Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on January 28, 1908 · 17
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 17

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 28, 1908
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. mi T THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: TUESDAY. JANUARY 28. I90S. REAL ESTATE IOAS. JOB SAL5ItaLT. FIRS" MARTOAOE3 nno to , :i rt-stdcr.ccs -north double 17 unt el TO NTT INVESTOR ALF' 22'' I.j Sh: T.F ERSKIXE, JAI.ARV I.OAXS. i50N FINANCIAL. O T r.TTV WITHOT-T SECURITY F.cir-M .',02 SALARY LOANS. NO I'NE TV F.I.i MONEY. Ewry n--ar. or m-man in CM me., pet-insa salary k'rj'.v ca.I ut i :! " money you sac; on your xa r A " - , Bir.t tfr.-i.i-,-.r 2'- ' ' ' Hence vr Vr ;r :r. - ' ' ; t call ar. ! :: - t'-rr ;. ft'" " d re.:" - M ' m ..,..t.Tr"t ' : r n i.,t to ei-forc pays','.. -s y.-.ij k- t the money us i ' . v;, w(-.n ron-:-. a r.d .TfST trw.tni.nt. R M- 'XEY ( iI'T ': EaMet k. 'A EST PATES l.lul-: 5 t!rt u h-ther vou ' i -vtr'. h dv -. 'ENTIAL re.r. lore estab.s.el . en '-M I' FO MOXFY. I iM NOT A BON'fT SII.RK If v.a ar- In Coal ur need unm, red. menev cere t f- ITU ate offl.- and tell ire abv.t it. I I i rtw.'t v-ur onfldencat tr.J if you !'"'- " ln o deep will lenl you n-'-rr-- a.-.d star! vou r'frht. Kohr.i; t:ifo n.t vf Ivan at: J no monthly your st! 'v. you have ."nr. Va'n ." P'-I C;r. 9 a m HKKR 712 Taoorra IRldt;., La Salle and Madison. JJONEY. MONEY. MONEY. 1 YEAR PTX PERCENT. A YEAR. A-ivanre" m i ar'. Ik'NK.'T man or woman cr, 'alary r -p..! ' r ! fty OfT're h -urs. 9 a. m. I; 6 p. m 710 r i.-lie. LMs.. 277 Dearborn-st. Harrison ro3. TOl OW? IT TO Yru'RJFlt.F- To r.m. ! a ftmmi?.!!! en 4 heavr rete.s tf !nten't 1 a:;; -hnt 1s hf'pitiit ti pav the bills cfthe ft !) rf . ish -iob' I advan.-e to lalarld pi;-;-1- es r. r- AT IX I'FR f'EVT A KaH .n t1"" - --n WITHOl'T IVI 'R?ER CR PFHI.T'-IYY A I! Tribune. piNKKl 11'" 1 '!! F- TCF CAN' t. rt' w n. :; rf tia In Krrall sums as Will V.r-- 1-r W- ii Ftrp'nvpfi B'tsl- rf Mi t ' 11 e'v? . u thf fairest rate In Chlcac ... I. VI r..- rf r;'UT)b faulty rrnv easily t-rr'-K 'Ti tf - r ..r. ra.i... ar..! nr. isa.e Tel Har-rfri S'.Tl .r ;rliatt . bt o3 2!.. Psr- t. rn-st c.-r a -i tu-..- V.T.ST roMPAXT frcrr. -l' rso--! r.-r.-rv So3 K--' P. ?'" M A Y r.OHRriTY MONKT ('-: r a' r . r. r -rr1 mission. W AY. UARDNKR. Ant 't to li f r bv ;iiiL'''(i!.tnitrr.t. J ALARY I. A v i It-'.i'l.KM .-r,t,vED- Lr ?r .'A t .?'f.,i qi ,; (r rrit 'nterest; can hf rpa: i In ,.; r- t hv -kl'tr t r rre one .retlwt a A ' 1r- F v ".:-;. Tribune, slvlng prtr- r ;:"!1''1'" T' r p. r r ittn f,; IAI.A RY LO plain r. ti-. i ..:: r. s R Iff? 1 ! TO Hi' : ! : t' A 1; fd.ARY !. IX iiNFl HA Y WITHnrx t Ii'a' mt lifts on your II KSli' "' OMPANT. lio nf-irb-rn-st. Fl NT I I I: YI1AR $ $ $ $ : ; i:iv r." a xs r !:;''! r'Fnri.E- vr. 'V T'T. IN NOTE T TFT ' : $ $ LOW N (Ttoy t. It-Art a NT Y 0. . ? : -' - P 'e- . '.' -n-h T!-iit. EMPI.TF' i FFl'lT r-o I2t I.A SALLE-?T . Rprr V - - ' h - - 1 5a'Kr!--i r-- ; 'e Tv'h.-iut jeu.-lty; eav imi: trs; i.rTl.ea in !'1 iTlnclpal r. Wf PY " J T r ' T 1 V" "P. '". T "fi'X PAHRY l.r:' Pav r i r-r rr A'R P'TLEY Ca- tnMi A k p. ?i Tr'b-sr.e. W PER YEAR LOANS TO HI'".!! CLASS. HON- t' '"f-- ! wn '!oi rwsrhnni-K. MP A NY MO NET 't i f -' ri..nnt fn all ! V'.! M nr -t. o-'FAXY J.i-t Cf.-V p til ;ns T. a a AT.T -p.RT. t ! ' S "" f 7aa nM.NEY f :r;-v c h ""-.i...-: rTf- fforfrl any-... , i 1 T-'.'V.AT 1 ' (V iXAT-T ll 1 Hall- s-t. i' rmC.A'i' ) 1 N '- STA: FT v. fal l-'-'-! t f- :.-,.., t NAlluN Ai. FIX A' 1 FXT CO.. l '.tr.s jr N : V T. I'll-. ETC I 'r.n A Fa-v ,T V Ci. . T'.n'.r. C F-VflfT. P P f" T I. " a r - '. ' -. f 1 ' n ' - ' ' t ! P F.'itleT. t-i. - 1 .. k-' vpi y- ''q u p,.--r.rett. T ' ! : I T A" ckkaif-'t i , a ' ' i i ir. -,,r- A- : A.1 years . -v ' . ' -y". . - .. t; -., no--1 : 7i. 'iF ' 'X i '': VIT K!1 IIANf'S FTC. ' Yi DEL.IT A' I.han o, i. r.i ' 1 1114 Monrue-it. ':: r C-ra' IT. T.'. anl -I'll AY r: 1-f-r.-. AV.rt '"!7 A LIl'MAN' A'. -O I -on- ST PRIVATE EN- war.e-. Fs:a! nil . r. watches. I LOAN on ai.i. t:;-- '.-I.-, ls l0. MARK NO frem-fe.. l a- w .r. -, . m .f-r-T thm 'he v- a T ' -i- r-. .-,-.V 14? T.l i!' R LPans on '.vat. -in-4 "-.rn-.-.VT.s" o;n JE'.V. ' t Xr-rr' nt-nixiF 'f T'O-e; -'.ile A"'""lr-ar r.oT- - Vt t- f . i nn rpr.'- tie ... RWltT J rtT?. Xlfi-P7 Elh.r : 1'! .r Harrtfon W1. '' A:ki.. " " A-: -: x ; . -a c . i - -a aO' r-s- v-r-'k-.i ..: - , : . k . a-.-' Vv ar ----a-e. a :r, , ,. . . r--3 ana. ya (-:.-.,. .... ., . riTL,,.;.-. . : t"rral thnr' r t ... r. a-s t in ur,s:t-le4 Miate.., a-.i . , FOR 1 Y .. pox Ir.-. 'fir.T.i Par.kere. -r-2TCt!''.' F; ! H-.'c I.'4 M--r-r-t. "AN'fut,:'", r- r. k " a- .'i:v : x "ii'- tlanai s.,v , , (. . ,,-.!-vTr. P.. R. "" bull l'r' ' l', '. ;-'N' AY . MM-. I to TO 1'" ir. 1 ,,' i f . !! -r'v ,a,-, ,,, ,. ;. s :. f ... , , y,.ar a Mo fs Ii2 H.AVK- ' ' v' O! n;.; - r- - ( i- V t r I-.v.'r; oR f -Trl r or v; (:- rra-.-: . s: : 6a,Ti:i: --a' -! - .rn:dt:..r-, , . ... ; -. ... H- . . i-.-A i:r.-k''rs rM r..,r ..r.,., ' : -ti r-.oair-'' - 'ifPrfVj;. L- HANKilRS CAN HAN- e f.n.i ,-. ' - - . '..'1,.., -. . v, Whit far- ran v -.-j -.-. a' . Manufac- ."nlv a." r T. 4". Trlb-in WAV 7- . :. , -. ; .. RFR ANNl'M, r-.T -. . ! - ' :T ;", ; "' ; "aii-i : v - . - - -a: c-'r r--- yi'-r-!-. ,..,a.k 7- .' 1-1- 1'- H- T-.; .V'-'-'Y .- .- -,.vn S" X 1 X ' lM F f-vn.. va;'-' -; ' :'-""!y,:-;i'", ,iv'r" fT;)vrATTi ;.t V. ;"Tivi4"F'AT ,i;V;K R.a- it,!,. I -,, r- t Ml t;.iHa. H AMilS. 1 am: : v ' m. v -, , i MIXES A.D MIlflJfQ. MINING BROKERS OCTAVE STOCK. A7 offer to buv aR O.-tave tr,r.v v.. ClTtred by CKhoiOera of ortav Mir.irg Co -. E MIESK a CO 1220. 153 I.a Salle-: Chlcat-o, 111. 5"t'oKn' RnXE co aCeeSIpecialtifaxe- sh. p o'Tfio XVpfi!f fkefi-rred. american maroont ' a x apia x m a ro "ni Rral AMERICAN TEI.EGRAPHOXE STOCKS. Write for prices. WE 1 l tu 1 o. OFFER SPfUl-X-T TO PRIOR MI.E: ' Hi RBARD-KLLIOTT 1 V ' PENX-WYOMLNti A7 1 EA'II.R AIT A "' TR.IFR ",( )I.I PF1) 7 -, o TKJ1H-L1.ION I'FD ' Bid I'FOREY A TA'N'U-rO.. lsi LA PALI.E-PT. the h 1 . V at MIN;IX STam-K I1ROKERS OR AGENTS eira.l i-i.ur.'.rv tour.s rti.! to tir aiire?s an-i particulars on the best mining iiropositicn m I T.i'.e-i strttes t'-.i'.Hy. Now pai klr.i? hitrh e.'-a-i- f r ahiptr.nt St-.a k aure to a-lvame. Address er crAimmit .Alining iijmi'acy, i; I-i THE RICHEST STREAK UF PAY DIRT IX Amertia- I KiifOi acres level M isslaslpi.i Lelta. laral; no brush r..-r rocks- fertility Inexhaue-.lble ; lmi'rove-1 laraJs n--A r.ettlntr (a ro-rs from to p..-r acre j-rl.-e $1 to $10 .cr acre. S T Rt'TERTS 2 1 7 P.. .a n-.k" BalK Chi cago 111 : WE OFFER: PERSONAL 1 ltOi'Lllll V I.OAAS. k.itX- ;o ii.i si.uyy. MOX II TO-I.n X LOW ITA i ; -- A XL' EASY TERMS. THE SE- TlUTY f require con-it; n.-R::;-. if the fot that tha bcr:.--,vr if if El R XI TP R 13. Trial rroi-cTtv. We win purplv the tlt-elred amo'avit tiulrkly t'riva.tely. RKLIAXCE LOAN CO.. !i:: a li..-x--: voo Vv-.a m:notox-st . room 504. Trier'-., ac O n'nl 2'1!a. n ul I li Si 1 v'FEICK. ICie;. e-.c.irs to S o'ci, ck J ,; i at ;: . OIAT i H. HOXEY ' ".p-'NEY Mi'NET moxet money money top can kor.rpw any' amopnt of ON HoIVEHa'LE FrilNlTI'IlE PIANOS. HUii.-E- 'A- -' 1 OXS R ON ANY V ARC All E SROT-RITY. We will Eruaiair.-'-e n.,,k- a u -h-1 loan the pamn iay yru 1;-; kr vv R'e;,-e rn..-rrb.-r 'b-ie are Co -e,I ta;,e f v. , e i r iraju'rles made cf your - r - r O-j;- i.t ims ate rib ,!ue!y the be- !n Chio,!.- -. t'.-t- are o r'at-ln ,idva.:ae?i tc be ra:ne,l bv e,-! '.'h 'be t Meet lareeat. IqiJ er'-- '! -- --- : ,r !:.! -e.-" 'ri or-icairo. the rpif-A.;.-. 'i pro, ,;p tcan co., 17". 1 1 r , 1 : : -oij - c-r fioom 217 THF ( 'i,ovi;o -. RT' 1 Ar'-F TON CO.. 18e W Af 'iI'tJON' ST FOOM f02 nnsT k-atk paw at!!?' society. 72 AA'a - : i- r -st o Pea rham F : i I.-. , 1 - M ' -,a . "'lib. L.VTO ' it'TT.AR. tanoi y-rr-v , ; ar r , - e, " - wa'r'-e.s V-Aelrv l'3k'r ra-:, -',: -- I :: -:' '.r..-trument. at 1 rafT,iioaf rrrnr c A EPFN'OH Al- CO OA r - F" t t ; , r - V s f fot t 4a AT. n. y t., 'ear. :-' atOv t n your forr.iture r'an $ etc. t'.-:-v-r; reoa'VHl APr.ej- to be re-fur ie,l In rn'.-irer-' h fiO t-. ariora Fxfcrt! tl ci tiir. e (rrnnrol Ir ea?e c o, a ri-s 'r le.a if po:- tier e, , i i f'i , c t . l i -. v, ..- T. l t-e-t -n-.'t VATE PI"P , - e- r : ' T KI. Vt IAL, tO TOP NEP.P NP- XI-IY? I make a.p.a.Tie-s oi: nil k;rrl cf serttrity or col-a'erai !;., a-T ,e. ,, ,.f pr(.t,er:v owners, "xrrkanta. ' b m..Rufa.-.urr. hleh clasa a.a-ied cn.u.,jy.- No effcr- .riare.i , ,. ake your r.-nnectlon helpful Mc &:!ifacti rv AXTErCa ,,urv. :r . , .. ',- -'EEi, .v -, ... k.:n.-a--.- ti:i.-: . , ' $--,0 2 A- . - LIFE IASIKA.ME !.OA5. 1, E- Pl'RCHASED-. i.asn value tnaa FU-M, lv)S Dearburu-at. l!.NSnaN on ia.r.c. VXT. PIANO si Ao a ro-a rb : i'nt ;-.'i . ' i ; ' i : "-r.b-ir.--- N ' T ' T F X P F. N TI O P ....... ,.,.v,v or sal stan- 1 'r- V H ' J . o , - A- ;.- v .11 l.K'-.IT- jO r.- -a . 1 .. , - - - ". -pR ;'v eeTT :sT"r - r. . r-m LRt'e Florence at 2f cents. I.ikm SaA aga tKU una '"-a-r-tr Co nt 34 certs. P HSCHEPTKLS & CO. FOR SALE COLORAPO MlN'lN"l I' ROPER - tiee. p.iter.te.1, all choice: will iriak-? mines; prices and terms fair. C. F. COLLINS. 4327 Ca;u-naet-a v. MiN'.NO FN I VERS A L I'XEI'MATIC. AND IX- ,.iu?': :al soak? b- uuht ard sol-J. AA" PMORRAY. 1 1 20 First Nat. Bank BIdg. MTXINO. OIL. AND LNDP-STRIAI. PTOCK3 bought and sold. I'HII. RACINE. 7oH Lore PMr. Kansas cits-. Mo. li. II- 'H KPT ELS ib' i ES T" A II 1 A S 11 E D 11U2 ) . Cuiun.l'-i- n Mining S'aa-k Lrokera. 122 Men roe Ft Chicago BEFORE iTl'YIN'i; c.-K SElVLIXii ANY STOCKS cr t r.d secu:e our que-tatlor. 8-ar.,iar-1 Tirrker- ftge 12'-4 St:a-k Fxi-barce R Is M. ', n 133 FRF.E OCR MARKET l.ET'l ER. CONTAINING A-aluahle infor:na-.ion for Investors Addrese I'nl-in Security Co . T."l. tlaff BWsr.. Chicaro. Lest gropa'p i-i.oir mpnini; pikoi-osition Also all oiuer st, ks Chicaeo I'tacnotion and Prokera e Co Sl S ' birk-t. Centra 71T1. RON ALD A."AMP! :KLL"&"o" M.atir.i,- Stock -Ir, kers Ion Pa Salle . Phca:o WF MT A XI r-' i.I S foVKS ANpIiONDS JOHN o (tflNI.EN i-e ivnra! 44(V5 lll First National Par.k Bos'f" X " t l't'EKS." XEVAI.C LOCAL. AXD it :sa fo. Rj 1.. uebt nr! f il,i. I' M . REP R ,v i a 21 La Sa!1st . Cbicago. ALMA IPAHO- JIAKE ME A CASH ViKVKR f-,r all ur ,ar. cf :i.oi shares. Address IP 2tt. OR EKXE-'JEIER SPIER M AX CO . 4'. 4T. MILAVAFKEE N ATIONAT, P ANK ELDG MILWAPKHE AYIS MTNINC PR -CKS II A URV'S.' LEWIS A- '-OMPANY, MINIM'- STOCK PROKERS I- T.a Sabe-st . ''R'-ae ,. Pi I 5 Milwaukee. harkrm.t 7- I., t TAI.KINfi MinilAES. M A - Pvon" & HEALY VICTOR TALKLNO -,:!."... and K.1i.'.n i hot., k: apbs are the m-- t n-: All !h" r.ew reoorc.s Vl.-t.-r recorfls. . '.,a CO r-, i. rs PToIs- n ir- PI n - .i:d-'--I records. ' '- ceii'"-"' ' Easv :i;, n-hlv when referred. AYabash-av ar.-l A.'.arr.8-?t . . ...... 1'E-Al' IO-, J-.0;ON Of.l. E 2'.t SEWI-Vti MAOIIXES, K.v.A! REM'. MR' TO ,.V p- lev Ar A':l :ams ou ii r. .- i a n ' r. r. i 1 : : . r; A 1 ,v CO , 2d fl !f2 S-ate-st BLSIVES5 CHANCES. TliE OPPORTPXITY- OF A LIFETIME i-',ar sale a well established dry goals gents' furnifhinsr. ani sh,,e business ' f 1. yets en t ne i.f trie I ...?t corners i n the South in Chicago; an up to date store in everv j.artl-uiar; will take fart payineIU in jro .1 incoii-..- pici" rtv or farm land; this business must be dis-pi so! ,,f m order to give at;er;t:,,n t,.. othr intere.-ts de manding atte r.t n ; will tive a lease cf building for a term of years. Address K 412 Tribune. : M.ANPFACTI RER.S OR IMPORTERS LESIR-ir.e I epreferatt'-on in New Y rk. P'iiila-leli.h a. Pa. line re. A' n. and Pittsburg, can s-cure li e aid of an exceiatb nal man on strictly cc.mi-n.!ss;,,n i-asls; has c:ii'a! to cairv sto-k. if reot-s-sa:y. Must i,e artlcl-s cai'-alde of large cor.sun'.p- tjrn AdilresP. O. P..,x 27 philadeiphu. Jr-a. : LFXoHRooM El Ut SA I.!-; IN SI I E L iOR: JTi.inK) to Slfi.iHio a year prolit ; detaendn uron your; best location arid everything first class: disso.ution of partnership and retiring from cause of sel'jng: week's trial given: clearing r.ow during the dull times t a ilav. Price J.l.TioO; av uld be cheap at $." fi. Ad Iress J Ik .ft. Tribune. : MONET DO YOU XEED IT? WE ARE IX A position to furnish capital to merits leus enterprises. AA'e can sell your stocks and i-r.ndt oulck'.y on commisasion baiiis. Monev advanced on gootl eecurlties Corporations organized and financed. KAATZ & CO.. Hol Tacoma BJdg.. Chicago. FFn'SICIAX lYAN'TEIWV'KHJ, LIVE GERMAN physician, at Ruckley. PL. loo ml. south of Chicago; iarre Aierto.ari contrregat Ion ; good big business right from the start assured to right party. Address any German Lutheran, or come at once atlj ptok over the ground. : TO THE" SHRFAVir"pIrsTNEFS MANOR WOM-an with only $10 In cash to invest who can pay out a month In return for a solid, snbs-anttal securltv the SHOW ME" attitude of the man 'FROM MISSoFRl" should prompt vou to answer thljcc.mmutjjjstj.--n. Address G T '-4 Tribune. : AY ANTE.) ' ' Rt jiersons. S50A-SP0!V each, to enter going mfg. company ah ut to reorganize. Can show earnings of larg-e or. portions. This is legitimate. Address J 1 , T Ti hun e. HAVE TO INVEST AYITII SERVICES MAN- ager - r ,-fhce man and enrresp- nU r.t : nine vears Cxiw-rli-nct: i-refer a sn.all concern that Is in rut and has established business: advertiser Is married "1? n il" ve,rsef age Address .1 1S2 Tribune. : MONTHLY" MAGAZINE. ESTARLTSHET I years, g.aod money maker, can be bought rea-B'-nfible price; small cash i.avment: owner has other hus'neas and must sell immediately. Ad -dregs K 411. Tribune : GRi "'illlY STORE." GO,riIa NORTH ILE l.O- cat:,;;; wll aili-w you to handle en ah lore en-Miirh to -rove this place clearing $1.1rt mcr'h; poia- ?1.; title. guaranteed. Vol "NO 115 Ltnrharn-st., Ror-in 4R. 'F A L ERS " ANP PSFHS SA ViTmONW oI'AI.LA Maximum Expansion Books "he rnost eitpAnslve. yet least expEnslve! h REI-.l Really "PTatlying" Sample Sheets! FREE! OPALLA I., i I. n. i. 20 Reach-ajv.. I'hlcago 1.A Ami. tyil I t fEC'PRE INTEREST I"xVeT.L establlsheii manufacturing business: monev to be !, f,; ex,'nsion; iH.,sit:on if desired. Address P. ..01 Tribune For S ALK a'.LD ESTABLISH EI LIME LATK and cement business at I, .a Angeles caI ; owner wish.s t retire Apply to S K R A EM ER . la .-an Pedro-st . L a Angeles Pal : MON FY CAN RE MALE TP.M.I.NC, IN AVHE A"T -n-.v method. Risk sma'l Amount required. Jui to SI 2.1 : out , - f t wn a -c - unts a specialty G. AA P.HOC, A FT .7Pj Traders' Rids Chi A T IE A N 1 ' T I M I: E R P R RS ER V I X I ;" rnT v A X f"S to ee'l ?2a.ii preferred sa ck, preferah.'v "to a railroad man. who can sell ties, handle rates etc Address Cairo Tie Fres-rving Co.. Cairo, i;i F. R SA LE V'l'lAR ""STORE A X D I'd", L PiTTT.m': g .d bus:ness and rine fixtures: must sell as go-lrg lot,, the wholesale business: a fire opp.,rtu- r.lty for a ogaraoaker Cull :it RAO E S.'ith St : STATE AND COPXTY RKSHTS FOR SAI.E ON two if the best se'P'r.g articles on the market; proms t ail in person. Agents wanted. 1 -a c- ,r Of arborn , NEVADA MINK OWNERS' ASSOCIATION'. EX- i lusive promoters . f Little Fl,,:, r-e" 015-924, Cl.:cag k Ex-- barge lal-.ig . l-boaago 1,1. WILL' PAY ' CENTS "PER SHARE F R Z, IV H shares Pittsburg G ,ld and Tur.gsttn stock. Ac-dress H.'!21 Tr!b-:r:e ' ; W A NT PRIVATI-1 PARTY TOP A TP" NT AND t.rotn-atrt t o gold nil'ies Ailress H ,'IM Tribune. : STOCKS AL BO.IDS LET PS KNOW WHAT YOF WANT IN THE way of an invesrn ent : we ha e stocks, Mollis, an-i real estate for saie an-1 t-a -ra le. S.-n i f ,,ur l:.-t and see if there ii anvthir.g in ;t that interests you. AY. G. LOOM IS ,AL- CO.. nr.4 M ar.a in, ck Ri -ck"". aIlk'H ivm'striai. bl'sinkss located in cv-l.-aco with fl .hVi iVn'i auth. rized capital, wl.i se : a llrrtte-l ati-a-ant of treasurv stock Individ ua as w-R h ?1 .o" o t-a o. mi -an ne-ure particulars : to, t-,,kia: Address E F SM T- lbune WANTETiL BROKER TO Pl7ACE 'T.AROK bl -ck , f Ft-.a. k with small ir.v-- , s-ate wnn v.. or facilities are to receive reply. Ad irtss J 1?5, Tribune j BULI)IG MATERIAL, for "sale cheap r. :, ooo feet psed white pir.e lumber- from grain eieva:ors. WESTERN WRECKING AXD LUMBER CO.. 3S1 and Wer.torth-av Tel Yards 1275. RFI ! . r K R S.' A TT E NT 1 0 N F T V E SETS""STOCK plans $,A, or to crder. $R"o residences cottages -a o fit's, or stores; ca.tap.g-ue. ?? cents. FFRLFTY H T.F Arch't. 0O2 Atwood Bldg. LP-"MR7FR ANP AITLL WORK OF'EVKYtY' PEN S'rlr-'ian lwt-r r-riee tier r.ur estimate. CHICAGO HORSE WRFCKTNO C'YMPANY. S.".-h and Ir,,ii-sts Chicago. LEGAL NAJTICES A.VU l'UOl'OSALS. Xo'iiCE" oE SPECIAL MEETING OF THE STOCKHOLDERS OF THE GLOBE STEREOGRAPH COMPANY. TO THE STOCKHOLDERS OF THE GLOBE STEHOGKAPH d .'MRA.NY IT, EASE TAKE NOTICE, that on the third day of February, tlx S. at lt a. m.. at the office of AY'. S. Found, lo4 M, mr,ie-s: . . Chicago, thero .-II he held a special meering of the stockholders of the above corporation for the pury-ose of considering a proposition of selling and conveying, all the property rights, real and personal, nai.-nt rights copy-riiftta. jriv lieges, gaol w ill. and franchises of this company tr) the Stereo. Travel Oou.iiany, a stock corporat Ion d.uly organized and existing under an -1 by virtue of the laws of the state of New Yoi k. ergaged In I,u ;r.ess r f the same general rri.'irav-ter as ih - c,:-mpar.y. :r. n.-bier;i:it.,n of the transfer to this ron.par.v of the same number of Fhares of ca;.-ita! stock of the Stereo-TraTel Com-panv as remains ours-nnding of this company, of the par value ,-,r' ytooou ench: and in fur;her con-si iera: ion of the pferpe- j ravel Cotr,pany agreeing and assuming to pay all the outstanding debts and liabilities of this company. -Also far the purpose of removing for cause as rrPc-.-r and director the present incumbent of the othie of Vice P'ret-i-l. r.t an I Treasurer of this company, and for the transaction of such other neces-Eiry business as may come bef,a.-e the meeting. IF TOP WA NT TO BPY OR SELL ANY RPSI-ness and want the best an I quickest s-rvlce erne to us. Cm. A. KENNEDY i CO.. State and PHh-sts FOR SALE FIRST CRASS NEWSPAPER route In weal-by locality: easily managed : fine opening f -r man with small capital. Address F 2s, Tribune, . PA INT ?TfR F. FiTSA I.EN FTAl.tsllEb j.alntirg and dec,,ra:rrr business: t-est on the N-rth Side. Call si'It Mor.trose-blv d., near Clark st . WILL SOME i XT! OF ME A NS ""PR EFER LADYl i-aln physician in a lvrT Isin buslr. ss . s 1 i t-1-1 large profps. honest methoda. Address H -"o'"'T'ribui:e. . FOR SALE CHEAP. CORNER GROCERY AND market: new stock new fixtures: sales. $4 f, s") I er w ill invoice Call to Franklin Mac-Voaeli ,v r. n re of AA'M ill'NPERSON : W A NT F D PART NT R I N" PI M PI To A" M E NT AND real e-tate i fIce: R years' exr,erience: good busi-nc-s man with $.,.Mt cash; making got.d money, G o Ct-ffalas ,vi Co. ."Ill S H ! Chlcn go III encft.lent" r"psi"ness openings" kxistTn the siulhwest: f- r details and literature address Industrial Department. ROCK ISLAND-FRISCO I IVES St Louis FoR sa ALE-FIRST ( LASS WEST SIDE SA- l or.. Irauar, three theaters; one of -be best lo-aia-ns In city, go.vl reason for selling Ad-d ' s H "I4",. Trlbt:re -l"Tf.A "VE" ASrC Hi h" ."Srs'TEAM HEATED II.TteT paving ? :.i per ic.o. for five years' lease; what have o n to trade' w,uid like some business. A',":r,ss F T 1'rlbune ; FO R S A I. E $2. E A Tl , N 7S THE EI 7i "WER sh- p vf. La. ks, n -biv d : this sp.endi-i lms:ress f-r sale ini'iii iirtr f. .ck fixtures and everything :is It s'ae-Ls: reas-.n rerlremert: n.vlrekers P A RTNER " WA NTEI" Tc'iT ST COk" A Xl MAM. ate Siau-liern dairy farm: milk 1-12' gaib-n: inve-t 1 oje always gr.n field. Address G II 432 T'ibune j I WILL SELL Ilr:e-y busines sh p ;ln l vv .rkt t -a .I-1 a ,1 1 ross W A NTETRE; in or i:ear Iolu good, location. MY WELL ESTABLISHED M 1 L-. at a sacrifice; perfectly eou;pped rr. : Insurance just renewed, fine I 40"i Tribune : TARRANT AND I.r.A'i'H R , have cash; am willir. to pa Address F. T. SCHWAMP. M PI Tito FOR SALE st, re a r. 1 bus! st...-k , f Tj-urt. 'V ag 'P. as. , ; - F1 R P A LET X A A NT OF DEATH. PAINT less estar,,ished 2i vars, cnnipie'p wail i.upir. class. tcJls. h,,rse ar.4 n- CHAXCMS I AY A NT A H !': a w ei! pav inec A.'..L-e.s Kj: Y A X I! F V A : ' be cb'ip:'. 's ' ' I s : AVIPH .?' a w e.-K a s I Ft -ft e:;. 'Ire, R DELI c A T ESS E.N t state price and particulars NY ESI s k' 22! IX (R)D, mn.-c- ssarA- Tr'btir.e LE- Sitl- ; ; I x o h 1 1 ck and Pa r g f r co A. B SKEET.S. Secretary NoTP E op P'T.FCT'oN t rh.T. f . -a I.e-q -f RoseRtM i-enie'erv: V.-l .--!-( ,P hr M K;-k or e of f e O.ree ; -.. oes i f -he -'Safety'. or L it Owners' Fund" of the PD se-!' cei,e-irv. has ,'a-i. a-d w h .- i :1 o thet.-rrn of of Charles F Cray ar.-l Fran is Ps.-fih r the t -v o re-oal' 'tir trustees ,-f said furc los exoire-1 N.av t r er.d ore take notloe -iat or. the loth rlnv, f Pehrilaa-v. A D R'Os at the lour r f 2 ,Vf I,-., k r. n; -e.r-c, will be b. e ; at 'b' ' tl c f s a I d Cor; i a n -at 171 la Sal e s'. pow-T.s 711-712. a nee-Ogof tv-o Tit , vvr.ers f said R- sehlll Cerue-ery- f r t'ne ourp se ,,f ele"'.:rg three lor , wrers f sai-1 TP se po, ' Ce-r, te-ra- t- Pe ar-i ?er-e as trus-.'a s ,f said 'S if, tv. , r'Re t t c.v nets' p-und " f said R s--h':l ''o;;e--o- f, r a teria - f six years. ir until theii e e'e--t--,I and ouall cider f the L'-a-1 if Managers. A RTIO'I: Aa- A-pIRCoTl v'.ri-'ury : TlaTTw A"r7s P' 'R I iUv'TR!1 '1.1' PH T ' I I'lJil'--oRTH I'ARIv CoMAirSsI. 'NERS pr-,p.s,-r:s will be rere;ed hy tY:e S-uth Pirk Omm'.-s: rei- at. tbe r fti.-e r-T'h-st. a r.l iv e.i'i Orove-av . tir.'il aioe o',-:-',;k r - r VAeir-ylav l--b T. 1 f- r arr-rax-iT.are v r.'i d- z'-r, e'c,o'-',- :i-h- cl. b,.-. Si-,-ih -a-'ors and ,,-r.-r lif rnat: n n av Ye b-a red at - above . jn ,.o..,. Tilt r:gh i-1 raa-.I ; ''-lee- anv V-.';"to' ; r l sa s.-ITH i' V TP. -' MNll-.-l' X XIC'TICE""t'"i "A O. -t CA'T.l NTS The ODv of s- ulh Miiiv.i ake- has called f-T bids f,,e i via irlr, the I Rs , f ao.-ourt ar.d r--o rds , f n".1 ci'v. The oflb-i ,1 bid is being publish, d In ih-t nt'Tdal rapr. S.-uth Ml'wankee .P'urnal. Rids w'll'l I e re.-dve.-l until F-R 4-'n Us - S o'clock j. ro A our Ills a-e y ;:i'r-,l. r'a iui, paiiou- rrs cornmuulo.ate w 1th ll-. un.iersigreoa r .,utn v .VI. i.j. t .N ia 1 I , 1 j . CLv Clerk. LAWYERS. ,T T t AAA" o-ASE? AND ClT.LF.fTIONS. STJ-A " me-hois highest ref.; assured results. Jo-p:,'AN ADJPSTMENT "', o l.;4 NP r.r e ClVo.GO CLAIMS IMMFAXY. IN.'iilliTRAf- V e-s' c'ass ia vr a'! courts i fide.-.tial C.,U a"pe-:a:-v PI! R.i!ia-ar3!f Yo'-NG L AAYYER AVILL DO A LIMITED it-' -f legal w rk f-r experience without . T". . s ,; s. ,J " -:-:;.. W"'crPFS IRANPLFD CARFFPI.I.Y. CONFI-c'entiallv THOMPSON MO 7'". Dearb -rn-st : c" c'MVRcll FXPFPfiN.-EO I. AAV AND .!. .1- COl'LE EU-MIV r.d R.r kers. Estab IS' 3. i ii' ' k - r tar:! Issue A F can Pe P tight ch-ao for & F iRSTT 2.11) x. Clark-st. iyS PEMS DEVISED" AND ;; 17 vears' success. ROD-Trd Ha : ris-an 2Q71 : for 11214 ANTS oTTSlDE C RTC A PR a W A NT IX' 1 e e-r redu---e st-'i-k for cash can do so to good ca by addressing for particulars. H '525. ST APR. A N T ELEGANT 1'PT- fb . ch ir- l",-,-;n n: X'-rth Clark : r.n- -e-ce:- s .f'i" daily: show ;-..-ks-. see GOLSEN KINS' -X A- c - j:n iiis.ii:.-st Foil " SALE -FINE "l 1Ti -RTPMTY TO OFT In'a co .e. yb -r. b'uslness: wea piu::;i-ai i-.fhce and a .- od 'Tass . f clir-v s. Aol-c s K 4.'l4 JT-bure : FEE STERCHIE CO "pci OR HoTI-lRS R. VIM - TNG AXD BOARDING P'OPSES BUSINESS DEARRORX-ST. " LilR AA ITH" ABOUT" Kin) FOR bui-iress pn-pi-sition ; no agents. Tribuno : THY INIe Have IN THE WHOLESALE O Chicago pR : ATE SHoP PE ST o A A 1 I.L START' biscui -race wr.e us , - iVs0'K ' V.t'-K & P XPERT ME' " I PAN ;c I'RIY an-i :i:Tr sre-c:H:ties a es mr.ueis special'n . r, r.t -.r int i R I-Ti 'P'H 4T4T. t -urn poll FAT.E OT.D FlsTAPI.IfHEIi TAILf'RING business; must lae citv. Ad.dress H o!2, Tritun : i-OIt SALE. "XLY PP1FG STORE TOWN 500: large territ.-ry: full prsce: paying business. Ad-dr.-s-- Rox 1 2i AYillianisfleld. RP FOR SALE SMALL HIWi'KKl: KI.EGAXT -PEST A I " R A NT AND LUNCHROOM !r!sFl'u Tr Ve r.e : WHOLESALE LIQUOR business: account si, -kness H. A . HUiT.MA.NN, 71.', Teutonic Building. J Fl R S ALE-DRY- G' e D. AND N- TR .X STORE: fleam heat: rent SIS; living rooms. 2T,4 Cot- age Orove-av : W A XT ED MERITOKiot-s SPECIALTY A"R pa-.n-- will back and market; particulars. Address J 4 SC. Tribune : FOR S A LE MILLIN ERY STOKE .N NORTH SI I-e eld selling L". For sale H j'ACK.iaN-FLYD , New and 2d 2a and wir.E machines; all kinds repairing by expert. tf . r"7 "'es and hut! ts f - ci m, h:nrs vtlTpPaTHEAP WHEELER. YY1P.ON WM'e sewing machines; .eavlr.g c:ty. iO.O PLUMBERS SUPPLIES. VVaRGL. "2.-4T W. HARRISON. CHICAGO On' v house selling up to care guarantee, p.ui Vo. ... at wh- lesa'e dlrec-. send -orata.oi ? b --- . r. r-iATp- Pt t'AfRt limb- cue A.-a wei'esa:e TO n:c c-oov. . - - .o -o. niH N H A F.PTN k, cen'tir-.- a' 4M.A ' ottaite Grova. WATCHES. JEWELRY. ETC. KLrMY HANI 'SOME DIAMOND M:rs carRt.- pendant; chtap. Addr. ss J 362. lVX?rti RR. I'OSTAiE STAMPS. COINS. ETC. c'I-IpV and' COLLECTIONS FOUGHT AND - ;ei. p. M. ffoli-e-T. i'Jl S"L earbora B.dg.: AA-; "1 re of.- NO SERVICES NORLCS3: Ad ress J oi14 Tribune ; I ININ'C, R.'m -M FOR RENT, (al 1 b l i bYaR SALE Can-br'-lgc H. te' 114 Pearbormav mpst"sell'g a r A GP of other business N.-rth f'-de ca-h. FT.'RI11 STo.'K SELLLNt; I c r: lue r ed c- -mplet' KIN. :;o2 Dearborn IF YOI' WANT A OOOD if'i'to RESTAURANT for S27.0 tail and see us any evening or Sunday. A. II PETER. A CO . 4. '4 PT. 4:ld-st. GEO. PP"' PI'-ER". CORPORA I RiN LAWYER. tlol Plymouth Bldg . charter headquarters, spa-ciaitv So Lak and 2d hand Illinois. FOP: SALE CIGAR STORE; fTxTPRES. P'TOI. tin! liii:ard tatits. and lunch i-fnr.:.r "Utflt at Vf-rv Tav price; must e,. A-ldress F .T-iS. Tribune.: M"y'I VE 1 1 TI . IN' i W OR K BR INcr S" P A Y I N G r-'S-itis to present eus-tomers. If y.aj are not ge"r:g -eturr.s address K 1". Tribune. ; FOR F APE-TEA. COFFEE. AND LIGHT GRO- rt-rv : new st ck ; wlT invoice, old s'and; leaving cl" ' EJ"--lr!l Abrf? H S22 Tribune. ; yTi'V CAN BE T R 11 Ac' PER GaaoD SALARY, and have bankable soarilv; for O1" Ira. ernent and 2'A per a-r. income Address II 4.:o Tribut e A"Vioon" r .RfiNING FOR A PH Y'SICT AX;"OLD es;ab" sped stand: six roams, all light; will divide FISCHER. lth and State.;a. : GOOD"" PAYING CI'lAR STORE NEAT "LITTLE pi.iee. ve,l located in Pop; bargain for cash Iaor dregs H A H77. Trlbtin. wXNTEI LAI 'Y AA' I ill floo TO INVEST IN pav im i-usir-ess for herself. Address G C 32.'. Tribune : F 'P. "PALE- -THRFE TO FOp-R CAN MILK place far chickens, rer.t cht ap. Ad it-., ss f W. Fi 'R F .ARE- d -Ar.t--r.: .- r. g . e a s e O LT. ESTATE L i S 1 1 1TI eatablishe-l business; g-oo.i reason for F . G E RKI-J oW aha sh a v . ; BASS F ,1'NPRY '"EN i RAL; 5, new euuipment; S'PXl Address I in;. : F' -R S V LE" A FIRST CRASS RESTAURANT ,lT1 s: -,,5, - g.- i P earl n ,,r a thln---ce restaurant r i"n American Otli 1"1 E. 1-Sth-et. Hours. 9 to 2. : P A YIN'l- LIGHT MANUFACTURING BUSINESS f-r t-a'e STjV. cash, inv t tigatb: n invited. Aden -ss J :;44 Tribune : Ft" f s -VI 7E A B UT J-S'-"; RILL I A RD. R' 'OI c;'c irs. elegant fixtures; best South Side business ,l'v-'.-: ' Ad" Ire' -I 2-"-'P T-inunr- : W . NTEP -"ETENO'. R A PH ER TO PURCHASE - s' ab' . ubo.c situ, s utficc. Ad- diesJc Tribune. : F, ,R s ALE RESTAUR A N'T LOCATED AT KED- o,. ,T'rir,1:f(.T c,r . r,rfi ra 'e LM W ATsd'sor-st : jiCf H EATER f 973""7 SHFOR QUICK S a"L"e7; si, kr.ess Addres J T-Hburse. t INVENT $' AT ON'CR ON ACCOUNT Address H 2P4 Tribune. ; ANDY FOR S ALE- tl "STAKES WHOLESALE '"Al route- ?ouh Side Address K 121 Tribune. j.,.. INVESTED IN NEAA' AT"TO MFC, co WILL pay you la:pe returns. Addrss K i 244. Tribur.e.j Rf-.j LR skTa tTnGP. i N K CHEAP IF TAKEN' 'a- , n-e CaT even:-r" 4'"7-f Ogden av - FOR SAI 'K FREE Rv .- FA' -BARGAIN st-'re 4 -' ' -TORY-SITES" eg. A d I re s K PAR CONFECTTOX--age Grove-av GARY T '"irTRKT; TO. Tribune ; S A Lfl H AIRI'R ESSIXG PARLOR, r7cEXT THEATER FOR SALE OR RENT. ST. W. North-av. i BCSIXESS CHAXCES. yiiiimi iNAE. . ilEN'T, REARING 7 1FP. CENT PRFF Pt.I-.EI; WILL ALSO SUAKdlN FllofP" or" AN EXCEEDINGLY PF.OI-TTA PtLFl Miyi-T, PFSINESP RV CHICAGO. 1 1 1 IT 1NAESTOR CAN HAVE SA LA P.I ED POSITION AND CAN RE PRE FROM COM PAN. Villi MONEY REFUNDED IF .NOT SAT SITED S. W WINN. 79 PEAKBORX ST. PI ION" E CENTJ non. FOR SALE-ONE L.AT. t.X14't; MPST SELL AT once because wile Is in bad health: one nice big grocery store, stock worth; p"o,l well water, nice front yard, anil nice front toes: nice big schisol building twa blocks north of it: worth tt'0. Ansivirr at once. Address WALTER ? 'HEI. I.PTPb. care of Fort" Worth Teh gram. Fort Worth. Texa s. AX' ESTABLISHED AA' HOLE. A LP! HOUSE. th-.rt ughlv rganlzed. coverlrg IB states and doing a profitable business of about $...i.i,'iV per annum, will Increase Rs present capital $2o."," to ex:erd its . utput: inly those with the highest creden'la Is c i ne i d ered. A tld res a H Zhl. Tribune.: I OWN PATENTS GREAT R A I PRO AD INVEN- tlon. steam turbine game b.ird. rock crusher and rolls Avater wheel; investigation solicited; will s.-i; or make honest deal for mar. uf act urir g and fcreiftn patents. FRANCIS H. COOK. V)'. I 'ea rborn av. I HAYE A PATENT FOR A CHOCOLATE cooling machine and a patent perdii g for a chocolate dipping machine with fifteen basic claims; this is the latest patent for chocolate dipping machinery; I want a man with capital to help put them o ntb jr. ark et. A d dess E T.4 Tribune : A GREAT INVESTMENT IN THESE MONEY flurries; great opportunities present themselves to men w ith monev. I have a business which can be made to yield unusual dividends; it'.safe and sure: Interested small or large investors can learn full deta 1 1 s hy writing. A d ' 1 re as J O 2ii0. Tribune. CIGAR STORE NEWS DEPOT. FIRST CLASS downtown location; good fixtures; well stocked: owner has three other siores:. .compelled to sell one; price J5O0; title guaranteed. YOUNG. 11'. Dearbom-st.. Room 410. 6TOCK CERTIF1CAES BONDS SEALS THE INTERSTATE CORPORATION RECORD contains organizing proceedings, bylaws, stock register, transfers, dividends, stock ledger J W. MIDDLETOX & CO . 1"7 DEARBORN-ST. RESTAP-RAXT AXD LUXCHROOM: GOOD loop location: well equipped: you can handle cash few- days; if you find it is not clearing $15 day yoa can have It for nothing. Price Jl.l'VA; title guarantee, YOT'XG. Roo m 4 10, MS Peejirh orn st. FOR SALE-STOCK OF HARP WARP Ivx-RX-torying Jo oofi . doing a business of .15.(XV annually; located between 20th and. 30ih-8ts . AA'ent-w-orth and Cottage Grove-avs. : reason for selling. sickness. Ad dre ss X .-jTa. Tr 1 bun e. : 4 ROOAf "YFPP FPRMSHnpHOTFI, FILLED with first class people; clearing S40O monthly: North Side, w-alklng distance If looking for something good See this PT.ORIX & FORST. Bush Temple. Phone Xrty0 WE ARE NETTING fsocj. ANNT'APLY' ON OFR capital, manufacturing necessities; desire good man take charge office and shipping while we rush in the orders- .7 .w cash and references required Lnlj'.Gi"o57Tri bune ; M AN WITH ORDINARY" BUSINESS IDEAS C A N secure position in estaldished heating supplv l!ne at $7.1 monthly; must have $1 .-.fiAt cash; can buy Interest or loan money at K'"; strictest Invfstiga-tion teslred Address H 3:W Tribune : FOR .ALE-JEWELRY STORE; REASON FOR elllng. death in family: must' leave Chicago; stocks and fixtures Invoice S2,Oto; Rase to run 2 yrs : cleared . OtVt in last II vrs. - will reduce ptock. Call AN'. M SHFR.NOFF 12i E. lxth-st. ; WHAT ORI-'MlNti HAVE YOI" FOR HONEST. steady man. 14 years with present company. saRs and corresi on. lent e, having .1 "ft t-a S2, Vm ar.d Sf rvi'-es' No agfs. Address V 2fi. Tribune, ; FORTH DAKOTA. OKLAHOMA CHARTERS; all states' companies organized a-o'I financed; corporation law a specialty Write for terms. J MOFFITTl'l 4 t'nity Bldg . fh!cago. FOR S A LPT A WINE MEG BUSINESS SHOYV-lng large p,r-fits; established trade: wil. Invoice; only little money needed. Address G E 412, Tribune. : SURE REMEDY- FOR GALL STONE RECIPE for valuable preparation for sale; owner Is wil'-Ing to be working partner In the business. Address J ."4.Y Tribune : PARTNERS WANTED. AVTTH SOME GOOD partnership In archi-" ARCHITECT," 2a 2 WISH TO iTiRRESPONT head draftsman. I'esire tectural prar-loe. Address Bee Bldg. . omaha, N'eh SINGER LADY WITH $4m AS PARTNER: interest in first class saloon and restaurant; Inside Loop: best location in city; long lease. Ad-dress K 2.14 Tribune. : PARTNER WANTEIP-FOR PHUT'i NOVELTY mall order business: enormous money maker; best chance ever offered a partv with $2, "' Address H ?SA. Tribune. WANTED-PARTNEFt WITH J2.IV"'0 TO INVEST In manufacturing business: do not need to invest until results are proven. Address J 11.1 Tribune. : 1'A RTNER WITH not"" WAN'TEIR STOv'K comnany; lucrative business; best reference. Address J 4-12 Trlb une ; PARTNER WANTED - A GERMAN SPEAKING buslr.-s- man with $I,.,.i; big p.rop.ts. AJdrefs K 0.0. TrlV'une ; WANTED-MAN WITH $.1ii AS PAPiTNER IN paying we kiy newspai'er; one with some txp.-rl-ent-e p. eferrcd Aridress .1 C4 Tribune. : PARTNER WANTED-LA PIES" TAILOR AND cutter; best North Sid. location; must Invest. R r i 'X 242 N. State-at. : A LADY AATTH CAPITAL AND EXPERIENCE wants partner with capita! for r.e theater doing elegant business. Address F 2K4. Tribune. : IXSTRl CTIO!-. FRENCH RT A NATIVE PARISIAN '. ' SPANISH by a native Castilian. GERMAN by a native Hanoverian. All univerltv trained teachers. HEATHCOURT'S LANGUAGE SCHOOL, 4f2 N. Clark-st. THE BERLITZ SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES. ';HI-cago. Auditorium. Congress-st : n P'ni-versity Bldg Chkago-av Pupiis h-ar ar.d speak the new .antruage exclusively from the b. ginning. Trial less- ns free FIRST c"l.ASS"PIANO I N ST R : P C I' I o N" BYPITI L OF THEOD. LESCVIETIZKY' OP VIENNA; BEST ORPORTFNITY FOR ADVANCED PLAY-EPS: TERMS REASONABLE. ADDRESS F L ?'al. JFrlbune. : LADIES-BE SELF-SUPPORT 1 XG OUR FREE catalogue explains how we teach ha!rdrcas:n. manicuring. facial massage. elec'ridysis. cht-r -v-ady in few weeks: tools Included. Call or write Moler Coliette. 4:;.' AA'abash-av I.O.' tail EAN ('.ITIOIAX: MAKE flu' A WF.KK: dav night, and ccrresrandence courses-: degrees, diplomas. DR. CAMFIELD. Oculist and Aurist, president Chicago College of O. and O. . 31 Wash- JiL ft - a : B L" SI N ESS PR 1-11 ' A R A TO R Y SC H i l )L.TR A I N - ING DEPARTMENT BI'SINESS WCMAX'S EXCHANGE. Atwood Bldg , n. w. cor Madison and Clark-sts. Tel Main 1702. Dav and evening. STUDE'NTS AXD A PR RENT I OPTS - f -O I . E AR N ha-lrdresslng. manicuring and facial treatment; taught In lessons: position secured M. THOME Hair c.i--1s. 1(112-13 Hey worth Bldg-. : EY'ENING CLASSES MAI'INERRO PCHOOI Facia! massage, bairdressing. m:-u icu-ing electrolysis. S'dent ideally taugiit: positions guaranteed J".rAYHj:hlrgi'an-st M ANDOLfST AND GUITA R l VlXSCIENTR tUS instruction; yavur success depends upon systems taught starting Address G o 41c, Tr: bune R A c, TIM E P I A NO F LAY I N " I 'OS Fl "I A'EITY taught any person In P ta 2i' lessors: catalogue rnaPd fr. e. CII R1STEXSEN .".IS S Werr.-av. NATIONAL SCHOOL OF LA NGU A GES. "T''4 K. Xorth-av - PIngllsh Germ . p"r, neh: native teachers. Day ,ar evening: Sundays Fi,m. Trial week free: XIG'HT COURSE KFRCH1'1R""SCH('1 'l" of MA SS A 'J E AXD MEDICAL GYMNASTICS. Dept D. Ls;h and. In'Rama jay. ABSOLUTELY SCIENTIFIC " MASSAGE taught bv expert; reasonable; either sex. Address F F22"'. Tribune. - TEACiiT R - PiAN'i ; SHERWool I'FPIL. Experienced . Mai'le-st. ar.d Deariv- rn-av ; will take few pupiis at low ra: Address J 42tt Tribune: EX PEP. I E NC EI LA DY TE A C I I E R 7l UST FRl NI F'arls gives French Rs..s,;rs. Address J 443, Tribur e : REINFORCED CONOR CTE DESIGN AND coN-s! ruction : evening c.asses; t-jl-.ion low. Address F 11" Tribune ; ! TEACH FRENCH. GERMAN. ITALIAN; SKN-sible. tjuick method; reasonable. Address K271. Trlburn : EARN WAGES WHILE -st . K..,m .12. .MAKING, $1 TELEGR A PHY' COME. eamlng. I . P. Telja. La .-a LE AH N M I l.L I NERY AND'D R E a week. m.-doaa ell s 41 State-st. E NG I N EE R PNG DRAFTING . M ATI! TAPG HP jri'lvotely by chief engineer. R. 771. 2P1I Zji S.t.le. f XI VERSA L COLLEGE OF MUSIC SHERIDAN- r-C. Irvun I'k-bl d tojfo monthly cat a ie goes : STUDY LAW. MEDICINE. DENTISTRY PHAR7- mact. Begin now Night Fniv erslty .'-Ta Welie st : ARTIST" F liiiM viexx a "av ill give lesPo n s In water c-.l- r art AddressJ R22 Tribune : ASSAYING. CHEMISTRY. PAY OR EVENING instruction: laboratories 17HR Monadnock P!dg. IT AT I A N FRENCH. SPANISH" FIG. NORTI.I TYPEWRITERS ANO SIPI'LIES. BARGAIN LIST SPECIAL THIS WEEK: 1 Underwood $33 Ct) 1 Ur.tierw-d. new.$,VJ 2 Olivers 2( 00 1 Oliver, like new 41) 2 New Cer.turys. . . 17 50 1 NT C . like rew Re, 1 Remington 32 ou 2 Rem'g'ons like new 60 1 Smith Premier... Is 'ita 3 Sml'h IT . like new. lis 4 Liensmores 17 .aO 1 I 'ensm-are. like new. R.' 1 No. 8 Callgraph. 13 i' 1 Fox like new 2$ 1 No 4 Williams.. ls.Ot 1 Hammond. like new. 3'J The Ty,ewriTer Exchange ill'.' Pear biarros t. IF YOU AVANT" THE REST BARGAINS IN Actual factory rebuilt typewriters st competition prices, come to us- Investigate: be convinced; a l makes rented anywhere: lowest prlcea. Telephone Central M14. 3y Dearborn-t.. Rebuilt Typewriter Company. REBUILT TYPEWRITERS CF ALL M"a"KEsT Jin to C0. repairs made promptly W F ilc- lHj.NALL & Co 20S Pa Salje-st Har. 271 S"PECIAI.--TYPEWRi"TEPLS RENTED THREE months for $5, American Desk ar.d Typewriter Co 1 S Tiearb-.rn. UXPERWOt r. MONARCH fT.IYEF. " REM Trial ar.vwh.ere: cash cr time: rent $2 and up. W A WHITF.H EA I"- art La Salle Tel Main .'AlA RENTALS. .1 MOS . $5: FEN'TA.NYWHFRE: EX-I-ert ret airir.e. Typewr'ter H-irrrs . 2,7Dear' rn . PF.T.LH A I. F PR. 'TE X " N c S F f ." A' I F I : B L E wV) RTH $C.o ors ..rP.- .."-Aca ,T .14 -r,..v,.. PRINTING. HIGII GRADE PP.INTING-WE ARE NOT cheap printers, but do our work . ur BEST work at a reasonable price Let us.rove ur claims. Write us or phone Harrison 37'm. Our representative w lli call. 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RILE Runabout, curve dash: onlv. LOCOMOBILE. 3,-, h. p.. Limousine, liks new; cost $ti.iMH); two bodies 2 MONARCH Runabout, light, powerful car; in Rood condition: cost $700 STEA EXS-DURYEA. late model; like new; cost $2.5o0 1 OLDS Ml") RILE". " jYte'rnodVr touring' car. ' 35 h. p. fullv eaulpoed: cost $2.7."o 1 BPICK. 1H07 motlel; perfect condition REO touring car, like new FRANKLIN. 4 cylinder, light touring car. detachable tonr.eau; cost $1 600 NEW WAYNE 2 cylinder. 14 h. p.. touring car: cpst il.oiMi AITOCAR Touring, side entrance, top, glass front; perfe,-; condition; cost $2.". . AlTfKlAR Tourir.g, top. lamps, etc.; cost $1.W N 'RTHERN Runabout, newly painted ; good condition WAYERI.Y Chelsea Electric, like new; cost $1. .. Al'TlV.iR, side entrance touring car; 2 cylinders, sliding gear, shaft drive; cost $2 'i price POPE TOLEDO. 3.'. h. p.; top, lamps, and full equipment: thoroughly overhauled; cost J.'PfVi: on 1 v . ". EAT AT .000 1.25C 1.600 2.000 230 200 500 2"0 00 2V) 350 175 000 140 200 100 7 SO 600 400 600 500 400 150 4X) COO SOO MORE BARGAINS. USED AUTOMOBILES. '07 Ar person. ..0 h. p., oA-erhauIed and completely eouippcd: magneto. '07 Ruiek. Al shape guaranteed. ott st-jeidard Dayton, laridaulet, overhauled, condition perfect, repainted ; perfect town car. 'of- White steamer, overhauled completely, repainted. Brewster green ; hue looking. Ttft National. 40-4. h. p., 4 cyl.. repainted, and In good shape. AFTO CI.EARING HOI'SE, Phone 2D. o Har. 24' Michigan av. AtoinrobIes for Hire BY THE HOUR. We have the largest automobile liver-- In th- world: twenty-flve cars: highest grade machines: Thomas Fiver Alwavs open night and day. PRICES REASONABLE. COEY AUTO LIVERY CO.. 1424 M!chican-av. 1710-18 Indlana-ar. Calumet 1 r .2 Private exchange all department. TENNANT M0T0R LIMITED CHICAGO Peerless Agen's 14411 Michigan av.. ..ITer the folP v, ing bargains in use,! cars w hp'b are offered by oust oners, ill... have bought R"tS Peerless automobiles : one Made! K '" Wlr.tan. demi-llmauslne. entirely equipped; $1 07.0 Ore iimT six cylinder Ford; top. lamps, etc.; c- r.dlti--n first c.ass; $1 ".co One l:tt7 i'aekard Thirty touring car repainted, top lamos s;e,-,-.ii-fi. r seat covers. g!a5s front, sp'-ndid icr,ti'i-ti: ?:i 2"". One mod. 1 It'. Peerless, full equipment lamps, ard t - is- oveehau'ed and repaimed: .3 iiva X 'N- FI.P I Lv 1 'I LS -R FIST FOR wiXTF.R M". TORING; NOT AFFECTED FY HEAT OR CORD; NT V O N'ON-CA Rli 'NIZING CYLINDER OIL K-00 SPECIAL FoR TRANSMISSION K-000 FOR GREASE CUPS DIFFERENTIAL ETC NT Y. & X. J. LP RRli "ANT CO.. 60 AVAR ASH A Y. : I AjRT ABLEGAP.AGES7 ALL KINDS OF PORTABLE HOP'SES. KARR PORTARLE HOUSE CO.. 6-J3 B ELLE PLAIN E-AV L. V. W. : FtvR SALE 3" IP P LIMOUSINE CAR. KIM- bail body; seals five; run only l.Va. miles; g.'.-.d as new: win cemor.s-rale to ;,r"ve condition, cost $3,0i; sell 3L . Co. Address F 304. Tribune. : mobile t' EXCEPTl B-!r-p!. and NT Ha'sted St. NAR A'ARUES IN I'.-RD CARS. FEND FOR LIST TT-y-v ,c- t.- y x-n'-n--. CO ",'iit AA'abash-av Bargains in 2.1 hand cars woods motor, vkhti.e co , 140 ltl,'all-Atf Sr E'TAI. OFFER APT' CM iHILE RoRES. glass fronts, automobile ti ps RVRSoVS 70 AA" .P.eks.-n-hp.d 1 block west of rivr Har .'.4?S limS RTTCK ROA I 'STKR. TWO RODI ES? CPITE and open; run les.s than -TO miles; netd the money. .Ad dross G O 4.T3. 'Frl'-unc. : USEDAA'HITE STEAM CARS: AT. SO AT "vNAYELL runabout, a- a bargain. WEBB JAY" MOTOR CO.. 2.T;,5 State-st. F'Yr"sALF MITCHELL T'CRLNC, c ' R . O00D order: fullv eouipted: JT.'.X Addrcs J 114. Tri't ure. AUTO-; FOR HIRE COEY AI'TOMOPHE I.IV-ervc.-. 1T10 Irdiana-av Cain. e. 1042 FOR S . A I.E-OA I . I LI. A C COITH " NEW 1f,7 -:oe' - e- - e. e - , . p c A ,1 . Q r r " -n 'rt.v,. . RCPADSTER A T"AR A RG A 1 NN EW 4" ' " Yr.IX7-der .".' h , - f ' ' v 01 -a :oi d PP ,e e vvor; a.1 e..-. . STEAMSHIP LINES. Ocean .Auvluatluu. ACROSS THE ATLANTIC In 4 DAYS 1 HOURS AND 40 MINUTES. ALL RECORDS BROKEN FY THE OLD BELLA RLE CT"NAT.P I.INPT. ESTABLISHED lTO. NEVA- A" ' "IK R ' 'S TON O'TOAvx LIVERPOOL. THE NEW or.-AIlRUPLE SCREW TCRfdNE S. S. I.T'S IT A N 1 A AXD MAPRETANTA. 7T"i feet long. :.2 000 tons. 70 imhi H. P. Trpest fastest, and most luxurious :f essels. Have elevators, lounges, daily papers, and band. Passer. cer- lio- ke-i 'r.rourr t , L- n T r. ar t Paris. Campania. N. Y Sax nla Boston . I.PSITANIA N Y Pucan la, N. Y . . . 1 v ernla. I-i-as - on . . Ftruria N Y . . Carmanla N Y . . MA CRETAN! A P--b. 1 Feb. 23. Mi.r. 2S Mav 9 Feb 4 Mai. .1 Apr. 7 May f P'eb. h Mr. 21 Apr. in Mav 0 Feb. 15. Mar. 14 A r. S Apr". 2v p'eb. IS Mar. 24 Apr, 21 Mav p Feb. 22 Mar. 24 Air. 2.. May 2,1 May 2 Fet. Mar, May 30 Air 22 May 13 CANADIAN" PACIFIC EMPRESS LINE OF THE ATLANTIC Third ciass rates r.n Empresses: $2fi '0 Chicago in Liverpool $30 2. Chica , t-a Scandinavia $ ,3 2." ChP-ag v t Finland 137 CO Chicago to Hamburg R-erren Antwerp Rooms reserved Wr.te f :r ion C E BEN-IAMIN. Gen Agt . 232 S Clark-st . Chicago. 111. HOLLAND- AM ER !"" A LIN E XE W 1" 'K-ROTTERDAM via ROI'LCGNE. REDO'ED CAPIIN" RATES First cabin and up; sec r.d .bin $.'.. Tw Ifi-Screw Steamers 12 'if.-24. 1 To T-r.s. NOORLhAM Feb. STATENDAM Feb. 12 RYNDAM Feb. 20 XEAV AMSTERDAM. . ..Mar. 2f. POTSDAM Apr Holland-America Line lo ar. 22 Mar. 11 A Mar. IS A Mar. 31 Sl iv . Al r. 2D June 3 Mav 13 June 17 .10 T'earbe rr. -st l ' t ag j FC'R A SHORT A'OYAGE TO THE CONTINENT TAKE A GIGANTIC T AA' 1 X SCREW FLYER OF THE COMPAGXIE GEN" A LE T R A NS ATLA NTIQUE. FIRST CABIN. ONLY .... AND PPWARD5. Mar. 2o Apr. 23 Apr. 2 Apr 3. Air 13 May 14 Apr. ! May 7 71 pear', orr.-st. S. LAURA rew twin screw S. ALICE rew twin screw) Reasonable rates. For passage apply P HELP'S BRuS & CO . Ger.era. Aeni 2 N. Y. City "cTlark's'CPuise to the Orient, Feb. R. $4'V". and u; te'.s. drrV es. ec. F. J D O'LEARY. R' 70 lavs, i ?. CLARK. i a a . s Tim's P.'.-lg.. N. Y. CRra. ' LT LOW. EST RATES TO ALL PAH.. ' 'F t' RE. 4raf-.s. 151 E. Van Buren. opp depot. Lowltx : 10 A. M. .Mar. 24 .Mar. 31 .Apr. 7 Apr. 14 STEAJISHIP II.ES. Ooeuu Navltcation. NORTH GERMAN LLOY'D FAST EXPRESS SERVICE. I PLYMOUTH CH E RROU R G B R E M E N Kal-er Wm. II. .p'eb. 4 Kronj rir.z AYm I eclhe new Feb. IS Kaiser AYm. II Kaiser Wm II. .Mar. 3 Kaiser Cecille Inewl . . . . Mar 17 Cecii-.e tnewP. 1 VA IN SCREW PASSENGER SERA ICE. PLYMOUTH CHERBoUR'i-BREMEX l'A A.M. Barbar-.ssa Feb. 1 P Ruelcw Mav 21 P.arharossa A pr. 23 Rarbarossa May IS Lue-zcw Apr. ISi'iLuetzow June 4 Kurfuerst May 14 ; Bremen June 11 Bremen direct. MEDITERRAXEAX SERVICE. GIBRALTA R NA RLE S GENOA AT 11 A. M. CONNECTING AT GIBRALTAR FOR ALGIERS. K. Albert Feb. HK. Luise Mar. 14 Neckar Feb. 15 i 'Neckar Mar. 21 P Irene Feb. 2'UIK. Albert Mar. 28 Friedrich Mar 7 ! P. Irene Apr. 4 Omits Genoa. AROUND THE WORLD TOURS EAST AND WEST. NORTH GERMAN LLOYD EXPRESS LINE. MARSEILLES NAPLES ALEXANDRIA. GERM A N MEDITERRANEAN LEA ANT I.INB MARSEILLES GENOA VIA NAPLES TO THE LEVr A NT ROYAL ROUMANIAN"MAIL STEAMERS. CONSTAXZA CONSTANTINOPLE- SMYRNA-ALEXANDRIA. NORTH GERMAN LLOY'D TRAVELER 3' CHECKS GOOD ALL OVER THE WORLD. OELRICH3 & CO.. NO. B BROADWAY. N. T. H CLAfSSENIUS CO.. General Western Agents. 93 Dearborn-et. THE pf-CTi R'S CAR 4 CYLINDER. AIR cooled Aerocar roadster; special j rice $1 .Too. CoRNlSH-P'RIEPRERG MOTOR CAR. CO.. 1233 2ND HAND " A UTos GUARANTEED'; LIKE new. Send far our illustrated atal- gue. Calumet iv.:;. Nyberg Auto Works. 2437-30 I " SEP" CARS HiKAF- " In price only. Ail are good; most are guaranteed -he same as a new car ORLANDO F AA" PI R E R oca. 1 324 Mjchigan-av SEVERAL' NEW AND SLIGHTLA- USED CARS. different makes at about HALF PRT'E. C ,n-ditlrn GUARANTEED or MONEY REFPN'DED. TEMPLE AUTO en,. 1221 ML 'HP LA N- A A'. OLE".' IT. Ac D M' 'R CAR '",, CHICAGO BRANCH CALT'MET M4 1470 M 1 'HTG A N-AV. ' LARGEST D E AT PT P. - IN NEW AND SECOND hand autos in the w-.r!i." Times So. Auto Co., lr.PP-1 .Ol Rr-.-tdway N Y:30,-3!l Mich -av. Chi. A FULL AS-ORTMENT OF SLIGHTLY "USED automobiles: a1! euaran'eei. American Auto- 2G M nr. 31 Apr 1 First class $50 and upward. SPECIAL ANNOUNCE II F NT. TO ITALY" AND EGYPT I A I . E X A NDRIA . CALLING AT MADEIRA Ideal Winter Cruises to Sumn er Climes FY THE GIGANTIC XEW FAST CPN'AKDER ' c APt . NT ( f'7'" FEET LONG 2" ' TONS, tAi.cM.-i. - ' J one of the largest ships afloat. SAILS FROM NEW YORK FER. IS For Made. ra Gibraltar Genoa Naples Alexandria. Has Grill Room. Lounges Dabv Pap-rs. Rand. Supp lements the new modern t In screw steamers S avanla Mar. 12 Af r. 3o June 11 Pandemia Mar. 2o May 14 July 2 Oarpa!hia Air. 0 Mav July 10 Ult or. la 2d & 3d class only) Apr. Pi June 4 July 23 Tra ve art' cheques g a ,1 ail over the World. F. G WHITING Mpr , Dearborn ar.d Randoiph-sta To Toiit-n : r.e ... Jan. .1' I Feb. 2 La Savole Feb. 6 Mar. 5 La Lorraine Feb. 13 . .. La Pro, ence Mar 12 IaRretagne ...Feb. 2" Mar. 1'.' Sf W KuZ.MIN.KI G AA" Agt anchor IINE STEAMERS NEW YoRK. GLASG YAV-L" N 1 .0 X D E R P. Y-L I A E R P ..L. California Feb. 1 F-b. 2'J Mar. 2S Apr. 25 Ca.edcna Feb. 8 Mar. 7 Ajr. 4 May 2 Columbia Feb. 15 Mar. 14 Apr. 11 May 9 Furnes-ia Feb 22 Mar 21 Air. 18 May 18 Cfcloon J50 and JOO; Second Cabin $35 and $40; Steerag" $27 o end tCS 75 NEW YORK TO MEDITERRANEAN PORTS. T..'ia .Feb S 2P 25 SHE R MAN-ST. TEL. H APP.ISON 33SS. AUSTRO- AMERICAN LINE. MEDITEP R A NE AN, A DRI ATIC. Frcm New York to Naples and Tr'.est. LOW RATES TO EUROPE BT THE FOUR FLYERS OF THE NORTH GERMAN LLOYD Kaiser Wilhelm der G rosso. Kronprin.! Wilhelm. Kronprinzessin Cecille. And Kaiser Wilhelm II. $50 TO EUROPE and up. according to steamer. FIRST CLASS, BY" THE FOLLOWING LINE 3: AMERICAN LINE. PLYMOUTH CHERBOURG SO UTHAM PTO- ST. LOUI3 Feb. 1 ST. PAUL Feb. IN PHILADPHIA . Feb. SINEW YORK P'eb . 22 PHILADELPHIA-qUMNBTOYTN-UVERPOOL Merlon Feb. 1 1 Merlon Mar. 7 Haverford Feb. 22 i Noordlar.d Mar. 14 ATI-ANTIC TRANSPORT LTNE. NEW YORK-LONDON DIRECT. MINNEAPOLIS. Feb. fe I M 1 NNETO.N KA. Feb. 2f MINNEHAHA Feb. 151 MESABA Mar. 7 RED STAR LINE. NEW YORK ANTWERP PARIS. KROONLAND ..Feb. 6 A A DERI. A N D ..Feb. 1S FINLAND Feb. 12 ZEELAND Feb. 2t WHITE STAR LINE. NEW YORK QUEENSTOWN LIVERPOOL. CELTIC Feb. ii CELTIC Mar. 5 BALTIC Feh 2i BALTIC Mar. 19 PPYMOT'TH CHERBOURG SOUTHAMPTON OCEANIC Feb. 1 2 i A I tRTATIO Feb. 2B MAJESTIC Peh T' TEUTONIC ... Mar. 4 Re FTON QUEENSTOWN' LIA'ERPOOL. CYMRIC Feb. 12. 7 am; Mar. 13 Apr. 22 NEAV YORK & BOSTON TO ITALY & EGYPT, via Azores. Madeira, Gibraltar. Algler. CRDRI'' 21 035 TONS Feb. 15 l'l a. m. ROM A NIC, Feb. 1, 9:30 am; Mar 14 Apr. 28 May 30 CANoITC Feb 22. 2 pm; Apr 4 May 1C REPUBLIC Mar. 7. noon; Apr. 18 CRETIO Mar. 28, noon: May June 20 F. C. BROWN. Western Passenger Agent. Phontt Central 139. P0-8 Dearbora-at. H A M RIT-'P A M ERICA N-$50 AND UP 1ST CLASS ACCORDING TO STEAMER AND DESTINATION REGULAR SAILINGS BY STEADY MODERN. LUXURIOUS LEVIATHANS. LG N D'llN PARI S HAMBC RG. Amerika Jan. 3v-Per.nsvlvania ..Feb. S P Lincoln Feb 1 ! Kaiserin Feb. 15 Sails to Hamburg direct G I R R A LT A R N" A P LES G E NO A . Hamburg. Feb. 15 in am1 K eana Apr. 2 Hamburg Mar. 31 Moitke Apr. 22 t AT se connection made at Naples ALEXANDRIA-, with Egyptian Mail (nw fur-I b'ret steamers of 12. 000 tona TOURS DE LUXE If 12 days. From $13P$565. Including ail shore expenses. NILE SERVICE. Bookings made for trips up the Xlie 10 Luxor Assouan, etc.. by the Hamburg and Anglo Am. Xl Co. TRAVFI.ERS' CHECKS ISSUED. HAMBURG-AMERICAN LINE. 159 Randolph-st.. Chicago. COOK'S HOLY LAND TOURS. All include Egvpt. Booklets THOS COOK SON 234 S Clark-st. ...Feb. 1 . . .Feb. 22 RAILWAY TIME TAIILE5. WESTERN 1.0 ADS. Daily. JSunday. !Ex. Saturday. tEx. Sunday. Es. Monday. Chicago & North Western Ticket office. 112 C!rfe-st. ITelephone Central 721) ani Weils Street Station. Information bureau. Telephones Main i65 and AuUurattlc 6'26. LetiTe A rrWe t Ixilao Milwaukee. Madison tUt,m Milwaukee.Sheboygan Manitowoc t S -5am ( Rockford and Frew port ) I 7lip I 8:45 ami Elgin ft S AYpm sf80ain Milwaukee, Green Bay, MeDomtnee 65 pm 04Yi.5St. Paul and Minneapolis. Beloit. QJ, inj Janesville. Madi-on.. P- t 9O0 am La Crosse, AYinona and Minnesota, t .8pn 9-00 am Maruhfleld via Merrillan " 6pa t9am Bockford via Harard t 60ps ( COLORADO SPECIAL 10:00am IVnrer. Utcaha aitd Ctauncll Bin's 9-15pm . Ce-lar Kttpida, Des Moinea tSu tll-JOam Elsnn. Rockford. Free port tl2Spoa ii.ti.- Milwaukee. Green Bay. Sheboygan. ( .ti t - tllBam j Manitriwoc. AVaii. Marshtield... 1JSl tdar r.-pids and intermediate t2a0pm Milwaukee and Madison alllJoam Milwaukee, Green Bar, Menominee t A pm Milwaukee. Madison a6pta Beloit. Janeeville, Madison .lOjOfam. Elgin. Rookford, Friport. am e.-00pmj Appletfla jet., Aibland f m S:00pm Oabkot-h. AYaasau. Marshfleld 8aea I OVERLAND LIMITED, 1 e-OODtnV Omaha. Sioux C'it. Ouden. ltll230pm Y Lake. San Francuco. Loa AurbIob. f I Portland 650pm Omaha. Nor. Iowa and Dakotas "9d8am bmiifipm Elgin. Rockford. Freeport fliXSpm I NORTH WESTERN LIMITED) 630pmSt. Paul. Minneapolis. JanetrfUie ' 8i ( and Madison ) .,-) NORTH SHORE SPECIAL U(jsaa tm Milwaukee and Kine J eaopm Milwai-kee, Houghton. Marquette.. 730am t ft ) SanltSte. Marie (Through Sleeper) tiaia Lil riMM, mona, iniitji--ii 70)ara E:90pra t 2.-0. pm d33X"'pm a30pm t 4.00pm t 4:15 pm Lake Navigation. GtAODRICH ROATS T.'.C TO MII.WA1TKEE AND Racine. a.a r. m. daily, exceot Sur.Tay. $1.5.4 to Muskeg, n and ''rand Haven." $2 t't to Grand Rapids. M'.ndav. AA"ednesdav. and Friday. 7 45 0. j,. pv.-,-.o ivr'n! 7" T cks f--ot X-TI h.'gan -a v . . RAILWAY TIME TABLES. WESIEEN E.0AJJS. Daily. JSundav. tEx Saturday. tEc. Sunday. "Ex Monday. BURLINGTON ROUTE. hkago, BmrfEngtoini & Q:iir,cy Railrosid Co. ronton Ptat!rTi, T1?nhor Main PTT. Canal nrrl Ariamft-sf Cltv Ticket Office. Telephone Central 3117. 211 Clark-st. nave. Arrive. n r.-. m Narabor One Limited for Colo- f . Q oc nt 10lJPm) rada U?hh and California i 830 pm sVTerland Exi'ris for lenver, 1100pm-Sail Lnke City, baa FrsnciMro 7 rOO am ( and L8 AnRalfsi ) o on i Minnfuof ft lnty Limited for '.nr 9.20mSt P4Ql and Minnea.hft.-. 9 " pm for rit. Paul 9 00 am Tl rOO pm a ?r m ) Twin 'itijt I.iniiled- cm 4 Kli Limited for Kansas City. I c -kt, 610 pm J st J(t(B()Uan(i Leavenworth 8;5Cm Missouri Klvcr Kjprets fr 6 00 pm C.unctl Bhiffs, Omaha, Lincoln r 9 13 an and Nebraska points Iowa-Ne brftska Kiprei1 for Uur- ) U-OOpm- Iington, tVmricil Bluffs, Omaha, t XK) am Lincoln and Nt-brnnka poiutP ) ('Fast Mali fir Oalebart Bur-j Iington, Council BJJn. Omana, S J5am Lincoln, Cmiy . Worland it), ! 930pm 1 BiiHrit, Bune, Ut-iena. feppkane, t Seattle and Portland J i Tha Northwest Kipres for Lin- ) UXprn V coin, HillinRA. HeJtnn. Spokane, 7 iXam ( Tacotna. Seattle aud Portland... ) 11-HO pm Blak Hills Eijirs 7:00am i Iliinoisvlowa Liinltd f-r Gale-"! a irtt- 1 iurg. Monmo th. Burlington. Mt. I fl -15am I Pieaant. Otrumwa. Chariton, f &Vm Onceola, Creton and Red Oak J Iowa KxpreHS for Burlington.! i 1 1. .Mnaniou. neoiinK. uakaioosa, Kn-m i Inn T. r. , I o rrt,ai I Council H !nT and Iwa point . . ) II iinol;"- M isH4uri Kxpre fr 100 pm Uuincy. St. ,loe'rh, Kansas City, f C-00 am Atchison nd L-Mvenworth V ( lay Limited for K'tchelle, Ore-. 9X am - gon, Srirauna, Gh lena, iUubuyue, ( 'y Ia Cro-re and 'W inona Northern Limited for Roche!!. , 6 30 pm Oregou, HHVtinna, Oft !na, Du- t bunue. La Crosne and inona . . . NrtKern l".ipreH for Rochelle. , 10 JSOpm - Oregon, Savanna. (,ialwna, Iu- , f baque, L Cro(e and inona . . Iowa JocaI for Burlington. Ft. ) U 00 am - Mfidison. Keokuk. Mt. P 1 e-ua- r 6 JSO am ant Ottumwa ' ) I Illinois joctii ior Aienoota. I BuJa. Galrthbtir, B urur.gron. UflOam-( Qui ncy. Y.i.t City, Canton, Ver-mfiDt. M 'lina. Iavnport, Hock I Ihiand. Cl intn b no am J liHnois L-al f'r Mendota, " c M am i Knrlvi.le. Ottawa. Streat-r i Ncr! hern I ! I nn; 14 wfil for 1 t 8 20 am Hvh ie. Orr tf on, Forrest on, !-1 2 2C pm t Ko-kford S ( Il'i&ls Lfeil for OtrnwR, ) t-30pm- Strator, Itche!le, Rockford 10 S5 am ' S'erlmn ) 5ipm Mdot t..w.i , t 9 35am '9 40 pm 1 7:lSam S2C pm t 6 16 pn ILLINOIS CENTRAL R. R. All thr'iKh trair.s from Front ar.d iJth-Bt City t pt Phone Central Cl'T'i. Leave 9-10 am Central Static -ktt offlct, 117 n. Lake Adams- X Oran5'Memihis Fprial.- Arrlve Irial. U 30 t m i; im r..r J Llrr..Cd Miiij-his N -I'r.s I ni . .. 0.00 I-nJHrjt jrir.KS NaMhviHe I iA""u am io. ir. pVLfanifn.i eViai:: r 727 am t y.i am Ca.r a hoal t 5.20 pm T.Tu am Southern Past Mail t iLwO am lat.B!!:e ............ e .-jisn-.o; on N B 15 am I Ea, 11 le Ntishv ole S.20 pit. -:e -plr ic car ' arr.ed ( O Limited C " P rn 20 pm ,-,o am 5 2o ;,o It 05 pm 3.45 pm 5 .m : ptn ti (Si pm It 45 am 2 .40 am 2 40 am 2 .o pm Chart. palKU pe.aiur Pan-la-- rr...'.Ki n A- 't a'.Bttert h Plr. uior.Kion Chatawor-.h . . Ca: -o h nd South Kankakee and Gi' M nneap l:s St Paul Ltd ... t 11, aha-''.. until Plu'fs Ltd .. Pur.uq.ue S ("itv S Faila... I-lit UdU A Ft '.(lit. Ex;. .. Past Mall I'ul utjue A West M:i.ra-H-'T aid st Paul.... P.o-kr rd Paase-ger P. kf rd Ere.-p t I)uhuou 10 pm pm 11 . 0 am 6 att am lo iii am ' 1" air. 8 ."'.' am b .." arr. 4 .To pm ii 55 pm 10 10 am 12 25 pm CHICAGO AND ALTON R R "THE WAV "City ticket office, Rector Bid . Clark and M-.nrt.e-t. Phone Harrison L'nl.-n pa-isenKer station. '" st , b' A ljitis and Madis ,n-sls Ph-an- Main 212-T. I.v. Cly-,. S-. Louis-Sprir.srfleld ria:ns. Ar. .la, am lo-nlrle Stale Kxpress H 11 25 am The A'itn Limited 5 tl To 1 m S'prf r.rlleld Hummer......... 1 it " pm Palace Fxp'ess 7 11:43 pm Mi InifPr.t S;e..-lal ... 8 I'eorla trains. I 125 am Peoria Limited 5 2 15 pm pearla Lrreal 1 ti :s 1 pm I'eorla Hummer 11.4-i pm Peoria Mldropht Sr-ecial 7 Kansas Ttv trains. 215 pm Kansas C'ty Expre.. ti .0 rm Kansas cirv Hummer 7 ONLY corner 4 4 7'). ?titeta ""htto. 1 5 pm M p,m 45 pm 'i am ifJ am :o4 pm 45 pm 15 pm .Oj ara 45 pm .3o am ATCHISON. TOPE K A AND SANTA FE HY. citv .rhce. li...r, Adaens-et. Phone Central 2.37. I'earO '.-r. siatl-.n. IJk an. Dart.m-iti Phona Harn.-cr. ijo. iea. Arrive. -r-at r ijil'Wun f Mad t 7 :.. am CAl.lEORNTA FAST MAIL. Col- rado A Texas F.yer I'iraiJ City Mai p.reatorar.a rKin r-ii'r-ri..i 1 :t. pm Kansas citv. CoPrado Texaa 6:00 pm CAI IrCRN'lA LIMITED. l'A'K. P DIeco S Fran AmPm Cad' rrla feTlco Exp. 10 fto fm Fn Cl'y San Fran. Ext) 10:00 pm H "f am 9 cki am U Oi am 5 02 Dm ' 8 47 pm :47 pm 7 2 am f 1 Pf. 11m ' .15 am 11 5fl am 7 21 am 8:47 pro CII T-fT-.-. c P P 1 T WF.CTFPV t V -ar . r- Veaf Route. Grar.1 Central otation 5th-av. ard lj " . C., IOC A - . . . rW. .... . rr:,n-B-. a e.u., ..-.. x.ivn. ,.pr,irai Syeamcre . K aa . City. lit Duf'tna. Bvron. 6' Paul Omaha, -r?--.- - v-a-r -ar Omaha. "Dubuque xCL-a l-x" P'1' Ma'r.M... c. 'p MTr.eap'a. Laibuoue. gt Faul. Ozsai-a. Ku. City. Leave. t 7 am . 45 am 3 r pm 6 'i pm 6 -oo pm f, ?.0 pm 11:30 pea A rrl vt 7 IO pm 10.0.. jm IO 4- am 35 am 35 am S 55 am 1 : 40 pm 8f4pm j Dakota . 9-4Spm Madinon. St.Paal and Minnaapoiia lOdCJpm JanoaTille. Superior and Dulnth... ( LOS ANCELES LIMITED Uf pm-. Omaha. Salt Lane hrm Anaele, iOUOpm A Cdar Rapids aud Lea MoiQM "1030pm 1 1 ltKUt.e tjreeu . a-, .11 , . . (Omaha, Sioux City, Black Hllla, ) lOHfipm DetiTar. Salt Iake. San Franciaco. LoaAnaalea. Porlland 7H0ani 7am 11 9 am t-iuam 8 JO am JI05pm Northern Iowa and ho. Dakota T . a - $ Milwaukee, Ashlnnd , Marqnette. tt3opm t 2A-am j Waasau . Marsh tield. Grand Lapids 0 .an. J Beloit.Janeaville. Madison. St.Panl '.ueBm SOOam Minneapolis. Superior aud Dulmh J tSOOam La Crosse and Winona. f6-0pnl la) Daily Chicaeo-Milwankee. 'bl Sunday 7:28 p. m. (d)Excpt Sunday north ot Oreen Bay. Clhicago, Milwaukee a.n:d PsluI Rallivsiy. City tlrke office, 95 AdAmart.; pftrm Harrison SB4. AnUvmatio loll. Inion l'a..-iiger Statiou. Adiin n4 Canal pts. ; phono Mn'o 123. Western Ave. Statioa. Austin and AA eaiera Avea- ; plioco Humboldt 2-4. Leave. t 7r5am I S-oam t 815 am 6a5am BiDOam t SOC am tllduam Arrive. t ! . - pm t 855 pm t 9 lSi m Kajm f S-.ptn 1 4,a pm . ( - c m am . t S45pm . S.H, m 5 S5am - J 9 tf pm .. 15im t lt'pm I 1.45pm Janasvillc. Madiaon Jant-avilie . Elgin. Kocklord. Janenrllle Elgin Rockford Pay Exp. Milwaukee, La Croaaa, St. Paul, Minnroli AVatittau and Ttimahawk.. ........... Waukesha, jdad'aon IiiSI10" iLiltO am Denver Gae Ni-jht Train.. til JO am Milwaukee and W'ankeaha Elffin, K-rckford, JanwUle, Belnlt. t 130pm4 Hock lltt.nd. JJubuqae. Ccatr Rai'ida tjtn M '.Iwnuk-'. Waukoaba. Fipon. Ber- i t l0pnilmiOplikosU! B.'-r-rDam lP t aO pm Oconomnwoc f Ppn ted-UUpm Vilwaukte?. 61tiifoo, Beloit.. t SASpm t 8)pmVaukea' Wudiboa. lortae.f 1;0C:pm UrwD oay... --- t 4Wpm .I.-ineaville. Madiaon, Mineral Point i POpm t 4a5pm Llin. Kockford K'-5im 5.-00 pm Milwaukee Waukesha. TadLenn... Te55pm B-l.'.oin ijnrinqte. rt. rani, ." rtm 1 inneap-'J.a. Iowa, Minnw.ta, --(and ice Black UiJIa. o. Uaa. t 14pm ta, 8 02 am Tho Southwest Limited. nwv I Klffln. Rockford. Moline. 60pm tK-k Island, Hienport, Ottun,w, V POanj ( SUMS t lty 603pm Janesrllle and Mudlaon . . t 6:03pm Prairie da Cbiea and intermediate Tho Pioneer Limited. 6J0pm MElwankee. St. Paul. Minneapolis 6.66 aza WorUiboiiD -i Thr Piosieer I i-iue3 cji no top at W otier a Aciuuc. t li6pm Tho Overland Limited. 6fl6pm lOJOpm 10:10 pm 10 3C' pm 1030 pm J1030pm iL'A; pm S (Omaha. Ds MiinHi. 8i ?nx Ci'.r Hioux F.ilU, San Franciico. Lrs r 12.38 pet i Omaha, jjenr, San Franc leco, Loa J Angeiofi prtiin'i f I!lain. Mo.inti. liock Inland, l.aren- i port, Ottumwa, Kan-Wir. City, lu-l hunuf. la.. Mmn-wta. Dnkntii ) ?I ii ffnui.f, St. i'Hiil, MmnMfH'.is, I louhtn, i aluT.iit, 'otonaRun ( fircn BaT. irin Mountain, ) Champion, Marquette Star tAikfi. VVuatu. Vi inwioa ej Milwaukee daily. 805 am ' J 7-X)am 710 am 4 9-45 pm ROCK ilSLAND C. & E. I. LJNES La Pallf-Ft. -'atir-n. r th lor.p Van Eiirn anl Ta Pailf-sts. Tirkt M Adans-st. tPhona C. 444Gj and Audltcriurn Annex. -c, r. i. & p Ry.- Leave. P'ria Davp't D Omaha 2:15 am Illinois and Davenport Loca.1 i at am "I'fc'.iiia Flyer' SWam Rocky mopntain limited Denver, Ctiiri. Spps., I'uehl , . ii ir. arn- Omaha. Lincoln & Belleville H:l.aam R Isi'd. Dav 'pt,I.:s M'-iues. 1..15 am Illinois & Daver.poi t Local. . t 1 "2 pm Peoria t :i2 pm St Paul. Min'polis C Raid. Is. 4 Mo pm Cedar Rapi-is a- SI,-ux Fal.s 4:r,o pin Peru Aceoiiiiiioda'ion r .a l'ipm . K.C.St J. ATch..F1.W. Dai. ti ' O pm Omaha Fiv er ti ' t5 pm I'eorla '- or, pro GOI.DEN STATE LIMITED. Kan. City. El Paso Can. . n on pm I' 1AVA LIMITED T). Moines. C. Rapid : Omaha ca Kansas Cpt Oiroh.l . Paul A- Minn . a nd Gal If - en ia . P. i Calii Pe-Tla. T.av'pe rr St. Joseph Des Moines. Omaha llcoO pm id no pr 1o :2 pm II :: pm 11 oO II :?. pm Arrive. !o 25 jm 7 :M5 ran 5:20 pru 4 53 pm 4 51 lam 4 :5! pm 1 :4o pm '11 41 am '11:41-1 a m ' - 4" am i ."Ji am tit as. am s.4o an ' lo .23 pirt '11 :43 am ' 40 am 7 :o.' am' 7 .25 am " f. -V em f...V am I 7:u3 am -C. & E. I. R. R.- st. LOPIS" LIMITED. St Louis. Eureka Sprincs. Hot Spi-ir.Ks and Sou1.1u.esr ln :;7 ara 3:01 pra ST. I.t'LIS EXITiESS St. Louis. Missouri. :kla- honia and Texas V..o pm 6TA an ST. LOPIS SPE'-ial St. Lf.ails ar.d One Sou h .-st . 1 1 ..'12 pm 7:45 ana CHICAGO AND PL' 'RID A LIMITED. Evansv 1 lie. Ai Tiro a Ja.-ksou-ville. St. Ausu. tin- N 'i 12:15 pm 5:23 pm I.IXIE EL A E R Evansv , Nashv . .! ks- ra I "in i,ti pm 147 am TIP"AGo AND N T-UVII.I.H LIMITED. Terre Ilau'e Xas'-vLie Jack- sonvflle Nw Orleans. .... n 2" inn f 30 am I-'anvlIle Srt-la! ,.. 4 "7 p-ri !'! an D'v'.He T ILau-e Evar-vTV 7 artt 7 21-1 im' Mud'avln V 'd.rsKurc. P.ea.1! tl'2 3 r-tn 1 'Kfl Wll' fclielhyville. Marion. Ch .fTee . 50 t.-. r,:5sam ENGLEWOOD STATION. (r.Td-Ft.l Tralr.a leave 11 minute later and arrir. U n- uutes mriiie Thai tiro-, sho-wr p.ere 1. SEW lMtUtl'OIt ATIOVS. NIAV CORPORATIONS WERE LI' '! NS ED TE -ttrday hy the sfccr-t.i.-y f state at SprinKfleiil a f , . ' ' v. s : Frank G IW-rv- o n, par.-. - ;,-aci: rai..'tl. $2.-V-1. print Irir an! puh'T'h t.k inc. rT.':raor. Frank G Heeny. Euin.a H-.lcojj.b. Earnest Lau tern, an i (.;:;-, A lv.t-ate rorrtrv. tilr.'v: capital. fl.SOOj prirdir.-t ar.-l -ut-: ih J - k . 1 ra , rte ra - E. C Klr.itst'urv Ere" s-. -jrv. H T. !- I.lrst. I. H & S-r, Jilo. .rr.'r.p". r . . appal, f IO ": Insurarce a;-, r- v. :n, orp, -.-rs John Al' xar..W. I- A E-.-.r kl 1: l-'i-era er "l-virif John J Kr'dl coiiipsriv. ci-,ag,,; capital. t'O.. 0(0 manufa-tur:r- - .-rr. h or ' . and ira numer.'a: Ir. ,-or; arat-TS J -t.n J Lir -.l. Paul Z.r tieli. Adolphu zi-ii'i: Llederman lire. S 1,' rr'!T company. Chlcaaoy aplal "' ii:arfn':':rl-(r 'a:-. : incorpora tors Jacoh I.Ied-rman, Isa-i-Te Liedernn. Stim-. utl Sohor-T ,-'l'-'r. Mtdlelr.e c-arnr-any Oloiri: capital. $2'.''. n.anuf tcturinc pa-ee p.ed leipes : Incor p.-rat -rs. ("&r c. I-elrc-n. Charles O'Lvonr.all. Charles P.. 1'rarcls. NOT F P. I ROFIT Fraternal Order of Spiritualists ef Amerlcia. Cl.aatt .a teach the r- Ilr-ion ..,f sp-ri-t.-tt 1 :-m ; ln-tarpora'erE. Alexander '""alrd. C. li. M'Tiariai:. Charles A Th .rrp"- r: AuLurn cluh ''h:'Bi.ei: soeialt Ire-rr--ratora. W" I.e. Ie. C R C- Uls r i V Ss ill- Freeport chr' S'lenee a-s.w- - n. Fr.. per": advar.e. rI;. rr of Sr.rre and hertTh: Inrar- pora'ors !'--. -a i-i pr-ed. Sjtrah C I'ar-t-. ITan-.-' E Raker " J KOIlKICi.V FOrtEIGN MAILS WILL CLOSE AT CHICAGO part'llT-e f"..": For Sw 1' erlar.-i Spa:n P- r-upal. Er-.-pt Turkay, Greece, llriti-ii India. K'"jn.i.: Le eium. Cat Col-'-nv. ar.d L un-rza 51r'uez. 4 .Z'l p. ni. For'Cul.a. p m. For Jamaica. West Ir.d'.e. 12 p. m. F- r MarotoOa Lnti.-n Colun.tla. and N-rthweat Termor:. . u 1 m. For Japan China and oeri. via f-eatrle, hy 8. S. It?. Maru. Fr:'.fc. Jar, l;i : ;. rn. "For Austria Denmark Franc. Great pirltaln Ireland Paly N.rway NetherT.r ls. Russia, and Svdet, by S. S Acr.atic. Tue.-day. Jan. 2 12:H p rr, For I'hl.dT'-res and Guam, by I'r.Ited Stataa transport Feh. P :,. rn. For France and Italy, by S. S. La Touralr.. Jan. 2v 12 m For Au-r:a laer.mark France Germany t.r-at Britain Ireland. lal;- .', rwey. N.'r.,-r:-tr. . reus-sla. h,i Sweden, by S. S. Amer.ka, ".Veir.e.'iay, Jan. ".. 12 ."'. p. m. For New Zealand. N-w Ca.!nr,!a ard AusTa'ta, via San Frar.cico. ty S. S. Yec-Jo. M-;.-. Fet. 10 ' 9 p. m Pr Argen-lr.a, t'mguar. ar.d Paraguay. 4 ? p rn- For Niraraeua. An.araela. Panarca cara. imtj, Cauca, Dec a-r.i omnia. Ecuador. Peru. Pollvi. and Cblle, 12 p. m. D. A. CAMPEELL, Fostm-t. P. 3 8 6 S if 1 i h I 4 a fri L, t fl 3 t a? I I

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