The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois on November 24, 1899 · Page 9
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The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois · Page 9

Chicago, Illinois
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Friday, November 24, 1899
Page 9
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TIIIl DAILY INTER OCBA . FK IDAY- i MOB2UNG, .NOYESIBEIl 24, .1890. AM0I1GTHERAILWAYS Georga r. Stone Argues Against Pooling of Profits. Wants roads to fight Bays Pools "Would Prevent Necessary Competition. Traascoatlaeatal Llaee Mikt a Rata f Sl fraaa Seattle te Chlcaca Geaeral Swi. Arguments against a railway pooling law wtre mad before the Coogre siional com-mniee by George F. Stone, secretary of tha Chicago beard of trade. Tn eommlttext expected to bear from Mr. Stood on tha subject of grain elevator comb! oat tot a. but Mr. Stone declined 10 dlarusa anything but a railway pooling bl.l. Ha attacked tha poatllon taken by Paul Mortoo. vlca president of tha Santa Ke system, at the preceding teuton of the committee Mr. Stone said In part' ' I am opposed to pojllng by raUroada be- caue It U odlcus In hw; It atlflea competi tion; It la against public policy ; it create a vast and dangerous mocopoly to be carried on vnrier the protection of the government; It takt a away the principal pillar of the Interstate-commerce law; It ia cUac legislation; It ii contrary to the genius of republican institutions and will be a constant menace to that public tranquillity which la a condition precedent to common prosperity; It is subversive of the common good and of tbe h.'gh-rst Interests of the pople; It is opposed by tha crest majority of lot people. "The doctrine is unmlstakitly laid down that contracts, agreements, or combinations for pooling of freights are opposed to the public we:fare. The proposition to establish fooling U not new. anJ we are, therefore, not led In doubt as to Us (Sects cn the business Interests of the country. D'irinc the existence of the vast tahlcago-Omaha pool In IS70. for Instanca, buslnesa suffered, localities and thippt rs were discriminated against, and secret rrbaUs were granted to a greater extent than ever before orttnec. Competition Oaljr Krdirfi Rates. "It Is claimed that the reduction In freight ratci which haa taken placs In the last twenty-five year war. accompllihed by railroads. The railroads never voluntarily reduced a rate. The forces of competition reduced the rates and compelled the railroads to conform to those trade conditions which all Industrie must recognise If the common prosperity Is to be secured. The forces of competition cannot be s'syed; they are as irresistible aa tbe process ion of tbe seasons; they will break down every barrier In the path Competition studies nd subdues the problems presented by experience and education, reduce the cost of travel and transportation and places our products in the market of the world without curtailing the requirements of civilised labor. Pooling should not be placed under the control of the interstate commerce commission. Let the railroads take their chances In thv great world of commerce. Let competition In all the activities of business hold undisputed sway. This Is a poor country and this is the last country on the face of the earth in which to trifle with the rights and preroratlves of the people." Governmental control of the railroads through the Interstate commerce commission, or some other ni'loial body, was recommend d by C. W. Dickinson, a manufacturer t agricultural machinery of La Crosse. Wis., nd by A. 9. Musselman, president of tha board of trade of Grand Rapids. Mich. "Witt tha business men of this country need mora than anything else." said the wltnesa. are not comparative rate but stable rates. When the railroad companies are left to make the rates themselves they show discriminations that result In hardships for those shippers veto are outside tbe sphere of Influence." ( onmliilss Adjssrss Today. - Owing to the death of Vice President Ho-bart. the subcornrulaaion will close its work ' In Chicago today and adjourn. Today the commission will consider the ship canal problem, and testimony will be received from a number of prominent men connected with the drainage canal. Only one witness wit scheduled for Saturday. J. , A Sioor of the Chicago Junction railway, and be will be requested to appear today. Mr. Spoor will be asked to answer the complaint of live-stock dealers that they have been charged $2 a car for switching by the belt lines of Cbicafo. The other witnesses wtll be Zlna R. Carter and J. G. Keith, members of tbe local board of trade. --It 1 the hone of the commission to close Jha Investigation Into tha tranaportatlon " roblem with tha close of the session In Chicago. Tha full commission haa considerable testimony now, and tt la felt recommendations enn bo made for legislation. Several a members of the subcommlsalon on transpor- tatlon will return to Washington Saturday, and the work of preparing the report to Congress will be Immediately taken up. The investigation of trusts Is closed, and thi section will also be considered In the report, which will probably be made In February. GENERAL RAILWAY SEWS. tdared Rates lerThssksglvlsg-Wsr of Traaseoatlaeatal Llaes. Despite the sgreement made at tha last meeting of the Western Passenger association not to make reduced ratea on account of Thanksgiving, nearly all tha roads have taken "Individual action" and announced that they will make a round-trp rata of 2 cents a mile each way, tickets to be sold from all polnta to any place not mora than 158 miles distant. The Western Freight association will meet tVday for tha purposa of generally advancing rata. It 1 not probable that they will auake as large Increases as the roads East of Chicago have agreed upon. Tha merchants and manufacturer of Cincinnati held a special meeting yesterday and agreed to pro-teat to the Interstate commerce commission against the wholesale advance In rates proposed by tha Eastern lines. Soma of tha longer line from Chicago to points in tha Northwest are threatening to cut rate because tha Northwestern and Bar-lington road have been shortening the ached ulea of soma of their best passenger train. The roads which cannot keep up slth tha procession generally causa rata and peed wars, and usually set tha wont of (bent In the and. Tha rata war of tha transcontinental lines la steadily getting worse. Yesterday one of tha road sold seven second-class tickets from Seattle to Chicago for I13S, or $19 eact. Tha tartlt rata Is $31. Second-class ticket from Seattle to St. Paul are being sold for fig. and from Seattle to Omaha for $27.60. JAIL SENTENCE AFFORDS JOY. Saerwell Kershaw Eiseele te Ba Seat ga tss Feaitsattsrr, Shsrwell Kershaw was mad happy yester-Aay when Judge Waterman sentenced him to an year In tha house of correction. Ba expected ta ba sent to tha penitentiary- Tha Indictment was tor embessletnent of 15.009. and there was proof that ha had taken 154. but tha prosecutors were willing that Kershaw should plea to petit larceny. Tbe coavlct was a clerk in the Chicago branch house of tha Detroit copper and brass roll-log mills- Ha embesxled tha $54 last August and left the city. Ha gave himself up In. St. Louis, and It Is figured his peculation have bean $1,000, at least, but previous faithful service caused his employer to bo lenient wi:h him. Kershaw la well connected In Detroit. A . " Llastypo Censsssttiea. Estimate furnished for linotype composition, either ta agate, nonpareil, minion, or brevier, any width np to CT ems pica. Term reasonable. Address Composition, box US. Ths Inter Ocean. - IN THE REAL-ESTATE.MARKET. Narta-Braaca Dk Presertr Sal ta . Esilera S tea safes at Llae. ' Jama H. Van Vllaaengea has Just closed the sal of a dock on the notk branch of the Chi cago river, facing east on Kingsbury street, between Indiana and Erie streets, for Hugh McBirney of Chicago to Perclval W. Clamant of Rutland. VLt president of tha Rutland Railroad company. The dock Is to ba Immediately Improved, with a warehouse for a steamboat line, owned by tha railroad company, which haa recently acquired, through receivers sale, tha entire fieet of tbe Ogdenaburg Transportation company. Next spring a large storage house will ba erected upon the north part of tha property, now ander a lease to.O. S. Richardson Co., for coal yards, expiring May 1 next. Tha river frontage of tha dock sold is 418.5 feat, the area U.71 square feet, and the price la $154.17.75 cash, or 12.25 per square foot. Mr. McBirney formerly held this dock at $3 per square foot, but a large portion of it has been vacant for a number of years. a Tha real-estate holdings of the estate of Mason 13 roe. and also the Interest of Edward O. Mason In tbe same properties will ba offered at public sale thi forenoon at 11 o'clock In tha room of the real-estate board by the Chicago Title and Trust company. The estate properties Include an Interest ia tbe building and grounds at Nob. 90-96 Washington street, fronting 67 feet, and 183.S feet deep. The intcreat to be offered for sale In that property Is an individual one-half of tha undivided three-sevenths, and also the additional Interest of Edward G. Mason. The property waa valued by the tax commission at $513,900, of that sum $450.00') being on the building. The lease of that part of the ground in which the real-estate board building stands, at tbe northeast corner of Randolph and Dearborn streets, also will be put up at auction. Tha frontage Is 40 feet on Randolph street, Noe. 85 and 87. and Is 90 feet deep. It is leased at $.1,000. under a long-time lease. It la owned by the estate of J. H. Lathrop. Other holdings also are to be offered, including that at No. 1212 Michigan avenue, and those at Noa. 27 and 29 Delaware place. A master's deed was recorded yesterday by which Receiver John McNulta of the National Bank of Illinois Is given title to the homestead of Edward 8. Dreyer. the former banker and trustee of the funds of the West park system. The homestead is at the northeast corner of Lake View avenue and Dlversey street. The recorded value of the property Is $100.000. COURTS of record. Caart Calls far Today. Judas Chetlsln No. 2T.SS: No. tsi on bearing. Judne Chytraus No. 3242 on trial. Judge Steln Nos. Ill. !!. 11S6. 1!W. lSft4. 411. 4Ms. 27-t, HI. 1ZUD. ISSl. 1M4. 12X7. and 3li3; No. 2H2S on trial. Judge llanecy Nos. 17914. TOM. 1T847S. H55, and 1S3X5. Judge Hall No announcement. Judge Tuley Nua. 3031. tmt. 8773, CM. 1134. and T7: No. S771 on hearing. Judge Ulhbons Noe. S3JW1. SR25. 3379. SHU. 3633. 374. 37i7. 1?U. 2U"IK. 17SS. M. aio. and ttxi. Judge Tuthlll Motions of course, contented motion, end Juvenile iviurt. Judge Hoidom Noe. 4339. 1117. ISIS. 1S0. 415, 41. So4, ltil. IKS. 1V3. 1HT. IKift. lfcU. 1S40, 143. 1M3. 144. 14. an.1 14?: No. 7M on trial. Judge Clifford ronteeted motions Judge Neely Plret rail or Noa. 601 to and Noa. S71. S74, 8J., US. S33S. 1090. Mil. lSllkJt, 7112. and 6560 Judge Hmlth First call of Noa. 4"! to Rod and Noe. MM. &4f. 7T. 09l. 170. CU4. SXS4, 4o&, rC7. K44S. . . KM 5. KX. SMS. (370. I4. Sti:. 647. SH. 4. '.). 71S. C724. and Judge llurke Noa. 7:4. 7649. 762, 74. 7739. 7T50, 7M". 7l7i. 7M. TW5. and 77SS. Judge Kavanagh Noe. MS. COT. CSX. CXs. Mi. 143, CiS, S75. MT. 95. 9.HS. T7. 4). 941. and 949. Judge Dunne Nos. SSS anj 4H4C; No. Ml on bearing. Ju.ige fstougn Noe. rsw. sssa. 3sss, am, S3. 3u79. 31.U. 319C. 3198. 3199. and 397&; No. 40S4 OS trial. Judge Oarr-NiM. 3431. 300. 3&9S. 3383. 35S9. and iiai: No. on trial. Judge Carter tCounty court) afi4lona of eourse, in re Central T. and 8. Ilk., and No. 122r4. Julge jotwln (County court) Noe. 17511. 1SB13. lSir.l. IKl.o. lhPM. ISlfc. 1S.119. IHK2S, 1S3K.S. and 1SC24. Judge Klshop call Noa. 4217. 4i4. 4J47. I7K. 4.X. 44M. 4447. 44MI. 4401. and 4613. Judge Oarver No announcement. I'NITKD FTATKfl 4-lKCt'lT COURT. Judge Kohlsaat No. 3371 on trtaL Judge Seaman No. til 35 cm trial. CHIMIN A I. COURT. Judge Waterman Ftran-h No. 3) No. SSI. Judge Ilutchlneon liraneh No. 4) Noa. 1571. DOS. 1HI7. ISIS. 162S, JIM. 1V4. 195S. 19M: and I9SI. Judge nrentano (Uilnch No. i) Noa. 1941. 1891. 1S93. S44. and SMS. Judge Faker iHranrh No. O Noa. 1070. 1071. iCri. W. !a. and 1973. PHOBATE COURT Judge Batten 10:30 a. m. : Estate of Amos Orannls: eetate of A. O. Mellon: eetate of Kred Oraper; eetate of Abeto fauniaro. At 3:15 p. m. : Kxtate of Herman 5ut: eetate of John t. Cook; eetate of Henrlck Oeork : eetate of William Martin: estate of Martin Austin. Aoperlor a ad Clrcalt Courts. Jt'DOMKNTS. Judge Stein NUM. Huele Oolet va George K. Hath way: on Andg. I15 and eat. Judge Hoklom 2241C. Swift Co. vs Bol Iowen-steln: hy dent. C34 97 Ju.lge Clifford JulTOC, William Neumann vs Weetern V. Works: on flndg. 2K) and at. Judge Dunne v47. Frank Frledrtch vs D. J. Hull: bv dent. 03 SO MMI, Mrs. J. Marks vs City of Chlrago: on nndg, 130. Judge OIbon iMl. E. S. Blood vs Horace Chalwlrk: by deflt. 31.113 19K93J. Mil. Prick and C. Coifany vs livtr Aletp; on flndg. C1.SC6 &0 1S790C. Margaret IMllon va N C. E. Hallway Company: same. to0 and aat 19171, George Barrie va Henrv J. O'Neill: same, tl 061.81. Judge ' Smith 16S1, Robert W. Campion vs FreJ Orelshelmer; on ver. (141.3& lIMi2. Sara Frier vs City; on flndg. I2S0. Judge Neely IOSI21. N. Y. Life Insurance Company vs J. C. II; by deflt. C31S 1C4U4. William Flanagan va City: on flndg. fl.20u. 1KCREES4. Judge Bail 18."477. Wlndfeller vs Wlndfeller: dec dlv 6.4. (look vs Pet-r: dec 2C93. Kendall vs Ames; dee 1M7I0. Van Zandt va Hancock ; dec saJe. Judge mutlaln 193MS. Rvsn vs Ryan: dec rtlv UaVd1). Ievy vs Ivy: same SOlJaO. Fox vs Fox; M me 37 JS. Freer rs Freer ; bum. Judge Tuthlll &99C. Campbell vs Campbell: dec dlv. Judge Clifford 7SJ9. Knight vs Bennett: dec sale. u1k Dunne 7914. Johneon vs Johnson: dec Hv. Judge Burke fcchmldt vs Schmidt; Jeo dlv. Judge Olbbons K92. O'Brien vs O'Brien: dec dlv Rratliaw vs Renxhaw: same S178. Lcve vs Bru -e; dec Fle (wi, Irnch vs Lynch; dec 117S7J. Trato vs Train; doc dlv. Judge Smith lie. MS. Dewlts vs He wits: dec. Judge Neely 19V3uS. S-vre vs Eider; dec I'etttlona ta Hsskrsytey. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT. JITS Edgar Hallenbeck: petition In voluntary bankruptcy; liabilities. ll.Suu; no assets. W. R. Betham. attorney. 1179 Petition of Standard Dry Plate Company et al to hive Tale Camera Company declared bankrupt: claims. 3800. A. B. Oray and H. C. Thorpe, attomeys- 5140 Robert Pauley; petition In voluntary bankruptcy; liabilities, IaiW; no asseU. W. J. Bulger, attorney. SIM V. H. Parr: same; liabilities, COO; no assets. W. O. Wise, attorney. 3133 Omer Frechett: same; liabilities. 3400; no assets. W. H. Rlsson. attorney. 31S3 M. J. Roughaa: same; liabilities. $14C,0Ot; no assets. F. W. Bentiey. attorney. 1184 W. T. Moors; same; liabilities. IL00; no assets. Stlrlen Dickson, attorneys. 31k& Stephen Hcanlon: same; llablllttea, 3300; no asreta. Murray a Feely. attorneya. 31SC Rebeoca O'Neill; sum; UablllUes, ftSOO; no aeeeta; same attorney. rls7 W. B. and Mary Bogg: same; liabilities. )8M; no seer ta. Haynes A Conn, attorneys. tlCC Daube A Rosenheim: same; liabilities, 311.-VA: no aaeets. E. B. Hartmaa. attorney. tilts John Ortmth; nme: HablltUea. 34.900; no asaete. P. H. O'ltonneli. attorney. 3190 Henry M. Peters; same; liabilities. 31,400; no assets. O. M. Boyd, attorney. 311 William 8. Johnson; same: liabilities. 4.M); no assets. O. W. Plummer. attorney. 3193 Oeorge Koch; same: llablllttea, (190; no assets. Whitney A Horner, attorneya Third District Appellate. Special Dtspatch to The Inter Ocean. SPRINGFIELD. 111., Nor. n. Proceedings In the Appellate court. Third district. November term, liee): C. M. Life Association va Keefe; ens: geetlon by appellant of diminution of record and motion for extension of time to flle additional transcript, abstracts, and brief e denied. OHalr vs Morris; motion by appellant for leave to submit cause on briefs not in conformity with the rule allowed. Kite vs Ooodrum; same motion as above, same order. Scan land vs Muagrove; suggestion by applicant of diminution of record and motion for continuance and estenalon of time to tile additional transcript, abstracts, and briefs allowed. Haywood Brae, et al va Andrews et al: suggestion by appellant of death of Charles H. Martin, appellee, and motion to survive suit la the rutins of admlntetratrta allowed. Edwards rs Hsrneaa c al; motion by defendants to diamine writ of error denied. Baurerer Orocee Co. vs McKee Shoe Co.; suggeetloa by plaintiff of diminution of record and motion fur leave to Ble additional transcript allowed: additional transcript tiled accordingly; motion by defendant for rule on plaintiff to file cost bond. Stanley vs Leahy et al-.motion by defendants for rule on plaintiff to file post bond. McDavit vs Ellis; motion by appellee to set aside order of continuance and to dismiss appeal. McDavit rs Rork; motion by appellee tt set aside order granting' extension of time to file additional record, abstracts, and briefs, and ta dismiss appeal- McDavit rs Ellis; motion by appellee to strike bill of exceptions from tha taeord and to dismiss appeal. Stauka et al vs Scott; rrv-tloa by appellee to dismiss appeal on short record fur costs, procedendo, etc Oft vs Hullt et al; motion by defendants to strike certain matter from pleas of release of error and to vacate order allowing defendant extension of time to file briefs; motion allowed and order vacated. - May Term, 1X99 Hill va Montgomery; motion by appellee- to tax cost of additional abstract agaiitet appellant - denied. McCluee-aV Taylor va Or born Co. ;-motion by appellee to tax cost of additional atetract against appellant allowed. Court adjourned until s m. Tuesday, Nor. 2a. INSURANCE' CIRCLES Minnesota Separation Committee Wires for Circulars. ANOTHER HEARING TODAY New Hampshire Decides to Stand by Its Resignation. Calaael Baatkar af the Xatleaa! mt II art ford Is la Densaad Tae . Flro Rresrd Kates. Managera yesterday were anxious to hear from St. ' Paul, where the union committee was presenting Its side ot the separation matter to the Minnesota officials. The opinion soemed to be gaining that oven If tha trouble were fixed up now. It would be revived when the Legislature met. and that other states would take It up at the earliest opportunity. It was evident from the start that the separation circular quoted by the attorney generai In the original opinion was responsible for much of the trouble. In order to offset this the committee yesterday wired for copies of all the circulars on tbe new commission Issued by union managers, and aa many of these aa could be secured were sent np last night. A dispatch from St. Paul last night aaid: A committee of tbe Western Union arrived la St. Paul this morn hi g with a view ot trying to secure a modification, if nothing more, of tbe recent ruHcg of Attorney Oeneral Douglas on the conditioned graded commissions. Tbe gentlemen, after a consultation with some local agents, engaged former Attorney General Clapp to Use up the matter with the Insurance department. General Clapp called on Insurance Commissioner O'Shaughnessy this afternoon and explained tha position taken by the union. He contended that aa the matter of acceptlrg graded commlesloi.s was optional, and tbe matter of paying them was optional, tt could not be construed as solidifying or furthering tbe aims of a trust. Mr. O'Shanghnesay Informed Oeneral Clapp teat be would be Influenced in tbe matter entirely by General Douglas. That official had said tbe action was contrary to tbe law of the state. If General Douglas were coovlrced his position was wrong, snd so advised the Inearance department, then tbe department would not push tbe matter. It was finally decided to meet Oeneral Douglas tomorrow morning, at which time the legal aspects and position of tbe union will be presented. Commissioner 0'8haughcessy said this afternoon that be is receiving a large number of letters. Including a number from Chicago, expressing piessure st tbe sund tbe department has tcken In the matter, and urging him to keep up the light. Elmer H. Dearth, state agent ot tha Manhattan, wbo secured tbe ruling on thepolrt. returned from Chicago this morning. Mr Dearth told The later Ocean correspondent that not only were the non-union agents and companies pleased with the actio t. he had taken, but ke believed that the majority of the union agents also were pleased. He believes the union's error was in attaching the condition of handling only union companies. IV KW HAMPSHIRE STAYS OCT. Coaspaay Flaally Decides Nat ta Withdraw Its Heslgsstles. After considering the question for several days the finance committee of tbe New Hampshire decided yesterday not to withdraw Its resignation from tbe union. It is known that Secretary Crosby, because of his affiliations, desired to remain in. but Frederick W. Lee, general agent for the Western Held, waa strongly opposed to It, and the committee did not feel Justified In going counter to the advice of the man in the field. 5 WIU B Argraeel Twesday. Before leavlrg for Chattanooga whth the Governor's party. Senator Berry, attorney of tbe insurance department, arranged wtth J. H. West-over, wbo represents tbe unadmitted companies sgainst which injunctions were secured by the department, to take up the question of extending tbe injunctions at Springfield next Tuesday. The suits against tbe agents to recover lines will not come up till next month. Hoothky ta Deasaad. Special Dispatch to The Inter Ocean. BOSTON, Mass., Nov. a. Colonel W. A. R. Bootbby. special agent here of the National, is freely mentioned as the likely successor to E. O. Klcbards at Hartford. His name Is aa freely cennectrd with the submanagershtp ot tbe North British snd Mercantile. Insarance .Votes. C. W. Sexton, a leading Minneapolis agent, wss In the city yesterday. The home office officials of the Prudential, who have been here for several days, returned yesterday. C. n. Wright, formerly of the Dee Moines, was yesterday appointed special agent for the Sun of London for Iowa and Missouri, except St. Louis, wtth headquarters at Des Moines. The Fire Record. Special Dispatch to The Inter Ocean. NEW YORK. Nov. 33. The Insurance on the property of the International Provision company at Noa. 33 to 39 De Craw street, Brooklvn. which was badly damaged by fire last nlsit, was dhnrF-Med as follows: On building at Nos. 35 to 39 He draw afreet? Oermsn-Amer t an Phoenix. Kng:and..n 5"9 Traders'. N. T Un.. and Or... 3.& Queen 4.5" "ITrinaatlantlc 3.N0 Union. England I.ww On build. i.g at No. 13 De draw street: Oreenwlch C.01! Northern S'-0.00 Imperial S.O0 On stock: Cltisens', S. T It.VKV Hanover .SAO Imperial 6.1X1 North Urit, and M.. Phoenix. Eng 6.000 Royal &.) Palatine Z.&o .North Brtt. and A.. S.0ni Mnadeburg 2.VW Royal i M Hartford S.0011 sturvesant 2.JO0 Vm. t'nlon 6.000 "erman-Amer Z.bOe Peusylranla i. Traders'. Ill 2.f Prov.-w asn 3. wo- Western. Toronto... 5. mo Incahlre K.onn-Liv. and L. aadO... &, M sail 1 ten wz.jwi Secial Dispatcn to The Inter Ocean. SULLIVAN. Tnd.. Nov. tl.Tht) large belt saw mill of Jacob Mahler was destroyed by fire thlaxuomlng. Loss, tlo.OiO; insurance. 31.000. Don't fail to read tbe advertisement in tomorrow's paper telling about . our handsome colored supplement to be given away free with The Sunday Inter Ocean. BLUNDER GETS HIM INTO JAIL Michael Kelly Mistakes Potatoes for Coal, anal la Flaed f lO. Michael Kelly mistook three) tacks containing potatoes for coal. In tbe dusk of Wednesday night, and placed them on a wheelbarrow, which be proceeded to push away. He was arrested by Officer Tighe at Van Buren and Clark street. The potatoes bail been taken from a grocery At No. 315X1 ark street. Kelly explained that he bad been employed by a coal dealer in tbe vicinity. For his mistake be was sent to tbo bridewell on a $10 fine. KEW ILLINOIS CORPOKATIO.19. Special Dispatch to The Inter Ocean. (FPRINQ FIELD. III.. Nov. 8. The secretary of state today licensed the foHowtng corporations! Whit Held Drug company. Chicago; capital stock, $10,000; incorporator. J. W. Hoyt, David Kaplansky, and O. II. 8chwars. Odell-Young Typewriter -company. Chicago: capital stock. 330,000; incorporators, Nathaniel L. . Young. William S. Miller, and Robert L. Bbeppard. Chicago Hotel Telephone company. Chicago; capital stock, I2S.0OO: incorporators, William U. Hunt. Cass I us O. Smith, and Frank L. Clark. College ot Hygiene. Champaign; Incorporators, W. F. Ross, Julia 8. Ross, and A. K. Price. Thomas J. Llptoa company. Chicago; number Of directors Increased from three ts five. Consolidated Steel and Wire company, Chicago; dissolved.. If! PORT A NT CHANGE IN TinE On tha Nicks! Plate Read. Commencing Sunday. Nov. 19, the New York nd Boston express will leave Chicago at 10:20 a. in. dally. Instead of 10:35 a. m., as formerly. Solid through train to New York. Through vestibuled sleeping ears to Boston. Excellent dining-car service. No change will te mad In drjjartur of trains now leaving Chicago at 1:66 and 10:16 p. m. dally. No extra charge will be made on any train. Chicago nsssenger station. Van Burea street and . Pacific avenue, oa the elevated loop. City ticket office. No. Ill Adams street. 'Phone Central 2057. ; - - - , . DO NOT DESPAIR because yss have roads repeated efforts to got well without be fig su .rsssfui. for there Is an eminent practitioner who hss made thousands of cures in cases which other physicians had given up as hopeless and befors you give way to despair you should call at his offices and find out whether or not you oaa be cured. 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Irritability, sleeplersness, distress In the head, nervous dyspepsia, and all other symptoms of srrtsat debility. KI-KCTKICITf. Static. Oalvanlc and F radio Electricity scientifically used snd applied In ail Its rrodem forms In conjunction with special medical treatment In all cases where It can be of benefit. DR. 14 WEAN YH H.ECTRIC BELT la absolutely the beet that ran be manufactured, petiafartory results GUAR A NTKKI In every Instance- Call and examine FREE OK CHARGE or writ for further parttiulara. UJDITC ,f ya cannot call. All lctt-rs con fill HI I k dsntial and answered In any langnege. Dr. Bweany has perfected the nxmt successful home treatment known, and thousands who were unable to call at his office have been cured at their homes. '-"Uuide to Health" aent free. Call or address - i' - F. L SWE4.NV. H. D.. 214 fiats ft . tar. Assam Cakare Ornce hours, t a. m. to f p. m. and 4 SO to I p. rr.. Sundays and hoi Mars, 10 a. m. to 3 p. rs. LAKES, RIVERS, AND STRAITS. Freights and Charters. The slump In the grain movement from Chicago Is sending tbe fleet Into winter quarters at s rspld pace. Among the boats that have quit are the Vance, Armour, Wolf, and Pabst. Several more will probably lay np as soon ss their coal cargoes are out. Rates held nominally at X cents, but no charters were reported. CLEVELAND. Ohio. Nov. 3. The ore rat from tbe bead of Lake Superior was advanced today 23 cents, tonnage being placed at 31.50 to Ohio porta. There, ia a faia, demand for boaU. The Marquette and Escanaba rates are unchanged. Local vesselmen were asked for boats today for Dulutb brokers to work oa at 4 cents for wheat for delivery. No business- as done as owners are hoidiag for t cents. There was no change it the eaal freight market. Charters: Ore Vega, As lan. ta Cleveland, fLssV, John Martin, Escanaba to Onto, so eenea. Cosi-May-tham, Lorain to DuluUt. GO cents; Wallace, John-Hutchinson. Ashtabula to Milwaukee, ft cants. Soma more season chartering for ore for 1900 waa done today. Raise are at the old figures 31.2S from tbe head of the lakes, SL10 from Marquette, and f 1 from Escanaba. CLEVELA-ND. Ohio. Nov. 33. Tha Bessemer Steamship company-has takea PV.OM bushels of wheat at Duiutb foe Buffalo. Tha charter was made last week, when the market was off, and It Is said tho rate was 3 cents. . . Arsssl the Lakes. PORT COLBORNH. Oot.. Nov. 23. Low water In the Welland canal stopped navigation for deeply laden boats. . The steamer Spalding, bound up. and the Frost, bound down, are being detained, as they are unable to get through the lccss. The schooner Mlrnedosa is on the bottom between the piers. HOUGHTON. Mich.. Nov. 3.-The crews of the lumber boats are.' stl!l deserting In large cumbers, and the sharcage of help is worrying the captains. The lumbermen are short of hands end have agents in sll the towns picking un rkely men. Many sailors give their ships the French leave and take to the woods. Local Part List. Arrived Lumber.' Etc. Ida. Manlstlque: L. M Davb. Muskegon: J. Ot's. L. Pahlow. Delta. R Mott. Menominee: Kaiad. Charlevoix; J. Spry. Ashland: J. T. Johnson. W sunburn; L. R rostes B. Calkins. T. Moss. H. Hutt. Pcrd River; 0:ga'. C. J. Msglll. Marinette: J. u. Blaine. Alpena Salt M. E. Kelton. City of Charlevoix. Manistee Mdse. J. R. Laagdon. Ogdensburg. Potatoes S ? V Shcoovgnn. Kvergreens M. Collins. Manistlqule. COal,Parfca K'jsler. Buffslo Cleared Mdse. -Chieaaro. Arabia, Delawae. iTJST ."T'lZ0: Buffalo! i- J. . 1"rln. A. f4oper. Menominee; O. W. Naghtln C. Herts. M. a Kelton. Manistee: F. L Helna--?,',r,.,,kei Krhol Buffalo: D. R. Mar-'!" A.p-na. t ori A. Traverse City; L. M. Davis. Cheboygan; H. A. Birhroond. Frankfort. Vessel' Movements. -ftllX'DuluVh.0 -Arrtve-Chl"- Clesred-Coal clAt"-11- Queen CUsr- -R.hUI-,nan.,tonArrtV'd--TeCUmBeh Cleared Oswego N. Y. Sheltered Thompson. Kingston. Nichols. Seymour. Moboken, Whitbeck. Prt Colborne.Ont. Down Cuba Seonln TVnea Olengsrry and consort. Hounds. UPMcViTtle Escanaba. Mich. Cleared Ionia. Hiawatha. CWcago; Ira Owen. Maytbam. Flint, Lake Erie r2Z?U?l?M.l2' -Arrived Merrlmac La Salle, ShtamtllL IJ'vrua. Sauber. Cleaned Rob Cleveland. Ohio. Arrived Wade. Mlcblran. Sauic&r-Neil- ci-"- tails. Duluth: Raleigh. Chicago. 1 30 'tla 'CClTT" tph'nn Flier, f f; T.; i-Tn " Oall. Iwson. s. m. : Hln-ton. 11; Fischer and consorts. p. in.; Westcott! ! C lleln,ypiLtU; t -Shrltered-C.dlllac. inT Ti.Z. V, ' of Cleveland, Leuty and con-sortoaroen City and consort. Iron Duks and c-i!!I 1 ,T ArTi."fSrt. Owen. Juniata. Clearv-CosJ Veronica. Tower, Milwaukee; Ta-coma. Chicago. Light Orinoco, Maruba. Topeka, f4oothCbicago -neared-TJght-M. C. Neff. Boyne City; Gladstone. Buffalo: Schleslnger. Escanaba.; A. Shores. Manistee. OrairsFitagerald. rtufislo. Toledo. Ohio. Arrived Canlsteo. Elmer, Germanic, Emma Hutchinson. Marengo, I-ocke. Alcona, Alta. Arthur. Jupiter, Muakoksw Houghton. Saturn. Amazon. Cleared Corn Phenlx, Buffalo. Coal Altec, Portage; Toklo, Escanaba. Light Miztee. Alpena. . . Ashland, Wla. Cleared Ore Drxke. Eweri. Redina-ton,-Cleveland: Manhattan, Chicago; Payette Brown, Lorain. Light Elfin-Mere, Two Harbors. Pig Iron But tli oni, Sandueky. Lumber Hopkins, Racine: Checotab, tug Traveler. Allegheny. Cleveland; Arenac Dulath-Supeiior. Arrived Placit Rock. Morse, Bmsston, Ericsson. Russell. Vega, Sacramento, Crete, Lyon, Schuylkill. Hudson. Wyoming. Departed Adriatic, Majestic, Nyanxa. Lagrmda, Buffalo, grain; O rover. Republic, Bell, Bessemer, Chattanooga. Pioneer, Lake Erie, ore; . BueU. Buffalo, flour. - Mackinaw City, Mich. tTp RH tannic, 3. an a. ml : Grecian. S:3S; Siberia, 10:10: Clyde, 11:1; Cora 11 a. 11:10; Tnecsrora. noon: Vail and consort, 13:10 p. an.; Charles Eddy. 1:30; Black. 1:40. Down Clarion, 13:10 a. m.; Victory and consort, I; London, 4:30; Hennepin. 1:40; St. Paul (wood), 12:10 p. m.; Jswett. 1 .20; Stafford and consorts, 1-M; Venice. 3; Mason. 4; AvereU. a. Wind northeast, fresh; cloody. , Sault Sts. Maris, Mich. Up K Irby, Hartnelt. :M a. m. ; Crescent City. 3:20: Linden. Cort. Whlt-wrth. 3:40; La Salle. :; Jolletl ; Orifrin, U:40: Volunteer. 1:4 p. m. : Victory. Constitution. 4: Pope. : Pennarylvanla. Maid a, :; Trdy, William Chlsholm. Penobscot, 10. Down Oliver. 1 a. m. ; Fedora. 3: Sachem, 3 :30; Kureka, 3:30; O. Oould. Arabian, Wawatam. e: Choctaw. : Gilbert, :40; Wotaa, .Celtic Stewart, 7:30; Northern l--11 ' k. ...... s-sn. UAtM.i a- Zenith City, 1:30; Scran ton, 11; Spokane, 12:44 rn-i ajurry, 1 :eu; jvonnsraa ivins, , .-ssc-ugaU and whaisasveka. TJOt Manitoba, . Don Detroit, Mich. Up N. Mills and barges. M last night; Cambria, mi a. so.: Iwistora, a, i: : Cor sica, ; Monteagis. ( 30: Coroas, B. Mitchell, S; Outhwalte. Barr. 3:40: Paris, Heosrd. Wilson. AJ.a. Uoughtoa, Jenney, Ml Preaque Isle, t.V); I. I READY ; j R IB FE RENCE e!.-t..i . . .. ..... i 4 .'1 , ! I - .- - eniGago FiqaiiGial Rras. Vesale Dealers, ABSTRACTS Or TITLE at TRUST COS. CHICAGO TITLE A TRUST CO.. 10 Washlnrtoa TITLE GUAR. A TRUST CO.. Stock Ea. Bldg. ART, STAIFaEO. AID I1EVKLED GLASS. Fl.ANAOAN WKDKNWBO CO.. T Illtnota. ART CLASS AMD MIRRORS. FCHTfLKW A MUFLLER. Market. ARTIST MATERIALS. THATCT , CHAWDLIH. 144 Wabash. ARTIFICIAL LIMBS AMI DEFORMITY APPAK ATI'S. SHARP A SMITH, tt Wabash. ASS AVERS AKD CHEMISTS SUPPLIES. RICHARDS A CO.. Ltd.. leg Lake. ASSA VERS AKD CHEMISTS. ' MARINER A HOHKIMS. 31 8. Clark. A MAYERS AKD REEIWERS. GOLDSMITH BROIL, tt Washington st-. assays af ores a specialty. AI'CTIO COMMISSION. RKIMRTtDINRKR. H. H, A CO, 14 Market. Sates: Tuesdsv Clothing and wo jlens. Wednes-dsy Sheen. Thursday Dry goods, gents' fur-nlshlnga. hatseloaka and carpets. RAKERS. PTPF:R H. rnvPANT ss Wells. VIKNIYA UdDEI, UAriBRT. 41 S. JefTerson. RAKKERS. MOULTOS. LATHROP A CO.. 144 La Salle. BANKS. COMMERCIAL NAT. BANK. TVrrn onroe An-er. Trust A Sa intra. New Tor IJ's bldg. HODt'CB BXCHANGK BANK. Clark A Ia Bsfle. ll.tlKERS AMD BROKERS. TrnnPM.T.. KimiN l . 43 Hook er-r. fn'BHARD WHIHPLK A CO.. 145 Monroe, TRACY f- CO.. 334 La SsHe. SLAI-OHTKR. A. O. A Co . 115 La Salle. JAMIKKON CO.. ICS I .a Salle. H'RCXM. .TOHV H. A CO-r325 IJ Salle. FRKWSTFR. FDWA RD L. A CO . 30 La Salle. K IK'O. JOHN C. A CO.. tT I Salle. DEW AH. A. L. A CO.. 1M Washingtem. , RAHKIn AXD REAL ESTATE MAS. Western gtste Bank, n. w. cor. ! Salle A Wash's. BICYCLES. CHICAOO SCALE CO.. W. Jackson Wvd. BICYCLE MATERIAL. tycwT.Tey'-nsT.gTOW r-r lyiVe st. BOILERS AKD TAIKi. Northwestern Holier Works, t Mlhlgan. ROKII AKD STOCK BBOKEIM. wiouivsnnRr W a St CO.. 1u T a Sail. PKCKWITII. W. 1 A CO.. V I -a Salle. RODS. STOCK S. CR AIK A PROVISIOSIS J. :C1VY TtARPITT r. f CO.. Monsdnock blk. OANFJT. C. It . CO.. Board of Trade. BOOKS AKD SI'KDAY-SCHOOI. GOOD, rv.Nn r r.ri atin rmnK ptobh. i7 wshash: ROOTS AKD SHOES, e-wr t aemvtn A rv.. tfonrna snd Weeve -rs-vrwn:o r M. . a rv . m n sarket svrrit w ! I.J.-H aHor. CO . yer rnrkUt TV)T-vwi.riiT . sv w, c a arrN. et Sn, CON TT asT HH CO.. Monroe snd Wrerklla. BtftOOM CORK AKD MFG. SUPPLIES. sisrrnfvlW. tv. f . . CO. - eT1n- snd Stt . BI'II. DEBS' HARDWARE. ftlCADINO HARDWARKCO.. IPS Tikeet- BUTCHERS AKD PACKERS' SUPPLIES. IlORN H. A . Pa-kers' Snonlv-C".. syaVshe-Ti BUTCHER SUPPLIES. WOt.w sSTe-Vt MWI.T.S-R WctH e- v el Bl -TCHERS' TOOI". MARKET flX-TURES AKD REPRIOER ATORK. RROHANN BROS.. Peoria and Fulton. BITTER. ES, AKD POULTRY. Tttrtfrirowir. rvrt.. CO.. 13S S. Water. pt'MAN CXOV.n. m S Water. PROWI.FT C-OK A CO . ITS S. Water. VKRRH.I. A FUlREIJ'ir., 1Z f. ivaier. rrTKRKK MAKUEACTUHERS. MCXI.FT. W. J.. 3 w. stonroe. BUYER GROCER V STORES riXT-RES IiFVPRR. Jl'LU'S. 8. Deeplalnes. CABIKET HARDWARE. JTEUKR- ACQ.. A SONS CO.. ITS Msdlsna. CAMERAS AKD PHOTO SUPPLIES. W1JFTERN CAMERA MPO. CO.. 131 Wabash. CARPETS AKD CURTAIK9. riCHARDSOV O. W..' A CO.. Wabash A Congress NCKE. HENRT. A CO.. Monroe and Market sts C.4BRMGE BUILDERS, s-rt'nvri aickr tiro a. stieo. -co.,- 87 Waaaai. MILBt'RN WAOON fO.. Ml Wabash. RACIN1" WAOON ACARRIAOF.OTK: Wsbasb ' i 1 ' 3 1 ' 1 CEMRKT PAVTK43 CONTRACTORS. STAMSF.N A B11MR, 7 Pesrborn. CHAIR MAsTPACTTRERs. HvrRWOLr. F.. A SONS. la W. Er. CHEESE AKD SAUSAGE. T'TTT.Xf AX. M . A CO.. IM S. Water. CHIXA, CROCKERY, AKD GLASSWARE PTTKTN A BROOKS. State snd Lak. M'RLET A TTRRKLL. 43 Lake. I1EFTER A WEGL. 311 Lake. CHOCOLATES AKD CAKDIES. pnCTK BROS. A SPOEHR. 13V W. Monroe. CIGARS AKD TOBACCO. HEEGAARDi W. H.. A CO.. Iake and Ptats. CLAREKDOK SHIRTS AKD MEK'S KECKWEAR. THOMAS A HATDF.S. V Market. CITV AKD COUKTV SURVEYORS. CREELET-HOWARD CO.. 113 Clark. - COMMERCIAL PAPER. REAL ESTATE LOAKS. STOCKS. AKD IKVEST-MEKT SECURITIES. MARSHALL. CHAS. H.. Secnrtty building. CLOAK MAKUPACTURERS. HETLPPTN. L.. A CO.. 34 MarkeC COACH AKD SADDLE HORSES. MARSHALL. W. M.. 4148 Emerald ay. COLLARS AKD CUFFS. PARI, A WILSON. 34 Fifth ar. COMPRESSED YEAST. S PI ELM AM BROS. CO.. North av. rOHXICES AKD SKYLIGHTS. MILLER. JAS. A., ft BRO., 12 Clinton. COOPERAGE st BOX MANUFACTURERS MAXWELL BROS.. 31st and Lootnls. CORSETS. OAOK-DOWNS CO.. 3M Flftb: sv. DAIRY APPARATUS AKD SUPPLIES. L.aKRKR. A. H.. A CO.. 33S. Water. DESK AKD OFFICE FUHKITURE. An erican Desk A- Seating Co.. U Van Buren. DI AMONDS, WATCHES, AKD JEWELRY fiKHME. A. A CO.. M Fifth av. DYEIKG AKD CLEAKIKG. GRAF, ANTON. 400 K. Division st. Northwtnd. 10:15; Linn. Carrtngton, 10:50; Stiro-son. 13:40 p. m. : Owego, Runnella, 1; Syracuse. Forest City, McOregor, 3:&): Susquehanna. 3:40; Blanchard. 4; Uaee. S M. Down Fairbalrn. Krupp. 11 last night; City of Cleveland, 11:30; Mariska, Magna, 12:30 a. m. ; Iron Chief. Iron Cliff, 2:30; Saranac, 2:40; Meriden, 4; Andaste, Morley. 5:30: M. Duncan and consorts, 0:30; H. E. Packer. :40; Cadillac Russia. 7 AO: Mariden, S:40; J. B. Ketcham. 8:60; Lincoln. Germanic. Hutchinson. M:10: Csrd tsailed). 18:&: Staxrucca. 11:6: Blelman. 1:30 a. m. ; Normandle, 30; Samoa. S; Porter Chamberlain, L. W. Drake. 4; Mariposa, Malta, Strong. 7: Montana, 7:20; Neilson. Nasmytn, Fulton, Roebling. g; Mains and barges, 3:21. MARRIAGE L1CEKSES. - The following irarriage licenses were yesterday : Herman M. Kruse. Ella Luehring... ...... .. William Rengel. Katie Kreux William Krunnfua. Carotins Schaefer...... Harry W. Miller, Martha M. Buril Dave Stone. Ouasie Olff John J. Braden. Anna Murphy ............. Frank Babka. May Zaeck Harry Smith. Nettie Bpauldlng... ........ John Daley. Annie O'Neil Anton! Nalepka, Katarayna Benkoweka... Melville J. Martin. Aureila Starr ..... Jendrtch Dlnnebler. Anna Haviova Issued Age. ..33 IS ..2133 ..34 1 .2421 .3523 .2621 .2 34 .3813 .2831 Frederick 8. Blodgett, Boston.- Mass. ; M. Putman. I anion, tu John Hjurt, Covington. Mich.: Mary Swan Albert WtwteT"BeivUereC iiL;'Ajuoe M Coultrouo. sams. ...... ............ ......... Vaclav Vesecky, Carrie Hsrmanek 2320 Fred Williams, Annie Collins .....34 IS dward Bchakowakt. Ida Kull ...3227 Richard Klapper. Emma Mass ..........34 U Hans Rasmusson. Maris Peterson 4 49 Wladsiaw Lisowskl. Rosle J aroaae wakL 33 19 John Carlson. Annie Johnson 30 24 John H. Ford, Ella L Q. Sharpe. 2823 Micbele Clmeae, Saveria Brucato. .....13 U James P. Vlaxny. Mary Dedina ...2826 Wllhelna F. Hobb. Carotlne R. Oechle 32 3S Valentin Alber. Ellsaabeth Bllsteln. 44 44 Michael K. Flaherty. Milwaukee, Wis. : Lydis Lewis 3227 Stanistaw Korlaska. WlkltorIJa BoUenska..30 35 Nicola Oasaolo. Maria Benerettle... 2118 Jacob Kranp. Minnie Knack.. - 42 48 Lawrence P. Johnson. Hannah Olson 3S 14 Mtcheio Vlttolo. Raeffaela Osstooer IS 30 Ed wla Donnelly. Ida A. Moore ...35 3S William M. Buehler. Augusta Boc-kelman...24 30 Alfred Thompson, Martha Hameiton .....34 33 Josef Sltwa. Weronika Stempe.;.... 2218 Henry Vent, Aatonla Dorsu.................f1 If August Schiller. Ora Elkts. 2321 Max I. Hollander. Baltimore. Md. ; Dora Froblich... ...... .....2T Abel Lavey. AMce Oo-rdon . . . .............. 23 Frank Ksslk, Emily Mnstlek 24 tj KOT1CE. Bridget Doyle died at the Cook county Insane asylum Nov. 23, line. Unless friends call for the remains within Ave days the asms will ba disposed at according to law. A. N. LANGS, - Oeneral Superintendent. . OF- . ELECTRIC VEHICLES. Ameriran Electric Vesicle Co.. 54 W. Vaa Bwrsa. ELEVATORS (Psaaesger aaA Frelgrbt). KATON A PRINCE CO.. 1 MiohUtaa St.. EMBOSSED STEEL CEILIKGS. WHEEI.INO CORRDOATIWO CO.. 1SS Lake. EMERY WHEELS. KORTHAMTTON EMIRT WH'L CO.. Canst EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY IKSt'RAKCE. Counting. ITlce a wtDB. new sors EKG RAVERS AKD ELECTROTYPBRS. MANZ. J.. ESORAVlSq CO.. 136 Canal. FEATHERS. EMMERICH, CHAS.. A CO.. 14 Fifth sv. FIRE IXSURAKCE AGEKTS. 'A Mr. FRED S A CO., 174 1 Salle. r-REW. CHAS. W.. CO.. 143 La Sails. " HH-MtR. R W.. A CO.. irdLaSslle. ROI.I O. VW. V... A SON. 310 La Sajla. PICARD. NAPOI.E'iN, 14 I j Salle. - -: r-OOODWIN. HALL A HENSHAW. 1H La Salle. Dt -CAT A LYON. 31 Ijl Salle. JVAITf.AVU A M'AVOT. 14S La Salle. NAOHTEN. JOHN A CO.. Mt La Salle. C.f-.ODMAN. T. & W. A.. 143 La Salle. LOETJ. ADOLPH BOX. It La Salle. FIRE IXSURAKCE BROKERS. STTFPARD, W. L.. A- BON. ISo iJt Balls. SHIPMAN A WAYNB. tl La Balls. FIRE IX44URAKCE COMPAKIES. AETNA INSURANCE CO.. 4S 1 Sails. Or.FNH FALLS INS. CO.. V La Salle. r-FRMAN FTRSJ rKenrieV 14 Tjt Salle. I'NION ASSURANCE fOCIPTI. 171 Ijs Balls. I AW. I7NIOV A CROWN I VS. CO.. 171 La Salle. KTATK FIRE INS CO. l.iVERPOOKrTl La Bulls. fCTORIA FIRIS I.V8. CO., 171 La Selle. POVAI. INST'MANCK CO.. Roval Bids. C-PEKN INBrRANTH CO.. 1M Ia Sails. WiOVinKNCK WASH. IVS. rv.. list La FsUe. PALATINE INS. CO . LTD.. Tff. 1st Pello. NTAOARA F!H5 :N CO.. 1S 1 Fslle. RHODK ISLAND PNOEpwitfT-RS. I Shlle. AORIOfT,TtTRAL INS. CO.. 1S La Salle. PRUSSIAN NATIONAL 1XS. CO.. 31S Dearborn. FIRE AKD PLATE GLASS IKSURAKCE. UCNTWIIKRT A FUNKHEIMER. 1S4 La Salle. FIREWORKS AKD FLAGS. GARDEN riTT FIREWORK. S Water. FISH DEALERS. ROPKIVO wu t a. rtato .is niver. FISH. KORWEGIK HERRI KG, ETC. BENSON. C. I... 174 S. Water. FOREIGK BXCHtKGK. LETTERS OF CREDIT. FIRST NATIONAL BANK. Dearborn and Monroe FREKCH MIRROR PLATES. NATIONAL MIRROR WORKS. 73 XT. Jackson. FRUITS AKD PRODUCE. NlCHOt. K. R . A CO.. Ill B. Water. FRUITS AKD VEGETABLES. bls ea Orders.) r.ARNKTT BROS.. 1S3 S. Water. OtS EKGIKES AKD WATER MOTORS. CH1CAOO WATER MOTOR CO.. 171 Lake st, GAS AKD GASOLIKE STOVES. CLARK. OEO. M . r-o . 7i Lake. GROCERS. VNF1L A HliniNS cn.. is-TS Market. 'VALSH. LANOK A CO.. 3-11 Stats. GRAIK COMMISSIOK MERCHAKTS. JirtT.VfNF. RODMAN CO Rvstrd of Tad. JOHNSON. W. F.. A CO.. Board ot Trade. M'LATV RTtOS. A CO.. Riattn bldr. RAI1.FT. R. W. ro Hoard Trm WARB A LFLAND Rialto building. Norton A SWTTZER. Board of Trade. MERRILL A LYON. Board of Trade. ' WITH JAMES P . Board of Trade. rE.OH. tS. A.. CO.. Beard of Trade. WATERS. PATTERSON A CO., Board of Trade. GRAIK. STOCKS, AKD PRDVISIOSS. ovf,v. ARTHUR R . CO.. Rialto bldg. HOWARD. W. H.. COM. CO.. Commerce bldg SNOW. CHARLF.S T . CO.. Rtaltnblde-. -f-CHWAKTZ. DUPEE A CO.. Board of Trade. HARDWOOD FLOORIKG. TCTLCE Oft THE TM snd Threeo. HAIR GOODS. WIGS. ETC. STREHI WM R.. CO.. 34 Monroe. HARDWARE AKD CUTLERY. STFRUINS. S. J. CO.. 74 Van Buren. HARKESS AKD SADDLERY. srnrilAS LEATHER CO..- Prenklta. KIPRR. L. A SONS. Conaress a Ed Peerls. HATS. CAPS. AKD GLOVES. FWEKT. DEMPSTER A CO.. ? Monroe. HEAVY H ARDWARE - AKD - WAGOX MAKERS -SUPPLIES. KFT.T.FY.: VA US CO . T.aks and Fiftn av. PARKHllRgT WIt.KI.VSOV CO.. 143 K lasts. -K7MRARK. S. T . ljike and Mlehlsmn av. HORSE COJOfltSlOV SALE STABLES. PCH11KVAK. E. W.. Union Stork Tarda. HORSESHOERS' SUPPLIES. KIWTtAI.K V r s. v.. m Lake at. HOTELS. Tiemont Hotel (Aner. A Fun.. Lake A Peai txi n. ICE CREAM MAKUFACTURERS. COLLINS BROS. Iff? UKFAM CO.. IR2 Wabash IKVESTMEKT BAKKERS. REAL ESTATE at- PERSOKAL PROPERTY. RICHARDSON. SAMUEL. 143 La Salle. IKVESTMEKT SECURITIES. wN I.FW1S A CO.. 1T1 I .a Sails. FTRST NATIONAL RANK Dearborn and Monroe FREER. H C. A CO.. U Le Belle. IROK WORK FOR BUILDIKGS. HOLMES. PTOTT A CO., It N. Jefferson. LAUKDRV MACHIKERY. EINChSAIR. S. H.. CO.. f S. Canal st, LIBRARY AKD OFFICE SUPPLIES. LTRRART BUREAU. 31S Madison. LITHOGRAPHERS. CAROUFVTI.LB LTTHO. CO.. g la Rant IT. LIVE STOCK COMMISSIOK MERCHAKTS Unlaw Stack Yards.) M"CATJSLANO. HOAO TtTRNRR. IN1WFRSEN PROTHERS A SMITH, COLUMBIA LIVE STOCK UO. MAT.tlRT. SON. TIMMERM AN CO. AT.FVNTFR WARD A CONOVETR. FHANNON BROS, a- CO. WOOD A NFWCOMER CO. SANSOM COM CO. T WA LIVE STOCK COMMISSION CO. PRUSH. SON A HOUOHCO. StNUlJkTR OILIJETT A CO. I A RIS A CO. troPKLAND: H. D.. A CO. TOMLINSON. STAFFORD A CO. LUMBER. FPRT. JOHN. LniRER CO . Ashlsnd snd Hd. OOURLET. ARTHUR. CO.. rid and F!sk. GEOROB GREEN LUMBER CO.. 2Jd A Loomis. LUMBER AKD PLAKIKG MILLS. HOLTS LAND ER A ABBOTT. 401 Flro. MEDICIKAL st SURGICAL PLASTERS. COTTOXS, DRESSIKGS, ETC. l.AUER ft BLACK. 2 35th si. A HANDY BUSINESS DIRECTORY OF CHICAGO Out-of-Town Readers May Have Ing Advertised Firms by ART PHOTOGRAPHERS J. K. 8TEVT2N3 ft SON CO., RELIABLE UP-to-date photosraphera, McVtcker'a Theater bldg. ; great sc4al offer: 16 beat cabinet photo- graphs, plaUnura finiah. in 3 styles 31 this week ART LEADED STA1KED GLASS ULAN AO AN ft BrEPEMWEO CO.. 87 Illinois at. BAKGS, SWITCHES. WAVES. WIGS : SIEQFHIKiyS Halrdresslng Pat tors. TT State St. BUYERS OF OLD GOLD AKD SILVER I JPMAN. n Madtsoa. Cash for precious metals. CHIROPODISTS . DR. PINCXT3. Snlts H. 207 State, cor. Adama C LEAKERS AKD DTERS COOK ft M'LAIN. M TJearborn. 'Phone 3047 L COKFECTIOKERT ; C T. OUNTHER, wholesale and retail. HI Stats st-; bonbons snd chocolates; send for price list. CUT FLOWERS AND FLORISTS . JOHN C SCHUBERT ft CO.. a. w. corner Wabash av and Monroe st. Telephone Main 2vT. DETECTIVE AGEKCIKS . - v " MOONET ft BOLAND AOENCT. lis La Salle st. DRESSMAKJKG IKSTRUCTION JACKSON'S Tailoring Imrtltots. 20 State St. IKSECT KITERMISATORS - , FREDERICK PKRK3 ft CO.. sTI Btata ST, LAUXDRIES MtrNOBirS- I1-es W. Mad. T.TV. g7 Chicago. St Loots. 2108-1 Ind. av. T. 8. 117V Kan. C:tv, D Molssa, KuJ- Lake av. T.Oak.7T. Largest In the West, Cleaa towels supplied. - CHAS. KEIMISOIM, CHIROPODIST, Rooeas'ZS ta 28 McVlckers Thsatsr BaUdlag;. . , . tv j ALL DISEASES OFTHB FEET ; SKILLFULL r TREATED. ..... . , GUIDE and manufacturers. Aetna i&!!a25?ttE2L OAGg RROTHEH8. 11.' Wabal: MORTGAGE BAKKERS. TV A ASK. pj. K. A CO 1S7 w..hi. 6HANKLIV a. tw.,' 'fi. .Vh,.",ton- . --.-.y, .i jemroora. MORTGAGES OK CHICAGO REAL Bsl KCZMINPKI ft TONDORF.' 71 Dearborn OCEAT Atn linan ... . TNS. CO. OF NORTH AMERICA. IT La Sallef sTa PI 1 iT- as tsTsW FOV17.ERS WD. s Msdl'son. PACK ln.nnT m . w . - . ACME BOX CO.. M fi. Clinton PAIKTS MIXED. BRADLTCT ay VKOOMAM CO.. 331 Dearborn. ' PAPER-BOX MACHIKERY. ? ILHON PAPER BOX MACH. CO.. 147 B. Cllntwi PiPRBJinV as a arn nmmm , . - r a v ea nns. trSt"t 2?" ,s K. Halstsd. tw Mi 'LTZ. H. A CO.. 117 Market. s,c. ,pr1!R.-AJD TWIKK. ROL'.IS A DUNCAN. 1S-13 Market. . .. PAPER DEALERS. . BRADNER BMlTTjjtiMonroe sL TOCK PACKERS. I-1QNEER PAPER STOCK CO.. 3! Desplalnes. A TA gas a. .-.. . THOMPSON .,. PIAKOS. - Vru.K rmo C r wabasn. "KomJSS w?g- PT,R,r'"' WIKDOW GLASS. sTk D BaT ara a r rr.owTRVi"- VEAL. 2ZJLJr' "4W.VV Water rxrZ"1!!'0 nHI STORES. r-TC-H- ntl.trn. -W.aoe Ststs ft Rsndolnh camt-rov .a Snrin ?v. i.Hf-R,JwT' k. - .i.'jisjicriigan st. WeW BTs BT's-f aw aKwasatgaaT 1TTE RUQ p-rORjr W.K..-.- a Cm M A WF la afrksC1 Jtaav sraaa " 1 pra,r,e-staVf vs vvyj- mr. . SCALES. . ! CRTCACO faCAT.W Pt. t,-r Taefceo Mw. . MFRfr-AN 50otrLEaR nXT "OOKS. ASKKIfAN ROOK CO.. Sll Wabaah. - SCHOOL Ft RKITURE MFRS. " A men can rVhool Fnmltgrv Cn., so Wabash. - ' , SEALSKIK GARMEKTS. ' " CLAW. CHARLES. 11 AfadtsonT - - e-- KVI.KO MACHIKES. rvrrnrsno soAT.s. r-o . r-rx j,r t,i,s New Horns Sewlaa- Machine Oe,. ass WabalhT CrASK-Sv,WD "TORE FIXTURES. ItlSWIO. J.. Randolph. SILVERSMITHS.. ' ' 'nnas sru. t--".. 131 Wabash. TLATP, 1-rt.S.- ASrn aamar ViLI.RR T A Q - xac -n . . .-.v.... . Liimm. Son S ta. ITrn a rn n w nia. . " s a. a. -ry. ii r. bunion st. STATIOKERY AKD FLAT WRITIKGS. WTTTTTNO PAPER CO.. Ml Adams STATIOKERS, PRIKTERS, ETC. MARSHALU OEO. T... 144 Monroe st. STEEL CE1LIKG MAKUFACTURERS. WHEEI.INO CORRUO ATrVO CO.. 1SS Lake St. STOCK. BROKERS. OIT.VfN. W. H . A- CO . ISO , p. lie STOCKS. BOKDS. AKD PROVISIOKS. PERBST. HTLL A CO.. T13 Ijt Salle. STOVE AKDR AKGE MAKlFATURERS CRTT-TEN A SEXTON CO . S Erie. raTrOOO QTOVW WORKS ?-4 snd Bine Tatsd. SURETY BOKDS. Corkllng. Price A Wcbh. Near Yrok Lrfe Bldg. TEAS. COFFEES. SPICES. ETC. MARTIN. N.. CO.. 44 South Water. TELEPHOKES AKD SWITCHBOARDS. ftTROMns-RO-OARLSON CO.. TS W -Ieknn. Chlcgj.Te1erhoie Supply Co.. 33 W. Washington. TEKTS AKD WATERPROOF COVERS. MURRAY A rv).. 3?-3Tt Canal. , - - TRUKKS AKD TR A VELIKG BAGS. r-FCKER. P. A CO., 354 Monroe. TRUST COMPAKIES. The Equitable Trust Co.. Dearborn and Madison. UNDERTAKERS. . .- ,, RUFS. A B. ft CO.. IS! 33d St. ItflSTON. H. M.. C Adams. UPHOLSTERED FURKITURE. KARFKN. B. ft BRO.. 1S4 Michigan. WOOLEXS AKD TAILORS' TRIMMIKGS. LESHER. J. H.. A CO.. 1S3 Madison. PERRY MUELLER A CO.. Madison A Franklin. Orders Filled from Any of the Follow Writing to The Inter Ocean. OPT1C1AXS BKEK. 22 Washington. lSyeclasses. artificial eyes BOEKLIN. LOiriS. CO.. 2 WASHINGTON CT. BORSCH ft CO.. 103 ADAMS ST. EOMMFR. II man. Berg ft Co., State and Wash. L. MA.VA3SK. a Madison st.. Tribue bldg. OPIUM. HORrHI.E.A COCAIKECCRE Pr. J. C. Hoffman. 48 Van Buren. Pamphlet free. PA WK BROKERS ABE LIPMAN, M Madison, Inter Ocean bldg. PAUOLET FLOOR J. DCNFEBS ft CO.. 1M FrankHn. - " v MQtJRK. K. B.. ft CO- 48 Kandolph st. PATHS RUDOLPH WM. LOTK. 1C2 Randolph sL. R. f send for free petnpnk-t en patents. PIAKOS AKD MUSIC V J. A. BRTANT. 144 Wabash. 2d floor. CLAYTON T. SUMMT CO.. 33 Wabash av. FRAMES AKD FURKITCKU REGILDED. Melmer ft Provoet. Ollders. 22 E. Randolph-st. PICTURE KRAMBS AKD RKGlLUlAti F. A. Bryden ft Co.. 821 Wabash av. 'Phone H.1XT. PHOTOGRAPHERS . .. J. B. WILSON. STATU NO CTTE AP-STORTt work, totjt artistic pttotcanpay. Frssi S3 to S& per doasn. Including aaa at Uaoso elegant, large portnlts with each doseu. Oren ua-dsys. Pictures copied snd enlarged. 8TEXCILS, IKKS, AKD BHCSHtvS R P. CHI LPS ft CO.. 140-141 Monroe St. TRUSSES. DR. WOLTERTZ, 4 FTH AV. RUPTURE SPF-clsllst; expert truss Otter; best trasses from S3 up to 116; elastic stockings; ahouUer braces, etc, TeL M. SUA Froo Cure For Lion. " A ess rsssedy whtrb eslckty earss sarasl weakness, and issauaes the orgs ss ssrsngaa sns vtgor. Dr. i W. Knaps, ami Snll Inrlldtng, IMtroit. WicIl, gladly ssnds free ase vsestsa eg tals wsnoerful rsnaodr ta ejfnsr tsas every weak ssaa assa sons Slsiaalf at Saaaa orgs ss ssrsngth snd vigor. Dr. u.

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