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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois • Page 17

Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois • Page 17

Chicago Tribunei
Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:

mi THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: TUESDAY. JANUARY 28. I90S. 17 REAL ESTATE IOAS. MIXES A.D MIlflJfQ. ALTOJloniLES. RAILWAY TIME TAIILE5. STEAJISHIP II.ES. JOB SAL5ItaLT. FIRS" MARTOAOE3 nno to -north double Ooeuu Navltcation. TIMES SQUARE NORTH GERMAN LLOY'D FAST EXPRESS SERVICE. unt el TO NTT INVESTOR I PLYMOUTH CH RROU Kal-er Wm. II. 4 Kronj rir.z AYm I eclhe new Feb. IS Kaiser AYm. II T.F ERSKIXE, ALF' 10 A. M. 24 31 7 22'' I.j Sh: Kaiser Wm II. 3 Kaiser Cecille Inewl Mar 17 tnewP. AUTOMOBILE Con-10-11 r. PEL. 1.,: LARGEST DEALERS AND BROKERS IN AXD SECOND HAND AUTOMOBILES IN THE WORLD. THE ONLY HOUSE selling NEW CARS CUT PRICES. NEW QUEEN Limousine; perfect beaut vt ru'ar nrice our price $2 Apr. 14 JAI.ARV I.OAXS. EAT AT i50N FINANCIAL. F.cir-M SALARY LOANS. MINING BROKERS OCTAVE STOCK. A7 offer to buv aR ClTtred by CKhoiOera of ortav Mir.irg Co MIESK a CO 1220. 153 I.a Salle-: Chlcat-o, .000 r.TTV WITHOT-T SECURITY WESTERN 1.0 ADS. Daily. JSunday. Saturday. tEx. Sunday. Es. Monday. Chicago North Western Ticket office. 112 ITelephone Central 721) ani Weils Street Station. Information bureau. Telephones Main i65 and AuUurattlc 6'26. LetiTe A rrWe Ixilao Milwaukee. Madison Milwaukee.Sheboygan Manitowoc -5am Rockford and Frew port I 7lip I 8:45 ami Elgin ft AYpm sf80ain Milwaukee, Green Bay, MeDomtnee 65 pm 04Yi.5St. Paul and Minneapolis. Beloit. QJ, inj Janesville. P- 9O0 am La Crosse, AYinona and Minnesota, 9-00 am Maruhfleld via Merrillan 6pa t9am Bockford via Harard 60ps COLORADO SPECIAL IVnrer. Utcaha aitd Ctauncll Bin's 9-15pm Ce-lar Kttpida, Des Moinea tSu tll-JOam Elsnn. Rockford. Free port tl2Spoa TV F.I.i MONEY. NO I'NE 111. -01 ti.v louring Cars. 30 h. 4 cy inuer slicing gear, shaft drive; regular oc-'i? nAV QI REN" CARS, guaranteed far 12 months: guarantee to supady parts as long as call for lEem. ii OOLSON Touring Cars. 40 h. selective type n. shaft drive; S-'HJ for now Ewry n--ar. or m-man in CM pet-insa salary ca.I ut i money you sac; on your xa 1.25C 1.600 2.000 1 VA IN SCREW PASSENGER SERA ICE. PLYMOUTH CHERBoUR'i-BREMEX l'A A.M. Feb. 1 Ruelcw Mav 21 P.arharossa A pr. 23 Rarbarossa May IS Lue-zcw Apr. ISi'iLuetzow June 4 Kurfuerst May 14 Bremen June 11 Bremen direct. MEDITERRAXEAX SERVICE. GIBRALTA NA RLE GENOA AT 11 A. M. CONNECTING AT GIBRALTAR FOR ALGIERS. K. Albert Feb. HK. Luise Mar. 14 Neckar Feb. 15 i 'Neckar Mar. 21 Irene Feb. 2'UIK. Albert Mar. 28 Friedrich Mar 7 P. Irene Apr. 4 Omits Genoa. AROUND THE WORLD TOURS EAST AND WEST. NORTH GERMAN LLOYD EXPRESS LINE. MARSEILLES NAPLES ALEXANDRIA. GERM A MEDITERRANEAN LEA ANT I.INB MARSEILLES GENOA VIA NAPLES TO THE LEVr A NT ROYAL STEAMERS. CONSTAXZA CONSTANTINOPLE- SMYRNA-ALEXANDRIA. NORTH GERMAN LLOY'D TRAVELER 3' CHECKS GOOD ALL OVER THE WORLD. OELRICH3 NO. BROADWAY. N. T. CLAfSSENIUS General Western Agents. 93 Dearborn-et. BLSIVES5 CHANCES. TliE OPPORTPXITY- OF A LIFETIME sale a well established dry goals gents' furnifhinsr. ani business 1. yets en ne i.f trie I corners i the South in Chicago; an up to date store in everv j.artl-uiar; will take fart payineIU in jro .1 pici" rtv or farm land; this business must be dis-pi so! order to give othr de manding atte r.t will tive a lease cf building for a term of years. Address 412 Tribune. M.ANPFACTI RER.S OR IMPORTERS I epreferatt'-on in New rk. a. Pa. line re. n. and Pittsburg, can s-cure li aid of an exceiatb nal man on strictly cc.mi-n.!ss;,,n i-asls; has to cairv sto-k. if Must artlcl-s cai'-alde of large cor.sun'.p- tjrn AdilresP. O. 27 philadeiphu. Jr-a. LFXoHRooM El Ut SA IN SI I iOR: JTi.inK) to Slfi.iHio a year prolit detaendn uron your; best location arid everything first class: disso.ution of partnership and retiring from cause of sel'jng: week's trial given: clearing r.ow during the dull times a ilav. Price J.l.TioO; av uld be cheap at $." fi. Ad Iress Ik Tribune. MONET DO YOU XEED IT? WE ARE IX A position to furnish capital to merits leus enterprises. AA'e can sell your stocks and on commisasion baiiis. Monev advanced on gootl eecurlties Corporations organized and financed. KAATZ Hol Tacoma Chicago. FFn'SICIAX lYAN'TEIWV'KHJ, LIVE GERMAN physician, at Ruckley. PL. loo ml. south of Chicago; iarre Aierto.ari contrregat Ion good big business right from the start assured to right party. Address any German Lutheran, or come at once atlj ptok over the ground. TO THE" MANOR WOM-an with only $10 In cash to invest who can pay out a month In return for a solid, snbs-anttal securltv the SHOW ME" attitude of the man 'FROM MISSoFRl" should prompt vou to answer thljcc.mmutjjjstj.--n. Address '-4 Tribune. AY ANTE.) Rt jiersons. each, to enter going mfg. company ah ut to reorganize. Can show earnings of larg-e or. portions. This is legitimate. Address 1 Ti hun e. to ei-forc -s k- the money us i a r.d trw.tni.nt. M- 'XEY iI'T EaMet k. 'A EST PATES l.lul-: 5 h-ther vou i -vtr'. dv 'ENTIAL re.r. lore estab.s.el A Bir.t 2'- Hence vr Vr call ar. t'-rr ft'" ii.ti.- Milwaukee. Green Bay. Sheboygan. tllBam Manitriwoc. AVaii. 1JSl RnXE co aCeeSIpecialtifaxe- sh. o'Tfio fkefi-rred. american maroont a apia a ro "ni Rral AMERICAN TEI.EGRAPHOXE STOCKS. Write for prices. en '-M pm I' FO tdar and intermediate t2a0pm Milwaukee and Madison alllJoam Milwaukee, Green Bar, Menominee A pm Milwaukee. Madison a6pta Beloit. Janeeville, Madison Elgin. Rookford, Friport. am MOXFY. a30pm 4.00pm 4:15 pm WE OFFER SPfUl-X-T TO PRIOR MI.E: LOW RATES TO EUROPE Hi RBARD-KLLIOTT 1 PENX-WYOMLNti A7 1 AIT A 1 tu -c-tt lars Avhose names we are not ai.ouoi p-, advertise; 35 h. p. h. 5 regularly sold at and .1 PIERCE N.32h:'p." Touring Car. sJi'r? ful1 cos-, 4.01,0 $1 "ART-FORD. 4 cvb. 30 h. newly x.i. foulpment 1 ka.vii.LER pint! Surrev. 2'J h. top and full eoulnmer.t; cost .1 4tkj CALII.LAC. Model dVtaohable Yonneau" 1- t-Ti'r cost fSt.Ttj: price Sefd condition A TO' AR Runabout, with top and full eoulotnent: cost JLoCiO; price ceew' RILE Runabout, curve dash: onlv. LOCOMOBILE. h. Limousine, liks new; cost two bodies 2 MONARCH Runabout, light, powerful car; in Rood condition: cost $700 STEA EXS-DURYEA. late model; like new; cost 1 OLDS jYte'rnodVr touring' car. 35 h. p. fullv eaulpoed: cost 1 BPICK. 1H07 motlel; perfect condition REO touring car, like new FRANKLIN. 4 cylinder, light touring car. detachable tonr.eau; cost $1 600 NEW WAYNE 2 cylinder. 14 h. touring car: cpst il.oiMi AITOCAR Touring, side entrance, top, glass front; condition; cost AlTfKlAR Tourir.g, top. lamps, cost 'RTHERN Runabout, newly painted good condition WAYERI.Y Chelsea Electric, like new; cost $1. side entrance touring car; 2 cylinders, sliding gear, shaft drive; cost $2 'i price POPE TOLEDO. h. top, lamps, and full equipment: thoroughly overhauled; cost on 1 I iM NOT A BON'fT SII.RK If v.a ar- In Coal ur need unm, red. menev cere f- ITU ate and tell ire abv.t it. I I i v-ur onfldencat tr.J if you ln deep will lenl you n-'-rr-- star! vou r'frht. Kohr.i; n.t vf Ivan at: no monthly 1 o. BT THE FOUR FLYERS OF THE 230 200 500 00 2V) 350 175 000 140 200 100 7 SO 600 400 600 500 400 150 4X) COO SOO TR.IFR PF1) 7 I'FD Bid I'FOREY A lsi LA PALI.E-PT. NORTH GERMAN LLOYD your st! 'v. Appletfla Aibland Oabkot-h. AYaasau. Marshfleld 8aea I OVERLAND LIMITED, 1 e-OODtnV Omaha. Sioux C'it. Ouden. ltll230pm Lake. San Francuco. Loa AurbIob. I Portland 650pm Omaha. Nor. Iowa and Dakotas "9d8am bmiifipm Elgin. Rockford. Freeport fliXSpm I NORTH WESTERN LIMITED) 630pmSt. Paul. Minneapolis. JanetrfUie 8i and Madison NORTH SHORE SPECIAL U(jsaa tm Milwaukee and Kine eaopm Milwai-kee, Houghton. 730am ft SanltSte. Marie (Through Sleeper) tiaia you have Va'n P'-I HKKR 712 Taoorra La Salle and Madison. STam-K I1ROKERS OR AGENTS eira.l tour.s to tir an-i particulars on the best mining iiropositicn I T.i'.e-i strttes Now pai klr.i? hitrh BCSIXESS CHAXCES. yiiiimi iNAE. ilEN'T, REARING 7 1FP. CENT PRFF Pt.I-.EI; WILL ALSO SUAKdlN FllofP" or" AN EXCEEDINGLY PF.OI-TTA PtLFl Miyi-T, PFSINESP RV CHICAGO. 1 1 1 IT 1NAESTOR CAN HAVE SA LA P.I ED POSITION AND CAN RE PRE FROM COM PAN. Villi MONEY REFUNDED IF SAT SITED S. WINN. 79 PEAKBORX ST. PI ION" CENTJ non. FOR SALE-ONE L.AT. t.X14't; MPST SELL AT once because wile Is in bad health: one nice big grocery store, stock worth well water, nice front yard, anil nice front toes: nice big schisol building twa blocks north of it: worth tt'0. Ansivirr at once. Address WALTER 'HEI. I.PTPb. care of Fort" Worth Teh gram. Fort Worth. Texa s. AX' ESTABLISHED AA' HOLE. A LP! HOUSE. ughlv rganlzed. coverlrg IB states and doing a profitable business of about per annum, will Increase Rs present capital to its utput: inly those with the highest creden'la Is i ne i ered. A tld res a Zhl. I OWN PATENTS GREAT A I PRO AD INVEN- tlon. steam turbine game b.ird. rock crusher and rolls Avater wheel; investigation solicited; will or make honest deal for mar. uf act urir and fcreiftn patents. FRANCIS H. COOK. V)'. I 'ea rborn av. I HAYE A PATENT FOR A CHOCOLATE cooling machine and a patent perdii for a chocolate dipping machine with fifteen basic claims; this is the latest patent for chocolate dipping machinery; I want a man with capital to help put them ntb jr. ark et. A dess T.4 Tribune A GREAT INVESTMENT IN THESE MONEY flurries; great opportunities present themselves to men ith monev. I have a business which can be made to yield unusual dividends; and sure: Interested small or large investors can learn full deta 1 1 hy writing. A 1 re as 2ii0. Tribune. CIGAR STORE NEWS DEPOT. FIRST CLASS downtown location; good fixtures; well stocked: owner has three other to sell one; price J5O0; title guaranteed. YOUNG. 11'. Room 410. 6TOCK CERTIF1CAES BONDS SEALS THE INTERSTATE CORPORATION RECORD contains organizing proceedings, bylaws, stock register, transfers, dividends, stock ledger W. MIDDLETOX CO DEARBORN-ST. RESTAP-RAXT AXD LUXCHROOM: GOOD loop location: well equipped: you can handle cash few- days; if you find it is not clearing $15 day yoa can have It for nothing. Price Jl.l'VA; title guarantee, YOT'XG. Roo 4 10, MS Peejirh orn st. FOR SALE-STOCK OF HARP WARP Ivx-RX-torying Jo oofi doing a business of annually; located between 20th and. 30ih-8ts AA'ent-w-orth and Cottage Grove-avs. reason for selling. sickness. Ad dre ss Tr 1 bun e. 4 ROOAf "YFPP FPRMSHnpHOTFI, FILLED with first class people; clearing S40O monthly: North Side, w-alklng distance If looking for something good See this PT.ORIX FORST. Bush Temple. Phone Xrty0 WE ARE NETTING fsocj. ANNT'APLY' ON OFR capital, manufacturing necessities; desire good man take charge office and shipping while we rush in the orders- .7 cash and references required bune AN WITH ORDINARY" BUSINESS IDEAS A secure position in estaldished heating supplv at $7.1 monthly; must have $1 cash; can buy Interest or loan money at strictest Invfstiga-tion teslred Address Tribune FOR STORE; REASON FOR elllng. death in family: must' leave Chicago; stocks and fixtures Invoice Rase to run 2 yrs cleared OtVt in last II vrs. will reduce ptock. Call AN'. SHFR.NOFF 12i E. lxth-st. WHAT ORI-'MlNti HAVE YOI" FOR HONEST. steady man. 14 years with present company. saRs and corresi on. lent having .1 "ft t-a S2, Vm ar.d Sf rvi'-es' No agfs. Address 2fi. Tribune, FORTH DAKOTA. OKLAHOMA CHARTERS; all states' companies organized a-o'I financed; corporation law a specialty Write for terms. MOFFITTl'l 4 t'nity Bldg FOR A LPT A WINE MEG BUSINESS SHOYV-lng large established trade: wil. Invoice; only little money needed. Address 412, Tribune. SURE REMEDY- FOR GALL STONE RECIPE for valuable preparation for sale; owner Is wil'-Ing to be working partner In the business. Address Tribune PARTNERS WANTED. 9 a the Kaiser Wilhelm der rosso. Wilhelm. Kronprinzessin Cecille. And Kaiser Wilhelm II. ahiptr.nt aure to a-lvame. Address I-i er crAimmit iijmi'acy, 1 at MONEY. MONEY. JJONEY. Lil riMM, mona, iniitji--ii 70)ara 8f4pm Dakota 7H0ani THE RICHEST STREAK UF PAY DIRT IX Amertia- I KiifOi acres level isslaslpi.i Lelta. laral; no brush rocks- fertility lmi'rove-1 laraJs n--A r.ettlntr (a ro-rs from to acre $1 to $10 acre. Rt'TERTS 2 1 7 BalK Chi cago 111 WE OFFER: HAVE TO INVEST AYITII SERVICES MAN- ager man and enrresp- nU r.t nine vears Cxiw-rli-nct: i-refer a sn.all concern that Is in rut and has established business: advertiser Is married il" age Address .1 1S2 Tribune. MONTHLY" MAGAZINE. ESTARLTSHET I years, g.aod money maker, can be bought rea-B'-nfible price; small cash i.avment: owner has other hus'neas and must sell immediately. Ad -dregs 411. Tribune GRi "'illlY STORE." NORTH ILE l.O- wll aili-w you to handle en ah lore en-Miirh to -rove this place clearing mcr'h; poia- title. guaranteed. Vol "NO 115 Ror-in 4R. 'F A ERS ANP PSFHS SA ViTmONW Maximum Expansion Books "he rnost eitpAnslve. yet least expEnslve! Really "PTatlying" Sample Sheets! FREE! OPALLA i I. n. i. 20 I'hlcago 1.A Ami. tyil I fEC'PRE INTEREST establlsheii manufacturing business: monev to be if desired. Address P. ..01 Tribune 1 YEAR PTX PERCENT. A YEAR. A-ivanre" i ar'. man or woman cr, 'alary fty OfT're -urs. 9 a. m. 6 p. 710 277 Dearborn-st. Harrison ro3. 9-4Spm Madinon. St.Paal and Minnaapoiia lOdCJpm JanoaTille. Superior and LOS ANCELES LIMITED Uf pm-. Omaha. Salt Lane hrm Anaele, iOUOpm A Cdar Rapids aud Lea MoiQM 7am 11 9 am t-iuam "1030pm 1 1 ltKUt.e tjreeu a-, .11 (Omaha, Sioux City, Black Hllla, lOHfipm DetiTar. Salt Iake. San Franciaco. LoaAnaalea. Porlland 8 JO am r. r-m LRt'e Florence at 2f cents. I.ikm SaA aga tKU una Co nt 34 certs. HSCHEPTKLS CO. FOR SALE COLORAPO I' ROPER tiee. p.iter.te.1, all choice: will iriak-? mines; prices and terms fair. C. F. COLLINS. 4327 v. JI05pm Northern Iowa and ho. Dakota a Milwaukee, Ashlnnd Marqnette. tt3opm 2A-am Waasau Marsh tield. Grand Lapids 0 Beloit.Janeaville. Madison. St.Panl SOOam Minneapolis. Superior aud Dulmh tSOOam La Crosse and Winona. f6-0pnl la) Daily Chicaeo-Milwankee. 'bl Sunday 7:28 p. m. (d)Excpt Sunday north ot Oreen Bay. TOl OW? IT TO To r.m. a en 4 heavr rete.s tf 1 -hnt 1s hf'pitiit ti pav the bills cfthe ft rf ish -iob' I to lalarld es r. r- AT IX I'FR f'EVT A KaH --n WITHOl'T IVI CR PFHI.T'-IYY A Tribune. piNKKl 11'" 1 F- TCF CAN' t. rt' n. rf tia In Krrall sums as Will V.r-- 1-r W- ii Ftrp'nvpfi B'tsl- rf Mi 11 e'v? thf fairest rate In Chlcac I. VI rf faulty rrnv easily t-rr'-K 'Ti tf ra.i... nr. isa.e Tel Har-rfri bt o3 Psr- t. rn-st a -i V.T.ST roMPAXT MORE BARGAINS. USED AUTOMOBILES. '07 Ar person. ..0 h. oA-erhauIed and completely eouippcd: magneto. '07 Ruiek. Al shape guaranteed. ott st-jeidard Dayton, laridaulet, overhauled, condition perfect, repainted perfect town car. 'of- White steamer, overhauled completely, repainted. Brewster green hue looking. Ttft National. 40-4. h. 4 repainted, and In good shape. AFTO CI.EARING HOI'SE, Phone 2D. Har. 24' Michigan av. Clhicago, Milwaukee a.n:d For ALK ESTABLISH EI LIME LATK and cement business at Angeles caI owner wish.s retire Apply to A EM ER la Pedro-st a Angeles Pal MON FY CAN RE MALE TP.M.I.NC, IN AVHE method. Risk sma'l Amount required. Jui to SI 2.1 out wn a -c unts a specialty G. AA P.HOC, A FT Traders' Rids Chi A IE A 1 I RS ER I I rnT A to ee'l preferred sa ck, "to a railroad man. who can sell ties, handle rates etc Address Cairo Tie Fres-rving Cairo, F. SA LE V'l'lAR A PiTTT.m': and rine fixtures: must sell as go-lrg the wholesale business: a fire r.lty for a ogaraoaker Cull RAO St STATE AND COPXTY RKSHTS FOR SAI.E ON two if the best articles on the market; P. PsluI Rallivsiy. P. A r.OHRriTY MONKT ('-: a' r. -rr1 mission. AY. UARDNKR. Ant 't to li bv frcrr. -l' rso--! So3 K--' FN I VERS A I'XEI'MATIC. AND IX- soak? b- uuht ard sol-J. AA" PMORRAY. 1 1 20 First Nat. Bank BIdg. MTXINO. OIL. AND LNDP-STRIAI. PTOCK3 bought and sold. I'HII. RACINE. 7oH Lore PMr. Kansas cits-. Mo. li. II- 'H KPT ELS ib' i ES A II 1 A 11 11U2 Cuiun.l'-i- Mining S'aa-k Lrokera. 122 Men roe Ft Chicago BEFORE iTl'YIN'i; SElVLIXii ANY STOCKS cr r.d our que-tatlor. Tirrker- ftge 12'-4 Fxi-barce Is M. 133 FRF.E OCR MARKET l.ET'l ER. CONTAINING A-aluahle for Investors Addrese I'nl-in Security Co tlaff Chicaro. Lest gropa'p mpnini; pikoi-osition Also all oiuer st, ks Chicaeo I'tacnotion and Prokera Co Sl birk-t. Centra 71T1. RON ALD M.atir.i,- Stock -Ir, kers Ion Pa Salle WF MT A XI r-' i.I foVKS ANpIiONDS JOHN (tflNI.EN i-e ivnra! 44(V5 lll First National Par.k Bos'f" l't'EKS." XEVAI.C LOCAL. AXD it fo. Rj 1.. uebt nr! I' REP i a 21 La Cbicago. ALMA IPAHO- JIAKE ME A CASH ViKVKR all ur cf :i.oi shares. Address IP 2tt. City tlrke office, 95 pftrm Harrison SB4. AnUvmatio loll. Inion Statiou. Adiin n4 Canal pts. phono Mn'o 123. Western Ave. Statioa. AtoinrobIes for Hire BY THE HOUR. We have the largest automobile liver-- In th- world: twenty-flve cars: highest grade machines: Thomas Fiver Alwavs open night and day. PRICES REASONABLE. COEY AUTO LIVERY Austin and AA eaiera Avea- plioco Humboldt 2-4. ALARY I. A i Lr qi (r rrit 'nterest; can hf rpa: i In r- hv -kl'tr rre one a A 1r- Tribune, slvlng prtr- T' p. ittn Arrive. Leave. $50 TO EUROPE and up. according to steamer. FIRST CLASS, BY" THE FOLLOWING LINE 3: AMERICAN LINE. PLYMOUTH CHERBOURG SO UTHAM PTO- ST. LOUI3 Feb. 1 ST. PAUL Feb. IN PHILADPHIA Feb. SINEW YORK P'eb 22 PHILADELPHIA-qUMNBTOYTN-UVERPOOL Merlon Feb. 1 1 Merlon Mar. 7 Haverford Feb. 22 i Noordlar.d Mar. 14 ATI-ANTIC TRANSPORT LTNE. NEW YORK-LONDON DIRECT. MINNEAPOLIS. Feb. fe I 1 NNETO.N KA. Feb. 2f MINNEHAHA Feb. 151 MESABA Mar. 7 RED STAR LINE. NEW YORK ANTWERP PARIS. KROONLAND 6 A A DERI. A 1S FINLAND Feb. 12 ZEELAND Feb. 2t WHITE STAR LINE. NEW YORK QUEENSTOWN LIVERPOOL. CELTIC Feb. ii CELTIC Mar. 5 BALTIC Feh 2i BALTIC Mar. 19 PPYMOT'TH CHERBOURG SOUTHAMPTON OCEANIC Feb. 1 2 i A I tRTATIO Feb. 2B MAJESTIC Peh T' TEUTONIC Mar. 4 Re FTON QUEENSTOWN' LIA'ERPOOL. CYMRIC Feb. 12. 7 am; Mar. 13 Apr. 22 NEAV YORK BOSTON TO ITALY EGYPT, via Azores. Madeira, Gibraltar. Algler. CRDRI'' 21 035 TONS Feb. 15 l'l a. m. ROM A NIC, Feb. 1, 9:30 am; Mar 14 Apr. 28 May 30 CANoITC Feb 22. 2 pm; Apr 4 May 1C REPUBLIC Mar. 7. noon; Apr. 18 CRETIO Mar. 28, noon: May June 20 F. C. BROWN. Western Passenger Agent. Phontt Central 139. P0-8 Dearbora-at. A RIT-'P A ERICA AND UP 1ST CLASS ACCORDING TO STEAMER AND DESTINATION REGULAR SAILINGS BY STEADY MODERN. LUXURIOUS LEVIATHANS. LG D'llN PARI HAMBC RG. Amerika Jan. Lincoln Feb 1 Kaiserin Feb. 15 Sails to Hamburg direct I A LT A A LES NO A Hamburg. Feb. 15 in am1 eana Apr. 2 Hamburg Mar. 31 Moitke Apr. 22 AT se connection made at Naples ALEXANDRIA-, with Egyptian Mail (nw fur-I b'ret steamers of 12. 000 tona TOURS DE LUXE If 12 days. From Including ail shore expenses. NILE SERVICE. Bookings made for trips up the Xlie 10 Luxor Assouan, by the Hamburg and Anglo Am. Xl Co. TRAVFI.ERS' CHECKS ISSUED. HAMBURG-AMERICAN LINE. 159 Chicago. COOK'S HOLY LAND TOURS. All include Egvpt. Booklets THOS COOK SON 234 Clark-st. proms ail in person. Agents wanted. 1 -a c- Of arborn 7r5am I S-oam 815 am 6a5am pm 855 pm 9 lSi Kajm 1 pm 1424 1710-18 Indlana-ar. Janasvillc. Madiaon Jant-avilie Elgin. Kocklord. Janenrllle Elgin Rockford Pay Exp. Milwaukee, La Croaaa, St. Paul, Minnroli AVatittau and IAI.A RY LO plain r. ti-. i r. IX iiNFl HA WITHnrx Ii'a' mt lifts on your II KSli' OMPANT. lio nf-irb-rn-st. Calumet 1 .2 Private exchange all department. BiDOam SOC am tllduam Waukesha, jdad'aon am S45pm S.H, 5 S5am 9 tf pm 15im Fl NT I I YI1AR a xs vr. 'V T'T. IN NOTE TFT IiiSI10" iLiltO am Denver Gae Ni-jht Iff? 1 TO Hi' t' A fd.ARY lt'pm I 1.45pm LOW 3 til JO am Milwaukee and W'ankeaha Elffin, K-rckford, JanwUle, Belnlt. 130pm4 Hock lltt.nd. JJubuqae. Ccatr Rai'ida 14pm (Ttoy t. It-Art a NT 0. OR EKXE-'JEIER SPIER AX CO 4'. 4T. MILAVAFKEE ATIONAT, ANK ELDG MILWAPKHE AYIS MTNINC PR -CKS II A LEWIS A- '-OMPANY, MINIM'- STOCK PROKERS I- T.a Sabe-st ''R'-ae Pi IF TOP WA NT TO BPY OR SELL ANY RPSI-ness and want the best an I quickest s-rvlce erne to us. Cm. A. KENNEDY i State and PHh-sts FOR SALE FIRST CRASS NEWSPAPER route In weal-by locality: easily managed fine opening -r man with small capital. Address 2s, Tribune, PA INT F. FiTSA I.EN FTAl.tsllEb j.alntirg and business: t-est on the N-rth Side. Call si'It Mor.trose-blv near Clark st WILL SOME i XT! OF ME A NS EFER LADYl i-aln physician in a lvrT Isin buslr. ss 1 i t-1-1 large profps. honest methoda. Address FOR SALE CHEAP. CORNER GROCERY AND market: new stock new fixtures: sales. $4 I er ill invoice Call to Franklin Mac-Voaeli r. re of AA'M ill'NPERSON A NT PART NT I PI PI To NT AND real e-tate i fIce: years' good busi-nc-s man with cash; making got.d money, Ct-ffalas Co. Chlcn go III encft.lent" openings" kxistTn the siulhwest: f- details and literature address Industrial Department. ROCK ISLAND-FRISCO I IVES St Louis tjtn Waukoaba. Fipon. Ber- i l0pnilmiOplikosU! lP AVTTH SOME GOOD partnership In archi-" ARCHITECT," 2a 2 WISH TO iTiRRESPONT head draftsman. I'esire tectural prar-loe. Address Bee Bldg. omaha, N'eh 'e- -n-h EMPI.TF' i FFl'lT r-o I2t I.A Rprr 1 r-- 'e eav imi: trs; i.rTl.ea in iTlnclpal r. Wf PY 1 "fi'X PAHRY l.r:' Pav i r-r rr A'R P'TLEY Ca- tnMi A p. PER YEAR LOANS TO CLASS. HON- t' wn rwsrhnni-K. TENNANT M0T0R LIMITED CHICAGO Peerless Agen's 14411 Michigan the folP ing bargains in cars hp'b are offered by oust oners, have bought Peerless automobiles one Made! Wlr.tan. demi-llmauslne. entirely equipped; $1 07.0 Ore iimT six cylinder Ford; top. lamps, c- r.dlti--n first c.ass; $1 One i'aekard Thirty touring car repainted, top lamos seat covers. front, sp'-ndid One mod. 1 It'. Peerless, full equipment lamps, ard is- oveehau'ed and repaimed: .3 iiva 'N- FI.P I Lv 1 'I LS -R FIST FOR wiXTF.R TORING; NOT AFFECTED FY HEAT OR CORD; NT N'ON-CA Rli 'NIZING CYLINDER OIL K-00 SPECIAL FoR TRANSMISSION K-000 FOR GREASE CUPS DIFFERENTIAL ETC NT Y. X. J. LP RRli "ANT 60 AVAR ASH A Y. I AjRT ABLEGAP.AGES7 ALL KINDS OF PORTABLE HOP'SES. KARR PORTARLE HOUSE 6-J3 ELLE PLAIN E-AV L. V. W. FtvR SALE 3" IP LIMOUSINE CAR. KIM- bail body; seals five; run only l.Va. miles; as new: win cemor.s-rale to condition, cost sell 3L Co. Address 304. Tribune. aO pm Oconomnwoc Ppn ted-UUpm 61tiifoo, SASpm 8)pmVaukea' Wudiboa. lortae.f UrwD 4Wpm Madiaon, Mineral Point i POpm 4a5pm Llin. Kockford K'-5im pm Milwaukee Waukesha. Te55pm 8 SINGER LADY WITH $4m AS PARTNER: interest in first class saloon and restaurant; Inside Loop: best location in city; long lease. Ad-dress 2.14 Tribune. PARTNER WANTEIP-FOR PHUT'i NOVELTY mall order business: enormous money maker; best chance ever offered a partv with $2, Address Tribune. ijnrinqte. rt. rani, rtm 1 Iowa, Minnw.ta, ta, 8 02 am MP A NY MO NET --(and ice Black UiJIa. o. Uaa. rmC.A'i' 1 STA: FT v. fal l-'-'-! f- Tho Southwest Limited. 't i fn all nr -t. o-'FAXY Klffln. Rockford. Moline. NAlluN Ai. FIX nwv I 60pm tK-k Island, Hienport, POanj FoR sa ALE-FIRST LASS WEST SIDE SA- 6 SUMS lty 603pm Janesrllle and Mudlaon J.i-t til T. a a AT.T 7aa nM.NEY rTf- fforfrl i 1 A' Prairie da Cbiea and intermediate li6pm 1 (V iXAT-T ll 1 Hall- s-t. i' 1 FXT jr Tho Pioneer Limited. 6J0pm MElwankee. St. Paul. Minneapolis 6.66 aza WorUiboiiD -i Thr Piosieer I i-iue3 cji no top at otier a Aciuuc. T. I'll-. ETC Irauar, three theaters; one of -be best lo-aia-ns In city, go.vl reason for selling Ad-d "VE" ASrC Hi HEATED II.TteT paving per ic.o. for five years' lease; what have to trade' like some business. 1'rlbune FO A I. $2. A Tl 7S THE EI 7i "WER sh- vf. La. ks, -biv this sp.endi-i f-r sale ini'iii iirtr f. fixtures and everything It s'ae-Ls: rerlremert: n.vlrekers A RTNER WA NTEI" Tc'iT ST COk" A Xl MAM. ate Siau-liern dairy farm: milk 1-12' gaib-n: inve-t 1 oje always gr.n field. Address II 432 T'ibune Lake Navigation. GtAODRICH ROATS TO MII.WA1TKEE AND Racine. a.a r. m. daily, exceot Sur.Tay. $1.5.4 to Muskeg, and ''rand Haven." $2 t't to Grand Rapids. and Friday. 7 45 0. ivr'n! 7" cks f--ot X-TI -a RAILWAY TIME TABLES. WESIEEN E.0AJJS. Daily. JSundav. tEx Saturday. tEc. Sunday. "Ex Monday. Tho Overland Limited. (Omaha. Ds MiinHi. 8i 6fl6pm Hioux F.ilU, San Franciico. Lrs 12.38 pet i Omaha, jjenr, San Franc leco, Loa Angeiofi prtiin'i Mo.inti. liock Inland, l.aren- THE pf-CTi R'S CAR 4 CYLINDER. AIR cooled Aerocar roadster; special rice $1 CoRNlSH-P'RIEPRERG MOTOR CAR. 1233 2ND HAND A UTos GUARANTEED'; LIKE new. Send far our illustrated atal- gue. Calumet Nyberg Auto Works. 2437-30 I SEP" CARS HiKAF- In price only. Ail are good; most are guaranteed -he same as a new car ORLANDO AA" PI oca. 1 324 Mjchigan-av SEVERAL' NEW AND SLIGHTLA- USED CARS. different makes at about HALF PRT'E. GUARANTEED or MONEY REFPN'DED. TEMPLE AUTO 1221 ML 'HP LA N- A A'. IT. Ac M' 'R CAR CHICAGO BRANCH CALT'MET M4 1470 1 'HTG A N-AV. LARGEST AT PT P. IN NEW AND SECOND hand autos in the Times So. Auto lr.PP-1 Mich -av. Chi. A FULL AS-ORTMENT OF SLIGHTLY "USED 805 am i port, Ottumwa, Kan-Wir. City, lu-l hunuf. Mmn-wta. Dnkntii MY WELL ESTABLISHED 1 L-. at a sacrifice; perfectly rr. Insurance just renewed, fine I Tribune ii ffnui.f, St. i'Hiil, lOJOpm 10:10 pm 10 3C' pm 1030 pm J1030pm iL'A; pm 7-X)am I WILL SELL busines sh vv -a a ,1 1 ross A NTETRE; in or Iolu good, location. 710 am 4 9-45 pm TARRANT AND I.r.A'i'H have cash; am willir. to pa Address F. T. SCHWAMP. for 11214 I louhtn, i aluT.iit, 'otonaRun fircn BaT. irin Mountain, Champion, Marquette Star tAikfi. VVuatu. Vi inwioa ej Milwaukee daily. NEVADA MINK OWNERS' ASSOCIATION'. EX- i lusive promoters Little r-e" 015-924, Ex-- barge l-boaago 1,1. WILL' PAY CENTS "PER SHARE IV shares Pittsburg and Tur.gsttn stock. Ac-dress A NT PRIVATI-1 PARTY TOP A TP" NT AND t.rotn-atrt gold nil'ies Ailress Tribune. STOCKS AL BO.IDS LET PS KNOW WHAT YOF WANT IN THE way of an invesrn ent we ha stocks, Mollis, an-i real estate for saie an-1 t-a -ra le. i and see if there ii anvthir.g in that interests you. AY. G. LOOM IS nr.4 ar.a in, ck Ri aIlk'H ivm'striai. bl'sinkss located in with fl iVn'i auth. rized capital, wl.i se a llrrtte-l ati-a-ant of treasurv stock Individ ua as w-R t-a o. mi -an ne-ure particulars to, Address SM T- lbune WANTETiL BROKER TO Pl7ACE bl -ck with small ir.v-- s-ate wnn or facilities are to receive reply. Ad irtss Tribune BULI)IG MATERIAL, for "sale cheap r. ooo feet psed white pir.e lumber- from grain WESTERN WRECKING AXD LUMBER 3S1 and Wer.torth-av Tel Yards 1275. RFI A TT NT 1 0 plans or to crder. residences cottages -a fit's, or stores; ca.tap.g-ue. cents. FFRLFTY T.F Arch't. 0O2 Atwood Bldg. ANP AITLL WORK OF'EVKYtY' PEN S'rlr-'ian lwt-r r-riee tier r.ur estimate. CHICAGO HORSE WRFCKTNO C'YMPANY. and Chicago. LEGAL NAJTICES A.VU l'UOl'OSALS. Xo'iiCE" oE SPECIAL MEETING OF THE STOCKHOLDERS OF THE GLOBE STEREOGRAPH COMPANY. TO THE STOCKHOLDERS OF THE GLOBE STEHOGKAPH IT, EASE TAKE NOTICE, that on the third day of February, tlx S. at lt a. at the office of AY'. S. Found, lo4 Chicago, thero he held a special meering of the stockholders of the above corporation for the pury-ose of considering a proposition of selling and conveying, all the property rights, real and personal, rights copy-riiftta. jriv lieges, gaol ill. and franchises of this company tr) the Stereo. Travel Oou.iiany, a stock corporat Ion d.uly organized and existing under an -1 by virtue of the laws of the state of New Yoi k. ergaged In the same general as ih of the transfer to this ron.par.v of the same number of Fhares of stock of the Stereo-TraTel Com-panv as remains ours-nnding of this company, of the par value ytooou ench: and in con-si iera: ion of the pferpe- ravel agreeing and assuming to pay all the outstanding debts and liabilities of this company. -Also far the purpose of removing for cause as and director the present incumbent of the othie of Vice P'ret-i-l. r.t an I Treasurer of this company, and for the transaction of such other neces-Eiry business as may come the meeting. PI BURLINGTON ROUTE. hkago, BmrfEngtoini Railrosid Co. ronton Main PTT. Canal nrrl Ariamft-sf Cltv Ticket Office. Telephone Central 3117. 211 Clark-st. nave. Arrive. Narabor One Limited for Colo- oc nt 10lJPm) rada and California i 830 pm sVTerland Exi'ris for lenver, 1100pm-Sail Lnke City, baa FrsnciMro 7 rOO am and L8 AnRalfsi on i Minnfuof ft lnty Limited for 9.20mSt P4Ql and Minnea.hft.-. 9 pm ANTS oTTSlDE RTC A PR a A NT IX' 1 e-r redu---e st-'i-k for cash can do so to good ca by addressing for particulars. '525. FOR SALE A A NT OF DEATH. PAINT automobiles: a1! euaran'eei. American Auto- mobile t' and NT Ha'sted St. less 2i vars, cnnipie'p wail i.upir. class. tcJls. ar.4 ROCK ilSLAND C. E. I. LJNES NAR A'ARUES IN CARS. PERSONAL 1 ltOi'Lllll I.OAAS. k.itX- ii.i si.uyy. MOX II LOW ITA i A XL' EASY TERMS. THE SE- TlUTY require con-it; if the fot that tha if if El XI TP 13. Trial rroi-cTtv. We win purplv the tlt-elred amo'avit tiulrkly RKLIAXCE LOAN a voo room 504. ac n'nl ul I li Si 1 v'FEICK. to o'ci, ck i at OIAT i H. HOXEY Mi'NET moxet money money top can kor.rpw any' amopnt of ON HoIVEHa'LE FrilNlTI'IlE PIANOS. 'A- 1 OXS ON ANY ARC All SROT-RITY. We will a -h-1 loan the pamn iay yru kr vv 'b-ie are Co v. i iraju'rles made cf your i.t ims ate rib the be- are r'at-ln tc be bv 'be Meet lareeat. IqiJ er'-- 'ri or-icairo. the 'i pro, tcan 1 1 1 -oij c-r fioom 217 THF RT' 1 Ar'-F TON 18e Af 'iI'tJON' ST FOOM f02 nnsT k-atk paw society. 72 AA'a i- -st Pea rham i 1 "'lib. L.VTO tanoi y-rr-v ar V-Aelrv l'3k'r I at st, re a r. 1 bus! Tj-urt. 'V ag 'P. as. F1 A LET EXCEPTl n- ST APR. A ELEGANT 1'PT- if FEND FOR LIST TT-y-v x-n'-n--. CO AA'abash-av Bargains in 2.1 hand cars woods motor, vkhti.e co 140 for rit. Paul a Twin 'itijt I.iniiled- 9 00 am La Pallf-Ft. -'atir-n. th lor.p Van Eiirn anl Ta Pailf-sts. Tirkt Adans-st. tPhona C. 444Gj and Audltcriurn Annex. fb ch ir- X'-rth Clark r.n- daily: show see GOLSEN KINS' -X A- iiis.ii:.-st Foil SALE -FINE 1Ti -RTPMTY TO OFT In'a co yb -r. b'uslness: wea and a od 'Tass clir-v s. Aol-c JT-bure FEE STERCHIE CO "pci OR HoTI-lRS R. VIM -c, r. i. TNG AXD BOARDING P'OPSES BUSINESS Leave. P'ria Davp't Omaha 2:15 am Arrive. 25 jm 7 ran CHAXCMS WANTED-PARTNEFt WITH J2.IV"'0 TO INVEST In manufacturing business: do not need to invest until results are proven. Address 11.1 Tribune. 1'A RTNER WITH WAN'TEIR STOv'K comnany; lucrative business; best reference. Address 4-12 Trlb une PARTNER WANTED A GERMAN SPEAKING man with big p.rop.ts. AJdrefs 0.0. TrlV'une WANTED-MAN WITH AS PAPiTNER IN paying we kiy newspai'er; one with some p. eferrcd Aridress .1 C4 Tribune. PARTNER WANTED-LA PIES" TAILOR AND cutter; best North Sid. location; must Invest. i 'X 242 N. State-at. A LADY AATTH CAPITAL AND EXPERIENCE wants partner with capita! for r.e theater doing elegant business. Address 2K4. Tribune. IXSTRl FRENCH RT A NATIVE PARISIAN SPANISH by a native Castilian. GERMAN by a native Hanoverian. All univerltv trained teachers. HEATHCOURT'S LANGUAGE SCHOOL, 4f2 N. Clark-st. THE BERLITZ SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES. Auditorium. Congress-st P'ni-versity Bldg Chkago-av Pupiis h-ar ar.d speak the new exclusively from the b. ginning. Trial less- ns free FIRST I ST I' I BYPITI OF THEOD. LESCVIETIZKY' OP VIENNA; BEST ORPORTFNITY FOR ADVANCED PLAY-EPS: TERMS REASONABLE. ADDRESS JFrlbune. LADIES-BE SELF-SUPPORT 1 XG OUR FREE catalogue explains how we teach manicuring. facial massage. elec'ridysis. cht-r -v-ady in few weeks: tools Included. Call or write Moler Coliette. AA'abash-av I.O.' tail EAN MAKE flu' A WF.KK: dav night, and ccrresrandence courses-: degrees, diplomas. DR. CAMFIELD. Oculist and Aurist, president Chicago College of O. and O. 31 Wash- JiL ft a SI ESS PR 1-11 A A TO SC i A I ING DEPARTMENT BI'SINESS WCMAX'S EXCHANGE. Atwood Bldg n. w. cor Madison and Clark-sts. Tel Main 1702. Dav and evening. STUDE'NTS AXD A PR RENT I OPTS -O I AR ha-lrdresslng. manicuring and facial treatment; taught In lessons: position secured M. THOME Hair c.i--1s. 1(112-13 Hey worth Bldg-. EY'ENING CLASSES MAI'INERRO PCHOOI Facia! massage, bairdressing. icu-ing electrolysis. S'dent ideally taugiit: positions guaranteed ANDOLfST AND GUITA VlXSCIENTR tUS instruction; yavur success depends upon systems taught starting Address 41c, Tr: bune A TIM I A NO LAY I I 'OS Fl "I A'EITY taught any person In ta 2i' lessors: catalogue rnaPd fr. e. CII R1STEXSEN NATIONAL SCHOOL OF LA NGU A GES. "T''4 K. Xorth-av PIngllsh Germ neh: native teachers. Day evening: Sundays Trial week free: XIG'HT COURSE 'l" of MA SS A 'J AXD MEDICAL GYMNASTICS. Dept D. and. In'Rama jay. ABSOLUTELY SCIENTIFIC MASSAGE taught bv expert; reasonable; either sex. Address Tribune. TEACiiT PiAN'i SHERWool I'FPIL. Experienced Mai'le-st. ar.d Deariv- rn-av will take few pupiis at low ra: Address 42tt Tribune: EX PEP. I NC EI LA DY TE A I I 7l UST FRl NI F'arls gives French Address 443, Tribur REINFORCED CONOR CTE DESIGN AND coN-s! ruction evening c.asses; low. Address 11" Tribune TEACH FRENCH. GERMAN. ITALIAN; SKN-sible. tjuick method; reasonable. Address K271. Trlburn Sr E'TAI. OFFER APT' CM iHILE RoRES. glass fronts, automobile ti ps RVRSoVS 70 AA" 1 block west of rivr Har limS RTTCK ROA I 'STKR. TWO RODI ES? CPITE and open; run les.s than -TO miles; netd the money. dross 4.T3. 'Frl'-unc. USEDAA'HITE STEAM CARS: AT. SO AT "vNAYELL runabout, a- a bargain. WEBB JAY" MOTOR 2.T;,5 State-st. MITCHELL T'CRLNC, O00D order: fullv eouipted: Addrcs 114. Tri't ure. DEARRORX-ST. LilR AA ITH" ABOUT" Kin) FOR bui-iress pn-pi-sition no agents. Tribuno I AY A NT A a ei! pav inec Kj: 5:20 pru 4 53 pm 4 51 lam 4 pm A THY DELI A ESS E.N a state price and particulars cm 4 Kli Limited for Kansas City. I -kt, 610 pm st J(t(B()Uan(i Leavenworth Missouri Klvcr Kjprets fr 6 00 pm C.unctl Bhiffs, Omaha, Lincoln 9 13 an and Nebraska points Iowa-Ne brftska Kiprei1 for Uur- U-OOpm- Iington, tVmricil Bluffs, Omaha, XK) am Lincoln and Nt-brnnka poiutP ('Fast Mali fir Oalebart Bur-j Iington, Council BJJn. Omana, J5am Lincoln, Cmiy Worland it), 930pm 1 BiiHrit, Bune, Ut-iena. feppkane, Seattle and Portland i Tha Northwest Kipres for Lin- UXprn coin, HillinRA. HeJtnn. Spokane, 7 iXam Tacotna. Seattle aud 11-HO pm Blak Hills Eijirs i Iliinoisvlowa Liinltd f-r a irtt- 1 iurg. Monmo th. Burlington. Mt. I fl -15am I Pieaant. Otrumwa. Chariton, Onceola, Creton and Red Oak Iowa KxpreHS for be 's I AVIPH I Ft -ft Illinois and Davenport Loca.1 i at am Flyer' SWam Rocky mopntain limited Denver, Ctiiri. I'uehl ii ir. arn- Omaha. Lincoln Belleville Isi'd. Dav M'-iues. 1..15 am Illinois Daver.poi Local. 1 "2 pm Peoria pm St Paul. Min'polis Raid. Is. 4 Mo pm Cedar Rapi-is a- Fal.s pin Peru Aceoiiiiiioda'ion l'ipm K.C.St J. Dai. ti pm Omaha Fiv er ti t5 pm I'eorla or, pro i 1 i I A LE- Sitl- NY ESI k' 22! IX (R)D, ssarA- 'Ire, a 1 rrrnr INIe Have COl'LE EU-MIV r.d R.r kers. Estab IS' 3. i ii' Issue I 1 1 ck and Pa co AUTO-; FOR HIRE COEY AI'TOMOPHE I.IV-ervc.-. 1T10 Irdiana-av Cain. e. 1042 FOR A I.E-OA I I LI. A COITH NEW e- e. A ,1 -n RCPADSTER A A RG A 1 NN EW 4" Yr.IX7-der 01 -a PP vvor; a.1 STEAMSHIP LINES. I A Fa-v 1 pm '11 41 am a 4" am am tit as. am s.4o an lo .23 pirt '11 :43 am 40 am 7 am' 7 .25 am f. -V em am I am t-i. 1 k-' vpi y- ''q A ST A A 1 I.L START' IN THE WHOLESALE GOI.DEN STATE LIMITED. Kan. City. El Paso Can. on pm Ci. F-VflfT. I' 1AVA LIMITED Chicago pR biscui -race wr.e us iVs0'K V.t'-K XPERT ME' I PAN I'RIY Oiroh.l llcoO pm i 1 1. neoiinK. uakaioosa, Kn-m i Inn T. r. I Tl rOO pm ATE SHoP PE Ocean T). Moines. C. Rapid Omaha ca Kansas Cpt Paul A- Minn a nd Gal If en ia VXT. PIANO si Ao a ro-a rb P. i Calii id no pr 1o :2 pm II pm 11 oO II pm I Council and Iwa point II isH4uri Kxpre fr 100 pm Uuincy. St. Kansas City, C-00 am Atchison nd L-Mvenworth A. SKEET.S. Secretary I. a 1 Pe-Tla. T.av'pe rr St. Joseph Des Moines. Omaha an-i a es mr.ueis special'n r.t int i I-Ti 'P'H 4T4T. -urn poll FAT.E OT.D FlsTAPI.IfHEIi TAILf'RING business; must lae citv. Ad.dress Tritun i-OIt SALE. "XLY PP1FG STORE TOWN 500: large full prsce: paying business. Rox 1 2i AYillianisfleld. RP -C. E. I. R. '9 40 pm I ACROSS THE ATLANTIC In 4 DAYS 1 HOURS AND 40 MINUTES. ALL RECORDS BROKEN FY THE OLD BELLA RLE I.INPT. ESTABLISHED lTO. NEVA- "IK 'S TON O'TOAvx LIVERPOOL. THE NEW SCREW TCRfdNE S. S. I.T'S IT A 1 A AXD MAPRETANTA. feet long. :.2 000 tons. 70 imhi H. P. Trpest fastest, and most luxurious essels. Have elevators, lounges, daily papers, and band. lay Limited for K'tchelle, Ore-. 9X am gon, Srirauna, Gh lena, iUubuyue, 'y Ia Cro-re and 'W inona Northern Limited for 6 30 pm Oregou, HHVtinna, Oft Du- bunue. La Crosne and inona NrtKern for Rochelle. 10 JSOpm Oregon, Savanna. Iu- FOR SALE SMALL HIWi'KKl: KI.EGAXT A EPFN'OH Al- CO OA fot 4a AT. n. 'ear. atOv your forr.iture r'an etc. reoa'VHl APr.ej- to be re-fur In fiO t-. ariora Fxfcrt! tl ci tiir. (rrnnrol Ir a ri-s 'r le.a if can Pe tight ch-ao for f'-de NoTP op rh.T. -a I.e-q -f RoseRtM i-enie'erv: hr or of O.ree oes i -he -'Safety'. or it Owners' Fund" of the PD has a-d i :1 of of Charles Cray Fran is the -v re-oal' 'tir trustees said furc los exoire-1 N.av er.d ore take notloe -iat or. the loth rlnv, Pehrilaa-v. A R'Os at the lour 2 r. will be b. at 'b' tl a I Cor; i a -at 171 la Sal s'. 711-712. a nee-Ogof tv-o Tit vvr.ers said R- sehlll Cerue-ery- t'ne ourp se three lor wrers sai-1 TP se po, Ce-r, te-ra- t- Pe ar-i as said 'S if, tv. r'Re c.v nets' p-und said 1 Passer. cer- lio- ke-i L- r. ar Paris. tier i i f'i i T. t-e-t iRSTT 2.11) x. Clark-st. iyS PEMS DEVISED" AND 17 vears' success. ROD-Trd Ha ris-an 2Q71 ca-h. SELLLNt; I lue ed c- -mplet' KIN. Dearborn baque, Cro(e and inona Iowa JocaI for Burlington. Ft. 00 am Mfidison. Keokuk. Mt. 1 e-ua- 6 JSO am ant Ottumwa P--b. 1 Feb. 23. Mi.r. 2S Mav 9 Campania. N. ckkaif-'t i a i i VATE ir. A- A.1 e- Feb 4 Mai. .1 Apr. 7 May P'eb. Mr. 21 Apr. in Mav 0 Feb. 15. Mar. 14 A r. 2v p'eb. IS Mar. 24 Apr, 21 Mav Sax nla Boston I.PSITANIA Pucan la, N. 1 ernla. I-i-as on Ftruria Carmanla S2C pm a teria six years. ir until theii Feb. 22 Mar. 24 Air. 2.. May 2,1 I Illinois joctii ior Aienoota. I BuJa. Galrthbtir, urur.gron. UflOam-( Qui ncy. Y.i.t City, Canton, Ver-mfiDt. 'lina. Iavnport, Hock I Ihiand. Cl intn no am liHnois L-al f'r Mendota, am i Knrlvi.le. Ottawa. Streat-r and ouall 2G nr. 31 Fet. May 30 May 2 I 5 years -v no--1 7i. 'iF 'X i VIT IIANf'S FTC. Yi DEL.IT A' I.han i. r.i 1 1114 Monrue-it. C-ra' IT. anl -I'll AY AV.rt A LIl'MAN' A'. -O I -on- ST PRIVATE EN- war.e-. nil r. watches. cider the L'-a-1 if Managers. Mar, MA CRETAN! A Apr 1 Air 22 May 13 6 16 pn First class $50 and upward. i Ncr! hern I I nn; 14 wfil for 1 4 a fri 8 20 am Hvh ie. Orr tf on, Forrest on, 2 2C pm Ko-kford Lfeil for OtrnwR, t-30pm- Strator, Rockford 10 S5 am S'erlmn 5ipm Mdot 9 35am I LOAN on ai.i. ls l0. MARK NO a- thm 'he v- a -i- r-. 14? T.l LPans on -in-4 Xr-rr' nt-nixiF 'f T'O-e; r.oT- Vt t- i nn tie IF YOI' WANT A OOOD if'i'to RESTAURANT for S27.0 tail and see us any evening or Sunday. A. II PETER. A CO 4. '4 PT. GEO. CORPORA I RiN LAWYER. tlol Plymouth Bldg charter headquarters, spa-ciaitv So Lak and 2d hand Illinois. FOP: SALE CIGAR STORE; fTxTPRES. P'TOI. tin! tatits. and lunch "Utflt at Vf-rv Tav price; must A-ldress VE 1 1 TI IN' i OR BR INcr A I r-'S-itis to present eus-tomers. If y.aj are not address Tribune. FOR APE-TEA. COFFEE. AND LIGHT GRO- rt-rv new st ck wlT invoice, old s'and; leaving cl" Abrf? S22 Tribune. yTi'V CAN BE 11 Ac' PER GaaoD SALARY, and have bankable soarilv; for O1" Ira. ernent and 2'A per a-r. income Address II Tribut FOR A PH Y'SICT sped stand: six roams, all light; will divide FISCHER. lth and PAYING CI'lAR STORE NEAT "LITTLE pi.iee. located in Pop; bargain for cash Iaor dregs A H77. Trlbtin. wXNTEI LAI 'Y AA' I ill floo TO INVEST IN pav im i-usir-ess for herself. Address Tribune A RTIO'I: Aa- A-pIRCoTl TlaTTw P' 'R I PH I I'lJil'--oRTH I'ARIv CoMAirSsI. 'NERS will be hy S-uth Pirk rei- at. tbe r-T'h-st. a r.l iv e.i'i Orove-av aioe VAeir-ylav l--b T. 1 f- d- z'-r, cl. -a-'ors and lif rnat: av Ye b-a red at above jn Tilt i-1 ''-lee- anv sa i' TP. "A O. -t NTS The ODv of s- ulh Miiiv.i ake- has called f-T bids i via irlr, the I Rs ar.d r--o rds ci'v. The oflb-i ,1 bid is being publish, In ih-t nt'Tdal rapr. Ml'wankee Rids w'll'l I until F-R 4-'n Us o'clock EARN WAGES WHILE TELEGR A PHY' COME. SPECIAL ANNOUNCE II NT. TO ITALY" AND EGYPT I A I A NDRIA CALLING AT MADEIRA Ideal Winter Cruises to Sumn er Climes FY THE GIGANTIC XEW FAST CPN'AKDER APt NT f'7'" FEET LONG 2" TONS, tAi.cM.-i. one of the largest ships afloat. SAILS FROM NEW YORK FER. IS For Made. ra Gibraltar Genoa Naples Alexandria. Has Grill Room. Lounges Dabv Pap-rs. Rand. Supp lements the new modern In screw steamers avanla Mar. 12 Af r. 3o June 11 Pandemia Mar. 2o May 14 July 2 Air. 0 Mav July 10 Ult or. la 2d 3d class only) Apr. Pi June 4 July 23 Tra ve art' cheques a ,1 ail over the World. F. WHITING Mpr Dearborn ar.d Randoiph-sta ILLINOIS CENTRAL R. R. eamlng. I P. Telja. La LE AH I l.L I NERY AND'D -st .12. $1 Central Static -ktt offlct, 117 n. Lake Adams- All thr'iKh trair.s from Front ar.d iJth-Bt City pt Phone Central Cl'T'i. KI. Vt IAL, Arrlve Leave 9-10 am Oran5'Memihis Irial. 30 im Miiij-his I ni 0.00 I-nJHrjt jrir.KS NaMhviHe I am st. LOPIS" LIMITED. St Louis. Eureka Sprincs. Hot and Sou1.1u.esr ln ara 3:01 pra ST. I.t'LIS EXITiESS St. Louis. Missouri. honia and Texas pm 6TA an ST. LOPIS SPE'-ial St. Lf.ails ar.d One Sou 1 1 pm 7:45 ana CHICAGO AND PL' 'RID A LIMITED. Evansv 1 lie. Ai Tiro a St. Ausu. tin- 'i 12:15 pm 5:23 pm I.IXIE EL A Evansv Nashv ks- ra I "in pm 147 am AND LIMITED. Terre Ilau'e Xas'-vLie Jack- sonvflle Nw Orleans. 2" inn 30 am I-'anvlIle Srt-la! 4 "7 p-ri an ILau-e Evar-vTV 7 artt 7 21-1 im' Mud'avln P.ea.1! tl'2 3 r-tn 1 'Kfl Wll' fclielhyville. Marion. Ch 50 ENGLEWOOD STATION. (r.Td-Ft.l Tralr.a leave 11 minute later and arrir. n- uutes mriiie Thai tiro-, sho-wr p.ere 1. SEW lMtUtl'OIt ATIOVS. NIAV CORPORATIONS WERE LI' NS ED TE -ttrday hy the state at SprinKfleiil a v. Frank IW-rv- print Irir an! puh'T'h t.k inc. Frank Heeny. Euin.a Earnest Lau tern, an i A lv.t-ate rorrtrv. capital. fl.SOOj -ut-: ih 1 ra rte ra E. Klr.itst'urv Ere" s-. -jrv. T. I.lrst. I. S-r, Jilo. appal, IO Insurarce r- v. orp, John Al' I- A kl 1: l-'i-era er "l-virif John Kr'dl coiiipsriv. capital. 0(0 or and ira Ir. arat-TS Lir Paul Z.r tieli. Adolphu zi-ii'i: Llederman lire. company. Chlcaaoy aplal incorpora tors Jacoh I.Ied-rman, Isa-i-Te Liedernn. Stim-. utl Sohor-T Mtdlelr.e c-arnr-any Oloiri: capital. n.anuf tcturinc pa-ee p.ed leipes Incor -rs. c. I-elrc-n. Charles Charles 1'rarcls. NOT P. I ROFIT Fraternal Order of Spiritualists ef Amerlcia. Cl.aatt teach the r- Ilr-ion 1 ln-tarpora'erE. Alexander C. li. Charles A Th AuLurn cluh soeialt Ire-rr--ratora. I.e. Ie. C- Uls i Ss ill- Freeport S'lenee n. advar.e. rr of Sr.rre and hertTh: Inrar- pora'ors -a i-i pr-ed. Sjtrah I'ar-t-. Raker tO TOP NEP.P NP- XI-IY? I make a.p.a.Tie-s oi: nil cf serttrity or col-a'erai a-T owners, "xrrkanta. hleh clasa a.a-ied cn.u.,jy.- No effcr- ake your helpful Mc rv a week. ell 41 State-st. NG I EE PNG DRAFTING ATI! TAPG HP jri'lvotely by chief engineer. R. 771. 2P1I Zji S.t.le. XI VERSA COLLEGE OF MUSIC SHERIDAN- r-C. Irvun I'k-bl tojfo monthly cat a ie goes STUDY LAW. MEDICINE. DENTISTRY PHAR7- mact. Begin now Night Fniv erslty Welie st ARTIST" liiiM viexx a "av ill give lesPo In water art AddressJ R22 Tribune ASSAYING. CHEMISTRY. PAY OR EVENING instruction: laboratories 17HR Monadnock IT AT I A FRENCH. SPANISH" FIG. NORTI.I j. ro A our Ills a-e r'a iui, paiiou- rrs cornmuulo.ate 1th ll-. un.iersigreoa io. ir. pVLfanifn.i 727 am y.i am Ca.r a hoal 5.20 pm T.Tu am Southern Past Mail Milwaukee. i.j. ia 1 I 1 CLv Clerk. iLwO am lat.B!!:e 'P. "PALE- on 15 am I Ea, 11 le Ntishv ole S.20 pit. -plr ic car arr.ed Limited rn -THRFE TO FOp-R CAN MILK place far chickens, rer.t cht ap. Ad CANADIAN" PACIFIC EMPRESS LINE OF THE ATLANTIC Third ciass rates r.n Empresses: $2fi '0 Chicago in Liverpool $30 2. Chica t-a Scandinavia ,3 2." ChP-ag Finland 137 CO Chicago to Hamburg R-erren Antwerp Rooms reserved Wr.te ion BEN-IAMIN. Gen Agt 232 Clark-st Chicago. 111. 10 pm 20 pm ss W. Fi 'R Chart. palKU pe.aiur Pan-la-- A- 't -PEST A I A NT pm AND LUNCHROOM Tr Ve r.e 11 0 am r. a LT. ESTATE i 1 1 1TI WHOLESALE LIQUOR LAWYERS. AAA" o-ASE? AND ClT.LF.fTIONS. STJ-A me-hois highest assured results. ADJPSTMENT NP r.r ClVo.GO CLAIMS IMMFAXY. e-s' c'ass ia vr a'! courts i PI! R.i!ia-ar3!f Yo'-NG AAYYER AVILL DO A LIMITED it-' -f legal rk f-r experience without s. IRANPLFD CARFFPI.I.Y. CONFI-c'entiallv THOMPSON MO Dearb -rn-st c'MVRcll I. AAV AND am 5 2o It 05 pm 3.45 pm 5 ptn ti (Si pm It 45 am 2 .40 am 2 40 am 2 pm Plr. uior.Kion Ca: -o nd South Kankakee and nneap St Paul Ltd 11, until Plu'fs Ltd Pur.uq.ue I-lit UdU A Ft Past Mall I'ul utjue A West aid st P.o-kr rd Paase-ger P. kf rd I)uhuou 6 att am lo iii am 1" air. 8 am arr. 4 pm ii 55 pm 10 10 am 12 25 pm business: account si, -kness H. A HUiT.MA.NN, Teutonic Building. Fl ALE-DRY- G' D. AND N- TR STORE: fleam heat: rent SIS; living rooms. Cot- age Orove-av A XT ED MERITOKiot-s SPECIALTY will back and market; particulars. Address 4 SC. Tribune HOLLAND- AM ER A LIN XE 1" 'K-ROTTERDAM via ROI'LCGNE. REDO'ED CAPIIN" RATES First cabin and up; sec r.d Tw Ifi-Screw Steamers 12 1 To lo Mar. 11 A NOORLhAM Feb. 7- ar. 22 Mar. IS A harkrm.t FOR A LE MILLIN ERY STOKE NORTH eatablishe-l business; reason for SI I-e eld STATENDAM Feb. 12 RYNDAM Feb. 20 XEAV AMSTERDAM. 2f. POTSDAM Apr Mar. 31 Sl iv Al r. 2D June 3 Mav 13 June 17 selling RKI-J oW aha sh a TAI.KINfi MinilAES. For sale BASS i RAL; 5, new euuipment; S'PXl Address .10 T'earbe rr. -st ag A Pvon" HEALY VICTOR TALKLNO Holland-America Line fl TYPEWRITERS ANO SIPI'LIES. BARGAIN LIST SPECIAL THIS WEEK: 1 Underwood $33 Ct) 1 Ur.tierw-d. 2 Olivers 2( 00 1 Oliver, like new 41) 2 New Cer.turys. 17 50 1 NT like rew Re, 1 Remington 32 ou 2 Rem'g'ons like new 60 1 Smith Is 'ita 3 Sml'h IT like new. lis 4 Liensmores 17 1 I 'ensm-are. like new. 1 No. 8 Callgraph. 13 i' 1 Fox like new 1 No 4 ls.Ot 1 Hammond. like new. 3'J The Exchange Pear biarros t. IF YOU AVANT" THE REST BARGAINS IN Actual factory rebuilt typewriters st competition prices, come to us- Investigate: be convinced; a makes rented anywhere: lowest prlcea. Telephone Central M14. 3y Rebuilt Typewriter Company. REBUILT TYPEWRITERS CF ALL Jin to C0. repairs made promptly ilc- lHj.NALL Co 20S Pa Salje-st Har. 271 RENTED THREE months for $5, American Desk ar.d Typewriter Co 1 UXPERWOt r. MONARCH fT.IYEF. REM Trial ar.vwh.ere: cash cr time: rent $2 and up. A WHITF.H EA art La Salle Tel Main RENTALS. .1 MOS $5: EX-I-ert ret airir.e. Typewr'ter H-irrrs rn PF.T.LH A I. PR. 'TE A' I I wV) RTH ors .14 I RWltT Xlfi-P7 Elh.r 1'! Harrtfon W1. A-: -a i -a aO' r-s- Vv ar ----a-e. a r--3 ana. ya thnr' r. a-s in FOR 1 pox Par.kere. M--r-r-t. r- r. a- "ii'- tlanai (. R. bull l'r' l', AY MM-. I to TO 1'" ir. 1 i -r'v a Mo fs Ii2 H.AVK- v' r- i- oR -Trl or --a' H- rM -ti L- HANKilRS CAN HAN- f.n.i Whit far- ran a' Manufac- T. Trlb-in WAV 7- RFR ANNl'M, "aii-i -a: c-'r r--- 7- 1-1- 1'- H- 1 lM V. R.a- I r- Ml AMilS. FC'R A SHORT A'OYAGE TO THE CONTINENT TAKE A GIGANTIC AA' 1 SCREW FLYER OF THE and K.1i.'.n i apbs are the m-- n-: All r.ew reoorc.s recorfls. CO r-, i. rs PToIs- ir- PI records. Easv n-hlv when referred. AYabash-av COMPAGXIE GEN" A LE A NS ATLA NTIQUE. FIRST CABIN. ONLY AND PPWARD5. CHICAGO AND ALTON "THE WAV "City ticket office, Rector Bid Clark and Phone Harrison pa-isenKer station. st b' A ljitis and Madis Ph-an- Main 212-T. I.v. S-. Ar. am lo-nlrle Stale Kxpress 11 25 am The A'itn Limited 5 tl To 1 S'prf r.rlleld 1 it pm Palace Fxp'ess 7 11:43 pm Mi InifPr.t 8 I'eorla trains. I 125 am Peoria Limited 5 2 15 pm pearla Lrreal 1 ti 1 pm I'eorla Hummer 11.4-i pm Peoria Mldropht Sr-ecial 7 Kansas Ttv trains. 215 pm Kansas C'ty ti .0 rm Kansas cirv Hummer 7 3 ONLY corner 4 4 7'). 1 5 pm 45 pm 'i am ifJ am pm 45 pm 15 pm ara 45 pm am 1'E-Al' IO-, Of.l. To Toiit-n r.e Jan. I Feb. 2 KOIlKICi.V Mar. 2o Apr. 23 Apr. 2 Apr 3. Air 13 May 14 Apr. May 7 71 pear', La Savole Feb. 6 Mar. 5 La Lorraine Feb. 13 La Pro, ence Mar 12 IaRretagne 2" Mar. Sf KuZ.MIN.KI AA" Agt SEWI-Vti MAOIIXES, F' -R LE" A FIRST CRASS RESTAURANT i earl a thln---ce restaurant American Otli E. 1-Sth-et. Hours. 9 to 2. A YIN'l- LIGHT MANUFACTURING BUSINESS f-r t-a'e STjV. cash, inv tigatb: invited. Aden -ss Tribune Ft" -VI 7E A UT RILL I A RD. R' 'OI irs. elegant fixtures; best South Side business Ad" Ire' -I T-inunr- NTEP A PH ER TO PURCHASE s' ab' ubo.c situ, utficc. Ad- diesJc Tribune. ALE RESTAUR A N'T LOCATED AT KED- ra 'e LM ATsd'sor-st jiCf EATER SHFOR QUICK si, kr.ess Addres T-Hburse. New and 2d 2a and K.v.A! REM'. MR' TO p- lev Ar ou wir.E machines; all kinds repairing by expert. tf "'es and hut! ts ci vtlTpPaTHEAP WHEELER. YY1P.ON WM'e sewing machines; iO.O ATCHISON. TOPE A AND SANTA FE HY. citv Adaens-et. Phone Central 2.37. I'earO IJk an. Dart.m-iti Phona ijo. iea. Arrive. NO SERVICES NORLCS3: anchor IINE STEAMERS NEW YoRK. GLASG YAV-L" 1 .0 P. Y-L I A California Feb. 1 F-b. 2'J Mar. 2S Apr. 25 Ca.edcna Feb. 8 Mar. 7 Ajr. 4 May 2 Columbia Feb. 15 Mar. 14 Apr. 11 May 9 Furnes-ia Feb 22 Mar 21 Air. 18 May 18 Cfcloon J50 and JOO; Second Cabin $35 and $40; Steerag" $27 end tCS 75 NEW YORK TO MEDITERRANEAN PORTS. 2P 25 SHE MAN-ST. TEL. APP.ISON 33SS. AUSTRO- AMERICAN LINE. MEDITEP A NE AN, A DRI ATIC. Frcm New York to Naples and -r-at ijil'Wun Mad 7 am 5 02 Dm INVENT AA-; Ad ress oi14 Tribune "1 re PLUMBERS SUPPLIES. VVaRGL. W. HARRISON. CHICAGO CAl.lEORNTA FAST MAIL. Col- rado A Texas F.yer I'iraiJ City Mai am 9 cki am Oi am I ININ'C, -M FOR RENT, (al 1 i bYaR SALE Can-br'-lgc H. te' 114 Pearbormav limb- cue On' house selling up to care guarantee, p.ui Vo. at wh- lesa'e dlrec-. send r. r-iATp- Pt t'AfRt AT ON'CR ON ACCOUNT a A GP PRINTING. HIGII GRADE PP.INTING-WE ARE NOT cheap printers, but do our work ur BEST work at a reasonable price Let us.rove ur claims. Write us or phone Harrison 37'm. Our representative lli call. The Century Printing Company. 341- 351 Dearborn-sp WE ARE CRANKY WITH OT'R WORKMEN It savts being crankv with us P. BLACK Printers 41 Dearbnrn-s'. Phone Har. ti. tub t'KiNTlN'5 CHEAP: SAMPLES FREE! Save 2o on vour printing bills! Good service, FAN'TP? 341 Dearborn-st Tel Har .17.. 8 47 pm :47 pm 7 2 am 1 Pf. 11m .15 am 11 5fl am 7 21 am 8:47 pro FOrtEIGN MAILS WILL CLOSE AT CHICAGO part'llT-e For Sw 1' P- r-upal. Turkay, Greece, llriti-ii India. Le eium. Cat Col-'-nv. ar.d un-rza 51r'uez. 4 p. ni. m. For Jamaica. West Ir.d'.e. 12 p. m. F- MarotoOa Colun.tla. and N-rthweat 1 m. For Japan China and oeri. via f-eatrle, hy 8. S. Maru. Jar, rn. "For Austria Denmark Franc. Great pirltaln Ireland Paly N.rway NetherT.r ls. Russia, and Svdet, by S. Acr.atic. Jan. 2 rr, For and Guam, by Stataa transport Feh. rn. For France and Italy, by S. S. La Jan. 2v 12 For laer.mark France Germany t.r-at Britain Ireland. rwey. reus-sla. Sweden, by S. S. Amer.ka, Jan. 12 p. m. For New Zealand. N-w ard AusTa'ta, via San Frar.cico. ty S. S. Yec-Jo. M- Fet. 10 9 p. Pr t'mguar. ar.d Paraguay. 4 rn- For Niraraeua. An.araela. Panarca cara. imtj, Cauca, Dec omnia. Ecuador. Peru. Pollvi. and Cblle, 12 p. m. D. A. CAMPEELL, Fostm-t. 1 am: m. i i'nt Address 2P4 Tribune. of other business p.reatorar.a rKin 1 pm Kansas citv. CoPrado Texaa 6:00 pm CAI IrCRN'lA LIMITED. l'A'K. DIeco Fran AmPm Cad' rrla feTlco Exp. 10 fto fm Fn Cl'y San Fran. Ext) 10:00 pm ANDY FOR ALE- tl "STAKES WHOLESALE route- Side Address 121 Tribune. AXTErCa 1 22 S. LAURA rew twin screw S. ALICE rew twin screw) TO c-oov. -o. niH A F.PTN a' 4M.A ottaite Grova. WATCHES. JEWELRY. ETC. KLrMY HANI 'SOME DIAMOND pendant; chtap. Addr. ss 362. 1 WF.CTFPV -ar r- INVESTED IN NEAA' MFC, co WILL pay you returns. Addrss i 244. Tribur.e.j LR skTa tTnGP. i CHEAP IF TAKEN' 'a- n-e CaT Ogden av i i F. TI or sal stan- 1 'r- A- .11 l.K'-.IT- jO -a 1 -pR eeTT CII Veaf Route. Grar.1 Central otation 5th-av. ard lj IOC A rW. PRINTERS AND THE RYAN" HART co Reasonable rates. For passage apply HELP'S BRuS CO Ger.era. Aeni 2 N. Y. City "cTlark's'CPuise to the Orient, a e.u., x.ivn. lit -'EEi, 2 A- 'K -BARGAIN Leave. FOR SAI A rrl vt BINDERS. ar.d 24 Custom House-pl nj Harris an 4 4it2: Automatic t.4;.1. PAR CONFECTTOX--age Grove-av GARY TO. Tribune Syeamcre aa City. Duf'tna. Bvron. 6' Paul Omaha, v-a-r -ar ii r. i a r. r. i 1 A 1 CO 2d fl S-ate-st st-'re 4 -TORY-SITES" eg. A I re FA' I I RR. FREE Rv 70 lavs, i CLARK. i a a 7 am 45 am 3 pm 6 'i pm 6 -oo pm pm 11:30 pea Feb. R. and drrV es. ec. F. O'LEARY. R' 7 IO pm 10.0.. jm IO 4- am 35 am 35 am 55 am 1 40 pm Tim's N. Y. CRra. LT A Lfl AIRI'R ESSIXG PARLOR, LIFE IASIKA.ME PRINTED ENVELOPES 8.C; LETTER heads fl 25. PCHNARLE lfl S. "anal-et. near depot. Cylinder press work. per 1 riC-i DE SIGNS ILLUSTRATIONS CARTOONS, sketches, on approval. WILL.IAifSON. Studio 56 E. Van Omaha. "Dubuque xCL-a l-x" P'1' c. 'p MTr.eap'a. Laibuoue. gt Faul. Ozsai-a. Ku. City. I'OSTAiE STAMPS. COINS. ETC. c'I-IpV and' COLLECTIONS FOUGHT AND p. M. ffoli-e-T. i'Jl earbora B.dg.: LOW. EST RATES TO ALL 'F t' RE. 151 E. Van Buren. opp depot. Lowltx 1, E- i.asn value tnaa r7cEXT THEATER FOR SALE OR RENT. ST. W. North-av. i on ia.r.c. FU-M, lv)S Dearburu-at.

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