The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 24, 1948
Page 10
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CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION fH Mo. r*r ** w* *», t* 3 ttea ftr Ite. r*r *w MM* Mr (a* itf Of* Itc lie tc V It irlll tM chartc- kb« »4 »»Mil mad*. ft KM* b M MJ«. rwMloc out»l(i« ol b« Aeco«p»nl«d l>f cash •*•!!» compuud IfOK tbe ' or*«r (or *?*»?*£ on* __ rijrl* W M> • «» ttu ttcM fc «M Notice. W* wtofa to **prf*£ our appreciation of YtM kludtitM aud iljoushtlullnchs if our friends her* and In Cooler, •ttwturl la ibr death of our brother MM uncle. Henry BbcwrU. Mr*. T. D. HhodeB And famUr Mr. X. I. Jfoswell Mr. J. 1. Boewell Apartment for Kent TJirM room IilrnWietl «pnr?nu:iil, um Blreet. Couple only, rent $.'•:>. Mis. dgar Aornm, j>hoii« 312}. ay-l-rK-tt T 1 ** furnished a)>*r*mi'l]l«. Nu hiUrca. or l)el«. :WI5 W. Clu-ity. Two KKMtt lon*l«h»d Kpimmrui. ^22 K. JUlb, pbotK 4334. 324-f)k-27 l.roooa (urokhftd f>p«rtnie[it. Adults •DV. JH& W*M Kin. j-2]-)))t-76 Two room rurnfahed Apnnutpnt, with llghu ind water. Phon* ^OIB. Tw« room cotwg« tilrnlshed. Ko nlEdrpft no pet*. Phone 20W. 5-18-))k-25 Blyth*viB«. If out of town, mail will b« forwarded. 5-I9-ulc-2<J Household Goods You wo»'t be satisfied till you lake * look at the FM RADIOS—$42,50 up HUMBARU HARDWAKK CO 213 W. Main BKAT THE 111C AT KKKI> COOL Tubl« fans, all kiwi from 47 4^ 1JD i-'Joor I&n*, window ifttia attic inns w*sli*-d-air toolt-rff. J-ilKl'diiire room' coolerfi, mid Ale conditioning ADAMS AH'LIANCK CO. J0« W. Main. Phone 2011. i-ai-sk-6-21 Cft « oeurr or speed Queen IVnsIier »t ADAM 3 Al'Pl.lANCK COMPANY Now. 2U8 W. .\lHll), iibojic 2071. Don't Take A Chance Put automatic fire controls in your nttic before you start your altie fan. 1 have all kinds t of extiiijfuisliors and will in-' stall. Red comet grenades, ifiius, and tanks. Call IHC at 671 N. Hig-hway (51. Cb'KTJS J. JJ'lTl.E 5-iy-ck-G-2 Building Material T h r e « room f uniislicd apartment, good location. Couple only or with one child. Reply to Box CL % Couritv News. 5-19-ck-tf one l&ree room *partm«nt ror rpjit tlell. rhon« 714. S.l-cli-ll. Apartments Wanted Three roora hon* 3781. PAY YEARS RENT In advance, 5 or 6 room house or apartment. Phone 3182. 5-17-ck-ao P»«anent family OJ three drslru to rent unfurnished / liouse or apartment. C.ll o. A. Nelson, phone MI2 5-lfi-pk-6-l Business Service Directory Auto Siippfict and Services • • Plion. l«3 uoa t endanger your TB lly wlln fculljr tlcw-BUI LI* -tints _.v ____ IJ]I«-ck-tl Jeep parts now available at POOLE AIOTOR CO. W« c«n flu •.!] your n«ed« BlS* " 11 "" OWNlt R * OPERATOR Blchwar 61 it steele Mo Phone Business Opportunity On Chick'asawba between Frisco R. R. and Second Street, will build for suitable tenant on long lease. Write Mrs. S. S. Sternherg, P. .Q. Box 136, SPECIAL llo your own wotfc mid ai\Te. Kc:it & ccmcretu mixer, wJi«eJI>jtrrow RILCI snov«U Anly oth*r tools you timy nc«d. Also For Sale HAY and COAL Phone 'M8.1 Box G59 Biytheville, Ark. s-'J-elc-tl enman blinds now In stock rU'HU 1 ?. ";"«";*:• B""" 5 Dr«l IMIniBloie 109 E Mulo 31. ulione <169. 8,2-i-ck-cl LU'JKV you witli tlie new car. Keep I in. ii|iliolslery clean with colorless rinn foam Ut>al'< I'HIUI store ' r'ryers lor «»lo, 203 N. 2 Jm l CCK ai>»in. i-ai , Al all IIIRM nl Williams fish Mnr- ftt. bycclal prices lor cnlt-. 1 !. cluncjics KTOlfDAT, WAT M, IMS USED am *—1947 Ch«vr«Ut FU«tm«*t«r town sedans, with radios and ho«t«r«. 2—1946 Ford Su»«r Deluxe Tudor* with radios and hearer*. ' A clean 1945 Ford V-S Pickup. A food 1946 Inrernational Stake Pickup. For good dependable Used Cars and Trucks sec our excellent stock today. Bernard Gooch, Mgr. F>th at Walnut M3RD T«UCKS-l.aST LONGER ompang rsrwr^ " • ^ Raymond Cole, Salesm. Phone 4453 XW Dloc*. » rooms «nd buh. Plu- lerfd. solid founrutlon. good rcpAlrn. only IJ7JU. »13» cajih. bilanc* M5 per nionlh »l • u«r c«nt. Phone FlAD Two room hous* ou }* Mr* ground 609 K. KOM St. C»ll M*f. One of the best residence* on Lilly Street. S rooms, hath,; hardwood floor*. Pric« $5600. Good terms. H. C CAMPBELL Realtor PliOfl* 4446 or 2930 j 5-17-ek-tfj Nice & room home with bath on Kentucky Street. Corner lot, best ueigh)>orhood. This is an extra good house, fully insulated and will rate a strong FHA or GI loan. Price $0,800. Good four room house and bath, on Lake Street. On pavtid .street and bus )i«« by door. Pi-ice $-4250. Colored property: 2 — 3- room houses on Math is Street price .?MOO each. Duplex on jMatlii.s Street. Kxlra good condition. Good neighborhood. Price $2700. Good business property on Highway 61 South. Large lot. See or call JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 S. Second Street Phone 4111 Russell Marr Phone 807 Johnny iMarr Phone 2596 5-21-ck-tf COMFORTABLE"MODERN Loan* rhnn w ~-ivi-* T™"'. *'•"" ! J'K'tSONAC. LOANS AutomOblle-slR. llume J5.U. ^ muure~c(miincr-furniUirt. QUICK, pri. . "" — rate sKrnce I'eraotialui-ci attention Insurance (Jume m or telephone. -Jsaa liBNEilAL CONTKAC1 PURCHASE CORPORATION m W Ash BV Ulrthevllle Arn For Complete Insurance Protection Call 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection OLENCOE HOTEL BUILDINO IS* W. ASH 8T. ; Instruction .LOOK TO IMICSKL POWICR HKl, durliiK the last 10 years Hullioul-;" power [Danes. laclorles tmctors. nun" Klnrs n' " C *' " pp " c " llolla En- stcps now to mako Dle'.'cl's "biUi'lit' ru- lure your opporl.mlly. Writ* for ,r fr Iftcls oil how voii c:ui Ket nr-ictlril training In Diesel oprranon »nVl "»m! Tralnhu, Vr' C """' «"'»'«< "'esel iralnlinj, CM c.o courier News. .V2-l-pk-26 Real Estate Loans F. H. A. Loans Farm Loans TERRY ABSTRACT AN'D REALTY COMPANY W W. WALNUT PHON« 3381 Loam Money to Loan Do irou iitL-il » loan to repair UI r ,. model? No down uayment. no mor- Ugu. no red tape nit, M'I'KOVBD RATE »«, ASIC FOR DETAII.S Max Logan, Realtor fhone XJ3t Lynch Bulluirm BlyllitTllle. Ark «-U-cf-» Money To Loan On farm land or city property. We also buy notes CONWAY & HOUCHINS Glencoe Hotel Laundry Curtains Jaum.rrefr »nd stretched". Mrs. J z. I,awrcuce. 100 V.'. Cherry. "Notice Farmers Column FERTILIZER 3-9-18 Planters Coop. Phone 720 For Siile One M Farmall 221 cultivator. Can be seen at Delta Implement Co.. Manila. roam bouse in best location on West Hearn. Large closets, jattic fan, workshop in garage, [perfect condition. N'FAV AND MODERN home, FHA Approved. Two Ijedrooms, hardwood floors, liiiilt-in cabinets, automatic o-6-ck-6-fij rl °'"' f "'•nace, plenty of large 'closets, low insurance rate. j Ke.uly to be occupied, with HM F1VE ROOlM HOUSE on 100%..outside White Paint $'1.98 gallon; ?2'J.5D in 5 gallons. Garden tractors I'/? h.p. at 91(59.85. " Screen doors -J7.15 up. JIM BROWN STOKE 105 W. Main 4-14-ck-tf corner lot. One of the best locations in Northwest part of Biytheville. Can be financed TWO-BEDROOM HOUSE on East Davis, equipped with LOOK! Eore You Leap WHOLESALE PRICES TO RETAIL BUYERS! 194T Cfcevr»k( Town 1«4« Ch«vrk*l Coup*. City driven !»«• Ch«vr«fle( 4 Door Sedw,. o^ :U ,000 mirex. 1»41 Plymouth 4-door S«d«. R.d.o fc h««*.r. 1940 Packard C«up«. A real buy. 1»J9 Chevrolet Town Sedan. T939 Ford Tudlr Sedan. 1934 Ford TuWor. A good fishing ear. Trucks, Inrg. and tmall, 1946 and older models. Many other Trucks to Choose From iesy G.M.A.C. Payment Han SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY W« Ntver Clot. MI W. Phone 578 $al«t til '.m. Help Wanted, Male LOCAL. BAILSMEN WANTED Salesmen to sell our Nationally Ad verUsed Underwriters' Approved Fire ' ' - " ' urch Clubs. Extinguishers direct to Schools. H. Restaurants. Boarding Houses. Chi es ; Public Dance Halls, Night „ „. Taverns, Slimmer Kesorts, HospuiUs. , _^«-,., T .,*... Lumber and Building concerns. Tliea- »tHr* fan Qiitnr,ioli'^ ;, ^+ *« lers - Country Estates. Home, fftrmers. rtltlt lail, automatic Hot Water! Auto. Truck and Bus Owner, etc. nil heater, large screened front M 013 by 5l0! '«-' i - Thousands or p i _ i ^ f,^ 0^1 t.tncu lllllll. ] oecla Fear or fi rp e[ . pa t(>r r»oiw tn. n Slate-Certified Burdclte 19 - Improved Arksoy Soybeans. Bnrdcttc Plantation. Burdelle phone 782. •1-7-ck-tf •c pajsenacrs wanted to helo cxpen.sf-.s to cnllrornla. c.ill 4PR7 I Howard. 5/.14-P1U27 Travel Time Is Here W*«th«r y<,«V« young r-ewlvweds . . . or s(ai( , tr,v«ler s selling 0(lt aRI|ill _ < _ y(|(| . n ^ of hours of e *rt-fr M> ...nmner af«, r . Ungslon-Wrolen check-up. Wi(h th. k»owkdg. th«l .xperienwd molnr lethniciaus fc«v. «,. .„.,. deu ,, Plumber I | If you. need a licensed plumOeT or . finorl stove repair worlt do'.e. call i Harry Mejen at Uubbitrd Hartl»-«rc I I!20-c)t-u Services I'ractlral nur.ilnif and will nurse ehllnren. Telephone 4R26, Ijium Craw'<""• S.20-PX-2.1 For the first time in Blyiherllle we oner perfeel plsr.o tuning with the lamons clertTonlo "StTOboscopf—no Uriientllnl: on the rault.i of tile Human ^ren""'," 1 !, 10 " 8 P"-' 5 ^-""? pltcti de^red. (..all us for ••.sirnho.«'.-opp" en- /ascrnrnt. Brook. Mn.Mc Store. 107 Kajt nlll blrerjt. telephone all. 5 IJ-cK-l/ Pure Ofrdcn Soybo;ui Seed, dale Seed Farm, liurdette. l j hone 702. 4-7-ck-tf The healthiest chicks on the market: AAAA Grade Pulloretim-Tesled. BABY CHICKS AAAA ? 14. 95 AAA 13.95 A A ? 12.9 5 JIM BRO\Vi\ STORK porch. Can be financed with * FHA loan. DUPLEX four blocks from Main Street. Reconditioned, , heautifnl shady lot. Good rental property for home and investment combined MAX LOGAN Realtor Lynch Bio'ldinn Phone 2034 Holly elrcet. one House and l-rius. ^'Ollr houses an Street. J5.20O. tertui two lota M.80O. 8 lolR on llth Trtrec grocery stores, one on 61 HlRh- way. TWO llvlns rooms. 13000 One near Blytnevllle on railroad »nd '"""' Urea "" n8 rooms ' '*>*• tn * n <W r J'rione c ar Oil Mill, FIELD 33M will Invoice J.I3-pk-M For Sa/e, Mite. OTMc« and llijht. Thor dish Mr«. N. u. Jerome. For Sale: Puerto Rica sweet' .VX ha '', e al "" ltr 20fl kc -. .- llall -'"» all sizes for s R | e . of Lawn Mo\\'ors sharpened niul repaired. Blythe.ville Ma- "hine Shop, Phone 2828. 211 j. Second. 4-G-ck-tf potato plants •?•( per ],000. U. I. Jngram, Holland, Mo. _ 5-G-nk-G-G For Sate, Cars & Trucks Tom Little Really Co. '.lfl-ck-26 Sewing w?» EL hm tonBUCK:l ^~ c °^"cd bm- i-2[-plt-8-21 Sporting Goods 'iiris* ^nm ''f 1 '^ 110 " ° r rirl * e . pIslnTs. shot Dogj, Cofj, and Pets H(VlMrtrd ro^, r p-ip n !,, p,, r o hrrd '•?./," p '' ri>y ' " - v « Jriomr Pl, nnc S21-PK-31 rOR SALE: In pcrrccl Blmpe p.m One A - mod • rd Ciill 783 alter t DO Kilis I'nole has (lie Real Little Maii'.s Car for you. The Wlllvs-OverUn.l J ~-ry (lay Is pr Itself [or tne avern^p IKJA H!-,ht price roiijie. rtlUn: roninrt Ana no v-'iUUn;:! CftM rOOLE MOTOR ' - !;" .J" 0 " 1 ' lnr ' flpmoniitrntloii. P1IONR (UIHTll ltV r . 9.IE.M.B <[>: a. HIGHWAY 61 AT! STEKI.B, MO. 5.JI-clt-2a I nJ!' 5 ,'' Cr5 ' ( ' rtse ra7 -° r hlad « postpaid': 1IW oem or Olllctte trpe tu,a send | cncck or money order. F. B Eastwood 1 -Irs rrinlinc and Advertising Attencv' (Jarutncrsvllle. Mo S IS-pk-s \s "n*. excellent conrtlllon sn-pk.6.12 Have large riiianlity 2 inch and -I inch soil pipe fittings Cnn furnisli any fitting you need. Special price on large 3 ll-ck-GII Wilson ll.njj. Typewriter I TYPEWRITERS <« r> p*',u D i; llh - Cnfm " •"<> «••"!«DON EDWARDS I.KK MOTOR^SAt.KS has on tboir lot the follow% Ufa! cars and (rucks: '47 Klrplline. Two door, I-H- dio and healer. '•17 fivo jiassi'nKor, two tone cotipe. Radio and boat or. 2—'.'10 Chevrolet two doors to choose from. ' 2—''IB Chc\ rok'l pickups, low mili'ai'e. 1—'-IR (IMC 1 l-> ton MVH 1—'If. Chevrolet ,S\Vli (ruck THICSKCARS AN'O TRUCKS CAiV HIC jSOrcjHTO.V KASY TKIi.MS Tom Little Really Co. , "l!)-ck-26 P motor. u «e< ? ac S-17-CX-lf Farmer's Column « 23-pt-SJ • .?: ' Sal rj or " " a 'f noo'l l>on» muin "»eh \i ' *" sht "houl 1"W po»nd, h'irVi^V r 1 "! 1 " 1 Av " v <! 'H«' v »wr nnrt *»,?sr w ,^ sKixsfc. r^n, m ,s •-21-pk-Ig or VhAr. '""'• ml "' hln l! rl«r«or. wr-lder*. palm '.'- "". s ^"""-°"« ">ol,.. IK ""- 5-ia- _ He/p Wonted, KillMmeti: To «r|| o ,,7 iable roofln, t.««l.l» otr « Kcp. otilo. Wanted Kn iO lo sell st t t h, "Die. .ii in ..t JJ'y'l' "'"' : Relween 20 ajid Itolalo chips, corn tolJeo. cocoiles nncl products to retail cvllle an'l surroundlnK »M im WIM.VS Is the Word In Jr(p iructts. station WARons IKffi ti.lnKS notMne ^Ise will " call HIJ'tnevlllc Willys Sale,. JM __ 3--JI-CH 6-21 <Jrocery stork, new MocX In new oulldlnK. new ILclnrcs. filorx can be liouglit jl.(«x), hulldlntt and fixtures r»n he rrntcrl for Jlix) per nionih Mrn It at BOS f x« Main. i-M-rK-JS . t^.iw rvr S< .]1 Ifjt ) PB _, phonr FIKLD. ini he n At sole •Icnl exrtti • ximpanys eKpciise. Also m to stand bond at comnrtm Company lurnlshe, t,," kTud p-»'yV"S e M >en«e, Salary $M ne, week plus bonus lor sales over stipulated nuola ^/ T £^ fl cr%T m \,^£ » STOP LOOKING KOR A JOB We Drive opc-nlriRs tor several Agenu In Mortn Arkansas und south Missouri 11 h?i«l "e"' * '"*'' " nrt ' l>te "*' MU> "« Blvd.. fort Kmltn n Ariiiins«i(. Mlal " ni1 ing season means more >«1 producerl locally. . Straight commission- ba- A^ R Wa deliver and carry the account. J field day Proflcs matted weekly. Opportunity for i [.. }.„, . . • "- " '" " ' lEen the first such tiiral experts have contended that' they saw the mild climnte in the south •'• : its year-roimrl past tions and its fertile for livestock raising. Barns can be little mere than sheets, (or the mild winters do not cnnrti • i s ?d e a ! yields tetiv P . P ° U ,'^L, proJect that Jieids between 25.000 and 30 otoo o^, and bi oilers « year, »nd i,^UO laying hens. Each project is under the direct-^J^^W'.^w^th s o no e, with derrmiirj the expensive i,, sulilt i otl ;t he">o s t modern ot equipment 'and and artificial hcntiug necessary i ,,) bu " dl "g3 to work with. essary ,, other sections. Also, tlie long grow• ine broad acres are green with lli'cstocfe ! a V a . r hay « Pasture-Jaiids. oat-s barley, and corn ami itb- r mae weey. pportunty or ... , '•"«= earnlnns. Company established JO r." years. "Be your o»-ti BOM." Build up a day l - n.^.i .u^rtiiy. ...L^UL, uuiiuy, ana corn and lib- recent Aberdeen-Angus \ bo " cane for sila «- Some barley at Brays Island, believed C °'T'- mi " cral supplements and O on t\,f *•;_.; , ., _ _ DroteniK criTi*>oi^f ^,,1 ^~ . your home cit /Icln- FYETER"" CO*. " Depl."T-7' r Dayton 1. Ohio. 5 24-cX-25 WANTED: Man timier 35 with Ar who would (w .-latlsHed with nn opportunity to oarn $50 per week to start. Excellent chance for advancement. Wrllt Box '314, Steele Mo . in this sCate ' ved field proteins inscri. centrates" are f ••«••'-, uwu llvtraLUUK \ producers from several southern The plantation Is owned by PB states and a large group of "future Davis ' •>*•• phairman ol the board farmers of Ameri" of "« . ° Wanted: mechanic for Farmall tractors. Only experienced mechanics need apply. Top wages, good working conditions. Appli' in person. DELTA BIPLRMENT CO. Manila, Phone 9L 4-14-ck-tf farmers of America" boys had-a I chance to see H model o( what can ue done In the south. Fertility Shown There on the 4,oon fertile ncres they saw an Aberdeen-Angus herd or some 200 beef cattle, with 10 0 m "'^_ dl J! '?" s . ^' "^ey saw . biMio Help Wanted Bookkeeper Wanted We need an assistant book- keei>er. We prefer a man with experience but would be interested in K person that has the ability to learn and we will teach him. Only interested in a that wants permanent - nection. See T&m A. Little Jr. Biytheville Motor Co. in-ck-26 man con- Private Rooms Nlc« bedroom, rail 2338, Rooms with fans. Phone 95-j IlOfi C'hfclcasiiwhn, pnonc 3 13-PX-6.I3 S. Rubber Co. Mrs. Davis uages the farm, wlflch has been production sine* 193T WILL PICK THEM UP Photographs of start that are i^ass-aaiS-Kr-sas* Wanted to Buy nn ?• " T °* tFM " » ' ow >; »''< 1 rios, Ilroolnt Music Store. 107 East M»ln, ui n i lcr ,)i t . Telephone nil Used cars and trucks Phillips Motor Co. 5-G-ck-tf Bottled by SANDERS & WHEELER Ark. fo niry. Late Mode! Used Cars LKFO MOTOR SALES Phone 2056 _ 4-21-ck-lf trurx load lots. l.c»'i s K. Main, phone 3317 or 3-7-CH.6-7 South Mokes Bid To Become U. S. Livestock Center YEMASSF.E. S. (;. (UP)-A preview of the south as the possible! future livcslock center of Hie na- I lion can he seen ftt Brays Island planUtion. near here. For mony ' ywrt, «om« »grlciil-1 2071 for Repairs! RADIO & PHONOGRAPH Service—Hoi h AM and FM UKKRIOKRATION SKRVICE Hoiischnld-C'omm«rcial «nd Aid-Conditioning Gas & Electric WASHERS GASOLINK ENGINES ADAMS APPLIANCE COMPANY .T. W. ADAMS, At K r. 206-OR West Main Pohne 2071

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