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Filipino General and 650 of His Men Surrender at Santa Cruz. Several Well-Known Naval Officers Complain of the Inefficiency of the Mediterranean FleetPopular Rear Admiral Indirectly Censured in the House of Commons, and Ills Friends Fear He NVill Resign Ills Command in ConsequenceLondon Gossip. CAUSES No EXCITEMENT. CEREHONY IS ELABORATE. Rain Clo'dy Clear Clo'dy Clear Fair Clear Clear Clear Clear Pair Clear Clear Clo'dy Clear Rain Clear Rain Clo'dy Clo'dy Clo'dy Clear Clear Clear Clear Clody Clear Clear Fair Fair Fair Fair Cio'dy Fair Fair Cio'dY Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clo'dy Clear Clo'dy Clear Clear Clo'dy Clear Clo'dy Fair Clear Clear Fair Clear Clo'dy Fair.

Fair Calgary 29.72 46 46 2.88 Charlotte 90.02 74 94 F. Cheyenne 80 83 E. Chicago 29.90 74 93 W. 10 Cincinnati 29.94 98 04 S.W.: Cleveland 2908 76 78 N.B. Concordia 29.64 94 98 S.

Davenport 29.92 90 94 S. Denver 29.42 142 96 W. Des Moines 29 76 90 94 S. Detroit 29.92 F4) 98 Dodge 29.00 92 9S SE. Dubuque 29.90 92 fet S.E.

Duluth 29.74 54 64 N.E. 3.56 El Paso ps 102 S.W. Edmonton 29.64 4S 44 N.W. .44 Galveston 29.94 b4 SS S.E. Grand 76 92 W.

.08 Green Bay 29.94 74 92 RE. Havre 29 76 64 64 W. Helena 29.9.0 64 62 S.W. Huron .29 4R 92 92 Indianapolis .29.92 94 92 S. Jacksonville 82 92 S.E.

Kansas 94 94 S. Lander 29.52 SO 94 S.W Little Rock .29,90 90 94 El. Los Angeles 29.7 64 72 W. Marquette t29.94 66 72 N.W. .54 Memphis 29.94 96 (14 S.

Medicine Hat 29.70 90 64 N.w. Minnedosa 29.46 72 74 E. Montgomery 30.00 S4 0t1 S.W. Montreal 29 92 68 76 Calm Nashville 29 94 92 E. New Oritans 29.92 92 SS SE.

.01 New Tork City 29.98 92 96 N.W. 01 Norfolk 52 90 N.E. North 94 94 S. Oklahoma 29.74 PO 92 S.E. Omaha 92 94 S.

09 WegO 64 72. S.W. Palestine 29.94 90 92 SE. Parkersburg ....29.98 $ti 90 S.W. Philadelphia.

....29.92 92 94 N. Pittsburg 29.94 94 94 N. .62 Pueblo 29. 2 94 94 S.Wl. Qul Appelle 29.64 70 72 S.W.

Tr. Rapid City 29.54 SO 82 N.E. San 54 60 W. St. Louis 29.98 94 98 S.E.

St. Paul- 20.68 SS 92 S.E. .01 Salt Lake City 29.54 74 N.W. Ste. Marie 29.98 r.fl 72 SE.

Tr. Springfield. 90 94 S.W. Springfield. Ido29.82 00 94 S.E.

Vicksburg 29.9. 74 pt; s. .04 Washington 29.94 74 FS N.W. Whtte River 2q 112 64 74 SE. 'Williston 72 74 N.

Tr. Winnipeg 29.64 SO St i E. .04 46 N.W. 2.98 94 F. SS E.

93 .10 04 S.W. 78 N.E 98 S. 94 S. 96 W. 94 S.

S.E.. 9S SE. 14 S.E. N.E. 3.56 02 S.W.

N.W .44 88 S.E. 92 W. .08 92 RE. 68 W. 62 S.W.

92 P2 S. 93 9.1 S. 94 S.W. 94 S. W.

rz N.W. .54 (14 S. 64 N.w. 74 E. 99 S.W.

76 Calm E. S8 SE. .01 N.W. .01 P9 N.E. DS S.

92 99 S. 72 92 SE. 99 S.W. SS N. 94 N.

.02 S.Nr. 72 S.W. Tr. 1:2 N.E. 69 W.

98 SE. S.E. .01 N.W. 72 SE. Tr.

P4 S.W S.E. S. .04 N.W. 74 SE. 79 N.

Tr. SA Ar4 A gentleman of position and well known to citizens says: "From chilldhood I have been a user of oatmeal, but at certain times had to give it up as it did not agree with my erratic stomach. "A few months ago, my wife was asked by her grocer to try a package of Malt Breakfast Food which he recommended very highly, as he was using it in his own family. Our experience with Malt Breakfast Food was so satisfactory that oatmeal has been banished from the house. "I find Malt Breakfast Food contains more strengthening and nourishing qualities than any other grain food I have ever used.

I find it very easy to digest, and I am gaining flesh right along. I would rather give up my beefsteak or chop in the morning than go without Malt Breakfast Food; this is also the experience of my wife and sons." Ask your grocer for Malt Breakfast Food Initial Proceedings Consist Mainly of Orations by Defendant and President Fa liere. insurgent Leader Weeps as His Soldiers Stack Their Arms in Submission. a I) Itto liSIVIIIIMIlitagIMp. I 111, 'eliellikl, tPCe 1 a li al.

e.MFOMgIM4,s7M,FrrM:777..7,.,!.--:::,:::,,.,,:,,'...:-::,.-,- ICILiot: ii is ft' 1111121 la .1..: -2, di, ft? 4,,,,,,, 0 -P ii vi 1 oi. i ev, 4 cy (......,:.......: 0 c' 0.. '')43 .1 ip A qpir Eel 2 '1 4.1A;SHif:..--::'::.::::;.:i..":::..:.':::i::1'1.;:',:!!i''.(-,,.:: a fie. 40 i t' 511r11' 0 cci ----41 i TZWART I 'BE (lir 1 ithwitt er 1114, cogpvitweet 31ASY AY AWAY. STAY AWAY.

PAY FOR RIFLES REFUSED. I WEATHER IN CHICAGO. The temperature as observed yesterday by L. Manasse, optician. was as follows: Thermometer8 a.

76; 9 a. 7S; 10 a. m. 79; 11 a. 81; 12 83; 1 p.

rn. 84; 2 p. 46; 4 92; 6 n. m. 86.

Barometer-8 a. m. 2938; 6 p. 9.41. i 1 1 1 1 7 1 EBY CABLE TO THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE.

MANILA, June 24.The Filipino leader, General Cal lles, surrendered today at Santa Cruz, in Laguna Province. With him -were 650 of his men, who turned over to the American authorities 386 rifles and 4,000 rounds of ammunition. The surrender was unique in its ceremonial features and was as impressive as it was unique. The American troops were drawn up on three sides, of the courtyard of the Santa Cruz church. with six native bands in front General Cal Iles and his staff at head Of the insurgent forces, marched to the Courtyard and were drawn up in six lines, facing the Americans.

The insurgent General and his staff, all In full uniform, with swords, entered the church, where Chaplain Hart of the Eighth United States Infantry celebrated a solemn mass. 4 OFFICIAL DEATH RECORD. The VittS111110Toil PARK CLUB RACES HI DAY. TUESDAY. JUNE 25th 6-GRAND RACES-6 Including the LAKESIDE STAKES.

Commencing Promptly at 2:30 P. M. (RAIN OR SHINE). 1111 ISSION laettitair57.5i I 0 0 Box Season. (1114t and Admission Tickets on Sala at Wellington Motel (Rotunda.

TRAIN ERVICE-6' south Side Elevated Trains connecting with all Elevated Roads via the Loop every 3 minutes. SOUTH SIDE ELEVATED EXPRESS TRAINS. Leaving Loop at Congress Street and atm-pica onlv at 224 Street and Rist Street, arriving at 6Ist street In TWENTY MINUTES. CABLE AND ELECTRIC LINES- State-st and Cottage (rove-wv. cable cone meeting with all South Side cross-town lines.

direct to gates. Calumet Electric etreet Railway to South Park-ay. and 63d-st. When Mrs. Bessie Stewart Hooker.

daughter of Senator Stewart of Nevada, secured a divorce from Lieutenant It C. Hooker. U. S. and was given back her maiden name, she decided to make her.own way in life.

Forming a partnership with Mrs. Robert A. Osborne, Miss Stewart went to New York, rented a storeroom at 400 Fifth avenue, and set up a millinery establishment. So successful has the business been that the Senator's daughter has just opened a branch store in Newport, which bears over the door the legend: Stewart, Importer. 400 Fifth avenue.

New and which is presided over by three pretty French girls. Miss Stewart has two sons; the eldest, Lieutenant Richard Stewart Hooker of the Marine Corps. was recently married to Miss Mary Condit Smith, a heroine of the American legation during the siege of Pekin. The other son is a student ut Harvard. ILLIUOIS CEIITRAL RAILROAD THE FOLLOWING BURIAL PERMITS WERE Issued by the Health department yesterday: Andres.

Augustave, 23; South Chicago Hospital, June 2.3. Bruzek, Joseph. 33; 624 June 23. Brand. Florence V.

97,3 Van June 21. Baer. Henry. :.18: 1533 Milwaukee-av June 22. Bennett.

Edward, 37; 1129 -Wilcox-av June Cody, M. 60; 5340 June 22. Donnelly. Patrick. 57; 339 IN.

15th-st. June 22. De Camp, 19; 5933 State-st June24. Eirdam, Richard 7L3236 June 22. Ealson.

Gustay. 85; 15 June 24. Evans, Elizabeth, 63; 3650 June 22. Gaily, Richard 39; 263 Clark-st June 20. Gudhardt, Margaretha, 64; 533 N.

Ashiand-av June 22. Gerber. Herman. 69; 8631 Halsted-st June 23. Hoever, 23; 421 W.

56th-st June 22. Hanlon, Stephen, Z.9; 219 June 22. Hazen, K. 27; 3301 IVabash-av, June 23. Johnson, John.

6T; 212 June 22. Jeschke, Agnes. 50; 1041 21st-st. June 22. Krusinska.Julianna.

36; 1262 N.Leavitt-st..June24 Keating. Jennie, 41 4612 June 22. Kenner. Emma L. 43: 4409 22.

Kraft, 62' June Leahy, John 19; 5Iercy Hospital, June 23. Laffick. West Side Hospital. June 21. Lehr.

George. 47; 905 W. June 24. Miles, Nellie, 27; 2201 June 22. Miles, William 8S; bll N.

Western-av June 22. Moore. Norman. 11: 514 W. June 23.

McConney, Mary, 36; 211 E. Chicago-av June 24. George. 29: 162 E. June Nelson, 59; 374 Erie-st June 4.3.

Parkhurst, Julia 64; 5136 June 22. Kate, 21i 971 S. Albany-av June 20. Rogers, Charles GS; 699 N. Congress-stJune 21.

Rhein, George A. 31; Great Northern Hotel, June 22. Alice. 98: 741 W. June 22.

Riebandt, 89; 612 June 23. Rosenfield, Anna 43; 466 W. June Rotchild. Sara. 67; 4820 June 23.

Renfro', L. L. 36; 86th and June 20. Schodrot, 3729 Wentworth-avJune 22. Steinhagen, Johanna, 76; 367 June 22.

Zivnustka. 51; 855 Hoyne-av, June 23. EXPRESS and LOCAL TRAINS. rerular expref a and local suburban trains leaving from 12:45 to 2:40 p. in- clu.tve, have loop servics direct to Grand Stand.

In addition. express trains direct to the Grand Stand with no stops south of Van carrying parlor ears. leave Randolph-st at 1:10 and 1:30 p. GEN. WOOD DOWN' WITH GRIP.

Military Governor of Cuba Compelled to Take to His EedRepublicans Accept Platt Amendment. Mackinac Island and RETURN-7 dys lako $25 trip, Meals and berth included Leave Chicago Saturdays 8.30p. tio. First trip July 6th. Escanaba, Mich.

Troops March in Review. The religious ceremony being over General Cat Iles marched his troops In review before General Sumner and his staff. the officers on each side giving the required salutes with military preciseness. The insurgent troops then stacked their arms in the courtyard of the church, there being 100 captured Krag-Jorgensens In the lot. General Sumner and his aids then started to distribute ceritficates of $30 each to the men who had surrendered rifles.

General Cal iles protested Indignantly, saying that the rifles were given up by his men voluntarily and he could sell them to the Americans. General Carnes Breaks Down. After he had spoken he broke down, weeping. Some of his officers and men also cried. Carnes adjutant then collected the certificates and they were returned to General Sumner.

The insurgent leader then made a fare-welt address to -his troops, in which he commanded them to adhere to the United States and uphold American instittitions. When he had concluded he fainted from grief and heat. which means that Hawaii win hEtve no local militia. The annexation of Hawaii by the State of California is proposed here in some quarters as a way out of the various political and governmental difficulties. The registration, of Chinese In Hawaii has been finished.

The number registered Is about 27,000. The special tourt created by the Legislature to hear claims growing out of the plague fire in Chinatown now has 2,394 claims before It over half of them being Japanese. The amounts asked. for aggregates about $1,750,000. and RETURN-4 days' 41e13 trip, Meals and berth enctuded Leave Chicago Wed.

and Sat at 8 p. in. 1 IBT CABLE TO TEE CHICAGO TRIBUNE. FARIS. June of the Marquis LurEaluces, Royalist, ex-Member of the Chamber of Deputies.

who was banished for in the Royalist conspiracy of 1899 ITid who recently returned to France for trial, began today. Of the 150 Senators summoned to form the high court of justice twenty-two failed to appear and are barred, consequently. from attendance hereafter. 3over de Bouillane. the Marquis' counlei, raised objections to the competency, but the court decided that it tad jurisdiction of the case.

The President of the Senate, M. Fallieres. presided. The Marquis, escorted by two guards. appeared at the bar of the House to answer the charge of complicity in the (simes of high treason and attempts against the safety of the State, for which MM.

peroulede, Buffet, Marcel-llabert, and Guerto were condemned. There was no excitement in the vicinity of the palace where the Senate holds its sitting, as was the case io the earlier trial of the Marquis and the otters mentioned Melodramatic Effect Nissing. idthough there was no crowd around the palace of the Senate, and it was evident that the trial was not arousing the excitement the yarquis anticipated when he returned to Paris, great precautions were taken. Two empanies of Republican Guards and large detachments of police were stationed In the precincts of the palace. There were a number of smartly dressed women in the audience, including the white atiy who followed the Dreyfus trial.

After rejecting the pleas made by counsel for the Marquis to the effect that the Senate Court was null because it was not composed of all the members of the Senate, the names witnesses were called. Among those who answered were 31. Lepine, the Prefect of the Paris police; General Zurlinden, M. Trarieux, from Gironde; General Chamoin, and Major Cuignet, while M. de Freycinet, exInister of Foreign Affairs, and others who were summoned by the defense sent their The remainder of the session was occupied by two monologues, one from the Marquis al Lur-Saluces and the other by M.

Poitiers. The Marquis latgan by reading a long statetnt in the nature of a political Indictment a the government, in which he spoke of the FAehoda incident, the financial bankruptcy France, the Dreyfus trial. and the campalgn against the army. M. Falliere requested, the speaker to keep mthin the limits of the present trial.

The Marquis concluded his address in. these words: "I see in this high -court of justice not 'Ages but can eunish me by force, but not by right." Lur-Saluces Haughtily Silent. M. Falliere then began his monologue, in Thich he reviewed the charges against the Marquis of Lur-Saluces in a series of questins, to which the Marquis Vouchsafed no word in relay. Finally M.

Falliere asked the Marquis why he fled across the frontier. The Marquis remained silent at this quesum. The trial was then adjourned until tomorrow, and it Is said the proceedings will he concluded on'Wednesday. The Courier du Soir, in its Issue of this evening, predicts the acquittal of the Marquis, and says', the high supernumeraries persist in their determination to punish only the leading actors in the treasonable action against the state. I a 1 is le ie 5e 5t Le 5- 110 I I 1 a 7 3 3 1 e' b.

I fluskecren or Grznd Haven (Copyright: 1901: By the NPet Tribune. 1 Br CABLE TO THE TRIBUNE. LONDON. lune 25, 8 a. m.The state of affairs in the Mediterranean fleet is causing much concern.

It is well known that several naval officers have addressed strong remonstrances to the Admiralty in regard to the strength of the war organization of the squadron, but Lord Charles Berestord's action in making a communication publid is not, approved of. The reply of the Admiralty secretary in the House of Commons last evening with regard, to Lord Charles recent letter conveys an indirect censure on the popular Rear Admiral and some of his friends fear that it may lead to his resignation. Whatever course Lord Beresford may takes however, the attention of Parliament will be called to the deficiencies which it is alleged exist in the Mediterranean squadron, especially in the matter of torpedo boats. Some of the military experts in the House of Commons express the opinion that the reinforcements dispatched to Lord Kitchener May have proved inadequate. CanadianStatesmenintiondon.

Five Canadian statesmen, at present in England. are about to be entertained by the National Liberal club. They are the Hon. A. Blair, Sir L.

H. Davies. the Hon. W. S.

Yielding, the Hon. S. F. Fisher, and the Hon. D.

Mills, who have all been nominated for temporary membership. Sale of the Royal Sherry. The sale of royal wines yesterday at Christle's attracted a large throng of dealers. The bidding started off briskly, the first lot of pale sherry being sold at $31.50 a dozen, but the purchaser evidently made a miscalculation, as the next lot of the same wine brought only $18.50. The wines auttioned off were pale and golden sherry from the St.

James' Palace cellars, bottled in 1894 and 1891 and also in 1680 and 1882. Prices ranged from 15 to $18 a dozen. The aggregate sales for 1.169 dozens were about 09,000, pointing to about $100,000 for the entire surplus stock. While the auction was well attended bidding was mainly confined to a few large dealers. It was understood that a considerable quantity was purchased for the American market.

The price for each brand was settled by the dealers and thera was little variation from it. Earl Russell's Case. Earl Russell's counsel has not succeeded In the preliminary effort to obstruct the work of the grand jury in the bigamy case, but it Is probable that the House of Lords will defer action if he be indicted. It is generally assumed that the case will be tried by the peers, but nobody seems to know what would happen If he were to waive his rights, and privileges and ask for an ordinary trial. That would be an unexpected proof of the sincerity of his radical convictions.

Advanced Liberals are hoping that the House of Lords will take up the case, and thereby render ridiculous a revival of antiquated procedure based on privilege. Revives a Ring Charles." Sir Henry Irving revived King-Charles the First with marked success at the Lyceum last night and was received with hearty enthusiasm. Ellen Terry supported him well as Queen Henrietta Maria. He is working constantly, rehearsing one play after another, yet he retains his usual health and vigor. It is probable that he will appear In the full series of plays now in progress at the Lyceum when he goes to Bernhardt rivals Irving in physical endurance and has strength in reserve for a constant round of social engagements.

Coquelin also Is a welcome guest in West End houses. Marion Crawford Is making a short visit In London and pronounces L'Aiglon a perfect stage epic. New Theories on War. The public, while perplexed and anxious over the Boer war. Is hardly prepared to support 'M.

Bloch's view that modern warfare has been rendered impossible by perior advantages of defense, and that the i sacrifices made on the continent for the support of conscription are The opinions of the Russian Councilor of State were clearly explained in an important paper read yesterday before the United Service Institution. M. Bloch declared that the south African war showed that the theatrical spectacles called maneuvers were in no way related to real warfare. One of the most remarkable features was the constant impossibility of detertnining the enemy's position. This was not attributable to British defective reconneissance, but to the new conditions of war.

It was not mistakes made by the British nor the qualities of the Boers, who had shown an entire lack of rational strategy, and tactics, which produced the results but smokeless powder and long-rangeequickfiring rifles, which involved dispersion and Invisibility to a degree unheard of formerly. and to the possibility of providing riflemen, with a larger number of cartridges. I. N. F.

and RETURN Berth included vD Lye. Chicago 7:45 p.m.daily Finest Service on the Lakes Ffir 1nformat1021 addrees It. C. DAVIS, G. P.

A. Foot Michigan-ay. Chicago, City TickI 01 lice. 103 Arlame-it. Sumner Returns the Sword.

When he had regained his composure General Cal lles walked to the headquarters. of General Sumner and tendered hit wword in token of his surrender. General Sumner returned the Insurgent's sword, an act of gallantry to a former foe that brought cheers from the surrendered men as well as from the Americans who witnessed It. BE COOLED AND REFRESHED BY THE CHARMS OF PROGRESS OF THE.AUTO RACE. Motors Which Left Paris on Saturday Morning Arrive at Coblente Without Mishap.

(BY CABLE TO THE CHCAGO TRIBUNE. COBLINTTZ, June 24.The tourist motor car people who left Paris on Saturday arrived here from Luxembourg this evening. Their trip from the last named place was uneventful except for greetings they received along the route and the flowers with which they were constantly showered. Preparing for Thursday's Itace. 1ST CABLE TO THE CHICAGO TaxstiNE.1 PARIS, June 24.The customs officials have been- busy all day stamping the motor cars which will in the speed contest to Berlin on Thursday.

Two of the foremost competitors, De Meter and Barras, have been obliged to withdraw from the contest. Barras broke his collarbone and' De Mester's car was smashed to pieces by charging into trees along the roadside. T1 UT et cc 134 CT tr HT CABLE TO THZ TRIBUNE. HAVANA, June condition of General Wood, who for several days has been suffering from an attack of grip and malarial fever. which, however did not interrupt his 'official duties, is somewhat worse.

His fever Is considerably higher tonight, and he has been. forced to take to his bed. Surgeon Major Havard, the general attending physician, has advised absolute rest until the fever ubsides. The Republican party of the Province of Havana decided today by a vote of 41 to 15 to respect the Platt amendment. Gualberto Gomez on account of the action.

resigned from the Republican party and also as editor of the Petrie, the newspaper which Is supposed to voice the opinions of that body. At the municipal convention of the National party of Havana today it was also decided that the Platt amendment should be accepted and respected, and that the party would cooperate with the Intervening authorities in establishing the republic. It was decided, however, that after the latter bad been accomplished the party would work for the repeal of the Platt amendment by legal means. 1 WILL PAY PART OF DUKE'S DEBTS Eugene Zimmerman Supplies Cash to Enable Young Manchester to Compromise with His Creditors 131r CABLE TO THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE. LONDON.

June creditors of the Duke of Manchester will meet next Thursday to consider an offer of settlement of 12 shillings and 6 pence in the pound. It is understood that the liabilities of the Duke, which were originally stated to will not exceed 19,794, and that cash will be provided by Eugene Zimmerman, the Duke's father-In-law, to pay the above compromise plus expenses. DEATHS. DICKINSONEmma L. Dickinson.

at her home: 278 mother of Mrs. Robert F. Beardsley and Sheldon L. Dickinson. aged 49 years.

Funeral Wednesday at 2 o'clock. Burial private. GEISENDORFFMaria Gelsendorff. mother of Amelia Henning, and Mary Siebert. Monday, June 24.

1:30 a. aged 74 years 7 months. 4 days. Burial at (Trace land 'Wednesday, June 26, at 2 p. m.

from late residence, 240 Sedgwick-st. HILLSunday, June 28, 2:45 p. tri. Thomas M. Hill.

husband of Mrs. Lulu Hill (nee Johnson), brother of Mrs. H. H. Trent.

Funeral Wednesday. p. from Bethesda 13aptist Church. Interment Oakwoode Cemetery. Frankfort IKy.1 papers please copy.

HILTONJune 24. at the residence of her Oster. Mrs. Hervey W. Booth.

138 Clinton-ay. Oak Park. Ann le Florence. daughter of Licinia E. and the late John C.

Hilton. Funeral at late residence on Wednesday. June 26. at 1 o'clock p- MUELLERMrs. Odile Mueller.

widow of Carl, beloved mother of Charles Mueller. Mrs. Alice Hertzer, Mrs. Bertha Czachorowsky. June 24.

Funeral from the residence of her sister, Mrs. A. J. be Pitre, 554 S. Mozart-at, near 12th-st.

Wednesday. June 26, at lu a. in. PEACOCKJune 24. 1901, Margaret Peacock.

widow of the late Joseph Peacock, in her Sloth -year. Funeral from the residence of her daughter, R. P. Green, 4814 Thursday, June 27, .1 O'clock. Burial private.

Please omit flowers. ROTHSCHILDSara Rothschild. June 23. at 6:80 p. m.

at residence. 4820 beloved wife of Soloman and mother of Mrs. D. A. Rosenthal.

Mrs. M. H. Segalla, Sophie. Clara.

Esther, William Albert, Jacob, Maurice, Benjamin. Emil. and Isaac. Funeral Wednesday, June 26. 9:30 a.

by carriage to Rosehill Cemetery. Cincinnati LOA papers please copy. TINDALLMrs. Alice Tindall, widow of Captain Tindall. Monday morning.

June- 24. at her residence in Pontiac. Funeral Wednesday, 4 p. in. June 26, LOVERS' LANE Eu I2nd Month I MATS.


TOMORROW Next SundayTHE EXPLORERS. Secretary Gage's-Explanation of Recent Tariff Ruling on Petroleum Considered Beside the Point. .1.4.1. ALL sidered 3 'UNDERTAKERS. i B.

E. ARNTZEN. SUCCESSOR 13ARTLETT Co.Fine funeral furnishings; all parts county. Est. ISSO- 251 N.

Clark-st. Telephone 56 North. Always Cad STUDEBAKER- Michigan adjs. Auditorium. Tel.

liar. 19. COLLINS UNDERTAKERS AND ENIbalmerse VAT SV. 12th-st. 'Phone West Livery General Sumner also handed back the revolutionists' Bag, which Collies will personally present to General MacArthur, General Sumner congratulated Ca Ines on his surrender, and the latter restionded that It was a happy day for Laguna Province.

After General Cal Iles and his staff had been formally introduced to the American officers and the Filipino native functionaries they accompanied General Sumner to the plaza, where the oath of allegiance to the United States was administered by Chaplain Hart to the entire insurgent force and the mundcipal officials, the ceremony concluding with the -playing of the national anthem by the assembled American Deserter Captured. After all the insurgents had taken the oath of allegiance one of their number was recognized and identified as Private Frank Meekin of the Thirty-seventh Volunteers. who deserted some time ago and joined the insurgent force under General Cailles. He bad surrendered with eagles' command. hoping to escape recognition.

He is now confined In the guardhouse in irons. He will be tried at Manila, although his regiment has been mustered (-Jut. With the exception ef the entire Filipino force was liberated. Many of them are mere boys. but they are fine physical types.

The surrender was unmistakably sincere, but it was also sad, although it had been Intended to make it a grand festival. Cailles holds the universal respect of the natives and the Americans in Santa Cruz and the town is celebrating the reunion of the men with their families. The insurgents are on the friendliest terms with the Americans, and both participated in the drinking and the dancing. KINGIISR PE LG EA DI No DODO GREAT SIN( CO- of 8 Do Do. 1 GREAT SING.

CO. of J. WHITTIER BUFFITM 120 YEARS WITH THE late C. Jordanj. and A.

B. PERRIGO. undertakere 1722 telephone Eouth 953. 80. Nights at to Mat.Wed.

25e. 50e; 25e. 7.5c. On sale 4 weeks In advance. SPECIAL MATINEE JULY 4: LY 4: HADLEY UNDERTAKING IN ALL ITS branches.

city and suburbs. 455 Ogden-at. TeL W. 152. CHAMBERLAIN IS WELL.

AGAIN. British Colonial Secretary at His Desk After a Brief Spell of Sickness. SI PETERSBURGJune 24.On competent authority it may be Etat ed that the Russian Ministry of Finance regards Secretary Gage's explanation of the petroleum question to be beside the point. Russia does not (he correctness of Secretary Gage's interpretation of the tariff laws of the United Section 626 of these laws places naphtha and the products of naphtha on the free list unless the country whence they are exported) charges duty on similar articles from the United! States. Russia does not admit that these laws authorize the collection of a tariff on paraffine made in Great Britealn from Russian naphtha as decreed by Secretary Gage in his circular -of M.


Milwaukee-ay. Tel. h44 West. HARDIN. FUNERAL DIRECTOR.

432 and 967 W. 12th. Tel. Central 547 and W. 527.

ZIEGLER. UNDERTAKER. 409 near Lincoln Park. Telephone North 1443. 4 CHINESE TROOPS IN, THE FIELD.

Tung-Fu-Siang Marches Army on TalTnen-Pu and Governor Appeals for Help. TItIsT TSIN, June 25. 3 a. been received from Tal-Yuen-Pu. Province of Shan-Si.

that General Tung-Pu-Slang le marching thither. and the Governor of the province has appealed for foreign help in opposing his progress. 1 NI 11 CkPICe POSTLEWA IT. 822 HIGH-CLASS undertaking; city and suburtm Tpl. WoPt 240).

HAMBURG. UNDPAITAKER. 316-114 OGDEN-AV. Telephone 'West 51S- Livery in connection. oppAnou CO NTIN 0 US VAIL DEVILLE.

Nick tong ildalensCottotaules Ella Garrison. Jessie mthoul. Lw-voipy Kent. DeMora Gracetts. Carrie Scott.

John T. Tierney. 3Bohan Trio-3 The Sisters Ether. Tormt. Frank BOWrillin- WM Hart May Dillott Connors Garwood.

Norris Smith. Margie troctor. Th. Flying 'LS-intro. 20e, 20e.

Reserved Seats, boo. te7 T. C. WAN EN ar CO. FUNERAL.

toIRECTORs. 3913 Cottage Grove-ay. Tel. Oakland 179. 1 BY CABLE TO THE cnicAao TRIBUNE.

LONDON'. June Joseph has so far recovered from recent eckness as to be able to resume his duties at the Colonial office. Today be telegraphed to the election agent of Mr. roster, the Conservative candidate for election to Parliament in the Stratfordon-Avon division in 'Warwickshire, as fol- the electors remember that a teat lost to the government is still a seat gained by the Doers. I trust they will give Ir.

Foster a triumphant majority. T. J. CASSIDY. UNDERTAKER.

EMBALMER. and livery. 542444 S. Callfornia-av. Te1.1061 W.



THE GEO. wrrrnoLn CO. IG5T BUCKING- ham-pi 'Phone 1.18 Lake VIew. and 510 North Clarit-st, 'Phone 588 North; our facilities for tine floral work are unsurpavsed. i 1 Rtans qouci cottage ()rove and dist.

MACARTS Dog and Monkey CircusROM-N-70S Godfrey Wilhards and Big Vaudeville Bill Homer Hobson and Star Lawn ShowDenaughs Band and Megaphone Quartette. Every Afternoon and EVPIling i HEALTH DEPARTMENT ON CITY WATER. FLORAL DI GNING. CHOICE CPT FLOWERS. T.

D. MASONIC TEMPLE. Mall and PhirmIng trade a specialty at very lowest rates. Telephone 573 Main. OFFICER OF YEOMANRY DEAD.

Lieutenant G. L. Greenshields of Shropshire Cavalry Dies of Wounds Received in Africa. C. C.

FERDINANDSENFLORAL DESIGNS A specialty. 3 Cottage Grove-ay. Tel. Drexel 0131. mat klsk :1110 LA atiCAtoll 14 nyD vi avs 4.

HOYT'S PERPETUATED PALMSA DOLLAR palm for cents. delivered anywhere in the city. 2948 Cottage Grove-ay. Tel. Brown 803.

CIARPtN A. SIKUTA. ARTISTIC FLORAL DESIGNS. Prites reagonable. 65 3 12th.

Tel. Monroe Lake View station supplies an territory north of Fullerton avenue. Chicago avenue station supplies all territory between Funerton avenue and Kinzie street. Fourteenth street station supplies all territory between Kinzie and Thirty-ninth streets, and Hyde Park all territory south of Thirty-ninth street except the Stock-Yards. Corner 51st-st.

snot Cottage Grove-ay. Concert EVERY EVENING by Albert Ulrich. Orchestra. Entire membership comPoseti THEODORE THOMAS' CHICAGO ORCHESTRA. LONDON, June 24.

Lieutenant G. L. Greenshields of the Shropshire Yeomanry Cavalry, is dead from wounds received in the war in south Africa. He was one of the Oxford-Cambridge team which defeated the Harvard-Yale team in the international athletic games in July, 1899. FOR CHOICE FLORAL WORK GO TO I.

C. SILLIMAN'S. 1143 Oaden-av. 'Phone MOTIreoe 4357. CRAIG.

FLORIST. FUNERAL, DESIGNS. EST. -1S74. 175 Wsbash-av.

Tel. IRSOCentral. CENTRAL FLORAL 41 STATE-ST. PHONE Cen.3483. Floral tributes furnished on short notiee.


Madison. FRA W. Madison. 'Phone 1334 West. BOTANICAL DECORATING CO.NATURAL preserved palms.

Wholesale. 273 Wabash. H.2499. ORPHEON Washington-st, ohm City Hall. DAILY at 2:15 25 EVENINGS at 5:15 Orchestra Reserved Seats.

SMOKIN11 AN EF IIMENTS ANOTHER KNOCKOUT. BURLEccUE FIDDLE-DEE-DUN VA 1-DEN ILL? AN ALL-STAR 01.10-40 FRET FY GIRLS. URGING DOLE TO RESIGN. fetchers of Hawaiian Legislature Declare That Secretary Cooper Cannot Legally Act as Governor. HONOLULU, June lengthy opinion supplied to the House Committee on Juditiary.

Attorney Thomas Fitch has expressed the view that Secretary of the Territory Cooper was not legally acting its Governor. The opinion held that Governor Dole's present condition does not conEttute disability within the meaning of the organic act. The House passed a resolution declaring tliat the doubt would affect any appropriation bill that might be passed, and requesting Dole to either resign, resume his office. or leave the Territory long enough to allow. Co Per to qualify.

Governor Dole left on the same day for Hawaii. He stated that he would probably he away about two months. In reference to a report that he had forwarded his to Washington, Governor Dole said the rt'Port was untrue. As to his disability, be raid that he had been advised by his that he was not in fit condition to the duties of the office of Governor. The Advertiser publishes a story that Kahunas are at work on Governor Dole.

DraYing against him according to the old native idea of praying enemies to death. It FOREIGN MAIL SCHEDULE. Poreign mails will close at the Chicago Post-office today as follows: For Belgium, Switzerland. Spain, Portugal. Turkey, Egypt.

Greece. British India. and bourenzo Marquez. 4:30 p. m.

For British Honduras, Guatemala, and. Republic of Honduras, 5 p. m. For Cuba, via Tampa. p.

m. For Japan. China. Corea, and Philippines. 9 p.M.

For Jamaica. 12 o. rn. For Santiago. Cuba, 12 p.

For Austria. Denmark. Germany. ilreat Britain. Ireland.

Norway. Netherlands. Russia, and Sweden. 12 p. m.

For France and Italy. Nda, Bavre. 12 D. Tn. F.

E. COYNE Pkistrnaster. R. A rki OPERA- HOUSE. TEMPLE THEATER rasollio TONIGHT AT 8:15.

Matinee Tomorrow at 2. TO the Influence of a little girl, not yet 2 years old, is due a real estate innovation, the removal of the objection to babies in rented houses, and the substitution of a premium for them Grace 'Winkle, 4111111114t- cy ir-2Th child of 20 months, Is 411 pPE- the one who has ac- complished It, and -1 IP -kty, 'kr, 01 -Sk, she has done it a through her father. Charles P. an k) 'Winkle, owner of a 141 large tract of land In the southestern part 7 1 of the city. itA 00 VAIN ike many another et' 1.

16- i At.q,';',NA., real estate owner Mr. if: Van Winkle has al-, 7 l' ways regarded babies 0 3 simply as an annoy-. Ince. tp to his mar 7 0 '''keca' tTVIV'la' riage three years age he often lay awake at Vott.i,V O'cl night planning tor- 1.1 tures for those in his neighborhood who .1 had babies, and, even gave much of his time to inventing an air- vv ,5 tight, sound-proof railway car In which all babies must be I carried when travel- iiE: ing. If any one of- If --fered to rent one of his flats his first clues- 4 i' I ton about the baby, and if there was one negotiations were el i ----) off.

He had Ironclad 0 leases that positively forbad vt" 'bables. 77titz671ezce an zel. yie Three years ago Mr. Van Winkle married Miss Josephine Reed, a teacher In the Hyde Park High School. The teaching instinct was born in little Alma, and she set herself to correct her father's ideas.

Her success was marked. Mr. Van Winkle has announced that hereafter not only are babies not barred, but that they are at a premium in all houses owned by No family should be without one," is his motto, and he follows it up by stating that whoever builds, a house on land leased from him, and thereafter becomes the proprietor of a baby, shall receive a rent receipt free. Babies coming within fifteen 'months of the execution of the lease are worth five years' rent. After that they count for one year's rent.

No family can score more than once, except in the case et twins, which -count for five -year 7 i Aroust Family, Martell Family. Quaker City Quartette, Smith and Campbell and Four Other Big Acts. LORNAJt Finest Production Ever Seen In Chicago. ComingCISSIE LOFTUS. SAM T.

JACK'S IDOONEI News Notes from Foreign Lands. PERINJapuan demands S51.912,247 as her share of the Chinese indemnity. CAPE TOWNRands of Boers hare reappeared In the Richmond district, Cape Colony. CHRISTIANAThe officers and crew of the United States training ship Hartford were entertained by the United States Consul General BERLINCommander W. H.

feebler. the United States naval is at Emperor Wi Mamie special invitation participating In the Kiel regatta. VIENNAThe Zettung. In an article, Europe and America." declares that Pan-American-ism involves political as well as economic danger to Europe. Island of MadeiraThe King and Queen of Portugal arrived here today.

This Is the that time any Portuguese monarch has visited Madeira. BERLINIt has been decided that neither the American colonies of Beg lin. belpsic. nor Dresden will hold general or official Fourth of July celebrations. LONDONRtchardson, Tee.

Ryercroft Co. report that their cotton warehouse at Manchester has been burned and that the damage amounts to $900,000. LoNnoNThe Daily Mail hears that the Sultan of Morocco has authorized his envoy now in London to negotiate a commercial treaty which will open Morocco to European commerce. LONDONLord Kitchener cables that since his last report forty-one Boers have been killed, twenty-seven wounded. and 160 prisoners taken.

Seventy burghers surrendered, and the British also captured 41.800 rounds of small arm ammunition and 264 wagons, besides horses and stock. OFFICIAL WEATHER FORECAST. OFFICE OF CHIEF OF WEATHER BUREAU. Washington, D. June 24.Forecast for Tuesday and 'Wednesday: IllinoisFair on Tuesday with warmer In northeast portion.

fresh southerly winds. Wednesday fair. OhioFair on Tuesdav and Wednesday. except showers near the lake. light to fresh southeasterly winds.

IndianaFair and continued warmer on Tuesday and Wednesday. fresh southeasterly winds. Lower MichiganShowers on Tuesday. Wednesday fair. variable winds.

mostly from the east. Upper MichiganFair and cooler on Tuesday. Wednesday fair, Yaniable winds. 'Wisconsin and MinnesotaLocal rains on Tuesday and Wednesday. fresh southeasterly winds.

Iowa and Missouri Fair on Tuesday and Wednesday. southerly -winds. az: Mad lson-st rte. State. TeL Cent.


t097 4111' Ma t. daVy. Prices 10. 20.30. We.

Smoke If you uk Special at tbly PARISIAN BELLES BURLESQUERS. 40Fair French Charmers-40 "Hawaiians believe Implicitly In their romancy, and even some of the men in th' Legislature say that Governor Dole. 4'11 that the Kahunas are after is doomed to at least a state of per-rent incapacity," Both House and Senate are working slow- "1 appropriations, The extra session has 40, lasted thirty days. It is said that some (if the Republicans are working for delay to the passage of any bill at all, in order Ilat the old appropriation bill, which is re- tart as fairly may continue orce. Nights at to 25e.

50c; 25c, Co Go. 75c. On sale 4 weeks to advance. ti PO Ca e- -1 21 Place of obeer- 0 ') tr vatIon. 4 f-g- Ea .40 5 3 a Time taken: lrl tA.

0 June 24. p. m. .1 0 Abilene 20 70 02 94 F.E. Clear Albany 20 04 70 04 N.

Clear Alpera 2,) 04 04 70 Tr. Atlanta. 39 90 Sel 144 i4. Clo'dy Amarillo 20 04 00 02 S.E. Clear Batt 29 Fol AR 79 40 Fair Bt9marek .24 54 N.W.

Clear Buffalo 29 04 70 74 W. Clear Booton ....29 AS 00 le E. .02 Rain Car .1..24.92 90 94 GREAT flORTIIERIIaZEsZnz POWERS' LA" WEEK SIXTH IMMENSE WEEK. THE VILLAGE POSTMASTER Ditrichsteins BUSINESS NOTICES. The Reel Rain Storm on the Village Scl liars le most refreshing.

250Zdat2ases, Watt, Sat. and Are You A Mason? LAST MATINEE SATURDAN 1 Stops Diarrhoea anti Stomach Cramp. Dr. Blegert's Orenulzto Iraported Angostura, Bitters. The Rouse has decided to cut out altogether ItPproprlatloa for a Natioual Guard, 41 a.t."',...A.a.-,..L.22a......,s.a.................L-,r"'I''".

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