The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on February 2, 1922 · Page 14
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 14

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 2, 1922
Page 14
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f - sn : i-i- V . CLASSIFIED J - ADVERTISEMENTS, '.. V THE ENQUIRER . V . IS THE MEDIUM , . .'..Through-. Which the General , : Public Can Always. Have Its Wants Supplied. : - ' Advertisers ahould remember that letter V directed to In I Male ONLV.irt not delivered ikroUfb the poslonlce. If Initials are used ,tbey should bo addressed to the . mi paceon or Snn or postofflce bo. THa. KNOUIKER will forward ntall adnreee.d In 1t ear whoa poeta,ge for that purpose la tf urnlehed. . Aoawora for vertleere will be "eld two ; mki after data of laat Insertion. TH B ' INQUIRER cannot sun-urns roaponalbllltr to care for uncailed-Io letter aftor tiiat THf ENQUIRER will ot be rteponslbl for mora than ooa tnoorrsci inMnwo . advertisement In these column. uai inioi Tl H RR 1 1 1 r T r tba riant chants tba atyla of trps tn Ita claaat-ed column when conditions task It Baa "Clo1ng time for claawlfled ao-ertteemeol V Saturday . P- Advertisements can bo left at our office f- or aant through tno muii to 17 Vina Street. Cincinnati. V Phono Canal 1700. Covington orric. Waat Sixth Street. Pbona Boats KM. ' NEWPORT OFFICE, 111 York Street. Pbona Bout HOI. ', ; John R. MoLSAK, Office. MT Vina Btreet, CINCINNATI. - PERSONALS A BI CASH PRIOB PAID FOB GOLD TBKTH. BROKEN JEWELRY, e. RB-. ; ...oo n 1DV huvar. 101 Via. ""' 7 jall-ttoSu bDiua .kau virrmR and COLUM B1A. ate, taiklnc machine raoorda jrae aro tlrad of. Wa par from 11 to 7 par ohm for slightly uaad rscorda. HWJ aat prlcaa paid far Victor Rod Baal reo-,, erds. Wa also .xcnan e record. bavo (ham for aala at HEAL HAROAIN PRICES. Call and aw our Immaojo -. collection. HVAJJHV tiiinij A read a, upstair FAIRMOUNT MATERNIWf-ttOBPITAL for mutummt; pnvata; pricaa iwnun mair wnrk for board : bablaa adopted writ, for booklet. MRS. T. B. LONG, 4911 H nth at.. Kansas City, Mo. 3 MIRRORS KKSILVERED--No. Second at. Phono Main 1411., 111 W. tf NASH OPTOMETRIST. 1431 V1NB ST. 11 MISCELLANEOUS. GRADUATE MAflEUSBV Will glv treat ments by appointment. Pn. u.nai ft. HELP WANTED-MALE;- A IX)CAt. client praaanta ramarkabla' op-,. portunlty for bualnoaa vattar, wbo can , eell atrlctly hlah-arada propoaHfon; tiv latalla. expaiienoa and telephone number In flrat latter and appointment mar ua arranged. THE KESLER HALL. CO., 3li Fourth Stroet aaC "' '' Cincinnati. AMBITIOL'B MEN Onr tU to lake rharae of Tulranlrna; aerrlca atatlona In United Htatee; dtparionca nnneceaaary aood wagoa; email bond required; wo furniah machinery: open a atatlon In your homo town; wa aiarantoo you one i year-a employment. ANDEKBON STEAM VULCANIZINO CO.. Ill B. Ninth et. BE A DKTEOTnm Excellent ' opportun Ity; xood pay; travel. Write O. T. LUD-WIO. 430 Weetovor Bld.. Kanaaa City, Mleaourl. Jal-14tHuTuTh BUY Muat be 16 yeara of uc TflS JOHN CHURCH COMPANY. Ill W. fourth street. BAKER Koung man. one with experience .. in canay ractory praierreo. tuon juu. walnnt at. BARTENDER Muat be an experienced nan; ataady poatuon. w rue ail. vjutm, 3t Walnut at. CUHERS Ob wholeealo and raady-to-waar'clothlnc; ; muat DO experiencoa. I. A H. BINO CO., . Power Bldx, tilahth and Sycamore. KNVEIjOfiS AUJU8T1CR Smith Bin- cblnoa-; muat bo familiar with Harrla blanker preaaaa aiao; write, atatlna aal-. ary expected ; five roferencoa. THE FT. " Erie et.. Toledo. Ohio. ' I CITY SALESMAN The Ebhert A Rlchard-" aon Co.. Nevada- Bid;., - want a. eapabla .man to aell ,blh-arade prlntlnc; rood poeltlon foraa experienced printing Salaamaa. fet-ltTnSu FOREMAN wUvK A-POSITION FOR A MAN WHO HAS OR HAS HAD CHAROB OF " BUILPINO WOOD CABINET REFRIO-!" : EHATORfl. WHO IS CAPABLE OF - VI.ANNINO AND ROUTING WORK IN ' THE WAY BEST SUITED TO LARGE " PRODUCTION, AND WHO CAN INTRODUCE METHODS THAT WILL REDUCE THE COST OF PRODUCTION WITHOUT HACRinCINO THE QUAL- "1TT OR OUR PRODUCT. FACTORY . LOCATED IN SOUTH WJSSTISriN OHIO. H 177, ENQUIfiKK. GOOD buaineaa for a reliable mam ar woman that baa bad noma experience la aelllna; or getting agent; small amount f canltal reoulrod: elate rlghta slven for uaa of Insurance wltb their own real. try company; eetabiianea over 20 yeara Inaurance Room No. 43, 111 WUUant t., Nw York. GOVERNMENT POSITIONS-Men, It, , over; wanted for railway mall, poet-ofSco, other Government positions; ox-' amlnallon soon: salary 111 month: ax- uertence not roaulred: particulars fre. Writs O. W. ROBBINS. Civil Service Exnert. formerly with Oovemment. II Pops Bldg., Waahlngton, D. C. I MOTELS NEED TRAINED MEN Na tion-wide demand for high-salaried ex. t ecuttvear past experience unnecessary wo train you by mall and put you In touch with bis onnortunltlea; write at once for particular. LEWIS HOTEL . TRAINING SCHOOL. Desk 1111. Wilh ' Ington. D. C lall-SuTuThrf JOB-PREttRMAN wanted, at once; union. SERVICE ERINTINO CO., . Oeet et. non li:i 1 LINOTTPB OPERATORS Ws will add I flrst-claas book and Job linotype operators to our fores; only those competent need apply: union. TRIBUNE PRINTING CO.. Charleston. Kanawha County, West Virginia. I LITHOGRAPH offset preeemen and trana-ferara; open shop. C. W. KLAUMINZER: tot Bangor Blrtg., Cleveland. f MAKE, MORE MONEY Ton can If you got a practical automobile training, nay ana nignt c lease Eaay. payment plan. OHIO STATE PRACTI t'AL MOTORS SCHOOL, 117 W. Pearl at., near Elm. 4 MALE HELP WANTED You can make Ml a week; work the year round; selling experience not neceeaary. A fill for MR. -RADTKK. The Mllnor Electric Company. ' HI E. Firth St.. Cincinnati. 1 MAN OF ABILITY AND GOOD APPEAR ' ANCR TO LECTURE IN DEMONBTRA TION STORE. GOOD SALARY IF YOU t AN 1'KI.IVEK 'THE GOODS, CALL - 4 V1NR ST. Z MEN and women wanted to sell throe hooka of knowledge; make big money. Call or addreas J. R. SANDERS A CO., II T.. Third St., Room II. Cln'tl. Ohio. I MM Hlngle room, with hath) ttc night; weekly rata. TUOHA HOTEL. Ill Vtn at. .. tf MKN Ex-Rcrvtns; bring dlscharg. Apply . HERMAN OSaER. II Pickering Bldg. v, 3 KEWHPAPER MAN In doss toach with , Cincinnati news raa earn good salary - on the aide representing ua Write W. J. HUSKB. ' 711 Arcade. Cleveland. Ohio. '1 " OPENINGS tO-DAT. ' rhaufTeur (truck driver): good wagon. - Btons-Mtre; H par hour. 1 Auto body painters: waxes a. k. Ford drlvera for bakery route. Hhippliig clerk; 111 M per week. t.orreopondent. for "School; wages a b Teacher for Greek and Spanlalt. . Butcher for hotl; 1101 month. A porter for email country hotel. Butler t colored I references roaulred. . Jnitor (white only; 2 per wsek. OfBco Bian for college: wages a. k. ' ' 8PBC1AU COAL MINERS; na labor trouble; mines working svsry day: open shop. CHE HTAR EMPLOYMENT COMPANY. Ill W. Fourth at., SiwH I nor. t PHOTO KNORAVERJ for all branch : ei early smployrawnt; epea shspi sinks troubls. O 111, Enquirer. 4 START tS thm TTHB FKPAITl BtrniVsKB; comploto MislpfatonC etm k-ty. mmy tw-Ttio FREE: writ for details.! I n, l WATI-KKW TORK. VI LCANIZ-I bHJOl M Braadoay. CSneinnatLI . . taoafaa BRINGING VrOOLO fOO LIKE I 'TO TM TO HIM ) LP J Choke him -J i 1 ' ' 1 HELP WANTED MALE. SALESMEN Three experienced stock salesmen to work In demonstration atore: wonderful demonstration; llvo Issue; atore packed with live prospects from morning till night; Opening almllar aloree in other cltira; chance for advancement to. manager Iioaluona If you Call 424 Vln at. can dellror tba good LEHMAN A large New York concern leeda 1 Catholic men to complete pres-rit atari; atcady work; good chance for vancement. Call l-io, 4-1. U'Kaiirrx ACO., 714 Lyric Bldg. 1 8TOcXE PLANERMEN Muat be orat-ctaaa and V experienced on Bedford atone; ateady .work, open ahep. Apply DAVID HUMMEL BUILDINO CO., Ult Spring Grove av. WANTED COAL LOADERS For Main Island Creek Coal ComDanv. Omar, W, Va. Eyery day's work. No labor irouDie; no&bj nu pencil Coal 7 to high. ' Apply MAIN ISLAND CREEK - COAL CO,, . 907 Union Central Bldg, JaSl-ltTuTh WANTED A man to operate triple drum ni r and aanoer: aiao a man 10 operate an automatic Mattiann turning lath: flrat-claaa cabinet maker: In an- swering above, elate what experience you have had, what salary you expect and reference In your letter. P 131, En- aulrsr. . WANTED IMMEDIATELY Graduate el ectrical engineer to ley out power nouesa and eubetatlona: attractive, permanent poeltlon for snglneer with good tecnni-cal training and operating axperlenoe; lw av and aalarr axnectsd. Addreaa Box W lit. Enqulwv Ja3l-7t WANTED Two young, neat-appearln men. over 11 ysara old. on cneapest an beat magaslne clubbing plan In city; no atnenenos necsasary; pay snvsiope, emeu wsek while learning. G. T. ADAMS, Room II, ill W. Fourth at. 4 female, wblta and coiorsd soncitora, to sell health ana aociaent insurance. Jip-! uuuiu. Postal Telaaranh Bids-. jall-tf WANTED Preeamaa for Mlehle ona and two color preaaaa; no labor trouble. Ap 'COMPANY, Loulevlll ply U. a- FOIL. Kentucky. W ANTE Experienced machinist; must bs expert on an makes or rectory sewing machine VICTOR GARMENT MFG. CO.. Muncls, Ind. 4 WANTED 8lx good, all-round harneea makers HIDE A LEATHER CO.. Soy. mour, Indiana. , 1 WANTED CASHIER To take full charge of new suburban bank: muat na experienced banker. J 114, Enquirer. 1 WANTED Linotype operator IB Kentucky city of 13,0.4. H 117. Enquirer. YOUNG MAN Thoroughly acquainted with real estate aaies. u 111, snquirar. r. 1 With knowledge of Jan read ing; must have inclination to be a salesman; , experience in building will be an asset:' state briefly experience; reference will be required; correspondence confidential, Address X 12, Enquirer, DUNG MAN, with electrical experience, preferably along switchboard and atorage battery, to act aa Inapsotor In electrical manufacturing concern; good opportunity for ambitious person. N lit, care En- t quirer. 1 YOUNG MAN with ahipplng, receiving and atockkseping experience; electrical knowledge preferred. P ill, car lin-Qulrer. 1 HELP WANTED FEMALE. A STENOGRAPHER-4 Aged II to 11; quaimcationa: personality, ability to meet people and Initiative; permanent poeltlon: 171 per month to start; reply In .own handwriting; repllea held as confidential T 31, cars Enquirer. . 1 BOOKKEEPER Experienced, ,lve age, references and salary dsnrods T 11. Enquirer. I CALL THIS MORNING: Pantry girl (coffee). Ill-Ill week. Heart ana waitreeeea wantea; notei. Maid for hotel; 110 par week. Diet kitchen oook; III month and found. Kitchen fir la; whit and colored. STENOGRAPHERS; 1 good, openlnga Girls for factory work: 111 week. i General girls; white and colored. ' THE STAR EMHLOIkBMT UOMPAKI. 1J w. Fourth at., flrat floor. CREW MANAGERS and eanvaasera, city and South; choice of I line; II to II a day; experience unnecessary; ona sale at leant In vsry home. Room 131, Hotel Gibson, . I COOK White girl for. cooking only; email family; beat ,or wages; rcrerencs .re-qulred. Avon 4411., 1 COOK Small family; beautiful country home. Apply III Flrat national Bank Rldg-. 11 a. m. 1 7 DEMONSTRATORS T AND SALESWOMEN. Bright woman of business ability fdr per- nianent position, with opportunity fo, rapid advancement; reliable Arm; established 1171; need, several mors re pro -aentatlvea'to assist their aales .manager la covering Ohio. Kentucky and Indiana: applicant muat be over II, unemployed only and ready to begin work Immediately ; experience preferred, but not necea-aary. aa demonstrator in attendance, will tnatruct: good pay. abort houra: expener. advanced and railroad transnortatlon I pld;-positively 'no phortje calls considered. f ail in person tnurauay morning, lotoir oniy lor appointment. Iv. rj. HE ALT. Hotel Binton. Inquire at hotel deak. 1 EXPERIENCED white Protectant cook. in amai, tamiiy. asstat with housework; very best wagea - MRS. B. S. K.1T-TREDGE. Tel. B. 1171 R- 1 OIRL White: light upstairs work; assist with two children; city reference Phone Avon eo. MRS. BUOOM. 1 OIRL Whlta; genera! aoasework; refer- enca. Avon 1114. 101 Lenox placa 1 HOTELS NEED TRAINED WOMEN Na- iHin-wioe aemana jor Bigh-aalarled executives: past oxporleaoa una, i aaalj . w train yen by mail and put you In touch. Witt, big opportunities; write at ones for particular. LEWIS wiOTKL TRAIN1NO SCHOOL, Desk 1211. Waab-tngtoB. D. C Jall-SuTuThtf LADIES twthollr; pleasant outalda work; bralnnera asm in weekly a ad up. Call I-Is. -. O'KEEFFE CO., 714 t.yrl wi" 4t-ftUTUWeT .'iav4 To ctuvtti tolt .rtlU: MltB.: Mod MrimlMMB. 1241 mr a. r fn.r t . MAKS II ursekly. svenlngs at boms; aa- solutolg BO lake: leo onnga onsr. v. LClV XM ThoiiBjon. Boa It, Richmond Hill. rf. T, 1UWUII1UI "V THIS ENQUIKEli;K OlNCNATl, UP FATHER HOW OO JW-IVC TIM v HELP WANTED FEMALE. MAin White, for cooking . and general housework. 344 Rrejn- av., Clifton, 4 doora from Vlne-Cltf tn car. I MAID White, general houaeworkt family of 1: emalL modern house: wacea II. Phone after I o'clock Avon S3. K. 1 MAI1 folorou, to asnifft in hobaework; reference. Apply 3311 Perkins av., ' AvondaW. Phone Avon 1117 Y. I MAID -For light chamber work and sewing. Phone Avon 113. 1 NURSES nrailuate or DractltaL willing to work ahort hours demonstrating and aaalatlng sales manager In covering Ohio. Ken-' tucky and Indiana; experience preferred, hut not necessary, aa nurse In attend ance will give full Instruction; must bo out 14. disengaged and ready, to begin duties immediately; good psy, expenees sdrancsd snd sll railroad traniiiorta- tlon pnld; Call in person Thurmlayj morhinu: 1A tu II only for aonolntment. 1K. W. H. BAKER Hotel Hinton. Inquire at hotel desk. Don't phone. 1 NURKB White, to take care of i small children and help with upstsira work; experience and references neccaaary. Call En', lilt. 4 SEVERAL energetic demonstrators who are good cook and have aales ability to Uemonatrate in local atorea. Apply be- twen 4 find I d. m. Thursday. Hotel Bmton. Call for MR. BONE. 1 STENOGRAPHER Aaelataut atanographei and clrculitr work; atate age, experience, aalnry expected and telephone) number flrat reply. Y 54. Enquirer. . 1 STENOGRAPHER Kxperlenced: WAR. NKR ELEVATOR MFG. CO., Ill Spring Grovs av. - STENOGRAPHER 180 a month; must bava sznerlence. Write Box 111. city. giving age and references. 1 STENOGRAPHER Experienced, for sales department. WILLIAMSON HEATER CO.. 137 W. Fifth St.- 1 STENOGRAPHER Some executive ability, sxporieo and reference. Apply 114 Lyric BldgJ STENOGRAPHER Experienced; good speed, touch systsm. MIAMI CHEMICAL CO., 411 Poplar st. I TYPIST wanted to gat out form lettera and do other office work; aamry III per week. C. F. ADAMS CO., 110 Central av. TTPBTiinfl niRTCviMrUnef ' feferenca.i At )tl E. McMillan; highest wage 1 WANTED White maid for general housework and nlaln cooking: to go horns at night preferred. Call at 111 McGregor . av., Mt. Auburn. WIDOWER with I children wants I re fined women, preferably mother and daughter or slaters, to keep ep house and cara lor children. T II, Enquirer 3 WANTED Typist; ons with good experl- 'ence and speed; lio ro sxart- van uo-CAR ONKEN CO.. Fourth and Cutter. I WHITE girl or woman for general housework, to atay nights; reference. Call Madisonvlll II X. . I WANTED White girl, general work; good wages. "Avon 1.1., YOt'NO' LADY typiet for order department; soma sxperiencs. V 114, -: quirer. YOUNG LADY wanted to work in grocery atore; good rim nee. Apply In own handwriting. 0 111, Enqulrsr. 1 SITUATION WANTEPLE. A FIRST-CLASS chauffeur deairsa polltlon with private family; handy around houss -and garden;, married man; raier-eticea. V la, Enquirer I AS foreman or ad. man on small dally or T. 8. DEARING, 417 1 country weekly. Armory av. AS pay roll man; experienced; references. 1 Address 44, Hotel Browne. BOOKKEEPER Young man, 4 years' ex perience; small corporation preisrrsa reference. V II. Enquirer. 1 BOOKKEEPER Accounting sod ofllcs exp. ; youug married man, now empioyea; Al refs. N 11. Enquirer. 1 CAR PBNTBI1 and builder of homes, ga rages, repair .work a -specialty. Avon 8057 L. 4 CHAUFFEUR Private or truck, by PROCTER. col- i:7 i ored married man. c. Central av. CLOTHING SALESMAN and window trim mer; 11; a live wire; good reference. Correspond to Box 141, city. 4 CREDIT MAN Experienced: also familiar with other office work. V 47. Enquirer. 1 CHAUFFEUR Private family; good me chanic. V 41, care Enquirer. a HOTEL CLERK Elderly man, day or nignt; go nnywnere. v .J. avnguirer. . JAPANESE general houee worker, expert assistant cook; clean room; in lamuy, boarding or hotel; good refer erne. O 31. Enqulrerj . 1 LIVE wire security aaleaman, II yeara' experience, wishes a clean cut security to sell. X 1 1. Enquirer. - 1 OFFICE MANAGBR--Capable of taking compiete charge of omce. books or sales and producing result: present employer recommend B 3. Enquirer. 1 POSITION as bookkeeper, caahier or ac countant, by a man, agea Ji. now em-nloved bv an organisation . of certified public accountanta; If you are oa tha market for aome ona who will present to you facts snd flgurea which you can use to advanlags, addreaa L 111, Enquirer. . SALES or-offlcs; 21 yeara i.'V II. Enquirer. s age; 1 year 3 collet YOUNG MAN, II years old. knowledge of stenography and bookkeeping, wlehee PO-4 sll Ion In office or as aaleaman good ref- erence.1 V 4. s,nqairer. - 1 SITUATION WANTED FEMALE. CURTAINS stub. i LAUNDERED. Call Avon 1 EXPERIENCED ttoua. accurate. atenograpner; conaclen-Addreaa V 10, Enquirer. 1 FIRST - CLASS colored laundress I daya. permanent; reierence. rnew rr uuuuu, ,, S242 Y. 1 GIRL who" will do typing at home. Park 111! L. Call . 1 HfSU8aWORK " and cooking: i cHy reference ; colored. II, perlence; En nqulr OFFICE WOMAN, thoroughly posted In real eslata seek connection. Wot 4171 X. '' ' .-. sticki KIRAPHKR and private tary: eipenencetl; beat of reference. , 1213. ' Lj Oaae! 1 Call off SEWING of all kinds neatly alone, ' n. "Woodmrrn 171, - . .. W A NT E I ' Housework, washing and Ironing: middle-aged woman. 1331 Walnut ' at., second oor. ' 1 TOUN'e lsdy having had conalderable experienc In nuralng la deairoua of locating with doctor aa his assiatant. V II. Enquirer. AGENTS WANTED. AGENT: To eell household goods: now as to-bouss canvas; commission propoaitlon. In Cincinnati or outside territory, C i' ADAMS CO.. Ill Central av. f SEWING MACHINES. re For SEWING MACHINES Special prlcwa on . used drophesda; gusrantesd IB good sew-, Ing order; Stagers. Stslnkamn, Goodrich, . W hosier Wilson, KMrldge, Rotary, Mloneeota. Doanestlc. White Rotary. Standard.. .New Moms: Imprevod. new model drepheada, from til up: bog top. II up. Sea C A. LfcTHER BROS, 111 I AON vAvVT HAVt CM OUT XQO CCN AND MAD . HLKTIN ' reft AM TeRfXH. LUCK- AO nrrwev SALESMEN WANTED. EXPERIENCED . randy' salesmen; only thoe acquainted with the trade In Cincinnati ami vicinity;, to tha right men will make a aalary and commlaaion propoaitlon; references wanted. Apply 127 Opera place, fourth floor. SCOTCH - KI8H CANDY CO. - I GOOD security msn to offer jRlncinnatl dividend-paying etocka to. onr clienta; must furnish references. W 3D, Enquirer. MANUFACTURER'S ; . DISTRIBUTOR. EFFECTIVELY COVERING OHIO, WITH Wt'l-I.-KSTABLISHKK OFFICE AT CO. I.I'M Bl . IS IN CINCINNATI LOOKING KOU HIGH-CLASS SPECIALTY OR GENERAL LINE ON COM34IBHION BASIS THIS IS AN UNUSUAL OPPOR TUNITY FOR MANUFACTURER TO SECURE SPLENDID REPUEHENTA - .TION; HIGHEST REFEIlENCBa AD DREHH V 44. ENQUIRER. SALESMEN WANTED A full-fledged, go-glttin he-seUer. for a line of living room . tables, desks snd beds; one with furniture si-IUng experienc,'' One for Cincinnati and aurroundlng territory, and one for Northern Ohio; don't anawor unleaa you can get In high and keep your foot on the gaaaer. AddreiJ H. M. WELLER. General Delivery. Cincinnati. Ohio. 1 SALESMAN Large Eastern corporation desire service, of district sales mansger; experience In sals, of correspondence or extension courses of value; poeltlon will bo worth 18,000 to 110.000 annunrry. Call I to 7:30 p. m.. R. SCHREIBEK, Hotel Slnton. 1 SALESMAN To carry a atrong, popular-priced line of middles and drosses In an established territory, only those wbo hsve past experience need apply. PRINCESS GARMENT CO., Ill W. Fourth street. 1 SALESMAN calling on the grocery trade, to handle malt extract, cereal beverages ssd root beer; large -commlaalona P. O. Box. Staton V.' 11, city. Ja3l-3t8uTuTh SALESMAN To introduce combination auto atop and rear eearchllght in Cincinnati; wide sal elsewhere. Addreaa R II. Enquirer. , y -. I SALESMAN Man familiar with office record a Call Canal 4114 for appointment. ' ' 1 SALESMAN WANTED Apply before"! s. m. aftsr 4 p. m. Boom 11, 111 E. Fourth st. 1 SALESMAN For city trsdss some experience In ice cream; reference. Call 110 W. Sixth at. . ' ' . 1 TWO experienced ahoe aaleamen for Cincinnati and surrounding territory; also, man for Indiana; ladies' medium-priced McKay ahoe;" latest novelties. ELBINOER SHOE MFG. CO., Ill W. Fourth St. sn mi iwmEiiM For Kentucky territory; one with some experience pre ferred; state particulars, age, salary, dc Enquirer. W e, care Jal-4tuTuTh8u WANTED Saleaman wbo has had expert . enc. in tne sate or netting, or ona who baa knowledge or Deit-nower tranamie- elon: a man who can oara at leaat II. ISO annually. ' Addreas , KING8LEY MFG. CO., lndlanapoll. Ind. W" ANTED, Reliable and energetic aaleaman for astab- I ehed raier cornoration: give quaimca tiona and experienc In full detail; paper experienc vaiuabl. but not sentlal. E 171, Enquirer. 4 BUSINESS CHANCES. AUCTIONEERS MAVUFACTURINO PLANT. i MACHINERY. MERCHANDISE. AUTOMOBILES. TRUCKS. s-GARAGES, GROCERIES. HOTELS. RESTAURANTS, JEWELRY. LKUO STORES. FURNITURE. FIXTURES. . REAL ESTATES. Aa "T22 EFFRON C8 l&rv .J wsrmr eroeee I PHONEB MAIN 1301 and MAIN I3II. tf ATTORNEY, witr office, desires proposition -Involving organisation, promotion or representation. T 71, Enquirer. 3 CAFE 1600. 1121 VINE ST. DO YOU desire to make an Investment tn a wetl-eetabllehed, profitable bual- - naea, dcehing capital for expansion? Address Box H II. Enqulrerv I DISTRIBUTOR wanted for a patented hook-on safety pin. . .--For particuara telephone South 4 OH. I EXCELLENT dairy farm, .atoclted. and auto truck business near Cln'tl.; paying ring Ing, ..well:' all ar part; only reason asm alcknraa. J 71. Enquirer. ESTABLISHED small machine-tool shop. Phone Woodburn 1011 L. I FEW correspondsncs law couraea for aale at half regular coat, by unlverelty law professor from Harvard; time payments - granted university degree obtainable, complete bar preparation -GUARANTEED. 11 Nassau St., Room 70, New York. - ' ' 1 roK gALE Gsneral merchandise .ovr, " In beat coal camp In stats; reasonable rent: no dead atock: only atanle mer chandise: I discount If taken at one; ownsr inter area in coal ouswese. . u. urvnT ftm.. w va - Va FLAT Beautiful otssrn-heated flat; , gas and electric hot and cold water; Janitor service: aewatown. tkxiiua, .u j -roviaent Bank Bldg. , 1 HAVE 1,110 acres five-rear commercial oil snd gas leasee. In Scott Ooonty, T;enn., near production; will soil all or part, II. I per ere; bargain. Address Box J l. Enquirer. I I HAVT4 an unusual proposition to offer someone with 121.01 cssh; must bs executive and ebl ts , givs reference W II, Enquirer. flrsl -class LET HARRIS BKJ.L IT i AT AUCTION RESULTS GUARANTEED.' T HARRIStON Ill-Ill MAIN ST. CANAL 133: LIVE wire 'security eel ram as. II yeara' axpatieocs, wlahea a cleaa cat security to sell. X 14, Enquirer. 1 ROOMING HOUS1 -11 ana rooms. Call 33 . 3 Garfield place. RELIABLE company, bearing rigid inves tigation, nostra cspits, to tnersaee- ita buaineaa Addreaa Box K II, Enquirer. 1 WHO will build a factory for a retiaale manuiacTunun .vnv. , .uvm v.vw i ft.; on floor, at a cost of about !. T t guarante a- 1 Inveatmost. For ar-. ticulars . address T 14, ear of lie- quirer. ' ' ' " " ' - 1 WANTED Toung msn to take chArgo of Deton (Ohio) 4Bce for local corporation: must Invest tie tn ths baaiaese; about II lr week prasta ; Y II. Bnquirer. I PARTNERS WANTED. PARTNBR . wanted, la Ice and business; a iitua rapirai requtrea; must be hard worker. : U 110, EnqulrM. , , "WOO O0-TQ TIIUIiSDAYi FEllKUAltY 2, -XU- . ' REGISTERED O. S. PATKNT OFFICR. COPT RIGHT, lilt, INTERXATIOXAL KIW8 BERVICB. l,WA.jNfTOOT fMJTA. ' . ' : :&m ' TEULI ME.- I fw iTt- rroRt I THCPOO. ."':'.grS . , WHATOlO H , Lj. . .: a WY JWTt.' FgATUWK SaTtVTCC, IWC. "1 MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE., ABSOLUTE CLOSING OUT . . SALE . AT PUBLIC-AUCTION "Of Dixie Cafe and Garden ; FIXTURES - Thursday; February 2, .1922 XI 1 0 A. l. C70N THE PREMISES. 4040 Harrison av. Cfteviot, 0, CONSISTING OF National Cash Register. Back Bar Counter. itlldliig-Top Ice Box, l.arge Portable Refrigerator. Heating Stove. Beer Pump, lavrgc Uaa and. Coal Kltrken Rangu. Tuble. Cooking Utensils, Side-hoard, Glsaa-Front Refrigerator, Sitting Room Table and chaira. 110 Garden J Tables, Hunches snd Chair.. Ac. To the highest bidden, without limit or . raeervc. Sold on account of tearing ' down bulldUig. MAIN STREET-AUCTION CO, ' 141 MAIN STREET. THEODORE MOORMAN. Auctlonser. Phone Main 111. CINCINNATI, OHIO. Al.l.-OI.ARH ailent aaleaman all wall cases, triple mirror, sods fountalna, all-marble ahos-ahlnlng stand. J umbo . stoves C: LOTH.'! E. Pear). 1 AIR COMPRESSOR, tank and hoee. 110; motor for asms, 121 II. EQUIPMENT CO.. 17 K. Canal, Cincinnati, Ohio. aeil-BuTuThSatr BOOKCASES Sectional; office and bank pai-tltlona. adiilng machine, fire and burglar proof aafea. afeel letter and fli,. c LOTH. 110 E. Pearl. 1 BUY your plumbing supplies from F. J. SCULL. Ill College st. Canal 1114. auzl-tfoSu BUTCHERS' and caeea, all kinds grocery Bxturea abow No. II W. Third at. tf . CHEVIOT People, now la your time to buy used lumber right at home. We are wrecking at Harrison and Muller avs. All lumber, brick and aaah for aale on ths ground. PACHOUD BROS. CASH REGISTERS, scsles. eleotrlc show snd meet grlnoera wo. x w. inirqw. DESKS and chslra. all klnda and ftnlshen; steel end wood filing squlpmen, ht treor, cuspldora chair il, blotter ivt, 1.1. All moderately priced. MUNSTER.J LAMB CO, 124 E. Pearl at., Cincinnati.' jall-ttsuTUTnua DESKS Roll-top. typewriter, double. Bat and atanqing. t.. lajj n. r-eari. . E Z Terms-Complete Display Mantels. Fireplace. Fixtures, Tile Work for Baths, Vestibules. Porches, Store Front and Floor Oaa Loga and Crete 111: Radio Gas Heat- ore, 111 up. We Install; als ranalr any kind of tile work Sea Our Ad. Rear rnone uooa. HUBKK I VINE ST. Phone Main 1117. March 1, new location: 713-711 Main St. GUARANTEED BATHTUBS, complete, $31.75. Guaranteed Hot-Water Tanks, 30-galr, $8.60. P. 11 n r-n n t Sad W ash Btands. corriDlete. $13.90 this house he a gool stock and Is In hap to do business. C. E, STETTER, !No. I W. Third, Near Vine. 4 Gas and Electric Fixtures. HALL OR' PORCH LIGHT . $1.00 Estimates given cm wiring new and old kouaaa Open Saturday Afternoon. ' THE ENTERPRISE CO.. 211 MAIN ST. E-t-2 fiARARFS Se u for dm! ffaraffen. built of real lumber, at tow price Wa old 71 of them PACHOUD BROS,, 1131-41 Kenngr st. Ph. West 1151. r la31-3tTuThSa GASOLINE curb pump.. 109-gAUon tank. THS BKItiriTO.-v ilUAQrilt I Al. . . fel-ltThSu GROCERY Good location; fine stand live wire. J II, inquirer. HIGH-GRADE OFFICE FURNITURE At reduced price. ,1,EV I at white uu., 221 E. Fourth st, 4 IT COSTS $13 to paint a 6- room nouse; two coats. EHRLICH, 711 Main t. JEWELERS' notion snd shirt show esses anoj wall caaes. tj. iaji tt, eio as. r"earl. l MANUFACTURERS AND DESIGNERS ELECTRIC LIGHTING FIXTURES. Dining-room flxturee, )4.0 up. Living-room fixtures, fi.l up. Sea our display before buying. RELIANCE ELECTRICAL SUPPLY CO.. 331 Sycamfre St., Cln'tl, O. Three doors south of Fourth. RESTAURANT OUTFITS Stesm tablea. colree urns disncs. stivsr ware, vitroiite porcelain topa for tablaa; ' evsrythtng complete for a restaurant. ' ECONOMY SUPPLY CO.. 121 E. Pearl St. 4 BOOMING HOI'SES, restsursnta confec tioneries, grocsries; other investment: rest estats In all its branches SAYRE A HALL. 114 Main. 3 STORE, office, reetaurant, confectionery, bakery outfits, deska, chalra. atoola. ateel' letter, card, document, transfer files; safea, show cases, shelving, caah.regis-tera ecale ECONOMY BUPPLY CO., Ill E. Pearl at. 4 SAFES Firs and burglar proof: slightly used, but relnishsd lo look Uks new : at aAanrgaln prlcea THE HALL'S SAFE CO.. 3213 Spring Grovs av. tf SAFES Becondhano. burglar and gre- . proof; all slaee; atandard makes; like new ; guars meed. MURRAY. 12 IS. Pearl. STEAM TABLES, coffee urns, hot-bun wartuera Ice creaui cabinets allding-llii " and novelty fee. boxes, v.trotile-top tables. I, chairs. C. LOTH. 120 E. Pearl.. a"W J .TYPEWRITERS,- lor Sals, j- TYPEWRITERS Underwoods No. . I C gmltha aos. e ano .. noyau Na I. Woodstocks N. I and Remingtons No 1 and U. Olivers Noa l-7-t, at III and lr "ui . sua ir one montn and NASH. llll. MODEL t-paa. good eondi-allow rent to appplyte aala prloa. i tlon; full tlrea: cheap fee-cash ar will TYPEWRITER BALES REPAIR CO, - trade for .'Ford truck .ndTtnkT, bal, 111 Mala st F. C WALTZ Mgr. i ance cssl.. phone Waat 20A 1411 W,i aul-WThSuTutf I- Sixth atreot. , TTPE WRITERS RENTED. MONTHS FOR II I UP. ALL STANDARD MAKES (Vial hi . AMERICAN WRITING MACHINE OCX, 141 E. Fourth at. Ph. Main 1671. jyll-TuThSatf BOOKS. ' For Bsls. SB 7Cf SNATL USE THE MAIU ANT) COMB TO Till, sals; IU OU.'.BIUrii-MENT. STRONO APPRALt . MANY CHOICE SETS, DICT.. ENCTS.. Ac MFTELI. D4I WHAT.YOtTl.L ELL C8. 1S-MORONKY, 41 E. THIRD ST. ' . . lall-ltTaThSS . i - By McManixs AUTOMOBILES. Vol- SJe. Member of lAEGAHM Ws havs listed a few of our many bargain which w ar willing to sacrifice to roak room for used cars purchased on uew salea Any on desiring a flrst-ciaaa. , high-grade automobile cannot refuse to bay at our low prices. It will pay you to come In and look them over. Wo also have all model of Cadillac, aome ready for sale and him going through, the shop. ' , , 1111 Cadillac1 Suburban; new paint; Ilk new In every respect 13.101 Jill Cadillac -Touring, (selling for the owner) . :i . . .v. ...... . . l.lll till Cadillac Touring 1,11 1111 Steams-Knight Touring; like new In every respect 1.471 111! Btudebaker Big Six 171 1111 Jordan' Sport ; 'bought last June. 1,121 1111 Dodge Touting, Lovejoy shock. - Ilka hew II 121 Buick Light Six Touring - III TKb Cmciiiniiniaftii: .Cadillac Go , 1038 GILBERT AVENUE, CANAL 5720. ' ABOUT SO PATTERNS OF FORD PLEASURE, DELIV ERY AND EXPRESS BOD IES; ALSO, A FEW FORD . CARS, TRUCKS,' BUSSES AND BUS BODIES. AMERICAN WAGON AND TRUCK CO., BODY BUILDERS, S. W. COR. EIGHTH AND SYCAMORE STS. . - 4 ARMLEDER wMotorlrucks Capacities 1-4 tons. New and factory rebuilt : also, need truck . Other manufacture traded la. V Convenient terma THE O. ARMLEDER CO, ' Twelfth and Plum st tfeSa AT 920 YORK ST., CIN'TI. 121 Dodge Sedan; extra good I II 1120 Buick Coupe; extra One condition '.' M 1121 Nash Coupe; extra lino 1.000 1121 Oakland Roadater . . .' 471 lZ0 Oakland Coupe ' III 111! Dodge Coup . 100 Phone West 1177. Located Between Freeman and Baymiller'. I AIR COMPRESSOR, tank and hose. 110 motor for aame. 111 I. EQUIPMENT CO., 17 E. Canal. Cincinnati, Ohio. sall-SuTuThSstf ALL MAKES of used cars. THE CINCINNATI CADILLAC CO, 1011 Gilbert a. - ... tfoSu 11 20 Ford Coup 1120 Haynea Coups , 111 Peqrlsss Limousins 1117 Chalmers Bedsn 1117 Packard Twin I Coup.... .1 411 -. 1,100 . 1.100 .. 121 . 1.004 And many other. CANAL 1704. THE PFAFF MOTOR CAR PEERLESS CARS 428 East Sixth Street. CO. CHBVROLBT 8EDAN In excellent shape; wonderful motor, good flnlah; new tires; a bargain at 1411. -Call Hldg 3741 between 11 and 11 a. m. CHEVROLET MOTOR CO. 110 Race st. Woodburn MOO. j17-tfo8u " , DUMP TRUCKS 3-ton Packard; hydraulic hoist: In excellent mechanical condition,....! Ill 1-ton Packard; hand hoist, wood body, good tlree 101 IM-ton. Schacht; hydraulic hoist. steoi body, siaeooarde, sap 1,70 4-ton U. 8 ; hydraulic Joiat, large body, removable aide 1,100 TERMS IF DE8IRED.S The Citizens Motor Car Co, Truck Dept. 41 W. McMlcken. Canal 411. DO you need a gear, spring, axle, bearing or any other part, for your car? W hava It, new or uaad, and can save you 31 per cent to I per cent. Radiator covers for sll anachlnea 12 to 14 Garage men and dealera, send for cata- - logue and price Hat, CINCINNATI AUTO PARTS AND WRECKING CO.. 714 Walnut at. Canal 711. Opsa Sunday morning. 4 FRANKLIN RECONDITIONED CARS which we guar-. snteed for a period of 3 days. 1117 IVanklln toups; seat covers; nsw paint 117 Franklin Coupe; just ths car for winter 1117 Franklin Touring; runs liks a new car. llll Franklin 4 -pass; wire wheel new tlree, bumper. , llll Franklin Sedan: eame as new. Bee Mr. Parish THE FRANKLIN CINCINNATI -. y co. . 117 E. SEVENTH ST. 4ANAL lilt. I BERVICB ALBf, BAUER AUTO SALES CO. TERMS. Ill M. SIXTH ST. " f el l-tfo8u FORD SEDAN 1121 Model. 12". ' Call Valley IF-Y0U .OWN- A-CArV " and ' v. NEED MONEY See" : W. J.:SWEENEY, 815 Race St. Canal 5160. I ONE Rl.UK. llll -New lire; Al rues log nmi, ih. a. a On Ford ti-ton truck, fill: W aiao have a. number of are too nam arose to anamtie llll model, cara which Call and, be convinced , ' NEUaSR AUTO PARTS SALVAGE CO. 41-11-13 viT Uhorty at. ' Phone Weet til. - . eVMEooot. Used car, the welbon MOTOR CAR CO, 7th and Walnut a 1 jel-tfea REAL BARGAINS IN USED CARS TH MASH CINCINT4AT. MOTYPg on Resjdlng road aad Morgan at. AvOa 3IA Opea Sunday meralag. Jall-lu AUTOMOBILES. For Sal a. 111! Cole I Touring .1 77 1121 Buick , Coupe; 1 Westlngbouss 'shocks: In beautiful condition throughout .. 1.171 111! Franklin Broughgmow paint. l.SII 1117 Wlnton IJmouslne; a dandy ... I7S 111 TMdae Panel Truck 1117 Wlllya-Knlght Roadster Ill Hudson Touring 1117 Btudebaker 7-Pasa Touring .... 1117 Overland Tourlnjicwflrat-cla condition .. ...eV. 7....H. lilt Ford 1-ton Truck 1117 Maxwell Roadster ,. 271 311 111 171 171 II have been overhauled. painted and, equipped wltb new Urea, 1111 Keo Sposdwagon. . J-Ton Packard. ' Dodge light delivery. IV. -Ton Packard. .. Chevrolet light delivery. HEROLD MOTORCAR CO, Canal 1772. Ill Rare t. 1 TIRES ALL MAKES. ALL SIZES. O.OOO MILES. 30x31. '.....$9.25 I. L. GREENWALD TIRE CO., N. W. Cor. Ninth and Race Sta, Cln'tl. O. -. Canal 4401. apll-tfoBn 5 Ires -out ICCJ Vy9TeTf1 TIM CO AHtwN ja3l-3tTuTh8u USED 'CARS Hit Roadster 1121 Roadster 112 Touring; starter . 120 Touring; starter . ' 1110 Coubo; repainted 1120 Sedan 'n;rBedanrr.. .11I . 10 , 221 .210 . 171 . 404)J r 41-: - 1426 SYCAMORE ST, Canal III7-MH. Open Evenings 1 Osrages. All Steel, Wood & Steel GARAGES Phone Main III. THE EDWARDS MFG. CO,,- 4CS-44S Egglestoo av., Cincinnati, Ohio. '- Oclo-TuThSaautf Wanted. WANTED Small garage, capacity four ears; In business district, o, on Gilbert av. Address HARORAVE. 107 Bell Block. Csnal HOI. v dsl-tf One-ton 'saw llll truck . body. Call Wan PIANOS. For Ssi. BABY GRAND ' PIANO. KRANICH A' BACH. Mahogany; fine rendition; coat 11,20. Will aacrlflce for .$225 HARHI8, 111 MAIN STREET. FINE mahogany upright plan. 1121.. CI N-. CINNAT1 PIANO CO., 13U1 Central av. Jalt-Thtf . PIANO SALE - We have taken In a number of very, good upright pianoe and player planes Irr ex-cl,a.igaOr new Itiatruments. Among them will be found many standard maaes o. ins nignest grailr. Haines upright II novel upright Islis upright ...., HtoUart upright Ebsraole upright ... Sterling player plaao Stodart 4tlayer piano Auto nlarer olano II 131 III 111 221 211 33 I Stelnway player piano,' " " -' w.y a tew or the many bargaina we are offering. With each lo-strnmsnt will be Included, free of .....a. m nnnnsnm ouet benrh. poplin scarf, and delivered to your homefrhe time to bay a plane or player plaao I :0, P, GROSS,' 524 MAIN ST. PLATER PIANO ll-note. with nnloue r . patented expression devices; In excellent i niB nisn-graoe 7 Inatro-anant will be sold for Ilta e..h , I0 aro looking for the beet, buy thla from G BO, P PROWS, 1324 Main st. 4 PtsrNo Beaetlfal Haines upright' snlee a in ,m. a n , , i h . i , . . - '7Trr?r. J:.J SALE TBOOKstp nmn Thesa truck rKiceisJ J AMIwrCAl iianssansiikiii 'or4 J,Yeei - """P"- 1-14 Main PLATER PI ANO Sterling concert grand " ... imiuaiiii music - rolls. bane -.... e,an. in. wh , ire OUt flf for aM, a. ..-a rasn. GEO. P. GROSS, till Mam et. 4 ... -HORSES AND VEHjCLES. . ' ' ; Tor 81.. - ' FOVR MARES and I head of work bo raa.. guarante and trial gives: It 1 4 horse wagoaa of all kinds: It rubber- tired """i ana runaseMjt. 00. now. Covington. Kyi . . . . . a. Hirrr rr Phono South 111 R. i ICE CREAM cone. Popcorn snd lunch . ona Writ far catalog. KENNEDY ManJ UFACTCRINO CO.. Strwater III a IH MEW AMD REBCILr apreae truck. 17. laua butcher. I e . . ece,. ramiara Mae. - Bat an pleasure wagons, baggtesL , vohlcUev Se. AMER1CAK WAUOM in 1 CO, s,lgbl aad -rcait - y . BOlIK HOUSEHOLD GOOD WJVivi.ii ' 'Away.Below Store Piices UMCLAITIfpl AttHia. runrauvnaw i.,.tji.t:t II AT PRIVATE SALE I -All.t A Lit NEW GOttfig. , - A Vm-lalnead Freight. H W ,li,m t ANTIQUES Wo buy ad aell all kiil aatkiueo every day. COLONIAL ANTIQUK MIOP 334 Weat Fault h X - Beeiythlng In Antique Al.L-PORfEI.AlN ICE Roxka HjJT SOME BEDROOM. LIVING RikiuTJ.' DINING ROOM FCRNIT1HK , .V BLANKETS. RI-ANKCT.e A II-wool: asxes: oouoie t. , Half woo! and cotton: double Cotton blanket: doubt tl f, u an. a. - Second leor. Ahot h.i V9H jan-tauTvitre, PATlKtv, ' ui ssai re. oraee oedf rfcu-staves and one dining-room set. llttTw . tral av drst Boor, 1 i l jT,rZ. FOR IMMEDIATE SAI.EHuffet.TJL legged tsble. lady deak. ainall bwko-, ,r.k.lM .nil..,.. .1 , - , . desiRu fin.ted bor rocker, couch, rug. iinry ,-i,,gJt kitchn and other furnishing, (.a "i ... .e-y va... r.e ... FURNITURE AND Ri'tiS VHt.l IMi CaNTHAL. AV. Fl'RNlVuRK Finest wicker, uae.l ., tl( snow. tiiAiin, e.v ... i-r.n GOLD tlKlsnilta rnrw -. . .ii . alCVIICUt WPliiLih ,a .,IT g,. wick Sipta. Avendal . HIGH-CLASS FURNITURE. PIANOS AND CARPETS . WANTED. - MAIlif-ST. AUCTIONXU.; 41 MAIN ST. TEU MAIN 12.0 IVORY bad room aulte; an. lon.iiiK.n a. oxtra pair of rllmmons bed. ' match; Ixll ru, w oination ooai ano gaa rane. oiemtifaJ valour covered living room siule, H.iiaJ aitcnen raDinri ; win sen cn.tip il, 33 W. Bear! at., bey Race j. II JtT,- LINOLEUM (NEW) $6.00 wmr 9 larva rvomR ; diu iia htt - terna; alw, 1 room of Ian r-tioriu, J HALL CARPETS Oraan. alfl roaa and blue pattrrnt; 3 r:J 1PW-o iur siiiib nnu ii 1 1 , nr r r lltM. C0NG0LEUM RUGS.S5.UC Throe brand-new oongoiiThj rue.. , : . blue and tan patterns: T-v,ji: (,J hsavy Ixll rugs; besutrtul paTtefiu tl oaoh,;or leas If 1 are aVild. six tmt.-2 ruga; never ; ,.o finv 1333 LINN ST., ISTvfLOOf. . LINOLEUM AND RUGS Battleship Linoleum. In plain brows. extra quality, per equate yard... i Seamless Velvet Ixll in Bruasela Ruga, Ixll U Hotel Wilton Hall Runners, In ell roe, blue and tan.. per yard... .a I WE ABSOLUTELY HAVE NO BRANCH STOKE. . -1606 RACE ST. MAHOQAMT ata-lef en lor, leather chair. abl, an.all r-J (inrn, mi L NEW WINDOW-SHADES Ws ar manufactursrs and sell direst ig you; savs ths dinsrenos. GRIMM WINDOW SHADE CO. 111 Walnut at, Canal 4771 PAIR Of Simrnons best puJ Sheraton (new) twin brii IS-U manogany ruin $22.60.' Finest of hair, If: and cotton iriattresses. Bi gest . bargains in the city oi anything in tne line or be -ding' and furniture. 13U8 Linn St. West 2229 i RUGS NEVER USED Thrae larva, heavy ird run. tlful Dattanw, llt.eft; S rollf of brui - new llneleura, f per room; 15 ni tug, 17; consolauiu rug, 15; 20 an. 1 . yarde Inlaid, linoleum I i rui. cf border. If. 19; extra hvavy lii; Brute rue. All the-a poode are atMl,ii new and ieior aoW rut laa than cm(. -253 Pike St., Covington, - RUGS. RUGA Ixll velvet saam lea. It: Ixll Brussels I.' till wool absr id 131 Main St.. Second floor. Above hat g"f RUGS and II uoleum;-cheap, tral av. ... r.. SIMMONS . beds, with Simmon. ,smi and msttross, 1 71: daveno bed, r m. 141 i; wardrobe, ill chiffonier. 111; dreassr, :(. OTl Hum,. i4i Main at. To Be Sold BY ORDER 6f ATTORNEV 15 DINING ROOM SUITES AMERICAN WALNUT. I.ATK.T ll SIGN. TRIMMED WITH Bl'KI. NUT PANELS: K-IM'll HI'W DRAWER RANK CHINA I I.UHLT I INCH. 1-FOOT HOUND OR HI '"f TAHI.E. HOtCT CHAIR. I HI'IH I' GENUINE I.KATHEK HK AT IMVi CHAIRS. BEAUTIFULLY IiKi oRAH INTERIOR WORK ALL "IKM"1 MAHOGANY. 1:KTA1I.S llElll' . FR 1474. I OR yl'lf.. SALE T" ' Y-Ra-rttTOtiak Sl'a- THKME THE PRICBOF THE blNtii.t HI T! cr$195!0O, for entire sui HARRIS-. 4,ntf 611-13 Main St. ronnl SI THE BEST PLACE To dtapoaa of your houaelioll U nlture, earfteta. ruga. V'-'o. raofM frlcratra. Ac. BRUNS AUCTION ROOMS, 1117 and 133 Gilbert av. . ., ,.jnuf Auction ruaiea scu . - , U..IIIH,I IKT9 Wanted. GET our price your used fxnt'eT prices en your useo i..-, anal 1711. 114 Cencil 4 BEST PRir-ES PAtt F" I , Household FurniiJ CARPETS OF ALL KINll Phone t an HIGH! Pianos, AND CARPETS OF Al 3 , LOUIS KARP, CU- . 711 Csntrsl sv. I'snil tl X, I r I) r.e i rniv tn riu- . . . . - Tl'ME, RUGS. BTO KB. ll.r,v,J t TH r, HUHK rUKMILf. ...'. FIFTH ST. PHONE MAIN 1711 MOTOR TRA'NSPORTATIOI 1 LOCAL and eat ratee. 1 lanllnS uu M,-,a,..- . . ,.ll l W. WATM' ' I'll MOVING Collection of pla "JJ and baggage cheeked; tripe to and from all outivlni . A. B EXPRESS AND HAL LAS I l1 PB. WSSt llll La RED BALL TRANSIT CO- NATIONAL HOUSEH"I.U ' M', ,5r 101 KEITH'S THF.ATKR BU i , , PHONE ..CANAL : 'Offline In larg. i" j L SosHallsts In lons-di.isn. e mm S- H1RBAM J THE CINCINNATI A PRESS CO. Hourly -r tlon-llm. la saA-fmia fc'lfl' r.ll Bf? too and laxyton door to-oi rheapeot ratee. WANTED Return load of tiou1 for any point between, l'"I"u ana ..season, isirn.. or ' l.raa a . n loAln aSoUt ,Bv Phone Avon 3017 L. ri'.KBI-L s.- AGE CO. MOTORCYCLES, PorSile. BAROAINS In os. . motorcycle. IMI Race LOAN OFFICES. Cincinnati Collateral Loan i lAaaa en Furniture ,'", lee tutEENWooD BAISBECK BROS k7. ua aa Dtasaendr. Watrhesja ' Laaal Bate ! Jm 1 1 eee-l 'A

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