Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on April 23, 1907 · 15
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 15

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 23, 1907
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111... L PERSONAL PROPERTY LOANS '''.-"1":-";:rii01-q-anV AN Y AMOUN' Ote MON LT Forced Sale of Factory and I(rit - LD FURNITURE PIANOS. ON. ROI It ON 0 R ON AN Y VALUABLE I 71-91.1.S,,EA-vWVIAIT lid, 41 IT A RA NTEE TO MAIKRI i FITCzNiltr. 'WE WILL GUARANTEE TO MAKM , - - - qpm nt i. ot' THE LOAN THE SAME DAY YOU LET US Eui pT.EASE REMEMBER THERE ARE NO - is,;6 I A .,-,111,1411,1110,111i16 FON,,71V-.. r PLEASE REMEMBER TtiERE ARE NO 1 A g- FORMALITIES OIL INQUIRIES Ant of American corn an man f f En y: 0 I oft NEGHns o Hardware EmpLyER. Hardware re Spec y ialties. located at Mu lturers o ,1-:roiri ee nil- lent factory buildinf, "AMS ARE A RSOIXTELT THE: EFST nois, fiftY Miles south of Ini'luniltungeee.zs:91- 20 THERE ARE CERTAIN ADVAN-.1 GO. ur.rtro.,,,r, r ,-, Pk :coGES TO BE GAINED BY DEALING WITH E OLDEST LARGEST AND ONLY INCOR, "'GRATED LOAN COMPANY IN CHICAGO. THE CHICAGO MORTGAGE LOAN CO. Ir5 DEARBORN-FT. ROOM 21t THE CIICAGO MORTGAGE LOAN CO.. Igt W, MADISON-ST.. ROOM '02. epecialt lea.''1311' o'n"ne'ntatrretiaraevt'sraer; )555.trt-PA-T HIGH RATES. LOANS C N ny part thereof solicited. Same will be opened May -RNITUP E PIANOS. 'HORSES. 25th. 1907. before Walter, J Grant. Referee in eckGcti Ns. WARE US HOE RECEIPTS. ETC.. Rankruptcy. Danville, IIi . and must be directed to .' - - 520 14 70c & month. the undersigne4 . at any time before that date. $25 for 75c a month. Terms of sale. cash upon transfer of property. Vit tor 9(''c a month. Court reserves right to reject all bids. Bids must rot for Si 50 a month be accompanied by eertified check or draft for 5 $75 for $2,1-0 a month, per cent of the amount hid same to be returned .m TITER AMOUNTS IN PROPORTION. . ' noon rejeetion of bids. Property may be inepected If desired. you may sign the at any time at Momence. Illinois. Detailed list papers at your own home. thereof uPon request - ciuick service and strictly confl- WALTER C. LINDLEY. : e nt tel. , . Trustee in Bankruptcy. ' PEOPLES LOAN AND TRUST CO . ,r, ) poem tin) SINTH FLOOR. . (um . A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY-- im DEARBORN-S T - . - ISS 510 TO $1.000. For Sale-A fully equipped mushroom plant. con,- -03 . MONEY-TO-LOAN. taining 50.000 sq. feet of beda. perfect heating sys- LOW" 11 A TEs AND EAST T1RM I tem. everything In perfect running order; adver THE SECURITY we requite con- - tiser is going to devote himself exclusively to mush- i.v., mainly of the fact that the F room spawn business: possession given at once; ..,..,..-.....r is eerier of FURNITURE. convenient to best market: products sold by yearly PIANO. or some Other kird of tier- eontract. THEO. FABRICIUS. Lincoln and 1:1r3-rt .enel nropertv. W e will sunplv the Mawr-avg., Bowmanville. Chicato. - &sired amount quicklv. privately. RELIANcE LOAN CO. - FOR SALE-FL'RNITURE. LEASE. AND GOOD I IncorPoratedi . will. 100 room modern hotel lowairity of 10.000. ,.... 100 WASHINGTON-ST.. ROOM 504. dd room modern hotel. Mo. city cdt 15.000. Telephone Central '2015. GO room hotel in Illinois; money maker. SoUTH SIDE OFFICE. ' A number of family hotels and apartments in Ionen eveeirge to 8 o'clock.i first class locations In Chicago. ' 40032 STATE-ST- COR. 47TH. - SPRING & HOWARD HOTEL CO.,,, . 77 Jackeon-blvd. Suitt 001-2 and 5. t TWO ATTRACTIVE RESTAURANT PROPOSI,--- tions Inelde the loop. To adjust affairs of core (ever LOAN AND DISCOUNT COMPANY- poratiort these RESTAURANTS are offered for '-e,... the purpose of loanirg on furniture, pianos, sale and should be investigated by soy one inter- s...--8 wagons. etcre fixtures etc. without re- este& . Prices $6.000 and 6'25.000. Address N L ' a i storage receiroa, assignments of rents, . - 1 in l; so 5 570. Tribune. - . -,711; receivable. or anything that la security for .be,eunt wanted We also buy short time secured --- Lo.csr AND DISCOUNT COMPANY-- For the purpose of loanirg on furniture, pianos, toroee, wagons. store fixtures etc.. without removal; also storage receiws, assignments of rents, bIlls receivable. or anything that la security for smosst wanted We also huy short time secured paper. Come and get our plans before going elsewhere. 1401 Champlain Bldg.. cor. State and Mad-wets. Piot inc. 4.WmO 0.7.--fII.TATES ON EI'RNITVRE AND PIANO loans; $25 for 75c a month: $59 for $1.50 a month: r5 for $2 a month; Slo0 for $2.25 a month: money in a law hours notice: we give all advantages peered by others. Tel. 5493 Central. MUTUAL SECURITY CO.. - 9 Dearborn-at.. Room 44. CO 95 DEARBORN-ST.. ROOM 45-Money to loan privately hn your furniture. pianos. etc,. without removal. Money to be re-timed in payments to suit borrower. Extension of wee granted in ease of sictness or loss of Position. Do your business with me. Tel. Cent. 5059. 'La-ANSON FURNITURE. PIANOS ETC. FIDELITY LOAN CO.. 504 134 Monroe-It. Phone Central 2559 and - ' 301 W. a3d-st. Phone Went. 53T. a. LIPMANTWA MADESON-ST., PRIVATE Es-trance. Established Loans on watches. ifivelry. and diamonds at lowest rates. Tutsr.14 STATE PAWNERS' SOCIETY. 72 WASH': ington-st., loans on watches. diamonds. and Jew..v ajiT cent per month. !LOAN ON ALL THE RIG ADS. DO; MAKE NO promises. but will treat you better than those who do. S. RICHARDSON. 154 La Salle-st-Rm.16. Le5ANS ON WATCHES. DIAMONDS AND JEW-- Cry at lowest rates. GEORGE M. POE. reliable American newnheolter 414 A dsros-et.. near State. - MINES AND MINING. IFOR SALEA GROUP OF NINE CLAIMS, SIT-tutted 35 miles at of Goldfield. Nevada, and 214 stiles south of Antelope Springs: development work. 42 foot shaft sunk on hanging wall ' and several oPen cuts; quartz outcrop from 10 to 50 Pet wide: can be traced 2,000 feet, and assays $2 to Wit gold to the ton: bottom of shaft all In ore. which assays from $10 to $50 gold. , The group will be sold on a leasing bond of $40,000. IS per cent down. the remainder in a year. JOH21 HOUSTON. Broken Box 600, Goldfield. Nevada. WE WILL SELL: WE NULL BUY: rioe Little Florence. 5.iskl Univ. Fneu. Trans. arta Eagle Ffd- 1.000 Penn-Wyoming. 100 Eagle Coin. 300 Hubbard-Elliott. ' ftiO Black Diamond C. 40 Ger. Am. Coffee. - IX Taylor Mtn. 500 Mohawk Florence. 1 soe Yellow Tiger. 2.000 Cal. Monarch OIL s - MIL I ,'S Ea Z. -IL ,-11 K ITA .1.11 -1.... ILIF a STOCK CERTIFICATESBoNDS;--SEALS. ,,,- -..,--,-,,----,..-,,,,-...---..,-....----..,...,-...,,,,,..-....,,,,, rill SALEA GROUP OF NINE CLAIMS, SIT-THE INTERSTATE CORPORATION RECORD sated 35 miles east of Goldfield. Nevada, and 214 Contains organizing proceedings. bylaws. stock register, transfers, dividends. stock ledger. u miles soth of Antelope Springs: development work. 42 foot shaft sunk on hanging wall and J. W. MIDDLETON & CO.. 167 PEARBORN-ST. rreral open cuts; quartz outcrop from 10 to 50 PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY,,INVOICES BETTER pet wide: can be traced 2.000 feet, and assays than SGOO: will take $350 or will sell part outfit from $2 to $156 gold to the ton; bottom of shaft Including lease and business for $150: doing nice an In ore. which assaYs from $49 to $30 gold. , The business; Owner has left the city on a big contract. croup will be sold on a leasing bond of $40,000. Apply at once. 1321 W. Madleon-et. Pi 0r cent down the remainder in a S, ear. J01121r FOR SALEESTAREISHED MOVING, EXHOUSTON. Broken Box 600. Goldfield. Nevada. press. coal, and storage business; have good WE WILL SELL: WE NULL BUY: ' horses, wagons. van, etc. ' best possible location; ikie Little Florence. 5.000 Univ. Pneu. Trans. transfer corner; reason. partners disagree. In-ma Eagle PM- 1.000 Penn-Wyoming. quire 2041-43 N. Halsted-st, near Grace. , 100 Eagle Corn. 300 Hubbard-Elliott. FOR-SALEFINE DELICATESSEN STORE. O. - ' 200 Black Diamond C. 40 Ger. Am. Coffee. - Side: best location: good cnance for young mar1.00 Taylor Mtn. 500 Mohawk Florence. tied couple; price $S00. APPLY 1 KO Yellow Tiger. 2,000 Cal. Monarch OIL , , CHAS., F. STEMWELL,, 1000 Standard Cons. 1,000 King Solo'on T.-D. ' 64705 Ingleside-ay. 0 C D. M. BELL & O. , MOST PEOPLE WANT TO MAKE MONEY. 'DO 11. 143 La Salle-et. Chccago. you? Have proposition that will stand any kind tiVE OFFER: I WE WANT: of investigation and make 50 per year en invest1(00 Clio. M. Co. Ad WOO Alma (Idahol. ment. Particulars at Interview only. Address N L. 2004-0 Goldfield Hub. .091,4 WO Idaho G. M. D. Co. 470. Tribune. ; IGO Little Flor...1.25 11C00 17n iv. Pneu. FOR SALESALOON AND PROPERTY. IN A HARRY S. LEWIS & COMPANY. , good town, only 23 milee from Chicago; might (Incorporated. trade for city or (aria property: good' business: Xembers Chicago Mining and Stock Exchange. possession June 1. 1907. H. E. QUINDEL. Owner. 1S1 La Salle-st.. Chicago. Roselle Postoffice. Phones: Central 4548. Auto. 3559. - WE OFFER SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE20a shares Hubbard-Elliott $3.ST14 lloSb shares Knights Island Copper Mng.. .70 2.0a0 shares Jeanette Arizona Orgid .35 4 aue shares Blue Jay .0S l (00 shares Goldfield Homeatake .00 1,000 shsres Blue Bird Consol .12 DUDLEY A. TYN(.1 & COMPANY. l44 La Salle-it.. Chicago. II-ST ARRIVED. I CONTROL AND OWN ONE of the best copper prospects: have shipped ore running 74 per cent copper. Want to meet financial gentlemen to organize company. sell treasury stock, to assist me in making one of the largest turret Mine& in America , liberal interest to right parties:refs. exchanged. Box 610. Palmer House. rOR SALE-40.000 SHARES OF THE TREASury steel( of the Summit Mining Company. Oregon. at 15o per share. par value $1. One of the best mining propositions on the market. J. FRED WOLTZ. 304lA Botanical-ay., St. Louis. Mo. TOR SALEOR EXCHANGEGOLD AND COP- per mining stockThree U. S. patented -mines, Colorado: 1,000 feet development; working now-LA no hear from you. What have you? W. SKINNER. rt. 409. 167 Dearborn-et. B. R. SCBEFTELS & CO. IESTABLISHED 19021- Commission Mining Stock Brokers., In Listed and Unlisted Stockist Monroe-st.. Chicago. $3,000 TO $5.000 WILL PUT FINE MINE AT nr. Mohawk, on big paying basis; large stsjoritv of stock to one putting up the money; assays L10 to $5041. 1402 Martford Bldg., Chicago.: WE BUT AND SELL, STOCKS AND BOND,. Let us have your wants and offerings. , GEO. L. McK AY & CO.. 23 La Salle-et WIRE SCI1WEINFURTH & CO.. HIGH Gi-TA17712: mining stocks and investments bought and sold. Tel. Cent, 7151. R. 42. 81 S. Clark-st. FREEOUR MARKET LETTER. CONTAININ4 valuable information for investors. 'Address Pnion Security Co. :M1A Gaff Bldg.. Chicago. ' OFFERMINES OF AMERICA. $1.75: RICK Tunnel, $1,8714. Will buy Universal Fneu. CORRELL, WILSON CO.. 1028, 159 La Salle. bREENE-GRIEESHERMAN CO.. IINcOlfporated 1. 43-45 Mile aukes National Eank Bldg. VILIVACKEE. WIS. Mining Stocks. BEFORE BUYING OR SELLING ANY STOCK, secure our quotations. MARK T. LEONARD CO Stock Brokers. 1201 Stock Exchange. LEAD AND ZINC MINE FOR SALEIN JOP-, lin district; will pay about $30.000 per year. 3. F. GARVER. 830 First Nat. 13ank Bldg. CET OUR DAILY STOCK MARKET LET1ER. WALLACE H. HOPKINS CO.. 181 La Salle-st, More Central 6885-4886. AN-TE1)---1T100 SH A R ES -UNIVERSAL TRANS.: state itmest cash price. Address G C 249. Tribune. WANT TO 13UTGOLTIFIELD-8YNDICATE; also Bidwell Cold Motor. Address N W 522. l'-ibune FDR. SALE-59 SHARES OF ITVBBARD-ELL.1- eft at a share Arhire.s A 97. Trireme. : Y mulcting. site. equipment, all MachincrY. and tools that go- to make up a perfectly equipped manufactory for hardware specialties and novelties, worth not less than $30,0(00; stock. material. Rice equipment, and lettere patent for Odell Typewriter. America and Rockford fishing reel, Pixie Sewing Machine, Rockford and Lightning Wrenches. Sad Irons. and similar Hardware Specialtiea . must be sold Bids on entire assets or any part thereof solicited. Same will be opened May 25th. lien before Walter- J. Grant. Referee in Lankruptcy. Danville. M. and must be directed to the undersigne4 . at any time before that date. Terms of sale, cash upon transfer of property. Court reserves right to reject all bids. Bids must be accompanied by certified check or draft for 5 per cent of the amount bid same to be returned Upon rejection of bids. Property may be inspecteel at any time at Momence. Illinois. Detailed list thereof ilOon request - WALTER C. LINDLEY. - Trustee in BankruPter. Danville Illinois. A GOLDEN OPPORTUNIT1,-- . --Ve'itirl;;;11.- 41.:45- Nill'W.salli.4-Na tit;n-al BrInli L'Idg': FOR SA LE-SM ALL -WEST SIDE Gilt ,t ,e, kt f V LWAtKEE. WIS. Mining Stocks. stet: fair price. Phone West 2134. Address N BEFORE BUYING OR SELLING ANY STOOk. W PO. Tribune. . secure our quotations. MARK T. LEONARD & MEAT MARKET FOR SALE AT ONCE ON AC Co.. Stock Proksrs, 1201 Stock Exchange. count leaving cItY: fine trade; good horse and LEAD AND ZINC MINE FOR SALE -IN JOP- wagone; no oppoeition: a bargain. 955 71st. lin district; will pay about $30.000 per year. FOR SALE-BAKERY AND LUNCHROOM: J. IT. GARVER. 830 First Nat. Bank Bldg. cash business of $75 a day. Price $2.500. Ad-CET OUR DAILY STOCK MARKET LET-IEIT. dress N T 363, Tribune. WALLACE H. HOPKINS CO.. SACRIFICE FURNITURE OF SO COMPLETE 131 La Salle-st. Phore Central 6335-6886. . rooms incl fine restaurant Address ,N W 95. AN'TEI)-1T100 SHAPES UNIVERSAL TRANS : Tribune . state lewest cash price. Address G C 249. Tab- HOTEL. 72 E. RANDOLPH ST.: 3 FLOORS FOR me. - rent; possession May 1. Apply VON GLAHN. WANT-TO BUT-GOLDFIELD-SYNDICATE!: Room 1316 Chamber of Commerce Bldg. V.sonnBidwell Cold Motor. Address N W 522, t CAN WRITE A PROSPECTUS THAT WILL In e. sell your stock. Send stamp for my booklet. ...,-- FOR SALE-50 SHARES OF IDBBARD-ELLI: J. J. BUTLER. 324 Dearborn-st.. Chicagt, . rut et a shttre Address A 97. Triune. : $20.000 TO $100.000-TO-INVEST IN GOINS. - , solvent mfg. concern; willing to remove to other BUILDING ALTER ILTION - city. Address G S 115. Tribune. -..- --,- - - 3 MANICURING. FACIAL MASSAGE. AND HAIR GENERAL coi.;;iiii,-.6;f--,iikii.liccriClitt'll:6 dressing parlors for sale; doing nice business. Ina Siteratimis. remodeling. new store fronts. Inquire at Suite 207, 115 Dearborn-se - - - etc : prompt. efficient service. CARL BUSHNELL,. WANTED-MEAT MARKET: MONEY MAKER; i 2l7 Chamber of Commerce. Phone Main R74 bargain: good neighborhood; buy house and AIL , Addrees J P 28. Tribune. PATENTS--PATENT ATTORNEYS. - -FOR SALE - LUIVIBER AND COAL YARD. .,,,,,,,..-..., country town: doing fine business: will bear strict PATENTS. TRAIDEMA.RKe. LABELS. PRINIS investization. Addresss A 67. Tribune. atld Copyrights; send for my free book, -How to FOR b'ALE-ACCOUNT or DEATH. PATENT Get Them": then let me get them for you: best of merit. complete. well proteeted. ready for marlel-vice; why not have it? It costs no more; advice ket. HAZLETON. 1322 Z.T. Mozart-st, Chicago.: free; open 'Tuesday evenings. J. R. H. POTTS. FOR SALE-GOOD PAYING BUSINESS ; BIG Lawyer, 80 Dearborn-se Main office Washington. profits; suitable for mail order: big bargain; inPATENTS-PROTECT YOUR IDEAS; NO PAT- vestigate. Address N S 379, Tribune. cat, no fee; advice free; send for INVENTOR'S FOR SALE-CIGAR STORE, FINE LOcATIoN. PRIMER; open Monday evenings 6:30 to 8;30. S. Side. near "IA" station. For particulars phone MILO B. STEVENS & CO.. 163 Randolph et. Oakland 35,S5. Chicaal). Phone Main 2303 Eltab- 1664- Main BROKERAGE AND BANKING HOUSE RE- edict. Waythington, D. C. quires the services of good office man: must have VIThORE APPL FOR -" R. R EATENT. CALL O $3.000: money secured. Addreen N X. 335. Tribune: send for our free book On what to invent and SELL OR-EXCHANGE PATENT AND DIES FOR avoid. and other patent pointers. Mechanics Pat- dust shield on prescription bottles. Address tit Bureau. 9th floor. Is:. Dearborn-et. N X 576. Tribune, IDEAS. HN JO L. K1NDT. FÔR SALE-TAILOR SHOP. ENGLEWOOD IDEAS. : Patent Attorney ' 35, Randolph-se. mostly cleaning and busheling: owner sick; big Write for free booklet. Chicago. bargain; $330. Addreee N W 92. Tribune. : rktt.NT---s-64 PAGE POOK FREE: HIGHEST GLOVE AND MITTEN FACTORY CAPITAL fererences: long experienee. FITZGERALD A wanted: unusually good proposition. Address VO.. Department 41. Washington. D. C. IC T 55 Tribune. . - 170--------R SALE-MILLINERV STORE: CHEAP: 40 PLUMBERS SUPPLIES. new hats: beet North Side location; must leave - -----' ;--- ----- '-- --------------------si-1 cite. Addrees N X 494. Tribune. NEW PORCELAIN ENAMEL SINKS. 18X30.22 ter ------PE RING YOUNG MAN OF VARIED lal irattborrui pies ........ ...... .. ,;..... 66.0000 "t Newtwe:anmamele NeIxCpeErtePnett A has '2500 and 'services'. Address N W tw galvanized range.boners ... . " 312. Tribune. 5 00 : Plumbing material. of all HMIS. Write for free PAINT STORE FOR SALE: SOUTH SIDE: Goo') estaloeue No. PS. Central Machinery and Snooty location: doing large contrecting business; good Ce . M1-519 State-Yd. ' TC8SOn for sellirg. Address N X 493. Tribune. : 11 E EAR01..-Zi7 W. HARRISON. CHIC AGO- NIEN-EOR GENERAL rAcroRY WORK; The only house Felling up to date guaranteed able to purchase some stock; steady work. Adalsinbing supplies' of first quality only at wholesale dress K S 235. Tribune. , tk2.5Lst. Send for cstalogue or phone Silq Menroe. ltor4 SIDE LINE MEN COVERING NORTHWEST. JNO. HARDIN. 4543 COTTAGE GROVE-AV.- P.II anything; represent you anywhere. !SMITH. Eeveral ears bathtubs. 10; full line plumbers' 211 Michigan-ay. Phene Cal. 2332. : lad etearnfitters supplies to the public; get cat-- VENTION------11 AVE ILLINOIS CHA RTER S. A .- slegue. - 100.4kai. $50,000, perfect; sell reasonable. Acl - - - - -- --' dregs N L 433. Tribune. ' kOSTAGE STAMPS, COINS, ETC. S53-0 BUYS-MEAT MARKET AND GROCERY IN ''''' ' -' - - - - '-'-'- -,...' - -''''''''' -s --;-- '''''"'' good Seuth Side location. SCOTT'S COMPLETE S. A MP ALBUM. $t; - HARPER & CO.. 87 Washington-et. I ailtmes and Collections bought; premium stamp FOR SALE--T,FIIIROOM: NEW OUTFIT: IN 10e. r. woLsa-Eit. 401 Ft. Dearborn Bldg- D.rfeet condition; to move. n2 E. Monros-st. : 1011--- AI g E--COI - t OL ECITON. ' 11.- - -- 0A- ER - 2 I ' - -- ,. N . d - , RC HANY--TAIIÁlRING--000D-BUSINESS; tor VS): also stamp collection. about LOW for 220. All.. . h Addre N L410 t good location: c earl. ss . , . Tribune.: rites's N T :1116, Tribune. 0 -- fOil SitE;-"VENDING NIACHINES. MAKING .N-Ck-N-t;E-EED POSTAGE STAMPS BOUGHT. big money. Addrese N Ct 63. Tribune. - KAPPES & ECKEL R. Ins 139 L't Salle-Ft I .---:-....,-Tc--6-iT-w-nfrirTGOODS AND HENS FUR. , PATENTSPATENT ATTORNEYS. rATENTS, TRADEMAJtKS. LABELS. PRIN. S and copyrights; send for my free book. "'How to Get Them"; then let me get them for you: best service; why not have It? It costs no more; advice free; open 'Tuesday evenings. J. R. H. POTTS. Lawyer. 80 Dearborn-st. Main office Wanhington PATENTSPROTECT youR IDEAS; NO PAT-tit, no fee; advice free; send for INVENTOR'S PRIMER; open Monday evenings 6:30 to 8:30. MILO R. STEVENS & CO.. 163 Randolph et.. Chicago. Phone Main 2309. Estab. 1664. Main tahm. Washington. TX rE7PORE APPLYING r"-OR EATENT. CALL OR $end for our free book on what to invent and avoid, and other patent pointers. Mechanics Patnt bureau. 8th floor. 185 Dearborn-st. IDEAS. JOHN L. KINDT. IDEAS. Patent Attorney. 3. Randolph-at.. Write for free booklet. Chicago- nitENTS-64 PAGE roox FREE: HIGHEST references: long experience. FITZGERALD A to.. Department 41, Washington. D. C. LAWYERS. - . d'IDT G. GILBERT. B01;;DED ATTORNETALL. Placa: atd in business and domestic difficulties; rPs tonsultation and advice; moderate charges Cit SerVices; easy terms. 412. Ed wastungton-ot. LET ME SHOW YOU Goon INVESTMENT. M ANCFA eTuRING AUTOMOBILES. Address X 529. Tribune. FOR SALEESTABLISHED PLUMBING AND heating business in Michigan: for the last five years has paid 45 per cent on investment and $2,0c10 annual salary; less than $2 500 will buy: reason for selling end other particulars given upon inquiry. Address N X 308. Tribune. WANT HONORABLE MAN TO JOIN ME IN eatab:isbed laundry business; fine plant; strioilY cash business; net profits per week $90; best chance in city for good man; you will find this as advertised; experience not necessary; no agents: cash $2.500. Address N W Cll. Tribune. BRICK FACTORY FOR SALEBATTLE CREEK. Mich,. 1501(60, 2 stories and fine cement door basement. 3 acres. on track; immediate Possession; engine capacity NO h. p : boilers 225; BAR. GAIN. Might rent or put Into dividend paying concern. Address Advance Mfg. Co.; Kalamazoo. Mich - . MONEYDO YOU NEED IT? WE ARE IN A posttion to furnish capital to meritorious enterprises. We can sell your stocks or bonds quickly on commission basis. Money advanced on good securities. Corporations organized and financed. KAATZ & CO.. 301 Tacoma Bldg.. Chicago. FIRST CLASS DYEING AND CLEANING works, has latest and hest machinery. has good custom; will sell the whole or one-half interest: good reasons for selling; can be had at a reasonable price if taken soon. Address WS 4tb-av, Peoria. igr. FOR SALESALOON AND PROPERTY. IN A good town. only 23 miles from Chicago; might trade for city or farm property: good, business: possession June 1. 1901. R. E. QUINDEL. Owner. Roselle Postoftice. FOR SALE--SELL OR TAKE PARTNER: newspaper. prosperous Wisconsin' city, ratronIzed bv every merchant and resident In this and adjoining towns: S2 000 required. Address WM. EWIG. Germania Bldg.. Milwaukee. Wis. YOUNG. ENERGETIC ADVERTISING MAN with $1.000 to can become treasurer and manager pushing trade magazine. with quarter Interest. salaty or commission; unusual opportunity. Address N WP, Tribune. Aouress N w.T,P. Tribune. INVEST $1 PER WEEIC FOR 26 WEEKS OR $25 cash. and clear $250-, absolute safety guaranteed by all banks. STOREHEAT MFG. CO.. Loa Angeles. Californta. THE RIGHT MAN WITH ABOUT $500 CAN BE officer and'director of new corporation which will Pa" big dividAnds. It will pay to investigate. Address N X 339 Tribune. ENGINEER. YOUNG. GOOD 'CONNECTION. returning Australia take up agency work. desires suitable goods place on commonwealth marIt2.11dress N T 574. Tribune. FURNISHED 10 R. HOUSE. COST $2.500. PRICE $1.000:. income $150 monthly. 32 r. bouue. clearing COO monthly, price. 81.600: time. Particulars ROLAND. R. 301 Bush Temple. FOR SALE-4 CHAIR BARBER SHOP AND poolroom. doing a good business and in fine location: party must leave city. Address NED T. EVANS. Oeneral Delivery. Chicago. FOR SALEMEAT MARKET. NORTH SIDE; established 65 years; 2 former owners made fortunes; great opportunity: receipts $100 weekly. HARPER & CO., 87 Washington-st. : ECM SALEOLD ESTABLISHED MILLINERY' business: best locality South Side: will sacrifice; must sell at once on account of sickness. Inquire 4231 Calumet-ay. PRINTING BUSINESSESTABLISHED: U INterest: exceptional bargain. Call LAMBERT. 5243 Halsted-st. VAX TO 0.000 CASH WANTED. TO MANI:- facture most profitable patented article in America. Address N T 326. Tribune. WHEATIF YOU WANT TO MAKE BIG MONEY In wheat next 30 days, answer at once. Address N 14 879. Tribune. FOR SALEDRY GOODS AND MEN'S FURttlatitngs. 65:12 Cottage Grove-ay. . - Wit NTED---PARTY TO INVEST Sto Aol)() IN GOOD -- telilL bustneas. Ariciresp N T 549. Trtburte. , , cerecao I WARM. TIAIII --- CAMEIIAS, KODAK.s. ETC - ,,.., ,, .. .... - WA NT:4::D-PARTY TO INVEST $to.teMt IN GOOD 11.414.. POCKET FOCO. $3.75. CAMERAS AN-13 :sItylna Imstnees.. Arittresp N T 549. Trthune. 4,daks Fought. rented or exchanged. . CIGAR. STATIONERY STORE, LEASE; BAR-CENTRAL CAMERA CO. 31 Adams-st. gain. 132 N Clark-st. : roli-S,TLE-DISSOI VINC ViESV agTEREOPTT1 WANTED - RrESTAURA NT OR NOONDAY n n a., , with electric 'AMPS and rheostats complete: lunch in loop. Address N T 59S. Tribune. "' ir Nlien et once Snit -Ivo. Eavt tThicairm. Ind. : FOlt SALE-CI-TEAT' ILLINOIS , CHARTER. - ' Address IN X 476. Tribune, - 111CYCLEs AND BICYCLE GooDs. '0; AiNnE-15-----aöbli PAYING LUNCHROOM FOR iVA - ------ ''-----'- sc.00 cash Addrryst N NV ftg.. THhun, NTEJ 1.-09 GOO : , ' ' D srcoND HAND WHEELS t15-.41o0 WANTED FINANCING NEW MEDI- ..wtrone.ce, for country Merl.; bring wheels and gret eine company. Addrevs N '4,-,447. Tribune .. V': ,,,11oler. Mend Cycle Co.. 2,1-25 N. ciltiton-st MILLINER? ST-OftE. COMPLETE STOCK. In2TI'PItrYti-EES ift-tre---;ift A-S'D-Scir - ynot. cheap., CROARKIN. 1255 E. 5.4th.; AGENCT ARM AC MOTORCYCLE.941-97211ib-st: ......,.................... FOR SALE-LUNCHROOM FIXTURES. Com- -- - ---- - - piete. Now In use at 159 Adams-stg PENSIONS. $1.4100 Ii-. sErt-Eo. wITA. MAKE a5000: HON- pp emq -' - ' -- -----------,:----, - est. practiesi glal: I'll Ph ow y'ou. se41 Princeton.: .R. PHILIPPINE. AND 1s411-1 AR lit'sTLIN4-3 cIGAR WINDOW FOR SALE: ALSO ...Taints. advice free. MILO B. STEVENS & CO.. 1'4 Rand,ilph-st. Est. 1s414. Main office. Wash- home bakery: investigate. Pipe r. 1229 Wabash.: tnirtnil. Phnne Main 2,109. WANT-TO PUY LEGITIMATE AND PAYING , - svivvm....! business or interest Address N X 427. Tribune.: LAwyEnA. . fölt-ALEFIRST CLASS DYE HOUSE: 1.-.ONti leve. Address N L 434. Tribune. 11-6i--6Ta a iil-- . , .,-,----,-- v , D - ERT. BONDED ATTORNEY-ALL Fog SALE- FIRST CLASs GROCER AN !-asesc aid in business and domestic difficulties; market: estab. 12 yr. Hamilton-ay. and Huron.: 'VPs tonsultation and adviee; moderate charge E.RGAIN-3 CENT ELECTRIC TREATER. . serviceal tairtt term& 412. IGO Washi1gt0n-6U 217 W. Madison-st. ' ; WARNING! BUSINESS CHANCES. FOR $50-- ' - corporation: 200 350 Par value for one sbare of stock in Illinois thousands already sold; minions will be sold; in- per cent profit on goods we sell: vestigate: $50 bows One share: we give you two shares bonus stock; total. WO. for $50; we will earn big dividends; company now earning money: factory capacity too small; 10 per cent will give you $30 profit on every $50 invested; pat, No. MI.- 750 gives us monopoly; bank references: we can undersell all competitors and give customers best product- Addreas N W82.Tribun. - , , - .- THE CliICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE : TUESDAY. , 00.,.,miN - -- LOON OrT FOR WILDCAT MINING INVESTMENTS. Don't lone your mcney in alluring advertisements. , Legitimate mining companies. selling treasury stock for development purposes wilt not want you to wire your money. THEY ENCOVRAGE INVESTIGATION. Dig money to be made in mining investments. Write us for our Cobalt Investments and Mining Market Letter. Free advice and information on all Mining Propositions. GORMAT.Y TILT CO., Toronto. Canada. - Members Standard Stock and Mining Exchange. - - Estab1ishecrIS92. PROMOTER WANTED TO FINANCE BEST I paying amusement proposition ever put out; have valuable concessions: require immediate capital to rnenufacture equipment; nice. clean. nonspeculative. large business; fully demonstrated in Chicago last year; field of operation almost unlimited; profits immenee; liberal arrangement. Address N L 430. Tribune. WANTEDA LADY - OR GENTLEMAN WITH $10.000 to invest In a manufacturing proposition. Will pay over 25. Have ten patents just issued . more pending. Business nose successfully operated in many cities. Want money to extend operations here. Sure success. References given and required. No agents. Particulars at interview only. Address N X 470. Tribune. FOR BANK CASHIERS.-- The inventor of a new and original " Bank Controlling and Checking Snyatem " !patents applied for. which eausea tbe Immediate detection of dishonesty on the part of one or more employes of the bank. would like to meet young banker. able to introduce the invention in Chicago banking institutions. Address N W 5 -8'2. Tribune. WANTED AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER. lady or gentleman. to become identified with commercial enterprise. manufacturing patented article of exceptional merit. To proper party. under 35 years. able to invest 53.000. salaried position as treasurer and director will be offered. Address NW iSSI. Tribune. : GENERAL STORE ' FOR SALELOHICAGO: selling at sacrifice; owner leaving city; call at once. THE WILLIAM HALL CO.. HARTFORD BLDG. FOR - SALEHALE INTEREST, WITH SAL- arled position. in well established manufacturing business; profits last year above all expenses And salaries. $12000; price $35.000; would take in part payment Improved real estate.' Address N W 445 Tribune. WANTEDMAN OF MANAGING ABILITY. with $1.500 to invest. to take charge of manufacturing businese in Chicago: business is established now on permanent basis and has great future. Address H E 15T. Tribune. FOR SALEAT A TREMENDOUS SACRIFICE. line paying grocers and meat market: good South SMe location Daily receipts $TO. Established same place 20 years. Satisfactory reason for selling. HARPER & 67 Washington-st. FOR SALETAILOR SHOP; BEST LOCAT-arN on South Side; up to date fixtures: doing a big cleaning and repairing business; worth $500, but owner is not a tailor and wants to sell very cheap. Address F N SO. Tribune. FOR SALEFIRST CLASS EUROPEAN HOTEL. opposite Union Station. St. Lents: all modern conveniences: 62 elegantiv furniehed rooms: doing big transient trade; $5.500. Address A. SCHROEDER. gen. delivery. St. Louis. Mo. : FOR QI,TICK RESULTS TO BUY. SELL. OR EX-change any legitimate business call or writs McCLUN. 318 West 63d-st. Tel. 73rWent. Eat. 1S83. Open evenings.. WANTEDMAN WITH $5.000 TO TAKE MAN&gement and treasurership of manufacturing business: no liabilitioa: year's business contracted on paying basis. Address N T 409. Tribune. WANTEDIMMEDIATELY. BY MANIM75- turing and Jobbing concern. party able to handle correspondence and invest $1.500. Address N T 408. Tribune. BUYER AND SELLER OF ANY BUSINESS CAN obtain satisfactory reaults; we handle legitimate PAYING propositions only. Consult 13ARRON itt WHITE. 79 Dearborn. LUNCH COUNTER AND RESTAURANT. WELL located. W. Van Buren-at.: rent $50: old stand; receipts $30 daily: see this chance. Particulars. GOLSEN. KINSON & CO.. 131 LaSalle-at. A PLATER AND POLISHER WHO UNDER. stands the business thoroughly would ptart a Shop any town or take a position. Addrese N X 413. Tribune FOR SALEOLD ESTABLISHED EXTERMInating and mfg. business: clearing $200 month: Investigate this, it's a winner. Room SOO. 115 Dearborn. FOR SALLDENTAL OFFICE . Well established. In busiest corner downtown; fine chance for beginner. Address N X 469, Tribune: IF YOU HAVE $2 000 OR Sa.000 TO INVEST. with services it will pay you to investigate this: will guarantee return of principal in earnings in 12 months: money secured. Address N X 337.Tribune.: NO BETTER INVESTMENT FOR S100 EP IN mfg. found anywhere: can use services at once. too:. fine chance for specialty salesman: write; give phone No. Address N X 432. Tribune.. FOR SALEOLD ESTABLISHED COAL. FEED. and express business: owner bee other interests. 'Will take partner who will assume full charge. $00-812 Van Buren-st. $3 000 TO $3.000 WILL PVT FINE MINES AT Goldfield near Mohawk. on big paying basis; large majority of stock to one putting up the money: assays $50 to S500. 1402 Hartford 'Bldg- Chicago. FOR SALEOR RENT HOTEL MODEW. brick. in prosperous town. this state: no oPPoninon; rates $2: two railroads in Owner retiring. Apply 1245 First National Bank Bldg.. FOR SALECANDY STORE. FACTORY ANTI ice cream parlor; near best transfer corner, Soutt Side; or will take partner. Address, N X .471. Tribune. 0 MERCHANTS If youiwant to sell or exchange your business for reat estate. call - HARPER & CO.. 87 Washington-st - I HAVE.. A NEW PRACTICAL METHOD OF Selling mining securities. Address F c 409, Tribune.' FOR SALEDRUG STOREWILL AVERAGE $40 per day: $5.000: reason for selling, owner wishes to practice medicine; splendid opportunity. Address N X 4S0. Tribune. FOR SALEACCT OTHER BUSINESS. ESTAB. CANDY STORE; FINE LOCATION FOR SODA TRADE: STOCK AND TOOLS $400. 1526 MADISON-ST. FOR SALEDELICATESSEN. TEA. AND COEfee store.- good, location; trade increasing daily: forced to leave city; will sell at bargain. 4318 N. Clark-it. WANTEDCASHIER: SALARY $300 MONTH: successful, legitimate business; if you have $3,000 rash for investment. absolutely secured. address A 59. Tribune. FOR SALECHEAPMILLINERY STORE. IN-- eluding bats. stock and fixtures: all brand new. Address N X 43Z1. Tribune. WANTED MERITORIOUS ARTICLES FOR mall order business; send particulars. Address N T 397. Tribune. TWO CHAIR DARBER SHOP. CLEARING $125 monthly; owner leaving city: no reasonable offer refused. LACEY te CO.. 91 Dearborn-st. WANTEDMAN WITH SL5o0 TO SHAR E $flo 000 contract rale stock big Goldfield mine: no failure: money secured. Address G N 142. Tribune. YOT:NG OFFICE MAN WITH S2.000 OR $3 000: salary $1.800; Permanent: money secured; must Bet quick AdAress N X 336 Tribune. - t FOR SALEDYEING AN DRY CLEANING business: will sell at lowest price. Address N 0 SST. Tribune. - FOR SALERESTAURANT AND LUNCHROOM. Loon district; valuable leasehold: daily receipts, $40: fine for a lady. Address A 55. Tribune. YOUNG ATTORNEY WANTED TO CO-OPERate with us in Incorporation work under laws of S Dakota. Western Charter Co.. Pierre. Ft Dak. tWANT TO MEET PRIN-CIPAL WI $ TH 3.T41 or more for meritorious, well paying .business. Address if E 182, Tribune. WANTED$7.500: ESTABLISHED BUSINESS in Chicago; expanding: 25 profit- Address N X 454 Tribune. ' I FOR SALEBAKERY AT 3010 BUTLER-ST. Call Tuesday afternoon. PARTNERS WANTED. WANTEDPARTNER TO TAKE HALF INterest In contract I have. and assist in forming company to tro into manufacturing on a large scale: Must have $5,000 cash at least; chance to make a. lot of monev quickly. Address N AV 41a. Tribune.: PARTNERWITH S2 500:TAKE FIT,T, CHARGE of business: clear S3f4) monthly; $5.000 aocurity; most have money at Once: xper le nce not nec,awary. Address N X 891. Tribune. PARTNER$1 000. LADY OR GENT. REGIStered proprietary article In great demand: already on market: '100 profit: wholesale trade: sure fortune. Address N -X 449, Tribune. : REAL ESTATE MAN. EXPERIENCED AND successful. wants capital. $12.000; auaantce t25 ono profits; bays One attics. Address H E 513, Tribune. PARTNER WITH $OO TO 00 INTO BUSINESS in Minneapolis, Minn.,: big field. Address A 93. PARTNER WANTEDSEEK SALESMAN WITH capital to put ,tom e of Olrn inventions on market; big profit: turo fortune. AdttrPRN W 461.TribunP: WANTEDLADY PARTNER WITH SOME OAPttai as ms.nager of rooming house. Address 1 P 100. Tribune, PARTNER WANTED-43.000 HAT,Ir IN-rEP EFT splendid mfg. business. Address N X 570. Tribtine. WANTEDPARTNER WITH. SOME CAPITAL. for auto supple business; a fins opportunity. Idrese A 77. Tribune. PARTNER WANTED-6000 BUSINESS MAN or solicitor, with about st.non. for new electric signs. patented. Arbireea N T 71. Tribune. PARTNER WANTEDTO BUY AND SHIP TO salesman, now travel:lc sertain side line artlele. Hie profits. JOHN AMES. Ottawa. Ili. : - IRON FENCING. 35CENTSAF'OOTAND1PWILLEUYIRO N fencing direct from tho largest iron fence factory In the world. Have our saieeman call and name your prices. Over 100 designs to select from. Write or call J. L. Bontiv Wire and Iron Works. 812 Hartford Hide- 140 bearhorn-at... cot MadtIton Phone rentrst Pala. - BOOKS, MAPS, ETC. , FOR SALE-12 BOOKS OF HANDSOME PHOTOgravares. cheap. Address N T 12. Tribune. -4-iViTN-TEDUSEDCOMPLETE SEYENCYCLOpwlia Britanniett: cash. Address N X 314 Trihuno: BUSINESS CARDS. PAGE WOVEN WIRE FENCE IS I-SED BY 4.10.00) farmers and others who Want the best-Write tor catalogue. AUSTIN CLEMENT. V. 290 3Lonroeigt. - - MrSICAL INSTRUMENTS - STOP i t f. CASH TALKS-- BRING YOUR r ASH WITH YOU AND SEE j WHAT IT WILL DO. , Only a few days more of the liquidation sale. Charles H. Fischer Piano Co 's stock. left on my 204 hands by the manufacturers. who pooled their - $12, Interests With mine. - $12 Orly a few well known pianos left to chcole from. 12 such au Steger & Sons that sell at retail for WO $11, to MO: Chas. H Fischer Piano Co.. regular retail $10 prices $264) to WO; Reed & Sons regular retail - . $ prices $375 to .500: Singer Piano Co.. regular retail I $5 prices $275 to $375. and Chas. It Fischer Piano Pia Co.. inside self-playing pianos. the regular prices $000' to MO. Trustee's liquidation prices remain same as tart ...n.. week; laa. $IM $137. title. $1w2 $225. $275. 318; --- Fletcher Self-Plavers. $325 to $390. HO Every piano sold has the ManlItartUTPe $s welt aa my own guarantee behind it--that should be enough tor you. RACINE REMEMBER THE ADDRESS. 3. V. STECER. trustee for the Chas. H. Fischer Piano Co.. Philadelphia. Pa We hay Sale at , . STEER & SONS. carloads c , 235 Wabash-a., including , - , N W. Cor. Jackson blvd. phaeton. ADAM SCHAAFESTABLISHED 1S73. SIANtFACTURER OF GRAND AND UPRIGHT PIANOS.' THE STANDARD OF THE WORLD, SPECIAL-8 new Adam Schaaf hpright pianos. slislltiV marred on varnish only; regular price. $350; to ,close. $185.. each. NEW EASTERNe MADE 'UPRIGHT PIANOS Mahogany, burl walnut. and quarter sawed golden oak cases; price. $13.1. $145 each. , SECOND HANDIPUPRIGHT PIANOSPractlcally good as new. from $1.1 and up. PaymentsMO down. $5 monthly, Including & handsome stool and scarf. PIANOS TUNED. MOVED. REPAIRED. STORED. AND EXCHANGED. ADAM SCHAAF, 147-149 West Madison-st. corner Union-et. OVER 150 SLIGHTLY USED PIANOS tEXchanged for player and grand pianos) have accumulated on our floors in the last two weeks and must be sold regardless of their real value; as exteneive alterations are about to be made in our store, it is imperative that we have the room now taken by these used pianos: this is the second weelt of the greatesksale ever held In Chicago. Come and see them. I Mozart upr.: good for beginners 03.00 I Hallet & Cumston walnut; good tone 7504) 1 Fisher nor.; great bargain- 75 1.,0 I nathushek upr.; g0,04 tone and netion. 1 Fisher walnut; medium size 125.00 1 Ester walnut; large size: big bargain 145.00 1 Kimball oak: good as new 100.00 1 Everett; walnut case: engraved panels 11)5.00 1 Conover; mahogany; strictly modern; like . .. .. . ..... 200.00 1 Hazelton; walnut; large size; very little used oes usea - - .. 223 00 1 Rnabe: Rose: medium size: bargain.... 275 (A 1 Knabe; Rose; large size; f It ee 1 I o n t value.. 350.00 ' , GEO. P. BENT. 'AWL Knabe and rstev Piamos Crown Rider. 211-213 Wabash-air. SECOND HAND. 1:PRIGVIT PIANOS. PRACTIcallY good as new. $73. $90. $100. 5115. S123. $145 PnYments SIO down, S5 monthly. . , ' Including a ilandsome sfi;o1 and scarf- ,' Square pianos. 415 TO 144 . each Organs. $S, 10 to P23 earl). , PAYMENTS $3 monthlr. - , ScurT,T7,. eit19 W. Madison-st. cot Ogden-ay. Open evenings - No PAYMENT DOWN NECESSARY:44-S6 PER month; the finest selection of high grade pianos this week at sacrifice prices. Come early and take your choice We mention just a few of our Remote bargains. viz.: 5 genuine Chase pianos from $140 to 0225: Steinway used. 4105 and $14; Knahe, slightly used. $145 and $2.riO Kimball. $65 and PIO: ETIlt.rSOn, $140; Bauer, $65; and many other well known makes at greatly reduced prices. STARCK Warms. $330 to St750. at special discount this week. reed &mare pianos and organs. $IO to $25. P. A. STARCK PIANO CO.. 204-2n3 Wabash-ay. ,PIANO BARGAINS . New pianos at greatly reduced' prices: new Eastern pianos reduced to P172; new discontinued 19041 "'tries reduced P100 to $125;: second hand uprights. $75. $125. $1:50; square pianos. S15. $20. P25; organs. 110. $15 P20. EASY PAYMENTS STORY & CLARK PIANO CO.. 255 and 25T Wabash-ay. , DON'T DECIDE ON A PIANO OR PIANO PLATer, whether new or used, until you have seen the rare bargains we are offering. ' We positively can save yru money. High grade pianos to rent et the lowest terms. Large and Varied aesortment. - THE JOHN cfmnt11 co 258-260 WABASH-AV HEALY MUSIC COMPANY. 300 WABASH-AV. 3125 AND UP BUYS SPLENDID 1007 WARRANTED PIANOS. New Ineide Self-Player Pianos at $330 and tip. Pianos to rent at $0.30 month. Special Piano bargains in our Exchange Dept Music Boxes. .Victor. Edison, end Zonophone Talking Machines, all styles, $1 per week, MEALY MI2'SIC COMPANY. 300 Wabash-ay. PI k NOSBA ROA INSPIANOS-- -- Chet se Peos. 'original Chasel. Racklev. and Carlisle. Rented pianos returned and a few shopworn dealers eamplfs. to be sold st retail. regardless of cost; eseh or monthly payment CHICKERING-CRA SE BROS. CO.. Wholesale wareroorna. 311-313 Wabash-ay. Take elevator. PIANOS. ' PIANOS. PIANOS. We are offering a number of new pianos at greatly reduced priees. Pianos to rent from $3 50 to $3 00 per month. One year's rent allowed toward the purchase of a new piano. JULIUS PAVER & CO., - 250-232 WARASH-AV. STEINWAY PART,OR - GRAND. ROSEWOOD ease. like new. WO. - LYON & HEALY, Wabash-ay. and Adams-at. - 4 PI A NOS Storage sale. (flickering square. rosewood. $2,5; Lockingen uPright. Berlin melte. POO: Thcmpeon. Sfri5: Twitchell. A90: 5 new uprights. formerly $500 now $130. Open evenings. Chicago Storage Co.. 824 W. Madison-st. OUR ENTIRE STOOK OF HIGH GRADE PIA-nos. including Chickering. Bauer. Knahe, Starric. Chase. and many others must be sold at once: Prices LK). $915. $70. $95. 8110. and up: payments 83. $4. and $5 per month. 157 Madison-at. Open till 0 0. m. FISCHER UPRIGHT PIANO. FINE CONDIHon $125 Haines Bros. upright .. ...... 15o Wagner upright 95 Cash or time payments. D. IT. BALDWIN & CO.. 2R7-289 Wabash-ay. -- VOSE & SONS. $115: BAUM. 185: STEINWAY. $125: Briggs. $95: Fischer. $110; Knabe. $95; in- cluding stool and scarf. STORE OPEN EVENINGS. SCHULTZ., 6439 W. Madison-et.. cor. Ogden-av. $210 BUYS STEINWAY UPRICMT. FINE CON. ditton. THOMP1SON'S. 268 .Wabash-av.. near Van Buren-at. , REMOVAL SALEENTIRE sToric OF PIANOS must d be sold before vacating premises at -40 re- uction. Western Cottage Piano anti Organ Co.. 275 Wabash-ay. $133 BUYS CIIICKERING & ON rPrttarrr: good condition. THOMPSON'S. 268 Wabash-ay... near Van Buren-at. t190 BUYS KNAPE PPRIGHT. FRENCH WAT1,- nut ease. THOMPSON'S. 268 Wabaab-ay.. near Van Buren-at. -- TOUR CHANCE-437 NEW PIANOS AT PAOtory cost; Emerson used. SO; walnut used piano, $163. WESTERN COTTAGE PIANO AND ORGAN CO.. 275 Wabash-ay. BREAKING HOUSEKEEPING: MUST SACRIflee. superior upright mahogany piano: beautifol tone; furniture; bargain if bought immediately. 2d fiat 3430 Forest-ay. - FOUR STEINWAY GRAND PIANOS. 'USED some. but in exceleint condition. offered at a remarkable discount. Second floor. LYON & HEALY'S. Wabash-ay. and Adama-it. fOR SALE-ONE HAZELTON BROS. UPRIGHT romewood piano and one full mirror front wardrobe. oak combination bed. full size. at 4314 Berko lev-av.. 24 floor. THE ARTISTIC HENRY F. MILLER GRAND art and upright pianos sold only by the old reliable firm. F. G. THEARLE & CO.. 634-st. and Stewart-ay. Phone Wentworth S17. NEW wrYLE SAISI-Pfk-PIANii:,-BEST VALUE ever offered at S'226. LYON & HEALY. Wabash-ay. and Adams-st. PRACTICALLY NEW STERLING-PIANO-7MAhogany care. in tine condition; 62.fifi. ' LYON & HEALY. Wabash-ay. and Adams-st. fINEST STYLE KNAPE LITTLE USED. 3450: This piano sold new at $475. LYON & HEALY. Wabash-ay. and Adams-rt. MAHOGANY PIANO. RELIABLE used 6 months; paid 6450; will sacrifice. Lao Johnston-ay.. 3d TIM Humboldt-blvd. WILL SACRIFICE MY HIGH GRADE CABINET grand- mahogany upright piano: good as new cheap If taken at once. 3434 Calumet-ay. A. B. CHASF-P. IANOS XRE-THE REST AND sold only by Grosvenor. Lanham & Company. fith floor of the Fine Arts Building. 2ft Michigan-ay. 8-MALLEST BABY GRAND PIANO IN THE world; used four months; will sacriflve for cash. Call at once, 275 Wabash-ay. WILL SACRIFICE MY NEW MAHOGANY UP-right planO. Cheap for Cash. Flat 20. MX'S CCUinet-ar. $73. BUYS GOOD PIANO PLAYER: ALSO PIANO cheap: must be sold tomorrow. 11 a. xn. 1317 N. Halsted st.. 1st floor. UPRIGHT PIANOS FOR RENT-S2 AND 33 monthly to careful parties. Ytoom 2. un one flight. 271 Wabash-ar. ALBERT BRANCH. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A CHEAP PIANO player. look us pp. Enterpe Player Co.. 2269 Cottage Grove.u. USED PIANO PLAYER: GOOD CONDITION: must sell at once; no reasonable offer refused, Address N 8 3541 Tribune. CASHFOR USED PIANO; MUST BE CHEAP: give description and price. Address G T 343. Tribune. FOR SALEMASON AND HA AMIN SIX OCT AVE organ In good condition. Cali at 1st flat. 420 E. ChIcage-ac. MI-ST SELL UPRIGHT PIA N'O BEFORE MAY 18t; leaving city. SO Seeley-av RARE OLD VIOLIN: BARGAIN. CALI,. EVEN'nes. 5601,N Harrison-st. , sToNE. : SALESHOMERUPRIGHT PIANO. 9123 cash. Call at 99 Ogden-ay.. ftrat ficae. fINE SELEcTrox OF VIOLINS FÔR SALEL Rare cid instrument. NISSEN. 412 La Salle-ay. FOR SALECHEAP FOR CASH: NEW WO promo- Call 13.10 Sberidan-road. Flat 1. WILL SACRIFICE ILIT ELEGANT UPRIGHT piano before moving, 4546 Evans-av., 2d fiat. ; J. 0. TAVICHELL BARCIAINS IN USED PIANOS. -- S200 buys Steinway upright. - $120 buys EMPTROn upright. 1120 buys Voss upright. $125 buys Kimbalt upright. $114) buys mahogany piann player. - 11100 buys Chiekering upright. Snr, tuns Weber upright. S50 buys walnut upright. Pianos to rent. $3.00-,,Eser raYrrients Z. O. 'MICHELL. 231 Wabasb-av. HORSES AND CARRIAGES. RACINE WAGON AND CARRIAGE CO. 441-443-445 WABASH-AV. - S. W. CORNER PECK-CT. We have just received from the factor? Several carloads of new. high grace, up to date carriages. including traps. runabouts. surreys. stanhopes. phaeton. and pony rigs that Sr. being offered at prices that cannot fall to interest careful buyers. RACINE WAGONS, TRUCKS. AND GE A RS are etandard the country over. Prices always the lowest. HARNESS for driving anti business. BLUE FRONT SALE STABLEALWAYS ON hand. -75 to 100 head country and city second hand horses and mares, mules . harness. wagons. etc.. suitable for farm work. contracting. and breeding purposes. Also 50 sets of team. express, and farm harness. JAMES J. MePHILLIPS. 4175-4177 Emerald-ay. Phone Yards 6343. FOR SALECHESTNUT GELDING. 7 YEARS old, 1.100 pounds; good style; docked tail; not afraid ot anything; adapted to either city or country use. Can be seen at any time at my house or address ' , A. G. FAT. Highland Park, Ill. WANTEDA GENTLEMAN'S SADDLE HORSE iKentucky horse preterredl: 6 to 7 years old; an animal for light use by a gentleman thoroughly understanding the care of horses. .Address A 100. Tribune. FOR SALEA BEAUTIFUL HIGH BRED DARK bay. 6 year old driving mare, height 15-2. weight I,0b0; city broke; gentle enough for a lady: saddles good: in prime condition and a great driver. 605 Chamber of Commerce Bulling. FOR SALEHANDSOME DRIVER, 15.3 HANDS high; weight 7,150 lbs.: lady can drive; also rubber tired cutunder top surrey and harness; must sell at a sacrifice. Apply 210 Warren-ay. FOR SALEONE SPAN OF CARRIAGE horses. solid black in color Isountil and young and breedy. They are a beautiful pair. BROWN BROS.. Madison. Wis. WANTEDDRIVING HonsE FOR price and description. Will buy only from responsible parties. Address N X 5413, Tribune. : BARGAINSWAGONS FOR LAUNDRY. BAKery. market, tea. coffee. contractors. etc.; second band surrey". Wertz A Thiele. 573 S. Ashland-ay.: SELLING OUTBUSINESS BUGGY. SURREY. runabout. trap. stanitope. wagon. 0415 Wentworth-ay. 1 BARGAINS IN LIGHT EXPRESS. CARTS. AND 1 Soliciting Wagons. P. ERDAHL. 6018 WentWntth-av. 317,0 BUYS HANDSOME 8 YEAR. 1.200 LBS.. speedy family or business mare; city broke; also runabout and harness; trial given. 713 Adams-st.: ATTENTIONMUST SELL AT A SACRIFICE 2 teams horses and mares. 2.500 and 2.800 lbs.; trial IFYPII. Call 738 W. Madison-st. FOR SALEA CENTUCKY COMBINATION walk, trot. canter mare; good driver. Weight 1.050; price 2150. Room 512. 59 Clark-st 1-4,!tE FAMILY DRIVING HORSE. RUNABOUT. and harness; sell separate. Call barri..870 Washington-blvd. WANTEDSOUND HORSE FOR DELIVERY wagon. weight 1.100 lbs.. best 1165 or 375 cash will bov. 1.. NEWToN, Boom' 24-13. 118 MKrket-et. WANTEDSOUND HORSE DELIVERY WAG-on, weight 1.100 lbs.. best KC or 270 cash will buy. L. NEWTON, Room 203. 98 Market-st. FOR SALEHORSE. SUITABLE T-E'OR CAla, rMge or coupe use: broken to city driving. Also 2 seat surrey. Apply to coachman. 219 E. 48th-st.: LIGHT DELIVERY WAGONS. RUNABOUTS. surrey trap. and pony trap. 5711Wentworth-av.: WANTEDBUGGY. SURREY. OR TRAP FOR SOO lb. pony. Address N L 435. Tribune. FOR SALEPONY. BUGGY. AND HARNESS. &Apply at 94 E. North-ay. 'WANTED-11ORSE) AND BUGGY. EXCHANGE for upright piano.. Address N X 511. Tribune. : BARGAINS-14 YOUNG HORSES AND MARES. S2a up. 204 N. lialsted-st.. Pr. Milwaukee-ay. SELLING OUTTRAPS. STANHOPES. TOP business buggies. surreys. carts. 408 W. OPth. WILL SELL GOOD SECOND HAND GODDARD and Ptanhone: bargain. Call 6927 Perry-ay. $275 BUYS STUDEBAKER TRAP. WITH HORSE and harness. 943 N. Clark. rear. FOR SALETWO GOOD TOP WAGONS. CAPACity one tcm each. 5845 Princeton-ay. FOR SALEGOOD FAMILY HORSE; SAFE FOR lady to drive,. 5845 Princeton-as. FOR SALETOP lldILIC WAGON; PRICE. $15. ion W. Harrison-st. GREGG scnooL. 151 WABASH-AV. Heednuarters of the famous Gregg Shorthand and Rational Touch Typewriting; actual attic practice: all commercial subjects. Individual and class instruction. Students enter at any time. Best positions filled. Cs 11 or write for booklet. BUSINESS PREPARATORY SCHOOL. TRAINING DEPARTM ENT BUSINESS WOMAN'S EXCHANGE. Atwood Bldg.. n. w. cor. Madison and Clark-ate. TeL Main 1792.. DAY and EVENING sessions year round. Pitman. Graham. Munson systems of shorthand,. ANNA HAY DETRICH. Prin. MARY B. CLENELAND. Pres. THE BERLITE SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES begs to announce the opening of a I . r new branch on May let at EVANSTON. ILL. , rniversity bldg.. Davis-st. and Chicago-ay. 1 Hours may now be reserved upon application at the Chicago School. Audttorium. Congress-st. STUDY DRAMATIC ART FROM EXPERIEKT) actor. The Hanford Dramatic School. pow located in Chicago. prepares pupils for good ngagentents: pupils graduating from this school are professionals, not amateurs. Studio open to applicants Monday and Thursday P. m. 521 Kimball Hall. HAIRDRESSING TAUGHT In all branches, including MARCEL WAVE. SCOTT'S Hairdressing School. 607. 92 State-st. CORNET, "VIOLIN. MANDOLIN. TROMBOKM: all wind and stringed instruments' taught; moderate rates. John & Chas.Cminn. 613 Steinway Hall. RAGTIME PIANO PLAYING IN 20 LESSONS: how to "" rag " an piece: particulars free. Write Christensen. 219 So. Western-ay. BEST 50C AND 75C PIANO LESSONS IN CHICAGO. DAY OR EVENING. CHICAGO PIANO College. ilth floor. 'Kimball Bldg.. '243 Wabash-ay. CENTRAL BUSINESS COLLEGE. io RANdolph-st. Day and evening sessions. Tel. Cent. , 8203. W. H. II"rmon. W. I. mtais PRIVATE TUITION IN ENGLISH AND MATHEmattes: also a small class 2 nights a week. Ito 9. S03. 5S0 W. Madison-St.. cor. Ashland. COMPLETE counsE STRUCTURAL ENGIleering Int. cor. schoola; half price cash. Whwt have vou7 Address N K 59S, Tribune. TELEGRAPHY. SHORTHAND. AND RAILWAY accounting. night and day classes. Chicago RI. and Conti, Inst.. R. t2. 97 Washington-at. tifiT'AGO SUBURBS 'FRENCH. -SPANISH, Italian languages taught by first class professors; references. Address N S 848. Tribune. HOME COLLEGE ASSOCIATION WANTS 100 retired preachers and teachers to work for this Institution. Inquire 001 Rector Bldg. ASSAYING. CHEMISTRY; DAY OR EVENING instruction. Laboratories. 1733 Monadnock. J. D. YOUNG, Director. ,A i:DY MEDICINE. DENTISTRY. PHARMACY. or prep. subject& nights where you can earn 2our wav; begin now. Univeraltv. 833 Wells-at. N. 743.: LEARN DRESSCUTTING AND DRESSMAKING at McDowell" School. 78 State-at.. ono Field's. :SINGING. DANCING. DRAMATIC ART. E. 127 La Salle-at- near Madison. P. 3. RIDGE. TELEGR.6PHYLEA RN AND EA RN HIGHEST wages. I.T. E. TEL. CO.. SS La Salle-st.. Room 32. ENGLISIT. 6-ERMAN. FRENCH. 83 MO. PROF. J. SIEDE. 373 Larrabee. nr. North-alt. "L" eta.. EtAik): REAL RAGTIME PIANO PLAYING; particulars free. Christensen, 119 S. Western-ay.: DANCING SCHOOLS. LARGEST PRIVATE SCHOOL IN ThE WORLD. WALTZ. TWO STEP. ETC.. STAGE DANCING. Success or no pay.) (No failures:1 Miss Frances Day. PROP. RIDGE. 127 La Salle-St.. near Madison. Call for circulars. Tao 1.ntire floors. 10 teachers WALTZTWO---STEP. REVERSE GUARANTEED Puck jig. and skirt dancing a specialty. Private lessons 10 a. In. to 0) p. m. daily. The Leda Thornton School of Dancing. People's Institute. Van Buren and Leavitt-sts. FOR SALE-11AZELTON PIANO. BEAUTIFUL- Private lessons to a. In. 0 IV p. m. ly ft gured walnut case; an exceptional bargain . The Leda Thornton School of Dancing. - for $250. ' People's Institute. Van Buren and Leavitt-sta. LYoN & HEALY. Wabash-ay. and Adarns-st. ITV-A-urz. TWO STEP. STAGE DANCING. VAU- e"..50 CONV U OER PTIIGHT. DARK MAHOGANY deville acts. singifl g. etc: children's classes gl ease; very fine eondition: largest size; also one per month PROP' 1111,1SE 4:12. 241 Van Blirn. Of same Bilge; rosewood eat.e; at I1200 ------- - - --- - - - -- --- LYON & HEALY. Wabash-ay. and Adams-st. MUSIC ti... FOR SALE-ONE HAZELTON BROS. UPRIGHT ..,.......-...,,,,-.....-,-..-....,,,,,,,,.-....-........,..,,,,............,,,,,,,,.....,.. rosewood piano and one full mirror front ward- OPERA- OPERA. OPERA. robe. oak combination bed. full size. at 4314 special advantages for profeasienal students with Berkolev-av.. 24 floor. : exceptional voices. Repertory I Italian or English) THE ARTISTIC HENRY F. MILLER GRAND prepared without going abroad. Presentation se-art and ttorIght Plano! sold only by the old relia- cured to first class theatrical agent in Milan. Italy. ble firm. F. G. THEARLE & Co.. G3d-st. and Further information at studio. 82 Auditorium. Stewart-ay. Phone Wentworth SIT. ltols. rn. MIME. DOVE BOETTI. : Isrt w-S-TYLE SAMPLE PIANO; BEST VALUE PIANO INSTRUCTION -AT HOME. EXPERT-ever offered at $225. enced teacher: best refereneea: term. reasonable. LYON & HEALY. Wabash-ay. and Adams it IL B. SCHULER. 478 La, Salle-ay. Phone White PRACTIT"ALLY-NEW STERLETG PIAN07.--MA- 1..12 hogany care. in fine condition: g2c5. THE CENTRAL INSTITUTE. 40 RANDOLPH' LYON & HEALY. Wabash-ay. anti Adams-st. rt.. prepare. teachers for examination. Special g-rvt.r. RNA-RE--TITTLE ri-zt-ti-e..i7-',. work SatordaYs. SEWING MACHINES. - - TO SELL. VERY ADVANTAGEOUSLY. SMALL electric Motor with 3 Wheeler & Wilson sewing machines. one hemstitching and knife plaiting machine. six French imported wax workroom drieemspathcilehgnigeurn.a. lipreAutirri4 2 h ,rsiTi t . sienn; AKAMREMON ED T6-40 JACKS-6-1'4-iLVD., with Foley & Williams. Sd ft. New and 2d hand sewing machinea; all kinds of repairing by experts. Partse newilles. sort Athuttlem for otil machines. V5UR1RiCESIX DROP TIEAD SEWING machines. Singers. 'Whites. 4417.11 State-et. : - 23: '1907. APRIL MUSICAL. INSTRUMENTS. - INSTRUCTION. OPTICIANS. EYES CAREFULLY FITTED. SPECTACLES and eye glasses made to order. N. WATRY..iii co., Opticians 99 and 101 Randolph-at 8 PECTACLESTEY EGLA SS ESEX A MINATIO'N tree Of charge: artificial eyes. Establithed I c441A. L. Al SSE Opticisn PR IkIndisor fTrito Ride AlUCTION SALES. WILLIAMS. BARKER & SEVERN CO.. 183-1S1 Wabash-ay.. general auctioneers. Sales at store every Wednesday and Saturday. 10 a. tn. Furniture. carpets. gen household goods. Tel. 210O Cent. 11.CTIONEERING Ji5N-1S NA171.beH0-01.. 229 Ashland-blvd.: phone West 1228; faculty Of 3 auctioneerst conduct sales In city. MISCELLANEOUS. INVESTME NTWMT NOT SAVE YOrtzt MONET on a ten. fifteon, or twenty year endowment policy in the largest and best fife ingtitaile company In the rnited States. at a handsome profit and free protection? Rates are same for men and women. A frte call on application. Adc..rete, F T 16a. Tribune. Ci7s; tPACK A GE OE- BOTANIC nt,noto PI-11 In tea makes four fiottles of good spr,na medicine: 2:Jc. LAMA BROS.. Drug' Store. 422 W. , I $ - MACHINERY. - I STEAMSHIP LINES. ---- : -.----,-, ----....--, ------ -,,,--,....,,,,,,. FOR SALE ' ,,,,,,,. v I tee a Navigation. , , 4 H. P. White & Middleton gag engine 25',-v AMERICAN LINZ ' 6 H. P. White & Middleton gas ensino.... INP, "(2, PIAMOUTHCMERBOCHGsournAmirrms 6 H. P. White & Middleton gas 'nen...". ' 4 a "I PHILADELPHIA Apr. 2 May 2r. June 22 6 H. P White & Middleton gas engine.... 20-06 CELTIC. 26,904 tons May 4, II am 16 H. P. White & Middleton gas engine. 4,,A).00 ST. PAUL June I Stine 2 9 Special prices On Marine Engines. NEW YORK. 'day II June S July - no at.cond band Electric Motors. T. LOUIS May IS June 15 .113,y 12 Ouarantee thet la a Guarant-.. . PHILADELPHIA-QUEENSTOWN-LIVERPOOL. . IVES MEG. CO.. Baltimore. MI. - Friesland .Apr. 2 WO' sternlo nd ..... May 11 SECOND HAND TOILERS CHEAP. ONE 126 Merion . ... . . Mac 4 'May.- t-,r,1 May IS 1 h. a firebox. 1-54xIG In.: horizontal tubular ATLA ......... TRANsPoRT LINE. riable speed motors up to 1-3 h. p.. and a thoussand FINLAND RED STAR LINE. ,. second hand dynamoes and motors alwa3, VI s in stock. NE YORKDOVERANTWERP. t Machines loaned. Expert repairing of all kinds. 'ZEELAND Apr. 27 May 2a Jure 21 GUARANTEE ELECTRIC CO.. KROONLAND . May 4 June 1 Jpic 13 -Clinton and Adams-sts. V ADERLAND May II June S July 4 MACHINERYTHE BIDWELL ELECT Rfe May IS June IS July 27 Company. 133-129 S. Clinton-at. motors and ' WRITE STAR LINE. generators from 1 to 75 h. p.. refrigerating mei- NEW TOREQUEENSTOWNLIVE-11mm. chlrery and ice plants from I to 75 ton trapacity. TEUTCNIC . May I , Send for estimates or booklet ot full information. ARABIC July 4 Teleohone Main 4244. BALTIC ....... ..... ....Mae S June 14 JU:ir 11 PERSONS INTERESTED IN CONCRETE LON- MAJESTIC May' IS CEDRIC May 17 June 20 July 11 struction are invited to witness daily demonstra- Hon of the Runyan concrete block machine. the CELTIC May 31 June :7 July 23 , only machin that fills the requirements of the building trade e. Room 310 Traders' Bldg. PLTSfornienEnBOURGEOUTHAMPTON- 1 CELTIC May 4. II am ; kOR sALEA BARGAIN. SECOND RAI,Thri-M. 'ADRIATIC.- May 22 sone 10 July 17 t 12 automatic Watertown engine with heavy cast TEUTONIC May 20 June 21i July 24 t Iron subbase and fly wheels; good running condi- tion. Call or write. M. biting Foundry Equip- OCEANIC June July 31 - 5 July 3 MAJESTIC Juno 13 July 10 Aug. 7 Meta en.. Harvey. lit. P tNew. -5 000 tors: has elevator. gymnasivala WANTEDAUTOMATIC SCREW MACHINES. Terkish baths. and band. B. ar ' S. or Cleveland. not over Pe : state ce and condition and where can be seen.. Address pri ARABIC lc X 5011. BOSTONQUEEN May 0 Joss i STOWNLIVERPOOL. Tribune. 1-7OR SALECHEAP U X . TBULAR BOILER, I4 : REPU CYMRBLIC' IC May 23 Ju J ne 10 .1u;y 17 May ;;t1 uilt a . - 42. full front and all trimmings; nearly newt Per- To the Wiclitcrrcnan v IR Azores. ... ... .- .. . feet condition. L. R. MARSHA. 71)3 Carroll-ay. FROM 'NEW YORE- t Tel. '2'34 1Vest. : PT) worn, If 2 v 14 'moo- Ione 20 Aug. I 4 COMPLICATED AND DIFFICULT DIES AND ROMANIC -... ....July 13, 3 pm , tools. heavy punch press. and shear work: at'- 'ROM BOSTON t curate machine and novelty construction. Multi ROMANIC . Apr. 27. 9:r.0 em; Jut It Vending Co.. 198 S. Clintors-st. CANOPIC May 18. 2:30 rm: June to FOR SALElit) VOLT. 300 EIGHT... DIRECT F. C. BRowN. Western paperer Agent. . current dynamo: must be sold before May 1: Phone Central 13P. 90416 Dearborn-st. 1., can be seen running at 39 S. Canal-at.. also pump. 1 ---- A. D. WHITE MACHINERY CO. - NORM GERMAN LLOYD N , FAST EXPRESS SERS'ICE. i FIRE BOX VERTICAL AND TUBULAR BOIL- ers. 15 to 130 h. to.: automatic and slide valve engines, 20 to 200 h. p.: heaters. all kinds. INO. (WRHIN:S. 14th and Western-aV. Tel Ceral 1143. it- di D GENERA TCo . K o p t.- p ' ,,,,,,,' rebuilt. Repair work of all kinds. PRA NN LIN :ICKra' n ainsl'nr:el:DLrri;;E:.:"..:3.341AJMIsiDrTin:I'veH2.2;741771: a 11:131;101'(11'11"aaFfliKKKK:71-pINN:Nlm rnt.11:1.'nirtnrz;:i...nAllijSn 3.1.E.IYulirg:. 311.3.714166:6: 5 113-1:911saaal iorops - ELECT RIC CO . 224 S. Clinton-et. Tel. liar. itz'o.p. fr. Wm FOR, SALESTERLING M M 1 ARINE OTORS. . Krotipr; lst.iulune . 6m pm no181!10aam CKeteilsitlerl.,e.e.AnulAg.ufeli.olalyo i 144, 2. 2,4. 3. and 4 b. p. Sterling Engine Co.. 24 Kaiser. JUIN' 2 to am 1 K. AVm. II..Sept. . I pm . S. Clinton-at. . . - TWIN-ScREW PA SE E. SSENGER RVIC , I , T FOR SALECHEAP. REEDY HAND ELEVA- BREMEN DIRECk AT 10 A. Mai -- Ma 2 rurf 14...lune 13 : tor, Fix9 platform. L. R. HARSILPi.793 Carroll- Kun t .. .Ma rfu . ....y 01 Friedrich J ay. Tel. 234 We. : Rhein . May 16 IP. Alice June 2.3 US . ED GAS ANstD GASOLINE ENOLNES, crirAp- . p,ied;.i......e.. et; May la ,Itrernen July 4 Cr and on better terms than any dealer In Chloe- op. Alice May 23 ttarbarossa ... July 11 z go. Colborne Mtg. Co.. 33 E. Indiana-sit. ',Bremen May 2S .Kurfuerett July Iti 1tICHARI5A. SCHULTZ & CO.. 141-3 E. ONTA- Chemnitz .. ..... June 6 Friedrich July 21 ' trio-Rt.AU kinds of machinery moved and set up; Barbarossa ....June 8 "IP. Alice Aug.- 1 repair work. Phone your want. North 60e. Calls at Plymouth and Cherbourg. , , FOR SALE-10X12 AUTOMATIC ENGINE; 12X24 MEDITERRANEAN: SERVICE - slide valve engine. Lot other engines atid pumps. I GIBR ALTA RN1DPILE.27SGpFirn.ek. AT 11.3A1.1yeN. THE E. H. WA T1 it CHS CO.. 158 Indtana-at. Neckar .. .... ... - Parbarossa May 4 Neckar ..-.......July 20 i FOR SALEI HORSE POWERTHOMPSON MO- " May 11 E. Luise IC. Luise July 2.1 tor. direct current ;.can be seen running. Imperial K. Albert . may le K. Albert Aug. 3 I Studio. 132 Fifth-ay. : P. Irene June 1 P. Irene. ...... .Atig. IT l FOR SALEPATTERNS. 10 IX. SWING EN- N eckar tune N K. Lute' Aug. 31 gine lathe. or French castings. Address A 174. K. LAulbigeort.....,......June 15; K. Albert ,...r.t. T . Tribune. WE BUY. SELL. AND REPAIR STEAM PUMPS:. June 23.Neckar SepL 14 G.N From s' Rts:B rso.E:el im"." F imill:TEN,nlyt . aincompressors. and engines of all ,b5, . Psi ifi eFIN3P113111:E. 1 .ns E,d, AX4tP1.1.1.111- ittlIAS,1.11Fts:).1, tb nRT Sy: A 11; ! mazit.re7:. H 74( Fir- MRSEILLESGENO A VIA, 'NAPLES -TO THa ', - - ------ ----- "Ee.saW137138-LCIo.S.S 2CSON..SDePsPRIEaSinMe.tDIME r METAL MACHINERY. STILES-MORSE CO., . Selling Agra. Phone Her. 5206: rert. will call. , LEVANT. - BARGAIN IN ELETiTRIC MOTORS AND SUF. ROYAL ROUMANIAN MAIL STEAMERS plies. We buy and sell everything in the electic CONSTANZAIClis itiNelISAT;;F:Roo:p;:v.:70:111..R:D..A...: Imp. Amber Elec. Co.. 60 W.Moinroe-st. Main 1733. ALEXANDRIA. SPECIAL MACHINERY. PRESSES. DIES BUILT wort-rn cfmmAN: LI CH JYYD 1.11"rEtrRS. . to order. General machinery repairs. John . ECKS Goob Wishart Machine Worke. 63 S. Canal-at. Main. OELR IC , H. CLAUSSENIUS & CO,. FINE 66X18 FT. BUTT, STRAPPED BOILERS. General Western Agents, SA ries.rborsst. .. . . - . . FIRE BOX VERTICAL AND TUBULAR ROIL-ere. 1'5 to 150 h. u.: automatic and slide valve engines, 20 to 200 h. heaters. all kinds. INC). OrsHINS. 14th and Western-ay. Tel. Cenal 193. xi(irops A NI) GENERA TCPg p ' rebuilt. Repair work of all kinds. FRANKLIN ELECTRIC CO '2424 S. Clinton-st. Tel. Her. azi50, FOR SALESTERLING MARINE MOTORS. 1,, 114, 2. 24. 3. and 4 h. p. Sterling Engine CO..24 S. Clinton-st. FOR SALECHEAP. REEDY HAND ELEVAtor, 830 platform., L. R. HARSH A 795 Carroll-ay. Tel. 234 West. - USED GAS AND GASOLINE ENGINES, CHEAP-or and on better terms than any dealer In Chicago. Colborne Mtg. Co.. 33 E. Indiana-et. 1tIenkru5-A. SCHULTZ CO.. 141-3 E. ONTArio-st.All kinds of machinery moved and set up; repair work. Phone your want. North 609. FOR SALE-10X12 AUTOMATIC ENGINE; 12X24 slide valve engine. Lot other engines and pumps. THE E. H. WACHS CO.. 158 Indiana-at. FOR SAL1.-1 HORSE POWER THOMPSON MO-tor. direct current ;.can be seen running. Imperial Studio. 152 Fifth-ay. FOR SALOPATTERNS. 10 IX. SWING ENgine lathe. or French castings. Address A 174. Tribune. WE BUY. SELL. AND REPAIR STEAM PUMPS. aincompressors. and engines of all makes. Furness Bros. Co.. 28 N. Desplaines-st. Monroe TOO. E. W. BLISS CO.S PRESSESDIES, SiltET METAL MACHINERY. STILES-MORSE CO.. Selling Agin. Phone Ear. 5206: rep. will cell. BARGAIN IN ELETiTRIC MOTORS AND plies. We We buy and sell everything in the electic line. Amber Elec. Co.. 60 W.Motiroe-at. Main 1733. SPECIAL MACHINERY. PRESSES. DIES BUILT to order. General machinery repairs. John Wishart Machine Worke. 65 S. Canal-st. Main 834. FINE 66X18 FT. BUTT STRAPPED BOILERS, engines. pumps. and heater:. all sizes. A. L. DAWSON. 29 W. Waahington-at. Main 4372. FOR SALEONE 1,4 IT. P. AN, D ONE 0. H. P. - ALTERNATING CURRENT MOTORS: CO eyrT,r. 1t340 STONEY ISLAND-AY.' WANTEDPUNCH PRESS, ail IN. BY Power or band; also shears for No. 10 metal. Address 0 0 327. Tribune. FOR SALE 4 TUBULAR BOILERS WITH fronts. 60 to 80 h. p. R. 403. 22 5th-ays Phone NI 1393. SACRIFICE-10 TON ICE PLANT. COFFEE mill. motor. air drills. safe. Address N W 93. Tribune. FOR SALEGAS ENGINE. COMPRESSED AIR. cheap. 6 Ahline-sq. LIGHT MANEFACTIVRING. INVENTIONS DEVELOPED AND PERFECTED; models and wood and metal patterns; light mfg. NATIONAL MODEL WORKS. 85 5th-av. WE MAKE ANYTHING:1-1,T; BRASS. CASTINGS, finishing. stamping, spinnig. polishing. and plAting. Turner Brass 'Works. 37 Franklin-at. LET US BID. TOOL AND DIE NVOliRlitODELS perfected and hardware specialties; also drop forge dies Address N NV RA, Tribune. TYPEWRITERS AND SUPPLIES. rrusTING FOR A BARGAIN IN TYPEWRITERS? We have them. All makes and REBUILT. not merely repaired. but actually REBUILT, guaranteed for one year. Some special bargains just now in high grade low priced visible writers at 124. Also a limited number of standard. high grade $100 visible writers at less than haltprice. From our immense stock we 'an serve you with any typewriter you want. at a price that will suit you. and which competitors cannot reseh. eon-Metering quality. Remember. there is a difference between REBUILT and a " good looking " or " merely repaired " typewriter. Write today if you want to get one of these bargains which we are offering before we move to our new store. Don't forget. every machine offered is REBUILT and guaranteed for one REBUILT TYPEWRITER CO.. 505. 84 La Salle-at. s Main 2435. TYPEWRITERSALL MAKES. $15 AND UP-wards: machines RENTED ANYWHERE AT LOWEST RATES. applvinF RENTAL ON PRICE. TYPEWRITER EMPORI1 M. 202 La Salle-at. TYPEWRITERS REPAIRED PROMPTLY Phone jiar. 2761. Rebuilt typewriters for sale and rent. W. F. McDonald and Company. 263 La Salle-st. WE RENTSTANDARD MACHINES 3 MO. FOR $5. Sell them, rector rebuilt. yet eomplete in prices with dealers who have only shop facilities. The Typewriter Exchange. 319 Dearborn-st LET US SELL OR RENT TO YOU ANY STANDard make at lowest Price. Come and see us. Rockwell-Barnes Co.. 207 Wabash. Tel. Han 3070. SPECIAL TYPEWRITERS RENTED 8 months for $5. American Deck & Safe Co.. ISA Dearborn-et, MONARCH. UNDERWOOD. OLIVER. REM.. all makes on trial: cash or time; rent $2 and up. W. A. WHITEHEAD. 30 La Salle. Phone mein nits FOR SALE REME'sTdTON TYPEWRITER: nearly new; for cash:- a bargain. Address N W 444, Tribune. FOR SALEONE FAY-SHOLES NO. 7 TYPE-writer: leaving city, so will sell reasonable. Call Apartment B2. NI Lake View-ay. SLIGHTLY USED DOUBLE KETPOARD TTPEwriter, cover an& stand. for sale cheap. for cash. Address H E 511. Tribune. FOR SALE-2 MODEL 4 UNDERWoODS; FINE condition; cheap for cash. Address N W 475. Tribune. - ilENTALS $8 MOS.. $5; SENT ANYWHERE: EX-pert repairing. Typewriter Hdqrs.. 297 Dearborn. - TYPEWRITING AND TRANSLATION. EXPERT TYPEWRITER WISHES OPTSIDE work. copying or.otherwise. Also good stenographer; law. contract. or book work preferred; rates reasonable. Address N X f.6& Tribune. STENOGRAPHER WISHES COPY WORK. manuscripts. circulars. etc.; reasonable. Address N,W 495. Tribune 54t0 EXTRA FINE COPIES. SHORT NOTICE $1. E. M. WARNER. 437. 79 Dparborn. 'T01. C. 6154-: . PRINTING. THE CENTURY PRINTING COMPANY. PRINT-erg of stationery. circulars. foiders booklets. and business bringing literature of every description. Send today for free copy.- " Salesmen that Sell Goods." 841-351 Dearborn-et. Phone Har. THE BYAN&HART CO.. PRINTERS AND binders. 22 and 24 Custom House-PL Telephones: Harrison 490-492. Automatic 9491e. GOOD PRINTING CHEAP! SAMPLES. FREE! Save 20 on your printing bills! Good service. E. L. FAxTus. 341 Dearborn-st. Tel. liar. 31373. THE 137-11. HYMAN CO.. PRINTERS. HIGII class booklets and catalogues. Telephone Hard. son One-Seven-Two. 123-127 Plymouth-pl. WE HAVE A MILLION BOND LETTERHEADS and statements bought before advance. Hurley Printing Co.. 85 5th-av. Tel. Main 4893. c AIL HARRISON 5820 AND LET J. P. BLACK lig Co.. 418 Dearborn-It.. do that printing for you; high grade work a specialty: prices low. s00 ENVELOPES. 85C: LETTERHEADS. 91.2S. SCHNABLE.. 107 S. ('anal-M. Tol. mon 705. : ---- --- STEAMSHIP LINES. Ocean NaeligatItsin. CANA1DIAN PACIF(1 " EMPRESS LINE OP THE ATLANTIC. Nothing better afloat than our new express StP4r11TV, EMPRESS OP BRITAIN and EMPRESS OF IRELAND - f14.500 tons). Quebec to Liverpool in slit days; loss than four days at sea. Superior accommodatic ,0 available. Comfort, elegance. and sa7- 7y. fiend for Muter,- ted booklet and salting list. C. V. BENJAMIN GPTI.I Att. Hamilton 1713. 2n2 S. Ciark-st.. Chicago. ANCHOR LINE STEAMERS --- NEW 'YORK. GLASGOWLONDONDERRYLIVERPOOL. Astoria ..t Apr. 27 May 25 June 22 Columbia fay 4 June 1 June 24 Furnearia May 11 June 8 July g Caledunta .May 1M June 15 Saloon. $30 and $60: fleennd eantn. 1115 and UM ' Steerage. $27 ao and Ert.75. NEW YORK TO MEDITERRANEAN PORTS. Italia May 1 21-25 SHERMAN-ST. TEL. HARRISON 8333. -- LIOLLAND-AMEEICA LINE NEw YORKROTTERDAm. via BOULOGNS. Sal lines Wednesdays as per sailthe list New Amsterdam Inewl Apr-2-1 May L.-St Juiy 3 btatentlam May 1 June 5 July la Noordam May 8 June 12 July I'l Ityndam May 15 June 19 July 24 POtaddril May 22 June 26 Aug. 7 Freight and Passenger Agency. 29 Broadway. N. T. 6 0 Dearborn-et. Phone Central 8840. RUSSIAN VOLUNTEER FLEET NEW YORKROTTERDAMLIRAV. Smolensk. May 8 1 Moskva May 22 TTALIAN LLOYD S. S. CO. NEW YORKNAPLESGENOA. Virginia April 27 I rorlda May 8 AU steamers of both the above Hoes am new and girth seew. Large outside cabins. Moderate rates. C. R. RICHARD er CO.. 31-83 Et way. N. y. EUROPE,- 30 TOURS. $270 or Cape. Round World. Japan. ete. FRANK C. CLARK. tel Broadway. N. Y. CIO'. J. D. O'LEARY. 10( Adama-nt.. chicato. COOK'S TOL'ItS To EUROPE. 60 TIM SEASON. $150 to 41.195. all oxponaes inclu44.4. THOMAS COOK & SON. 234 Clark-wt. LOW Itivrr:q AT,,I PARTS OP Et-RoPP,; &arta. 151 E. Van Buren, opp. depot. LOWITZ.: FOR THE IRISH INT. EXHIBITION. DUBLIN .L TAKE THE OLD RELIABLE CUNARD LINE. ESTABLISHED 1348,.. FASTEST STEAMERS. N. T.--4:4 UEEN STOW N-1-1 E POOL. Record Passage. 5 days I hours 23 minutes. THE GIGANTIC NEW FAST CUNARDER8. CARMANIA (Triple-Screw Turbine). LARGEST .TURBINE STEAMSHIP AFLOAT. CARONIA (Twin-Screw). both 20.010 toes Etruria. 23 May 21 June 22 July ?di Ivernia. Bfiston...Apr. 30 May 29 June 25 July I Lucania. N. If May 4 June 1 June 29 Ju'Y CARONIA. N. Y...May 2 June 4 July 2 July 3te Umbria, Y May 11 June 8 July 8 Aug. Sagunta. Boston May 14 June 11 July 9 Aug. 8 Campania. N. Y... May 1 June 15 July 13 Aug. 10 CARMANIA. N. Y.May 21 June 18 July 18 Aug. 11 All modern improvements. Inducing 1,..nd. - No CUNARD STEAMERS taken olT Gneenstowle route. ALL call there as heretofore. IIUNGARIA N-AMERICAN SERVICE To FIUME via GIBRALTAR. NAPLES.TRIFqTtrs. New modern twin screw steameres from New York Pannonia May 2 June 20 Aug. Carpathia May 18 July 4 Aug. I Slavonia May 30 July 18 Sept. 8 ritonia 12d & 3d Claes onlY1June 8 Aug. 1 Sept. 12 Ir. G. WHITING. Mgr.. Dearborn & P,andolph-ste HAMBI7140-AMERICAN LINE t Tsin-Screw Exprees and Passertger Service. . , PLYMOUTIICHERBOURG--HAMRETRO. Amerika Inewl.Apr. 2.1 1Bluecher May 4 Pretoria Apr. 27 lKaiserin InewlMay 11 Deutechland Apr. 310 iWaiderses ......May 11 Patricia May 4 Amerika May 24 Among special features of these veseela are: Grill Room. GymnaMum. Palm Garden. Rita. Canton Restaurant, Elevators. Electric Baths. MEDITERRANEAN SERVICE. . . - i ' TO NAPLES AND GENOA. 41lamborg . , Niay I June 11 Any. 11 tMoitke .May 21 July 2 Sf pt. 4 Ras Grill Room. 11Ias Gymnasium. . BOSTONQUEENSTOWNLIVERPOOL. . ARABIC May St Jess I CYMRIC .. .. .. . ... ...May 23 June 10 Ju;y IT REPUBLIC May .;t1 Juit a . To the Meliteeraman vtit Azores.. FROM 'NEW YORE- . I CRETIC . ..........May 9. noon; June 20 Ann- I 4 ROMANIC ... ...July 15. 2 pm . wROM BOSTON. t ROMANIC . Apr. 27. 9:n0 am; June 1 CANOPIC May 18. 2:30 ym: June to Iv C. BRoWN. Western Parsenger Agent. Phone Central 130. 90416 Dearborn-st. 1., , SUMMER CRUISES -t - EiCRIN6 JUNE. JULY, AND AUGUST. to the Norwegian Fiords. North Cape, Soltzhergett Iceland. and European aeaside resorts- Send Zr program , TormsT BUREAU. R. It tickets. hotel accommodations, and general Information about foreign travel. Travelers' checks, rood all over the world. Office. corner Randolph and La Salle-sta. , JAPAN. CHINA. PHILIPPINES. HONOLULU. AND AUSTRALIA by the Royal Mail Steamers of the CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY. -. The fastest steamers to the Orient. Record paw. sage by the "lempress of China" 10 days. hour. between ViLTIC011 er and Yokohama. The "Tartar." "Athenian." and "Monteagle" provide an excen., tionally cheap trip. varying one class of cabin passengers only at the intermediate rate. Sallings from Vancouver to Yokohama. Kobe. Ns. gasaki. Shanghai. Hongkong. and Manila. Emp. of Japan...A pr. HttAthenian June Tartar May 2 Emp. of IndiaJune 10 Emp. of China. ..May 13. Monteagle June27 From Vancouver to Honolulu and Sydney. Au& Moana Apr. 20 Aorangi June 21 Ntiowera ........ May 24 Moana July 19 For rem Information, and literature. apply tat A. C. SHAW. Oen't Agt.. 232 Clark-at.. Chica4a. Phone Ilarrison 21018. FOR A SHORT VOYAGE TO THE CONTINE:-ZT TAKE A GII.IANTle TWIN SCREW FLYER OF THE COMPAGNIE GFN'A LE TRANSATLANT1011E. French Line. New York to Ilavre-Paris. mix da:vs. La Provence-Apr. 25 May 23 June 13 July 11 Aug- 22 Lorraine May 2 May 30 June 20 Aug.; La Bretagne tMay 4 July 18 Aug. IS La Savoie. .... . .May 9 June fl June 27 July La Touraine May 10 July 4 Aug.: 1 La Gaseugne t May 18 tExtra mailings; entire steamer at cheap secvng cabin rates.. M. W. KOZMINSKI. G. W. Art.. YI Lake Naviziation. Graham CC Morton Line. GRAND RAPIDS. ROLLAND A-ND SA4TtCK. - Every night at 8 o'clock. $2 Grand Raolds: Holland: SI, tn Saugatrck. All boats connect with P. M. Ry. and G. R. It,111 C. interurban at Holland. ST. JoSEPII AND RENTox timmon. - Leave Chicago Dany. Saturdag and Sunday excepted. at 9:30 a. na., Saturday. 11:3ti p. rn. Berrien Springs. Niles. Mich.. and South Bend. 'ie.!. liOCK FOOT WABASH-AV. Phone Central 23f,2. souTH RAVEN STEAMERft . . Leave Chicago Tuesdays. Thnrwia Va. and Sa'urdays. 11:30 p. in-; effective April Pt Fare. Sl:ed one way. S130 round trip unhinited. Phone lib? Central. Dock north end I.Inah-st. bridge. GOODRICH BOATS--$1.50 TO MUSKEGON AND Grand Haven. $2 to Grand Rapid. 7:43 D. rnA., Tuesday. Thursday. and Saturday. $1 to Mita:Aukee and -Racine. 8 p tn. daily. Docks took of hilichitran-av. Phone Central 70. 76C TO RACINE AND MILWAUKEE. BA Kit T. line steamers leave daily S p. an- Docks oast end Miebican-st. Berths 000 RAILWAY TIME TABLES. - WESTERN ROADS. - Daily. 'Sunday. Mx Saturday., 'Ex. Eunday. lEx. Sunday. ILLINOIS CENTRAL - R. - R. All through trains from Central stalk:al. 1201-11t and Patk-suw. City ticket (laic Adams-111. Plume Central 8210. , Leave. Arrtze 010:00 am N. Or leans-hternphts Sspeetal. 10:20 pm 600 tom Limited. M ern ph 1 n. :New Orleans. WA Springs. Ark 11:0 ant St- Lunt,' and sortnknekt011:21 am bayllsht Speetai 7:43 I0:15 pm Ian:roma Special 7.2'; am h:20 am Cairo Local t 8.131Pn5 2 50 am Southern Fat Mall 250 am Evansville (Sat,. at 9:05 5:35 pm Evansville-Nashville Lid :Rq ant 535 pm Champaign. 1gcatur. Pana 1-21pm t 14-311 am Pluoiningtort & rhattlit-t,rth t prra t 6:34 pm JIootnh1iton & Chatsworth: tit --149 mina 9:05 pm Cairo (Evansville Sala. only1 u gun 345 pin Kankakee and lituttoon c,-40 Mintmapoile-St. Paul ern 5.40 pm Omaha-Council Bluff! Ltd 4,11- PM 540 pin IIMmdtm. S. City. 8. Falb!. - LOU alti 8:2A.) am Imbuque and Fort Dodge Ez. 5:45 pot 240 am Fast Malt. Dubuque & Viest. 9.50 rauk 240 an Minneatoollos and St. Paul 2.10 pin R.ekford Ppaserger 10:05 t 8;45 pm Rockford 3rreepet. Dubuque t12:23 pas - ATCHISON. TOPEKA ANT) PAN"TA no: RT. City Office. 105 Adams-st. Ph( Me Centrat2tkl7:, Dearborn Ftation. Polk and Dearhorn-sts. khotaa Harrison 7. Lome. .Arr;re. F treatorGalesburtr Maerni: 7-5s an 5.'72 CALIFORNIA FAST MAIL. - 0:00am Colorado and Texan It-00 am es Kansas City Mall 0 -00 am T 61 reator an.L Pekin Express. I' I nm $I :450 vm x4mnfit4 ewe. Clra44. Texas. nm 0!; 5 am S. Californis Mexico Fx 10:011 pm 1.7 :33 am ,Xan. city & San Vrvi F.'sn 10-01) pm S:4 rms CALIFoRNI 4 it.IMITP11. Katt. rite. Los Are-elem. : pan Difira. San Frymellwo It-An vm 2-4 pm 6-k-tiCAtiO tektilAT WESTERN R. 51.e.P1,18 Loaf Aunts. brand Central station. Rh-ay. aag Harrison-at. Oftwis. 10.1 Adarns-it. Phunat'entsaut 5200-Laire. A rrive. Dubuque, Ben. Sycamnre....'17:0 am t;:40 pm, Pt. Paul. Omaha. Kansas City. A:45 am 10:i10 Byron. Sycamore 1100 pm 10:40 tint Ornitha.. Dubuque tt-00 pTu S:411 ra Canvas City. Des Moines ft-An tom i4:4 5 an pt. Paul. 1,11nneapolls. Dtit,e2ntas a!,tte. prn 8 iik Pau!. Omaha. Kazsas Cits- 11;;() 1ms 14 3 Dam 81:3 ani 8 43 ans 1;1'13 Pa i I I 1 LgrtrOCitt. - . , - . - piano before inoring. 4540 Evans-av. 2c1 fiat. ; ..,"1."-".. . ' . . . , ', 1 - , - -. - , - - ' - , 'a. I : pm I 1 P ant ' Pnll 1 II fll, P pna i i : am , I pnt I t,mt $ a na 1 $ ILLEI 1 par, " P DI 1 ata ; pot on, , a m t - -...-- T.- th;Iz hoas - t rpm r Pin i r Dtre ) p M. - ' ( ) pin 1 ; am t.P I r tnts I ' Iea. : ; Dna 1,f aug I.L,E3 r, Its aka , 1 L 0 Pla ) Ple )sink 1 s ant 5 ant 5, ate ,, ) Pat -- A - , '1, :s o, NS ON FFRNI1 FIDELITY LOA' Phone 301 W. fl3d1 AT1T--P3(AN. gg MA -te,Anee. Establish peeiry. and damn MST STATE PAW ingtort-st., loans on sr" atnt per cent p !LOAN ON ALL TI promises. but wil who do S. RICHAR VANE OF( WATCI Cry at lowest rate American newnbrol iseeet. , MINES , rtft SALE--A GRC tutted 35 miles east, miles south of An work. 42 foot Oaf several oPen cuts; per wide: can be frost $2 to $I5g gol all in ore which as 'troop will be sold ner cent down. t HOUSTON. Broker. WE WILL StEil,7 Sog Little Florene pre Eagle Pfd. 100 Eagle Corn. - 100 Black DIRMOn( lots) Taylor Mtn. 1 KO yellow Tiger. SOO Standard Cons D. M II. 145 I. tiVE OFFER: POO Clio M. Co. tWo Goldfield Hub. IGO Little Fler..1 HARRY S ' I I Nembers Chicago 11 La ' Phones: Cei WE OFFER-S-L"B.I Vie shares Hubbar 1100 shares Knights 2.0OO hares Jeanet oati shares Blue Is iota shares Goldite 1.000 shares Blue B DUDLEY A la4 La - .11,-ST ARRIVED. of the best corm( running 14 per ten eat gentlemen to c stock, to assist me tourer mines in Al parties: refs. exchat FOR SALE-40.000 ury steel( of the son. at 15a per sin best mining proposi WOLTZ. 3044A Bo fo-rt SALE-OR E: - per mInn steek' Colorado: 1.000 fe4 IA us hear from W. SKIN S. R. SCHEFTELS Commission In Listed lint Mt $3,000 TO S 0 5.00 Goldfield, nr. Mot Majoritv of stock assays S0 to $599. , ' WE BUY AND E Let us have your GEo. L. Mcl WIRE SCH WEIN mining stoeks ar Tel Cent, 7151. B FREE-OUR MAR valuable informs tnion Securitv Co. tiVE OFFER-MIN Tunnel, $1.87,4,. CORRELL, WIL porated 43-45 1 MILWAUKEE. M BEFORE BUYIN, - secure our Quota CO. Stock Broker LEAD AND MN( : lin district: will 1 - ' GARVEI GET OUR PAIL' WALLAC ISI Salle-at. A-NTE1)--Z1T)00-- state luwest cud VV tine WANT-TO BUY also Bidwell Cc Telbone. ot t S .4k1E--shn 5,) re BUILDIN GENERAL CUNT Mg alterations. etc : prompt. ettict, VI Chamber of Co PATENTSIE , PATENTS, TRAI t and copyrights; Get Them"; then service; ate not b ' free: open Tuesds Lawyer, 80 Deartm PATENT4--PRO1 cat, no fee: adv PRIMER: open 1 !ILO R. STEVI Chicago. Phone since. Waahingtoll rE7FOR Si A ppLlr send for our fr avoid. and other p nt Bureau. gth IDEAS. IDEAS. Pat, Write for free b riTENTS--64-"P. references: Inn F Denartment ",meaeaseaaass rLt EVir PORCELA1 New enamel bat raw enamel lava' 'Sew galvanized rt Plumbing mate , catalogue No. PS. 511 519 State P E. KAROL. 2 The only house plumbing suppliel send for 3No. HArCrilSiT $evral ears be mearnfitters loam.. ' secyrrs comi Itanaps and coi kook lO P. POR--SALE-CC for $50: Cso sti Tritest N T :19S. - .NCANCELED KAPPFS EC CAMEP POCKE ,daks Fought CENTRAI POR SALE-DI: con, with elect I f tnken st BICYCLES NT Eil-74) at once, for cot .sur rash offer, ft AGENCY AR SPANISH. rHi elaitos: advice Randolph-st beton. Phone ' Emonnalmom.mon. , 0 GILBE !Aloes: aid in 1 r O tonsultati r services; eel ROOM niture, be re- Iston of stition. M EN-stales,. STASHld JewKR NO n those Rm.16. State. Pe SIT-and 2S, opment L11 . and 0 to 50 assays shaft ii. t The 1-10,000. JOH21 .vada. Trans. Mott flee. - s I Irenee. ried eh OIL ,n T.-D. i MO ori ol. Mfg' D. Co. 470. FOI trac :change. ro-s rti Izet .79 adj, 35 EN1 .041 A .12 IV teni ThiI aped ore et linen-treasury by s largest rket to right TH House. : el EÄ-S fly. Ore- dre to of the EN I. FRED Mo. sin k e t -mines. ng now. Si trig orn-et. : RO, :D 19021. Pt) P INE AT PC ;is; large e money; tui 7bleago.: BON Dg. Fc all-pt. mt 1-TA ITM2. 42:- " 1.1 .1515 cured PO' WARNING! ' .- - MUSICAL INSTRUMENT. STOP I 1 - ' '

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