Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on October 21, 1907 · 9
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 9

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 21, 1907
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S OS OF THE SOCIETY WORLD Invitations Are Tssued for sev.. era' Halloween Parties. WEDDING PAYS MADE KNOWN rnzagements formally Announced and Other Pe,:onat News. The alTro.q0.1 Tr--1:'-'wo, r, is ti:e puntial ra, fo r th e. pi a hntliber of enter- s g , , !' C' taintn-s . - ..- -tooter erect the rnerra-st n tie- year. The right has grow n 1l 1.1 , .t inereasing popularity Of criiintry Ali-lel-9;a, and eeveral affairs 7,.1: ri:ven at the co-nntry b0rnes near Ch:eage ( oit in Itiverside tat!ons have 'n !t 1 Mrs. Amos C. 731,iler rind N. hi,o1 Smith Jr. for a 11.i.lo(ve,:1 , , to be given at S.:0 ecloelt or: Ti.!irsoitiy, Oct. 31, the town hall. The gi.ests are asked to come in country costurne. Nov. 2 has been ch,en as the (late of the rarriage of Miss 1-tlanche fludd. daughter of Jr. and Mrs. 'Wayman C. Budd of East Pivision street, to Mr. Will ii. loiretridg.?. The cerem-my will he erf)rrned at St. Chrysatom's church in the pres, e of the latul:y ard a few friends. s!tne.on Frank NP w ar of Glencoe. an vuross tro, tnarth3 g.. of his daughter. Elizabeth Saunders. to Mr. Wii.lam Dean Sager of Chicago Saturday ov-nlitg, Oct. 19. The bride was attended by Al Iss Bre, se of 'Will-Ile:1e and tbe groom by llaviland of La Grange. They NN take a short trip In th.o.3 cast and then be at h.,-.-111,3 tk.) their friends after Pee. 4 at 17,91.! Ken rr.,3re avenue. Chleag ard M. Charles L. Sayler, formerly at li(33 East Fertietil street. and at present of mentague, ;3E1110111-lee, the engage-. merit of thfur (laugh:ter. El.zabetli Ethel, to, 1r. Rar1 It. k Mrs. Edward J. Hall o! Omaha. Neb., forzerly cf Chicago, annout.cses the en cm gement c! hPr daughter, I).-)nzitliea Vitaiinat, to Mr. iam l'enfuld Stil.rnan of Umaba. Mrs. D. L. Zernansky. -141Iring-ley avenue. announces th3 ergarremont of her (laughter, Ameita. to Mr. Sarnnel S. I lees, or of Mr. ind Mrs. II. M. Ile, 4Y. Eas-it 1::!y-cond cree:. Mrs, Ott() T. Lan gheln, 40C, tarnst asp-rue, wi:1 er terta.a lio)r of her sister. Mrs. M. R..:1.oulttn of New York, toniorrw.v. Mrs. Georl:e NV. Lamb of 4549 avenue ente.rtained at lara-heon on Saturday in honor cf Mrs. AlJner dia;rymp:a. of St, paw., Y:r.n. Mrs. 1)alrymple is gnest of her f,ster, Mrs. Sey mon r ti,dtarte of Itiversidte. Mrs. Nt-llie Graat Sartoris arrived IT t he etY on Friday anti is thr- Virginia Istot I. Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Freo-r. Jack11 b-,7tlevard. have gone t 1 Mrs. U. and son of L.,0,1,,,svfa,7,, Ky-, are visiiing ht,r parents, Mr aittl Mrs. C. E. Jennings. t',12a VLotilt,t),. z. i' enhe. Mits. Harrlet A. IM.tatheil aad da:gr'iten, 1 Grard laotCevard are at non.e 1 after three nit nths' to-.2 hidi'oia). Miss Flort noe Mix. who has n visiting Miss Elltn Morrinda pr;r.i.i rt:drred I tome on Saturday. M:ss M. rrjl now l'.8!tlig Miss Mix. Mrs. W. G. Altfel of Farwell avenne. Roogers Park. has gone to Lbs Ange:es. Cad. to at It'nd 1 the wedding, of her nephew, Mr-. lierl,ert Frantis Netnan, to Miss Eltieda E.-, chard. Dr. and Mrs. V. F. Marsha:: and son of 1 Apletcn. Vas.. are the guests of Mr. and Sirs. M. F. Levy, 4.72 Dearborn ay, r: Ile. Itg recently returned trona a siix, months vt Mr. and !kris. Mark Elkirs of Phi:adeiphla are visiting thoir sister, Mts. Moses K.:ein, I atilt3 Indiaha aVenlle, LIQUOR SHOW POSTPONED; IV. C. T. U. MAY FOLLOW SUIT. Date of Pure Drink Exposition Changed at& Temperance People. Claim There Is Significance in the Act. Ears the liquor Interests of Ciao been Put torout by the ten4i(erarice foik 1' The latte claim so. A-, any rate, the :1(4 iior Interests whiiell were piarining the pure beverage exposon at the Coliseum for a period beginning. Dec. 10 hare changed the date since the temperance PEoPlo aririouncned their intention of operating an opposition attraction. T1'.e liquor show has been postponed until the latter Part of February arid the temperance people Lay change theirs to that date also. It seems to be a ease of war to the finish. "The temperanzie people had nothing to do with Ls clanging our (lazes,- said Alhert F. Malioner, presid-rt ef the coming beattrage exposition. " We deel,ied December was too busy a time for us to show az, the Coliseum." TO CURE A COL) IN ONE DAV Take LAXATIVE ER( i Cry refund mcneF !f It ta!:s to cure. E. W. 4;TIOVES einnature iq I . 17iN. g) Iron beds !very housewife within reach of C1-. -.11 find int Mandel prices for solidly built, artistic iron beds well worth taking advantage of. Very unusual is a 2-inch continuous post iron bed in either an ivory or a Vernis Martin finish, at the very special price of Only 14.50 This is today's special. ---.. In our bed and bedding section are many more interesting items is myrna tiilIgs 1.85 Size 26'54; a 2.30 value. For bedsides. bathrooms. hearths and doorways. almost indispensable. Merely One of numerous other attractions now making the Mandel rug section unusually intercsting C..f important. lE I . For Each Woman, According to Her Needs. i MMNIO 4 Spool Holder. Ifousewivs who do their own sewing can make a convenient spool holder by taking-a board 7114 ! inches, about three-eighths of an inch thick, and drive into it four rows of two inch wire nallsten in each rowand stick a spool on each nail. The size of board and numLier of nails may be changed to suit cnes needs. For protection from the nail heads cover the bottom of the board with, felt or some other fabric. Al TIS. M. J. LovF".T. Ser., Lace 1,1; Machine. To Few fine lace In L hderwear or waiFts 1N machine, place right side of lace ard rigi.t side of goods tog-ether, allowing. f' (1g,- of lace to extend a fraction from edge of goods. ,Stltch close to edge of goods, then crease edge of lace Over the stitching and stitch on right side close to the edge of the goods. This rpethod hems the r,4-oods and sews On tLe lace in the neatest way, and in most caseF is superior to hand work. Itlas. U. Vocis;e; Utilize Old Rubbers. I make my rubbers wear twice as long by cutting off the worn out heels so as to form a strap anound tii back, Like the rubber bardals. ilkins. HATTIE EDWARDS. Use Good Linen in Shirts. Alens white shirts are made from the best white material. When the wristbands and neckband are worn out or they get Out of Style undergarments for little girls can be made from the lower parts. Two shirts Atli make a little white skirt. MRS. DUANE It. :-;NEITH, Edison, pzropl Good Form in Cards. Abbreviations In names on visiting cards are not good form. A mans card should be Mr. Charles Ray Smith, not Mr. Chas. It. Smith. If a son 's name is exactly :he same is his father's, his card Is engraved the same with the addition of the word Junior.' otherwise his full name Is engraved. The E'Idest daughter's card is engraved simply with the prefix " Miss. The Christian name may be used if desired without breaking any rule except that of precedent. Letters of Introduction. A letter of introduction should be presented xvith a visiting- card with the address. without asking to see the person addressed. If umlble to go In person the note and. card should be left by hand. The person to whom the letter Is written will call at once. and ZbE call should be promptly returned. Later s.,me form of hospltalitv i usnallv extended. A ltter of Introduetion should alWays be left (-p, it.- A callirg card with " Introducing Mr. k " wr1tten on 1: ::rrpcFFS rEmno!mmimmililmum.V 25 Large Volumes 11,050,000 Words The Greatest of Historical Reference Works . The Historians' History of the -World is without doubt the greatest historical reference work in existence. It is complete and authoritative in every way. To attain this degree of accuracy and authenticity nearly a half million dollars was expended in research and investigation, and over two thousand historians, including all the great historical writers Tir that have ever lived, have been drawn upon to give for the first time a complete record of the world's progress from the very dawn of civilization right down to the present time. v. 4-,43.-ft -,,t 4 '44 4 1 4! r Nrot only does it answer correctly and fully every ::,71,;:!1.-4,,,C7 ''.4,,-,,',: -4,- 1:, question of history but every topic is made instantly acces- :;i',.,-, a r.5 4 , k sible by means of the index--one of the most complete 1:-,i,, -r ':1-..:;:t4, f !,A..? and best arranged ever seen in a reference work. Over 250,000 titles are listed in the index volume. r, As Essential as a Dictionary There is in America a growing necd for a better knowledge of world history. Our newspapers and magazines are filled with reterences to men and events belonging to nations outside our own. Ouestions of history covering a wide range of space and time are constantly confronting every man and woman who reads and thinks. There is but one historical reference library that will answer all these questions and answer them correctlyThe Historians' History of the Worldand it is now recognized as one of the three reference works essential in the library of every well-informed person, and is as necessary as a dictionary or encyclopaalia. It has received the unqualified endorsement of the best minds in every department of knowledge, and the literary and critical journals and the great newspapers all praise, it in the highest terms. It is now over two Years since the first edition was published and in the retort and alembic of public use The Historians' History of the World has shown to lack nothing needful in a work of such far reaching importance. Gen. Lew Wallace Every week. certainly every inntith. It seems to me, brings us nearer the time when the library of many books cam, be dispense,1 with. And I know nothing of recent occurrence that has contributed to this most desirable end so positively as "The Historians History of the World." It Is easy for me now to name the volumes which. thoroughly mastered. will herceforth suffice for every need of Intellectual culture, and fill a mind thirsiing for knowledge to the full with the oil and enriched essence of comprehensive intelligence. Ilere is the list: The Bible, Shakespeare, an encyclptedia. " The Historians' Iltstory of the World. NEW YORK THE CHICAGO 'DAILY TRIBUNE: MONDAY. OCTOBER 21. 1907. To Keep Cake Moist. An apple cut in halves and put In the cake box wiil keep the take moist indefinitely. Pop Corn on Gas Stove. Put one large tablespoonful of lard In a large kettle until smoking hot. Now throw In one cup of shelled corn and hold cover over the kettle with one hand. Stir corn with large spoon with the other hand and you Will have a kettleful of delicious popcorn In three minutes. Be sure ard stir briskly all the time. CARRIE HOMIBROOK. Prevent Mould on Jelly. Cut a piece of writing paper the size of your jar or jelly gas and grease the upper part of the paper with lard, pressing the paper down all around. F. M. B. ) , kc-,,-.71Y 1 n'Vt Help for the Tired Housewife. Cri:;:4''.; W A n . cflie - ---'Wn '1 , ' he tired drink a cupful of hot. not boil- -,i,r,;.4tet--it,,,"-- 'f, . 11. . ing. milk. Into which a little salt may be t,d- ',!,--sii, -14,7-,... : , , ,f-i-?. shaken to Increase speedy digestion. H-1 , 44 . If the hands become burned or dried by the ,,- , ''t heat in baking or working over the fire appiy I ii- v .p lt If ..,.--; --;, ... o. a paste made of soda and water, and relief will follow. Soak the tender or aching feet in warm , water In which two handfu1 s. of bran Lave 40 , , ,i1 i 41 P, 4-I .2, , .'-' r . I been steeped. and rub afterwards with cocoa- 1 , ' .-o., .' . Ii- ----It.., --,to gr- f . ,7,.. e404 nut oil. , ,. .,,ii Work in the open air as much as possible, ,, 4 ,,,, . 4,1 4 IF t,-;t01'; '111; as fresh air Is one of the best tonics known. AIal. BI-EliE, A.Vq ' eAlattiroF 1 ,--, vi i J. IV. ' 2-i' i. : '', k iii; ,,, 1, , :; Cinder Fire Best. Iron with cind F ers. or ironing days a fire -4) 1 sli! -ltrele of cinders Is better than fresh coal. ts 1 I 1! .., - -- Mi. 1.1. MATER. ,t1 Coarse Water Filter. , -."N..,,, Take strong muslin, cut six inehes square, 'N sew up into a littl bag, slide bag over faucet. and tie with strong string. I make about six Of the bags and put a can one on each Is,.. , iiiorning. They are far better than the tit- II -.'''--1'' ,teet, ter s that you buy, as they can be washed " and boiled. The Onf S.- yn'i buy are hard to keep clear. and Often the little wire New sleeves showirg the prevailing style side turns green. With the has you v-ill of solder trimming, also an evening waist a:ways find the water clean and sweet. with lattice sleeves of velvet ribbon. MRS. EMILIE ATUET.I.FR. DAILY FASHION HINT. ) --st rZ?tuint 10) , be Istorians READ THESE LETTERS: t William R. Harber In these modern days every man is constantly confrcmted with questions Of history covering a wide raDge of space and time, but very few men have either the library room or the means to keep on hand a complete tile of histories for reference. To such men, and their name Is legion, something in the nature of a cycloptedia which shalA gather together in compact form the most serviceable information is almost a necessity. General cYcloPeedins do not answer the purpose. for two reasons, among others: Fir.t. that historical data are intermingled with daM on other subjects. and, second. that the limitations of space de mIt permit a sufficiently full treatment of historical subjects. What is waI1l i Something intermettate between a bare chronicle of facts and voluminous and elaborate histories of each country-This want The Historians' Idistory of the 'World " effectively meets. S.. With the;t; Girl Worheri Efficteno; Bound to Win. Nothkig, perhaps, does more to hold a woman In the favor of an employer than efficiency. Ttclly efficient workers are always Scarce. There- may-be women who can do the work well, to a certain point, but who need more or less watching to see that they maintain the proper standard. There are those who have skill to work well when the work Is clearly defined by the judgment of others. but who lack judgment themselves. And there are thousands of more or less incompetent persons who hold their positions (-hiefly because of the laek of better workers to take their places. Thus it is that the percentage of really aapable workers is small. The one who can take hold of a proposition In its roughest state and work it out ta Its logical conclusion is too rare not to be appreciated by the employer who looks well to his own inte,rests. To her, the employer clings, and upon her 118 Is glad to shift responsibility which may be coveted by others,. Even if his appreciation Is not always expressed outwardly in words, It Is there. and he finds much satisfaction in having a really efficient person to lean upon. MARIE LE PAGE SINGER. Name Business Address JOHN VI .. ,,R ,..,:,,,,..,;,.,::,-, i e1,Des k;-. Scrambled Eggs with Cheese. Break three eggs and slip them into a sauce pan, or blazer, of the chafing dish; beat them with a generous lump of butter, two tablespe,onfuls of grated cheese, with salt and PePPer to taste. It cooks in five minutes. and when just the right thickness pour into a deep hot dish, over some fried toast. Mas. C. VINTON HENRY. thglenic Pie Crust. A piecrust especially recommended for children or grown folks with weak digestion is made of one heaping cupful of flour, one teapoonful of baking powder. one and oneehalf teaspoonfuls of Fait. all sifted together, wlth one heaping tablespoonful of melted suet, and Su lti n t rich milk to make the dough as soft as can be handled. The above makes one good sized pie. EDNA MARNITA CONOVER. Jeff Davis Pie. This recipe makes two pies: Butter, onelialf cup; sugar, one eup; eggs, three yolks; flour. two heaping tablespoons; sweet mi,k, two cups; one teaspoonful each of cinnamon, cloves, and allspice. Cook this until thick, stirring eonstantly; let cool, bake crusts, and then put the filling in; make a meringue of the three whites of egg. and brown In the oven. IlkIRS. WEST NEATHERY. Quick Relief for Cold Feet Whenever you feel chilly indoors it is your feet which first suffer. They are the most sensitive to temperature of any part of the body. And when your feet get cold your head 'gets warm and circulation stagnates. A miserable feeling results and danger of exposure. It is not always possible to regulate the temperature of a room to suit your own feeling. Lut you can have an electric foot Nvormer in the house. It is portable and its heat may be regulated to need. The cost for electricity is a mere trifle when you consider the comfort of it-8 cents per hour of constant use. Keep your feet warm and you are safe against chills. Any home wired for electric light may have this inexpensive convenience in the household. For particulars call Main 1280 or address Commonwealth Edison Company, 139 Adams Street, Chicago. At About Half Price MW1; WM! 1 020 M. JOHN WANAMAKER,vEw voRK, Dear Sir:Pleas e send, without any expense to rne, full particulars regardinc: "THE HISTORIANS' HISTORY OF THE WORLD" and thc special Wanamaker terms an which it may be secured. NA MAKER ) C. T. I 7 ,, In using the word "Exclusiveness" when referring to the offerings of this establishment in wares suitable for Wedding Presents, we do so advisedly; for the articles in the following lines are not to be obtained from any other concern in this country, being our personal importations, selected for their beauty in design and workmanship. ENGLISH INLAID MAHOGANY CASES RUSSIAN HAND PAINTED WARES VENETIAN HAND MADE LEATHER GOODS A. C. McCLURG & Co .L. 1. -A-e 215-221 WABASH AVE. (Bet. A dams St. and Jackson Blvd.) 0 a Spaulding & Co. PARIS Goldsmiths Silversmiths 36 Ave de l'Opera and Jewelers French Bronzes The work of such distinguished sculptors as Gerome, Hannaux, Chalon, Drappier, Dalou, Picault, Charpentier and others of reputation. As shown in our art rooms, they form a collection that is unique and one which presents an unusual opportunity for the connoisseur, the student and the collector. 1 ' Art rooms---Second floor. CHICAGO Jackson Blvd and State St Jackson Boulevard and State Street I Annovncement istory of the Worl so How the Big Price Reduction Was Effected The Wanamaker Stores contracted with the English publishers for the entire latest edition of The Historians' History of the World and as a result of this enormous purchase were able to secure terms so advantageous as to enable them to offer this great work at about half publishers' prices and on especially favorable terms. The size of the purchase is alone responsible for the big price reductionnothing has been 4-:. - J. , c-,-, ;1.,, -rt .:. sacrificed in mechanical make-up (type, paper, binding, etc.). In - ' - - - ,- . c -i. : ' . ite-,. C.1 1 : i.t, a .1,-,,,.x this respect as well as regards its great literary merit and unusual , , completeness The Historians' History of the World stands absolutely Lo without a peer in all historical literature. Thousands of Sets Already Taken Following the first announcement of our sale there resulted one of the most remarkable periods of rapid buying we have ever known. All through the summer months (a season when booksellerstusually do very little business on Standard works) the orders kept coming in, and already 'thousands of sets have been taken by Wanamaker customers, vet every week sees an increase of orders. and it is evident that the remainder of the edition will be subscribed for even more rapidly. We urge you to -act promptly if you wish to secure this great work at the present prices. Our offer will continue only until the one edition is exhausted, and a large part has already been sold. Write Today for Prices and Terms The publishers' prices have been sweepingly reduced, and thousands v.-ho deferred purchasing because of the former high prices can now easily possess this great historical reference library. Write today for full information in regard to our special sale. The Historians' History of the World has been called "the greatest historical achievement of modern times," and our sale of it has been characterized as "one of America's greatest book offers.' Not only has the price been cut in two but the terms of payment have been made so liberal that almost any one can purchase and scarcely feel the cost at all. This offer deserves your prompt attention. Mail tile coupon today. READ THESE LETTERS: 'rover Cleveland I Emil G. Hirsch Hon. Grover Cleveland In my judgment a knowledge of history becomes more important with th pattering of time, and It seems to me that it never wee so important as la tl,ese days of otirring events and wondrous change. Many of us are obliged to confess that for (VIP ressam or another we missed opportunities to study history younger days. However much we may now lament as know the only chance we shall have to remedy our entharrassiTg deficiency must be found In an arrangement of historical facts and epochs In such a way as to be suited to the engrossing occupations and scant leisure of Our later years. I have never seen a work that so completely anewere this purpose as " The Historians' Illstory of the World.' It le of broader importance than a mere book of reference. end yet no book or reference can be more comprehensive or easier of profitable utilization. I believe tho.te who have these volumes within tier reach are prot-bled with the means of a substantial historical equip'ment Exclusiveness in Wedding Gifts 's"i . .. - 16,500 Pages Over 2,300 Illustrations,- As history is "character !n artior." t ti. will always be of Irrpourtance in the tralrirg th ynung as weil as in tlie cncouragirg snl Instructing cf adults. Itistcny !is the yetr:ibme to pol!tics. in a free cc,intry, e.-I.tch Zpel".!.11 f- - pry czen to te a polit-lari" ln the true senre of the word. it Is essential histori-al knowledge to made accesable In attia,.-t13. fcnrn and a-lent:no accuracy. belleNo that this coflect:on ought to be fcur,1 In every home In which culture of mind and soul. the 'true humanities." are riot merely pasaing Rue"! but permanent Po.lournPrs. 1 recommend It not gladly to my own friend. as worthy of thtair fulleet confidence.. PHILADELPHIA 11 i - it t A 1, 1 .. Iii 1 pence. 1,.,.et,r; .., ..,. il ' thing intermettate between a bare chronicle of facts The Bible, Shakespeare, an cr.cyck,predle. " The and columtnous T. I have Rad eiaborate histortes of each country. Iliatorians litstory of the World." This want " The Historians' Ill effectively meets. ,st th c,17 of e World " a --1-tv,---,1---ai-40-----144-1:'"-----' '- C. e 11 I believe thote vrho I these volumes within tbeir reach era prol-bled with the means of a substantial historical equip'ment ..---------------- g tier. I DIAL j,..M1-11,11.,.Y. F,A.P-PAAA lit, A,.. A. g ,c-,.,rtAsaA ma,. it. rnort Iglally to my own fr:ende as worthy of .,,,,L. I Cl.q. CCa-, fid en ce .. 1 1 1 v ,, NE1V YORK JOHN TItT NA mA,KER PHILADELPHIA 1 , . , , 1 . . . , , . , ) ,e-A , , , , ,....., , . . 1 1 ii,, -I' ii m, i 1 ) i ; , 4 t , 11' k I 1 tt 1 1 i , $ i.i 1 i1 4 If . 4 I il ! , ' i 4 , Al - I -- ' , i ; 0, , .. 1 ,, 1 1 : t J - 1 l te .1 1,;',, l' .11- 1 3 !, Id I 0 1 1.-zil j , Ili! f I41 4,-, i I i 1 t . .4 ti I 4.- e T I 1 , t t.1 , 44 P . : 1 .-, Af r,:f-;J tc p,..;,, 51:1 ttli 0 1 .:,1 i , 4 A 1 i 1- i v., F. . . , . . 1 . . 3 ' - - pri for solidly bui .1 artist ic irc beds well wor , H) taking adva Itage of. 1 Ont , - 11..4 , a special. id bede many g items 711. al- 1 1 .85 ri 30 value. brooms. ways. al-Merely other at-akin g the n unusumportant. 111 I . , . tii , )611.,, , Al -alt 14, AM.Il - I,- '4 - 4 1 . 1 !II' i 1...11- 1 I ,----r.1 ,r---)---, 4,-':.k i 1.-- 7- , cli.; 74-7t: , ti I q-, .4 -ciLL 2LQj.ysQc-4j;, 4:.)) , r , m Ll3 rocAlter,-sil 1 , .. . 1 I 1 Z. - 'I . , ., ; : - : . -,-cti vi- -,,,.ott , -1-:. r.21.,. :i.,::i:;.,.16, '-ritilk-!:W ,, :::,,, - . -,----- : : 1 4) vsicx... . 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