a MWwia la.kV kw Ictm. m tomboy 1 4 el A RlABBU'e Kews tawet. t THIS AMD THAT. a trm mm. Be tacg a utue awry Tarn bat auto A boot a maa to Mm waNH Aad ittaa a aunt ike bjry, A Mta ctaanged la story. lsK4 a Maim btaamif mr. ani a. atue evcrv. ne am trtiievtevr. Wm at rat alone (or loo-at-BB-l-e.'-te IBM ke MM tbe abwr 1W prwiy Ittue stew Beaokt ft t Be Ml Awl bow tka OuM ttory, AlaU la HoM atom Ha gone anj laded eUck and eleen wy! Am Irresponsible acribbkr !n Oilcaeo aye tool and bar money an aooa eaxxted." - Mb. Frt ba ortJered bU ahirt-msker be gl ttita up a duui new gatmasti aad paint 'am red. Last millionaire In "Yurup ,fit op p-aady speclpl railway carriage, aud mak evwrybody feet humble tu litat way. Tbb miacr&bie remnant of bexn that ire Ian after Beta baa sstHavd bar eppe-Ja Hacaced (or tb use of tb rest of tbs Un li ima of the unluckr montba for Miner la The other unlock? months are Jsaaarv, February, March. April, Jaw, July, Aasaat, Hepttmlar, October, November aa4 T BABslatbd I rum toe ummnu; uc How the time Kleel To-day la It eighteen years that we marrifa are." Hcvband (the aaver rraUinc) "8or 1 Ibtaght It was aarely lcagr.', "TniT correcpocdent ia a liar, and I'm laaktoc right at hl:u!" erled an orator la the leaaeTlTata Legislature the other day. The easreepbBdeat wrote down the Ravi sad forward oO It to bis piper. ' Blum and Dun Cameron are to oo apv the same pew la Washtiifrt o. It wtU be. Bletureaae tb (be BkMxaiaa Huckle&erry af the oo. qurbanua o liiiDf beaiiie the none Old rtae of the Penobscot. AtatauHB and Jcaae itiymond'e baby are Bath Tory email, but they h-Ta euae4 Bea tUU a fr( Srk asiserj. Bir li;g.on Bawkrre. But Mr. Stereos says that Beo Is But Ui father of cither of these little ones. NlLU Uto to agiaaicr age in Frsiue faa aaybre else, bst the French are not aa ej'UrB to 03(re aa are AKertcan. Nolhinv aharlena a mule's to u.acb as to wreath; huterlt by k.i itag sad blvasj eothiutc. Buetoa Iut. - jtptBTsiT to builders: "The M ibara-)afc ol UorbaiiiA ia reported to hare puiiad essa tUe gmtrr partiua of hie souptoaus ptlmeu b rine a Tuliure' bad drsocrated the at bulltltoit by alicbunt: oo Ihs roof with II ail ou.'reiionanle lefcae in bis claws, n A InJiaoa woman bas just kUled twenlv tutu, wfatcb ae foaild on ooe apot asjoyins: tte warm aprfcu aunahioe. If Adam bad ouiy haj that kiuU of a wile! But some-bow the j deu of It ien bad to be placed on Bee wrou- siJe of tiie-lodoa line, and luiu asauswL It understood I bat Mr.i Diwes eare-fally remcres- the eijlp from his shoulder every ereuiuj before resiriiij;. Cblcago Trlb.t He tuUlit juat as wcl remote the rest (the auol-work and retire for eood, except (bat what Bob iBrfersoU sari can't be de-BeadcdBpon. Fkixcem Bkstbicb reads a ereat mny Bewala, and wLen the boy coa-iee aloia and flinea into the pace yrd a half sheet ot the Haw Yotk Scalper with tbe openini clupUrs ml three or four stoi s of lore, ahame and , It's alt that Ma Victoria can do to I a- r tck. As Indianapolis feminine writer asks, "How about the woman who ia kliscd by a tobacco saturated mtu? Who will UU of the serial gony she fuCeret1 Iiow about the weman bo eaferiy marrtes a tobacco t ata-Beled man? W hy doesa't aha learn a trade ar marry a Rood boy like litue Kobert lUed? , ; Tk. 1 I ' - I ,t I. larce hat be wears! Tha larye bat la a alga mi brotberiy love. The fhiiadeipbian is happy. See what a broad tm.le expands hla aaainrra. W by does the rbiladcipbiaa taaa aalac h'a cunntenaure?. It la because New Xork can't bare any World's Fair. Then are any rbtladeiphlaua In thla world. Int fbiudi-iiilria tjunJjy World gc: (bis peco soate!.src: IK all lbs ox-(a, dariini one, W uo've rLaljao ' X d m leva, Walrb one . ur arUeat STAtal -All oUuar eania aUivcf" Aad aa be tool fees la ala arms, Acd kletl ber o'er and o'er, the sees, la looeo of : " ' "tfc.'KB'niy. eivejne aioorer Old Lsclb Jim, the janitor of a certain newspaper building, Is macb annoyed at fltje foolisbnrss aliout the escbunges, and the complaints of various iptgiuy intellects that they "aerer gel 'em. " The la.-t time be gathered (hem up be gare rent to hla feelings: Atlstab , be g'.tn .'e:a first: dea Miatah , he wants Vm; den Uistah , he gits 'mm; deaiieygoae to liisUk ; dcu dey aetaea la heab, an' I lays 'cm yander, an' Miatah , he doa temtlhuH' to 'aa I doesa't ' whst snT den I carries 'em ouU" Few dr'cent men, when passing a boas at the portals .of which haegs the funeral rape omit to raise their bats.. The ceremony is of ancient oricln, Dd las simple human tribute of awe and rasper I to that aajeety ot death to which all living men are subject. Yet when a wltncas, Mr. Bloody, msUlied before the Mayor yesterday that he bad found s large mud hap la front of a Aour wblrh sbuwed erape open the beil-pull, Coaunlasloners Fn ncb and Mason and their coaneel are repotted to bava lsughed. (Wo. Id. O-tx. Gbaut saw an artist copying a amtBretea gallery and he said: "I would rather hare the origto-d thn the eoDy." Ueiald J But the artiat, having preTiouiIy come by the Information, through a friend wbo secretly conveyed It to blm through the gxs-p'pe, tbst the tnUantbroplo person re-aiarklng tb; remark waa no otner tbaa tbe graalaat living American, he only turned a Bute pale, squelched toe lloa In hie bosom, aad proceeded with hla daub. . Next day, eowavar, be wrote a communication to a Bewspsper, and It was something a boat rha a CX.AKA Belle write of tbe remtrkablc oatrast furutabed by Bernhardt and Colum-aiar la their 4toUrt1e dresi-es: "Bcrnbardt's front aa a atretch of kln nnder which the boaee, soidaend other machinery were plainly vteltXe -the acme of scrawnlnesa. Colambler aaade a moat aucfacloua diaplay of ber fat varaoa aa axbibitloa abeolateiy dUgustlng ha Us brsrea coar ene,s. I ran not in modesty escribe ft fuitber than to say that aha might jast as wall bare worn no disss st all, so far Be the eoveriag of ber bosom was concerned. If there bad. tern any babtea prerenlthej assuredly would hare cried for her. 1b addition to never acknowledging any ml bla owa blood cr kindred ia social Ufa, Lord Beacoatflcld was aever kaowa to ea. taad a band of kiadae. or encoaragement ta aav riatng or struggling literary maa, though as baa bee a aomeUmes applied tola momeats af sore need. Any act of apparent kindness, aad area aueb were few, waa calculated. Ia as rial ins n was ij mteaaa aciignt to aur- 'auad himself on Ihs eeeasloaa af Ms rare a-atharinga with a boat of Dakee aad Earlav h The aleeet womea of England (and they are fjse truest Judges la ruck matters), rren those Tsko politically farorad blm, proaoaacTed him m art-rats a thoroogh saoo.'-iSaB. ' land Leader, that be baa aever beard the aouad of a bird, aad that Bo til he grew to Bsaabood ha had always thought the music of be bird waa a poetical Setloa. "Ion may BU a room with canary blrda," sstb kf r. Cowlea, aod they may all sing at once aad 1 never would bear a Bote, but 1 would hear tbs 9ut-tarmgs of their winga. I aever hear tbe him-ing Bonn 4 In the human vowe, consequently. aa knowing of the axtsteacs of that anwad. I gBW -O to manhood wtthoat aver mkbiz It la ruy speech. A portion ot the eesMOBanu 1 never bear, yet 1 caa bear all taa vowels. About a quarter of the sounds to the human voice I sever bear, and I bar to watch toe motion oi we ups sou u gov- eraed by the sens- of tbe remarks lri order toaadwetand what Is said to ma. I bava walked by the side ot a poUeemaa going hama al nlcht and saea blm blow bis whlatle. ad I barer would bear It, altboagb It coald ka beard by others balf a mile away. I aever ftaard the apper notes of a piano, vlollo or -agbar maalcal ias'.raocnt, althoagb 1 woaid ftaat all tbe lower Botea, IkiMillMrtimMtnMMMI axeata, km. pwnta, ere, DiMitairli a.tad tka -Arm- ta lb dt HW H I" WsbI (p cbMbval rton Omf b4WMs mN M amBxarw erode M v patio sad bteervrag. li teat aaia mil i tax. laotaer anarr. amber aw arorv, Oxme praianfy from toa al s I t. MONETARY. ' limNT aTswrsa, Apr M . MM. The Ctaa (S.ffT.nt' as.its.aoi ja r-s. r t.n.Kll S.l.oS, OTWHnl! .'" r.SM.aKh .ss.w .' l tjtti.aM! r.m,7 e..( The deartaaB te-der aswaiMew to true, CSS, aad tka sen eau asiaaes wee aa. Taere km eeaa a awee Beenam m am lliartnare, taa mdmnea from lam week's asereeam bekay aaamamuitoaaadaemrtar. aad worn me week eaosd tvrtt s arrr a ertrioe aad a Salt. . amaiiat ham ralad needy, (beast Iba naa m eAI ser eees- hi BiOeaHy BeeMmtm perm ef me metetamal ar seat. Gad loam are . Bourse as hbrher maawalarlem. Al iba ekwe Kew York awas MIS aM Bnwees man at TBrOf 1 sm WM am la lomt etneka sad mads. imWagB bare besa at ml Teieam. wkb a ataadr tm1m art we net. I M. A- aalCmwBMMNStna J BT. mm I. aad ftkort-IM boade base aes tally SBpporwd. CKyaoaasaam am wimilne wllk a smat toM a vur ead a Loeal atoms sad bonds Bars keen amat li mien Wa bare bera. AorliM, , iMW. Ky. WaaBalu. ia tnna teual ... a "ar Maos of ST mist MmT KaHooaL II L.ead h. K. K. I V. aad U (pfd) 9 ami. .... Apr Ck. ... IM ....Uis .Uia l- n. a m n .StIS Oiil L-C.a LJirat metsaaA.... U.C. U are J avrwaee M. A I. ltd .aioi ....ll5H-...CtlT J.. U.AL are. .lK...-itl ..ntl.l ....'tut ... mtltie llSWtSXI ....ittUt uadmurtcaMe . ifieiavl'lo S3.. , lUaille .. Uuarui Ja.. li wlMHtlivMiia Dndseboed... . . . al loH-. U t A . Lauren added. SUtU UaaM Ttie toiummt entinw of bwal sskcs aad msaa are- ItnaM by Mman. J. W. A U. a, (ireea. niem iier lUM ef par or fees teina. BXOCSS. BBS. Aiksd. KesmrkyNartoaalBsak ' U bauiatai lar.s. lira 1J Kalhoal Baal, Benem... 10., MuhI Uaos.TMnl ....1104 Na'Jiiiial liana, tttr - Merrbanu' Nsuunal bank m Ciiiceet' Nauuad Bax.... lti Kauossl 1 s-i, bernaa '5 Bank uf kcMueey I" Baelel LoulaebW,.... - - Btl Konaani rtooe ....! Tdanonw Bans ... ..... ... . .. 11 raraiera' Uauk W Beeurur fUiia. - ,s" U-raiaa Baak - Wa in tlnanetal Onrcorauoa uaaa aw " Fsjla ill Tooaeru tauia IS tanam'taaumtrt' Uaok.. ...... 1QS IjeraMo lnunuceBaaB.... ..i lv Haul. K -. Lfujarilie Ueukiaa Company lottorilie arid Naaafille railroad ... .. n GutouuTrnet ,....Hl!a t UMfaaJie Bruise lomjany ..HI '114 UCwlU ure'mtJ II I'J c and L, ewaroiie... ..... is- ' SOD. ' B-oomflald traoes bicbH loswruw. N. A. sod & Is. mon'ge. lO1 tvciliua nraneb I IN.lLKMOr-i)cwbrs3-brprr.b-lk r. L. A .. R. tt. toneusaLt.J trc....ll UlN.lK. " l c. A l-K. K. l-a men. r perc...uri "lic-M L,i -4 i. nu-rl- 7 if c Ill, J, M. Al. K. ft. UBWit. 7 awe..-.llt i,T J.. M. A !. K. R. w mort. 7 ir e U. U. 1 mvn. t per e. t"J 'Hi Vi hw louiitf ire ...I "4 KU t'.t fur la.urija?UKnUS ir c 1"H HI I'll jr U te..'', S sr e 11 lrt 1 1w fur winr ioi aor r ioam A CM fir ar&s'f loewl B pr e 1. ('Hr fcr ajr-B-.iu ifMii pte...l . Hff tr fur afc-r-wu: iia (new C tar e. . i f-r L. A N. U. K. SL 4 ivett..M-4 koH itr Ut U A -S. it. R. U E. uer c. . I'." 1'ltFfic E.AP. K.U.;wrc Ill l' (Jta oevt 7 j cw,l in F.IF Ill 1 7 nTCtal. ajujij. lal !! 1 'Hy li ! . L4K1M Air-Une. . . 11S I H, (artMl LiawUllJea. - iir cwua.. AO W aer-w -j: k UMtJa a fr c Ill 1 l ui tunrh 6 per P. t'lua Itkw) . HJrl! Uun Kric-e i o. " o.r c lilt ll firsts b runv pcr'C ? . bi MuiilinUjrr c-jwi:i 7 per e......... at 41 Lcn o ;:t 7 ir e ! rWww 1 euuniy 7 ww t. w SO Tan ,-ark-n cvuniy 7 r e I;rs aV-t ra. teucc am new C oere ! siOUd boeliiy roun'r 7 per c ' ..Ida N.-W Al'.anr e J M c 1C New Aitaanr lor e 1": LtlneTOie rranaler Co TSU Lryaa rumtf looda B rer e. M 100 fcorlov roun-y 4 prre tuJ dwurerroo'itf trere 10J!4 Kt Talur eniotr s ter e....... so .. . Own ct ua.j 6 orr c ... 49 M Alien eouucv Spar e. 40 - SO Wast.tantsten ouulr 1 ! ' -. Btioda axurked are o:d vHb bueraat sdtel. FbrerB ezcttange has beo a Ora, and steninaT ral fraacs bas scvanced. Tae feetar3 la tvretsn CnsncaU centers hot been tbe anafoed teoyaacv m loodoo, ueder the ic Queue of wblca bo:h Anierleaa aorarnmeBaa and Brttiab eonsuis bare edreoced to antAeedented pneee. Toe latter are now 2 7-ia icr (eat. btcber Uun a year ago, and American 4 ten cents are per cent, briber. Bo'dors ot Item securities weaid bardly bare fared batter In railrcad atoefca, silver bu Jtoa baa advancej. Tma cable annouafee that two of lAj bum pronounced btmeisilsus of tbe two ouot-neou, Meaars. TharaMB and Cernnacbt, bsva seen spooiated by tbe Musetsry tonfarsaos aa tbe commiuec on qaeaciooe u S3 onaldared, Tbe toiunrlag aaowa tbs rate of a erime exehanee M Kaw Turk, tbe sold nnm of at. rax, ma price of BrtiBb euojoia and of American 4 per boada ta LonJoB. and tbe prim of midanaB upland eouoa m Urenuil ioayt m ematared aun but week sad as tar: ' AjrtlH, !K0. Acrf! 1. X. AprC X, IVt. gxcranee... afi's 514irIu 4Sii i t.lw Mirer Ml... Has ll'H I lev bj 11-. a . K Ki:a ten 11-'I HH SJtl . sj S!SJ ti. I OovernBient toads here been Inn with an hdvane tag tendency. Tbe foi-olnc htbkj pmrats eompsmrtve prices cf Government uiodat A- rll 14, April IS, April , inn. 1MI. esofisgl .Km 1114 hissf bofwi HSU nns 4Ma of IHUl USta lilts 4a of IIW7 .-...I-J7 !4S IU Cnrrency .... la . Ml 11 In lbs Bat bait of tbe week tbe New York Reck Exrbanee Las davelopel a nursed armncvj of tone, wimteertaaeddesl.ngs. Prleei bare adranred tat rel trued absrea, Ukhub tbare are frequent Inetna-UonsL Ro-na of new rombtcatlona bare atlmelatatl deeJinse ULtS,S. aid If. A C. raroad, aad puces bats aa tainoitant adraaot. Prombwnt Naw Vori Irr-iaixe prlam compare m follows with but week and taut rear: AprT S4. Aprtl IsAprll r. ItfiK 1S8U leal. wtwh Union... ....... Pseifle Ha I New fork leniral. trie tinina Paeioe takeroore...'. bew Jvraer remral lieu Isn. and Western. Pttcota enuai. . ...... . Kork Island.... at. Paul Hicbisna Central.... ... ....1C7H 1IB14 lioi .....! J stA ui'i ir.-i 144 .. 4MZ 4Ma Vi W llnl 1174 Ift-a l-4 jsa int V4i KA m'l n-s us . wi m-i ut4 . ...l: mi lfiti .....l!l 116 va-H ...... Mi 111 1IW. -H iuH 1 M Tbe weekly atsiemrat of tbe New Torfc AMoetsted Bsnka b again s verr farorsleexbibit, 1 oresnad . w -mr an eerier money market. Tbare la a larva In-rreau In rr terra ttcms, and a mater 1st arrengtben-iag ot tbe relative rewrre. Tbe prrwrat pcaltlea comrsrm al follow! with ban wee and but rear: - ADTflJs. April 1. Anrtlm, lleJO. 11. IK, Ltney 71 . j:,l,trl M.7l7.Vaj specie a".,) ra..r M.4nmi Lerai tenders, ivtirf. luo ir n.ii.-o MtK.IS .... .(!( I,0 tN,'!!.!'! fi1.RX3.Wrl t'lrenlaia-is... .Mi l.r.l ' 17.tr7,n0 herv nw'd. ixn ijB n. ;s 7i.iiw.tiy) Heserre held.. SI 414,70 7a.s47.toj Bjja,4J0 - COMMERCIAL. llavemeat ef Leadlag Articlss. toenrrnx Bosun or TBsns, April ts. Han-mem eiendmgsrUeles br ran and river donna tbe rest tweaiy-rour hours and eorrespondiBg period But yesn mi koamegebaatmBi week eaeegto-oar were lelplarawBhaamaarBeaa! W1 aad" ill un. I WBO. wrs. I wra. s pruts.. Arm la., apnlt... IDTU I... taswr amyenlea m me eaneai aemmrn. eaw mwiamry saaaUea am kera. ea me waota. a aaade iai- r r m almlr day enmemreM Baser B ibare am eeaa aa inar Bank Blocks asee asea aeaaa, movan mmA noam Batkmai BaaB shares base aaHea fraotlna aacevlnm aad JaaT. aaaoada arem oawfed Si mr m mm waa mwal aaim at mat Bawrav dBaadBBtarry aastsr Bar. April I. . lSCt. ist ....Aid ....SM'a ....4tm , ....fflUS ....aH ,.41 ....mi arm - ...aim ,...awM , ....auH . .aT I 11. I 1SSI. II 1)0. I jswi. A mem. I Bee'd I Mmdj Bea'd lanip-d Ae. hnplraewa. No. tvsi 7 tusi 417 Anea,rraen, Mile.. Itui 171 14 - sf Ale. Mar and porter. esol fot 190 Kl bole . . ......... I Baron, lbs B9.TVe,g71 Sf.ani ro,l narter, buaneb) I S1T l.tlS IS BormaBdiacm,rssssi ali las i: si Cera, bnaheta 47.SKM) u,ee M.S7SI 10.T58 rot-ou, miaa. aa res! m.7 OnSoa, lha .... a,us BU.ns s.te.4 M.imii rtmar. bow en swil ): eul furniture, panes 1,148 t.unl H7I dho llaan. ina g,oe9i af .W7 Berdware, pairs.. M BM S41 is Ueiber. sssdHB.... ri KT SJ M Halt, saabeW t 1AM' Has.. (Bumrboa, BBta .... ia ' ' SUB sty (lata, kl.... ,! Li Paaaloei, sbbu ITT ass m 444 a. biwhele m,un 400 Buarar. kess. til MS 19 let bead, trass sad eto- . . I vm. aeue ? to at Tebereo. Ml hbds. tor tut BM M Totawen. aaaaalaa I I rard.RN I.M! 11,0701 s,!tm t.7a Wbmt, bwSsis BM I MB .... wsasv. fctm im awi ial to Tba Caaadlaa Petal Market. Iktoatresl CaSDUS.1 Tbens ma be Hills aoabt that ear fanners arm be ame as eiaooar meir sarolm poiaio erne, aa uta Aaaancaa demand, aeeeara 10 aa ateedtlv I aaalna Laat week ma aolpmaol mt potauw boat IBM IT te Kiatnera ana waetara polaaa la tle I'anad fuatee aainnnlad w S4 ear loads, eontainlml aauM 1S.UJ0 kuasnta. amines B.oaa fjr week peevieue. 1 Maters were sbtppina' exMnatrelv to OKc eianau ana .-petraw wklle aeversl new Tel buyers Bra qaleUy ptcklne ap all avatiaMn lota. It ts Bow pretty rleei rsaa swianea wa ana we sew erop ibere ant be a ararcua ba lbs Unwed anuas. and wa eaeeet 10 aee bieoer prtnst. We wuuM aeyaribelem adrtes our faraseaa 10 meet tbe present evmsod wits akwiruv. mt a wiij aua ee long oaiore new eouwera nmaium will bs piscsd oa the Asiertcaa maxtata. Eagliah Exports to Iba Vailed Slates. Tbe exports ot pig end rabroad trooa. boope. abmrs, eto.. from kaslsad to iba Colled States tu Itarrb amsnnted W ,ru tone, sg&tost lM.tM bms m Msreb, leM, arm tl.lSl a Bare, una. Tbe exports ot wool amowore ae too I easiest .7,MS iba la xtSrca. law, aad H.M Iba m atareb. 1H7I. Tba expens ef woolen eeosa amoaa-s4ms,-04 J0 rarer, aawlast 4,les,sne yards aad IBIU yards respectively ta March, 190, aad 187a, Amerlcaa CottoB fiood Eiparts. Tbe expens from Hew Tori as lbs aret eaartar eg am peer warn a. lonawa, wttb maipaBBai SSts tM yarda, Taload at gtATa, aaslaat PJKaa yards, valasd al MH,W, kl M " rata Park Uaatatlaaaa tCblwaa mm Oaaae, Aprg M.1 ftamm rommeat em mem I aee a to-day byfb saBV togof alWed faimqurajuieoaror ewe ea toe buiwua board ef tbe Oab Board." At tiM a. b. tnetuoaTe. pmted ware lt TO aalW a-d aie su eeuav aerr.- A ewrmw '-' - amooe oiwraiora lor me forntaete parrtamrs and me unfortunate aetkws st them eaiSarlosA, bmJbey naied me fart tbat mem aamnm were Bveraoa . . - .. , .. , vu .s StM Tale, rasa t ompsav. A a error eiiet as mtrnOt In IBs quote koa for oas moBih. km lost errnra saoaid bs rwrt irn awaomearaoi toe t ii aww aetaayesBBot afford ks bare ineorrse; eoomUoos poMed fur the gafclaam of ibe pablHL B ebeuW be audaraieud met Ilea etae etiotie raara. "T . -treaaeem'' bneeeM eeeeelauim and Bbaorb maw lin rt anxl n em pork for JBaf de- nverr- remm wso sie ioieiwiwa - - UiaTae k toaavkag mat ae sees gaaauty wm aad TUable Saply mt Oraia tba Calteal Biases aaet Cassis. wrbaat, Cora. . . Oiks, boab. buab. latl M IBM . ' ..tfl.f.M U.S78.HW i.esf Aorlls. itol. .. lAset.srr Asse.sKB AprUM.I7. UBl.4dB tSebBkuf WfcSVIim iwaiaiMI ... ' l.m.BSI r.rs4 ZprnsTia.! ,r:. -.L'tS2 JUS. Asm la, laJ - LB7s7 leUMSa Tka Atlsyissippk Oraia Baa. Tba ktrreet awaBtKy et frsiebt evm fcsaled to a etas e eaeiae km Just amried doara tbe all Mpol la nu. la 1B74 IM armar aer"d. t a paa Uabad aiaiwlal f umcrma. mat s.iaa) sjoa at rem euuM ba kakaa by a euwu mat mim na bur to uer urn, or tarewioertba of a etu per two pas Bla. Vacv waa and exserBiaoad papula lambed U Ibe atateaaeat. But the load bow takaa hi mora tbaa e per e -nt, eraaaer maa wm tbea Seemed pue- . .... . .. ..... a. iMMmeaim Bl as. ready oaMMeeaBiv amaliar. 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Decker county oa lands alopieg to ua eoetb; ia Butdt damrwiins le UMBortaweet aaow tweire leccm deras weames watm and auow tueu-loa. In ueeipowbist wm smta uuill May a, aad goaal eroos were bervs.-e ibai aeasoa. 'ItKUKAaas. My Jteoreeee oaiea jtw i,m. IS. li.iliim ead rummeuead. WAb fair prutpects ot us beiue in lull bwua uda . ii . ft,m lowa 1 nave eslm lo Aaeil I tmm veriooa lumens of Ibe Ma e mat bad eoes-rneuced, but tbal oats and lax would o very larwetv sown lu tba peeol swing abcsl, EvaryUlug at batkasnt, EassA& "Toe milowne ImDotbmt aew ta nfer- enee to tue kao.e. wu,ier wboei is ds-ed Aim 1H, and Irua a eeot eman wk una of Vie lanreal wiu- ler ilni iarmera In ibe wbote Be raja uie winter wbaa. kjuAa Of iter In liie eettal and aaacore Kj ot tbe L u'Ml lactCe learikjrv tbae It dA la U ear (uai va-lur. 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Wheat B now growicg rapMly, bu ibe atand a nsu. aianai ojunty Wbeat will make two-:bJ-da of s cro.i. tVilims cousiy Wbeat looklug biar tbaa two wet&a ateo. "Ib s retort shows for tlia Drat time a derided rhnnse. and tbat Uta sreal osmpalgu be- 1--I may aw La Ikiny sid 10 ta opened lu toe Nrweat. The 31. Loaia HepubUean, AprU ra, tsjr: "Tba euad Jkm ot tue winter a best crop hi yet sod must be 1-jr a wiile ibe ruuieet of aisui bin In-leraat. Ibes far Ibe majority of lawucejoy e-.4tcem- loa a am men ts ae uutavoreote uature. yea ua iste BMira tea. ojable aeuuer would aeetn lo be barioa oeie favorb effect upve the erop wnet e U sua no4 been autir . klilet our. Tbe t" U.a lau ataletaemla irou a leuer from tbe 'lutnmul U.jl cosreuty,' CWrktville. la, April XI. Is Masai a. t. B. awtens A C04 uf uut citl: - our opinion, from anrrs-msl observanoa an.1 ro- perts frooi fanners, m tbat tbjro la bl s'tt rrom s half to two-tctitla of an averare cropof alial tula war. arel Utt.t under eery fav,.iriib a tue butwr Baura may ba re-ced. Tbe r.wm crop at ojctantl iniprc'Ving, and tbe rem tttbcoizv and ic-dsr tllib and i tl will ba ul erett ativkc. Hut tbe Booda are upon us, and we are bunny expertlui to bear laat lbea7 levee la nrwaa, ara wen swsy cuts Uhi bottom wbeat, wnlc'i iteueraily Itm tbe be. I pruaueci. Tbe river u wiu:a iwclre litcota et me bnrbest poiat but aeaaon.' " Tbe Bscramento lhe mrs: bs AprO sbewers with which trie ant! baa rasa favored lu tee past e--t bare been peculiarly ac-eepub:e, and s-irebie-b pruaam of sbaudsm crops. Tbe weaUtrr ps lx-ec lo fact, all that reaaonaue a couji oeaire ,iue-j ine neevy winter raine aad. Tera la nou it n m.w known, near aj uiuiB aerwtae bud d.irn to grsin a Uterw wea last yetur. nut tba ruud at llae.y to be at pixal. area eoiield-ered. n.o re porta that B will 00 sraat annum of gd 10 Ibe bite aown imln. From Nonb ban we bear met tbe prsipe?is rn tusl sectloe tor rse eroue ot Bay and tru i were never beber. WUiisms recorrs uial the cuower will be of ereat banot 10 wtT-sowoaod roluoler grain, bol damaged ibe bear summer, wblcb m mucb toiged. nenta Cmra county farmers Pwr Ion mucb Hotuaier auuca tbat tbe attowera save be: a vaaily beneOciai 10 Uist secioa. wnje around rotn'ama tbs frua crop pioo. w be tbe keat ever kajwa." a A Kartlnex, CaL, writer mrs: ' -Tbewatuci ta now auOlcientlr advanced b) sive an op'nien ou tbo crop proiuect. ts may be assumed Wat tbe yield per scrd uf wbtrat will ba a lull ar-eraie. But tbat tbe acreage will be be than last year. 1 bts, however, appilee only to Hie northern tntlee. cuostdcntbie bodiea of land were drown ed out by k-e winter nojoa, dui ine retucej ecre-ase m autlntv due 10 tue pervsteocv et ttie rains, wblcb preventel ecvdinr In due time. Tuere is a kwwvquauutv ot wbeal IB a: ore. wb CU farmers ere UbWIUit g 10 tl at preaeut prices. A sreal nnmber of bjw viaeyarda are being planted. Tbe enrreraal optniuo la lust Bo earlcaiiural industry promlaua ao The Eagliah Cottoa Market. I from W. C nana A Co. 'a (Uvupoo Ctreulxr, April .l Tux Posrnox, Etc. Last week wa bad to report our aiarkc. aa in a "state ol great deremion. owrna to pieat frvwure hi jell, amali rraoe tletuand, dntl ammnu tro.a KanciMrSer. atnre reenipta at ine American ports aud tear, lor ua effect or acrictrated beery tendcra aguuist April delrrerv ecutracu. 1 tiu week aome ol ttieas adyvrtti testorev bare been n.l.1-aaied. aud Lie market sltogetir bss andergooe a cbncjre for ilia peter, sltbourb It wou-d nuc yet be auie to my tbal 11 uat auafcea Ksitl cteaf ot -tbe previous desicodener. Tbe trace demand bee beeo aaore scttve inen tor mny weexa peal, aud baa been well sastaineii. but It toil eeverai itata of bardectnr mars-ja to Brtnt values up rrvm tbe Bomiual eondliioo al wbicb ibey stood :o s It rW witb q joaitjo. and tiie Quoted sdvanoe tberetore ta uuce ieaa tbau uie ecluii. -rue nreaaure to aetl hsa been, p-'t a'i. isj pronounsed, but the oe'uoTi 1 ma Bien free r met, an 1 .n inoat are still eaettaive, and to bjHIer of eotlnrh wbo bare l.jog been linpaitsnt te.'er 1. ine e Ju.t, ot tne week are ti a neweu tui at jcb aatikfactton. There to a nxta-llet eiiprebeualou k-a tbo iniprovem-tu abou prove eraoevieat, end tbe mirks, rctaiae Into du.-nem before tbey bare 4. ad Urns to :r-e. y relievo tbetnaelrea uf tbe recent Ure secumu att-eia of stuck. Ibe WMtx'a import har been stoii', and tbe aucX bus otkdtfrneie s re I .jet. mi of 43.433 balea, wn.eb may be reek -n.d lo tne adeariuute of boalera. IIA ata actory fea'tire Una week haw been a rr.w-ln d jroncd be Annerena eouon of graoea teiow mablLnv. a Ml m ttHte liar boon tu auperabundsnt suoplT. aituott unailabte, and uretslne bearilv oa botiiera, tne teelinic oi relief etno-ig aelleis Du bees vary apparent, bbould ttie txuue go freely cn to ibe lower aradee. a will be- from s delloerete etoiee. ae tbey nave Mm beea abv of tbem, and Ibey will, therefore, be all ibe mora bsetv to go on wag tbem. Tue projoruoa of Ibe tower quallllec la tbe ppteent AtrterlcsB emp arrlrlag here b) very Btrgs, sad tf renor ia so 4 exaegersta, ibe reatdue te eome forwerd win ebow even e Mats sverase. It becottwa aa ImporuuM queatloa, toerefora, wbeber tbe trade eenereily goeo te tbemaradca or only, aa bm beea tne esse for enme lime, a eatilm ot mem. A bu-er reenrt 10 iheta wnaM mi tiara t tbe re stive eeareHv ef gotv eotton. eud would have ea Important bearing oa Ibe va:ae of eoutracte wttb tbe low middling elauee. and reuder efforts al a corner, wtiieb siane fear and uibjta bope for, macb aura dirncutt tnearry ana eai 1 naefiil W ai. Tbe MBders for April tbtdveey, from which macb barra wm laired, were m aba Brtt lew Sara of tbe moots very aeavy. but, ao far, ad barm bm cotas la ibe Tneitel. Tbe aarew premium at wntefc distant dstlVar-m are rnilng bm Induced tobbere to bav ta April deuvertee sad back dslea, sad put eut daiaat aWilrrrtm ecalasl tueea. le tbal wee tbe Aprg leaders Bate boen lareetv taken ep, and tbe msrme bat beea areaur reliaved la esomquenee. Lsrge aifferwnem ea me mta e ewtlvertm wiU beve 11 be awe le me aext few aays, and lbs Bear- Bel wui rromBiy aa anamwnai snotner week km pssasd. BTne wrge mipwmta from A Unent are atlrartta alteauea tbal a larara kronartUa of Ibe aurolm m tba Aatarw eaa crop ami lod ua way thttoer, aad tarn Uvev- pooi atay not aruw at mm to face aush amsBstim aappum m wm at one tune feared. Tbe adviem from Bombay m to tka arobsWa ex port! of eotton gurlag tbe list eta raoathi ot tba yeargm wmaao arm magmas, ana wa aew bear etxttnataa of a 11 1'taia, raiser urea ea linimn. from mm auaner. aa eomnared with mat veer. Tbe fcaliowuie mbla, eouaplfcwl from me Board et rraoe returna, anows we expors er mlloa eojoa end yarn, from ibe United hmgdom for one maatb and for lares aaoaibs. eedine lias of March, imi and IB3. Tba agarm are gtrea la Uuxri yards sad Benw: Tool geodslyds.!. ;aAo7 j4is.l4t; U0.a&7j lJ07.Sf Total yarns (lbs.) . . le.w x" 4,(r?a Tbe Btbii to Ibe exportsot 1100. dorms tne aaai moatn bm amounted to .as ur mt, and yarna ta 7.ut per mat 1 for tbatbrae montba me m-ereue to goude bm Beea aee eeot., eed la yarn, par sent. Beduemg goods and rams to ibe mete ksgts. toe raeroaee foe BtrrS arfeaanu 10 ll.ea par caeb. ead fur me three aieotbs ts PXM par sent. Tbs stork ot evrtra held bvjtnglteb eptnners wa bow eanwiaae et ie.uwu mtaa. Brain. awMAXi Butt rear ana iro.ow tne ymr before at mine data. Tbe Meaebaeler marsattbte week km keen cenefw stiy una. ana a nau amoana er knateam bm beea done, frvodursrs bare been torn preaetae mllers. and tba mndeoev of pneee baa bane aesinat boym. We now quote Stqib abtt-tmgs S. ad to ta BHed per aiece; no eo mute yarn i'-i. tan 1 iu loreomavm and beet aer-onde: sv a twaa aaaj to Mat per lb. Tbe reremta at Bombay from tat January to data have beea 44!, '40 katm, eeataat 4M.UU. and tba miprneessto karone aM,auA, aeaiuat t;s.o.s aama period an year. Latest qootatioaa are: for rUA g ttttitngs at lis at Cautta and ar la at Bombay. Railroad Items, A Ifew Tart exeberue mrs mat a Bote bm at mus te me a-wserai fraia-bt poet mrraay tarn aa Laww vaaw anal staaavtaa B) aew m seen ecaairotilng . I Badlne flat ot Mareb. One Bomb. 1 Ttrrm Mentba. ; Hew. I 11. I us. 1 Ism. ,,toispbBmta fretrto Tmdarm argMto Bbaa absam to allcbad ts tb eowpany. A sapar wm Ki tabued yaaswtoy savwtg atoer. aeAdsnef ibe Mtjeoorl, gaaam aad Texm and tba fnaeraasktaal aod Great Nertbera roada eoaavme ma i2--?tpwb uaproot-ed to -s-"" mTtSITXm. tV 52wSH et me Maaoarl, ttam aad Tela load Wm to hem Stay is m raaiy am itiiiaiii aiiiildai'af WesTLeaWaadlreaMewaAamaBd ms Texee am TaekaeBef I anm tat ms absrea of bom vakse. Utotoiamdibm altor earned eut mens WB1 aa aa THE MAHKITav-WttKLT RtVltW. Tka Laaf Tabaaaa Markat. wataaaid to be abe auaant maim ai aa eoaal 1 beta ai ilitf al era Tbs mars reaarwd to tba warabarABw am wwea asdad April k aad m ms exptred a arum at mseay rast amaib aad ymr ware pa hem abaaxs a Mbaeri t reek. Moaub. gear, is r fLM an sm 147 fit (,lo7 as yn II le IM 47 IS . Ll l pa ess .t ' 147 1 A4P Im mJO II. sal 1.IM 1ST AM 10 guy !. a . a su PMe. blntk at 1 eel . Peeoar. tituaa River... , lABtoVllNt,.....- Paivs Cwv .. ... Keatae Faramra.., ... EtimrpiaWi 1... .... OUOart.... ........ Tamkk lest.. . Totaia. iwo. .., Totals, lUS,.... Totaia, BP , LSI UN 1,IS1 . Ml 4.0S4 ju-osr I....- ..L4l All IS.7C Tb mba dartag to rdmwicww Alarrav Re- I lur view. I tmtt.lw. Taar i.feerfits.4:" Cropof ISkl.. 1,1M U 14.M4 gut It1 ,sai gstal ajkrt airl.t.sMl 4jasi aurs Tbaaaimetliaa minnin to abaa amoaai a ia.wa) bde. asBtnst lAAOOkadsot tbs ItSTa erop sot to M era-raaoondlnaT psrud ef but year. TtoiamtBttwara L4.-II hbds, aralast I.6M Jast week, aad LS7U aa uta eorraapandlag weak at leal ' am favorable eat mimes '. br tana era al nee abe bagutamg ot tbe year. Tbs markat km bma aettva both lor dark aad aot- svsiy atom Bberal. Bad tar ana atrbw ibe sag feel-mg noted as week km total weal asama. There baa beea a fall sveragBdMvtay ot hUerlur aad aea- am U I n 'aiain at tbe dark and beary Irtwe. aed.nar sbowt tbs pnres rc'lag a itoebawat aval week. wbtle 'i1""' totasno at posBlra sypee bsva Omt area - Inbaraw - bava Barter Bahamas Bava anderaooe ana ertwe maderato guienailMTS, atediam etvim deoua-Bar abgbity m me aim balf of ibe rat aad auarwaid pstoewriag tbaar toea aad toe praseou tauga ot prices. ws quote mfoUows toraew-seep Bary Iobsccs aad old-crop dark and heavy trpaat e-fJarliaswaade'daropr--. Berber Ught. Usary. (new eropK. ...esbJUt 14 aA so Uianucomeioa. ilul SO M tts M I Buna tM Le ,'B, BWitl'UIB tosoud 4 U.S4 75 4 &.V3 09 I OrVbl 60 Trafwainnm taaa to I bums SO 10 tsi so ImliinritieaB-. S Bp a taaa sv aa euatie w rood 0O3-4 g - T BOB M OuaiB 00 Lest, an Bt.aii.uaL aotainal, to OWavto tv export . .. . ...... w toan 00 tuojd tu sua... bj cuso uo Pauey rtorunau srTBOAT, April - Tbe sala sag mealed sJ hngsbmibi, darjibatea aa totiowc Tba r.i-al-rrT Hocaa anld 1 hbdsi I bbd Heory county leaf, crop ot t'ortea A Lsoraater. at 11: 4 bbds Henry eouaty leaf and lava at gis. Was, 17 7 aod it iS: t bbda Truable euuatv leal aa liars at i&and lk btda lu-oola aaai aad iuga at $1S Ti, l 74, S eu, ;0, S A. and 1 i; khde county . leaf 3d Ion a' flo IA I it and ? let I had Bsr-rsa county lux at f 7b, I D and I M. TIm. earanearaa Hoeaa sold X4 bbdet 1 bads floury eouaty wsf uvl last at fib It, 17 79. IS Ki, is ax is ;&. is so. la .. ,4 7a. la, 4vsv, losu. Seu. 7 ', 7ei and OuX a bbds onto I'ura aad tratb at t j. a ao, 4 eu and a S bbds liends.-aoa county leal and turvat Sir aud I e. 1 bd onto oouuy bwa at e i; 1 bkU a. prlix e sa'e. iba Pbopu' Holsi sotdtlbds: hbds Lngaa eouutv muoiurn irmi at 1 la aad ifJi 1 ana IVeuiey eounty llvuiu t ' j; 1 bbd iiavm coubiy traui at tVl ttt I ault Henrr noun y leaf at flu. li 7b and IS; s bbdt tieory eeuuir lust m f 1 so and a. Tbe san Itot sx so. J 7 bbds I bhds Uesrv rnatiiy tntf sad uuri ai in,l.liB, aud 19; k abda Lav tarn cuuoiy leal Bl t ii and 4 bX Tnagiejaiaa CogrsxT sud 91 kMs: I i.iui, l-rvea errtinti e.Mnmon kwf u f 2 43. ft 4a. 6. 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A en! decline hxs eutiupiu. bnwever, thosgb tba Keir York market ba- fitter ei advsnred al-13Ue trvdar. rpot aun at.'oei beve beve redjcca Vac m oatbera market., aad New Tork la Jic kw.-r arnca aba Baater auteaaioa tg baalncm. Ltverpoo! bm aecitned m L te tbe kiweat prtem ot tb aeaaon. re- an-nlnT etiiet al the ebaas. i Van receipt! ar bsrd'y matn tain log the crortona avripnnioaaia rala-over hist jenr'a areragva, tbongk rtosurpiasspnears to ba at ITIcrnl Uscuadiltall sertmstes of tba crop. trcaibcT eonduloBs ra the youth tare beea at neb more ta vocable than last week. la our local maikct there has toea a pant after the bberal antra of but week. IT ices arc wttboat quotable cbaDrea. though the anderooe bm beea. re bat. eomewLat torn Brm. There are eoaaMter-apta mqurrlee comm la. tat mainly for the beuer gradaa. wbictl ere retaavely scarce and arm. We qoole mMldUng opiaoJ al 105,-, tow aiktltlng at tA-i, (ool ordiuerv at be, a&l ordinary Hc: smlned. HAle luwar. Tbe to towing lalre ebows tbe q notations ot fa- rmea In New tork tu-oay aotl a week atrvc - Aprtl IA Aprfl K) (la liny 10tua June pi.77o July .ItUw Augnvt . ..tovie 6eMemDer.' !. AprntS. 10. Mc lo.:su Mil 10.77e cvbiber ...iu. 10.170 M.0BC November M.1J The Provlaioa Market, i Tb market bm besa uaaetikd sad eceeable fa Be action, and wide gnctasfloas have occurred in pneea. la tbe Bret bslf ot tbs week tbem wm a abarp decline la Chicago, ta wbicb eiher aurkets ibarad bl a modified dearee, Tbds wm followed by a steady advance, nearly recovertag tbe rnarsTln km, snd aday prlcea were again droorlng. Ttogenaral Bst m lower itan a week aao. Tbem goetuariono arbw from eoeeubiuve ma jcoras stCbkacb, tLoogb Pen weillv mvolvtug tbe regniar branch ot tbe trade. Liverpool qaotaf lona for maa: aad hud ar higher than week ago. I lo our local market tbare baa beea a quiet, rogalsr demand, and while terse bolder ebow bj aealre to realize tber are BMratlag ito demands of tbelrcus-lomers st ruiieul pikes, i tarrent packing ta 0a West remain eorisldersbly behind the srersgm of Bat year. ; Wa qonu aa follows for or lota, sash: Bales aa ema'l orders si tbs eseal sovsnce: ; MEC PORK-S17 M per bbL BACON s boa Won. tHi dear-rib aides, f4 and cr atdea, kluo icoae. . -' Brut HT.ATH Bbonlier. s clear rib rdes, dear ahlaa, Bljo. ! GKECN BtKATS NonunsL i - LA kl We quote ebotco leaf ta taattaa at tAVic, prime rteaaa, nomraal. ftUUlK-CLBCD MSATB Bams, 1 to 14 lbs. XUt Olid break fait bacon we, and boaiden )dc. BEkP Dried, Uaitc . . , Floor, liar aad Grata. frLorit There baa been leas activity ta the mnr-ket man but week, and pneea on lbs bwher rra liw beve baratv been meletaleed. taumiKiaa are an-ctiaaetet on other rnt'i-a. We quote patents at S4 7K27 so; ebo. at fa. K.j.t cbotre fancy at V-J.S Ur. pl-un. t tiSii 0; A Nl. 1. f Vi M; extra family, rt4 as; exura, t ti mr. back-wbeat, 11 S. WHEAT Tbe prlnetjal markets bav rHaplaved aa advancm tendency iatterly. In our local market tbe feelln naa been quiet and baa Ana. Wa qnoie prime at tl to oa arrival. CORN There bav beea a good steady demand, and price, pave dktfiievea sa no vendor tendency. Mixed ensiled baying 4lc aad wbtta auwiplle ea track; ear, la wagoos, too. , OATS Wrong sad higher, with fab' Inquiry. Wa ajuuta Illinois oo track ar kyve sw, buving. toy mlleeh b tor while. RT g ieavtv but Bomlnal. Held st 11 40. ' BARLFT Wa quote si l 0331 10 for pnms Kentucky oa arrival, aud 11 fur No. spring. ktALTj-W qaotee NalfaiL.... tlto Bops, new... ft Mesh W Cora malt... 10 ao.lWw'ia'1 101 By BtaB....tI 3l to const aTKAL W quote bolted at fl MQ1 li pay bj Iba. aod klln-Orleo afI TftAl par bbt. Ml LL OrT A LWe aoree M bs B borvr Wraa M t oo, aborts ai $M to per wa aad -t'-y m a ' - RAT Tbe markat kas area Btronff, wtfh RBtt rs-esrnis sad offertoas. TBaotby ea arrival wqaoted m fivtyvi ror priam m eoeaoe, ay- aau smsil balm ysupeetlvery, aad esaaasoa la mixed tlalA, rratna tllea waek. fTgLtJ gEED W qanm m follows areerdtea to mar. Bad clover m It to ao aspltag at to to traaotov m ae ivoa va, oreaare gram M It TV Bttl la. sa tea tup m srm per nuts at. towa mam l kiaii u, ana ctosa at bdcil mil aal II to: coramea alibi at kl SO. White onion ami gSA ao, veuow da tf bvlt raw wave, vwawatawe awwe, weal toe. BTBAW-gM to amamcaerrrra. The CI racers Market, CAitpi M- natatt tor tuu-wetgni par ta. CtirrgB Qahrt end rsltor eery tu trwe. We quote n o m etvai te lev eemmtm. 1H Slangs for enea. lavyuttac vewjea, wow wmov to leoey, OJ lee: Java ai saaptss, Lagaana at lSlSiAUc. aad htt- waayaoo. CHkBSB-Martet amw and prtem ar bywar. Ohm latsiei m lie. pmtjisn AKDHTRttr New Orbtaaa ami ima 4A4e, ead errap aoauaal. Oora ayrup, wl im per gaaoBt. ae tv wobuiv. BiCk Carolina and LoMn S7a. SriAH?iBcyievmtelvacT1'. an steedv st ejaota. bran u -ateo at ngiott-j; powdered and ttedftlotse: A white at l4SMe, mm U M,dJWe: O yellow, ad-nda, atandard Brand t; New orweneepenkeule, Tya.ux and alarlttod. sU wt IPICTO Pwpoer at ISWet a!h!c al 13; eiovaa at ftOe; a in per at Be: elenem-wi tm aaimaaa el gi, aad Bum el stkvaiL OAr Uerman per tb, ISict OUveper IXemttda. ITABCH-HWaper fa. The Linear Market. WTXve ir, LfOt'OH-CHrt. nereawt. 5-SlT Catawba. tWk su: Port and Kterre. parrallon, (1 59 mt Bus tviepw ate, ai wt aittviwrr, Itstat BV nr. fenftl; Imperial M. Louta. gl So; nblue wine, mavte: Mam' ia lardead Gamaasr' (tout. KUAN DIES Oogase, hnporVid. gtmlk OIK Irttitrlam. foreign, toxaes: aVaaeytta, ga as. air sra Janaka and St, Crotx, 9ai New Bng- ffmrWAta-Aapiufka, 0n , Trmata, imiirimi, Btoa, !. tSBrl a fwseoppar fiowrtuat, aprkig lira, to rVerryvartta,aiirlr)gle7ABl kirns mam las, m bond kaad.aUa.Alie toaaV 4 avl rtxsiaw ewaovill to fotir ataak Boarboa. aprta lnsn, to at mam Bourooa, Sprrag lirrs. m Botrr aiaab Boarkea. arvtag T, ta boed.isr.1 to t,vw wuwey, apriB le v, m Beats... Bp wbkarv. spring Men. aa bead... gus uuecr rloerboaertna Mramg I totslto so-la ISrJTI I nv so I a-oii a tm meopparBVatrboejtataebvn, lax yireeopoer BOtu-koasrUie lsr. las Iota- maab Boawboa, apnaa ura, taa bar Bl tall Bourtawt. aaikii UrrT. U. eld. SUA wld. B 41 00 aafct, Tt-ita so pam. asvle. Bnar ml BtoafoaaBrtnw ura. tax wwu ate aoareoa. apring trrrs, at eiaia a ii m a ii a, srnee tsra,Bta ua Bum boa w mytulapl to. M Mm am IXIBIUTiO BRABtllEB Wa aeraai MM, 1 tuml to; peeeb, la, IS touVA Aflaaallaa BU T'l IB Ccwntrv ralbi em mm fuilv mUtliil'Blgi awt tm ctaeenpeteos am ataaey. we qt tr. itiyAwwa am t aaai Tl mb qmlBv. aad BBUW A A We eoam at 1 rLAXiggo (i w per FRUITS Apaam Wa qeote fair to botes spptm from stare to aotptda ertVer at ta 0Ua l per sol tor aome ruwa. aad k 7tW M for Nonneert: dned ataptoa, taa mm, aHs kar am. paalaa aee laabtM br t a ill a; eiKSAWo i Ml MlitEB AND gKlNB Tbara l ctaauge. We quote ae tollowai mine gat-ory bkies. par M liaiinaerl dry-gin btdss, per lb, .t arveuea eaaaa, tar w...... . as Ileauaead dry-etuted bidee. eer lb 10 a II Inmi a 'aali aaiaml tlrlaa naa lb ' sum fw maw-ad una mlled bakja. pwr lb., t a trg ....ep t W to to Butobsra' - 7 Ol to Sa auote tura m tot Iowa, for No, 1: Beceoott. etAia TOr: aniok, at let opuaaum lrtf sur rearlreaaxbt wonlt- kweK atrav tux. suae red l.ix. 7Scutl: wana ami, no etpue; aJ-lftew mttiex. mg -ttrt waits akunx. luuvlact a ii icu, .svie. anus rat, fcaatiag etssr, s-tssa; neuter. A- rXHTLTrlT Tae auv ke M arttet aad nrvm r ruttnw lower. We ettumrnleena.llve, Bomiae'. and ewwd at &, evduyaa,aeautamg Wsimaud eunuiuoB. V1.NU1AB Ode ttt SO, snots pxt to par hat. FaASLTS Era Teaameea, aMcs while to oa ar- rrraL . - , V KUETABI.E3 PMSatcee era sctlv and sdvaa- tn. W quout on loua si t 7A Par but trout store for bout stock and eboane Manttera. re. apsonvetv: Irasi potauwa a t a for ' Bus. as i4 am par rwarieta, as aema au tor aanr luwa. aud main ft lor peaebbtowa au ilpptua uf tier frumaCore, outakle Bgurm fcrebeiee Nurtbern stock, bwem potabwa; butitbece eueea aud yaau, g Uak g 7at fmrmuda, I A aad Brasoluaa IA WOOL Tns e.aket bm besa tsaaa la bjeltae, and bttslnem baa beea tmetlre. Wa auota aa .oUows Medkua auwattaed at S3Me l-ar luibara and Waaterai tub waabetl at aJBB. The Draw Market. Tba only chantree to sole bl eor riet are declrne Bj aWwboi and sa advance to tartaaBtlae. Akxtaua. gvi's ia. A'tua. per ia. twu, calo mel, pea lb, dB7e. (saiiibor. par lb, SOtsAie. toniiaml. raw is, TlAtoa, tblianfiaw. per to. eaa. vjapeeraa: Boar. tb. Kc asKasaa, aaes, lb, I He, fram caum, its ae atttse iJu uMten, swr an, wtBttoe. un crlee. Calabria, lb, as, kaiiaii, carh, -ua lb fJcaaUum'l. kJa. Morpbuae, (4 7. Madder, In, . isn. OH twvtor. bawl, gal, anst No. I an. sweet, swrmsi 7a: oil vs. aL Bl eim bos et wetpv trans, gab "K am. lb, gl as, OnioaTp. A W. swrat, eat. Si at aaraata, gnu ews; n leetkiertoo ti. aa lewMMi. Ib frarjuerat-B'sl II C3. Ouln: earnee, f 7n in maa, t 3 beat yteelara guraraar pa twcBoniam, per oa, pt well aot rtoaua, boi. 1 bu. vuap t'avtlle, rr 04 lie. Aoertcsa bt-ccrcoute ada, ier lb,eH44c; aais, b earn, Engtata, taaka. lb. yta'tVs anda, sal, lb, VdttXy aorta aah, In, fvee, twite kimua. lb, tteuAn. toutt, u rekai.-ea, (7 7 par eroaet as. t 7b; m line, 1 us, to SO; sea. gutrats-os botllea.Blki per eaaa. Brluiatunn. by Ibe bbt. atasa ber IP. noway aot- pliur. lb, 4tt4.-. tall;, tea, comtnerrlal. lo, rvalue; aaJleeter, puts, lb, IXi.Xr. Turpenttna, bbt. cat, 44c: turveDlloe. carat, gel, arte, Veetia red, En kss, in. stuc: leoeuaa rea, bag, leg, imetaapm. iKdlue. ttut): todicia bobuaa. II TJ. Ck.raa, 43a. kbtuarb, powdtxed. ill av. M taare) laaiaaa. BAUNal HATKUIAL we ouom m tvj'ows for rotaud au, amsil Imabetne UdVbabr tar: Jaw aag-gitu, I5 tb Mar; g llat, b(ac; dx and Juts mixed. Vavu tv ' inar iiieu a rabjut jute: keousAy ry noml-au: tu, ViiHH-. Iroa ihs, Flbi per bundle: hating twine, 11' ae for hemp and ls for Jute. BAT r IN. J. So. 1, llVxe; No. , bHsn: No. a, atqe. r ax Dim stick caadv. Itttkias macb. dross. 1 itVAZ k lata a. lJUIlw out ctutdy, I741r: uro-ttrn,e. hara, iJiiti-, ad Arabian gumHlropx, UtA l&K rork candy, KAiarj ioxjnrcs. BAttAle; cone. BKtn put work, lair. Bar do, ad-a; plain cream work. l!Sa,ej: daawted areaa werg, xxtaWtx; eur- dtal xouda. rtkbstte. CEMENT, UMg, PLASTkB. BBJCKS, AC CW- Birm ta twea.v aau ur naarel Kwer. 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SvsA'JC CtiTTON TABN.CA'tbLgWU'A.CABPgrCtlADf-We coole m ftalowa on round Iota to the trade. Bet: cuatun ram. No. AO. llluc auu. Bp. SB. be: carvet chain, whl a, Sle enlured. sac; twine. No. 1. sue; do No. . igc: two-ply. Us ceildlewiok. Uci koutaera yauwa are Wi maw. rXiKEauN ruu ITS Valrlr acuva al quota tloria. ersmrea, Beaeios, per su t S3 Lrtifcjtu, Metams, per Pug mu4 ou Letnona, Ataiaea ... .. . .............. Nututnal Prunea.... . TJwi' betes. .-. TViarn rjA - .... i iar Currsuts... VtV kaanm, MarmieL ner bo (new) ... Met A Itaiains, kater, par box I new) I OU kO Uabnna. LttxltA. later, ier box (new) HltlA 00 kalains. Vaivn-rta, per lb (new) M trtufto tMocuanuts, pertuO. I 7t Banauaa. ier buncb 4 t.tA M rtne ap: lea, pwr du 1 Atta W i LEAlKkk Harneaa to lower. OakacJeat k'Oc: toiffai sbuwhter at BmSec; bem oek at III J 34c; Barnem al s2 a c; prune at aNuietw per oin-n; aklrtiug at k. Pie per la; French eairal atlibatw; city calf at tl ota, 1 40 per lb; enr kip at iboavtl per tb; Bitper k p at (4Jftu perdossa. I LXURCU Paw mill, prnrer dlnvenskins 11 mots oa wnbe ptue lumber, dear l in., per M . . ao ourfm m Wbiie i-mtt b tuber, lie end iacnea... au ttlM 09 VI bile rtae lumber. aecoatl-rsM, I Inch 4 OOu 4s 00 wtito plte lumber. It and I inches... 4 0ujt4a uj Wbtto pine lumb-r. IbjTHste- to tua OC Tallow oioe baun-s .3. ... IS Ouaiu to raoou ti ai ra btwtaibiua 14 Ovti on t.reen Plan 14 atmSO 00 rawed ri;.lar buba 7V6 Weametbarrla, are eed 17 outta? on WeaUiettoerda, roaeb 1 ititl to eAwtd pine ablnebe, lA-lnch. .......... 7", tewed proe arilne'e. Ittlncb.. 4 Otri 6 00 CurpoplarBblnrtm.... 1 T'o I 6J (vxr.roon white pine Strtttg tft rtia r. hue boorlne. tlirrd-r e ? BasllO 00 Yellow pine Boorttar.. 7at-10 00 Letler EOvta. 17 0usSU M MAN L' r ACTU h KD TOBACCO ttotnsriuji cwxwiaa tobacco Ptne brlebt Ma .la!e Fine biigbt Sa, 4a aod has ert44'e Majioaran'. Ift-oe Iba aYAVi MehoBSnv, doabw-attrk ta. 4 tz44e Mabouaitr. aarigle-tblc la Vu,4to ttrlgm 11-ox ibe 4a"4io BrurM double-Wick J,. 4t4,e Brtahisamrie-'blrt v 43.4 linebisesnd bic plum end fancy styles. ....IXiiaa Pkdn ai sutler. IA 11 snd l-ox. 6j.M Plain amll work s faint grade, ba. tqa snd 14 aPtkta ornrvrt j e tantnta atnn&cm. gsencd grade. Its, tea sod Ha. 40 art Mixed btoar. amckina? Item am -kins. In paper Bs Cut and dry mvtklnar Brta-ht snd granuated Hrv Ms and Mi vrn wo Brhrbt and eranuiaten to baa ? Pipe amokbix ra paper vuuiutia carwnao tobacco. Virginia Light extra eud One, pounds. rtsstos Tlnruita flue end extra Bg. 7t tiiw Vlrelnta one 4-Inch and lx-lneb twtat. I7uiic Vlratlnbt aueitluro rutucb and lX-ntch twtat... rViire VUvln a mc-tlum 10a and las vbvinta mtalibm ls-mci potinds..,. ....... .srjuvvt vrrumis common IS lorn noaatla... -....BtXitm TirytRBi good br-s-ttt ll-l'ica w Vinrint. tneboBanv and tarurltt aavv. 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Ee- pectfullT, DOB 1. SCUULZ. lait soAioA sAir-m STEAM COATS, r.t. MAIILIXEBTAAdKKSlMve tamef TBiran, IMII.I wa v a.awv. aa r. . . tw t I.NCI.SNAT1 TL, real udTP-MI IP Tit K at arr atari eaaaartwiia min.imu P.klt Ct 1-ACK Krx KOI MA-TKIPTH KCTA.tJltllJ I rTTtl. I r-Lll. TliRkTorrii As-ya, ts ei nh xau, Brlew Mats ana oa board aaeaaiert. HI L J. f. M A V . Pawt. aad Tieke Act. PMAItM. CAMTAkU aaa'U mAIAmSmH tMllTHCMN TRANPOBTATI3 1,1 -t A -e'Tj!',! vmx xiAUAary a-rsAanra MtaJi WILL KYIIil, KATKB, Matter. ALEX ANDAM, Cterk, Immwaa for Naw Orlauaxta xbtod aJl Way Jfoixita Wednesday. April 27, tU 4 P. M The THO. NtlKR LOCK fillowa rttlDAT. ' fl. tl. LbVI. .Vo. l Fotb tt, Fralxlt Aatent. Wl LtS. IIA TB. Ko. m rearm at, below Mala. Paaaenier and Iteaet Agent. , atamphls aad Okie Mlver Pack ex Campaay. TUB ALSAIAN F gTEAMKM BEN FRANKLIN, TICHSoa Maeter, OAXLAT. 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