The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 24, 1948
Page 11
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MONDAY, MAY M, 1948 <A»ry eomumt FMCKLM • U n»NM 0»«« TW, OPEN OPEN--W DOCTOR S6Z SOU GOT TO CAT TO KEEP OP QUIET NOW, QUIET.' AMt> DOW'T TRY TO TALK WITH XXJR HANDS--HE SAID \l COMPLETE MtXL S*T THfc UStVM. SOOP oom THW PRO36C.T, WHY MOTHERS GET SRAY illing o[ Mm. Slit went down- . town more often tlian uiual. She ound licrsclf glancing up and down (lie street for a tall, broad- shouldered soldier who had always been right at her hecli whenever eci w he could gei^l pas» lo town "With dtm«t it'i *Kvay« What Kvcry Mother Knows BIytheville Glass Co. JM A Ik In. Bldir. Hwjr. «1 So. Auto Glass Installed While You Wait Safety Glass Window Glass Structural Glass Store Front Metal Plate Glass Mirrors A Complete Glass Service Also Glass Blocks Furniture and Desk Tops Wt Also Do Caulking! Phon« 3142 F. A. Stanley, Owner Political Announcements ,,,Th h *ri ^ ourl " Nft * s "as neon mcthorized (o announce the follow mx candidates, subject lo t[ le Democratic primaries, July 27 a August 30 COIJNTT TREASURER Prank Whitworth COUNTY COUXT CLERK tllMbeth Blythe TOR CORONER E. M, HOLT FOR COU.NtY ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shlppen STATE REPRESENTATIVE Jlmmte Edwardj L. H. Alllry H. R "Bud" Fisher l«ilie N. "Dukle" Speclr F*r Omnt; J«d« ^ Roland Green Fielder Pecry Far Circuit court Cltrt H«rvey Morris CONSTABLE (Chiskas*w«b» Township) J. Robttl Cro&skno I Radio Service j i at !(•* Best! ! i All New FM ! i Test Equipment J ! All S«rvice Guaranteed • : BIytheville Salts Co.! ; Felix Carney ! "Typical Yankee" Found Jfr Be Not So Typical WBOSTON IUP)—Accompanied by »n artist-, George While, an ad't Using man, toured northern tww England by automobile for three weeks, seeding a "typical Yankee." Finally, in a remote Maine coastal hamlet, they came upon an old«ter who WHS mending , lobsler pot. and who was just the man they ' , were looking for. "I suppose you were born and have lived all your life right here in this little village," White ob- jerved "No," the "typical Yankee" retorted, "t moved down here from Boston just tour months ago! 1 I You 'An Cordially ! Invited to Visit | The i Accessory Shop • ' Feminine Apparel WMabel Hogan Jessie Srlle "7 Hotel Noble Bldg. J BIytheville, Ark. noSody Coti By MorgoreUa firuclcer i kr NfASKVlCf. INC THE STOHVi Jr.Uc. HI. let hh« M|IMII»I furjrnifr*, ( b* «*», rmrrtrrr III, .far «nrr k»rvr l> ik« • •rt »l-«t l T 1 l,ucy, wrblU »he «vjij|» ttiT Tnm Hlmltt to rvlurn komr from uvrrkvn*. Th» ov |y fcrl|cht • pat U iifr (wa-rt-jtr-uld tfflurk- l«r. H«Uy. Jc^vlcH lilnkr h*d bctn J««*(UH GlIEItuM. liOM^ IrnMt *»!•!(*•* •ch»ol IH JHB« or •« |« And Va.krf— look i. follow!. « t.r ererrwhrrc. M Hc T 4 ITOH« •» r» M , *on«y." BM ld M*rr B*ll*. her to«< «rl««d. !>.« <. T ].. wnndtrrd l.t. » «rn» ktor* where <h« arlrU wrr« hwTlnic » HUdM iind Miry Hctlr (•. • |KI«I| he Inln them. 'l'h«> Hnldl«r m*t* hU KMHC vf»» 'f« M Ulnlc«. • • • III JESSICA felt ill at ease, unable J to meet the man's eyes. He was different from anyone she knew. Handsome eyes, a stubborn chin, a big nose. Good hands, large with calloused palms. Not like the rmnds of Tay Haydn. She thought of Taj's slender, aristocratic hands, of her lather's long, well- shaped fingers. Probably this man worked with his hands. Suddenly she realized she had never known a man who worked, really worked. She regarded Tom curiously. Although he seemed ill at ease, he remained until they rose to go. He knocked over his chair as he pushed back from the table. He followed right at their heels when they left the store and stood outside for a little while, big and blundering and seJf-conscious but reluctant to'leave them. The girls in their brief white play suits with bare, tanned arms and legs. The soldier in his uniform. Mary Belle giggling and amused and Jessica sobar and uneasy as they finally said goodby and went toward- Mary Belle's roadster. As they climbed into th« car and set oil, Mary Belle said suddenly, "He looks dangerous. .You know, I'd just as soon flirt with a baby lion." Jessica made BO reply ,ko this. She wouldn't see the man again 1 if she could avoid !.im. She would think about Tay, she decided, and chattered on lo Mary Belle about her visit to her roommate, the handsome brother just out of Annapolis, the tobacco plantations h« would inherit, his lovely home and his family. "Going to marry him?" asked Mary Belle direttly. "Not until he asks me. Tay isn't interested in »'war bride." Yet he had been clever enough (o imply that h« intended to make marriage his first postwar project. It would be so right to marry Tay. She forced her thoughts to center about him after she had left Mary Belle, and denied that the worship of thij awkward Northern soldier intrigued her. Tay would fit perfectly into her pattern of life. He would be so acceptable to her father, that very elegant, reserved gentleman who indulged her every whim. I'm a terrific snob, Jessica confessed to herself a E she went up the box-bordered walk which led to the old rose brick house Which had sheltered Gordons for genera- lions. I like my background, ihe thought proudly, as she stepped into the cool, dark hall with its gleaming polished floors and heavy old mahogany furniture. I'd b« los( in any other environment. • • • Qf cours* sh« would not meet the blond soldier boy again. But she did, »nd not when Mary Belle was present. When he appeared suddenly beside her downtown one day, she found herself unable to snub him properly. Other meetings followed, planned meetings. And then Tom told her he loved her. He was humble, he made no attempt to touch her. He was terribly hurt when sh« told him curtlj that she did not care for him and i* would be best for both of them not to meet again. He accepted her decision. That surprised her. For a week she saw . The weeks passed. No Tom. Had he gone »wnj without telling her? She wanted lo »« him jus* onc« mort »nd tell him that she was sorry s)i had hurt him. She must SM? him, sh« decided finally. She took the car ind drove out toward the mmp and met Tom walking doggedly »k>ng » milt firom town. ' Jessica drew up at the sld« ol the road and hailed him. "Hi, want a lift?" He ihook nil head and plodded on. "Tom, stop!" He paused, turned Mround »nd waited. "I want to talk to you," jh« stammered. "Pleas* get in." He hesitated. Then h« strode back and climbed in beside her. "Let's drive up into U\e hills," she sflld. 'O.K." He was very quiet and sat staring straight ahead with hit mouth a tight, hard line. , Jessica felt uneasy. She drove blindly for a mile, two miles, and then turned onto a side road and climbed upward Into the tree-clad hills o( Kentucky. "Stop here," said Tom suddenly. Jessica obeyed. Her hands Vrembled on th« wheel as the turned >nd caught the emotion in his steady eyes. Before she could read his intentions, he had her in his arms and tight against his chest with his lips meeting h«rs in a long, hard kiss. Her heart slowed with terror — raced with joy. She was wild with rage and tried to break away but Tom held her fast. He kissed her over and over. Her eyes, her checks, her motitK. She was Kmp hi his arirx. She cried and he held h«r gently, fondling her soft, dark hair with his big, calloused 'hand. H« kiuglied, softly and deeply. "X»" belong lo me," he sain. "I'll nevar let yon go. I love you — -I lov« you — and you love JH«!" «« ended triumphnr.tly. (To Be Continued) By AL VlRMEEE 3-M/nufe Shine Service Proves to Be Too Liberal OLYPMIA, Wash. (UP) — Dis- Read Courier News Want Ads. Roofing Contracting Patching, Coating, Re-roofing No Job (oo Large or Too Small Phone Z53S For Prompt Service Eddie Saliba OUARKiiT AUTO PARTS Main * Lake SI. Phone 523 We Install Window Glass For Any Make Automobile While You Wait! Window Channels Regulators PITTSBURGH PAINTS a Complete Line of Auto Parts abled American Veterans In Wash- I and maybe three or hi, frl«nris mgton are Ihmkmg of cutting have shines ° S down the time limit on their automatic shoeshine vendor in the state capilol. ' The device, installed in the capitol cafeteria, provide three minutes of bufllng and polishing for ten cents. It's getting so i line forms around the machine every time someone with a dime steps up. Be- | fore the machine stops, the spender I Remember Rothrock's for PRESCRIPTIONS PHONE 4451 Don't Be a Spendthrift! Save That Hard-Earned Cash! You can save up (o 50% on all your auto body and fender repair a! HOT'S BODY SHOP. 1>AFNT JOBS— 135 * up. Complete upholstery service . . . Headlining . . . Door Panels . . . Floor Mats . . . Complete Body Trim. Take.advantage of our low overhead expense and have that old car repaired now. Any model from 1919 (o 1R.J9 HOT'S BODY SHOP 110 Ph.i,.3456 UPHOLSTERING -PHONE 4297 AUTO AND FURNITURE , Seat Covers-- Seat Covers $20 front, snd re»r seat* Uilored (o fit. Covers m»fl> from pleasing durable straws «nd fabrics and installed at no cxlrR cost _ Our Seat Cover* will never rip. When In need of seat covers comt m «nd assure yourself of these super values. Our convN-ltbte lops art unexcelled and our heart linings will b« your delight. We are most pleased to offer you » furniture upholstering serv'c« that rill bring a lasting pride to your home. Come In and <e« «ur Mde «lectlon of beautiful, modestly priced materials. Larger Cars Slightly Higher THOMAS J. LILLY & SON Lilly St. Phone 429T PHISCH.LA'S POP B> MICHAEL O'MALLE* and RALPH LANK Back at to Ota* T . .., »-most _. HAMVM HNOVjt I *A'UY IfAD A VIKY DUl I. lift. M*. NOTHINeOVtR HAPPSNi TO ME. 8t THE CAIM 9t- FORE TXE S108M, MISS CAUAWRK. IN MY MOCK, I FIND T CAM HAPPfN OF TtttM WflM. KMWOHI WASH TUBBS Br LGfiflLIl tURNEE X rw T^EiAIO«,TV I'M AS AM ADVISER V WAV fit T TMEBtST ' FOR SOM« O' 5CBNE5 YOU'LL BE SHOOT IW6 (XJ»MN Huckskin's the fiont By FRED HARM AN \bu SOLO US THESE _ CL WMS JsND> I OMLV STAKE DlDN'THkVE »J WADS AND Me. nur** vi TV ^"- « i^ 1 ™ Au 1WE& * MINERS/ SKIN STAR! TOSENKH FOR R'O ^NO UTTiE FtWfjNa THE NVTIVSS or THE NIL! VALUEV WOUtO ATTACK HB SETTLEMENT Of OtfPL*<:tC! PeuSONS A'.LEY C«7P PKEPWED HI* .. ZERO HOUR FIND5 Out «A«- WSC He?O OM PAT NO MAN'* LAND.' . A ONCS FERTILE AREA NOW (IO.O30B-O UNE' A £:ATA$T»CPWC cny BOOTS? AND HEK BUDDIKS

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