The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1931
Page 7
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C}|IH> I.IIB hern Illlrd hj Al..\\ CUOSIIV. Juit rrlurnrd fnnii n >rur unit n hull kn 1'nil* r>lnU}lni: an. pni] Wnlliirr'B Iliui.-rf li:ul Imila-n Ilirlr rlisnftr- niriit lo in:irr> n «vnhhlrr tnno. uh.'rr JEm liao n Itirlilnu lati lirurllrr. Ill- rrtnlli,.,. p:ir[lfu- lurly AU.VI i:i.l.i:N. «bo linv Uri'l 'nilnr C«r lilni, nrr lnulltr li> CHI**. i'ho «nuli fair. Ann I Ullrii niiiv. 1 * ILI it vi.ilnci- ol lirr HUM. IIAIICIA I.OIISM:. JliiT» r.nmrr rmii.'rr. ni3rrlr» Illllirit I'HII.I.LI'S, mllllonnllfi I onlj RMElP- They're iryli:ij to uinko trouble. 1 won't nellovo It'? true." lol llio tiny voice was not lout! enough lo ho couvtni'iiiK It was such a very lltlle, pathetic iiiurnuir — nolliliiB to clliiB to In this over whelming >>ea oE duuht. lh:il liHI,-. |ia» nd niMTk ilr.irk I'Hllli (ti i. mil li Mnr.'lft rPlurnft In l-'ii coniuiliB Jim iili.nil UL):ilra and Intel I.-1I, miirrliiiK- lo I'hh v tnltr. She drrtitrm »hr fir hint. Jlni Irlci it* <>)n*7 Inn UIIH ln- rht t'IT> slir $1C5 Eleven Others To From I'hone SI I PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Authorized Ford Dealers $ S S S $ $ S i'OK SALE FOR SALE—Baby chicks. Pay thl fall. See us about plan. Manly: Hatchery. ' 9C-T TOR SALE—Good, dry cook wood Buchanan Coal Co., Phone 107. lll'-C FOR SALE—1,500 bushels yello feed corn, 75 ce!Hs per Lush at crib. 14. N. Trimble, Lilboun Mo., Phone lii. 13OK2 FOR SALE-Ro\vden Cotton See Welch Foster, The Grand Leade 14C-K2 FOit RENT , RENT—S'room furnished Ha earage and coal house. Ca 678-W. 1C-T FOR RENT—Three, five and s room residences, also a furnish house. Dr. J. A. Salibu, Phone 4 Ililk hi n U nliinil Jim \ (o Icnve- liU Mn .ml; I.H.ll frr. CIIAl'THK XXXVIII /""Vl'SY sal perfectly quiet. She could not raise tier cyoa: she could uot even seem lo brealho. Tho volco ol UIQ unseen spcaftcr continued: "Why. 1 heard It at ilic country club. It's all o?cr town now! Jim's leaving Uils shl nc married In New Yorlc and Is to divorce her. And here's Marcla Phillips back, a widow, wlili all that money—! Well, 1 yuess you can sea for yourself. Personally I think It's priceless, i never heard anything like It!" There was a fiutler ot sourano laughter. A second voice with deeper tones put lu something thai was au Inaudible murmur. "1 suppose you're right," tlio firs speaker agreed, "only honestly Everyone Kuows about it—" Tber tlio conversation In the uext bcot! swung lo a coming house party There was no more mention ot Jin Wallace. Tho beauty parlor operator v;; combing out Gypsy's waving hair "Now it you'll show me how yo wear It," she said, "I'll put li plus in." Gypsy struggled to master hi Yotce. "I—I think I'd rather do •. myself*!? you .don't mind," sbo said. It seemed to ber that someone else had said tlio words. •'Certainly not. Here—I'll pel realized she still hclJ the coin'J nnd llm Eho Imd not started to arrange nur tsulr. She 'ought to lie^ln. Someoao nil^lit come nnd would think U (|i!eer ol her lo be silting lucre, Kluilng al herself in (ho mirror. She had [or KOllen n lion l Ihe linger ware, about tier IMueIIH'. C 3 lor tier hair lo ec Huffy and soil ahout her luce. She screwed It up Into n tight knot nl the tiase ot ber neck, jammed Hie hiiuiilns lu crosswise. U was only Important now tn gel away from this place iwfuru anyone should coynlzfl her. She was pulllns on hor lial when o hairdresser reappeared. "Oh!" ii! eald reiiroachiully, ">"'i re all eady lo so'. Is Ihe wave tho way ou wantoit It?" 1'robably she hojied Gypsy would emovo her hat jo that she might ispcct her work nut il so the Elr! isappolntcd her. 'The wive IB very Dice," Gypsy aid. Sho und' not even noticed vhat it looked like. "1 pay tbe Irl at Iho desk, do 1?" "Yes. Mrs. '.Vallace." Al tho name Gypsy colored again \s quickly as possible Ehe left tho shop und got out on Iho sirect. Tlien Eho was undecided what to lo next. Her first Impulse nad >een to GO to Jim and ask him II wbat she had heard was true. Now she knew lEiat EliQ could not <io that. This was a "private afTalr to be r.ct ye) flt«. J«iu was Siouio early MVJS \Vurnleri'.i:4 what Milt* might mean, she- went up Ibe s.irps to dresa. Tlio llrst renctlon Iroin hc.irlov ll;e Bliocktiig ncwd Imd w)rn otl I'hc walk bnd llred her but It alsu hail been soothlne. Gypsy slipped mil of licr slreci.drr's ami Into o thin ni'pllKec. Khu changed nei lilgb-heelecl bllppers for o pair ol i.uln mules and sank to llio cnsh tons of tho ctmlso longuc. Then &lio lay laclj nnd closed I'.cr v>es. discussed only twtwccn ucrsolt and Jin:. Stie could uot GO lo his office where llicre were clients, other members ot the ilrm. stenographers. Ebe must wall until they were alone ut home. \Yaiti:iB was very hard. Gypsy turned homeward. Khc walked past the corner where she should have taken the street car without noticing it. When she realized this she had gone so far ihat sl:o decided to j walk the rest ot the distance. At least she v^as spared the curious glances of other passengers. She : tIliad the feeling \hat faces were FOR RENT—Apailment In Ingram building. See Farkhurst Company. 3C-TP FOR liENT—5 room modem apartment on West -Main St., Arcola heat. Phone 417 or 419-W Idc-kH FOR RENT—One of the Miller Apartments at 10th and Walnut, hot and cold water, Arcola heat, garage, shade trees, pretty lawn. Apply to Ike Miller. lOc-tl FOR RENT—Modern five room furnished bungalow. Call 46. pk!8 FOR KENT—Two furnished light housekeeping rooms. 113 \V. Missouri Avenue. loP-KlE WANTED you a mirror." The oilier g\r\ Als I appeared and a moment later was back witli a large black mirror. Slio handed liio uiError to Gyi;sy and tvos gone. Gypsy confronted ber rctlcctlon In the nslrror. Her cheeks were fiushcd. Slic wotnlerod El tbe liaU drcs?or liarl noticed the color come into lior lace. Of course tho girl Imd overlicard. Did slio know who Gypsy was? Sho liad called ber ".Mrs- Wallace" but there were a doz°n different tamllica of Wallaces What did all that matter anyhow? What did Ehe care about hair dress ers or who the woman on the otber side ol tho curtain might be? Was It—could it bo true? Would Jim do sucb a tiling? Was it b< canso ot Marcia? A Uny. deteudins voice arose In tho girl's consciousness. "1 won't believe iL" th« rolce said. "K'a peering at her from behind cur- :aSued windows ot houses Blie passed and that r-cotilo were saying. 'There slie Is! That's tlia gtrt ^lm \Vall.iCQ is joing to divorce. Every- s in town knows ahout it!" At last she arrived home. Sho opened ihe front dsor and Enhled tho faint, delicious odor of Ma tilda's L.i!;]n£. The, kilchcn door must cavo been leli open against orders. Even so the smell ^as delicious. Bverylhinc about the house was orderly, exactly as it should be. Presiar.iliDDS for dinner were al most complete. Sim had departed for the day, leaving word that he would be on ham! early neiL morn ins to scrub tho walks and porches. "Mr. Wallr.ce cane hotno. 1 think he's upstairs," Matilda announced Gypsy looked at the clock 02 the I manlclnicre and saw that it *as V7lNUTb:S passed and Uypsy Bllll lay there, rrcsciitly slio heard a low l;nock at llio door. "\Vliu Is 117" (Jyi-sy called. It MS Jlln who uuswcicJ. "May 1 come lu?" be nskcd. "Of course." Sho slarlcd to rise but llio door opened before she was on ber feel Jim, liomacublo In while llaunel roiiEci-3 and bluo ccat. aupeared. "Don't move!" he protected. "Jusl .hnuBiit I'd coma lu and talk a mo niciii. You look as lliough you viero all in! Havo a big day';" Gypsy sat un. Sho caught the negligee alwul her inoro securely "I'm not llred." she ??.ld. "1 wenl down town this afternoon nnd cle elded to walk back Instead of taking Ihe car. U was foolish, 1 guess. It's pretty warm—" "You should bavo telephoned the oulcc," ho reproved hor. "1 could bavo brought yon lu tbe car. ^Yheo you're' down lown around tour o'clock or after you ought to let oie know." "I will next time," siio smiled. Thero was oouictlilns reassuring ahout Jim's presence. Sbo seemed so big and strong and sure ot hlinsoll. Slowly her doubts began to loosen. Jim Ingulrcil about preparations for ihe dinner next, opening. He sucmcd to be In unusually good spirits, told her Tl::u Harrison had been pleased with llio. Invitation and chatted about h!s day's v/ork. Presently he mfcnl, 'How about driving out to ico Abble and Clinrles Munlcy after diuiier? Ueen promising to get out there for u long while." "I'd love lo EO," Gypsy said. "Oh. L must start dressing Matilda will have everything'on the table." Sbe vftnt to tho dressing table, seated herself. Jim edged toward Ihe door. "Guess I'll glance, tbroi:gb Iho paper," he said. "Will yon bo down soon?" "In 10 minutes!" Gypsy declared, .ho had her hair down and was combing It out vigorously. There was color In hor cheeks now but ,t was not from humiliation. Gypsy fluffed the soft waves about ner face. Tho beauty parlor operator liad done her work splendidly. There were n half-dozen crystal Jnra and bottle* on tbo dressing lablo. Gypsy dabbled In one. then another, rouging her checks, dust- its thc-tn with powder and touching her car lobes with fragrant scent. She moved nulckly. Soon she was slipping out of tho negligee nnd setting into a pale yellow, rufTIco cotton frock. It iiad a full skirt and sash. Tbe ruffles stood out crisply cool, giving Gypsy the look of ft nuaint young lady ou an old-fashioned valentine. She turner] nud ran down stairs. .id)'. 1'wlco ihirlni; the G*li*y Imd Ihn Impression that .llm was eyeing her admiringly. She conhl not Ix. 1 sum. They ilrove to the Mnulei'R' brme luler nuil remlncd until nearly II o'clock, llurhii; the drive home lu the rcol nlgl;t tlypsy formed n itso- lutlo:i. Sbo would tUlnk no mrirc of the- gossip she kail heard In Ihe 1 pa] lor mill! ,lUn hlwselT u It.f s,ul>icn. She bud l..llli In I nobly. II Jim liurldcd ou ^oiny i!r:isllc "gurao ol ticllon ho «ou!d tell her ahnut U. II "13 CLUiii-aiailvely easy lo vo- solve [lii-3c Milsi^s; much more dim- cull tti put llifin into priullco. pay lli.n evenliiK. Gypsy linil the feclinp lie MLS KU> gay. li he SUM ;ind illil Beerned \a ho with l;cinJ ol ami I'iirck'ss. Shu (lib und \taltctl. r |Mll' dinner lor M;irk lluir -iif an OV«:I|I:K (lyi'sjr IIKeo to [hint: ur nfleruard. The il.iy li:icl been vMirin nut ijy llvo o'clock a fah:l hiucze iv:u bllrrlllg. S;mi put leaves In Hie table on tlio I'urcli and Gyiuy got uut the luicsl dnniasV In the collection ol linen. She nut lall while tapers In Hie silver candle- sllcka aiu! In the center of Ihc table a low bowl ot pink ro?es They wcro from Iho garden. fK'slily cut nnd EWCCI. Cypsy wore the chiffon frock with lls bright colors agalnEt a creamy background. Sho was n very attractive young hostess na fitie greeted the craylinlrcil Inwyor. Jim was in his most clinrmlnj; nicod. "Glnil to see you, my dear," liar- risen sail! heartily. "(Jlai! to he here. It's LhongUtfu! i)C you young folks lo hollicr with un olrl jnnn." "We've wauled you lo come lo see iis for n IOUB while," Ijyi-ay told nlin. "])!il yon? Well. I Bhr.uld h»vo come. Nice place you've sot here— yes. a IIIIQ old hoinel" He Icokei! up al Iho Ugh colling ed walls, sighed ns I bough he mlxlit ho thinking (,t days when he had sat In that rnom 114 llio gnesl ol Jini'i father. Insuad of liolng glcnniy hi! snillrd p.nd began au amiHins anecdote. They went nut to the rovch anil Malllili began lo serve Ilin nttal. Harrison enjoyed liiinseir He seemed delighted wlih the ould'>or ditiing room, praised Uio grmlen nnd promised lo return some il.iy to ECO It lu the sunshine, lie loUl stories that were delightfully humorous and he ralked seriously. They lingered over ilesscrt. At IPS! Dyiisy led llio way back tn i!u living rcom and for two unite IHKIIJ Mnrk Harrison cnlerlalncil Ihciii. When be finally rose lo go he icc;li Gypsy's hand iu bis. "She's a fine girl. Jim." he silti, smiling. "I cuvy you. Take gocd care ot herl" After tlio lawyer was gone Gypsy went to tbe kitchen lu have n last look ami sec lhai nil was well there. She was feclins almost hap;*y a little later when Eho climbed the stairs. Tho mood continued throughout tho morulng neit day nml unlit early afternoon. Then ns G>T'>" stepped oat to bring in Ihe letters llio postman had left she saw Mar- House ibn*.v Be ALCsU<3 PACK UP ! — weuu, LEAv/£ If IrVi IM QO/M6 GI\JE .-fa ' VJIUP AFTER BREAKFAST; c \F VOUT? BUM, \sitf-r "\.J^r^TLAP OR AS BOM us TOR VfAWMfS SAk'e: r AWAV BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Martiti Ii! Wlil.l,! WKI,I,! arriving in (he livlliji room jusl a3 i Matilda entered to say that dinner cla Plilllips coining up Ihe walk. (To I WHERE IS. SHE ? - SK< , VOOK! — OP TV\tRt. COMiNKb DOWM PUT OF Trtt C.VOUD^» ••• DRX^X^G EASTWWiO I 6OOO .. SHt iOMPEO TO 6KV1E HtRKX? "-SOTV , WVNW &000 DID TVAW OO ? \T WiVL OrJW 9WO- BOT . FW •y?& ST ONE POULTRY WANTED—Market prl- CPS, any quantity. Marilyn Hat- chcrj, 210 S. Fourth St. 9C-TF POULTItY WANTED — Market liriccs paid r.t C. L. Beruictt Co. Feed Co. 210 N. llailrond St., wcs'. ot courlhousc, J. E. Fisher, Phone 64. 24C-TP WANTED — Gravel haulers from Burdcttc to Clear Lake Farm. F. A. Rogers, Route 2, Box 81, Clear Lake Farm. C-K-17 WANTED -- Family \vashiugr, or general limiscworii. Mrs. Dora Mlzcll, M07 18lh Si. TF PERSONAL GENULNK DUCO AullioriKd rc- flnlshing strvtioii. C. T. Shamlin willi Dcnlou Cliovrolet Co., Main at Franklin. 3P-K24 FAY O.DAVIS Alff»fcr Kent Dealer Phono «1 Invest With Safety 6% paid quarterly on full paid slock, ?100 nnd up. Guaranteed by first mortgage loans on homes in Ulylheville. Secured and Insured. B[ythevi!!e Building & Loan Association W. M. Burns, Sec. ave your slices rebuilt at our True alue Shop, 322 East Main. All ork guaranteed. 10p-kl7 IVcw Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. April 10. 'UP» CoUm) closed quiet ami ilcndy. Open High ay .... 1017 1IKO illy .... 1041 1046 'Ct ..... 107-1 1078 >cc ..... 1037 1100 1109 1110 an Lo\v 1012 1036 107D 100'.! no:; 1123 Close 1011 10! I lO'iS 1095 nor. irab HECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS 1--K1KM) OR FOE 1 .' Blossei. 1 DOCK. THIS RASS...1WAT PLAME S <S01US To LAND ISHT uece.... i. IF TV ME? SiX)ls quiet and unchanged at 990. New York Cotton NEW YORK, April 1C. lUl'l — Colton closed barely slca-iy. Open High Low Close lay .... 1010 1020 1012 1015 July . .. 1041 10-15 1037 1039 Oct ... 1074 1077 1010 1OT3 DSC .... IMS 1101 100-1 1091 Jan 1107 1100 1102 1105 Mar 112!) 113-1 1127 1127 3pols quiet and. unchanged al 1015. JACK FOR TWO UtASOXS COLUMBUS, O. iUP>— Jack Keller, sophomore hurrJIsr on Iho Ohio Stale University Iraek team, is called Jack for two reasons: because it Is a nickname for his first name, and because of Hie initials of his full name, u'liich is John Alton Claude Keller. / / TUS U\D IS TC> / ' / TO Woe IM THAT \-/J>T ME V1 ° 3mES ME i'//I THAT cBUTCH NX-' -^>:'>?;; ;.«£«; ./ CVtST OOITE '> OUT VDAT VS UCOkS \SL IT'S THE F6LLA VJl\O STotS cosy — US OWE B/v^H T& forz. TH'S CRJT04 THAT ASOOT TO BE TRAPPED •-L WASH TUliUS IDAHO FARMERS CIT WHEAT BOISE, Ida. (UP)—Idaho farmers have followed NIC advice of tr.c Federal Farm no.ird to curtail wheat production, if federal farm rciwrting bureau forecasts arc correct. The farmers plan to cut down their wheat acreage 23 |>er cent this year. Ou the other lianrt they will increase Ihcir oats planting seven per cent; corn five per c^-nl; bailey 12 per cent, Irish patstcoa, 11 per cent; sweet potatoes. 29 por cent and hay one per cent. ; l\ WT YOURSELF.; en THUMPER NOO HO\N T 6MHKVW BOSS! TICKS A KiGHTl jHV. *- II > I

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