The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 28, 1955 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 28, 1955
Page 5
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 19HS BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGEFIVB George Meany Is Key Man In Merger of AFL and CIO EDITOR'S NOTE — AFL and CIO will merge next week Into a single, powerful alliance of 16 million meinebrs. What are tiie aims of this group, socially and politically? Will It succeed? Can It reconcile factions lonjr at odds? The answers depend largely on one man, George Mean). This first of three articles by a veteran labor reporter looks at Meany the man. By NORMAN WALKER NEW YORK (AP* — George Meany, erstwhile Bronx plumber, became head of the AFL three years ago. He quickly announced his primary aim was to arrange a merger with the CIO. Meany's rise in unionism was called "radical" and regarded on It seemed an impossible task. Jealousies and conflicts among n- v- . unions and Inch' leaders had doomed many prior merger attempts. Considering all the problems, three years has been a short time.j For Meany, with his typical p 1 1-' ding, make-haste-slowly approach, has succeeded in steering the American Federation of Labor and the Congress of Industrial Organizations into a siiurlc 1 , powerful alliance of 1G million members. It will end a 20-year split in organized labor. Will the new on? animation endure? What will this formidable combination mean in terms of new! he was selected to head the AFL inroads asainst employers, in or- Jon Green's death in November ganizine more union members, in I 1952, Meany quietl" took on all the ifluencittir national polities — the) old-line AFL chieftains in tests of swift. Becoming president of the New York Slate Federation of U^- hor in 1934, he pushed 72 labor bills through the State Legislature in one year. His achievements led to his selection as the AFL's na- L i Q n a 1 secretary-treasurer five years later. Ever since then, Meany has been a man to be reckoned with in,union affairs. While the late AFL President William Green was inclined to compromise an.d avoid conflict, Meany as his chief lieutenant was constantly prodding Green to- take more stands. Gradually, both before and alter objectives for the stated union merger? Depend on Meany strength and, by best'ng them one by one, has in practically every CEISC earned their resplect and support. Answers 10 these questions lar^e- out in San Francisco at the 1947 ly depend on Meany. the puttey.) AFL convention, Meany tangled 2r5-poimd. coldly practical union| u -j t h John L. Lewis, head of the veternn. Walter Reuther. rlynnmirj miners union. Lewis wanted the young- heart of the CIO, hns; A p L to refuse to submit the non- the "left" on the American scene. Middle Course It appears likely that Meany will try to steer a middle course, whipping the old-line AFL chiei- tains into more economic and political activity while taming the CIO to a more moderate course. So long as Meany is the dominant figure in the new setup it will depend much on him whether the distillation of the AFL and CIO becomes strong, weak or moderate. The chances are he'll move cautiously at the outset, gradually consolidating the cumbersome alliance. "We have a united labor movement determined to use its best brains and brawn and energy to continue to move forward," Meany has said*. "We like the idea of saying that America is the wealthiest nation on earth. We are given to bragging a little bit too. "Perhaps we don't mean it the same as others when we say that, because when 'We measure the wealth of this nation we measure Jury Frees Texas Woman In Death of Wealthy Husband Others Killed Higglns told this story at the trial: and two other exconvicts who FORT WORTH, Tex. (/P)—A jury acquitted a 47-year-old blonde widow yesterday of paying a gunman to kill her wealthy oilman hus- .... ^..^ ,,..- «,..*,.* ^. ., .,.-band. i later died in gangland slayings— Mrs. Mary Clark placed her j Tincy Eggleston and Cecil Green- gloved hands over her face, wailed j wont to the Clark home for what and fell onto the shoulder of her; in; thought was to be a robbery. attorney Elvin Tackett after the! %'glcston shot Clark,- and told verdict., Two friends helped her I Hugging that Mrs. Clark had of- from the courtroom. • i fcred to pay for the job. Later, The jury deliberated about two ! HugfUns saw Eggleston collect $6,000 hours Saturday night and several , from a man and a woman whom hours yesterday. ; he tentatively identified as Mrs. William P. Clark was found shot | Clark. to death May 23, 1953, in his 22-i Mrs. Clark's attorney, Tackett, room mansion. j testified that Huggins told him last, A rifle wds found 10 feet from [.spring that Mrs. Clark had nothing i Clark's body but a verdict of sui- j to do with the slaying. Another decide was returned. The verdict was j fense witness testified she was at- j changed to murder after a bullet; tending a funeral at the time of was found in the floor weeks later.! the alleged payoff. Based on Statement 1 The state sought to prove sh. , The state which asked a life i engineered her estranged husband's i sentence for Mrs. Clark, built its ; death to get his large estate, case around statements ,of an ex- \ Clark cut his widow oft with $10 | convict Harry Hugging who is tin- ' in his will, leaving the bulk of his der a murder indictment in the i estate to charity. Nearly, all of it is slaying. i r ' c ^ n *' an( * 6 as holdings in New Mrs,' Clark, who married Clark ! Mexico. in ,1951. said in a telephone inter- j view after the verdict that it was The earth revolves around the . -, • o reuse o sumit e non- • • stepped aside and Meanv. as the; communist affidavits required by J E °? ib ;* human yardstick, not by "just like pulling a coat off." She added: ''Nobody knows except the one ] sitting in that chair (the : chain what a thing like that is. "When you are in trouble like that you know who your friends are. I knew when I had my cose presented to an unbiased and unprejudiced jury I'd get justice . . . If it hadn't been for that man up. stairs and my good friends—I don't ; !know—I just don't think I could • have held up sometimes." sun at a speed of 18.5 miles per second on its 93,000,000-mile orbit. undisputed rhoioe for president oi; the newly enacted Taft-Hartley the new AFL-CIO, will he Ameri-l ] aw . He cowed AFL bigwigs with en's No. 1 labor chief. j such scathing language as "I don't He has tried to ca!m the fears think the federation has a head— expressed by some businessmen its neck has just grown up and and politicians that the merged haired over." union federation will become : "£iant labor monopoly" seelnni eventually to take over control of e Tovpmnpii. "To indie-ate that the united i a .j reasoned bor movement will attempt to! thu ^s it Won All Big.Ar^uments was Meany who rose to an- -swer the attack. "None of us," he AFL leaders, bor movement will attempt toi U1U1 " " " rt ,f ood ,^ w - ^. ut , il: horsewhip the rest of the country I ™» s P^ced on the statuie books is a complete distortion of the facts," says the blunt-spoken, 61- ye:>r-old Meany. "It is dedicated, not to predatory objectives, but to serve as a force j Just as the convention supported for sood in the progress of our Meany against Lewis in that in- country." stance, Meany by courage, persua- The "merger is an set. It will beision and logic has won all the big tall buildings, roads or natural resources, but by the standards of life of the great mass of the citizens." under the Democratic system, and the only way it is going to be changed is by our representatives! under that, svstem." formalized at separate AFL and CIO conventions be.einninq: Thursday, followed next week by a joint convention of the new AFL-CIO. This joint convention, by the arguments he's had withui the federation. There have been a lot of them. His determination and diplomacy in dealing with fellow union leaders are largely responsible for patching together the AFL-CIO Merger. Perhaps these qualities are a clue to what to expect from way, will be in an armory just few blocks from Grand Central Station. The rail terminal is one of the structures Me.iny helped build when as a young mnn he was the new combined on-;anization. lugging his plumber's wrenches around New York. Those were the days when Meany's waces were the chief support for his yramlfrither. his mother and seven younger brothers ;md sisters. His father Mike, a local union president and Democratic party precinct, captain, had died Menny. Irish us they come, mar ried an Irish girl, a garment workers' union member. Oyster Sucker Sucks Up Fish BALTIMORE <7l'i—Joseph Peiers, an expert oyster shuckcr, shacked himself n fish yesterday. He \viis dicing into his second dozen of a fresh load of oysters when he discovered the 2' - -inch fish, a five and wriggling' inside one of the shcUs. The fish, which had survived almost a full rtay out of water was quickly transferred to a bowl of salt water. Peiers then wem back to his second dozen. LITTLE JOKER —This little man mMking like an Indian is Kelly, nine - year - old son of comedian Boh H'iv». Kelly will soon 111.1 ke his si.rccn do'.;ut, portraying a boy ;i:Inp;ed by a fnmous cartoonist'for publicity reasons. Hf'M in a humorous scene with his clad. Cerpen";er Work Contracf or Hourly No Job Too Big or Too Small Phone 3-9680 or 3-4464, ext. 105 CONTRACTORS Ray Sounders & E. McGaha The AFL. now with about 11 million members, has been considered on the whole conservative. The smaller CIO, with about five million memhers, has often been Books Moved, Wife and Two Children Shot CHICAGO HP)—Rubin Thomas, 27. told police he shot and killed his wife Edith, 35, and wounded two ot PJklSGER! If is Dangerous to Meg!e«f Cough from Common Co id Chronic bronchitis may develop if your cough, chest cold, or acute bron- chuis is not treated and you cannot afford to take a chance with any medicine less potent than Creomulsion. 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